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Koc ulc by tb« Superintendent of Document*. U. S. Gorernment Printing OfiBce, Washincton 25, D. C, - $630 (Bnckram) 


List of Patentees (includes Reissues) _ 3 

List of Design Patentees _. 801 

List of Plant Patentees . 843 

List of Abstracts of Applications i^ ..^..-. 845 

List of Disclaimers. g^ 849 

Veterans' Patents Extended *. _ ._ 851 


List of Inventions (includes Reissues) 853 

List of Design Inventions rT _ 1219 

List of Plant Inventions _ ^ 1234 

list of Abstracts of Applications arranged by Inventions. _ 1235 

List of Disclaimers arranged by Inventions__ 1237 

Decision^ Published in the Official Gazette in 1 953 1 239 


Patents 40,516— No. 2,624,046 to No. 2,664,561 * inclusive. 

Designs ^..k 2,714— 'No. 168,527 toTNo. 171,240 ' inclusive. 

Reissues ..--.. 151— No. 23,612 to No. 23,762 inclusive. 

Plant Patents : 78— No, 1,160 to No. 1,237 inclusive. 

I Includes 48 withdrawn. 
« Includes 1 withdrawn. 






19 5 3 

This list includes reissue patentees 
Arranged In accordance with the flnt significant character or word of the name (in accordance with city and teloph^ dire< 

A B BostadBforskning, assignee : See — 

Bergvall. Knut L., DahliHTj:, and Palnurren. 
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation, assignee : ate — 

Neal, Morris P. 
A. B. Chance Company, assignee : Bet — 

Hubbard, David C. and Hollander. "%. 

A B Svenska Flaktfabriken, assignee : See — 

AUander, Claes G. ,. 

Broberg, Georg K. J. / 

Wester. Karl O. 
AB Svenska Masklnverken. assignee : See — / 

Dalin. David, and Hagbv. 
Dalln. David, and Uedbiick. 
A B Svenska Skolflstfabrlken. assignee: Bee — • 
Sjbstriiui. Sture. 
Werklund. Harald. 
A and K Safety Carton Cutter, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Anderson. Alfred H. 
AMI Incorporated, assignee : Bee — 
Kasnowioh, Anthony M, 

Kuntz. William H. .: 

McCallum. Robert A. « 

Menosky, Gt'orge. 

Vanderzee. Harry H., and McCallom. 
A P Controls Corporation, assignee : See — 
Khlke, Kdward C. 
McC'arty, Lourdes V., and Vlcenzl. 
Rack. Edward R., Duncan, and Dulak. 
A. R. I). Corporation, assignee : Hee — 

Valyl. Emery I. . . . ^ , 

ARM.VG tsp<'zialwerkzeuge- und Mascblnen A, O., assignee : 
t<ce — 

Riiegg, Arnold. 
A/S Nonlui-o. assigneo : See — 

Berner. Endre, Q., and Klelland. 
A. S. P. Chemical Company Limited, assignee : See — 

Walsh, Conrad L., Uawes. and FoulKer. 
A and T Development Corporation, assignee : See — 

Avrll. Arthur C. 
AVE Transportmlttel Holding A. G.. assignee: Bee — 

Mlklos. Heinrich. 
Aahberly, Nicholas R., New York. N. Y. Light source 
shielding moans for fluorescent luminaire. 2.650.2U3. 
Aug. li5. 
Aaby, Oscar L., Woodvllle, Wis. Supporting bracket for 

water pipe fittings. 2,628,799. Feb. 17. 
Aaero Manufacturing Co., assignee: See — 

Augspurger, Luther S., and Ilasse. 

Aagaard, Fndtjof. Rahway. N. J., and H. G. Weiss. 

Marietta, Ohio, assignors to American Cyanamld Com- 

panv. New York, N. Y. Device for handling of wet 

sticky pastes. 2.652.929. Sept. 22. 

Aagesen, Walter J.. Anderson. Ind. Surgical pad. 

2,630.119, Mar. 3. 
Aannerud. Sigurd A., Thamshaven. Norway, assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Pyror Limited. Pembroke, Ber- 
muda. Total treatment of copper-containing iron 
pyrites. 2,653,905, Sent. 29. 
Aaronson, Harry Cedarnurst, assignor to Perfect Knit 
Togf. Inc., New York, N. Y. Infant's garment. 
L'.f>t!:?.022. Dec. 22. 
Aasland. John L., Mollne, 111., assignor to International 
Harvester Company. Corn harvesting unit with aux- 
iliary snapping rolls. 2,051.163. Sept. 8. 
Aasland. John L., Moline, 111., assignor to International 
Harvester Company. Remote operator for wagon eleva- 
tor throw-out clutches. 2.654,2.^8. Oct. 6. 
Abagoff. Serge. Burbank, Calif. Toy projector and catcher. 

2,636.738. Apr. 28. 
Abate, Anthony, Waltham, assignor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturing Company Newton. Mass. Binary decoding 
system. 2.658.139. Nov. 3. 
Abbate, Albert, and E. Cappellettl, Detroit. Mich. Com- 
bination chair and table. 2,625.206. Jan. 13. 
Abbe Marius, Lvon. France, asslgtior to Soclete Indns- 
tri'elle pour la Ravonne "S. I. P. R. A.." Paris. France. 
Traverse device. 2.629.560, Feb. 24. ~ 

Abbett. William A.. Jr , and F. C. Diaz. Duluth. Minn., 
assignors to United States Steel Corporation. Blowlng- 
in banked Mast furnaces. 2.660.524, Nov. 24. 
Abbondandolo. I.4iwrence, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pneomatic born 

or signal. 2,643,633, June 30. 
Abbott, Arthur R. : Ser — 

Mcllvln, Donald B., and Abbott. 

Abbott, Berenice, assignor to House of Photo 

New York. N. Y. Composition guide. 2.626 

Abbott. Berenice, assignor to House of Photo 

New York. N. Y. Display mount. 2.638,: 

Abbott. Charles W., Larchmont. N. Y., assign 

Developments, Inc.. New Haven. Conn. K 

tacle accessory for locating prong receivii 

2,650,262. Aug. 25. 

Abbott, Curxon G.. Elkhart. Ind. Eye prot« 

2.643,381. June 30. 
Abbott L)t'velopment8, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Abbott. Charles W. 
Abbott, Edward J. : Hee — 

Perrv. Winthrop L., and Abbott. 
Abbott. Ernest J., deceased, Ann Arbor. J 
Abbott, administratrix. Apparatus for 
surface profiles. 2.6.-^3.020. Mar^31. 
Abbott, John A.. Stamford. G. H. Barber. Ea 
ter. A. K. Newman. Norton, Conn., and C. 
deceased. East Port Chester. Conn., by L. 
administratrix, assignors to Homelite Corp 
Port Chester, Conn. Chain saw. 2,630,* 
Abbott. John A.. Jr. : See — 

Jnrgensen. Dclbert F., Abbott, and AreK 
Jurgensen. Delbert F., Jr., and Abi)ott, 
Abbott. John A.. Jr.. Ridgefleld. N. J., and D. 
Jr.. Tuckahoe. N. Y.. assignors to America 
Foundry Company. ^faklng detergen 
2.635,400. Apr. 21. 
Abbott. John P. S.. West Barrington, and C 
Bristol, R. I., assignors to United States 
pany. New York, N. Y. Insulated electric 
• 2.624.777. Jan. 6. 
Abbott. John W. : see — • 

Misener. Richard E. Abbott. Clarke, ant! 
Abbott Laboratories, assignee : Bee — 
Clemence, Le Roy W. 
Fields. Mack R. 
Fredrickson, Lloyd C. 
Hasbrouck. Richard B. 
I^eonaities, Leonard L. 
R.van, George R. 

Schock. Richard U.. Jr.. and TaberB. 
Tabern, Donalee L. 1 

Turner, Milton L., and McGrew. 'j 

Weston, Arthur W 
Weston. Arthur W.. and Hamlin. 
Weston, Arthur W., and Sommera. 
Zaucir. Harold E.. Glenn, and Freifelder. 
Abbott, Marlon E.. administratrix : See— r 

Abbott. Ernest J. | 

Abbott. Matthew C. : See— 

Rumsey. Howard L., arjd Abbott. 
Abbott. Roy W., Schenectady, N. Y., assl 
eral Electric Company. C<»mbu8tor and i 
therefor, 2,651.912. Sept. 15. 
Abb<itt. Samuel L.. executor : See — f 

Pferry. Winthrop L.. and Abbott. 
Abbott. Samuel L.. Wilton, N. H. Slub catchi 

Jan. 20. 
Abbott. Samuel 1,., Wilton. N. H. Tex 

2.626,431. Jan. 27. 
Abbolt. Samuel L., Wilton. N, H. Centrlfuf 
' Jan. 27. 
Abbott. Samuel L., Wilton, N. H. Centrifu 

2,630,268, Mar. 3. 
Abbott. Samuel L.. Wilton, N. H. Slub catch 

June 2. 
Abbott, William B., Springfield Garden^ N. 
Mergelithaler Linotype Company. Typog 
Ing machine. 2,663,409, Dec. 22. 

Abbott. William B., Springfield Gardens, an 

Garden City, N. Y., assignors to Mergentl 

Companv. Typographical distributing 

2,656,038, Oct. 20. 

Abbott. William G., Jr.. Milford, N. H. 

i 2.661.150. Dec. 1. 

Abbott Worsted Mills. Incorporated, asslgui 
Perry. Winthrop L. 
Perry. Winthrop L., and Abbott. 

Abbotts Dairies. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Kennedy, Ridgway. Jr. 




Abdo, Joseph T., Robblnsdale, assignor to Minneapolls- 
Honeyweil Regulator Company, Minneapolis. Minn. 
Electric motor laminated stator construction. 2,054,039. 
Sept. 29. 

Abel. George Q. : See — 

Swerdlow, Nathan, and Abel. 

Abi^l, Ju**. I'oncu City, Ukla. Mechanical belt backle. 
•_'.(jr,;i.()«J2. Dec. 22. 

Abel, Marcel : Bee — 

Dvssert, L4o, Abel, and Roa. 

Abel, Mona C, Kew Garden Hills. N. Y. Transparent hol- 
low toy ball. Re. 23.612. Jan. 13. 

Abel. Walter P.. Madison. N. J. Extensible brush and 

container therefor. 2,«>4.'i.803, July 21. 

Disk ralve pulse 


Abel, William E., Great Palls, Mont. 

Jet engine. 2.640.314. June 2. 
Abeles, Ernest A., assignor to Blfsnede. Inc., 

Mass. Flocking machine. 2 655,895 Oct. 20. 
AbeleH. Paul VV.. London. England. Composite 

member and in the manufacture thereof. 

July 14. 
Abell-llowe Company, assignee : See — 

UUaejrer, Milton O. 
bels Harvey E. : See — 

Long. Charles F.. and Abels. 
Abelson. Robert C, Chattanooga, Tenn., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Synchronizing system. 
2,655.556. Oct. 13. 
Abendroth. Ouss F. : See — 

Arendt, Hurry S., and Ahendroth. 
Abendroth, tiuHS F., Hou8ton. Tex., nsulcnor hv mfsne 
aAsignmentfl, to Standard Oil Development Company, 
Elizabeth, X. J. iSmall gun perforator for oil wallM. 
2,664,157, Dec. 29. 
Abendroth, Gnss F., and G. II. Tausch, Houston, and J.^ 
Ward III. Tyler, Tex., assignors, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Standard Oil Development Company, Eliza- 
beth. N. J. Gravel packing apparatus and arranging 
same in well casings. 2.651,369, Sept. 8. 
Iberg. Thorsten. Goteborg, Sweden. Hypodermic syringe. 

2.643,fl.'i4, June 30. 
Aberle, Rwr. assignor to Southworth Machine Company, 

Portland* Maine. Skid lift. Ma v 19. 
Abernethy. Albert D.. assignor of one half to \V. J. Laugh- 
ridge, Rocky Mount, N. C. Spinning or roving frame. 
2.635.299. Apr 21. 
Abltz. Melvin B., Chicago, 111. Aatomatlc stailon-to- '■ 

station delivery conveyer means. 2,640,581, June 2. 
Able. Edward T. : See — 

Sweeney, John P.. Able, and MacKay. 
Able, Edward T., assignor to B. K. Sweeney Mfg. Co., 
Denver, Colo. Torque indicator for torque wrenches. 
2.651.035. Sept. 15. 
Able, Edward T., and W. Krleger. assignors to B. K. 
Sweeney Mfg. Co.. Denver, Colo. Socket wrench ex- 
tension. Re. 23,661, May 26. 
Abler. Julius, assignor of one-half to Al>el Engelman, Chi- 
cago, 111. Smoke-simulating tor gun and ammunition. 
2.639.543, May 26. 
Abplanalp. John, assignee : See — 

Tiioriipson. John I>. 
Abplanalp, Robert H.. Bronx. N. Y. Valve mechanism for 
dispensing gases and liquids under pressure. 2,631,814. 
Mar. 17. 
Abraham. David. Waltham, assignor to Hampden Brass 
and Aluminum Company, Springfield, .Mass. Tlltable 
band saw inarhine. 2.644.491. July 7. 
Abraham. Frank J., assignor to Boeing Airplane Company, 
Seattle. Wash. Engine speed regulating fuel supply 
control. 2,631,658. Mar. 17. 
Abraham, Herbert, assignor to The Ruberoid 

York. N. Y. Shingle. 2.6.-i9.322. Nov 17 
Abraham. Herbert, as-signor to The Ruberoid 
Y. Shingle. 2.660.135. Nov 24 
Herbert, assignor to The Ruberoid 
Y. Shingle. 2,660,136, Nov. 24. 
Herbert, assitnior to The Ruberoid 
Y. Shingled roofing. 2.660,137. Nov. 24. 
Herbert, assignor to The Ruberoid Co.. 
Y. Shingle. 2.662,491. Dec. 15. 
James G., Lacuna Beach. Calif., assignor to 
The National Supply ( ompany. Pittsburgh, Pa. Draw- 
works feed control. 2.650,796, Sept. 1. 
Abratinmsen. .Ahrnham, Queens Village, N, Y. Soraoer. 
2,634,498, Apr. 14. 

Abrahanisen. Donald. ITarrlncton Pnrk. N. J. Automatic 

screw machinery. 2,644,349, July 7. 
Abrahamson. Charles M.. Aurora. 111., assignor to All-Steel 

Equipment Inc. Desk top construction. 2,646,325, 

Abrahamson. Charles M., and K. P. Grube. Aurora. 111., 
assignors to All-Steel Equipment Inc. Sliding- drawer 
construction. 2.646.333. July 21. " 

Abrahamson, Edmund. Baldwin. N. V. Linear motion 
device. 2.650.312. .\ug. 25. 

Abrams. Albert A., St. Lonla, Mo. Ball game tray. 
2.626,808. Jan. 27. 

Abrams. Herman. Philadelphia. Pa. 

stmctlon. 2.646,576, July 28. 
Abrams. Howard, assignor to Cnrtis Industries. Inc., 

< level.ind, Ohio. Bimetallic key blank. 2.653,492, 

Sept. 29. 

Co.. New 

York. N. 

York. N. 

York. N. 

York, N. 



Collapsible crib con- 

Abramt, Howard. Unlversitr Helots, aaslgnor to Curtis 
Indiistrifs. Inc., Cleveland. Ohio. Key cutting machine. 
2.626,663, Jan. 27. 

Abrams, Jess : See — 

Bloom, Israel and Abrams. 

Abrams. Maurice. Newark, N. J. Time controlled demotb* 
izing device. 2,660,828. Dec. 1. 

Abrams. .Morris, assignor to Arrow Fastener Co. . Inc., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. llammet type sUpler. 2,661,999. 
Dec. H. 

Abrams. Stanley T. : Set — i / 

Stross, Fred H.. and Abrams. 
Stross, Fred H., Abrams, and Peterson. 

Abrams. Stanley T.. and F. H. Stross. Berkeley, assignors 
to Shell Development Company, San Francisco, Calif. 
Grease compositions. 2.626.899. Jan. 27. 

Abrams. Victor R., assignor to (Jeo. D. Roper Corporation, 
Rockrord. III. Grid port structure for gas burners. 
2,627.910. Feb. 10. 

Abrams. Warren B., assignee : 8e« — 
Abrams. William A. 

Abrams. William A., assignor >■< one-third to W. B. 
Abrams. Pittsburg, and on«-^lrd to L. Arata. Anti- 
och. Calif. Tractor mounted adjustable post hole dig- 
ger. 2,662,736. Dec. 15. 

Abramsen, Finn B., Baldwin Township, Allegheny County, 
Pa. Cross rolling miU. 2,642.763, June 23. 

Abramson, Elmer £>., Ladue. Mo., assignor to Central 
States Paper k Bag Company. Haystack cover. 

. 2,635,562 Apr. 21. 

Abramson. Reuben, Forest Hills, N. Y. Infant's slip with 
adjustable shoulder straps.- 2,638.598. May 19. 

Abresch, Carel F., assignor to General Motors Corporation, 
Dayton. Ohio. Domestic appliance. 2,639,600. May 26. 

Abresch. Carel F.. assignor to General .Motors Corpora- 
tion. Dayton, Ohio. "Domestic appliance. 2,064,050, 
l>ec. 29. 

Abt, Edward C, Los Angeles. Calif. Bottle containing 
trophy and beveraee shaker. 2,649,984. Aug. 25. 

Abt, Franz, Essen- Margarethenhoehe Germany, assignor 
of one-half to Karl Adler. Washington, D. C. Per- 
cussive tools. 2,660.1.53, Nov. 24. 

Abt, Rhea, New York. N. Y. Dish draining and drying 
rack. 2 632..'i6S. Mar. 24. 

Academy Electrical Products Corp., assignee : See — ' 
Qreenbaum, Arthur. 

Accessory .Makers, assignee : See — 
- Fezzey, Chester T. 

Accounting Forms. Inc., assignee : See — 
Bickel. Arthur J. 

Accurate Parts Manufacturing Company, assignee : See — 
Richmond, Walter. 

Accurate Tool and Engineering Company, assignee .* See — 
Wright. Harry. 

Ace Art Company. Assignee : i9e0 — -s 

I..ewls. Arthur J. 
Spnrr. Wlnfred F. 

.\ce Carton Corporation, aaslgnf*e : Bee — 
Sanford. Hoy S. 

Ace Engineering Company, assignee : See — 
Eckstein. Arnold. 

Acerbi. Joseph. San Francisco, Calif. Massaging device. 
2.629.374, Feb. 24. 

Achee. Thomas J., New Orleans, La. Adjustable curb 
hopper. 2 651.525, Sept. 8. 

AchenTiarh A Hiitler. Inc.. assignee : See — — 

Butler. Leon E.. and Siemers. 

Achner, Martin, Munich. Germany. Electric hot-air stove 
particularly for medical and sanitary purposes. Apr. 7. 

Achner, Martfn, Munich, Germany. Infrared ray, indi- 
rectly heating heat bath. 2,655,155. Oct. 13. 

Achs, Nicholas, Detroit. Mich. Refrigerator apparatus. 
2,655,419, Oct. 1.3. 

Acnwat. Joseph F., Garfield Heights. Ohio, assignor to 
General Electric Company. Apparatus for bending 
tubular lamps. 2,640,660. Aug. 25. 

.\cken. Thomas L.. Jr. : See — j 

Jenkins, Edward M.. and Acken. 

Acker. Carl N.. Midland. Tex. Mortar veneer template. 
2,625.747, Jan. 20. 

Acker. Edward L., Los Ansreiea. Calif. Can opener attach- 
ment. 2,624.110. Jan. 6. 

Ackei, Ralph B.. Fort Worth, Tex., assignor to Container 
Corporation of America, Chicago, III. Comer locking 
construction for paperbonrd containers. 2.652,185, 
Sept. 15. 

.\ckerman. Edward. Hawthorne, A. De Feo. Paterson. and 
W. H. Francisco. Jr., Bloomfleld, N. J.. asslKnors to 
Ciirtiss-Wright Corporation. Aftercooler construction. 
2.646.027. July 21. 

Ackerman. George W.. New York. N. T. Visual communi- 
cating device. 2,624.922, Jan. 13. 

Ackerman. Howard B.. Rockvllle Centre, N. T. Justifying 
compositor. 2.632.548. Mar. 24. 

.\ckerman. Howard B.. Rockvllle Centre, N. T. Record-- 
actnated photocomposing machine. 2,646.733, July 28. 

Ackerman, James E., Devon, Conn., assignor to Thi-.Singer 
Manufacturing Company, Elizabeth. N. J. Strip-col- 
lapsing device for sewing machines. 2,660,139. Nov. 24. 

Ackerman, Joseph I.. Jr.. Bartlesrille. Okla.. assignor to 
Phillips Petroleum Company. Separation process. 
2.653,147. Sept. 22. 


Ackerman, Morris, Chevy Chase, Md., assignor of one-fifth 
to J. J. White. Washington, D. C. Portable music stand. 
2,639,962. May 26. 

Ackermann, Albert J., Kirkwood, assignor to Vlko, Inc., 
Clayton. Mo. Hose nozzle shield. 2,643,668, June 30. 

Ackermann, Franz : See — 

Zwelfel, Hans-Heini. and Ackermann. 

Ackermann, Franz, Binningen, assignor to Ciba Limited, 
Basel, Switzerland. Amino-coumarin-sulfonates. Re. 
23,703, Sept. 1. 

Ackermann, Karl, Mannheim, and L. Schlecht. Ludwigs- 
hafen (Rhine), assignors to Badische Anilin- A Soda- 
Fabrlk Aktiengesellschaft, Ludwlgshafen am Rhine, Ger- 
many. Porous electrode plates and making such articles. 
2,061,387, Dec. 1. 

Ackermann. Otto : See — 

l>e Val. Eugene J., and Ackermann. 

Ackerson, Raymond O., Earn, Calif. Rifle bolt sleeve and 

. safety. 2,648.926, Aug. 18. 

Acklana. Edward B.. Cincinnati, assignor to The Dearing 
Tool A .^Lanufacturlng Co.. Greenville, Oiho. Razor 
blade hand plane. 2.645,250, July 14. 

Ackley. Amos. Camden, N. J. Wire stripping Implement. 
2,643,561. June 30.^ 

Ackley. Charles S.. Brooklyn, assignor to Thermactor Com- 
pany. New York, N. Y. Oil well heater. 2,632,836, 


ar. 24. 

Ackley. E. Hastings, assignee : See — 
/ Yancey, Charles R. 

Ackley, Raymond E.. Evanston, assignor to W. F. Hall 
Printing C-ompany. Chicago, 111. Signature gathering 
machiiM*. 2,636,728. Apr. 28. 
Ackley, Raymond E., Evanston, assignor to W. F. Hall 
Printing Company. Chicago, 111. Book and wrapper 
feed mechanism for wrapping machines. 2,651,899, 
Sept. 1.5. 
Ackley, Richard E.. Westmont, N. J., assignor to Henry 
Disston and Sons, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. Saw chain. 
2.658,537, Nov. 10. 
Ackley, Robert A., San Diego, Calif., assignor to Republic 
Flow Meters Company, Chicago, 111. Flow measuring 
device. 2,000,057, Nov. 24. 
Acklln, Gordon R.. M. Hantack. and H. E. Perrey, as- 
signors to McQuay Norrls Manufacturing Company. St. 
Louis, Mo. Control device. 2,051,744, Sept. 8. 
Acland, Edward H., assignor to Burroughes k Watts 
(Canada) Limited, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Billiard 
table leveling apparatus. 2,627,407, Feb. 3. 
Acme Brick Company, assignee : See — 

Cushing. Ivan E.. and Slaughter. 
Acme Coppersmithing k Machine Company, assignee; 
Bee — ^ ^ 

Epstein, Joshua. 
Acme Protection Equipment Company, assignee : See — 

Olldden, Galen M. 
Acme Shear Company, The, assignee : See — 

Sejman, Edmund L.. and Lorenzo. 
Acme Steel Company, assignee : See — 
MacChesney, Chester Si. * 

Reed. George II. 
Stanlus. Godfrey. 
Winkler. Alvln L. 
Acme Steel k Malleable Iron Works, assignee : Bee — 

Crone. Alfred F. 
Acme Visible Records. Inc., assignee : See — 

Attwood, Charles E. 
Acock. George W., H. G. Suppers, and H. W. Voorhees, 
Morrlsville, Pa., assignors to John A. Roebling's Sons 
Company, Trenton, N. J. Control casing and manu- 
facture thereof. 2.642,898, June 23. 
Acosta, Ivan J., assignor to Crane Co., Chicago, 111. Valve 
actuating and latching mechanism. 2,658,717, Nov. 10. 
Acragage Corporation, assignee : See — • 

Jankot, Joseph J. 
Acrometal Products. Inc., assignee : See — 
Bleber, Frederick J. 
Hieiier. Frederick J., and Overholt. 
Acrow (Engineers) Limited, assignee : See — ' 

Hobbs. Archibald A. 
Actlengesellschaft Joh. Jacob Rieter k Cie., assignee : 
See — 

Schwelzer. Hans. 
Actis, Paul, Fontaine, Prance. Presser device for shoe 

sewing machines. 2,656,802, Oct. 27. 
Activated Sludge Limited, assignee : See — 

Coombs. Eric P. 
Acton, Daniel D., assignor to Anchor Hocking Glass Cor- 
- poration, Lancaster, Ohio. Closure cap. 2,033.262, 
Mar. 31. 
•.\cton. Grant M.. assignor to Acton Products. Inc.. Arkan- 
sas City. Knns. Plant box. 2.6.')9.1R0. Nov. 17. 
Acton, John R., Bunny, assignor to Ericsson Telephones 
• Limited, London, England. Electronic counting and/or 
selecting arrangement. 2,651,004, Sept. 1. 

Acton Proilucts. Inc., assignee : •'^ce — 
Acton. Grant M. 

Acton. Russell D.. Chicago. 111. Gauge means for im- 
plements. 2.627,797. Feb. 10. 

Acton, Russel D.. Chicago, IlL Truck refrigeration nnit 
2,630.687. Mar. 10. 

Acton. Russel D., Chicago. 111. Tractor power lift with 
rock-shaft and synchronized remote cylinder. 2,637,259, 
May 5. 

Acton. Russel D., Chicago, IlL, assignor to 

Harvester Company. Control means for 

nected implements. 2,638,046, May 12. 
Actrol. Inc.. assignee : See — 

De Neergaard, Leif B. 
Adair. James B., Chicago, lU. Printed trans 

same. 2,626.226. Jan. 20. 
Adair, Keith M., Eugene, O'reg. Drain and 

2.627,871. Feb. 10. 
Adair, Keith M., Eugene, Oreg. Liqaid 

2,651/434, Sept. 8. 
Adair, Paul F., Dayton, Ohio. Intemal-co 

gine compression tester. 2,626,033, Jan. 1 
Adair, William P. : See— 

Dietert, Harry W., Adair, and Zlrxow. 
Adam. Frank, Electric Company, assignee : B 

Stleglitz, Henry M. 
Adam, Joseph B., Jackson. Ala., assignor to 

Mills,! Inc., Reading, Pa. Beam support 

machines. 2,025.022. Jan. 13. 
Adamec, Gilbert: See — 

Anderson, Carl, and Adamec. 
Kelley. Walter L., and Adamec. 
Labrlola. Nicholas C. and Adamec. 
Spero, Lila S., and Adamec 
Adamek. William E. : See — 

Berry William D.. \ Igars. and Adamek. 
Adams A'lbert C. Jackson Heights. N. Y.. as 

public Steel Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio. 

conduits and similar elongated articles, 

Feb. 3. 
Adams, Arthur R.. Glendale,^. D. Grizzar 

Cady. Los Angeles, assignors to Adams 

facturing Company, Glendale, Calif. L 

2,653,843, Sept. 29. V 

Adams, Branard F. : See — ^- 

Marshall. Oren B., and Adams. 
Adams. Hruce 1'.. Wiiniette. assignor to P« 
" facturing Co., Evanston, 111. Dial-type seal 

Sept. 29. 
Adams. Carl, Sr.. Birmingham. Ala. Dlspla 

fruits and vegetables. 2,637,481. May 5. 
Adams, Cecil E., assignor to The Denlson 

Company. Columbus, Ohio. Control valv 

for hydraulic motors. 2,641.228. June 9. 
Adams. Cecil E.. assignor to The Denlson 

Company. Columbus, Ohio. Flow co 

2.646.078, July 21. 
Adams, Cecil E., assignor to The Denlson 

Companfk, Columbus, Ohio. Hydraulic 

2,647,455. Aug. 4. 
Adams, Cecil E., assignor to The Denlson 

Company, Columbus, Ohio. Hydraulic pret 

2,652,780, Sept. 22. 
Adams, Cecil E.. assignor to The Denlson 

Company, Columbus, Ohio. Hydraulic 

2.001,706. Dec. 8. 
Adams, Cecil E., and E. ,H. Born, assignors to 

Engineering Comoany, Columbus, Ohio. H 

trol means. 2,649.106, Aug. 18. 
Adams, Cecil E., and E. H. Born, assignors 

son Engineering Company, Columbus, Olil 

valve. 2,054.975. Oct. 13. 
Adams, Charles H^ Springfield, Mass., assi( 

santo Chemical Company. St. Louis, Mo. 

tact extensometer. 2,650,432, Sept. 1. 
Adams, Charles J. : See — 

Klostermann, Curt W., and Adams. 
Adams. Charles J.. Park Ridge, assignor 

Phenolic Corporation, C!hlcago, III. Pres, 

2.644,145. June 30. 
Adams. Clark E. : See — 

Kimberlln, Charles N,, Jr., Adams, Krel 

Voorhlea, Alexis. Jr., and Adams. 
Adams, Dale W., St. Francis, Kans. Conn( 

construction members. 2,655,761, Oct. 20. 
Adams. Dan B., Toledo. Ohio, assignor to C 

Glass Company. Pallet. 2.625.355, Jan. 
Adams, David, Concord. Mass. Eggs bav 

shells. 2.600,530. Nov. 24. 
Adams^ Dennis A. W., Headingley. I.«eeds. R. I 

R. H. Wilson, Blackley, ManchestPr. Engla 

to Imperial Chemical Industries Limited. 

of hydroxy-lndazoles. 2,645,642. July 14. 
.\dams. Dolor N. : See — 

Wood. William H., niid Adams. 
Adams, Edgar W.. Jr., GArden City. N. Y.. as 

United States of America as represented bv 

of the Navy. Recording method. 2,628,88 
Adams, Edwin R., assignor to A. E. Kuerst. 

Tnd. Power unit for lawn mowers. 2.03C 
Adams. Ernest C., Jr. : See — 

Calnndra. Joseph C. and Adams. 
Adams. Francis A., administratrix : See — 

Adams, Max E. 
Adams, Francis V. : See — 

Daly, George P.. and Adflms. 

Adams, Prank P., assignee : See — 
Bourne, Gordon F., and Kennedy. 

Adams. Fred G.. assignor to General Manuf 
Distributing Company. (>aincy, Mich. E] 
heater. 2,050,287, Aug. 25. 




Adams, Fred M.. Sbreveport, La. Animal alarm scratch- 
ing device. 2,655.122. Oct 13. 

Adams, Ge<>CKe !>., Jr., and H. I^. Hamphrlf>«, Gotebo, 
Okla. ; Haiti Adams assignor to E. 11. Mr! Mnald. Okla- 
homa City. Okla. Fishiiij: rod holder. 'J.6«l..^r,3 I>pc. H. 

Adams, Oeorge P., Baltimore. Md.. aBsi|rnor to Westprn 
Electric Company, Incorporated, New York, N. T. Ma- 
terial weighing apparatus. 2.650,791. Sept 1. 

Adams, (lilbert T. : l>ee — 

irarrlson. John B.. and Adams. ^ 

Adanm. Hal M.. Kobblns, N. C. assignor to Robblns Mills. 
Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Zero twUt jrarn ten- 
slonlnir device. U. 050.044, Aug. 25. 

Adams. Jack J., assignor to The Dow Chemical Company, 
Mldlamr Mich. Emiilsifying polymerizable compounds 
and efrecting polymerization with the emulsions. 
2,655,496. Oct. 13. 

Adams, Jamea F., 8t. Loals. R. L. Baner. Brentwood, and 
G. B. Taylor assignors to Monsanto Chemical Company. 
St. Louis, .Mo. Fusion reactions, especially including 
production of phenols. 2,«.'^2,028, Mar. 17. 

Adams. James 8., Long Beach, and P. B. Wilson, Tnjunga, 
Calif. Device for separating oil from water. 2,64C,»2l, 
July 28. 

Adams. James W.. Beacon Falls, Conn., assignor to United 
States Rubber Company. New York. N. T. Prepara- 
tion of synthetic rubber-carbon black mixtures. 
2.668,049, Not. 8. 

Adams, John R., Jr.. Summit, and V. S. Salvln, Irrlngton, 
N. J. assignors to Celanese Corporation of Americn, 
New York, N. Y. Anthraqulnone dyestuffs. 2,65,8,81)8, 
Nov. 10. 

Adams, Johnny L., Independence, Mo. Power-operated 
push rake. 2,647,356, Aug. 4. 

Adams. Jonathan A., New Market, Iowa. Basket yard 
rake. 2.652,680. Sept. 22. 

Adams, Kenneth H. : Hee — 

Doelllnir. G«'oree L., and Adams. 

Adamsi. Leonard. BufTalo. N. Y. Device for working In 
ceramics. 2.638.653, M.ny 19. 

Adams. Max E.. deceased, Wllkes-Barre, Pa.. P. A. Adams, 
administratrix. Ticket dispensing apparatus. 2,639,148, 
May 19. -v • ^-^ 

Adams, Max M BartlesvlUe, Okla., assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Detonation meter pickup. 
2.641,719, June 9. 

Adams, Mozel A., Rayne assignor of one-third to C. J. 
Fontenot, Welsh, one-third to A. B. Richard, Evange- 
line, and one-third to L. W, Fontenot, VVelsh, La. 
Stripper pump. 2,641.187. June 9. 

Adams. Paul K. : See — 

Deloralne^ Edmond M.. and Adams. 

Adams. Paul R.. Cranford. N. J., assignor to Federal Tele- 
phone and Radio Corporation. New York, N. Y. Radio 
echo pulse system for vehicles following a fixed route. 
2,641. flSS. June 9. 

Adams, Randolph P.. University City. Mo. Making rubber 
stamps. L'.6.n5,693, Oct. 20. 

Adams. Raphael J.. Olympla, Wash. Writing sign 
2.645.04«i. July 14. 

Adams. Rhoda, a.4slgnee : Bee — 
RockweH. Cliauncey L. 

Adams Kit.> .Manufacturing Companv. assignee: Bee — 
Ad.Hins. .Arthur R., Grlziard. nndlT.idy. 
C.rlszard. Earle D . Collar, and Mitchell. 

Adams, Simpson J , Abbeville. 8. C. Stop motion for rov- 
ing frames. 2,65S,326, Nov. 10. 

Adams. Soren S., Asbury Park. N. J. Explosive fountain 
pen. 2.640.297. June 2. 

Adams, Stafford M. S.. Windsor, Ontario, assignor to Tnis- 
con Steel Company of Canada. Limited, Walkervllle 
Ontario, Canada. Making metal cross bar Joints! 
2.641.825. June 16. 

Adams, Thomas J., Manitowoc, Wis. Fishing kit 
2.6.'»4,541, Apr. 14, « • 

Adams. William G.. Ricnmond, Va. Portable crane 
2. do; «<.'>4. I>«»c 8. 

Adams. William n., and W. D. Ervlne. Kingston, England 
aasignors to Standard Oil Development Company. Bn- 
«ln« corrosion preventive. 2,648,643, .\ug. 11. 

Adam.son, Frank M- : ^ee — 

Cadwell, Clarence J., and Adam.son. 

Adamson I'nltetf Company, assignee : Bee — 
Collins, DonT 
Mtiller. .Tohan^A. 

Adamston Flat Glass Company, assignee: Bee — ^ • 
Kramer, William M., and Fey. 

Adamy, Kurt, nnd W. Rfltz. assignors to .Viigust Enders 
AktIengeselNchaft, Oberrahmede, Germanr Magnetic 
troiihl.' l.imp. •_».«.'4.022. Sept 'JO. 

Adcock. Herbert V., ZanesvUle. Ohio; assignor to .McGraw 
Electric Company, Milwaukee. Wis. Electrical coll 
2,661.446, iVc. 1. 

Adcock, Ilorafip R.. Shirley. Birmingham, assignor to A. C 
Wickman iTlmlfed. Tile TIlJI. Covenfry England Auto- 
matic drilling mechanism. 2,654.270, Oct. 9. 

Adcock. Mack I)., and A. E. M.irston. Washington. D. C. 
Helical antenna array. 2,630, ,%30. Mar. 3. 

Adcock. .Mack D.. Los .Angeles. Calif., and A. E. Marston, 
Washington. I). C. Helical antenna scanning system. 
2,663,8«9. Dec. 22. 

Addage Limited, assignee : 8e« — 
Evans, Cyril H, 

Add-A-Handle Carton Company, assignee : Bee — 
Robins Irving. 

Add-A Handle Corporation, assignee : See — 
Robins, Leonard J. 

Addelston, Aaron : liee — 

I>awson, Elmer J., and Addelston 

AdiHcks, Mentor C, Minneapolis, Minn. Device for han- 
dling granular material. 2,646,965, July 28. 

Addison, Harry W., Jr. Marshall, Minn. Scoop mounting 
and dumping niechanlsni. 2,031,745, Mnr. 17. 

Addison, John S., assignor to Addlson-Semmes Corpora- 
tion, Racine. Wis. Shipping package and pallet means. 
2.633.982, Apr. 7. 

Addlson-.Semmes Corporation, anlgnee : Bee — 
Addison, John S. 

Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Brainard, George C, and Gruver. 
Curtis. Franklin F. 
Gattimeter, Marry F. 
Gollwltzer. Walter T. 
Gruver, John H. ( 
Selfrled, Lyle W. 
Van Dnsen, Charles U.. Jr., and Welssenborn. 

Adelsnn. I>avl(l E. : St-e — 

Prltzker. George O.. and Adelson. 

Adelson, David E.. Berkeley, assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco. Calif. Lubricating com- 
position. 2.652,367, Sept. 15. 

.Adelson, David E., Berkeley, assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment Company. San Francisco, Calif. Organic ammo- 
nium hydrostilfldf»-hydrogen sulfide reaction products 
and produclnc the same. 2,654,733. Oct. 6 

Adelson. David B., and O. L. Perrv, Berkeley, and O. G. 
Prltxker. Sansallto, assignors to Shell Development Com- 
panv. San Francisco. Calif. Extreme pressure lubricant. 
2,028.941, Feb. 17. 

Adelson, David E.. Berkeley, and R. E. Thorpe, Castro 
Valley, nsslcnors to Shell Development Companv. San 
Francisco. Calif. Lubricating composition. 2.645.613, 
July 14. 

Adelson, Samuel L., assignor to Inflico Incorpornfed. Chi- 
cago 111. Flow control system. 2.627.280, Feb. 3. 

Aden, Cl.trence E., Milwaukee, Wis. Cam-lever controlled, 
slidable Jaw wrench with toggle , locking means. 
2.6.'i0.511. Sept. 1. 

Adglo. Inc., assignee: Bee — 
Harrison. George R. 

Adklnn. Earl <'., nnslcnor to The Shetfleld Corporation, 
T>ayton, Ohio. Pneumatic ganging device. 2,637,200, 
May 5. 

Adklns, Homer, Madison. Wis., J. E. Ofistle. Wilmington, 
Del., and E. E. Royals, Atlanta. Ga., said Castle and 
said Royals assignors to the United States of America 
as represented by the Secretary of the Navy. Prepara- 
tion of substituted glycolurlls. 2,033.469, Mar. 31. 

Adklns. Homer B.. Madison. Wis., assignor to the United * 
States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
the Navv. TetracTiloroglvcolnrll derivatives as chlorine 
liberators In ointments. 2.638.434. May 12. 

.\dklns. Homer B . Madison. Wis., assignor to the United 
States of .America as represented bv the Secretary of the 
Navy Preparation of dlalkyl glycolurlls. 2,654.763, 
0«*f 6 

Adklns. Robert T., I/skewood. and R. J. Knschel. North 
Olmsted. Ohio Coprholder. 2.03.1,828. .Apr. 7. 

Ailklns, RoN'rt T., I>.nkewood, and R J. Knschel, North 
Olmsted. Ohio. Copyholder. 2.050.509. Sept. 1. 

Adklns. L., Downev, Calif. Drinking fountain 
valve 2.048,306. Aug 11 " 

.Adlake Company, The, assignee : See — 
Ehret. Yale W. 

Kessler. Ward P.. and Hagerty. 
Pressnall. Charles A 

.Adlam. George tt Sons Limited, assignee: Bee — 
Holford. Hastings J . and ChnlHs. 

Adler, Albert A., jyid H. J. Gerber, Baltimore, Md. Ve- 
hicle advertising. 2 632.970, Mar. 31. 

Adler. Edward. New York, and A. Chlesa. Flushing, as- 
signors to Etched Products Corporation. T,ong Island 
City. N. Y. Making circuit panels. 2,020.200 .Tan. 20. 

Adler. Herman G.. Detroit, assignor to Novl Equlpm<'nt 
Company. Novl, Mich. Governor structure. 2,63.'>.596. 
Apr. 21. ^ 

Adler. Jack, St. T^ouis, Mo. Filing cabinet structure. 
2.0.'0.238. Oct. 20 

-Adler. Jules M., Yonkers. N T. Protective cover for baby 
carriage contents. 2.646.843. July 28. 

Adler, Karl, assignee: See — 
Aht. Franz. 

Adler. Leon, St. I»nls, Mo. Making a miniature packet. 
2.653.120. Sept 22. 

Adler. Milton. New York. N. Y. Mechanical figure simu- 
lating ponring and drinking llqnid 2.039.517. May 26. 

Adler. Robert, assignor to Consolidated Electric Compsnv. 
Chicago, III. Method and annaratas for signal com- 
munication. 2.649.503. Aug. 18. 

Adler, Robert, Northfleld, 111., assignor to Zenith Radio 
Corporation Cathode structure for electron-discharge 
devices. 2,650.999. Sept. 1. > 

.Xdler. Samuel: Srr — 

Corwin, Jerome, and Adler 

Adler. William F.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Transportation system 
and equipment. 2.650,731, Sept 1. 


Admiral Con>oratlon. assignee : Bet 

Carlson, Keuben C. 

Eck. Floyd R ' 

HInz, Henry K., and Fletcher. 

,Mather, Harold C 

Morton, Evans T. 

Redrteld, George E. 

Swanson, Edward W. 

SwansoD, Edward W., and Radke. 
Adorney, Charles S., ForcHt Hills, L. D. Gill, Brooklyn. 
N. YT. and J. <McMcIlvaln. Jr.. Downingtown. Pa., as- 
signors to Oakite Products, Inc.. New York. N. Y. Dis- 
pensing box. 2.654..'i25, Oct. 0. 
Adrema Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Kerr, Robert L. 

Kerr. Robert L.. and Albrecht. 
Adrema Maschinenbau G. m. b. U., assignee: Bee — 
. Ostwaldt, Brich. 
iLddress-It Corporation, assignee: Be^ 

Sauerman, Ernst C, Hopkins, and Joseph and John 
AddresHOgraph-Multlgraph Corporation, assignee : See — 

Wallace, Cleorge H. 
Adelman. Samuel V.. trustee, assignee : Bee — 

Solomon, Louis. 
Adrian, Frank L , Westvllle, III. Cup. 2,6.12.319. Mar. 24. 
Adrian, Joseph, assignor to Super Speed Printing Ma- 
chinery, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Hydraullcally operated 
1 naiH>r cutter. 2,049,154, Aug. 18. 
Ads .Metal Products Co., Inc.. assignee: See — 

Schwarz, Fred. 
Adshead, Charles W., assignor to Setright Registers 
Limited. London. England. Ticket printing and issuing 
machine. 2.0.'i9..100. Nov. 17. 
Advance Holding Corporation, assignee: See — 

LIttman, Lawrence. 
Advance Machine Company, assignee : See — 

Arones. Daniel A. 
Advance Pattern Co.. Inc., assignee: See — 

Luisada. August G. 
Advance Solvents A Chemical Corporation, assignee : Sec — 

Mack. <;erry P., and Parker. 

Mack^ Gerry P.. and Savarese. 
Advance Transformer Co., assignee : See — 

D.ilil. Hol>ert E. 
Adzima. George R., assignor to The Westfield Manufac- 
turing Companv. Westfield. Mass. Bicycle kick stand 
construction. 2,657,941, Nov. 3. 
Aelonv, David, Minneapolis, Minn., assignor to General 
Mills. Inc. Phenolic eater resins. 2.649.422. Aug. 18. 
Aeppll, Albert, assignor to .Maag-Zahnrader und-Maachlnen 
A. G.. Zurich. Switzerland. Grinding wheel trueing 
device., Apr. 14. 
uleronulp Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Rundell, Harwood F. 
Aertker, John J., Jr., assignee : Bee — 

Trapanl, August G., Jr. 
Aero Supply Mfg. Co. Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Downev, George T., Rosengren, and Forrester, 
.itero Zlpp Fasteners Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Weber Vttftszlav. 
Aerotin Corporation, assignee : See — 

Fritzbcrg, Ijiwrence H. 
Aeroflex I>aboratorles, Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Tscliudl. Erwln W. 
Aerojet-General Corporation, assignee: See — 

Coxe, WInthrop K.. and Mcrboth. 

Malsner, Herman. 

Wolfe, Charlies M., and Miller. 

Wolfe. Charles M., Shultlse, and Grow. ; ^. 

Aerolex Limited, a«8lgne<? : Bee — i 

Harlev. Frank B. ^ 

Aeronautical Communications Equipment, Inc.. assignee : 
^ Sec- 
Epperson, William H. 
Aeronca Manuf.icturlng Corporation, assignee: Fee — 

Kalb, George L. 

Aeroqulp Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Charlson. Lvnn. 

Kaiser. Rudolf. 
r Laffoon. Charles A. [ 

La Marre, Roger R. 
Aerosol Corporation of America, assignee : Bee — 

Dautrebrnde, Luclen. 
Aerovox Corporation, assignee : See — 

Brown. Harold J. 

Kohring, Wilbur M. 

Aesrhllmann, John A., Montclalr. N. J., and A. Stempel, 
Brooklyn, N. Y.. assignors to Hoffmann-La Roche Inc., 
Nutley, N. J. 3-hydroxvphenyl quaternary ammonium 
compounds. 2.647.924. Aug. 4. 

••Aesculapius" S. r. 1.. assignee : Bee — 
Masellls. Francesco P. 

Aetna Standard Engineering Company, The, assignee : 
Hale. Andrew, and KuUgren. 
Matteson. Elwin A. 
Rodder. William. 
Snyder, Perry G. t 

Strock, Donn V. 

Afco-I.Ite Corporation, 
RuKuak. William. 

Bee — 

Gaf and 1 
Fluid ra 

, Ontario, Canada. I 

2,055.665 Oct, 20. 

Switzerland. Masi 

assignee : See- 

Afrel, Herman A.. Jr Philadelphia, and R. A. 

side, assignors to Philco Corporation, Phila 

Polarizing antenna for cylindrical waves. 

May 5. ' * 

Affiliated Gas Equipment, Inc., assignee : See— 

Cemy. Joseph A., andGreen. 

Erwln. Lee K.. and-<JritHth. 

Affiliated Lithographers, Inc., assignee: 

King, Elmore L. 
Affleck, Theodore H., North Hollywood, assign 
T. Scale. Inc., Los Angeles, Calif. Trailer 
apparatus. 2,630.576, Apr. 28. 
Agar. George W. A.. Weinngton New Zealand 
and apparatus for the manufacture of ruofi 
the like. 2,044.217, July 7. 
Agat George W. A., assignor to Atlas Prodi 
Litolted, iVelllngton, -New Zealand. Apuar 
annfacture of rooting tiles and the like. 
Sept. 1. , . 

Agate, Murray D., assignee : See — • 

Alurray, Michael F. 
Agee, Floyd A., Los Angeles Calif. Apparatui 

pleated material. 2,632,495, Mar. 24. 
Ager. Drek. Miami. Fla. Rbof gutter. 2.646.( 
Ager. Ronald, Miami Beach, Fla. Apparatu 

ing cetnentions finish. 2,654,935, Oct, 13. 
.\ggson. Robert E.. aBsignor of fi)rty per c€ 
Cook, Azalea, Oreg. Dispensing tontalnei 
and the like. 2,0.53.706, .'^ept. 29. 
Aghnldes, Elle P., New York. N. Y. 

device. 2,633,343. Mar. 31. 
Aghnldes, Elie i'.. New York. N. Y. 

2.6G4.278. Dec. 29. 
Agios, George, assignor to Arms Corporatlo 
N. Y. Electromechanical calculating 
2.625.-327. Jan. 13. 
Agins. George. Brooklyn, and C. D. Bock, 
assignors to Arma Corporation, Brooklyn, > 
lathig instrument. 2.635,224, Apr. 14. 
Aglus. George. Santa Monica. Calif., assignor ) 
poratlon. Brooklyn, N. \. Erecting devi 
scopes. 2.025, 82K J»n. 20. 
Agneberg, Wilman N., Minneapolis. Minn. F 
2,634,159, Apr. 7. ,„, „ 

Agnew, Albert B., Phlllpsburg. Pa., and F, J. B 
111. Square checker-brick. 2,651,515. Sej 
Agnew. Edward A.. Whittier. Calif. S( 

2,6.36,129, Apr. 21. 
-Agnew, John S., Toronto, 
device for water tanks. 
Agosti, Dora, Zurich, 

2,646,039. July 21. 
Agrashell. Inc.. assignee: 

Perry, Joseph C. 
Agriculture, United States of America 
the Secretary of. assignee : See — 
Alexander. Kliem, and Schnlepp. 
Arthur. Jett C. Jr.. and Hogan. 
Belter. Paul A.. Smith, Deobald, Singer, 
Bickoff, Emanuel M. 
Black, David G. 
, Brown, Amon H.. Kllpatrick. and Lazar. 

Campbell. Tod W., and Coppinger. 
' Carson. John F. 
Cording Janies. Jr.. and Shaines. 
Cowan. John C. and Evans. 
Cowan John C. Falkenburg. and I^ewls. 
Haul. George C, Held, and Uelnhardt. 
Davis. Howard A., Wolff, and Cluskey. 
Drake, George L., and Guthrie. 
_J)vonch, WiUiam, and Mehltretter. 
/ Evans. Cyril D., Cowan, and Schwab. 
' Fein. Martin L.. and Fisher. 
Fisher, Charles 11.. and Mast. 
Gordon. Willis O.. and Veldhuis.* 
.Hall, Harlow H. 
Han.son, Hflen L., and Llneweaver. 
Hodge, John E. 
Jones, Edwin P.. and Cowan. 
Koepsell. Harold J.. Jsuchiya, and Hellina 
Krewson Charles F. 
♦ Larkin. Roger A. 

Laundgren, Harold P.. and Fong. 

I>awrence. Itay V., and Eckhardt. 

Ix)hmar. Rolland L.. Jr. 

Lundgren. Harold P.. Fong, and Yeiser. 

MacMasters, Majel M. 

Mayer, Mayer. Jr.. and Kyame. 

.McKennon, Forrest L., and Lawrence. 

Mehltretter, Charles L., and Rankin. 

Merkel, Charles M., Bennett, and Wright 

Mlers, Jackson C, and Owens. 

Olcott. Harold 8., and Campbell. 

< >wen8. Harrv S.. Sfnrk. and Goodhan. 

Pfelfer, Virgil F., Nelson, Vojnovlch, an 

Ratchford, William P. 

Reeves, Wilson A. Drake, and Hoffpauir 

Rehl>erg, Chessie F;., and Fisher. 

Schwab, Arthur W.. and Dutton. 

Schwab, Arthur W., Cooney, and Evan*/ 

Schwab, Arthur W.. Evans, and Cooney. 

Slotter. Richard L., and Delap. 

Stafford, Harry L. , 

Stitt, Fred, 'Xomlmatsu. and TJensvold. 

Bee — 





AgricQltare, United States of America •■ represented by 
the S^tretary of, asaiiniee : Bee — Continued. 
Swem. Daniel. 

' Swem, Daniel, and Jordan. 

Talbart. William F.. and (;uadaf;nl. 
Talley, Kuk»*»<' A , and Yanovaky. 
Teeter. Howard M.. and Cowan. 
Wanneriiian, Thernlore, and ^uiza^. 
Wenteri^aard. iCkhard. 
Wmiarfton Robert V. 
Wolf. Mlfhael J., and Fitton. 

A^on, Jack, asHijmor of tfclrtv-two and one half per cent 
to M. Roaen. Ix)* AnKele»;^allf. Adjustable brush holder 
support for dvnamoelectrlc machines. 2,632,860, Mar. 

Affuettai. Flory O., Butte. Mont Christmas tree holder. 
2.634.070. Apr. 7. ^ . , 

Affullar, John O- and W. A. Cox, San Francisco. Calif. 
Fruit stemming machine. 2,656.867. Oct. 27. 

AkuIp, OeofKH J . Stamford as^lKnor to Machlett I>abora- 
torles, IncarporatiHl, Springdale. Conn. Electron tube. 
2 6_'.'> 064. Jan. 1."? 

AcQle, George J.. Stamford assignor to Machlett Labora- 
tories Incorporated, Springdale, Conn. Electron tul>e. 
2,640 j 88, May 2«.\ 

Afule. George J., Stamford, assignor to Machlett I^bora* 
torles. Incorporated, Springdale, Conn. Electron dis- 
charge device. 2 648.025, Aug. 4. 

Agule. CJeorge J., Stamford, asslgnoh to Machlett Ijibora- 
torles Inroi'porated, SprlnRdaI«». Conn. S«>all(kg the en- 
velope's of Vacuum tubes 2.«.'>4.S22. Oct 6 

Agule, George J., Stamford, ai^lgnor to Machlett Ijibora- 
torles. Incorporated, Springdale, Conn. Filament struc- 
. ture. 2.659,023. Not. 10. > 

V_^Aguln»'k. Uarr.v : .sVr - 

Mlshcon. Saniuel. and Atnilnek. '« 

Ahern, Jack A., executor, assignee : See — 
WINon. Frank C * , 

Wilson. Frank C . and Sllllman. 1 

Ahlbrecht. Arthur H.. White Bear Township. Ramsev 
County. T. S. Reld New Canada Township. Ramsey 
County, and D. R. liusted. assignors to Minnesota Min- 
ing A Manufacturing Company. St. Paul. Minn. Fluo- 
rlnated acrylatea and polymers. 2,642,416. June 16. 

Ahlb\iiir. iH'sila ^^, a.><.sij;n»H* : Hee — 
Gibson, Harry L. 

Ahles, Robert I)., Schenectady. N. Y., asoignor to General 
riectric Company. Cast fool steel. 2.662,010. Dec' 8. 

Ahlfors. Sten B. E.. Hedemora, Sweden. Wet-treating 
flhrous matters. 2.R.T2 166, Mar 24. 

Ahlfors, Sten E. E., Hedemora, Sweden. Apparatus for 
wet-treating fibrous matters. 2,653,521. Sept. 29. 

AbllJIan, Kirk. Cranston. R I , nsslgnor to Fram Corpora- 
tion. Center core seal Tor filter elements. 2.654,483, 
Oct. 6. 

Ahlmann, Nikolai.. Copenhagen, Denmark, assignor to F. S. 
Smidth & Co.. New York, N. Y. .Method and apparatus 
for vibratory grlndlne. 2,650.033. Aug. 2.5 

Ahlmeyer. Heinz, Tappan. and W. D. Sherman. West 
Nyack. assignors to Robert Galr Company Inc., New 
York, N. Y. Machine for assembling paperboard parti- 
tions. 2.643,590. June 30. 
' Ahnell. Karl J.. F.ri^. Fa., assignor to General Electric 
, Company. Hatchway closure. 2.663.268, Dec. 22. 

Ahrens-Foi. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Nepper. Richard C. 

Ahrens. Gerhard W.. New York. N. T.. assignor to 
Econometal Corporation. Electrodeposlted composite 
article and making the same. 2,042,6.54, June 23. 

Alchberger. Maria, assignor to M. Alchbercor. Vienna. 
Austria. Garment display device. 2.629,523. Feb. 24. 

Alcher. John O., Oeveland Helehfs. Ohio, assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Measuring radiation. 2,636,992, 
Apr. 28. 

Al<kin. Robert G., London, and A. R. Munden. assignors 
to nrlfi.Hh Nvlon Spinners Limited. I'ontvpool. England, 
and Shell Development Company. Emeryville. Calif. 
Textile treating composition and method. 2.6C4.409, 
r>ec. 2!» 

Alello. Richard V. and R., Wampun, Pa. Curtain fixture." 
2.634.078, Apr. 7. 

Alello, Robert : Bee — 

Alello. Richard V. and R. 

Alpain. Pierre R.. New York, N. Y., and J.-R. I^lr, Nnt- 
ley, N. J., assignors to International Standard Electric 
Corporation. New York, N, Y. Speech communication 
system. 2.fi40,8H0. June 2. 

Aln-aln. Pierre R.. assignor to International Standard 
Electric Corporation. New York. N. Y. Volume control 
for pulse code modulation. 2,043.293, June 23. 

Aimrain, Pierre R., assignor to International Standard 
Electric Corporation, New York. N. Y. Signal trans- 
lation system. 2,660 618. Nov. 24. 

Alnes. Andrew A.. United States Army. Petersburg. Va. 
Mechanical footwear testing machine. 2.638.776. May 
'Alnsley. Edward J. : Bee — 

Dodd. Sidney R., and Alnsley. 

Alnsworth. Arthur R.. and J. B. Miller, assignors to Cye- 
Arc Limited London. England. Apparatus for electric 
arc stud welding. 2,640,133. May 26. 

Ainswortb, Benjamin J., and E. J. Courts. Los Angeles^ 
Calif. ; said Courts assignor to said Alnsworth. Tire 
pressure responsive safety device. 2.629,086. Feb. 17. 

Ainswortb. Chester D.. Wollaston. Mass.. assignor to AlUs* 
Chalmers Manufactaring Companv, Milwaukee. Wis. 
Cross blast circuit breaker with arcing contacts control- 
ling orifice of arclUK chamber. 2,645 694. July 14. 
Alnsworth, Free<lom H.. assignor to The Wayne Pump 
Company. Salisbury, Md. Flow control noizle for gaso- 
line dispensers. 2.627,418. Feb. 3. 
Aln.^worth. George. Detroit, Mich., assignor to Bendix 
Aviation Corporation. South Bend. Ind. Transmission 
operating mechanism. 2.631,703. Mar. 17. 
Ainswortb. George. Detroit, Mich., assignor to Bendix 
Aviation Corporation. South Bend. Ind. Transmission 
operating mechanism. 2.634,837. Apr. 14. 
Alnsworth, George O.. and E. E. Prather. assignors to 
Bendix Aviation Corporation. South Bend. Ind. Trans- 
mission op«>r8tlng mechanism. 2.631,701, Mar. 17. 
Ainswortb. Mark, Kansas City, Mo. Lockable slide bolt 

assembly for doors and the like. 2.631,877, Mar. 17. 
Air Associates. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Kupiec, Harry P.. and Gravenhorst. 
.Mr and Refrigeration Corporation, assignee: 8ie — 

Fleisher. Walter L. 
Airb«irne Instruments Laboratory, Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Dome, Arthur. 
Aircall. Inc., assignee : Bet— 

Florae. Richard R. • ; i 

Hicks. Walter R. '^ ■ 

Air Control Prodncti. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Leigh. Robert L. 
Air Controls, Inc.. assignee : Bee 

Frick. Edward J. 

Schwa rs. Gerald L. 
.Vircdoleil .Motors. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

H.vnuiii, George T. 
Aircraft-Marine Products Inc., assignee: Bee — 

Asaff, Annis G. 

Berg. Quentln. "' 

Alacy, James C. 

Parsons. Kenneth If. 

Pollock. S. Wilson. 

Schilling, Clarence J. 

SwHimel. Hubert C. "•.. ■ 

Watts, William S. 
Aircraft Radio Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Drake. Frederick H.. and Johanson. 

McCouch. Gordon P. 
Air Cusliion Sales Co., Inc., assignee: Bee — 

Ragsdale, James E. 
Air Devices, Inc.. assignee: Bee — 

O'Day, Cortland N. 
Alrex Manufacturing Co.. Inc.. assignee: Bee — 

Cowen Lawrence, and Soloviofr. 
.Vir Filter Corporation, assignee: See — 

Breckheimer. Raymond J, 
Air Force. United States of America as represented by the 
Secretary of the, assignee : See — 

Andersen. John H., Jr. 

Dunegan. Harry C. 

Eckert. Ernst li. O^ and Zobel. 

Hartline. Haidan K.. Rawson. and Legallals. 

Hlrtrelter. Walter J. 

Holawarth. Hans T. ft 

Howell, Wallace E. ♦ 

Kamm, Wunibald I. E., Krautter, and Stalger. 

Krautter. Willy F., Kamm, and Stalger. 

MaxlmofT, Boris S. 

Oetjen. Robert A. 

IVtersen. Clifford C 

Silvester. Austin O. 

Stankey. John E. | 

Trachtenl)erg. Robert. ) 

Vann. James O. 

Wood. William W.. Jr. k 

Wooil. William W., Jr., and Lundqulst. 

Zobel, Theodor W. 
Airheart Products, Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Cagle. Toby T. 
Airkem, Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Meek, George W. 

Meek. George W.. and Wheeler. 
Alrlie, John, Glasgow, and W. W. Mackay, Stewarton, 
Scotland, assignors to Carrick Engineering (Stewarton) 
Limited, London, England. Grinding attachment. 
2.626.488. Jan. 27. 
Air-Maze Corporation, assignee : See — 

Brixiu.i, Jiicob K.. and Saviti. 

Glanzer, Clarence J. 

Savltz, Christian W. 

Walton, George M., and Brown. 
Almesco Products Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Nesham, John E. C. 
Alr-O Fan Products Corporation, assignee Richard H. 

Robinson, Mayes R. 

Wright, David P., and Fish. 
Air Preheater Corporation, The, assignee: 

Ballard. Clayton A. 

Hammond, William E. 

Hammond. William E.. and Ballard. 

Hammond. WillRim E., and Karlsson. 

Hodson, Peter. 

Hodson, Peter, and Lundstrom. 

Holm, Sven. 

Holm. Sven. and Hammond. 

Lyerly, Ray L., and Holm. 




for sheet 


Air Products Incorporated, assignee : See — . 
Anderson. Carl R. 
Paviis Frank K. 
Pool. Leonard P. 
Schilling. Clarence J. 

Steele, Arthur K. . „ 

Air Reduction Company. Incorporated, assignee : Bee — 
Anderson. .Nelson K. 
Anderson. Nelson E.. and Sullivan. I 

Crowe. John J. 
Garrison. Van Buskirk. 
Gilroy. John, and Wlese. 
Hoover, Charles O. 
Hughey, Howard O. 
Kuntz Wellington W., Jr. 
McFarlin. Charles J. 
Rudolph, Jacob P. : 
Seitx. Rudolph O. l 
Senesky. John 3. 

Tyrner. Joseph M. ■ „ 

Airs. Raymond S., Hooton, Wirral. and V. W. David, 
Chester, England, assignors to Shell Development Com- 
pany^an Francisco. Calit Extreme pressure Inbrl- 
! cants. 2.r,.'i3,910, Sept. 29. V 

Alr-Shlelds. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Gibbon. Samuel Y^. 
Alrtron. Inc., assignee: See — 
Carr, Robert S. 
Hamilton. Jean W. 
Ingalls, David, and Anderson. 
Air Valve, IBC, assignee : See — 

Wright, Otis A., Ooddard, and Cole. 
Wright, Otis A., Goddard, and Wilkinson. 
Air-Way Electric Appliance Corporation, assignee: See — 

Dow, Dewey M. 
Aitcheson. Thomas G.. Kenmore, N. Y., assignor to Ameri- 
can Optical Company, Southbridge, Mass. Adjustment 
mechanism for microscopes. 2.645.972, July 21. 
AltchlFon, Robert B., Jackson Heights. N. Y.. H. L. Hicks, 
Bane, Vt.. and J. R. Craig, Wellesley. Mass., assignors, 
by mesne assignments, to Union Carbide and Carbon 
Corporation. Flame finishing of granite surfaces. 
2,655,909. Oct. 20. 
AJani. MuKtafa J.. Amherst, N. H. and C. A. 
Melrose, assignors to Standard Duplicating 
Corporation. »erett. Mass. Stripper pin 
feeding machines. 2,654,600. Oct. 6. 
AJam, Mustafa J., Amherst, N. H., J. R., 

Maiden, and C. A. Bergman, Melrose, assignors to 
Standard Duplicating Machines Corporation. Everett, 
Mass. Adjn.iting mechanism for master copies on du- 
plicating machines and the like. 2,661,688, Dec. 8. 
AJax Buff Company, assignee : See — 

Ruthven, William. 
AJax Manufacturing Company, The, assignee: See — 

Criley, William W. 
Ajax Metal Company, The, assignee : See — n 

Wyatt. James R. 
Ajax Pickers. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Hanscom, Harris F. 
AJax Thermostatic Controls Company, 
See — 

Schoenfeld. Henry F., and Smithisler. 
Ajdukovich. George, St. Louis, Mo. 

2,658.509. Nov. 10. 
Ajero, Fortunato S. : See — 

Ju7,wiak. Edmond A., and AJero. 
Ajero, Fortunato S., Chicago, 111., assignor 
Corporation. Feeding mechanism for 
I seeder apparatus. 2.626,729, Jan. 27. 
AJero, Fortunato S., Chicago, III., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Avco Manufacturing Corporation, New 
York, N. Y. Seeder and planter apparatus. 2,661,124, 
Dec. 1. 
Akai, Saburo, Ohta-Ku, Tokyo, Japan. Phonomotor or 
a. small-type electric motor for phonographs. 2,642,750, 
June 23. 
Akaboshi, Michlliro : See — 

Tomonarl, Tsukumo, and Akaboshi. 
Akans, William R., Birmingham, Ala. Collapsible camera 

tripod. 2.627,386. Feb. 3. 
Ake. Paige W.. and J. T. lister. Tampa, Fla., said Ake 
assignor to said I>»«ter. Antlpuckering means for sofa 
l)ed niiholsterv. 2.654.099, Oct. 6. 
Akely. William S.. assignor to The Guardian Export Pack- 
ers Corporation, Oak Park 111. Fluorescent lighting fix- 
ture having air-cooled lamp and ballast chamber. 
, 2.641.687. June 9. 
Akeriey. Robert G.. Beverly. Mass. Flashlight having a 

sealed flexible casing. 2.032,094. Mar. 17. 
Akerlind. Hilmer G. A..'Stora Essingen, assignor to Tele- 
fonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson. Stockholm. Sweden. Re- 
duction valve for pressure liquids. 2. 662, .349, Dec. 15. 
Akers. Edward G., assignor to M. O. Johnston, Glendale. 
Calif. Device for sealing wire lines, including a cable 
having spaced sealing members. 2,639,692, May 26. 
Akroh Hardware Mfg. Corp., assignee : See — 

(Jerson, Fred. 
Akrun Plating Company, assignee : See — 

Drayer. Cleon E. 
Akron Products Company, The, assignee : See — 
Llchty, Paul E., and Houseworth. 

237243— r 2 

The, assignee 

Hernial truss. 

to Ezee Flow 
spreader and 

Akron Standard Mold Company, The, assignee : See — 

Bostwick, Henry C. 
Akshun Mfg. Co., assignee : See — ■ 

Ivees. Gerald M. , < 

Aktiebolaget Addo, assignee : See — 

Ohlsson, Sven O. ^ 

Aktiebolaget Alka Aluminiumkapslar, assignee: Bee — 

Jonsson, Einar J. 
Aktiebolaget Atlas Diesel, assignee : See — 

Danielsson, Jan P. 

Mnnck af RosenschSld, John R. 
Aktiebolaget Beckerbat, assignee : See — ^ 

Becker, Harry A. 
Aktiebolaget Bofors, assigiiee : See — 
' Aldrin, Henry W., and Oerdln. 

Ericsson Valter K. 

Kiiller, Nils-Erik G.. and Thorildsson. 

Nordfors^ Kurt M. 

Palme, Karl B. 

Palsson, Lennard P. 
.\ktiebolaget Dlxina, assignee: See — 

I..ydfors. John. 
Aktiebolaget A. Ekstroms MaskinafTar. assignee : Bee — 

Jdnsson, Nils W.. and LIndgren. 
Aktiebolaget Elektrolux, assignee : See — 

Bftckstrftm, Sigurd M. ♦ " : 

Bilde, Tord E. D., and Ilultberg. 

Boren, Karl G. 

Carlstedt, Fredrlk. 

Deutgen, Ragnar E, 

Forsberg, Axel A. 

Grubb, Gunnar A. 
(- Hansson, Erik O. H. 
V Hellstrom, Axel G. 

Hultberg. Rolf B. J. ' 

Karlstrom, Johan F. B. 

Kogel. Wllhelm G. 

Tandberg. John G. ' 

UUstrand, Hugo M. 
Aktiebolaget Enk^plnps Verkstader, assignee : See — 

Emanuel af Geijerstani, Erik O. 
Aktiebolaget FHre Armaturfabrik, assignee : See — 

Salonionsson, Sven G. 
AktleRolaget Ferrosan, assignee: See — 

Rosdahl, Karl-Gustaf. 
Aktiebolaget L. Gabrielsson A Co., assignee : See — 

Wander, John V. 
Aktiebolaget Gotaverken, assignee : See — 

Johansson, Johau E. 
.Vktlebolaget Jonkopings Motorfabrik, assignee : See — 

Osteigren, Gustar 
Aktiebolaget Kamvr. assignee : See — , 

Johansen. Kolf J. 

Richter. Johan C. F. C. 
Aktiebolaget Kanthal, assignee : Sec — 

Rehnt|viPt. Nils G., and Hlldehrand. 
Aktiebolaget Max Sievert, assignee : See — 

Ericsson, Karl B., and Oeber. 
Aktiebolaget Overums Bruk, assignee : See- - 

Berg, Claes. Carlsson, and Ekman 
Aktiebolaget Pharmacia, assignee : Sre — 

OrOnwall, Anders J. T-, and Ingelman. 
Aktiebolaget Separator, assignee : Sec — 

Aspegren. John A. 

Bierke. Svante F. N. i v 

Dalilstedt. Per A. ' 

Eckers, Carl G. 

Brllng. Sven J. 

Hanno.Tore V. 

Hytte. Robert P. L. 

Ramqyist, Tryggve T. 

Staaff. Per H. 

Zacharlassen, Stlg H. { 

Aktiebolaget .Separator, assignee: See — 

Magni, Karl (J. 
Aktiebolaget Separator-Nobel, assignee : Bee — 

Braae, Ben. 
Aktiebolaget Skanska Cementgjuteriet, assignee : See — 

Georgii. Hans P., and Engstrom. 
Aktiebolaget Stockholms Bryggerier, assignee : See — 

Groth. Kjell J. L. Hellsten, and Sandegren. 
•Vktiebolaget Svenska Kullagerfabriken. assignee : See — 

Gotbberg. Karl E. A., and Sandabl. 

Palmgren. Nils A. 

Kuist. JolinT. 

T5rnebohm. Hilding V. 
Aktiebolaget SvetsmekanT), assignee: See — r 

Slettengren, Anders I. K. 
Aktiebolaget Tegelindustriella Bryan, assignee : See — 

NiisBon, Hans E. 
Aktiebolaget Teximpex, assignee: See — 

Worm, Hugo F. 

Aktiebolaget Urfabrlken, assignee : Bee — 

Murvali, Ake B. 
Aktiebolaget Volvo, assignee : See — 

I.«rborn, Ake O. J. 
Aktiebolaget Wicanders Korkfabriker, assignee : See — 
Wolke, Bemdt S. 


■ ■ . . i 


AktleDKeselUchaft Brown, Boveri & Cle, assignee : Bee — 

Aiiiatntz, Arnold. 

■Baumann, Hans. 

Cuny. Koberr. 

Darrivas, (JeorRPn. 

Mpyt'rhans, August, and Hartniann. ' 

Waltert. Aueuat. 

Wi.lerfte, Rolf. 

W'iedcuiann, Eugen. 

Zaha. Tadeunz. 
AktlenK«>8ell8chaft der Eiscn- und Stahlwerke, vornials 
G»'org Fischer, aaaiKnev : Hee — 

Von Zel»>wsky, Ottomar. 
AktienK«'8ell8Chaft ^'uer TechnL$che Studten, assignee : 
Hee — 

Brunner, PauL 

Keller Curt. 
Aktlengeneilschaft vorniala B. Sfegfrleil. assignee: See — 

Urspruntr, Rudolf A. 
AktleselskalHst Volund, aMignev : Hee — 

Mrabiiek. .loriren. 
Aladdin Indifttriea, Incorporated, assignee: Bee — 

Berge. Gods ha Ik. 

Rra III mint:, Carl. 

EnKh, Walter B. 
Alamagny, Marcel A. C. Saint-Cloud. France. Automobile 

body having pivoted end sections. 2,656.214 Oct> 20 
Alba. Ralph T. : «ee— ' 

Wallersteln, James S.. Hale. Alba, and Levy. 
Albano. Alphonso F.. Poughket^poie, N. Y. Ciroulatinc 
"leans for automatic cookers or washers. 2,638,767, 

Albano, Edmond, New York, X. Y. Multiple extension 
drop-leaf table. 2.643 924. June 30. 

Albano, Edmond, New \ork. N. Y. Completely reversible 
window. 2.848.878. Aug. 18. 

Albano, Vincent J., Fanwood. N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone I^boratorivH Incorporated. New York N Y 
Forming a point at the end of a wire. 2,628 9;i»> Feb 17' 
^^&J7%7.2l' ^"*^*°«' Calif. Slat -awning. 

Albarranc, Adrlen Paris. France. Electric resistance 

welding tool. 2,656,446 Oct. 20 
'^'fT*',-.;^''^''"'" ^■' Hollywood, and H. C. Ward. Los Angeles 

Calif., assignors to Radio Corporation of America Mac- 

netic sound system. 2.658.951. Not. 10 

^T--,. ,^V.'.'''v-'' "l- Tampa. Fla. Game apparatus. 
J.t>.>9.1().' Nov 17 

Albertoll. Gilbert P. : See — • i 

Albertoli. John and O. P. 

Albertoll. John and O. P.. San Francisco. Calif Un- 
scrambler for cans. 2.633.971, Apr. 7. 

Albers Schoent)erg. Ernst, Metuchen, assignor to Steatite 
Research Corporation, Keasbey. N. J. lleavymetal ox- 
ide resistors and making same,,-^^, 626.44.' Jan 27 

^'^J?>.)y.'l"'l'" I"'-, t'lorissant. .Mo^-ChnVs'llne feel unit 
J.h.')0.()4l. Aue. 25 ■ 

Albershelm, Walter J.. Interlaken, N. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. New York N Y 

Wave-guide elbow. 2,649.578, Aug. 18. 
Alberstein. Harry W.. Clayton. Mo. D.>vlce for InsertlnK' 

heels into ladies' shoes. 2.631,310 Mar 17 
Albert. Calvin, Brooklyn. N. Y. Sculpturing. 2,641,859 

June 16. 
Albert. Harry E.. assignor to The Firestone Tire & Rubber 

i-ompany, Akron. Ohio. Stannous complexes and their 

preparation. 2.626.954, Jan. 27. 
Albert. Harry E., assignor to The Firestone Tire A Rubber 

Company, Akron. Ohio. StabillEntion of synthetic rub 

o loHr^ ^S."^ stannous complexes of aromatic amines. 

2.632,754, Mar. 24. 

'^'If J5v, •J^?;'"I\® G Chicago, 111. Foldable coat hanger. 
2.n»»,1.470. Dec. 22. 

Albert. Wlllard S. : See — 

Boyer. John L. and Albert. 

^'lr;«, oil!'*r^ J.. South Bend. Ind. Auxiliary dra> plug 

rtson. Walter H.. High Point. N. C, ajid R L Mlttel 
tdt, assignors t« Paramount Textile Machinery Co 
ikakee. 111. Honlery drylnjr form. 2.661.877. Dec. s! 
lanufacturing Co., Incorporated, assignee : Bee — 
Juda, Walter. Jones, and Airman. 
Albln. Tom B. : See — 

Sommer. Harry J., Albin, and Williams. 
Alblaettl. Charles J.. Jr.. assignor to E. I du Pont de 
Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. Preparation 
of monomerlc open-chain delta, ep.«JlIon unsaturated 
carbonyl compounds. 2,628,252. Feb. 10. 

Alblsettl, Charles J Jr.. and N. G. Fisher, assignors to 
E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del 
Preparing unsaturated nitriles. 2.641,607. Jane 9. 
Albiswerk Zurich A. G.. assignee: See — 

De Stadelhofen, Jean M., MUller-Strobel. Patry and 

Alboreo. Andrew J., and M. W. Pratt. Akron. Ohio. Tooth- 
brush and toothpaste kit. 2.662,535. Dec. 15. 
Albrecht. Alexander J. : See — 

Dressel. Arthur, and Albrecht. ' 

Huck. William F.. Heller, and Albrecht. 
Albrecht. Alexander J.. West New York. N. J., assignor to 
R. Hoe h Co.. Inc.. New York, N. Y. Sheet conveyer. 
2,639,664. May 26. 



Albrecht, Alexander J. Weal New York. N. J., assignor to 
R. lloe h Co.. Inc.. New York. N. Y. Sheet registering 
mechanism. 2.642.283, June 16. 

Albrecht. Alexander J., West New York, N. J., assignor to 
R. Hoe 4 Co., Inc., New York, N. Y. Front stop assem- 
bly. 2.643.881. June 30. 

Albrecht. Alexander J.. West New York, N. J., assignor to 
R. Hoe k Co., Inc.. New York, N. Y. .Means for con- 
structing printing plates. 2,663,349. Dec. 22. 

Albrecht. Carl F. : See— 

Brown. Frank !£.. and Albrecht. 

Albrecht, Fritx. and H. D. Wolfe. Baltimore, assignors to 
The Glenn L. Martin Company. Middle River, Md. 
Strain gauge pulse system. 2,633.019, Mar. 31. 

Albrecht. Ilaroid W. : see— 

Sutherland, Edwin M.. and Albrecht. 

Albrecht, Henry P.. K. H. Wilson, and N. M. Clark as- 
signors to Wllson-Albrecht »'o. Inc.. Minneapolis Minn. 
Connecting structure. 2.635,717. Apr. 21. 

Albrecht, Henry P., and K. H. Wilson, assignors to Wllson- 
Albrecht Co.. Inc., Minneapolis, Minn. Scaffold support. 
2.636.78.% Apr. 28. 

Albrecht. Karl. Maplewood, N. J., assignor to Forstner 
Chain Corporation. C^iff link. 2,632.931. Mar. 31. 

Albrecht. Karl. Maplewood. N. J., a.xsignor to Forsjner 
Chain Corporation. Bracelet en«l connection. 2.663 i>24. 
Dec. 29. 

Albrecht. Otto, Neae Welt, near Basel, assignor to Clba 
Limited, Basel Switzerland. Compositions for the im- 
provement of fastness properties of dveings and print- 
ings of water-soluble dyestuffs. 2,631.920, Mar. 17. 

.\lbrecht. Otto. Mucnchenstein, and A. Maoder, assignors 
to Clba Limited, Basel, Switzerland. Preparing ter- 
tiary acrylic acid esters from acetylene. 2,653.969, 
Sept. 29. 

Albrecht, Robert, assignor, by mesne assignments to 
Strong Cobb k Company. Inc.. Cleveland. Ohio. Tablet 
hardness testing machine. 2.^5.936. July 21. 

Albrecht. Rudolf: See— 

Kerr. Robert L.. and Albreclnt. 

Albright. Edward O., Jr.. Lynwood. Calif. Universal 
sheave block. 2,654,571, Oct. 6. 

Albright, Franklin C. assignor to Bendix Aviation Cor- 
poration, South Bend, Ind. Aircraft undercarriace. 
2,637.5li. May 5. '' 

Albright, John J. Jr., Syracus*. N. Y. Float operating 
Inlet control valve mechanism. 2,631,602. Mar. 17. 

Albright. John R.. assignor to Geo. D. Roper Corporation. 
Rockford, 111. Pilot operated relief valve for pumps 
and the like. 2.639.725, May 26. 

Albright. Robert B.. assignor to Phllco Corporation Phila- 
delphia. Pa. Antenna for television receivers. 2,642,528. 
Jtine 16. 

Albrltton. John W., Pasadena, Calif. Cutting Implement. 
2.656.601, Oct. 27. 

Albro. Walter, Jamestown, N. Y. Clip retaining pocket 
attachment. 2.644.991. July 14. 

Alburger. James R.. Los Angeles, Calif. Radio broadcast 
system. 2.652.536. Sept. 15. 

.Mburn. Harvey E.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to American Home Products Corporation. 
New York. N. Y. Alglnlc add sulfate prwluctlon. 

2.638.469, May 12. 

Alburn. Harvey E.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to American Home Pro<liict8 Corporation. 
New York, N. Y. Production of alglnlc acid sulfate. 

2.638.470. Mav 12. 
Albus. Charles P. : See — 

Sundberg. Robert L.. Albns, and Cross. 
.\lco Valve Company, assignee : Sec — ^ 
Honehton. Lyie S. 
Kounovsky. Edward F. 
Mcllvalne. Douglas K.. and Myers. 
Rose, Howard E.. MacDougall, and Schoen. 
Vargo. Frank J. 
.\lcock. Edmund H. : See — 

Thomas. Edward B. and .\lcock. 
Alcorn. Irwin W.. Houston, Tex., assignor to The Pure Oil 
Company. Chicago. 111. Dead weight tank for testing 
the bearing value of a column. 2.639,611, May 26 
Alcorn, Irwin W., and D. F. Dial. Jr.. Houston, Tex, 
assignors to The Pure Oil Companv. Chicago. 111. Float- 
ing telescopic piling template. 2,651,181, .Sept 8 
Alcorn, Irwin W., Houston. Tex. assignor to The Pure 
OIL Company, Chicago, 111. Floating storage tank. 
2,655,888. Oct. 20. 
Alcorn, James D. : See — 

Woodruff, Leo B.. Alcorn, and ITammerstrom. 
Alcorn. Robert L.. Jr., assignor to Chambersburg F^nglneer- 
Ing Company, Chambersburg. Pa. Impact forging. 
2.636.350. Apr. 28. «- s » 

Aldeborgh. Erik H.. assignor to Standard Gage Companv, 
Inc.. Ponghkeepsle, N. Y. Locking means for snap 
gauge measuring pins. 2,640,270, June 2. 

Alden, Carroll R.. assignor to Ex-Cell-O Corporation. De- 
troit, Mich. Heat exchange device and temperature con- 
trol therefor. 2.631.218. Mar. 10. 

Alden. Carroll R.. Detroit, Mich., assignor to American 
Bosch Corporation, Springfield, Mass. Fuel Injection 
system. 2,653.584. Sept. 29. 

Alden. Herbert W. amlgnor to The Tlmken-Detrolt Axle 
Company. Detroit, Mich. Lubricant seal. 2,631.071, 
Mar. 10. 



Alden, Herbert W.. assignor to The Tlmken-Detrolt Axle 
Company Detroit. >Ilch. Differential mounting and 
carrier. 2,651.216, Sept. 8. , *„^ 

Alden, Milton. Wellesley, Mass. Recorder drum for fac- 
simile apparatus. 2,636.801, Apr. 28. 

Alden, Milton. Wellesley. Mass. Resilient solder terminaL 
2.640.185. May 26. ^ „ ««« ^ot 

Alden. Milton. Wellealey, Mass. Recorder. 2,655,427. 
Oct. 13. 
^<Alden Products Co., assignee : Bee — 
Nyman. Alexander. 

Alder Orin J., and F. Jacobs, Boise, Idaho. Baseball 
batting tee. 2.652,250. Sept. 15. .; 

Alderfer, Sterling W. : See— ^ ^ „ ^ '■ 

Thompson. Robert D.. Alderfer, and Bosshard. 

Alderfer, Sterling W.. assignor of three-tenths to B. D. 
Andrews. Akron, Ohio. Process and apparatus for thfe 
manufacture of sponge rubber products. 2,628,654. 

Alderfer, Sterilng W., assignor of three-tenths to ED. 
Andrews, Akron. Ohio. Fabric coated sponge rubber 
and making same. 2,648.619, Aug. 11. 
Alderfer, Sterling W.. assignor of three-tenths to K. D. 
Andrews, Akron, Ohio. Sponge rubber product. 
2,649,391, Aug. 18. ^ , ^ ^ ™ t^ 

Alderfer, Sterling W.. assignor of three-tenths to E. u. 
Andrews Akron. Ohio. Apparatus for the manufacture 
of foamed products. 2,658,736. Nov. 10. 
Alderman, Dale. Birmingham. Mich. Grinding wheel dress- 
ing device. 2.637,312, May 5. 
Alderman. I>eon D. : See — 

Maeser. Mieth, and Alderman. ^ „ -nr 

Alderman, Mattlson W.. W. F. Massmann, Jr.. and E. W. 
Michael. Battle Creek, Mich,, assignors to General Foods 
Corporation, New York, N. Y. Rice process. 2.643.951, 
June 30. _ „ „. . j, ,, ^ 

Alderson. Dwlght A., East Alton, R. V. Wakefleld. Roxana, 
and E. P. Relchardt, Wood River, assignors to Olin In- 
dustries Inc., East Alton. 111. Reclaiming single base 
smokeless powder. 2,642,350, June 16. 
Alderson, Ross C. : See — 

Schuck. Oscar H., and Alderson. 
Alderson Ross C. assignor to Minneapolis-Honeywell Reg- 
ulator Company, Minneapolis. Minn. Automatic steer- 
ing mechanism. 2.626.114. Jan. 20. , 
Alderson. Samuel W.. New York. N. Y. Switch for oper- 
ating artificial limbs. 2,640.994. June t . , 
Alderson, Samuel W., New York. N. Y Pipe coupling 
device for pneumatic systems. 2,648,1! 9. Aug. 11. 
, Aldirson. Sanniel W.. Westport. Conn. Locking means 
for pivotal iolnts. 2.661,479. Dec. S. 
Alderson. Thomas, New Castle, assignor to E. I. du Pont 
^ de Nemours and Company. Wilmington, Del. Orlentable 
condensation polvmers of hydroxyplvallc acid and pre- 
paring them. 2,858.055, Nov. 8. 
Aldino Charles J., Franklin Square, and J. J. Ryan. New 
York, N. Y. Apparatus for finishing gears. 2,658,259, 
Nov. 10. 
Aldous Successors Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Carey, Herbert C. 
Aldrlch. Donovan D. : See — 

Klebler I.* Roy A.. Aldrlch, and Weller. 
'Aldrlch, George R.. Paramount, and K. R, Brrffeg. Man- 
hattan Beach, assignors to Northrop Aircraft, Inc.. 
Hawthorne. Calif. Demountable duct seal. 2,653,042, 
Sept. 22. 
Aldrlch Machine Works, assignee : See — 

Henrv. Nelson B. ^ _ 

Aldridge. Clarence P.. assignor to Taylor Instrument Com- 
panies, Rochester, N. Y. Box for shipping, displaying, 
and storing fragile articles such as thermometers or 
the like. 2.645.334. Jifly 14. 
Aldridge, Flovd, Belmont. N. C. Combined saddle and 
oiler for upper draft rollers of spinning frames. 
2.627.090. Feb. 3. ^ 

Aldridge ,^ Luther W., assignor to Wright Machinery Com- 
panv Durham. N. C. Automatic weighing machine and 
feed control means therefor. 2.626,042. Jan. 20. 
Aldrln, Henry W., anri S. G. Gerdln, assignors to Aktle- 
bolaget Bofors, Bofors, Sweden. Loading mechanism 
for guns. 2.655,079, Oct. 13. 
Aleck Benjamin J.. Brooklyn. N. Y.. assignor to The M. W 
Kellogg Company. Jersey City, N. J. Torquemeter based 
on warping stress measurement. 2,645.119. July 14. 
Alert Development Corporation, assignee : See — 

Van Tassel. James. 
Alertronlc Corporation, assignee : See — 

Bagno, Samuel M. 
Alertronlc Protective Corporation of America, The, as- 
signee : See — 

Bagno, Samuel M. 
Aleshin, William N.. South Windsor. Conn. Fixed resilient 

clip to hold articles. 2.644.216, July 7. 
Aleshin. William N., South Windsor, Conn. Plant tying 

machine. 2,636.538. Oct. 27. 
Alessl, Patrick A.. West Roxbury, Mass. Safety pin. 

2,627,096. Feb. 3. 
Alesslo John S., San Dleco, Calif. PorUble attachment 

for dog race tracks. 2,650,820, Sept. 1. 
A^'er. Louie. Oakland, Calif. Clip for precluding rota- 
tion of segments of ollreUinlng ring in Journals. 
2.660,486, Nov, 24. 

Alex, Ralph P., Stratford, assignor to United Aircraft Cor- 
poration, East Hartford, Conn. Helicopter rotor cyclic 
pitch control. 2.629.452. Feb. 24. » k, * i 

Alexander, Arthur F., Cleveland, Ohio. Retractable tool 
handle. 2,642,907. June 23. , „ ... . ^ ; 

Alexander, Arthur H. and J. H., Victoria, British Colum- 
bia Canada, assignors to Kennametal Inc., Latrobe. 1 a. 
Percussion drill bit body. 2,628.821. Feb. 17. 

Alexander. Carl Z.. Chatham. N. J. Stand boiler with 
vertical flue circulating coil, and Indirectly heated do- 
mestic supply. 2.042,0-16, June 16. 

Alexander, Carl Z., Chatham, N. J. Heating device. ^ 
2,663,787, Dec. 22. ^, ^ „ ^, , ^ t ^ ' 

Alexander, Charles E.. Raleigh, N. C. Vehicle hoist. 
2,636,619. Apr. 28. 

Alexander, Delbert S.. Evanston, III. Automatic scoring 
apparatus /or bowling games. 2,652.252, Sept. 15. 

Alexander, Donald C, Worcester, a8.signor to Surprenant 
Mfg. Co.. Boston, Mass. Open wire transmission line. 
2,648,720, Aug. 11. , ^, , ., . . 

Alexander, Donald F.. Oakwood. assignor to General Motors 
Corporation. Dayton Ohio. Appaartus for measuring 
voltage drop. 2.632.794 Mar. 24. ./-,_„, 

Alexander. Donald P.. Oakwood. assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Dayton-^ Ohio. Apparatus for 
measuring voltage drop. 2.63018, Apr. 7. „^,„,„ 

Alexander. Donald F.. Oakwood, assignor tOtGeneral Motors 
Corporation, Dayton. Ohio. Modulating refrigerating 
apparatus. 2.637,175, May 5, i 

Alexander, Edgar C. : See — 

Nels. Harry B., and Wood. t^ ,,■„„ 

Alexander. Emmett L.. assignor to The George B. Falling 
Supply Company. Enid. Okla. Pressure equalizer. 

2,638.932, May 19. .„,. c , a .f^i, 

Alexander, Harry B., assignor to The Superior Switch- 
board & Devices Company. Canton. Ohio. Rotary stand 
for parts containers. 2,662,644. Dec. 15. 
Alexander. Helen, executrix: See — 

.Mexander, William H. 
Alexander, John 11. : Sec — 

Alexander. Arthur H. and J. H. ^ , „. ' , 
Alexander, Kliem, and L. E. Schnlepp, Peoria. 111., assign- 
ors to the United States of America as represented by 
the Secretary of Agriculture. Hydrogenation deriva- 
tives of difurfuralacetone. 2 657 '220 Oct. 27. 
Alexander. Lowell M.. and E. H. Bladh, assignors to 
Nutone, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio. Double-acting solenoid 
for chime signals. 2,659,074, Nov^ 10 *,^ .„,„., 

Alexander, Mary M., Los Angeles. Calif. Automatic salad 

chopper and mixer. 2,651.343. Sept. 8. 
AU'xan<ler. Ocie P.. assignee : Sir 

<Jraliam. Thomas T. 
Alexander. Peter P.. Beverly. Mass. Recovering calcium 
from a mixture of calcium hydride and magnesium oxide. 
2.656,268, Oct. 20. „ „ ". 

Alexan(ier, Philip. Now York. N. Y., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to C C. Trelease. Newark. N. J., as trustee. 
Dispensing device. 2 631,757. Mar. 17. 
Alexander, Robert A. : See — 

Stern, Max. and Alexander. ^ ^ ^, i., r> ^ 
Alexander, Ronald R., assignor to Carthage Machine Com- 
pany. Carthage, N. Y. Feeding mechanism for chlpperj. 
2,652.077, Sept. 16. , 

Alexander, Russel C. : Bee — 

Ouinpertz. Donald G.. and Alexander. .^ 
Alexander Shipyard, Inc.. assignee: See — 

Durant, Leslie B.. and Padel. . „ . ^ „ , 
Alexander, Thomas F. N., Bristol. England. Growing 

grass and other vegetation. 2,632.979. Mar. 31. 
Alexander. Tom S.. Soquel, Calif. Supplementary brake 
fluid reservoir. 2,625.267, Jan. 13. . o. ^ ^ 

Alexander. Warren A., Tulsa, Okla., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Detector for seismic ex- 
ploration. 2,649,579. Aug. 18. . « », „ ^ 
Alexander. William G.. Baltimore, and C. M. Harden, 
assignors to Bendix Aviatii-n Corporation, Towson. Md. 
Multichannel radio communication system. 2,652,453, 

AleMu'der,' William H., deceased, Brooklyn, N. Y. : H. 
Alexander, executrix of W. H. Alexander, Sr, TooL 
2.<)53.37r). Sent. 29. 

Alexander, William M. : See — 

!,ee. .Tohn W , Martin, and Alexander. 

Alexanderson, Ernst F. W.. and 8. P. Nlxdorff, Schenec- 
tadv, N. Y., ..assignors to (;eneral Eh^tric Comnanj 
Electric motor and sUbliizing means therefor. 2,640,171 
May ''6 

AlexandVson. Ernst F. W.. Schenectady, N. Y., and R. W. 
Kuennlng, Berk(>lev, Calif., assignors to General Electric 
Company. Stabilizer for alternating current power 
transmission systems. 2,644,898, July 7. „ ^ i 

Alexanderson, Ernst F. W., and S. P. Nlxdorff, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y., assignors to General Electric Company. 
Electronic motor and commutating means therefor. 
2,644.916, July 7^ .. „ , 

Alexanderson. Ernst F. W., Schenectady. N. \ .. assignor 
to General Electric Company. Phase balancing system. 
2,652,529, Sept. 15. 

Alexewicx. Werner O. : See— 

McGraw. Richard F.. Plotln. and Alexewlci. 

Alflerl Giuseppe. Milan. Italy. Fluid pressure motor 
2.661,726. Dec. 8. 

Alford. Andrew, Cambridge, Mass. Slotted cylindrical 
antenna. 2,625,654, Jan. 13. 



Device for fMding 
L*.630.567. Mar. 10. 
Deep well fishing 

to United Aircraft 
Lulfr%;atlng niecba- 

and S. O. Hanell, 
opening cigarette 

Alford. Andrew, Cambridge. Ma«i.. awlgnor to the United 
Utatea of America as repre«ont»'d by the Secretary of 
War. Broad band bidirectional antenna. 2,646,505. 
JnlT 21. 

AJford. Andrew. CambrltlKf. Maaa.. aaalgnor to the United 
States of America a« represented by the Secretary of 
War. Transformer for connecting a wave guide to a 
coaxial line. -'.650.054, Nor., 10. 

Alford Cartons, assignee : Hee — 
Vines. Oscar L. 

Alford. Le Koy H., Coqollle. Oreg. 
nails In position for manual driving. 

Alford, Norman W.. Houston, Tex. 
tool. 2.638.373. May 12. 

Alford. \\ iJHon .M.. \\ iiidjior, a^sijnior 
Corporation. Kast Hartford. Conn, 
nism •_'.»;♦;» 3J.1. !Vc. L'O 

Alfredsson. Karl O. E., Stockholm. 
Bromma, Sweden. Apparatus for 
packets. 2.645.007, July 14. 

Alfrled Krupp von liohlen und Halbach, assignee: Bet — 
Linke. (ierhard. 

Algatt. George K., Herwlck, Pt. assignor to American Car 
and Foundry Company. New York. N. Y. Twisting ma- 
chine for sill Btepn. 2.636.538 Apr. 28. 

A.lger. John. Lakewood. Colo. Headwall for road culverts. 
2,«3«.352. Ai.r. 28. 

Algln Corporation of America, assignee : See — 
Le Oloahec, Victor C. K. 

Alheit. Itparj A.. Stoaghton, Mass. Display case 
2,630.797. Apr. 28. 

Alh«rltl*re. Louis. Bean-Solell. Melle. assignor to Les 
Uslnes (le M*lle (Soclete Anonyme). Salnt-I^fer-lea- 

> Melle. France. Manufacturing butyraldehyde. 2.6o8.021, 
Nov. 10. 

AlhlBO, John B.. San Leandro. Calif. Artlcle-traying unit. 
2.628.7.">4. Feb. 17. 

Alimanestlano. Mlhal, Beaumont, assignor of flftv per cent 
to C. Kroll, Houston, Tex. Apparatus for parking auto- 
mobiles. 2.647.647, Aug 4 

Allottl, Enrico, Rhodes. Dodecanese. Greece, assignor to 
Allottt and uler. Kansas City, So. Method and appa- 
ratus for treating raUlna. 2,648,605. Aug. 11. 

Allottl and (Jier, assignee : See — 
Alli.tti. Enrico. 

Alison. Alexander S.. Norbury. London, and R. Atherton, 

• Chelsea. London England, assignors to General Foods 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. Kefrlgerating apparatus. 
2.657.550. Nov. 3. 

Alkaline Hatteries Liidlted. assignee: See — 
Atkins. John S. 

Alkydol Laboruti>ri>M, Inc. as.oicne* : See — 
Codv. William P.. and Clark. 

Allals, Jiilien M A.. Boiilogne-snr-Selne. France. Disk 
slide rule with de< linal point Indicator. 2.658.671, 
Nov. 10. 

All American Engineering Company, assignee : See — 
Cotton. Robert I'.. 

Poollttle. Donald B . and Waldcn. , 

Janney, Raymond B.. II. 

Allan, Benjamin W., and P. O. Rnmmery. Baltimore. Md., 
assignors to The Clldden Company. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Preparing pure cadmium red pigment. 2.643,196, June 

Allan. Edwin, Spenrerport. assignor to Allan Iron k Weld- 
ing Works. Inc., Rochester, N. Y. Machine for cooking 
foodstuffs. 2,633.073. Mar. 31. 

Allan. Frederick W., Batavla, N. T. Power loader. 
2.645.369. July 14. 

Allan Iron A Welding Works, Inc., assignee : See — 
Allan. Kdwin. 

Allan. James A.. Springfield. Vt.. and P. C. Savage. Co- 
lumbia. Conn., assignors to Jones A I^anison Machine 
Company. SprlngfleM. Vt. Operator-controlleil grind- 
ing machine with optical comparator. 2.652,664. Sept. 

Allan. Moras L. : See — 

Taylor. .A^k-thur W. C. Jones, and Allan. 

Allan. Stuart R.. Somervllle, N. J., assignor to Research 
Corporation. New York, N. Y. Electrical precipitator. 
2.648.394. Aug. 11. 

Allan, William O . Ardrossan. and T. J. Tr>bln. Saltcost' 
otland, assignors to Imperial Cheml'sl Industrl 
' Ited. Manufacture of an alkyl nitrate. 2.647.014, 
Aug. 4. . 

Allander, Claes O.. Lidlngo. assignor to A. B. Svenska 
Flaktfabrlken, Stockholm. Sweden. Apparatus for com- 
parative Indication of the moisture contents In two 
Ksseous mediums. 2.637.199. Mav 5. 

Allavena. Rlccanlo. Milan. Italy. Dismountnble packaging 
box 2,661,110 Dec 1. j 

Allbrlcht. James H.. Seattle, Wasl. Shaft puller. 
2.624.612. Jan «. 

AllbrlghtNell romnany. The. as.slgnee: See — ' 
Allhrlght. NorriaTfcNirHm'l UNley 
Allbright. NorAan J. rVsley. snd Harrington. 

Allhrlght, Norman Xv_and RJ W. Illsley. assignors to The 
Allbrlght-Nell CompaTTy^vlTiicaKo. III. Automatic appa- 
ratus for injecting ('uringNi(|ul(l Into hog bellies and the 
like. 2,641,000. June 16. 

Allhrlght. Norman J. R. W. Illsley. and B. S. Harrington, 
assignors to Tlie Allbright-.Nell Company. Chi»Tigo. IlL 
Automatic apparatus for Injecting luriug liquid into bog 
bellies and the like. 2.645472. July 14. 

Alldredge. Marshall H. 

Graham. Matthew 

Alldredge, Marshall 

: See— 

P.. and Alldredge. 

H., Detroit, Mich. 

assignor to 


Thompson Products, Inc., Clevela.nd. Ohio. Idler arm. 
2,660,007 Dec. 1. 
Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation, assignee : See — 
Herres. Schuyler A. 
Herres. Schoyler A., and Redden. 
Mohling, (iunther, and Dyrkacz. 
PItler. Richard K. 

Shingledecker. (Juy M.. and Catulle. , 

Southern. Raymond L. ' 

Allegro. Giuseppe. Genoa. Italy. Welded ship construction. 

2.644.418, JulT 7. 
Alleman. Carl E. : See — 

Dutcher, Harris A., snd Alleman. 
Alleman, Carl B , Bartleavllle. Okla., assignor to Phil- 
lips Petroleum Company. Destructive distillation. 
— ?.64.7,077, July 28. 

All^nriing, Ellsworth P.. near Medina, assignor to K. P. 
Alleiiiang. Me<llna County, Ohio, as trustee. Splash 
guard for oil well tuhinc 2.6,34.812. Apr. 14. 
Allen^lbert S. Springfield. Mo . assignor to United States 
Hoffman Machinery Corporation. Syracuse. N. Y. Vapor- 
i7,er unit and tray. 2,645,607. July 14. 
Allen. Albert. Sharon, assignor to TThe Foxboro Company, 
Foxboro. Mass. Range shifting instrument. 2.653,308. 
Sept. 22. 
Allen Alden : See — 

Guise. Arthur B , and Allen. 
Allen, Alden, Menominee. Mich., assignor to Ansul Chem- 
ical Company, .Marinette. Wis. Apparatus for clearing 
conduits In dry chemical fire-extinguishing systems. 
2.642.944. June 2.3. 

Allen. Alden. Menominee. Mich., assignor to Ansol Chem- 
ical Company. Marinette. Wis. Apparatus for fluidising 
and pre8.suriclng fire-extingulshing dry chemicals. 
2.651, .374, Sept. 8. 

Allen. Alfred w.. Greensboro. N. C. Plumbing manifold. 
2,645.783, July 21. 

Allen. Archie T., Hickman. Calif. Slidable side Jaw 
wrench. 2,646,710. July 28. 

Allen. Arthur C. assignor to Stewart- Warner Corpora- 
tion, Chicago, 111. Windshield cleaner. 2.654,007, Oct. 

Allen, Arthur C, assignor to Stewart- Warner Corporation, 
Chicago. III. Apparatus for indicating unbalance in 
rotary bodies., Oct. 27. 

Allen. Artljur C. Chicago, and Z. J. Lansky, Cicero, as- 
signors to Stewart Warner Corporation. Chicago. 111. 
Water trap for air lines. 2.620.458, Feb. 24. 
Allen. Arthur F. : See — 

Wittenberg. Edward IT., and Allen. 
Allen. Arthur N.. Jr : See — 

Diefenderfer. William E.. and Allen. 

Allen. Arthur N., Jr.. Wethersflyld. assignor to United 

Aircraft Corporation. East Hartford. Conn. Spring 

londe<l preloading mechanism for blade retention with 

Increased stiffness. 2.628.687, Feb. 17. 

Allen. Benjamin H . Lamesa. Tex. Elevating means for 

row markers. 2.657.623. Nov. 3. 
Allen, Bovd J , and F. A. Rauh. assignor to Amerlcan-L« 
France-Foamite Corporation. Elmira, N. Y. Fire ex- 
tinguisher. Apr. 21. 
Allen Bradley Company, assignee: See — 
Dawe. Albert J. 
De Smidt. Woodrow A. 
He Smldt. Woodrow A., and Matthias. 
Hudson. Wlllism J. 
Matthias, Lynn H . and Petersen. 
Allen, Cecil H.. Colon. Panama. Universal time clock 

and hour angle indicator. 2.657,825. Nov. 3. 
Allen, Charles F.. Stamford. Conn.. W. M. Fitxslmmons, 
Sacramento. Calif., and R. B. Booth. Stamford. Conn., 
nsulenors to American Cyanamid <'ompany. New York. 
N. Y. Depression of sulfide minerals with xinc cyanide 
ammonlate. 2.660,306, Nov. 24. 

Allen. Charles F.. Stamford. Conn.. W. M. Fltrsimmons, 
Sacramento. Calif., and R B. Booth, Stamford. Conn., 
asslimors to .American Cyanamid Company. New York, 
N. Y. Depression of sulflde sine minerals from con- 
centrates and ores. 2.660.307. Nor. 24. 

Allen, rharles F. H. : fire— 

Salmlnen. Ilmari F.. and .\llen. 

Allen. Charles F. 11.. and D. M. Burness. assignors to East- 
man Kodak' Company, Rochester. N. Y. 2.6-dl-tertiary 
alkyl quinones and preparing same. 2,657,222, Oct. 27.' 

Allen, Charles F. H., and T. T. M. Laakso, assignors to 
Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Polymeric 
pyrazolone couplers. 2.646,421. July 21. 

Allen. Charlea H.. Upper St. Clair Township. Allegheny 
County asslenor to Afomlted Materials Pompany, Pltts- 
bargh. Pa. Imnregnating cloth for repairing metal car- 
faces. 2.626,873. Jan. 27. 

.\llen. Chester S.. Warren, Pa. Applying sealing spouts 
for lighter fluid cans. 2.660,355. Nov. 24. 


Building block 

Allen. David A., Mount Vernon, 
lift. 2.652.278. Sept. 15. 

Allen. Earl H.. Westfleld. a'«sl^'nor to C.eneral Instrument 
Corporation. Elizabeth, N. J. Pushbutton structure. 
2.6.'iuj;36, Not. 17. 



Allen, Edward A., Westfleld. and F. P. Healy, assignors 
to Van Norman Company. Springfield. Mass. Pre- 
setting device for boring tools. 2,657,470, Nov. 3. 

Alien Edwin L., Cleveland Heights assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to R. I. Schonitzer, Cleveland, Ohio. Con- 
trol mechanism for door latches. 2,644.712, July 7. 

Allen. Edwin L., Cleveland Heights, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to R. I. Schonitzer, Cleveland, Ohio. Door 
control mechanism. 2.650,846, Sept. 1. 

Allen Edwin L., Cleveland Heights, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to R. I. Schonitzer. Cleveland, Ohio. Door 
control mechanism. 2.658.781, Nov. 10. 

Allen. Edwin L., Cleveland Heights, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to R. I. Schonitzer, Cleveland, Ohio. Lock 
means for door control mechanism. 2,658.782, Nov. 10. 

Allen, Edwin L., Cleveland Heights assignor by mesne 
assignments, to R. I. Schonitzer^ Cleveland, Ohio. Door 
control mechanism. 2^658, 7N3. Nov. 10. 

Alien, Edwin L., Iowa City, Iowa, and J. H. Allen, New 
Orleans. La. Artificial eye and implant. 2.653.327. 
Sept. 29. 

Allen, Edwin L., and A. R. de Vlto. Cleveland Heights, 
t»hlo, and H. B.^rMuster, Bluffton, Ind., assignors to 
R. I. Schonitzer. Cleveland, Ohio. Lock means for door 
control mechanism. 2,658,375, Nov. 10. 

Allen. Eldon C, llarrisburg. III. Coal drill. 2.034,050, 
Apr. 14. 

Allen. Ernest C. Wauwatosa, assignor to Allls-Chalmers 
Manufacturing Company. Milwaukee, Wis. Synchroniz- 
ing clutch. 2.633.054. Apr. 7. 

Allen. Ernest C. Wauwatosa. and B. Scheuermeier. 
assignors to Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company. 
Milwaukee. Wis. Synchronizing clutch. 2,633,955, 

Allen. Francis E., assignor to Architectural Porcelain 
Constructors, Oakland, Calif. Architectural panel. 
2.640.172. Aug. 18. 

Allen. Francis J. : Sre — 

Wilde. Geoffrey L., and Allen. 

Allen, Frank B. : See— 

Caliusac. Clarence N., and Alien! 

Allen. Frank B.. Towaco. assignor to*C-0-Two Fire Equip- 
ment Company. Newark, N. J. Smoke detector testing 
means. 2.627.064. Jan. 27. 

Allen. Frank B.. Towaco. assignor to C-O-Two Fire Equlp- 
niont Company. Newark. N. J. Supervised alarm sys- 
tem. 2.64ft,5.''.6. July 21. 

Allen. Frank R., Roxbury, Masa. Portable brick wall. 
2.658.370, Not. 10. 

Allen, (Jene: tiee^- 

Oherholtz. Lester E.. and Allen. 

Allen, George H. : See — 

Lynes, John, Allen, and Gardner. 

Allen. George M., Swarthmore, Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation. Wilmlngtdn. Del. Thread storage- 
thread advancing device. 2,628,406, Feb. 17. 

Allen, George M.. Swarthmore, and J. W. Pedlow. Ches- 
ter, Pa., assignors to American Viscose Corporation, 
Wllmlnglon. 1H»1. Method and apparatus for liquid 
treating yarn traveling In a helical path. 2,655,420, 
Oct. 18. 

Allen. George W.. assignor to Bendlx Aviation Corpora- 
tion, South Bend. Ind. Valve mechanism. 2,654,392, 
Oct. 6. 

Allen, George W.. Indianapolis'. Ind.. and V. N. Tramon- 
tlnl. Los Angeles. Calif., assignors to Stewart-Warner 
Corporation. Chicago, III. Burner and igniter struc- 
ture. 2.652,888. Sept. 22. 

Allen. Gllt>ert S.. Los Angeles, Calif. Roller wedge lock 
nnt. 2.660,212, Nov. 24. 

Allen 4 Hanburvs Limited, assignee : See — 
Eastland. <'yrll J., Taylor, and Collier. 

Allen. Harold D.. Glen Rock. N. J., and C. J. Arrowsmlth. 
Brooklyn. N. T.. assignors to Colgate-Palmollve-Peet 
Company. Jersey Cltv. N. J. Sprav cooling normally 
solid fatty acid hydroxy esters. 2,633,604. Apr. 7. 

Allen. Harry J.. Palo Alto, Calif. Asymmetric adjust- 
able supersonic nozzle. 2,657,575, Nov. 3. 

Allen. Harrv J.. Palo Alto, and R. N. Ol.son. Santa Clara, 
t'allf. Flexible supersonic nozzle. 2.663.322, Dec. 22. 

Allen, Harry W., Dayton, Ohio. Waterproof and pres- 
surcproof connector. 2,655,638. Oct. 13. 

Allen. Herbert, assignor to Cameron Iron Works, Inc., 
Houston. Tex. Flow controller. 2,620,403, Feb. 24. 

Allen. Herbert, assignor to Ca^neron Iron Works, Honston, 
Tex. Differential tenslometer. 2,630,612, May 26. 

Allen. Herbert, assignor to Cameron Iron Works. Inc., 
Houston. Tex. Forging process and apparatus. 
2.663.205. Dec. 22. 

Allen. Horace C, Princeton, and R. C. Ballard, Trenton, 
N. J., assignors to Radio Corporation of America. Zero 
check or calibrating system for pulse altimeters. 
2.655.651, Oct. 13. 

Allen. Howard G.. Niagara Falls. N. T., assignor to Savan- 
nah Sugar Refining Corporation, Savannah, Ga. Bag 
wrapping machine. 2.624.090, Jan. 13. 

Allen. Howard G.. Niagara Paris. N. T., assignor to Savan- 
nah Sugar Refining Corporation. Savannah, Ga. Bag 
closing machine. 2.024.09'^. Jan, 13. 

Allen. Howard G.. Niagara Falls, and O. M. Hudson. Ken- 
more. N. Y.. assignors to American Machine A Foundry 
Company. Pretsel machine. 2,620,340, Feb. 24. 

Allen, Howard Q.\ Niagara Falls, and H. A. Smith. 

Gowanda, N. Y. : said Allen assignor to aaid Smith. 

Apparatus for weighing and packaging materials. 

2,634.085. Apr. 7. 
Allen, Howard C.. Niagara Falls. 

and II. D. Smith, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Machine A Foundry Company. 

2,654,520, Oct. G. 
Allen, James E.. and W. H. 

G. E. Garapp. Kenmofe, 

..assignors to American 

Band-applying machine. 

Cantrell. Thayer, Mo. 

Spreader panel bullet. 2,661,694, Dec. 8. 
Allen, James H. : See — 

Allen. Edwin L. and J. H. 
Allen. John H.. Baltimore, assignor to The Glenn L. Martin 

Company, Middle River, Md. Up and down lock mecha- 
nism for retractable landing gear for aircraft. 2,661^171, 

Dec. 1. 
Allen, John H., Verona, N. J. Pipe cleaner coupling. 

2.632.450. Mar. 24. •; 

Allen. John R. : See — ; 

Massey, Bernard S., Quinn, Allen, and Warner. 
Allen. John W. : Sec — 

Wiggins. John H.. and Allen. 
Allen, John W.. assignor to J. H. Wiggins, Chicago. 111. 

Gas storage apparatus. 2.631.003. Mar. 10. ; 

.\llen. John W., Detroit. Mich. Pouring attachment fof 

paint cans and the like. 2,650,510, Nov. 17.^ 
Allen. Kenneth C. : See — "V 

Meeker, David A., and Allen. V 

Allen. Lena O., Marion, Ind. Foundation garment, 

2,652,506. Sept. 22. :r 

Allen. Leslie J.: See — •' 

Davison, Alan, and Allen. 
Allen. Louis N.. Jr., Short Hills, N. J., and T. P. Forbath, 

assignors to Chemical Construction Corporation, New 

York, N. Y. Sulfuric acid production by absorption. 

2,655.431, Oct 13. 
Allen. Louis N., Jr^ Short Hills, N. J., P. J. 

Glen Cove, and E. S. Roberts, assignors^ 

Construction Corporation, New York, N. 




of pure copper metal from coppe^earlng scrap 
2,647,830, Aug. 4. 

Allen, Louis N., Jr., «hort Hills, N. j/^P. J. McGauley, 
Glen Cove, and E. S. Roberts, asflgnors to Chemical 
Construction Corporation. New York, N. Y. Preparation 
of pure copper metal from non-ferrous metal-hearing 
scrap. 2.647,831, Aug. 4. 

Allen. Louis N.. Jr.. Short Hills. N. J.. P. J. McGauley. 
Glen Cove, and E. S. Roberts, assignors to Chemical 
Construction Corporation. New York, N. Y. Preparation 
of pure copper metal from copper-bearing scrap. 
2.647,832. Aug. 4. 

Allen, Mary S. : See — 

Fitts, Edna, and Allen. 

Allen. Matthew E.. Sr., Asheville, N. C. Pattern lathe. 
2,664.122. Dec. 29. 

Allen. Miller, assignee : See — ■ 
Fuerst. Harrv W." 

Allen, Nora J., Highland Creek, Ontario, Canada, assignor, 
by mesne assignments, to Coats & Clark Inc. Article of 
hosiery and making the same. 2,655,020, Oct. 13. 

Allen, Ormand E.. Geneva-oh-the-Lake. Ohio. Collapsible 
adjustable supporting Jiaae for pinball machines. 
2,639,114. May 19. 

Allen, Perry E., Detroit. Mich. Combined protective de- 
vice and gas door lock for automobiles. 2,633,360, 
Mar. 31. 

Allen," Perry B., Durango, Colo. Thread tensioning at- 
tachment for fly tying vises. 2.657,877, Not. 3. 

Allen. Philip 11. : ^Vc — 

Chromv. Benjamin J., and Alien. 

Allen. Philip H., Orlnda. Calif., and B. J. Chromy Wash- 
ington. D. C. Optical summation and decimal struc- 
tures. 2,643.822. June 30. 

Allen. Philip H., Orlnda. Calif., and B. J. Chromy, Wash- 
ington. D. C. Optical operation control device. 2,651,463, 
Sept. 8. 

Allen. R. C. Business Machines. Inc., assignee : See — 
Kavanaugh. Floyd J. 

Allen. Richard C. Carthage. Mo., and J. Mlllman, Brook- 
line, Mass., assignors to the United States of America 
as represented bv the Secretary of War. Gain me<i8- 
urlng device. 2,653,310, Sept. 22. 

Allen, Richard C,, Carthage. Mo., and J. Mlllman. Brook- 
line. Mass.. assignor to the United States of America 
as represented by the Secretary of War. Multiple chan- 
nel radio system. 2,650,081. Nov. 10. 

Allen, Robert K., Wesleyville. Pa., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Electrical conductor lead for com- 
mutators. 2,653,258, Sept 22. 

Allen. Robert R.. assignor to Custom Scientific Instrn- 
ments. Inc., Arlington. N. Jy Method and apparatus 
for cutting materials. 2.63(^173. Mar. 3. 

Allen. Rufus V., Chlno, Calif. Fishing device. 2,644,263. 

July 7. 
Allen. S. L.. A Co.. Inc., assignee : See— 

Bonner. Edwin K., Jr., and VozzL 
Allen Scott E. : See — 

Wilson, Forrest E., and Allen. 

Allen. Scott E.. Verona, assignor to C-O-Two Fire Eqnlp- 
ment Company, Newark, N. J. Stored pressure fluid 
medium container closure. 2,634,814, Apr. 14. 



Allen. Scott B., Veruna, N. J., and D. L«>vin. I'biliuUMpbla. 
Pa., aaaUniora to C-O-Two Fire F^aulpiuent Company, 
Newark, N. J. Free flowing tire extlnicuiiibing comiwsl- 
tlona. 2.631.977. Mar. 17. 

Allen. Sidney, and M. A. Stokes, asaignors to Armstrong 
SIddeley Motorm Limited. Coventry, England. Igniter 
for liquid fuel combustion chainberM. l'.(jJ5,011. Jan. 13. 

Allen, Thomas F., Wasblngton, D. C. Dishwasher. 
2.«41,270, June 9. 

Allen. Thoiital^).. Hpllalre. Tex.. assignor by ni»*.><np as- 
HignmeutH, to 7>taii(lar<l Oil rH-velopuu'nt ( ompany. Kliza- 
b»Mh. N. J. Small gun perforator for wells. -'.064.156, 
I>ec. 29. 

Allen. Victor O.. Madison, assignor to Wilbur B. Driver 
Company. Newark. N. J. Electrical resistor element 
and producing the same. 2,r>;{8.42.">. May rj. 

Allen. Wallace T., Dearborn, assignor to .Square P Com- 
pany, Detroit. Mich. Circuit breaker. 2,656,437, 
Oct. 20. I 

Allen William B. : See — 

Byars, Edgar \V., and Allen. 

Allen. William L.. Searcy, Ark. Shock absort>er testing 
and Indicating apparatus. 2.660,879. Dec. 1. 

Allen. William M.. Glendale. assignor to Model Crafter'a." 
Inc.. Hamilton. Ohio. Device for applying powdery ma- 
terial to floor coverings. 2.632.583. .Mar. lit. 

Allen William. Son's Company, assignee : See — 
Lowe. George C. 

Allenbaugh, Ralph, s'-'lgnor of one-half to W. F. Felgen- 
bauiu, >(ansfleld. Olio. Swing stage scaffold. 2.639.951, 
May 26. 

Allenbaugh. Ralph, assignor of one-half to W. F. Feigen- 
buum, Man.stleld, Ohio. Scaffold hoisting mechanism. 

2.662.732. Dec. 15. 

Allenbaugh. Ralph, assignor of one-half to W. P. Felgen- 
baum. .Manstield. Ohio. Scaffold hoisting mechanism. 

2.662.733. Dec. 15. 

Allenbaugh. Kalph. assignor of one-half to W. F. Felgen- 
baum. AKflsfield. Ohio. Swing stage scaffold. 2.662.734. 
Dec. 15. s^ 

Allenby, Owen C. W., McMastervllle. Quebec, assijmor to 
Canadian Industries LImlteil. Montreal, Quebe^ Can- 
ada. Reaction products of polyep«iilde8 with styrene- 
acryllc acld-vlnyl pyridine copolymers. 2.662,870. 
Dec. 15. 

Allenby. Owen C. W., McMastervllle. Quebec. Canada, and 
J. C. MacKenzle. Winchester. Mass.. assignors to Ca- 
nadian Industries Limited. Montreal. Quebec, Canada. 
Textile finishing compositions. 2.653,140. Sept. 22. 

Allenson, QeoiKP T. : i^ee — 

Borrv. IMward J., and AUenson. 

Aller. Basil V.. Dorking. R. H. nail. Sutton. D. C. Quln, 
Epsom, and K. H. W. Turck. Banstead, England, as- 
signors by mesne assignments, to Hercules Powder Com- 
pany. Manufacture of phenoVi. 2,628.983, Feb. 17. 

Aller. Basil V., Hull. R. H. Hall. Carshalton, D. C. Qnln. 
Epsom, and K. H. W'> Turck, Banstead, England, as- 
signors to Hercules Powder Company. Manufacture of 
phenols and ketones. 2,628,984. Feb. 17. 

Aller, Edipund R.. Ogden Dunes. Ind.. assignor to OenernI 
American Transportation Corporation. Chicago 111. 
Smoothing and 8haj>lng cellular polystyrene. 2.629.899. 
Mar. 3. 

Aller. Edmund . R.. Ogden Dunes. Ind.. J. M. Gleason, 
La (Iranpe Park, 111., and L. Matolln, East Chicago. Ind.. 
assignors to General American Trajsportatlon Corpora- 
tion. Chlcaeo, 111. Hopper car forHtorage and trans- 
portation of finely divided materials. ?>6.')0.726. Sept. 1. 

Aller T. Dwlght. San Gabriel, and P. E. > »o < l. Pasad ena, 
Calif., asaignors to United States Steel Corporatten. 
Hydropneumatic pumping unit. 2.645^899. July 21/ 

Aller. Willis P.. assignor to The Sheffield Corporafflon. 
Pneumatic gauging device. 2,624,196, 

Dayton. Ohio. 

Jan. 6. 
Aller. Willis F., 

Dayton, Ohio. 

Aug. 4. 
Aller. Willis F.. 

Dayton. Ohio. 
Aller. Willis F 

assignor to The Sheffield Corporatlto. 
Pneumatic gauging device. 2.647.3r" 

assignor to The Sheffield Corporation; 

Sire gauging device. 2.651,412 Sept. 8. 
. a.ssiguor to The Sheffield Corporation. 
Dayton, Ohio. Slie gautring device for V type cylinder 
blocks. 2.6.'9,1.57, Nov. 17. * ^»- J 

Aller. Willis P., and A. J. Page, assignors to The ShelBelrt 
Corporation. Dayton, Ohio. Gauging device. 2,647 456 
Aug. 4. 

Aller. Willis P.. and A. J. Page, assignors to The Sheffield 
Corporation, Dayton. Ohio. Ganging device. 2 647 627 
Aug. 4. 

Allers. John W.. Chicago. 111. .Safety raxor blade holder 
and support therefor. 2^631.415. Mar. 17. 

Allersma. Barteld P.. Den Andel. Netherlands. Distribut- 
ing device for powdered or granular material. 2 647 756 
Aug. 4. ... 

Alle«. Frauds P.. Westfleld. and W. R. Saner Plalnfleld 
N J. assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours A Company' 
•> e'"*? OgS^'pef ''s ^"P*'"*""° <*' oriented coated films! 

Alley. George J.. Fredericksburg, Va., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation Wilmington. Del. Ga»-aolid ex- 
trusion reactor. 2,0^6.856. Jan. 27. «»-»o"a ex 

Alley, Stephen B.. Burnham Market, Norfolk, assignor 
to Rubber Hy-l'roducts ( Uarwickuhlre) Ltd.. Blrining- 
ham, England. .Vxle mounting of trailers and other 
vehl^•le^4. i;.6.'.3.x_'8. Sept. 29. 
Allgaier. E^rl. Arlington County, Va. Educational device 
for demonstrating the principle of internal-combustion 
engines. 2.629.941. Mar. 3. 
Allgaier. Earl, Arlington County, Va. Timing device. 

2,630.171. Mar. 3. 
Allgaier Werkzengbau O. m. b. H., assignee : See — 

IKItter. Ulrich. 
Allgeyer, Guy 11., Toledo Ohio, assignor by mesne assign- 
ments, to Troplc-Alre. Inci. Chicago. III. Broiler griddle 
mounting means. ■_'.(WVt,490, l»et. _'!>. 
Alliance Manufacturing Company. The. assignee : See — 

Deming, Andrew F. 
Alliance Ware. Inc., assignee : See — 

Bowden. W illlara II. 
Alllano. Joseph U., Santa Ana. Calif. Driving tool for eye- 
screws. 2,642.105, June 16. 
Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, assigneo : Bee— 
Anderton. Benjamin A. 
Bailey, Maurice E. 
CaKee, Jolin 1>.. and Florio. 
Coleman, Gordon A., Greene, Merriaro, Miller, and 

Donegan. Joseph W. 
Dornte, Ralph W. 
. Erchak, Michel, Jr. 
Kessler. WilMan>-A. 
Fooshee. Irb H. 
Freeman, Benjamin A. 
iMlbert, Everett E. 
Gilbert. Everett E.. and Glollto. 
. Gilbert. Everett E.. and Scburman. 
(Jilbert. Everett E., and Woolf. 
Gronicb, Harry B. 
llanna, Delbert L., and Strom. 
Hassel. Martin L. 
Horst, Roy A. 

Joffe. Jack I)., and Beckham. 
Joris. George O. 
Joris, George O., and Griffin. 
Jung. Werner D., and Saecker. 
Kise, Mearl A. 
Martin, Andrew J. 
xMcGraw. William J. 
.Merriam. Henry P., and Lauber. 
Miller, Charles B. 
.Miller. Charles B , and Calfee. 
Nesty, Glenn A., and Qronlch. 
Ogllvle. James. 
Park. Ralph S. 
Porter, Frank, and Eck. 
Russell. Samuel A.. III. | 
Shultz. Andrew, Jr. 

Skeuse, Thomas J.. Jennings, and Haught. 
Smith. B.. and Miller. 
Sogn. Allen W. 
Spatx, Sydney M. 
Steele. William K.. and McMahon. 
Sundstrom. Carl, and Fairbanks. 
Vlngee, Raymond A. i 

w oolf. <^yril. and Gilbert. ' 
Allied Electric Products, Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Nlckless. William H.. and Grunfelder. 
WelBberg. Sidney M. 
Allied Laboratories. Inc., assignee : Bee — 
Craige, Arthur H.. Jr. 
Faith. Herman K. 
Allln. Frederick R., Euclid, and P. D. Wyss, Cleveland 
Heights, assignors to The Weatherhead Company, 
Cleveland. Ohio. Tractor-trailer brake proportioning 
combination. 2.653,680. Sept. 29. 
Alllnqnant, Pernand 8., Paris. Prance. Resilient shock- 
absorbing suspension device. 2.661.207. Dec. 1. 
Allls-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, assignee : Bee— 
Ainnworfh. Chester D, 
Allen. Ernest C. 
Allen. Ernest C. and Schenermeler. 

Itorfer. Hans A. , 

Hahb, Charles L. ' 

Bellinger. Thaddeus F. 
Bimpson, Henry 8. 
Blood. Arthur R. 
Bloodworth. Thomas H. 
Bond. Fred C. 
Bues, Harvey A. | 

August G 

Alletto, Alexander J., Chicago. IlL 
spring device. 2.658,749. Nov, 10. 

Adjustable overload 


Campbell. Richard D. 

Charley. Walter O. 

Chlpman. John P. 

Cook, Eugene B. 

Ehllnger, Arnold H. ] 

Fereason. Rector C. I 

Flstlier, HaynioTid C. 

Forrest. Frank R. 

<Jeiaer, William C^ and Flamm. 

Goodwin Edwin C. 

<Jruner, Frederick R. 

Halter. Allan C. 

Harrer. Paul H. 

Henter. Mathlas. 

Herman, Alvln EL 



Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, assignee : Be 

Hoesch. Elmer D.. and Matters, 
James, Stanley W. 
Jansson. Gustav E. 
Jones. Kenneth E. 
Journeaux, Didier. 
Kenney, Clarence B. 
King William F. 
Knudsen^ Thomas C 
Ix^cher, Lmil A. 
Michael. John H. 
Norellus, Emil F. 
Peek. Henry L. 
Peter. Charles R. 
^ Reichert. Harold E. 

Rheingans, WMlliam J., and Nichols. 
Rockwell. Harvey W. 
Rosenberg. Leon T., and Kuehlthau. 
Roubal. Alexander J. 
Salzer Erwin. 
Scag. Dane T.. and Getzlaff. 
Schane. Harry P.. and Fiddler. 
Schick. Frederick A., and Knaust. 
Schneider. Earl O. 
Scranton. Charles J. " 

Sealey, William C. 
Shaw, Ernest C. 
Shepherd. Dean, and Welch. 
Sikorra. Daniel J. 
Sillers. Thomas G. A. 
Strehlow, Walter F. 
Surenda. Prank J. , s.^ 
Tanke. Willard H. 
Taylor. Philip L. 
Watts, Leon A. 
Weston, Donald B. 

Whlsler, Paul A. - • 

Wilson, William F. 
Woody, Guy V. 

Worrell. Robert L.. Lehker, and Vogelsang. 
Allis. Louis Company, The, assignee : See — 
Alurphy. Bernard J. 
Rettallata. JohnT. 

Wieseman, Theodore R. „ 

Allison. Donald K , Washington, D. C. assignor to General 
Electric Company. Radiant energy navigational device. 
2.625.678. .Ian. 13. 
Allison, Jim E. : See — 

Carman. Charles R.. and Allison. 
Allison, John R., and W. L. IMalock, assignors to I^efflng- 
well Chemical Company, Whlttier, Calif. Lubricating 
. grease. 2,628,195, Feb. 10. 
Allison. John R., and W. L. Blalpck. assignors, by mesne 
assignments, to I,efflngwell CheCplcal Company. Whittler. 
Calif. Soap useful for making lubricating greases. 
2,628.202, Feh 10. ^ .. 

Allison, Kenneth C, Crystal Lake, assignor to Grigsby- 
Alllson Companv, Inc., Arlington Heights, 111. Electric 
switch. 2,050,959, Sept. 1. ^ . ^ 

Allison, Kenneth C, Crystal Lake, assignor to Grlgsby- 
Alllson Company, Inc., Arlington Heights, 111. Rotary 
electric switch assembly. 2,6,^)0.960, Sept 1. 
Allison. Lenora H.. assignee : See — 

- Ix>cey. Harry A. ,^ ^. 

Allison. I^eslle R.. Forest Hills, Pa., assignor to Westing- 
house Air Brake Companv. Vacuum tube amplifier 
circuits for coded carrier current. 2,662,934, Dec. 15. 
Allison, Walter H.. deceased. Takoma Park. Md. by N. T. 
Bllck administratrix. Mount Rainier, Md. Ice-cream 
packaging machine. 2,628,756. Feb. 17. 
Allison, William B. : Bee — ^ ^ 

Brockman, Earl H., Allison. Maxwell, and Ovregaard, 
and Stevenson. 
Allison, William M., assignor to Sprogue Electric Com- 
pany, North Adams, Mass. Electrical signal delay de- 
vice. Nov. 17. 
Allison. William M.. and P. H. Netherwood. assignors to 
Sprague Electric Company. North Adams, Mass. Elec- 
trical condenser. 2,634,315. Apr. 7. 
Alllss, Jesse B., Mercedes, Tex. Flush valve guide. 

2,650,369. Sept. 1. 
AUman-Ward. Frederick H., assignor to Davey. Paxman 
and Company Limited, Colchester. England. Rotary 
drum suction filter. 2.826.058. Jan. 20. 
Allmanna Svenska Elektrlska Aktlebolaget, assignee : See— 
Almstrfim. Knut. Garde, HedstrSm. and Brodersen. 
Arvldsson, Algot. 

Bergknut, Gunnar P., and Kiessling. 
Dreyfus. Ludwig. t '. 

Forssell, Harry. ' 

Forwald, Haakon. 

(•ynt. Sven E.. Poulsen, and LundqVist. 
Hog?l. Ijennart K. O.. and Dreyfus. 
JansO. Arvld, and Sand. 
Karsten, Olav. 
KShler. Anders. 

Landau, Frans, Carlsson. and Hedstrom. 
SflrnO. Bo G. A. 

Sfirensen. Harold M.. and Forssell. 
Stenkvlst. Emil, and Gudmundsson. 
Svantesson. Sven. 
Thielers. Gustav. and SJOkvlst. 
Uhlmann. Erich. 



Rotary vane 

Allowar, David L., Attica, N. Y.. assignor of one-half to 
R. Weatherby. St. John's, New Brunswick, Canada. 
Gantry and gate for starting race horses. 2,655,899, 
Oct. 20. 
Allred. Albert R. : See— 

Allred, William R., J. C, and A. R. 
Allred Bros., assignee : See — 

Allred. Reed M. 
Allred,. John C. : See— 

Allred, William R., J. C, and A. R. 
Allred, Reed M.. assignor to Allred Bros., 
Asparagus fern cutter. 2,625,782, Jan. 
Allred, William R., J. C, and A. R., Madera. Calif. Hot 

beverage unit for motor vehicles. 2.661,015, Dec. 1. 
All Star Products, Inc., assignee : See — 
Ingle. Donald P. 
Reiches. Sol L.. and Ingle. 
All-Steel Equipment Inc.. assignee : See — 
Abrahamson. Charles M. 
Abrabamson Charles M.. and Orabe. 
Saaf, Frits A. 
Allsup. John R.. Sr.. Port Orchard. Wash. 

motor or pump. 2,624.282. Jan. 6. 
Allwein, Aloyslus t., Philadelphia, Pa. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Com- 
pany. Minneapolis, Minn. Pressure gauge. He. 23,723, 
Oct. 13. 
Allyn. William G.. Skaneateles. and C. 8. Cook. Sennett, 
assignors to Welch Allyn, Inc. Auburn, N. Y. Foldable 
and separable laryngoscope. 2,646,036, July 21. 
Allyn, William G., Auburn, F. M. Scott, Skaneateles. and 
E. H. (Jreppin Rochester, assignors to Welch Allyn, 
Inc., Auburn, N. Y. Headlamp lor physicians and sur- 
geons. 2.651,301, Sept. 8. 
Allyn, William N., Auburn. C. S. Cook. Sennett, H. A. 
Browne, Jordan, P. McK. Scott, Skaneateles, and J. M. 
Carroll, Elbridge, assignors to Welch Aliyn. Inc.. Auburn, 
N. Y. Folding laryngoscope and angularly adjustable 
and detachable Joint therefor. 2.649.087. Aug. 18. 
Aim. Richard. See — 

Riley. Joseph J., and Aim. 
Aim. Robert M., Highland, Ind., assignor to Standard Oil 
Company. Chicago. 111. Obtaining purified phenols and 
cresols of petroleum origin. 2,635,120, Apr. 14. 
Almada, Prank : See — ^ 

Dixon, Howard B., and Al^nada. 
Almas, Louis T., Detroit, Mich., assignor to Thompson 
Products, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Stock bin. 2,662,671, 
Dec. 16. 
Almgren, August E., Hillside, and J. P. Jakob, Roselle, 
N. J. assipnose to American Can Company. New York, 
N. Y. Crimping bead with laterally movable Jaws. 
2,626.581, Jan. 27. 
.Mmgren, Louis E., Oak Park. 111. Shuffler for playing 

cards. 2,650.090, Aug. 25. 
Almond, John R., assignor to The Midland Steel Products 
Companv, Cleveland, Ohio. Gear shifting mechanism. 
2,055,042. Oct. 13. 
Almoslino, Hans A., Hollls, N. Y. Portable body-sup- 
porting assemblage. 2,651,058, Sept. 8. 
.Mmqulst. Gus, Uiverside, Calif. Hay baler sleeve. 

2,625,097, Jan. 13. 
Almquist, Herman J., Modesto, Calif. 

ess for eggs. 2,655,449, Oct 13. 
Almquist Mildred L. : Bee — 

Govett, Thomas, and Almquist. 
.\loe, A. S., Company, assignj-e : See — 

Weichselhaum, Theodore E. 
Alolsio, Joseph P. : See — 

Nichols, Nathaniel B., and Alolsio. 
Alonge, Vera, assignee : See — 

Simpson, Hobart A. 
-Monzo. Charles P.. New Orleans, La. 

toy vehlcla. 2.625.403, Jan. 13. 
Alpers. Arnold J. : Bee — 

Alpers, John C. and A. J. 
Alpers, John C, Cordor. Mo. Self-adjusting socket wrench.' 

2,632,352, Mar. 24. 
Alpers John C. and A. J., assignors of one-fifth to N. D. 
AlpenJs^nd one-fifth to W. Alpers, Corder. Mo. Con- 
veyer type grain and material elevator. 2,632,556. 
Mar. 24. 
Alpers. N. Dale, assignee : Bee — 

Alpers. John C. and A. J. - • 

Alpers. Wesley, assignee : Bee^ *. ' 

Alpers, John C. and A. J. 
Alqulst Francis N. : See — 

Britton. Edgar C, Alqulst, and Kauer. 
Alric, Gustave C, A., Troyes. FVance. Device for the 

gunnery instructions. 2,662,305. Dec. 16. 
Alric. Gustave C. A., Troyes. assignor to "Etabllssements 
Poron." Troyes (Aube), France. Yarn feeding method 
and apparatus for knitting machines. 2,641.913, June 16. 
Alsberg. Frederick R. : See — 

Pink, pale P., Greger, and Alsberg. 
Alseka Clothing Company, Inc., assignee : See — 

Kaufman, Alfred S. 
Alsing. Carl F.. 'EvansvlUe, Ird., assignor to Seecer Re- 
frigerator Company, St. Paul, Minn. Household refrig- n 
erator. 2.6153,999. Dec. 29. 

Alsing, Carl P., Wilbraham, Mass., assignor to Westing- 
bouse Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh. Pa. Dual 
evaporator refrigeration apparatus. 2,640,327, June 2. ■ 

Bleaching proc- 

Figure simulating 


i A 



Portsmootb. Ohio. 

Sapp«7, New York, N 

Y. In- 




to Newell 

Poultry shackle. 

Alipaneb. James S.. 

2,037,220. May 5. 
AlMtadt. B4>njamln, and H. Sapper. 

fant feeding mt>uns. 2.661.001. Dec. 1. 
Alsterberg, Carl E. : See — 

Mcl>areo. Ian H., and Alstert>eTg. 
Alston .Manufucturing Co.. at(8ignee : See — 

Stoner. Lewis I». 
AlstrOm, Knut, A. Garde, 8. E. HedatrOm. and E 

sen, auiKnors to Allmanna Sveuska Llektrlska Aktle- 
bolaget. Vasteras. Sweden. Means for goviTiiing power 
stations. 2,643.345. June 23. 
Alta EnKineerinjr Company, assignee : See — 
/ Sdiuinann. Josenh M. 

Altar. William, Pittsburgh. Pa., assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to the United States of Ameiira as represented 
by the United States Atomic Energy Commission. De- 
vice for separating particles or dilTerent masses. 
2.633,539. .Mar. 31. 
Aliar. William, Wilklnsburg, assignor to Westlngboii.^e 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh. Pa. Wave guide 
attenuator. 2,000.713. Nov. 24. 
Altar, William, Wilkinsburg. and J. W. Coltman, Pltts- 
*■ burgh, assignors to Westlnghouse Electric Corporation, 
East Pittsburgh, Pa. Resonant cavity drive. 2,632,854, 
Mar. 24. 
Altemiller. Arthur D.. Affton. Mo., assignor to Hercules 
Steel I'roducts Curporutiuu, Ualion, Ohio. I'opcorn ma- 
chine. 2,054. H23. Oct 0. 
Altenburger, {lerman O., Montrose, 
adaptable drill Jig. 2.651.951. Sept 
Altenburger. Ira O., Lowell, .Mi«h., 
Manufacturing Company. L>oor 
Apr. 14. 
Altenpobl. Paul J . Philadelphia, Pa. 

2.058.236. Nov. 10. 
Alter Fritz : See — 

Rutledge, Carl M.. and Alter. 
Altgelt. Herman E., assignor to Deere k Company. Mollne. 

III. Beet topi)er. 2,000.853, Dec. 1. 
Altgelt, Kudolph J., South Bend, Ind., assignor to Dearborn 
Motors Corporation, Highland Park, .Mi(h. Clamping 
device* for adjustably securing tool standards to plow 
beams. 2,037.202. May 5. 
Althausen. Paul. Brooklyn. N. Y. Shears. 2.624.114, 

Jan. 0. 
Altbelde, Kenneth O.. Quincy. III. Variable pitch hy- 
draulic tran.smissioiv 2,ti40,680. Jane 2. 
Altber, Joseph O., Evanston, and P. M. Van Ars<Iell. 
Chicago. IIL Effervescent drink concentrate. 2.639.238. 
May iW. 
Altman. Fred E., assignor to Eastman Kodak Company. 
Rochester. N. Y. Four component apocbromatlc copy- 
ing objective., Aug. 18. 
Altman. Nathaniel: See — 

Juda Walter, Jones, and Altman. 
Altman, Peter, assignor to Continental Motors Corpora- 
tion, Detroit. Mich. Power plant. 2,633,118. Mar. 31. 
Altman, Peter, Detroit, and L. D. Bakke, Plymouth, as- 
signors to Continental Motors Corporation. I>etroit. 
Mich. Pot type engine oil heater. 2.044.544, July 7. 
Altman. Samuel D., New York. N. Y. Desk for attachment 

to furniture drawers. 2,627,444. Feb. 3. 
Altman. Samuel P.. Dayton, Ohio. Servo loading stand. 

2.041.925, June 16. 
Altnether. William. St. Louis, Mo. 

Instrument. 2.«4.'».028. July 14. 
Alton Box Board Company, assignee 

Breyfogle, Roy li. . 

Altorfer Bros, (^ompany, assigned : £l«»-\ 
Altorfer. Henry W^. ' 

Castricone. John A. ' 

Altorfer. Hans A.. Walnut Creek. Calif.. asslKnnr to Allls- 
Chalmers Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee. Wis. 
tJas turbine locomotive. 2.637.277 May 5. 
Altorfer, Henry W., assignor to Altorfer Bros. Company, 
Peoria, 111. Clothes-washing machine having Impeller- 
conveyer and scrubber. 2.030,095. Mar. 10. 
Altson. Ralph. Elmhurst, N. Y. assignor to General 
Motors Corporation. Detroit, ^licb. Railroad Journal 
box. 2,040.320 Julv 21. 
Altvater, Adolf H., Chesterfield, assignor to Western Sup- 
plies Company, St« Louis, Mo. Shoe back line press. 
2.0,->6,554. Oct. 27. 
Altwies. Ht-njamln M.. Fostoria, Ohio. Window. 2.636.227. 

Apr. 28. 
AlomalBth Corporation of Texas, assignee : Bee — 

Coward. Olgar G. 
Alaminium Laboratories Lrtnited. assignee : See — 
Phillips. Norman W. F. 

Phillips, Norman W. F., Holllngshead. and Mutchmor. 
Scheuer. Ernst. 
Alnmlnnm Air Seal Manufacturing Company, assignee : 

Webster. Clifford L. 
Aluminum Company of America, assignee: See — 

Avey, William P., Herrlngton, Meyer, and Mc- 
Brown. Ralph W. 

Brown. Russell O. i 

Cochran. William C. 
Huntington. Rlcbard L.. and Reld 
Kipp. Egbert M. 
Lyle. John P., Jr. 
Mason, Ralph B., and Cochran. 

Sheet metal layout 



Aluminum Company of America, assignee : See — Continued. 

McLaughlin Joseph E. 

Michtl, .Matiiias. 

Miller, Mike A. | 

-^ Newsome, James W. 
^fk I'feil. Henry J. and Welles. 
^^ Shelton-Jones, Eric. 

Stroup, Philip T. 

Templin, Richard L. 

Wall. James R. 

Zelley. Walter O. 
Aluminum Industries. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Bec-kmaiHi. Melbourne A. 
Aluminum Products. Inc., assignee: See — 

Hou.sel. William E. 
Alumni Research Foundation of The College of Medical 
Evangelists, assignee : See — 

Neufeld. Alonzo J. 
Alvare, Nemesio F., Pbllatlelpbla. Pa. Transporting appa- 

ratus. 2.04«i.l78. July 21. 

Alvarez, Alfonso. Jr., Upper Montclalr. N. J. Adjustable 
«oor buck and trim. 2,051.813. Sept. 15. 

.Vlvarez. Alfonso. Jr.. Upper Alontclair, assignor to Homa- 
sote Company. Fornwood. N. J. Rooting or siding as- 
sembly. 2.0.''.9.323. Nov. 17. 

Alvares. Alfredo, Junln. Argentina. Heating appliance. 
2.630.634. Mar. 10. 

Alvarez, Luis W.. Berkeley. Calif., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of the Navy. Pulse discriminat- 
ing circuit. 2.620,352 Jan. 20. 

Alvarez. Octavio J., assignor by mesne assignments of 
one-fourth to M. de Ri'ltzes-Marienwert, New York, N. Y. 
Bimetallic switch. 2,627.002. Jan. 27. 

Alvear, Victor. Passaic. N. J. Plastic bunj for beer bar- 
rels or the like. 2,657.817, Nov. 3. 

.Vlverson. Luther, assignee: See — 
Dove, Fre<l. 

.\lvord. Charles C. : See — 

Homer City. Pa. Continuous batch feeder control., May 12. 

Alvord. Grove D., Indiana, assignor to Syntron Compsny, 

Flygnre, Carl G., and Alvord. 

Alvord. Ralph E.. Falrtield, Iowa. Adjustable garment 
hanger. 2,652,958, Sepf. 22. 

Alward, Kenneth C, Moweaqua, lU. Energizer for petro- 
leum fuels. 2,627,257, Fob. 3. 

Alwanl, Kenneth C. Moweaqua, lU. Cylinder liner. 
2.63K.021. Apr. 14. 

Amablll. Louis J. : See — 

Dl Oiaclnto. Joseph A., and Amabili. 

Amado, Dora G.. I.,ong Beach N. Y. Curtain stretcher 
and support therefor. 2,630.652. Mar. 10. 

Amal Limited, assignee: See — ■ 

Smith Cyril R. B and Izon. 

Amana Refrigeration Inc., assignee : See — 
Cooper. I>a Mar S. 
Hafner. Oliver B. | 

Moore, Robert E. 

Amand. Raymond H.. East Norwalk and J. J. Buchwalder, 
Trumbull, assignors to Eastern Tool A Die. Inc.. Fair- 
field, Conn. Dispensing container having a pivotal lift 
cover removable for filling. 2,635,792, Apr. 21. 

Amann, Ralph W. : See — 

(irimes, Louis M^and Amann. 

Ambarian. Alice. Fresno, Calif. Sanitary garment. 
2.038,899. May 19. 

Ambelang, Joseph C. assignor to The Firestone Tire A 
Rubber Company, Akron, Ohio. Rayon tire cord and 
making same. 2.626.887. Jsn. 27. 

Ambelang. Joseph C, assignor to The Firestone Tire A 
Rubl)er Company, Akron, Ohio. Age resisting nonstaln- 
Ing rubber composition and producing same. 2.647.102. 
July 28. 

Amber. Yervant. Los Angeles, Calif. Pressing form for 
garment sleeves. 2,662,672. Dec. 15. 

Aml>er, Yervant, I»8 Angeles, Calif. Sleeve expander 
and/or former. 2.662.673, Dec. 15. 

Amberg File A Index Company, assignee: See — 
Amberg. Gilbert W. 

.Vmberg. Gllbprt W.. assignor to Amborg File A Index 
Company. Kankakee. 111. Sheet protector. 2.630.122. 
Mar. 3. 

Amberg. Walter E.. Beverly Shores. Ind. Constant veloc- 
ity shaft coupling. 2.627.733. Feb. 10. 

Amberge. George : See — 

Toomlw. Harry B., and Amberge. 

.\mbMrd. Jos.'ph. Paris. France. Electric indicating de- 
vice. 2.0«.n.S50, Dec. 22. 

Ambler. Geoffrey H., Ben Rhydding, Hkley. assignor to 
Ambler Superdraft Limited. Hkley, England. Drafting 
of textile fibers. 2.641.026, June 9. 

Ambler. Robert R., Akron. Ohio, assignor to The B. F. 
(Joodrlch Company. New York, N. T. Industrial cord 
treating^f^aratus. 2.639.485. May 26. 

Ambler Superdraft Limited, assignee : See — 
Ambler. Geoffrey H. 

Ambrette. I.^ais C.. Westburv, and J. W. McNeil. Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. Shipping package for press inking rolls. 
2.639,807. May 26. 

Ambrolse, Edmond, Rennes. France. Empennage control 
structure. 2.643.833. June 30. 




Ambrose. C. M., Com|>any, assignee : See — 

Lamb. Harry. .„ . r^ ^ 

Ambrose. Henry A., Penn Township, Allegheny County, 
and O L. Brandes. Glbsonia, assignors to Gulf Research 
A Development Company Pittsburgh. Pa. Cutting oil 
composition. 2,658,870. Nov. 10. , „ ^ 

Ambrose. John J.. Packanack Lake, and J. Modrovsky, 
River Edge. N. J., assignors to Curtlss-Wright Corpora- 
tion. Adjustable discharge nozzles for Jet engines. 
2,635,419, Apr. 21. , ^ ^ . 

Ambrosl Louis F.. Richmond HUl. N. Y. Leader drain 
trap. '2.644.58.'). July 7. ^ „«,«„,„ 

Ambroslno, John. Flashing, N. Y. Skirt hanger. 2.656.078. 

Oct. 20. 
Amco l>evelopm»'nt Company, assignee: See — 

Mardonald, Herbert G. 
Am6en, Einar L. : See — ' 

Kalling. Bo M. S., Am^n. and StAlehd. 
Amen. Nicholas C. Glendale. Calif. Cigarette extinguish- 
ing device. 2.629.387, Feb. 24.^ ,^ „ . _, '. 
Amen, Nicholas C, Glendale. Calif. Variable antenna. 

2.660.675, Nov. 24. ^, , 

Amend, Adolph. Jr.. Harrison Park. N. J., assignor to 
General Time Corporation. Impulse electric clock. 
2.032,292^ Mar. 24. 
American Air Filter Company. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Logsdon. Robert F. 
American Artists' Color Works. Inc., assignee 

Brooks. Irwin, and Friedberg. 
American Asbestos Industries, Inc., assignee : See — 

Bernard. William and J. 
American Baler Company, The, assignee : See — 

Seltzer. Robert B. 
AQierlcan Blower Corporation assignee: See — 
\ Meyer. Hnrrv A., and McCracken. 
Nefden, Richard M. - " 

American Bosch Corjjoratlon, assignee : See — 
.Mdpn. Carroll K. 
Berlyn. Martin J., and Broderlck. 
De Luca, Frank. 
Jlogeman Hans. 

Hnmber. John N., Hogeman. »nd Burman. 
LMiller, Sidney E. 
•I'utnam, John F. 
Wood, Oeorge B., Jr. 
American Box Board Company, assignee : See — 
Anderson, Wilbur G. 
Anderson, Wilbur G.. Jr. 
McClure. Nicholas, and Stacy. 
American Brake Company, The. assignee: See — 
McGowan, Thomas R. 
Miiellor, Eniil G. 

See — 


American Brake Shoe Company, assignee 
Avery. Howard S. 
Browne. Lindsay H. 
Dalrymple. William P. 
Godfrey. Charles E. 
Jackson, Alexis E. 
Magnus, Oscar F. * 

Notvest, Robert W. 
Olson, Walter J. 
Whisler, Thomas C. 
Wilson, Rosser L. 



and L. M. 

flgnee : See 
Id Jakob. 


and Maher. 

American Brass Company, The, assignee 

AnilersoM, Howard F. 

Macaulay, William R., and Coolldge. 
American Brush Machinery Co., Inc., assignee 

Marks, Theodore, and 
American Can Company, ai 

Almgren. August E.. a| 

Ayres, William H. 

Baker. Harry. 

Hlakey. John G. 

Carnes. Joseph J. 

Chatterton, Robert T. 

Davidson, Lawrence W.. 

Dobbins. Walter J.. 3rd. 

Erb. George C. 

Gill. Willie, and Nioholson. 

Huntsr Felix, and Frey. 

Llvaclch. John T. 

LIvaclch. John T.. and De Gear. 

Maglll Donald O.. an<l Bigger. 

Maglll. Donald O^ and Pierce. 

Maher. William W. 

Martin Wllllnm McK., PiUnlk. and Wobbe. 

McD<mough. Marshall J., and Burchett. 

NorJqulnt. Ronald E. J. 

Pechy, William. 

Peck. Carl F. 

PrelB. Carl O.. and Nordquist. 

Price. John A. Thomas, and Padbory. 

Reese. Garland W. 

Reld, George C , and Jacobs. 

Schoenfeld. William H.. Jr. ^ 

Socke, John E. 

Stone, George M. 

Whately, Walter R. 

Whitman. Elmore F. 

Wobbe. Delbert E. 

Woolford, Costis S., and Socke. 

See — 

American Car and Foundry Company, assignee : See — 

Algatt. George E. 

Anderson. Harold G., and Parsons. 

Clade. Robert. 

Clewell. William H. - 

Ecoff. Francis A. 

Erlcson. George R. « 

Ericson. George K., and Shields. 

Euwer, Herbert D. 

Euwer. Herbert D., and Anderson. 

Folmsbee. Clyde H. 

Gassner, Alfred A. 

Geyer. Wallace T., Learn, and Suit. 

Kepner. Robert C. 

Kubler, Otto A., and Burnett 

Kump, Henry. 

Nichols, Ralph G. 

Pancake. Herman H. 

Parsons, George B. 

Patton. John W. 

Patton, John W., and Cudlni. 

Sampson, Robert W.. and Montgomery. 

Shields, Robert A. 

Skweir. Eugene A. •, 

Udstad, Slgvald F. 
American Cast Iron Pipe Company, assignee : See — 

Carter. Sam F.. Jr. 
American Chemical Paint Company, assignee : See — 

* Benzing, Harry J. 
American Chicle Company, assignee : See — 

Hewitt, Eric J., and Berdick. 
American Cholesterol Products, Inc., assignee : See — 

Moolten, Sylvan B. 
American Chronoscope Corporation, assignee : See — 

Shelley, Edwin F. 
American Clay Works A Supply Co.. -^'gnee : See — 

Bergmann. Werner. 

Burkhart. Robert L.. and Vance. / 

Fang, James C.-S.. and Bergmann. / 

Gleseke, Elmer W. , ' 

Herkenhoff Earl C. / 

Hoegberg. Erick I. ./ 

Kropa. Edward L., and Thomas. 
" Lecho*r, Hans Z., and Whttehouse. 

Marsh, Nat H. 

McCormlck, Jerry R. D.. and MuUer. 

Montague, Ilarley IL 

Mooradian .Shannon, and MiUson. 

Parker. Robert P., and Smith. . ./ 

Schinutzler. Alfred F. ^ 

Seruto, Joseph. 

Weldenhelmer. Joseph F., Reed, Rltter, and Upbam. 
American Coin Changer Corp.. assignee : See — 

York. Ernest E. 
, American CyananMil Compan.v. assignee: See — 
i Aagaard. Fridtjof, and Weiss. 

Allen, Charles P., Fitzsimmons, and Booth, 

* Angler, Rol)ert B. 
Ashley. Kenneth D. 

t Baker. Bernard R.. and Querry. 

! Bean, James J. , 

.i Bernstein Sevmour. and Heller. 

Blals. John F. 

Booth. Robert B., and Hill. 

Booth, Robert B., and Light. 

Boothe. James H.. and Kushner. 

Boothe. James H., and Petisl. 

Brendel.'^Armin O. 

Carnes, Joseph J. 

Carnes. Joseph J., and Booth. 

Carpenter. Erwln L. 

Chrlstmann, Ludwlg J., and Houpt 

Clarke. Frank H. 

Colthup. Norman B.. and Torley. 

Conroy. Edward A. 

Conroy, Uward A., and Parker. 

Cooper, Hal B. H., and Medcalf. 

CosuUcn, Donna B. 

Cow.'n, Frank M.. and Dixon. 

Cresswell. Arthur. 

Crossley, Moses L., and Drelsbach. 

Dafter. «*Mn H.. Jr. ' , 

Dalalian. Harry P.. and Kqshner. 

Daniel, John H., Landes, and Suen. 

Davis, Harold S. 

Davis, John F. 

Dixon. James K., and Woodberry. 

Donofrlo. Alfonso M. 

Dudnikov, MltcheU. 

Ebel, Robert H. , 

Bberhart. Dale R., and Barabutes. ' 

Krickson, John <;. 

Fnhrenbach. Marvin J. 

Falconer. Stuart A. 

Flptcher, John II. 

Fletcher. John H.. and Hoegberg, 

Fupate, We.'slev O.. and Lane. 

Hardy, Elizabeth M. and W. B. 

Hardy, William B. 

Hardy. William B. and E. M. 

Hardy, William IV. and Fortenbaugtl. 

Hardy. William B.. and Lecher. 

Harms. Edward R. 

Harned. Ben K., and Cunningham. 




I' ' ■ r 

American Cyanamld Companj. awlgnee : 8e« — Continned. 
HprtMTt, Arthur 1). 
Hill. Alfred (;.. Medcalf and Slaco. 
Hoejrb.rff. Erlck I. 
Hook. EMwin O., and Be«g1e. 
Hiiltiiiiisf. Miirtin K.. and Scholz. 
Inn»a. William It « 

Kaiser. Donald W. 

Kaiaer, Donald W., and Hechenblelkner. 
Kalwr. Donald W.. and Kftemer. 
Kaiser Konulil W.. and Schaefer. 
Klrkpatrklc. Alan F.. and Stryker. 
Kropa, Kilward I^. 
Kropa, Edward L., and Mahnberg. 
Kropa, Kdwnrd L.. and NyMUist. • 

Kurtz. Kerwin K.. and Booth. 
Kuabner. Samuel. 
I^rher. Hans /.. and Kiih 

lecher, Hans Z.. and Whitehouse. i 

Llndgren. Vlacent V.. and Cassaday. 

l.nnn, |{i)berf S 

Lone. Sob«rt.S.. and Sears. 

I,ontz. John F. 

Mackay, Johnstone S. 

Maclean. Ah'xander F. 

Marsh. Nat H. I 

Martlno, Joseph F. 

Meoro. Jerry M. 

Merrill. Wallace D. I 

Millson, Henry E., and Mooradlan. 

Millson. Henry K.. Parsons, and Babey. « 

Padburv. John J. 

Pailen, [Joseph H., and Mackay. 

Parker. Robert I'., and Vartanian. 

I'arlv<T,I£'>t)err I'.. St'eeer. and Kuh. 

Parsons. Carr H.. and Rompf. 

Paterson. John C 

Patterson. Donald G. 

P«»tronoul<>s. John ('.. and Cadwell. 

PIdaiks. Charles, and Starblrd. 

Price. John A. 

Rilev. Frank R. 
; Rltter. Lawrence, and W^ldenhelmer. 

Roemer. John J., and Kaiser. 

Safir. Sidnoy R. ' • 

Salzman. Tharlen F.. Jr. 

Scalers. Mario, and Hardy. 

Sralera, Mario, Hardv, and Leavltt. 

Sraleri, Mario, and Weatlake. 

Schaefer, Frederic C, and Drechsel. 

Sohmnf/li'r. Alfred F. 

Schoeffl.T. Edward H.. and Olsen. 

SchoU. The.Hiore F.. and Smith, i 

Schwahl, Frt'derifk J. 

Spencer, Frank R. 

Stark, Frank L., Jr. 

Stewart. Hugh W., and L««. 

Stirn. f>ank K. i 

Stirn, Frank E.. and Taylor. 

Suen, TienR-Jiueq. 

Suen. Tzeng J., and Schiller. 

Tanner, Charles A.. Jr.. and Hall. 

ThurHton. Jack T. 

Turner, Richard J. 

Varela, Andrew A. 

VnuKhan, .lanies U. 

Vln(?ee, Raymond A 

Vlngee. Raymond A 

Von. Isaiah. 

Wallman, ITarold. i 

Weldenheimer. Joseph -F.. and Ritter. 

Wllhonskv. Vladimir J. 

Williams. Andley O.. and McRurney. 

Woodlnft. William M.. and Suen. 

Wystrach, Vernon P. 

Wystrach. Vernon P.. and Thurston. 

Younir. Kiohard W. 

Jounp. Richard W.. Blodlnzer and Welcher. 
.\mefican Cvsfoscope Makers, Inc., assignee : 8e«— 

Caller. William. 

Wallace. Frederick J. 
American Dairies, Incorporated, asslf^nee : ffee — > 

ilraham, William R., Jr.. Kohler. and Hoover 
American Decalromania Company, Inc., a.-'signee : 

Winn. Robert G. 
American Defibrator, Inc., assignee : See — 

Messlni;. HJalmar S. 
American Desk Manufacturing Company, assignee: 8ei 

Braahear, Arthur P., Jr. 

Uowe. Marlon H. 
American Electro Metal Corporation, assignee: Bee — 

Hartlett. Kenneth M. 

Hanaglrg. Fritz J. 

Spfliii, Richard P. 

Sindeband. Seymour J., Stern, and Scanlan. 

Stern. George, Sindeband, and Scanlan. 
American Enka Corporation, assignee : See — 

Pt'rlvop4>i8. I.ukas 

Breazeale, Francis B. 

De Vault Robert V.. and Echerd. 

Grlset. Ernest J.. Jr. 

• Jriset. Ernest J.. Jr., and Lynch. 

Heljnls. James W. I. 

Henry. William V. 


and Stewart. 

and Cbristmann. 
and I.«nto. 


American Enka Corporation, assignoee : See — Continued. 

Markwood, Paul W. 

Sulhvan, Milton A. 

Teunlsson. Pieter H. 

Van DIJk, Pieter and Schrenk. 
American Extruded Products Co., Inc., assignee: See — 

Stahl()8car C. 
American Felt Company, assignee : See — 

Robbins. Ralph I. ^ 

American Fixture and Manufacturing Co., assignee: Bee — 

Wolna, Benjamin A., and Richards. 
American Flexible Coupling Company, assignee: See — 

Shenk. Robert H. 
American For>ciug and Socket Company, assignee: See — 

Cartwright. Clifford J. 
American Gravity Door Closer, Inc., assignee: See — 

KallelMTg. KornellU!< 
American Hard Rubber Company, a.ssignee : Bee — 

Cory, George L. 
American Hardware Corporation, assignee: Bee~- 

Welch. Nicholas A. 
American Hardware Corporation, The, assignee : See — 

Fletcher, Irving J. 

Hopgood, Kov C. 

McConnell, Frank. I . 

McConnell, Frank J. 

McCdnnell. Frank J., and Fletcher. . (^ 

Welch, Nicholas A. 

Welch. Nicholas .\.. and Zeigenheln. 
American Home Products Corporation, assignee : See — 

Alburn, Harvey E. 

TSriice. William F.. and Seifter. 

Ellas, William, and Merrion. , 

Kennedy John G.. and Bernhart. 

Tinkler. Frank H.. Stribley. and Kennedy. 
American Hoist A Derrick Co., assignee : See— 

Gaslnk Lewis T. 
American Hospital Supply Corporation, assignee : See — 

Berner, Harry M. 

Ileyward, Mary E. 
American Houses Inc., assignee: Bee — 

Vermilya, Howard P. 
American Instrument Company, The, assignee: See — 

Ohlheiser. Carlton E. 
American Inatriinient Company, Inc., The, assignee: See — 

Hadady Robert E. 

Moore. Thomas G. 

Shapiro, Jnstin J. 
American Iron and .Machine Works Company, assignee: 
See — 

Blrdwell. Louis J. 
American-La France-Foamlte Corporation, assignee: See — 

Allen, Boyd J., and Kauh. 

Sheppard. Allan G. 

We.iver, Alexander E., and Smith 
American laundry Machinery Company. The. assignee : 
See — 

Auchlncloss, Samuel S., and Phillip*. 

Creswlck, Edward A. i 

Hanney. Angus F. > 

Huebsch, .Monte F., and De Moss. 

Johnson. fJeoKe W. 

Johnson. GeoAe W., and Petre. 

Kahn. Leo M. ^ 

Ketchum. Clarence A. i 

Mcl^agan. Russell G. , T 

Neckel. Edmund N. 

Spreckelnieler, Edwin H. 

T.'iylor, Jamea H. 
American I/eclthln Company, Inc., assignee : See — 

Scharf. Albert. 
American Linen Supply Co., assignee : See — 

Birr. Rudolph G. 

Birr, Rudolph O., and Jesnersen. 
American Locker Company. Inc., assignee : Bee— 

Beimel. Henry L. 

Stackhouse. Wells, 
American Locomotive Company, assignee: See — 

Anderson, Karl V. 

Berlyn, Martin J. 

<;ioyer. Walter. I 

Kopp, Slgmund. ' 

Michaels, Hunter, and FleA. 

Nichols, William M. 
, Tromel. Frederic C. 
/ Ward. Edgar A. 

American Machine Development Corporation, assignee: 

Eissmann. .Oswald E. 
American Machine A Foundry Company, assignee: See — 

Abbott, John A Jr., and Jurgensen. 

Allen. Howard <. . Onmjin. and Smith. 

-Mien. Howard O.. and Hudson, ^ 

Bechtold, Henry L. 

Bockiiis. Christopher. 
Congelll, Henry C. 
Fiti Patrick. James L 
Frye. Sanders A 
Oampp. George E. 
Gibbs, William J. 
Gibbs. William J. 
Gurley, Martin H 
Jurgensen, Delbert F., 
Jurgensen, Delbert F 


and Larsen. 

Abbott, and Arelt. 
Jr.. and Abbott. 



American Machine & Foundry Company, assignee : Bee — 

McGinley, James J. 
Moore, Thomas W. 
I Patterson, Morehead.. 
jPearce, Frank G. 
fPedersen, Mathias. 
Schmitt. Frank U. 
Schon.' Charles E. 
Schonwald. William P. 
Stearn.s. Joseph L.. and Hoffman. 
American Machine and Metals. Inc.. assignee: See — 
Buss, Benjamin A. 
Harland, Philip W., and Johnson. 
Hull, Richard L. 

Kagun, Beniamln S. ' 

Le Van Ambrose K. 
Lucl, Warner S. 
Miller. Hercheal W., and Buss. 
O'Conor. Frank. 
American Machlnei'y Company, assignee : See — 

Barowsky. Nathan. 
American Machinery Corporation, assignee: Bee — 

Oitlham, Gordon G. 
American Manufacturing Company, Inc.. assignee : See — 
("arlsuii, Arthur C. 
Croston. Edward L. 

Croston, Edward L., and Harbord. y^-s 

Pierce. Alfred F. I / 

Turnbull. Roger F. , 

American Marietta Company, assignee: See — I 

Pflaumer, Robert E. ^ ^ ^ .«v • 

Amerlcan-Marletta Company. Adhesive, Resin and Chemi- 
cal Division, assignee : See — 
Kedfern, Donald V. 
American Meat Institute Foundation, assignee : See — 
Beadle, Buell W., and Kraybill. , 

American Metal Company, The, assignee : See — 

Anderson. Philip K. 
American Metal Company Ltd., The, assignee: See — 
Anderson. Philip K. 
Sapp. Ancel L. 
American Metal Moulding Company, assignee: See — 

Ollner. Albert, and Zlnimermann. 
American Metal Products Company, assignee : See — 
n«'Kener. Itichard K. 
FlflekL Harold F. 
Flint. Hyland C. 
Laurie, Floyd S. 
American Meter Company, assignee : See — 

Gray, Robert B. 
American National Dispensing Co.. assignee : Bet 

I^ewUs, Leroy M., and Leroy M. Lewis, Jr. 
America^ Optical Company, assignee : See — 
AKclieson. Thomas G. 
Arnibruster, John T. 
Baratelll, Charles A., and Reed. 
Barnes. Robert B., and Fraser. 
Beitz, Richard C. 
Bennett. Alva H. 

Bernhelni Daniel P.. and Sllverberg. 
Boeder, Paul A. K. 
' Busch, Rudolph E. 
Conley, Thomas A. 
Cooke. Frank. 
' Crandon, Harry D. 

Davla. John K. 
Ellis. Charles A. 
Eves. Joseph R. 
Gradlsar, Albin A. 
Grosvenor, Benjamin. 
Hazelton, Charles L. 
Heath. William B. i 

Heniian. William F. 
Herrmann. John F., and Gilbert. 
Herr, Frederick^ W. 
Jardon, Fritz W., and Ruedemann. 
Kavanagh. Arfliur J. 
Lightburn. Robert A., and Palmer. 
Mageau, George J.. Jr. 
Mahler, Joseph. 
Martin. Joseph A. 
McCallum, Frederick C. 
Meyer, F.dL'ar J. and Read. 
Moulton. Harold R. 
Muller. Rol.ert M. . . ._ 

Osterberg. Harold. Muller, and Lunebnrg. 
' Robinson, James E. 
Sheard, Samuel T., and Rowe. 
Splalne, Edward M. 
Stewart, Walter A. 
Tlllyer, Edgar D., and Eves. 
Upton. I>ee O. 
American Partition Corporation, assignee: See — 
Cunnlncham. Donald F. 
Schroeder, Simon E. 
American Phenolic Corporation, assignee: Bee — 
Adams, Charles J. 
Kearse. George P. 
Klostermann, Curt W., and Adams. 
Valach. Charles F. 

American Pipe and Construction Co., assignee : Bee — 
Whiting, William A. 

I I 

American Pipe & Steel Corporation, assignee: See — 

Mjellem, Frantz O. 
American I'lanetariuni Corporation, asslgni-e : &ee — 

Korkosz. Frank D. 
American Potash & Chemical Corporation, assignee : See — 

Kamlet. Jonas. * 

American Pulley Company, The, assignee: See — > 

Williams. William A. 
American Radiator k Standard Sanitary Corporation, as- . 
signee : See — 

Smith, Lowell L., and Gennarl. 
Watklns, Lee K. ■ 

American Reenforced Paper Company, assignee : See — 

Stevenson, Allan B. 
American Bock Wool Corp., assignee : See — 

Smith, Gerald R. 
American Safety Razor Corporation, assignee : See — 
Goldshine, Melvyn. 
Nelson, Kdgur A. ^ 

Treiss, Herman <J., Jr. 
American Seal-Kap Corporation of Delaware, assignee: 
See — 

Galik, Jess G. 
American Seating Couipany, assignee : See — 
Bareckl, Chester J. 
Davis. Robert L.. and Van Loo. 
Henrikson, Bror W. and Nordmark. 
Hiltman, Laurence W., and Gielow. 
Hoven, Alfred C. ; 

Neahr, William R., and Davis. 
Nordmark, Walter E. ' 

Nordmark, Walter E., and Huhta. i .- 

Nordmark, Walter E., and I'oel. '" 

Willis, Sumner C, and Brullu. 
Willis, Sumner C, and Cardozo. 
American Smelting and Refining Company, assignee: 

Bruderlln, Emil J. 
Kary Roland M. 
Lebeueff, Yuril E., and Klein. 
Smith, Albert A., Jr., and Everhart. 
Taylor, Richard D. 
American Speed light Corporation, assignee : See — 

Parker, Harry L. 
American Stay Company, assignee ; See->— 

Luitwieler, Edward B. » 

Amerh-an Steel Band <"ouipany, assignee: See — 

Bowman, Joswph H. 
American Steel Box Corporation, assignee : See — 

Rutledge, Carl M., and Alter. 
American Steel Foundries, assignee : See — 
Bachman, Fred E. 

Baselt. Walter H. .' ' 

Cizek, Frank G. ! 

Clasen, Claus J. W. ' 

Cottrell. Robert B. ' 

Flesch, John B. 
Geddert, William J. 
Helsten, Wesley A. 

Kayler, Frank H. " % 

Keysor, Harold C. 

Kowallk, John J. ^ i " 

• Leisk, Roland T. ' „ 

Pierce, Raymond C. 
Polanin Walter R. 
Ramos, Lawrencfe P. 
Schlegel. Walter L., Jr. 
Sedgwick. Robert K. 
Simanek, Edward J. . , 

Smith, Goff. 
Stieve, Marvie J. 
Tack. Carl E. 

Tack, Carl E., BacKman. and Kayler. 
Tack, Carl E., and Casey. 
Taylor. Russell C. and Vincent. 
WaJrher. Alfred. 
Welsberger, Arthur A, 
Welsberger, Arthur A., and Helton. 
Whitney, Loren L. 
American Sterilizer Company, assignee : See — 

Perkins. John J. 
American Sugar Refining Company, The, Signee : See — 
Cantor. Sidney M. 
Liggett, Robert W.. and Wimmer. 
Miller, Robert B. 
American Sundries Company, Inc., assignee : See — 

Duliersfeln. Samuel. • 
American Tag Corripany, assignee : See — " ~ 

Swett, Robert W. 
American Telephone and Telegraph Company, assignee: 
See — 

Beyland Sidney W. 

Carter, Robert W,, Currier, Emlg, and Glentzer. 
Hanley, Frank H, . 

Harford, George P. * 

Martin, Wade B. 
Nelswlnter, James T. 

Shepherd. Judson CD. * 

American Television, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Sanabria. Ullses A.. Taylor, and Browning. 
Taylor Warren Q; 
American Tobacco Company. Tlie, assignee: See — 

Schoenbaum, Alexander W., and Barnes. 
American Tool Works Company, The, assignee : See — 
Hoelscher, William G. 



Bee — 

executor : See — 

American Totallsator Company. Inc., 

Jobnaton. Arthur J. 

Levy. Oscar C. 
American Trust Company, 

Pellaa, Silvio F., and Kraut. 
American Type Founder«, Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Clay, Jolin W. 

rollock WlIlar.IM. 

RoMe, Lucien A. 
American Vl»coi»« Corporation, asslgnep : See — 

AUes. (Jeorge J. 

Allen. Oeorjf*' M- 

Allen. George 3>r. and Pedlow. 

Ballard, Hyde w. . 

Battlata, Orlando A. ' ,1 

Bauer, Krnest K. 

Bauer. Erneat K., and Hill. 

Hesttiiiii. .Ii>lm .\ 

Borees, Frank R.. Jr. %| 

Brilliiart. William O. ^ 

Chaney, L>avld W., and Soramar. 

Contl, Jolin D. 

Conwell. John W. 

CornwtMl, Kalph T. K. - 

Cox, Charles W. 

Cox. Charles W., Donovan, and Frantx. 

Cruz. Mamerto M.. Jr. 

I'.wiim. John F . and Brosious. 

Franrin, Carleton S.. Jr. 

Pry, Horace P.. Jr. ■» 

Furnesa, William H. 

Gllmore. Charles G. 

Haley, Hugh D. 

Hall. Kendall U 

H11V8, HuKh K. I 

Hpffelflnzer. Robert D. I 

JoneH, Michael O. 

Kreamer, William H. 

Lawson, Julian K., Jr. ' 

Low^, William n. and Pape. | | 

Mallinson. John II., and Geyer. 

McDermott. Henry J. 

Nelson. Seddon C. 

Pearson. Frank G. 

Phillips, John E., Jr 

Richtt'r, George A., Jr. 

Rlchter. G»>ori;e A., Jr.. and Braunlicli. 

Roberts, Ingham S. ^ _. 

* Russell, Arthur O., Jones. andWatts! 
Shearer, Howard E. r- 

Shontz. William H. 
Stanley. Richard W. 
Truitr. Joseph .\. 
Vantlenburgh. Charles D. 
Vahdenburgh, Charles D., and Kulp. 
Wade. Worth. 
■ Waltnsley. Leslie L.. and Smith. 
Wedler.^Frederlrk C. 
White. Ben E., Cuahman, and Dukert. 
Whytlaw, GraemtiG. 
Wicker. Dan B. . 

Wlelickl. Edward A. \ 

Woolley, Edward L. ^ 

WriL'iit, Ilenrv II., and Harder. 
Wymbs, Roy P. 

Yehling. George C. Jr. 1 

American Well Works, The. assignee: Bee — 

Hauer. Gerald K. 
American Window Glass Company, aaslgnee : Bee — 
<;iiilioli. I/ouis. and Insolio. 
Kla^ea. Norman H. 
Amea Butler. Boston. Mass. Cooking apparatus. 
2.631.216, Mar. 10. _ „ 

Ames. Enos R.. O. H. Thomas. W. H. O'Neal, and F. P. 
Sword, Wichita. Kans. Hook setter for fishing tackle. 
2,640.290. June 2 
Ames, E«th<»l W. : N'cc — 

Graybrook. Herbert W.. and Ames. 
Ames Frederick W.. assignor to Crompton A Knowles Loom 
Works, Worcester. Mass. Picking shoe for looms. 
'_'.631 f.!."!. Mar. 17. 
Amea, John B.. Selma. Ala. Sausage package. 2,655, 4.'50, 

Oct. 1.^. , „ 

Ames, Robert S.. assignor to Goodyear Aircraft Corpora- 
tion, Akron. Ohio. Formlnc molds for caating thermo- 
settini: transparent encloaures. 2,662,248, Dec. 15. 
Amea, Stanley R. : See — 

Perklna. Joseph R., Jr.. and Ames. 
Ames. Stanlev R., aasicnor, by mesne assignments, to 
Kastman Kotlak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Water- 
soluble complex of vitamin E and plasma proteins. 
2.628.227, Feb. 10. 

Ames, W. R., Company, assignee : Bee — 

Sherman. Uo^er M . MtiHgardt, and Gray. 
WIttner. Edward E.. and Sherman. 

Ames, William L.. Middle River, and F. W. Hennessey, 
Baltimore, Md., assignors to Western Electric Company. 
Incorporatwl. New York, N. Y. Article-handling ap- 
paratus 2,660,287. Nov. 24. 

Amldon. Blgan C, Medford, Greg. LeTel controller. 
^.650.606, Sept. 1. 

Amiet Oscar, La Chaux de Fonda. Switzerland. Appara- 
tus for sharpening drills. 2.«63,125. Dec. 22. 

Amlrault, Maziine : Bee — 

I>«-stoumleux. Paul, and Amlrault. 
Amlrlklan. Arsham, Chevy Chave. Md. Hollow structure. 

2.645 114 July 14. 
Amity Leather Products Co., assignee: Bee — 
HfiH-dict. Leonard E. ' 

Itels. Johcr P. 
Amman. Uiuneppe, assignor to Fratellt Borlettl Societa 
per Azionl. Milan, Italy. Mechanism (or disconnect- 
tlng and rienserting the lifting movement of the clotli 
feed claw In sewing machines. 2,652,797. Sept. 22. 
Amman. Giusenpe, aHslgnor to Frat»'lll Borlettl Societa 
tier Azionl, .>Iilan, Italy. /Iz-zag stitch adjusting means. 
2.r.()4,0,"iS. l»pc. L><». 
Amman. Hubert A.. Kansas City. Mo. Radar training 

device. 2,633,648. Apr. 7. 
Ammann, Herman L., Madison, N. J. Apparatus for pro- 
ducing carbon black. 2,658.821. Nov. 10. 
Ammann. Kolf M.. Patterson Field. Ohio. Pulse flow fuel 
injection snstein for turbojet engines. 2,629.225. Feb. 24. 
Ammarell, Theresa L., Brooklyn, assignor to Rlchatd 

Hudnut, New York. N. Y. Bottle. 2,650,842. Oct. 27. 
Ammco Tools. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Billeter, Henry R. 
.Mitchell. Wallace F. 
Ammen. Francis D., assignor to Kaynar Manufacturing 
Company, Los Angeles, Calif. Spring clamp. 2,655,927, 
■ Oct. 20. 
Amml-I-Dent, Inc., assignee: Bee — 

Singer. Arnold J. * 

Ammlung. Louis C, Jr.. Philadelphia, Pa., and J. A. Tour- 
tellot.^Ierchantvllle. N. J., assignors to Phiico Corpora- 
tion. Philadelphia, Pa. I'honograph control means. 
2,654.4r>7 Oct. fi. 
Ammon, Johannes II.. Akron. Ohio, assignor to The Bab- 
cock A Wilcox Company. New York, N. Y. Fluid separa- 
tor. 2.r,54,351. Oct. «. 
Amo. Ivan J., North Plalnfield. assignor to M & W Com- 
pany. Inc., Newark. N. J. Apparatus and method tot 
producing disk phonograph records. 2.042,621. June 23. 
Anion. William F.. Jr. : Hce — 

Sargent. Donald E.. and Amon. 
Amos. James L.. and C. T. Miller, assignors to The Dow 
Chemical Company. Midland, Mich. Copolymers of 
styrene and alpha-methyl styrene and making the same. 
2,>;38.4r.5, May 12. 
Amos, James L., and C. T. Miller, assignors to The Dow 
Chemical Company, Midland. Mich. Copolymers of 
styrene and alpha-methyl styrene and making the same. 
2.038,408. May 12. 
Amozurrutia, Jesaa M.. Mexico City. Mexico. a.s8lgnor to 
Miranda Brothers Trading Corporation. New York, I*. Y. 
Spleen extract. 2,628,901, Feb. 17. , 

Amo/.urrutia. Jesus M.. .M*-xlco City, Mexico, assignor to 
.Miranda Brothers Trading Corporation, New York, N. Y. 
Preparation of therapi'Utlc compositions frolu spleeu 
tissue. 2.002,047. Dec. 8. 
Ampex Electric Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Lindsay, Harold W. 

Stolaroff. Myron J. , 

Amabary, Frank C. Jr.. and S. G. Moore, Champaign. 

III. Recister for meters. 2.050,020, Aug. 25. 
Amsco Packaging Machinery. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Andlna. Krnvst J. 
Amstntz, Albert, La Rue. Ohio. Poultry feeder. 

2.024.311. Jan 0. 
Amstutz, Arnold, assignor to Aktlenge.sellschaft Brown. 
Boverl & Cle, Baden, Switzerland. Pneumatic drive and 
damping device therefor. 2,050,572, Sept. 1. 
Amstutz, Edward D.. Bethlehem, Pa., assignor to The 
Wm. S. Merrell Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Derivatives 
of 2,7-dlamlnothloxanthone dioxide. 2.649,460. Aug. 18. 
Amundsen, Roy E., Portland, Oreg. Self-contained draft- 
ing instrument. 2,658.279, Nov.- 10. 
Amundsoni Roald H. : Bee — • 

Schultz, William O.. and Amundson. 
Amumlson Roald IL. assignor to .MciJraw Electric Com- 
pany. Alllwaukeo, Wis. Combination fuse cutout and- 
switch. 2r.03,SL\". Dec. 22. 
Amusement Games Company, assignee: Bee — 

Beck. Joseph E.. and LIpski. 
Amyx. Elmer. Cincinnati, nnd .T. Kramer, Reading. Ohio, 
naaijmors. by mesne assignments, to The International 
Paper Box Machine Company. Store breaker. 
2,6r>5,082. Oct. 13. ' 

Anable. Wallace E. : Hee — 

Banning. Lloyd II.. and Anable. 
Anaconda Copper Mining Company, assignee : Bee — 
Elde. Ole J.. Johnson, and MUkwlck. 

Anaconda Wire nnd Cable Company, assignee : Bee — 

Greenfield, Eugene W.. and Connell. 

Snyder. Clermont J., and MacLelland. 

Witthoft. Herbert C. 
Anaya, Martinez, Carlos. Mexico City, Mexico. Mounting 
for pictures, mirrors, and the like. 2.655,330, Oct. 13. 

Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation, assignee: Bee — 
Acton, Daniel D. 
Brenner. Ralph F.. and Dllllard. 
Cora. Henry Z. 
Stover. Harry E. ' 

.\nchor Manufacturing Company, assignee: Be9 — 
Johansson, Ernest G. 
Sparl^es, Harry P. 





Anchor Radio Corporation, assignee : See — * jj. 

Claps. William A. 
Anco, Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Stevenson, Robert L. . . . ^ <~"o .^ 

Anderau. Walter, assignor to Ciba Limited. Basel Switzer- 
land. Disazo dypstuff* containing copper. ZfiZi,lZ6, 

Anderberg, Axel W., Los Angeles, CalM^j^ Spring sash 

balance. 2.644,193, July 7. 
Anderes, Eugene A. and E. J., San Diego, Calif. Micro- 

slivle washing machine. 2,063,305, Dec. 22. 
Anderes Kula J. : Bee — 

Anderes. Eugene A. and E. J. 
Andersag, Hans : See — 

Koenig, Karl, and Andersag. 
Tiinmler, Helmut, Andersag, and Breitner. 
Andersag, Hans, nnd H. Timniler, Wuppertal-Elberfeld, 
Germany, assignors to Schenley Industries, Inc., New 
York, N. Y. Furo and thleue qulnaldlnes and making 
same. 2,0ri0.220, Aug. 25. 
Andersen. Andrew W.. BabyUn. N.' Y. Mounting and 

casing for scales. 2,655,367, Oct. 13.v 

Andersen, Charles M., Los Angeles. assigVr to F. R. Honn, 
Arcadia. Calif. Machine for attaching artificial stems 
to blossoms. 2.658.296. Nov. 10. 
Andersen, Charles M., assignor to F. R. Honn, I.rf>s An- 
geles, Calif. Blossom stemming machine. 2, 608, 536, 
Nov. 10. 
Andersen, Chris S. : See — 

Williams, Charles B., and Andersen. 
Andersen, Furl H., assignor to Gibson Refrigerator Com- 
pany, Greenville. .Mich. Electric range resistance ele- 
ment support. 2.032.837, Mar. 24. ., 
Andersen. Edward O. : Sec — 

Spina, James A., and Andersen. 
Andersen. Frederick E.^ Red WMng, Minn. DrlUlng and 

cutting tool. 2,632,951, Mar. 31. , ^ ^ , 

Andersen. (Wlbert J. «'., Stow. Ohio. Ion therapy device 

comprising a hand electrode. 2.059.372. Nov. 17. . 
Andersen, (Tordon W.. and J. M. Dlehl. Madison, Wis., 
assignors to Bjorksten Research I.jiboratorie8, Inc. Im- 
proved sillciceous insulating material. 2,004,405. Dec. 
Andersen, Haps C. : See — 

Skole, Vlgga, and Andersen. 
Andersen. Henry C, Lancaster, Calif. Television antenna. 
2.043,335. June 23. 
* Andersen, John II., Jr.. Greenwood L.ike. N. Y.. assignor 
to the CnltiKl S,tates of America as represented by the 
Secretary of the -Mr Force. Integrating accelerometer. 
2.043.870. June 30. 
Andersen Laboratories, Inc., assignee : See — 

Johnson, Sven J. * 

(Anderson, Niels Y.. Snyder, assignor to Remington Rand 
' Inc I Buffalo N. Y. Covered top construction for desks 
nnd the like. 2.635.n3.-». Apr. 2L 
Andersen. Soren K.. and R. W. Jensen 
Garrett Corporation, Los Angeles, 
separator. 2.034,820, Apr. 14. ' 
Andersen, Walther M. A., assignor to 
Laboratories, Inc., Hartford, Conn. 
for<lelav lines. 2,603.006. Dec. 15. 
Andershock. Chester E. assignor to Goodman 
turing Company, Chicago, HI. Articulated 
with awlveling means. 2.642.982. June 23. 
Andershock. Chester E.. assignor to (Joodman Manufactur- 
ing Conipnnv, Chicago. 111. Tramming drive for min- 
ing nn<l l.mdinc machine. 2.001.629, Depi 8.. 
Anderson, A. C. Inc.. assignee: See — X\ 

Anderson. Arthur C. / 

Anderson. Adella S.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Combination towel 

nnd beach bug. 2.626,648, Jan. 27. 
AnderstMi, .Mlnrt L., and J. D. Holmen, assignors, by 
mesne assignments, to Precision Cosmet Company. Inc., 
Minneapolis. Minn. Fabrication of artificial eyes. 
2.0.*;?.32S. Sept. 20. 
Anderson, Alfred F., East Hartford, assignor to The Fuller 
Brush Company, Hartford, Conn. Brushmaklng ma- 
chine. 2.649,330, Aug. 18. 
Anderson, Alfred II., assignor to A nnd K Safety Carton 
Cutter, Inc., Los Angeles, Calif. Carton cutter having 
a retractable guard. 2,044.230, July 7. 
Anderson, Alva E., Mountainside, and R. W. Sears, West 
Orange, N. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Band-width reduction 
avstem. 2.029,771 . Feb. 24. 
Anderson. Alvln P., Woodcliff Lake, N. J., assignor to 
Shell Development Company, .San Francisco, Calif. 
Asplinlt composition and preparing the same. 2,649,384, 
» Aug. 18. 
Anderson Anna S., Alexis, III. Mattress 

Apr. 14. 
Anderson, Arthur C, Wlldwood .Crest, assignor to 
Anderson. Inc.. Wlldwood, N. ^J. Flow control 
2,650.846, Oct. 27. 
Anderson, .Arthur J. : S^ec — 

Lentz, Marshall E.. -\nderson, and Drifllll. 
Anderson, Arthur P.. assignor to The Waterbury Lock k 
, Specialty Company, Mllford, Conn. Control-mechanlam 
for pvrophorlc lighters of the gaseous fuel type. 
2,633,724. Apr. 7. 
Anderaon. Arthur R., Tacoma. Wash. Mold for casting 
monolithic spherical tanks. 2.032,220, Mar. 24. 

Anderson, Arthur W., and B. V. Moeller assignors to The 
Dow Chemical Company, Midland Mich. Improving the 
cold-water solubility of a fibrous cellulose ether. 

An^derVon^ Arv^d^K.. Cornwall. Pa., assignor to Bethlehem 
Steel Company. Flotation of pyrites from a pyrite ore 
pulp. 2,630.604. Apr. 28. „ ._ 

Anderson, August P., Goshen, Ind. Compressor. 2,628,76&, 

Anderson," Austin E., Jamestown N. T. Valved pipe cou- 
pling for suction lines. 2.647.767, Aug. 4 

Anderson, Austin E.. Jamestown. N. Y Method of and 
apparatus for washing milking machines. 2,650,1.9, 

Anderson.' Austin E.. Jamestown, N. Y. 

drinking bowl. 2,664.009. Dec. 29 
Anderson. Austin E., Jamestown, N. 1. 

. assignors to The 
Calif: Gas-liquid 



Ma nu fad- 


A. C. 

for milking system. 2.00 

4,104. Dec. 29. 

Animal operated 
Valved coupling 

and O. Adamec, 
to said Anderson. 

lor iiiiiKiii)^ B2°'«=^'"- -.^.••'^•' " '. - ■ -■ 

.\nder8on Box Company, assignee : bee — 

Ferguson Kenneth C. 
Anderson Brass Works, assignee : See — 

Culverbouse, Carl R., Jr. 
Anderson, Carl, Morningdale, Mass., 
Broux, N. Y. ; said Adamec assignor 
Electric flatlron. 2.639,520/May 26. 
Anderson. Carl A. : See— ^-- . . 

Danlelson, Vernon S., aiid Anderson. 
- Williams. Warren J., and Anderson. 

Anderson. Carl A., assignor to W . H M>P,%- fw'^ ' 
cago. 111. Mine car draft rigging. 2,0r.4,J13. J^.^^,. 

Anderson, Carl A., Jr.. St. Joseph, Mich. Hydraulic 
elevator. 2.647,590, Aug. 4. t:..„,^,„ t««i 

Anderaon. Carl E., Manasquan asslpor to Eastern Tool 
& Mfg. Co., Belleville, N. J. Key case. 2,656,871, 

Anderson.' Carl G., Elgin, assignor to Chicago Metal Hose 
Corporation, .Maywood. 111. Welding method and article 
produced thereby. 2.029.806, Feb. 24. .„n-„.H 

Anderson, Carl G.. Joplln, Mo. Cinder and cement railroad 
tie with cushioning means. 2,631,784, Mar. 17. 

Anderson, Carl <;., Jr. : 6'ce — 

Greeman. George -A., and Anderson. 

Anderson, Carl J;, assignee : See — i 

Ande?8o"n:Car"rJ.^' Council Bluffs Iowa.- W^ J. Miller 
North Platte, and W. Jansky, Omaha. Nebr. Brake 
beam safety support. 2,632.531, Mar. 24. „,„^^,,„ 

Anderson. Carl N., Staten Island, C. J. I^fnn^n^^^'o^'K}^"; 
and W A. Grae^inger, Queens Village, N. Y. Can opener 
and scaler. 2,031,366, Mar. 17 ♦^ a,,. Pm/i 

Anderson, Carl R.. Allentown, Pa., assignor to Air I rod- 
ucts' Incorporated. Method of nnd apparatus for pump- 
ing liquefied gases. 2,003,160, Dec. 22. 

Anderson, Carroll R., Mlnnetonka Beach, as^lf""/ . *» 
Mnnslngwear. Inc.. Minneapolis, Minn. Garment having 
a resilient section 2.036,368, Apr. 28. 

Anderson, Charles C. : See — 

Wheatley. John B.. Gauhatz, and Anderson. 

Anderson, Chnrlea F., Decorah. Iowa. Article sorting 
device. 2,040.805, July 28. 

Anderson. Charles H. J. : N'c- - 

Van Werd, Joli.innes H. F.. and Anderson ^ _. . 

Anderson, Charles H. J., and J. II. F van Werd Eind- 
hoven, Netherlands, assignors to Hartford National 
Bank and Trust Company. Hartford. Conn., as trustee. 
Electric lamp holder. 2,658,118, Nov. 3 

Anderson. Chester- S.. St. ('harles 111. Pluuibjng device 
for use In hanging wallpaper. 2.<.24.118 Jan. 

Anderaon, Chester S., St. Charles 111. _^«»n^"«'"Mrr"'2i 
having a laterally movable head. 2,633,049 Mar. 31. 

Anderson. Clnir H., Sr., San Diego, Calif. Angle measur- 
ing tool. 2,049,780, Aug. 25. 

Anderson Clarence A.. San Dieco. Calif. Instrument for 
Indicating i)ermeahllity.^^.0.'i9,857. Nov. 17, 

Anderson. Clarence E,. Wadsworth, Ohio, assignor 
Bahcock & Wilcox Company, New lork. 
Self-supporting automatically operable tube 
2.038.007. May 19. 

Anderson. Clarence N., Northwood, Iowa. 
2,040.240. July 21. 

Anderson Company. The, assignee : Bee — 
Boddy. Leonard 

Anderson, Dan C. : See — 

Hagemever, Hugh J., Jr., and Anderson. ^ ^ _ 

Anderson, David E., assignor to Thompson Products Inc^ 
Cleveland. Ohio. Carburetor aupplementary fuel feed 
device with auxiliary fuel pump. 2,000.417, Nov. 24. 

Anderson David E., Shaker Heights, assignor to Thomp- 
son Products, Inc., Cleveland. Ohio. Supplementary 
fuel feed device. 2.024.558. Jan. 0. 

Anderson, David E., R. A. Kolonick and W. Raymor as- 
signors to Thompson Products, Inc.. Cleveland. Ohio. 
Supplemental fuel feed device. 2,642,082. June 16. 

Anderson. David G., Jamestown, N. Y. Hook guard. 
2.000,871. Dec. 1. • 

Anderson, Earl I.. Manhasset, N. Y., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Combined video gain and fre- 
quency response control. 2.027,022. Jan. 27. 

Anderson, Earl R., Campbell, Calif. Processing apparatus. 
2,630,908, Mar. 10. 

Anderson. Edmund B.. Rockford. assignor to Borg-War- 
ner Corporation. Chicago. 111. Universal Joint bonded 
boot. 2,029,992. Mar. 3. 

to The 
N. Y. 

Flag holder. 


• :\ 



Anderson. K«Jwanl (J., rhilailelphl.i. I'a. Fixture for 
cutting pleoes. 2.«>5.'J.t>3.'l, Sept. 20. 

Anderson. Edward P.. Teaneck, ansifnor to Charles Engel- 
hard, Incorporated, East Newark. N. J. Furnace at- 
mosphere Indicator. 2.639.G10. May 2«;. 

Anderson, Edwin F.. Salt Lake City. Utah, agaipnor to 
I A. D. and F. (i. Elmer, as Joint tenants. Water softener. 
2.627.503. Feb. 3. 

Anderson, Elmer O., Portland, Oreg. Self protecting 
valve. 2,658,711, Nov. 10. 

Anderson, Emil W., and V, D. Anderson, Rugby, N. Dak. 
Booster battery carting And emergency servicing equip- 
ment. 2.«n9,042, .Nov. 10. 

Anderson, Eric E.. Needhara nelghta. Mass.. asslpnor. by 
mesne asslennients. to National Pneumatic Co., Inc. 
SlKnalln>r switch device. 2.G24.S0H. »;. 

Anderson, Eric W., Chicago. 111. Sausage linking machine. 
2.641.798 June '16. 

Anderson, hrnest O.. Snn Jose, Calif. Pulsating type tire 
(raiitre. 2.r.(;i.7fiO. Dec. « 

Anderson. Everett V., Xangatuck, Conn., assignor to 
Unlttil Stat's Itubher Company, New York. N. Y. Aque- 
ous dispersions of butyl rubber-natural rubber blends. 
2,658,044, Nov. 3. 

Anderson. Farrel L., and O. Bowers. Bird City. Kans. 
Tire trtiintj device. 2.649.66.'5. Aug. 25. 

Anderson. Floyd E. : See — 

.Mast, George W., and Anderson. 
Scudl. John V., and Anderson. 

Anderson. Frahk W.. North Weymooth, assignor to Murphy 
Automatic Plnsetter Company, Inc.. Somerville. Muss. 
Alley sweep. 2,«29..^9r), Feb. 24. 

Anderson, Fred A., Kichmond Hill, N. Y., D. G. Blattner. 

Mountain Lake.s, N. J., and V, F. Miller, Plandonie, 

asHicnors to Bell Telephone IJiboratorles Incorporate<l, 

' New York. N. Y. Swaslng pliers for electrical connec- 

tlon.-*. 2.«27.769. Feb. 10 

Anderson. Frwlericic E., Elizabeth, W. Va., assignor to 
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, 
Del. Cutting machine for plastic sheeting. 2,655,213, 
Oct. 13. 
"Anderson, Frithlof B., Fanwood, N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated New York, N. Y. 
Variable frequency oscillator. 2.633,534, Mar. 31. 

Anderson, neorge, Walla Walla. Wash. Punchboard chance 
counting punch means. 2.661,156, Dec. 1. 

Anderson, George B., Davenport, Iowa. Shield for nearo- 
calometers. 2,646.035. July 21. 

Anderson. George L., Alexandria. Va., assignor to the 
United States of America as represented by the Secre- 
tary of the Army. Foldable ration heater. 2.627,263. 
Feb. 3. 

Anderson, George W., Great Neck, N. Y. Can opener- 
handle combination. 2.648.900, Aug. 18. 

Anderson. G.'orjre W.. Port Washingtoni N. Y. Joint for 
demonntnhle furniture. 2,636,229, Apr. 28. 

Anderson, Gordon A. : See — 

Paul, Philip T.. and Anderson. 

Anderson, Gordon C. : See — ' 

Tarbox, Philip B., and Anderson. 

Anderson. Gordon H.. Ingiewood, Calif., assignor to North 
American Aviation, Inc. Disconnect coupling. 
2 646.294 July 21. 

Anderson. Guy K. Wytopltlock, Maine. 
2.6,^0,062. Aag. 25. 

Anderson, Harold. Lansing, MIcb. 
2.6.-6.213, Oct. 20. 

Anderson. Harold (}. : See — 

Euwer. Herbert D.. and Anderson 

Anderson. Harold G., Fort I,,oe. N. J.. .. ... „„..„, 

Roosevelt, H.<tslgnors to American Car and Foundrv Com- 
pany, New York, N. Y. Wheel housing cover. 2,650.547. 
Sept. 1. 

Anderson. Harry J., assignor to HUls-McCanna Company, 
Chicago. Ilk Pump and stroke adjusting mechanism. 
2.634.083. Apr. 14. 

Anders.. n. Harry N.. Orleans. Vt Folding table leg lock. 
2.633.066. Sept. 22. 

Anderson. Henry Spencer, Iowa. Valve with foot acta- 

• ated control. 2.649.116, Aug. 18. 

Anderson. Herbert M., Concord, assignor to Tide Water 
Associated Oil Company, San l«>anclsro, Calif. Pro- 
duction of sulfur from hydrogen sulfide. 2,650.154. 
Aug. 25. 

Anderson. Homer G., Newtonvllle. assignor to Ravtheon 
Manufacturing Company, Newton. .Mas.s. Electron dis- 
charge device. 2.62.'). 6»;9, Jan. 13. 

Anderson. Howard F.. Torrington. Conn., assignor to 
The American Brass Company. Rolling mill and coiling 
apparatus. 2.653.496, Sept. 29. 

Anders.>n. Hniro. and H. P. Phillips. a8.slKnors to Hast- 
ings Manufacturing Company. Hastings. >fi<h PistwA 
rlnc assembly an,l ring support and expander menib4T. 
2.6.-0.6.10. Nov. 17. 
Anderson. Hugo P. : See — 

Phillips. Harold P., and Anderson. 

Anderson. Irwin L,. Cleveland. Ohl6. Adjustable support. 
2.628.051. Feb. 10 

Anderson. J. M., trustee, assignee : See — 
Bernett, Willis J. 

Anderson. James. Newton Mearns. Scotland. Impact 
valve for metal-cutting machines. 2.634. 7.'>6. .Xpr. 14. 

Anderson, James A., Hartford, Ala. Peanut harresting 
machine. 2,632.290. Mar. 24. 

Nonskid attachment. 

Tire spreader. 
Camp trailer. 

and G. B. Parsons. 

Pa., assignor to Ingersoll- 
Y. Llquld-gas separator. 

Anderson, James D., Detroit, Mich, 

2 038,954 May 19. 
Anderson James H., Easton. 

Rand Company. New York. N 

2 626,006 Jan. 20. 
Anderson, James H., Elaston. Pa., assignor to Ingersoll- 

Rand Company, New York. N. Y. Vibration, absorbing 

handle for rock drills. 2,629,364, Feb. 24. 
Anderson James H. Easton, Pa. asslcnor to Ingersoll- 

Rand Company. New York. N. Y. Resonant explosion 

Sis turbine plant with a mixing chamber. 2,029,983, 
ar. 3. 

Anderson, James H., Easton. Pa^ assignor to Ingersoll- 
Rand Company, New York. N. Y. Blower blade fasten- 
ing device. 2.661,147, Dec. 1. 

Anderson. James H., Easton, Pa., and G. Farnell, Phillips- 
barg, N. J., assignors to Ingersoll-Rand Company New 
York, N. I. One-half wave length resonant explosion 
gas unit. 2.62VI63 Feb. 3. 

Anderson. James w., Kansas City, Kans. Fountain brush 
head having slldlnz valve. 2,638,614. May 19. 

Anderson, John, 8. Coldfleld, and R. S. Goy, Castle Brom- 
wlch, Birmingham, England, assignors to Dunlop Tire 
and Rubber Corporation^ Buffalo, N. Y. Making tennis 
balls. 2.652,094, Sept. 15. 

Anderson. John A., Ortonvllle, Minn. Stone digger. 
2.624, 0.-iO, Jan. 13. 

Anderson. John E. : See — 

Martin Erie. Be4>be, and Anderson. 

Anderson. John E.. Portland, assignor to United Aircraft 
Corporation. East Hartford, Conn. Pitch lock mecha- 
nism. 2,635,702, Apr. 21. 

Anderson, John E.. Portland, assignor to T'nited Aircraft 
Corporation. East Hartford, Conn. Hub mounted con- 
trol. 2.653.668. Sept. 29. 

Anderson, John F., Oakland. Calif. No-draft arm signal- 
ing vehicle window. Re. 25.633. Mar. 24. ' 

Anderson, John F., Oakland, Calif. No-draft, arm sig- 
naling vehicle window. 2.658.791, Nov. 10. 

Anderson, John F., Seattle, Wash. Headset for sup- 
porting a telephone. 2.653,193, Sent. 22. 

Anderson. John L.. assignor to National Rejectors. Inc., 
St. Louis, Mo. Slug rejector scavenger. 2.624,438, 
Jan. 6. 

Anderson. John R . Berkeley Heights. N. J assignor to 
Bell Telephone I^Aboratories, Incorporated, New York, 
NY. Macnetlcljead. 2.fiO_M20. IVc. 8. 

Anderson, John S.J Cokato, Minn. Telescoping television 
mast. 2,632.850, Mar. 24. 

Anderson. John T., Portland. Greg. Synchronizer. 
2.642,234 June 16. 

Anderson. John W. : See — 

Ingalls. David, and Anderson. 

.Vnderson. John W., Raldoon. Shaw, via Blayney, New 
South Wales, Australia. Portable hinged slat fence. 
2.628,074. Feb. 10 

Anderson, John W.. Edlna, assignor to Mlnneanolls-Honey- 
wcll Regulator Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Auto- 
matic pilot. 2.633.314. .>Iar. 31. 

Anderson. John W., (Jary, Ind.. assignor to Productive In- 
ventions. Inc. Cabinet and bracket therefor. 2,632,684. 
Mar. 24. 

Anderson, John W., Gary. Ind.. assignor to Productive 
Inventions. Inc. Connector for wiper blades and arms. 
2 632 907 Mar 31 

An*<^er8on, John W., Gary, Ind.. assignor to Productive 
Inventions. Inc. Connector. 2.632.910, Mar. 31. 

Anderson. John W., Gary, Ind., assignor to Productive 
Windshield wiper arm. 2,642,611, 

assignor to Productive 
pad for windshields. 

Inventions, Inc. 
June 23. 

Anderson. John W., Gary. Ind. 
Inventions. Inc. Cleaning 
2 644,974. July 14 

Anderson. John W.. Edlna. and R. R. Chapman, assignors 
to MinnenpoUs-Honeywen Regulator Company. Minne- 
apolis. Minn. Automatic pilot. 2,662,705, Dec. 15. 

Anderson. Karl R. : See — 

McClelland. Arthur H., and Anderson. 

Anderson. Karl V.. Schenectady, assignor to American 
locomotive Company. New York. N. Y. Combustion 
chamber for internal-combastion engines. 2.644,433, 
Jnly 7. 

.\nderson, Kathryn B., Grosse Polnte Farms. Mich. Device 
for supporting a camera or similar Instrument. 
2.6.36,822, .Apr. 28. 

.\nderson, I..awrence C, : See — 

Kasten. Walter, and Anderson. 

Anderson. Leslie J., Moorestown, and M. E. Hawley, Col- 
llngwoo<l. N. J., assignors to Radio Corporation of 
America. Thermomagnetic transducer. 2,637,823, 
May 5. 

Anderson, Leslie J.. Moorestown, N. J., and R. K. Duncan. 
Wooilborn, Ind., assignors to Radio Corporation of 
America. Electromechanical transducer. 2,645,683, 
Jnly 14. 

Anderson. Lloyd L. : See — 

Mark, Vennlce E., and Anderson. 

Anderson, Lloyd L., Grand Rapids, assignor to Jerrls Cor- 
poration, Orandville, Mich. Latch mechanism. 
2.652,227. Sept. 15. 

Anderson^ Lloyd L.. and N. S. Waring. Grand Rapids, and 
A. W. Korb. Grand vUle, Mich., assignors to Jervls Cor- 
poration. Magnetic door seal. 2,659,114, Nov. 17. 





Anderson, Lloyd L., and N. 8. Waring. Grand Rapids, and 
A. W. Korb, Grandvllle, Mich., assignors to Jervis Cor- 
poration. Magnetic door seal. 2,659,115, Nov. 17. 
Anderson Lloyd L., and N. S. Warinj^, Grand Rapids, and 
A. W. Korb, Grandvllle, Mich., assignors to Jervis Cor- 
poration. Magnetic door seal. 2,659,1 18, Nov. 17. 
Anderson, Marlon F., Grand Island, Nebr. Carburetor 

adapter. 2.645,570, July 14. 
Anderson, Martin J., assignor to Mathews Conveyer Com- 
pany, Ellwood City, Pa. Universal coupling for con- 
veyers. 2,649.177. Aug. 18, 
AndersuA, kelson E., Berkeley Heights, N. J.^ assignor 
to Air Reduction Company, Incorporated, New York, 
N. Y, Electric welding apparatus, 2 659.796. Nov. 17. 
Anderson, Nelson B., Scotch Plains, N. J., assignor to Air 
Reduction Company. Incorporated, Stabilizing welding 
arc. 2,629,071, Feb. 17. 
Anderson. Nelson E. Berkeley Heights, and E. T. Sulli- 
van. Laurence Harbor, N. J., assignors to Air Reduction 
Company. Incorporated, Now Y'ork, N. Y. Arc welding 
appai-atus. 2,6,'>9,707. Nov. 17. 
Anaerson, Noel M.. Des Moines, Iowa. Y'ard hydrant. 

2,649,111, Aug. 18, 
Anderson, Noel .M., Des Moines, Iowa. Hydrant. 

2 649.708. Aug. 25. 
Anderson, S'orman C, Anburndale, assignor to Flreye 
Corporation, Cambridge, Mass. Photoconductive cell. 
2.636,100, Apr. 21. 
Anderson, .Norman C, Batavla. assignor to Continental 
Electric Company, Geneva, III. Apparatus and method 
for making a photoconductive element. 2,059,682, Nov, 
Anderson, Olof G. : See — 

Cletus, Carl A and Anderson. 
Anderson, Oscar M., assignor to Landers, Frary & Clark, 
New Britain, Conn. Vacuum cleaner nozzle and comb- 
ing tooth construction therefor. 2,626,419, Jan. 27. 
Anderson. Oscar M.. assignor to I.Ander8, Frary A Clark, 
New Britain, Conn. Self-cleaning strainer arrange- 
ment for dishwashing machines. 2,649,765, Aug. 25. 
Anderson. Oscar M., assignor to Landers, Frary and 
Clark, New Britain, Conn. Coupling for drink mixers. 
2 664.002, Dec. 20. 
Anaerson, Paul V,, Gardner. Mass. Stabilizing wheel 

attachment for bicycles. 2.647,764, Aug. 4. 
Anderson, Perrv\ assignor to A, O. Smith Corporation, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Carbon arc welding apparatus. Apr. 21. 
Anderson. Philip K., Rahway, N. J., assignor to The 
American Metal Company, Ltd.. New York. N. Y. Sub- 
merged blast reaction tank. 2.624.657. Jan. 6. 
Anderson, Philip K., Rahway, N, J., assignor to The 
American Metal Company Ltd., New York, N, Y. Pro- 
ducing copper oxychlorlde. 2,655,432, Oct. 13. 
Anderson Products, Inc., assignee : See — 

Ferguson, Warren T. 
Anderson. Ralph F.. assignee : Bee — 

Anderson, Swan F. 
Anderson, Ralph F., Rockford, 111. Stick dispensing ma- 
chine. 2,645.398, July 14. 
Anderson. Ua.vmond B., Oklahoma City, Okla. Flat tire 

signal. 2 6.-0.781. Nov. 17. 
Anderson, Ravmond J., assignor to The Dow Chemical 
Compaiiy. Midland, Mich. Production of anhydrous 
zirconium fluoride. 2.639.218, May 19. 
Anderson. Ravmond T.. Lakewood, assignor to The V. D. 
Anderson Le>mpanv. Clevel.nnd. Ohio. Counter-current 
extraction apparatus. 2,663,623, Dec. 22. 
Anderson Richard E.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
F. H. Reeves, Portland, Oreg. Variable stroke multi- 
piston pumr». 2.625.887. Jan. 20. 
Anderson. Richard M., Rockford. 111. Toy balloon novelty. 

2.635.387. Apr. 21. 
Anderson, Richard W. : See — 

Rabum, Louis E., and Anderson. 
Anderson. RoN-rt : See— 

Seeloff. Melvln M.. and Anderson, 
Anderson, Rob«>rt, I>es Plaines, and R. F. Bracke, Ar- 
lington Heights, assignors, bv mesne assignments, to 
R. F. Bracke k Company, Chicago, III. Caituretor. 
2.662.758. IH'C. 15. 

Anderson, Robert B., and J. F. Sbults. Pittsburgh. Pa.. 
assignors to the United States of America as represente<l 
bv the Secretary of the Inferior. Iron nitride catalysts 
in carbon oxide h.vdrogenations. 2.629.728. Feb. 24. 

Anderson, Robert O., Erie Pa. Du^t collector and mop 
storage device. 2,631 .3lft, Mar. 17. 

Anderson. Robert I.. Muskegon Mich., assicnor to The 
Brunswiek-Balke-Collender Company. Chicago, 111, 
Bowling pin setter. 2.634.978, Apr. 14. 

Anderson. Robert J. : See — fr *" ' 

Noon, T Cyril, and Anderson. 

Anderson. Robert L, : See — 

Walley. Omar C, and Anderson. 

Anderson, Robert L., Garfield Heights, assignor to Jack & 
Helntz, Inc.. Cleveland, Ohio, Electric motor brake- 
coupling assembly. 2,628,321. Feb. 10. 

Anderson, Roger, Seattle, Wash. Orthopedic brace. 

2.6,12.442. Mar. 24. 
Anderson, Roy II.. Bellevoe, assignor to Boeing Airplane 

Company. Seattle, Wash. Shaft coupling mechanism. 

2,626,027, Jan. 20. 

Drill pipe 

Anderson, Roy H., Bellevue. assignor to Boeing Airplane 
Company, Seattle, Wash.- Limit stop mechanism. 
2,631,709, Mar. 17. 

Anderson, Rugner E., Oroflno, Idaho. Can puncturing 4«,- 
vice. 2.624,108, Jan. 6. 

Anderson. Russell J., Racine. Wis., assignor to Belle City 
Malleable Iron Company. Tiitable dumping device for 
mold conveyers. 2,662,651, Dec. 15. ,, ., 

Anderson, Swan F., assignor of one-half to himself and 
one half to R. F. Anderson, Rockford, 111. Sandwich 
machine, 2,639,677, May 26. , ^ 

Anderson, Swan F., assignor of one-half to R. F. Anderson, 
Rockford, 111. Balancing device. 2,641,877, June 16. 

Anderson, Thomas : 6'ec — 

Levitt, Percy B., and Anderson. 

Anderson, Thomas F. : See — 

Daugherty, Clyde J., and Anderson. 

Anderson. Thomas F., HunUville Ala,, assignor to Libbey- 
Owens-Ford Glass Company, Toledo. Ohio. Polymeriz- 
able polyester compositions. 2,632,752. Mar. 24. 

Anderson, Thomas F., HuntsvlUe, Ala., assignor to Libbey- 
Owens-Ford Glass Company, Toledo, Ohio. Polyester 
compositions stabilized with p-t>enzoquinone8. 2,032,753, 
Mar. 24. , ..^.^ 

Anderson, Thomas F., HuntsvlUe. Ala., assignor to Llbbey- 
Owens-Ford Glass Company Toledo Ohio. Polyester 
compositions stabilized with a hydroxybenzoic acid. 
2,635,089. Apr. 14. ^ , ^. 

Anderson. Thomas F., assignor to Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass 
Company, Toledo, Ohio. Stabilized polyester composi- 
tions. 2,632, 7.'il, Mar. 24. . 

Anderson, Tllman R., VIroqua, Wis. Shelf. 2,643,931, 
June 30. 

Anderson. Tore N. : See — 

Coolldge. Roger S., Keely. Smith, and Anderson. 

Anderson. V. D., Company, lUie, assiynee : 6'ft — 
Anderson, Raymond T. 
Dunning, John W. 

.Anderson, \ ernon H., Hermosa Beach, Calif, 
wiper. 2.654,906, Oct. 13. 

Anderson, Vernon L., assignor of one-half to P. 
Chrlstensen, Kansas City, Mo. Bowling ball grip stry 
ture. 2.656. 1H8. Oct. 20, 

Anderson, Virgil D. : See — 

Anderson. Emll W., and V. D. Anderson. 

Anderson, Volney S., Los Angeles, Calif. .Means for strip- 
ping rubber articles from a core. 2,003,902. Dec. 29. 

Anderson, W. E., Inc., assignee : See — 
Webster, Raymond C. 

Anderson, Walter A., Bridgeport, Conn,, assignor to Under- 
wood Corporation, New York, N. Y. Front feed pai)er 
gauge. 2,626.696. Jan. 27, 

Anderson, Walter A., Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to Un- 
derwood Corporation, New York N. Y. Automatic car- 
riage return coatrol. 2,630,900, Mar. 10. 

Anderson, Walter A., Bridgeport. Conn., assignor to 
Underwood Corporation, New York, N. Y. Removable 
control plate for accounting machines. 2,034,051, 

Anderson, Walter A., Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to Un- 
derwood Coriwration, New York, N. Y. Front feed 
carriage for accounting machines. 2,630.019. May 19. 

Anderson, Walter A., Bridgeport, Conn'., assignor to Under- 
wood Corporation, New York, N. Y. Multizero Indexing 
device for adding machines. 2,647,690, Aug. 4. 

Anderson, Walter A., Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to Un- 
derwood Corporation, New York, N. Y. Item retain- 
ing mechanism for accounting machines. 2,655,312, 
Oct. 13. ^ ^ 

Anderson Walter A., Trumbull. Conn., assignor to Under- 
wood Corporation, New York. N. Y'. Type bar restrain- 
ing mechanism for accounting machines. 2,039,088, 
Mav 19. 

Anderson. Walter A., Trumbull, Conn., 
wood Corporation. New York, N. Y. 
mechanism for accounting machines. 

Anderson. Walter A,, Trumbull, Conn., . 
wood Corporation, New York, N. Y. 
device. 2,647,600, Aug. 4. 

Anderson, Walter A., Trumbull, Conn., assignor to Under- 
wood Corporation, New York. N. Y. Skip tabulating 
mechanism for accounting machines. 2.647.691. Aug. 4. 

Anderson, Walter A., Trumbull. Conn., assignor to Under- 
wood Corporation, New Y'ork, N. Y. Paper guide for 
accounting machines. 2.650,688, Sept. 1. 

Anderson. Walter J. : See — 

Larsen. Morwln J.. Anderson. Erlckson. an.l Evett. 

Anderson, Walter J., Elgin, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Central Commercial Industries, Inc., Chicago, 
111. Musical Instrument. 2.649,007, Aug. 18, 

Anderson. Walter M., Hubbard, Oreg. Solid wall struc- 
ture. 2.624.020. Jan. 13 

Anderson, Walter R.. Cleveland, Ohio, assignor to Koebrlng 
Companv, Milwaukee, Wis, Carry-type scraper and 
digging front apron arrangement, 2,648 920, Aug. 18. 

.Vnderson. Werner B.. assignor to Detroit Steel Products 
Companv. Detroit. Mich. Inlaid surface for window 
sills. 2.063.388. Dec. 22. 

Anderson, Wilbur G., Jr., assignor to American Box Board 
Company, Grand Rapids, Mich. Folding box. 2.639,080, 
May 19. 

Anderson, Wilbur G., Jr.. assignor to American Box Board 

assignor to Under- 

Reglster selecting 

2,642.222, June 16. 

assignor to Under- 

Overload release 

Company, (irand 
2,645.353, July 14. 

Rapids, Mich, Golf dub box. 



Anderson. William D. L.. Salt Lake Cltj. Utah. Tranifer 
meaoi for pillow feathers and the like. 2.600,011, Aug. 

Anderson. William F.. Wilmington. Calif. Sewer cleanout 
Implement. 2,0.37 058. May 5. 

Anderson, William J., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
A. E. Payne, Springfield, Ohio. Illuminated sign. 
2.637,92r.. May 12. „ . 

Anderson, William ■--., assignor of one-half to J. E. Axeman, 
WiUlamsport, Pa. Shaft bearing. 2,648,575 Aug. 11. 

Anderson. William T.. East Jafb-ey. N. H. Downdraft 
diminishing means for chimneys. 2.635,5-_>6. Apr. 21. 

Anderxon. wTlllam T., Jr.. .Maplewood, aHulgnor to Hnn0- 
via rhemical A .Manufacturing Co., Newark N. J. Elec- 
trical conductor for discharge devices. 2.659,183, Nov. 

Anderson, William T. Jr.. Maplewood, assignor to Hano- 
via Chemical and Mfg. Company. Newark. .S. J. Ultra- 
violet vapor electric discharge device. 2.050,833. Nov. 

Anderson, Wilmer C, assignor to Deerlng Milliken Re- 
search Trust. fJreonwich, Conn. Protective device. 
2,661.551. IVc. 8 

Andersson. Bengt R.. and K. B. V. Qvarfordt. Gothenburg. 
Sweden. Pot type oil burner. 2.642,130, June 16. 

Andersson, Gastar H., assignor to Iialdex Aktiebolng. 

Ilalmstnd, Sweden 
2.645.857. July 21. 
An(lers.son. J. R.. & Co. A 

Dalilberjj. Bengt R. 
Andersson. Jonas L.. 
2^647,335. Aug. 4^ 


Shockpreof dial indicator. 
B, assignee : See — 
Iladlksvall, Sweden. Sign. 
Sweden. Fishing rod. 

Andersson, Karl 
2 847,001, July 28. 

Andersson. Oscar B. : flee — 

Kolpe, Oiof R.. and Andersson. 

Anderton, Benjamin A.. Cliffside Park, N. J., assignor to 
Allle<l Chemical & Dye Corporation. New York. N. T. 
Cold-ro)Iable paving mix. 2.629.»>«9. Feb. 24. 

Andina. Ernest J.. New York, assignor to Amsco Paclcaglng 
Machinery. Inc.. Long I."'land City. .N. Y. Machine for 
heat sealing thermoplastic materials. 2,638,964. May 

Andis Cllnj>er Company, assignee : See — 
Muinnirer. Uudolph C. 

Andler, Robert F.. assignor to Electrol Burner Manufac- 
turing Co., Inc., Rutherford. N. J. Control device for 
oil burners. 2.6 15.411. July 14. 

Andr**. Hi-nri. Montniortncy. France, assignor to l4l Sou- 
dure Electrlciue Lantmepin. Low voltage electrochemi- 
cal conden.ser of high sipeciflc gravity. 2,660,095, Nov. 

Andre, John R., assignee: See — * 

Coppage, Avery S. 

Andr4. Noble. San Francisco, Calif. Flap folding means. 
2,647,447. Aug. 4. 

Andre, Hotx^rt F., Cleveland Heights, Oliio. assignor, by 
mexne a.s.signments, to International Molded Plastics, 
Inc. Snap f.istoner fi>y »i|ock«. 2.64!»,S0.'?. Aug. 25. 

Andre Rubber (^ompany Limited, assignee : See — 
Clements. Henry. 

Andren, Karl 11.. (Jreenfleld. assignor to Counter and Con- 
trol Corporation. .Milwaukee. Wis. Portable sheet 
counter an<l marker. Re. 2.3.641. Apr. 14. 

-Andres. I.loyd J., assignor to Permo Incorporated, Chicago. 
HI. Hydrospeedometer. Apr. 28. . 

Andres, Lloyd J., assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
United Manufacturing Company, Chicago, 111. Phono- 
graph tone arm. 2,643,8*7, June 30. 

Andres. Llojd J.. Itasca, assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to H. C. Evans A Company. Chicago," 111. 'Record 
changing mechanism for automatic phonographs. 
2.630.323. Mar. .3. 

Andres, Stanley G.. Metnchen. N. J., assignor to Research 
Corporation. New York, N. Y. Collecting electrode. 
2.631. 6S6. .Mar. 17. 

Andresen. Hllmar A.. Chicago, 111. Fluid translating 
device. 2.640.(178. June 2. 

Andresen, Jobrt H.. Jr.. Port Washington, assignor, by 
me«n>* assignments, to Kollsman Instrument <'orporatlon. 
Elmhnrst. N. Y. Dive angle indicator for aircraft. 
2.6.3.-467. Apr. 21. 

Ai^resen. John H.. Jr., Port Washington, assignor to 
Kollsman Instrument Corporation Elinhurst, N. Y. 
Magnetic drag tachometer. 2,<>42.274. June 16; 

Andresen. John H.. Jr.. Port Washington, assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to Kollsman Instrument Corpora- 
tion. Elmhurst, N. Y. Power-time recorder. 2.645.118, 
July 14. 

Andreas. Harry J.. Jr.. Pitman, N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. Fuel oil composi- 
tion. 2.658.823, Nov. 10. 

Andress. Harry J.. Jr.. Woodbnry. and F. L. Nelson. Pit- 
man. N. J., assignors to Sooonr Vacuum Oil Company, 
Incorporated. Motor fuel. 2,654.697. Oct. 6. 

Andrew, CI vde M., assignor to Phie Bell, Inc., Greensboro, 
N. C. Making a laU-l. 2.662,0.33, Dec. 8. 

Andrew Corporation, assignee : See — 

Scheldorf. Marvel W. 
Andrew. Gordon W., Dayton. Ohio. Proportional control. Apr. 7. 
Andrew, Robert L., Elmlrn. N. Y. Auxiliary roller for 

lawn nn>wer!«. 2.644,290, July 7. 


Centrifugal control 
Colo. Escape nnlt 

See — 
and Bossbard. 

lUurewB. rr 


2 636.183 

inarews, It 

Andrews. Albert. Fort Collins. Colo, 
mechanism. 2,653.458, Sept. 29. 

Andrewa, Albert, Grand Junction, 
2 64«,»64, July 28. 

Andrews .\lderer Company, assignee : 
Thompson, Robert D., Alderfcr, 

Andrews. iJoley A. : See — 

Sabin Eugene R.. Andrews, and Shonti. 

Andrews. Dallas R., CoIUngswood, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America.'' Driving apparatus. 2,027,596, 
Feb. 3. _/ 

Andrews, Daly P., Mountain Grove. Mo. RecifftWSnng log 
■aw with cable driven carriage. 2,628,U49k Feb. 17. 

Andrews, Edward D., assignee : Bee — 
Alderfer. Sterling W. 

Andrews. Fred W., assignor to International Latex Cor- 
Dover, Del. Adjustable fastening device. 
Apr. 28. 

Andrews, Fred W., assignor to International Latex Cor- 
poration, Dover. Del. Display stand. 2.040,069, Aug. 

Andrews. Harry C. Denver. Colo, and J. F. Gifford. Rich- 
land. Wash., assignors to the Lnited States of America 
as represented by the United States Atomic Energy 
. Commission. Remote control pipetting unit. 2.624,656, 
Jan. 6. 

.\ndrewB. John M.,* assignor to York Corporation, York. Pa. 
Impeller pump with noise suppressing means. 2,032,394, 
Mar. 24. 

Andrews. John M.. assignor to York Corporation, York, 
Pa. Atmospheric condenser for refrigerating systems. 
2 650.0Z;i. Aug. 25. 

.\ndrews. John 'R.. Jr.. assignor to Bachmann Uxbrldge 
Worsted Co.. Inc.. Uxbrldge. Mass. .Apparatus for split- 
ting warp sheets and the like. 2,637^94 May 5. 

Andrews, John S., Los Angeles, Calif. Combination beater 
outlet and air circulator. 2,646 744, July 28. 

.\ndrew8, John W., Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to L'nited 
States Steel Corporation. Tin and tin alloy plating 
bath. 2,6^3.450 Mar. 31. 

Andrews, Joseph B., Jr., Cincinnati, Ohio, 
device. 2.637.527, May 5. 

.\ndrews. Kenneth J. M. : See — 

Morrison. Alexander L.. an<l Andrews. 

Well drilling 


Calif. Tool handle 


, Iowa, assignor to Deere A 
Ilurvester gatherer belt. 

Andrewa. Marianne, assignee 

CipoUa. Joseph S. 
Andrews, Michael Z., Chiila 
connection. 2,658,804, Nov. 
.\ndrews, Norman F., Ankeny 
O^mpany, Moline, 111.' 
2,637,436. May 5. 
Andrews. Percy W., New York, N. Y. Combined scissor 

and knife sharpener. 2.645,066 July 14. 
.\ndrew8, Ralph, Syracuse, N. Y. Hotntor drum truck. 

2.653.015. Sept. 22. 
Andrews. Steve J., assignor to TInncrman Products. Inc., 
Cleveland. Ohio. Fastening device. Re. 23.660. May 26. 
.\ndrew8, Walter A., assignor to Rolls-Royce Limited. 
Derbv, England. Control means for aircraft power 
plant installations. 2.629.560, Feb. 24. 
Andrews. William E.. New York. N. Y. Tunnel portal con- 
struction. 2.642.788 June 23. 
Andries. Alfonse M.. ( oiumbus. Ohl<v assignor to Blaw- 
Knox Company. Pittsburgh. Pa. Fluid Impact pulver- 
izer and separator. 2.624.516. Jan. 6. 
Andring. Frank P., assignee : See — 

Wilds. Charles C. ■ 

.\ndrosiglio, Lncio. Iloboken, N. J. Folding chair. 

2.658,562. Nov. 10. 
Andrus. Budd W., Eugene, assignor to Monarch Forge A 
Machine Works. Portland. Oreg. Sawmill carriage 
dogging apparatus. 2.633.879. Apr. 7. 
.\ndriiM Bu<l<l W.. Eugene, assignor to Monarch Forge A 
Machine Works. Portland. Oreg. Power transmission 
unit for sawmill carriages and the like. 2.637,428, 
.May 5. 
.Vndrus George. Minneapolis. Minn. Rocker convertible 

to nonrocking chair. 2.624.-393. Jan 6. 
Andrus. Orrln E.. Altadena. Calif., assignor to A. O. Smith 
Corporation, .Milwaultee. Wis. Dynsmoelectric appara- 
tus and making the same. 2,636,137. Apr. 21. 
.\ndr\is. rtrrin E.. assignor to A. O. Smith Corporation, 
Milwaukee. Wis. Manufacturing plated articles. 
2.653.211. Sept. 22. 
.\ndrus. Orrln E.. assignor to A. O. Smith Corporation. 
Milwaukee. Wis. Method and apparatus for manufac- 
turing composite plates. 2.657.208, Oct. 27. 
Anemostat Corporation of America, assignee: 
Kurth. Franx J. 

Kurth. KranT .1.. Phillips, and Waeldner, 
Lange. Adolf H. 
Phillips. Leonard U. 

Phillips, Leonard R.. and Nllsson. ( 

.\netsberger Brothers.ifnc. assignee : See — 
Anetsl)erger. Krank A. 
.Vnetsberger. Josenh F. and F. A. 
Kinzelman. Josepn. and Anetsberger. 
Whitehead. Dean, and Anetsljerger. 
AnetBl)erger. Frank A. : See — 

Anetsberger. .Joseph F". and F. A. 
Kinzelman. Jos«>ph, and Anetsberger. 
Anetsberger. Frank A., Chicago, assignor to 
Brothers, Inc., Northbrook. 111. Rotary 
2.632.410. Mar. 24. 

See — 

flour brush. 

J • 



Anetsberger, Joseph F. : See — 

Whitehead. Dean, and Anetsberger. ^ ^ ^ ^ . ^, 

Anestberger, Joseph K., Northbrooic. and F. A. Anetsberger, 
Chicago, assignors to Anetsberger Brothers. Inc North- 
brook, 111. Dough slicing apparatus. 2,660,133, Nov. 
24. . 

Angel. Perry L : ««*— „ ^ ^ , 

Mackay. Thomas R.. and Angel. Ti«.f.*^t„ 

Angell Elvin D., Glen Ellyn, assignor to M. Hartsteln, 
Chicago. 111. Coin-actuated article dispensing package. 

AngeU. Otis' R*. North Qulncy. Mass. Artificial flsh bait. 

2.631.397. Mar. 17. ^, , „, . „.. . „ ,,„ 

Angell. Paul M., assignor to Newly Heds Baking Co., 

Chicago, 111. Apparatus for manufacturing ice-cream 

cake confections and the like. - 6"7.237 Feb^ 3 
Angell, PaulM.. and W. J. Benn. assignors to ^e^'J Weds 

Bakfne Co Chicago. 111. Apparatus for manufacturing 

Ice cr°5Lm ckke rolls knd the like 2,627,236, Feb. 3 
Angell, Pierce T., Cleveland, and C. D. Vaughn, Wlck- 

llffe, assignors to Thompson Products Iiic, Cleveland. 

Ohio. Machine for milling Impeller wheels. 2,662,450, 

An?^n. Robert C, Prince Bay, N Y »«>Kno'" /<> R;,!!; 
Black, Corpus ChristI, Tex. Equipment for trea Ing 
teeth by means of flnelv powdered materials carried by 
a stream of gas. 2.661..537, D«'C. 8 

Angell, Walter B.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Automatic motor- 
driven pencil sharpener. 2.657,672, Nov. 3. 

Angelo NiiiiHlas C. Waco. Tex. Child's portable chair. 
2,0.37.372. May 5. ^ , _„ , . 

Angelo. Nicholas J.. Evergreen Park. 111., assignor to 
\V j and W. G. Podbielnlak. Centrifugal counter- 
curtent exchange device. 2.652.975. Sept. 22. 

Angelns Engineering Corporation, assignee : See — 

MazEola. Ambrose. , . i. * 

Ang^nieux. Pierre. Paris, France. Large aperture photo- 
graphic objective. 2,649,021. Aug. 18. «k.^ 

Ang^nieux, Pierre, Paris, France. Wide-angle photo- 
graphic objective lens assembly. 2,649,022, Aug. 18. 

Anger, Ernest G., Wauwatosa, Wis., assignor to Sqtiare D 
Company. Detroit, Mich. Electric control circuit. 
2.634.320. Apr. 7. ^ .4 . . ^v n i*^ 

Anger Hal O.. I>ong Beach. Calif., assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the Secretary or 
War. Interference reducing pulse echo signaling sys- 
tem. 2,635.231 , Apr. 14. ... 

AngiPr, Robert B., Pearl River, assignor to American 
Cyanamid Company. New York. N. Y. 2-pyrrolldone-5- 
carboxamide derivatives and preparing the same. 

Angiolino I'juv. and J. Galuppo. Brooklyn. N. Y. Binding 

and stemming machine. 2.653.430. Sept. 29. 
Angles d'Auriac. I»anl. assignor to Ateliers Neyret-Beyller 
A Piccard Pictet. Grenoble, France. Pressure regulator. 
2,651,323, Sept. 8. 
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company I>imited. assignee: Bee — 
Hareanape, John N., and Hesling. 
Haresnnpe. John N., and Housam. 
Haresnape. John N., and Porter. 
LowBon. Murray H. i 

Macl^ean. Thomas T. ' 

Oldham Wilfred J., and Wirth. 
Porter, Frederick W. B., and Haresnape. 
Porter. Frederick W. B., and Northcott. 
Anpstadt. John W., Kenmore. N. Y.. assignor by mesne 
assignments, to Blaw-Knox Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Method and apparatus for distributing viscous liquids 
and heavv slurries. Nov. 17. 
Angus. Max R.. and A. E. Brinkman, North Hobart. 
Tasmania. Australia : said Brinkman assignor to said 
Angus. Adjustable frame for supporting or mounting 
flat pieces or objects. 2.633.653. Apr. 7. 
Animal Trap f'ompany of America, assignee: See — 
<^rnvbill. Hershey R 

aLehn. John U., and Weldmnn. 
Jeskev, Alphonse F., Cleveland, assignor to The Cleve- 
land Crane A Engineering Company, WicklifTe, Ohio. 
Overhead monorail system. 2.642,814, June 23. 
Anker- Werke. A. G.. assignee : See — 
Aurbach. Kurt, and Klaar. 
Anrbach. Kurt, and Schaper. 
Klaar. .\lbert._ 
Rcliaper, Hans. 
Sobisch, Johannes. 
Anlo Inc.. assignee : See — 
^ Kurt. Anton. 

Annas. Paul J.. Cleveland, and R 
said Bise assignor to said 
2,6.33.027, Apr. 7. 
Annelle Manufacturing Co., Inc., assignee 

Shiltong. Ellen F. 
Annen Rol>ert. assignor to Roulements a BiHes Minia 
tures S. A.. Blenne. Switzerland. Ln1)rlcatlng device 
2.655.416. Oct. 13. 

Anner. Georg : See — 

Miescher. Karl, and Anner. 

A. Bice. Euclid. Ohio; 
Annas. Hearing aid. 


Annesley. Griffith. Portland, Oreg. Detachable rock drill 

bit. 2.631.824. Mar. 17. ^^ 

Annesley, Griffith, assignor to H. E. Annesley Portland. 

Oreg. Detachable rock drill bit. 2,054,573, Oct. 6. 
Annesley. Helen E. assignee: See — 
Annesley, Grimth. 

Anness Russell W., assignor to The Gardner Board and 
Carton Co^Mldciletown, Ohio. Timed feeding device 
for carton blanks. 2.639.916. May 26. „ ^ a 

Annws Russe 1 W assignor to The Gardner Board and 

^"ca^ton^Co'f Mlddletowr Ohio. Mec^nism for fr^hig 
flaps and cutouts In carton blanks i!,655,841, Oct 2a 

Annis, Eben B.. South Stukely. Quebe^. Canada^ Devl«» 
for preventing tractors from turning ov^r backwards. 
2,633.367, Mar. 31. 

Anper, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Perugia. Andr«. , , „^_ 

Ansbacher-Siegle Corporation, assignee . See— 

Holtzman. Harris, and Simon. Tr„i„„, 

Anschuetx, Harvey J. Plymouth. "s'f'Of *°^f «Kt* 
Frazer Corporation, Willow Run. Mich. Fender skirt. 

Anschuti, Charles'; Dayton, Ky. Barge unloading device. 

2.628,727, Feb. 17. 
Ansel. Gerliard : See— t^,„*.,i„i, 

l»errv Robert E.. Ansel, and Dietrich. 
Ansel. Harry R.. assignor to Wm J. Stange Co. Chicago. 

111. Spice substance and preparing the same. 2,03«,8-4, 

Anllev.'ciiarles H.. Rochester. N.Y Fruit pitting and 

hnlvine machine. 2.652,085, Sept. 15. 
An''spLVh7r,°ESar, Beverly Hills, Calif Bed spring mar- 

glnal rim and connections, 2,635,258. Apr. -i. 
Anstalt filr die Entwicklung von Lrhndungen und gewer- 

bllchen Anwendungen Energa, assignee : ^ce — 

Anstett^Edgar' P.' Chicago, 111. Sheet metal wlf-locklng 

nail. 2.649.831, Aug. 25. 
Ansnl Chemical Company, assignee : Bee — 
Allen, Alden. 

Guise, Arthur B., and Allen. 
Guise, Arthur B.. and Sunstrom. 

Vanderwall, Clifford C. r'„T,«^-i 

Anthell. Robert E.. Dayton. Ohio assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Bonding brake lin- 
ings to brake shoes. 2,631,961. Mar. 17. 
Anthes, Clifford C. : See^ 

Gllson. Hiram B., and Anthes. , ., mt. 

Anthony, Ben jJHuin F., Cleveland Heights aff K°orto ^J^^ 
Ferro i:ngineering Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Hot top 
cover. 2.66:i.920. Dec. 20. ^ 

Anthony Company, assignee : See — 

Duls, <51enn A., and Park. . « „# ..i tt o 

Anthony Felix M. and H. S.. Piedmont.^ Calif., said H 8. 
Anthony assignor to said F. M. Anthony. Device for 
crimping cable connectors. 2,645,141. July 14. 
Anthony. Harry S. : See — 

Anthony. Felix M. and H. S. ^ 

.\nthonv. Myron L. : Sec — v 

Virkus I{olM«rtM.. and Anthony. 
Anthony. Mvron L.. and R. M. Virkus. La Grange as- 
signors to Motorola. Inc.. Chicago, 111. Electromechan- 
ical filter. 2.652.542. Sept. 15. . „ „ _,. . _ _. _. 
Anthony. Myron L.. La Grange and R M. Virkus River- 
side assignors to Motorola. Inc., Chicago, 111. Electro- 
mechanical filter. 2,652,64.3, Sent. 15. «.„„., ,„_^ 
Anthony. William R.. San Juan. P. R. High fidelity loud- 
speaker cabinet. 2.643.728. June 30. 
Anthracite Equipment Corporation, assignee. 6ee — 
Johnson. Raymond C, and Tyrell. 
Mulcey. Paul A., Eckerd. and SmaU. 
Antloch College, assignee : See — 

AntlplTvUch. ''BorlV!' Mexico City, Mexico. Atrtomatlc 
starter for electric motors. 2.627.595. Feb. 3. 

Antle John T.. Jr.. Louisville. Ky.. assignor of one^half 
to V Devlnney Washington, f). C. Hydraulic drive 
for motor vehicles. 2.626.001. Jan. 20. 

Antle, L. L., A Co.. Inc., assignee : See — 

Antle. Lloyd L.. and Bohn. . t t *«fi« 

Antle Llovd L.. and R. M. Bohn, assignors to L. L Antle 
A Co Inc.. Atlanta. Ga. Preventing discoloration of 
sliced'organlc materials. 2.628 905, Feb. 17 

Antlflnger George J., Akron. Ohio, assignor to The B. F. 
GoodrUh Company. New York. N. Y.^ Terminating the 
iiolvmerization of monomeric materials In aqueous emul- 
sion and a nonstaining. nondivoloring composition 
for use therein. 2.662,876, Dec. 15. , . ^. . 

Anton Nicholas, Brooklyn, N. Y. Radiation Indicator. 

An^t'mf •NMfl.o^ia«.- Brooklyn. N. Y. Electron tulv> heat- 
dissiitntiiig radiator and fabricating same. 2.653.800, 

Anton Stelnecker Maschlnenfabrlk A. G.. assignee: Bee — 

Zeller. Karl and I^enz ^ v i* ,^i«»r. 

\ntonolli Bruno. Fall River, Mass. Round belt pliers. 

2.627.655. Feb. 10. 

Antonevich. Michael: See— j 

Crawford. Alfred, and Antonevich. 

Antonevlch. Michael, assignor to The Crawford Manufac- 
turing Company. Inc.. New Brunswick, N. J. Ho'* ^- 
tector for circular knitting machines of, the rib type. 
2.643,534. June 30. 

Antonloli, Peter. Jr.. and A. Johnson, Butte, Mont 
V Pressure cooker. 2.654.501, Oct. 6. 

Antony, John C, Pittsburgh. Pa. Building construction. 
2,641,449, June 0. 

Antony William E.. Shreveport, La. Directional antenna 
system. 2.G:.7.315. Oct. 27. 



t * 


Anwar. Matilda B.. co-«xecutrlx :««♦—. 

Hawklnii, Charle« A., and Zehrbaugh. 
Anxlonnai, Rene : See — 

Hermltte, Louis A., and Sedllle. 
SMlIle. Marcel H. L- „ ,, 
VVaeselynck, Raymond F. M. 
Aoel Carl H., assignor to Pullman-Stan<lard Car Mann- 
farturlnir Company. «hioago. 111. Railway vehicle 
opera tor^H seat. 2.C27 897, Feb. 10. 
Apel, George E. : Bee—* 

Collins. Don F..Apel. and!; uller. . ^ „ r„iii„. 
Apel George K.. IJelmont. Mass.. and D. F Collins. 
I'ontiac Mich., assignors to Ko.ston W oven Hose and 
Rubber Company, Cambridge. Masw. R«>moving vulcan- 
Ixing drum and pressure band from continuous vulcan- 
Ulng machines. ^.«^3,444, Juno 30 p „.,-r 

Ap«l. Oeorge K , Belmont. Mass., and D. F- C«>H»''-,^g"VKf; 
^Ich assignors to Boston Woven Hose and Rubber 
Company, Cambridge. Mass. Vulcanising machine. 
2.656,565. Oct. 27. 
Apex Accessories Co.. Inc.. assignee : bee — 

IMnson. Alfred. ^ 

Apex Elf-ctrical Manufacturing Co.. The. assignee . see 

Klrby. James B. „^ . " a^^ 

Apex Madiine & Tool Company, The. asalgne* : Bee— 

Franlc, Walter N. . „ . 

Apex Tool & Cutter Company, assignee : Bee — 

Sheridan. Henry M. . .. o k^--^ 

Apgar. Charles W.. Philadelphia, assignor to Seaboard 
Container Corporation, r.ristol. Pa. Apparatus for han- 
dling corrugated naperboard. 2,657.044. Oct. -.. 
Apgar. Franlv A., Cliicago. 111., assignor to himlair Refin- 
ing Company. New York, N. Y. Chemical refining of 
light oil distillates. 2,625.503. Jan. 13. 
AlKjnovltch. John : Sre — 

Clark. Francis R.. and Aponovltch^ », , „. u 

Apoth<'lo7., Robert, Zurich, assignor to Machine Tool Works 
Oerllkon Administration Company, Zurlch-Oerllkon. 
Switzerland. Fuse. 2,641.186. June 9. 
Appel. H., Aurora. 111. Discharge arrangenoent for 

agricultural loading machines. 2,626,098. Jan, 27. 
Appel. Henry W. : See — 

Helpert. Louis R.. and Appel. , _ _ _ , . „.„„ 

Appel. Theodore B. Jr.. to Tlie C. S Johnson 

Company, Champuij;n. 111. Slieave assembly. 2,C4o.533. 

Aupel^ Walter D.. Orchard Ijike. assignor to Ford Motor 
Company IVarhom. Mich. Vehicle body construction. 
' 2 664 .?nV. Dec. -JO. ^. „ ^ * 

Appell Herbert R.. assignor to Universal Oil Products 
Company Chicago. 111. Reactivating a supported plati- 
num catalyst. 2.635.080. Apr 14. ^^.li. 
Api>ell Il.rh.rt W.. Mattapan. Mass. Dispensing means 

for fountain brushes. 2.661,874. Dec. 8. « 
Appert. Kurt K. : i^ee — , . . ' 

Erlckson. I^nnart O.. and Appert. -^ , ^, 

bv Klmor L.. <'ali.'ary. Alberta. Canada. Frletlon 
for governor spinilles. 2, 0<)4, _.*<.». 

i reducing 

!>•<• 29. 


K assignor to Wlngfoot Corporation, 
Apparatus for stitching tirea. 2.642,921. 

E assignor to Wlngfoot Corporation. 
Tire bead stitching mechanism. 2,649.892, 

Appleby. Paulj 

Akron, Ohio. 

June 23. 
Apftleby. Paul 

Akron. Ohio. 

Vug "5 
Appleman. Loon II.. Waco. Tex., assignor to Mason. 

Kolehmalnon. Rathhurn A Wyss. Chicago. 111. MunnJ- 

operatod variable-gain amplifying systemi. 2,6_6,.1LL. 

Jan. 20. 
Appleman. Morris: .''^e — 

Kolkey. Leonard B.. and Appleman. 
Appleman Theodore C. Mansfield, Ohio, asslunor to 

WestlnchouBo Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. 

Pa Illuminated In.licated controL 2,648.305. Aug. 11. 
Appleton. Arthur I., assicnor to Appleton Electric (om- 

pany. Chicago. lU. Electrical connector. 2.630.330. 

Mar. 3. 
Appleton Arthur I.. Northl>rook, 111. Automobile seat 

structure. 2.660.223. Nov. 24. 
Appleton Eloctrlc Company, assignee : See — 
Appleton. Arthur I. 

Tornblom. Nils A. ^ ^ , „ 

Appleton. Henry B., and P. F. KVehl. assignors to L. B. 

Hollidny k Company. Llmlto<l. Polghton. Huddersfleld. 

England Improvlne the brightness of textile materials 

and product. 2.661.305. Dec. 1 
Appleton. Jay C. Minneapolis. Minn. Piston. 

Sept. 22. 
Appleton Wire Works. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Purdy. Brnce B. 
Appliance Corrwratlon of America, assignee 

Horvath. John F. 
Appuhn. Klaus. Vina Del Mar. assignor to Compailift 

Industrial. Valparaiso, Chile. Manufacture of odorless 
♦ soap from low grade oils and fats. 2.640.840. June 2. 
Apstein, Maurice, Bethesda. Md. Electron discharge de- 
vice of the resonator type. 2,656,483. Oct. 20, 
Aquino, Salvatore A.. Teaneck. N. J., and C. D. Welshen- 

bach. assignors to The Hinde & Dauch Paper Company, 

Sandusky, Ohio Paperboard box of the suitcase type. 

2.658.661. Nov. 10. 
Aralloy Company. The, assignee: See — 

Uhle, David J. . 


See — 

Aram. Eric H. O. : See — 

(•haiii»)erlaln. William A., and Aram. „ , ^ 

Aram, Nathan W.. Park Ridge, 111., assignor to Zenith 

Radio Corporation. Turnstile antenna. 2,043,334. 

June 23. - . ^ 

Arant. Perry, assignor to Clayton Manufacturing Com- 
pany. El Monte, Calif. Pump. 2.657.640, Nov. 3. 
Arashlro. Nicholas N.. Milwaukee. Wis., and F. R. 
Hamaishl. Chicago. III. Change making machine. 
2.634,840. Apr. 14. ' 

Arata. Luigl. assignee: Bee — 

Abrams. William A. j, ,, . 

Arl)elt I'lerre. assignor to Societe Anonyme des Manufac- 
tures dea uiaces et I'rodults l.'himlques do Salnt-Oobaln. 
Chaony A Clrey, ParU. France. Furnace for making 
glass. 2.636,914, Apr. 28. 
Arbeit, Pierre, aaalgnor to Societe Anonyme des Manu- 
factures des <Jln«.es A Produita Chlmlquos de Salnt- 
Oobftln, Chaunv & Clrey, Paris, France. Tank for the 
manufacture of glass. 2,646,648, July 28. 
Arbeit. Pierre. Paris. R. Dubois. Bagneaux-sur-Lolng. and 
R. E. Lambert, assignors to Societe .\nonyme doH Manu- 
factures des Glaces et Produits Cliiiniques de Salnt- 
Gobaln. Chauny h Clrey, Paris. Fran.-*-. Process and 
apparatus for making glass. 2.658,095, Nov. 3. 
Arbogast, Allen M., Akron. Ohio. Artificial fish lure. 

2.630.649. Mar. 10. 
Arbogast. Alva G.. Charleston. W. Va. Pressure differen- 
tial control system for closed steam boiler return sys- 
tems. 2.626,756. Jan. 27. 
.\rl)ogast. Ray D.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Burg.'ss Battery Company. Freeport. 111. Battery with 
conductive cement intercell connectigns. 2.627,534. 
Feb. 3. 
Arbogast. Ray D.. assignor, by mesne as-slgnmonts. to 
Burgess Battery Company. Freeport. 111. Dry cell. 
2.635.128. Apr. 14. 
.\rbuckle. Fre.lerick .M. : See — 

Llndley, Frederick A., and A rbuckle 
Arbuckle, Frederick M.. Allenhurst, N. J., assignor to 
Radlo-Televlslon Institute, Inc., New Y'ork. N. Y: Punch 
with slug extracting means. 2,643,721. June 30. 
Arbuckle, John Le B., Sunbury, as.signor of one-half to 
H E (Jrashel. Gahanna, Ohio. Combination pivoting 
and sliding block firearm action. 2,627,087, Feb. 10. 
Arceo, Ix)uls, New York. N. Y. Music-box cabinet. 

2,644.421. July 7. ^ ™ ,^ 

Archambault, Jean M.. Asnleres. France. Fluid pres- 
sure engaged and released clutch. 2,058,596, Nov. 10. 
Archor-Dani.'ls Midland Comiiany. assignee: Sec — 

Small. Elnior C , „ . . 

Archer. Farley J^ and T. B, Linden. Mo. Swinging spout 

structure. 2,654.390. Oct. 6. 
Archer, Hugh M.. Dearborn. Mich. Fluid container. 
2,601.743, Dec. 8. ^ x. w 

Archer. Irving M.. a.sslgnor to Campbell Taggart Research 
Corporation. Dallas. Tex. I'an turning mechanism. 
2,659.475. Nov. 17. 
Archer, Jnmos M. : See — . 

Iloen, Kenneth II., and Archer. ' 

.\rcher, James R. : ^'ee — 

Dupont. Louis E.. Archer, and Carter. 
.Vrchor, Madison T.. assignee : Bee — 

Lofton, Jasper W., and Archer. 
Archer, Ruby E.. administratrix : Sec — 

Iloon. Kenneth II.. and Archer. 
.\rch«*. Ruby E., administratrix de bonis non : See — 

Hoen, Kenneth IL, and Archer. 
Archer Svdnev, Albany, assignor to Sterling Drug Inc.. 
New York N. Y. l-(2-N-plperldlnoethylamlno)-4-meth- 
ylthlasant'honos and their preparation. 2,627,518, 
Feb 3 
Archer. iSydnev. Albany, assignor to Sterling Drug Inc.. 
New York S. Y. l-(hydroxyalkylamlnoalkylamlno)-4- 
methylxanthones and their preparation. 2.631.154, 
Mar. 10. 
Archer. Sydney. Albany, assignor to Sterling Drug Inc., 
New York, N. Y. l-(tertlary-amlnoalkylamlno) acrl- 
dones and their preparation. 2,647,901, Aug. 4. 
•Vrcher, Sydney, .\lbany, assignor to Sterling Drug Inc., 
New York. N. Y. l-(dl-n-butylamlnoalkylamlno)-4- 
niothvlthlaxanthones and synthesis thereof. 2.653,949. 
Sept. 29. 
Archer, Sydney. Albany, assignor to Sterling Drug Inc., 
New York. N. Y. 1- (hydroxyalkylainlnoalkylam- 
lno>-4-mothylthlaxanthone8 and preparation thereof. 
2,653.950. S«-pt. 29. 
Archer. Sydney. Albany, assignor to Sterling Drug Inc., 
New Yo'rk. J4. Y. l-(2-diethylamlnoethylamino)-4,7-dl- 
methvlthiaxanthone, acid addition salts thereof and 
preparation of these compounds. 2,653,951, Sept. 29. 
Archer, Sydney, and A. W. Ruddy, Albany, N. Y., assignors 
to Sterling Drug Inc.. Wilmington Del. Tertiary 
amines and preparing them. 2.647.122, July 28. 
Archer, Sydney, and R.. K. Balr, Albany, assignors to 
Sterling Drug Inc., New York, N. Y. Organic antimony 
derivatives of polvhydroxy alkanolc or alkanedioic acids 
and their prepara'Uon. 2.647.910, Aug. 4. 
Archer, Timothy E. : See — 

Archer, Farley J., and T. E. 

Archer, Vlrjean C : See — 

Frohmader, Stanley H., and Archer^ 



Archibald, Francis M., and W. A. Konrad. Elizabeth, and 
RED Hanoy, Westtield. N. J., assignors to Standard 
oil I>evelopment Company. Adsorption of olefins by 
petroleum coke. 2,635, 1 09, Apr. 21. 
Archibald, Raymond C. : Bee — 

Castner, Robert C, and Archibald. 
Archibald, William F., Johannesburg, Tranrvaal. Union of 
South Africa, assignor to The Distillers Company Lim- 
ited, Edinburgh, Scotland. Level indicator. 2,647.251, 
July 28. 
Architectural Porcelain Constructors, assignee: See — 

Allen, Francis E. 
Arco Company, The, assignee : See — 
Kannlng, Eugene W.. and Hart. 
Arcury. Antnony A. : See — 

Liero. Larry C. Arcury. and Trllll. 
Arms, Alex A. : Bee — 

Lnttrlnghans, Hans, Mautner. and Arcus. 
Ardell, Edgar : See — 

Fl.scher, Paul E., and Ardell. 
Holst.'bro, Kave, and Ardell. 
Holstebroe, Kayo, Ardell, and Wlmmer. 
Rldeout, Arthur E.. Ardell. and Mosley. 
Ardell. Edgar. Mlddletown. Conn., assignor to Emhart 
Manufacturing Compapy. Shipping tray unloading ap- 
paratus. 2.635.773. A^r. 21. 
Arden. David B.. Moylan, Pa., assignor to Houdry Process 
Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Transportation of gran 
ular solids. 2,663.595. Dec. 22. 
Arden Farms Co.. assignee : See — 

Berch. Samuel H. 
Arden Forms Co.. as-slgnee : See — « 

Luterlck. Marcellus C. ^] 

Arden. James, assignee : See — ] '- ■ 

Cohen, Joseph. 
Arden, Thomas R New Fairfield, assignor to Bard-Parker 
CompanJ^ inc., Danbury, Conn. Dermatome. 2,636,495, 
Apr. 28. , 
Arden, Thomas R., assignor to Bard-Parker Company, 
Inc., Danbury, Conn. Detachable blade pocketknlfe. 
2,647,311, Aug. 4. 
Ardls, Alan E., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, assignor to The 
B. F. Gooilrlch Company, New York, N. Y. Pyrolysis of 
diacyl cyani.les. 2 663,^26. Dec. 22. 
Ardsley Curtain Co.. Inc., assignee : See — 

Sherman, Harry. 
Arel. Theophlle T., Murletta. Calif. Trap-nest gate. 

2,640,220, June 2. 
Arelt, Charles : See — 

Jurcensen, Delbert F.. Abbott, and Arelt. 
Arena, Joseph P., Astoria, N. Y. Metering liquid dis- 
penser and recorder. 2,647,660, Aug. 4. 
Aronbtrg, Albert L.. Highland Park, assignor to Patent Corporation, Chicago, 111. Vehicle light con- 
trolling leoH panel. 2.640,149. May 26. 
Arenberg. Albert L., Highland I'ark. assignor to Patent 
License Corporation, Chicago, 111. Vehicle light con- 
trolling lens panel. 2. 66.'?. 794, Dec. 22. 
Arenberg, David L.. Charlestown Mass., assignor, by 
mesne assignments, to the United States of America as 
represented by the Secretary of the Navy. Solids char- 
acteristics tester. 2.645.933. July 21. 
Arenberg. David L. Rochester. Mass.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of War. Solid delay line. 
2.624.804. Jan. 6. 
Arenco Aktiebolag. assignee : See — 
Bergman. Lars. 
Daniolsson. Paul. 
Nilsson. Johan G. 
Arend. Carl A.. Jr.. and W. A. Seedorff. Jr.. Carlsbad, 
N. Jifex., assignors to International Minerals & Chemical 
Corporation. Ball hammer for rotary driers. 2,645,861, 
July 21. 
Arendt. Ilarrir 8., and O. F. Abendroth. Houston, Tex., 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to Standard Oil l>c- 
velopment Company. Elizabeth. N. J. Method and ap- 
paratus for gravel packing wells. 2.652,117, Sept. 15. 
Arens, Josef F.. and D. A. van Dorp, assignors to N. V< 
Organon, Oss, Netherlands. Preparation of unsaturated 
aldehydes. 2,628,979. Feb. 17. 
Arensberg. Stewart L. Colllngswood. N. J., assignor to 
Radio Corporation of America. Reversible drive mech- 
anism. 2,624,214, Jan. 6. 
Arenson, Herbert, and J. F. Wltlierspoon, a.sslgnors. by 
mesne assignments, to Childlore Company, Kansas City, 
Mo Puppet golf ball projector. 2.038,348, May 12. 
Aront, Artnur. Fort Dodge, assignor to Arthur Arent 
Laboratories Inc.. Des Moines, Iowa. Forming a corro- 
sion resistant paint and product resulting therefrom. 
2,657,145, Oct. 27. 
Arent, Arthur, Laboratories Inc.. assignee: See — . 

Arent. Arthur. 
Arentxen. EInar M.. Mount I.iebanon. assignor to I..eo- 
Norse Company. Charlerol. Pa. Mine ser\ice vehicle. 
2.604.217. Dec. 29. 
Arevalo. Jos* A. : See — 

Cema. Carlos G., and Arevalo. 
Arey Alton L.. Eaat Cleveland, and T. A. St. Clair. South 
Euclid assignors to The Weatherhead Company, Cleve- 
land, bhlo. Automatic changeover valve and signal. 
2.630.821. Mar. 10. 
Arey, William F., Jr. : See— 

Kimberlin. Charles N., Jr., and Arey. 

Arey, William F.. Jr., Baton^ Rouge, La^ *"''?," 1^ 
Standard Oil Development Company. Segregation of 
hydrocarbons with urea at low temperature*. AH^i.^is. 

Arey. William F.. Jr.. and R. E. Wood. Baton Rouge. La., 
asaignora to Standard Oil Development Compnnv Sta- 
bUlxers for rubber and synthetic polymers. 2,650.208, 

ArgS&rlte' George A.. North Hollywood, assignor by 
mesne assignments, to Pacific Transducer Corporation. 
Los Angeles. Calif. Audio sweep frequency generator. 
2,648,782. Aug. 11. .... 

Argabrlte, George A., North Hollywood, awignor, by me«ne 
aaalgnments, to Pacific Transducer Corporation L^ 
Angeles. Calif. Alpha radfatlton detector. :2,652,499, 
Sept. 15. 
Argo Lamp Company, assignee : Bee — i 

Miller, Benjamin. I 

Argus Cameras. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Barnes. John W. 

Harvey. James E. . c 

Argus Chemical Laboratory. Inc., assignee : See — 
Lelstner, William E.. and Hecker. 
Leistner, William E., and Knoepke. 
Argyle Leroy C, Klmlra. assignor to Coming 
Works Corning, N. Y. Size control of linear bodies. 
2.0.')9.182. Nov. 17. , „ 

Arld-Alre Manufacturing Company, assignee: Bee — 
Tomlinson, Uen L. 

Tomlinson, Ben L.. and f^arlson. _ . ., „ ^ ^, 
Aries, Robert S., and A. PoIIak. New York. N. Y. Oxodlz- 
ing sodium sulfide to sodium sulfite in successive stages. 

2,640.758, June 2. _ ,. . xt ^ tm , 

Aries. Robert S.. and A. Pollak. New York, N. Y. Dissolv- 
ing ash containing sodium sulfide and sodium carbonate. 
2,642.399. June 16. 
-Vrisnian. Mervln B. : See — 

Daily, .\rthur M., and Arlsman. 
Arisman, Mervin B., A. J. Vaksvlk, and R. W. Magnusen. 
assignors to Chicago Telephone Supply Corporation, 
Elkhart, Ind. Driver for variable resistors. Re. 23,7o0, 
Dec. 15. 
Aristocrat Leather Products,^ Inc., assignee: Sec — 

Knee. Simon, ami Markus. ^ 

Arkell Safety Bag Company, assignee : See — 
iKivie, .faine.s F. 
Drew, Willis P. 
.\rkell and Smiths, assignee : See — 

Robinson, Paul C. i 

"^ Vogel, Lawrence E. 
Arkolyan, Adele M. : See — ^ 

Eskln, Samuel O.. and Arkelyan. „ . 

Arkln, Chalm, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope Province, 
Union of South Africa. Manufacture of cheese.. 
2,657,993, Nov. 3. 
-\rk-Le8 Switch Corporation, assignee : See — 

Batcheller. Hugh W. 
Arkoosh Frederick G., Omaha. Nebr. Tank construction 

for liquid cargo vohlclcs. 2,030.236. Mar. 3. 
Arlln. Max M., Detroit. Mich. Electrical gaugina; and sort- 
ing apparatus utilizing standing wavei. 2,635,748. Apr. 
Arma Corporation, assignee: See— 
Agtns. George. I 

Agins. George, and Bock. 
Cunningham. Frederick W. 
Davis, ArtMir P., and Macomber. ' 

A rma cost. Wilbur H. : See — 

Patterson. Ward S.. and Armacost. 
Armacost. Wilbur II.. Scarsdale. N. Y., assignor to Com- 
bustion Engineering- Superheater, Inc. Superheat con- 
trol. 2.640.468. June 2. 
Armacost. Wllbtir H.. Scarsdale, N. Y., assignor to Com- 
bustion Engineering, Inc. Superheat and reheat con- 
trol. 2,663,287, Dec. 22. 
Armantrout, Kenneth -M. : See — 

Orr, Palmer, and .\rmantrout. 
Armatvs. Edward F., New York, assignor to Sun Chemi- 
cal Corporation, Ix>ng Island City, N. Y. Textile print- 
ing emulsions comprising thermoplastic resin laticea 
dispersed in solutions of thermosetting resins in or- 
ganic solvents. 2,663.696. Dec. 22. 
Armbruster. John T.. Niagara Falls, N. T., assignor to 
American Optical Company, Southbrldge, Mass. Car- 
rying case. 2,662,037, Dec. 15. 
Armbruster. Ludwlg, Irvington, N. J., assignor to Forstner 
Chain Corporation. Watch bracelet end connector. 
2.054,934. Oct. 13. 
ArmcoSteel Corporation, assignee : See — 
Bauer, George F. 
Burns. Robert S.. and Solter. 
Clarke. William C. Jr. 
Corbitt. Wlllard M.. and Wennlng. 
Fay, James E. 

Freholm, John L. ^ „. .. 

Hellman. Raymond B.. Nolan, and Binder. 
Jennings. Paul A. 
Kenyon, John W. 
Linnert, George E. 

Martin, Carl W., Beck, and Pick. . ^. 

Rood. Eo. 


' . ' • INDEX OF PATENTS, 1953 

Bee — Continued. 

Jane 16. 

Armco Ste*l Corporation, assignee 
SteTena. Oeorg* J. 
Tanrayn. Harry. ^ 

Weitsenkom, Lee F. 
Wiley, Allen D. 
Annelin. Maurice F., aaslifnor to 8ocl6t« & Responsibllit* 
Limits 8o calleil : Soclete d'Etudea de Machines 
Speclales, Paris, France. Mechanism for converting 
a uniform motion Into a Tarlable motion. 2,655,817, 
Oct. 20. 
Armentrout, Arthur L.. Long Beacb, Calif. Recovering 
loBt circulation occurring In productive atrata In wells. 
2.626.779, Jan. 27. 
Armentrout, Arthur L., Long Beach, Calif. Apparatus for 

handling fluid In a well. 2.«>.11.670, Mar. 17, 
Armentrout, Arthur L., I>ong Beach, Calif. Meana and 
method of recovering lost circulation In drilling wells. 
2.634.098. Apr. 7. 
Armentrout. Arthur L.. Long Beach, Calif. 

lost circulation in drilling wells. 2,642,268. 
Armentrout Arthur L., I»ng Be.ich, Calif. 

lost circtilatlon in wells. 2.648.522. Aus:. 11. 
Armer, Austin A., Davis, assignor to Spreckela Sugar 
Company, San Francisco, Calif. Sampling machine. 
2.6.%6,498, Sept. 1. >■ 
Armington, George E., South Euclid, assignor to The 
Euclid Road Machinery Co.. Euclid, Ohio. Tractor 
weight transfer device. 2,633,366, Mar. 31. 
Armington. Raymond Q., Shaker Heights, asulirnor to The 
Eiiolid Road Machinery Co.. Cleveland, Ohio. Conveyer 
belt protective device. 2,626.469. Jan. 27. 
Armington. Raymond Q.. Shaker Heights assignor to The 
Euclid Road Machinery Co., Euclid, Ohio. Automatic 
control for steering brakes. 2,630.869. Mar. 10. 
Armington. Raymond Q., Shaker Heights, and W. F. 
Double. WIcklifTi'. assignors to The Euclid Road Ma- 
chinery Co.. Euclid, Ohio. Floating gear pump. 
2.626..'i70. Jan. 27 
Armington. Raymond Q.. Shaker Heights, and W. F. Klun. 
assignors to The Euclid Road Machinery Co., Euclid. 
Ohio. Digging teeth for loading machine digging blades. 
2.657,480. Nov. 8. 
Armltage & Bertram Limited, assignee : See — 

Lodge. Walter B., and Corden. 
Armltage. Joseph B.. Wauwatosa. assignor to Kearney & 
Trecker Corporation. West Allls. Wis. Pattern con- 
trolled milling machine. 2.644.370. July 7. 
Armltage. Joseph B . and T. F. Eserkaln. Wauwatosa, 
assignors to Kearney it Trecker Corporation, West Alll.'». 
Wis. Transmission and control mechanism. 2,630,717, 
Mar. 10. 
Armltage. Joseph B., and T. F. Eserkaln. Wauwatosa, as- 
signors to Kearney ft Trecker Corporation. West Allls, 
Wis. Machine tool transmission and control mecha- 
nism. 2, 6.13. ."SI 9. Sept. 29. 
Armltage. Joseph B., Wauwatosa, and J. N. Flannery. 
assignors to Kearney ft Trecker Corporation. West 
Allls, Wis. Machine tool transmission and control 
mechanism. 2,6.17,619, Nov. 3. 
Armour. Charles H., assignee : See — 
Armour, Sarah T. 
Bradshaw, Sidney B. 
Fencll, Louise K. 
Armour and Company, assignee : flee— 
Black, James, and Hedstrom. 
Borkenhagen, K. 
Took. John S.. and Whitney. 
Da Brow. Paul L., and Harwood. 
Olynr, Emmett P., and Hofferth. 
Hammerherg rhester A. 
Harrington. Bertie S. 
Hawkins. James R. 
Holmes. Alan D. 

Kennedy. Eugene P., and Qrossnlckle. 
Lloyd. William E. 
Marcoux. Melvln W. 
Poft.i. Ralph H.. and Olson. 
SifTerd. Robert H. 
aifferd, Robert H.. and Svars. 
Spence. Andrew. I>ev. and Reddle, 
Stoerker. Oeorge C. and Kell. 
Van Ness. La Verne. 

Armour Research Foundation of Hllnols Institute of 
Technology, assignee : See — 
Camras. Marvin. 

Armour. Sarah T.. assignor of fifty per cent to C. H. 
Armour. Bono. Ark. Knockdown cabinet. 2.642,330, 
June 16. 

Anns, Clyde A.. Brooklyn. \. Y. Semiautomatic disposable 
blade razor. 2,630.ti2«, Mar. 10. 

Arms. Merton H.. and L. J. Barnardt assignors to Bryant 
Chucking r,rlnder Company. Springfield, Vt. Diamond 
boring machine. 2.626.534. Jan. 27. 

Arms. Merton H , and P. A. Grobey. assignor to Bryant 
Chucking Grinder Company. Springfield, Vt Carriage 
mounting. 2,631,067, Mar. 10. 

Arms, Merton H., and P. A. Grobey, assignors to Bryant 
Chucking (Jrlnder Company, Springfield, Vt. Machine 
for grinding Internal surfaces concentric with external 
surface. 2,635.395, Apr. 21. 

Arms. MIloF. : See — ) 

Smith, Chauncey W., and Arms. 

Armstrong Adam E., assignor to Armstrong Machine 
Works, Three Rivers, Mich. Heating system and con- 
trol therefor. 2,6.^9,536. .Nov. 17. 
Armstrong. Alice E., assignor, by mesne assignments, 
to Rhea Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wis. CoT- 
ering for toilet flush tanks. 2,652,874, Sept. 22. 
Armstrong, Andrew : See — 

Romine, Paul W., and Armstrong. 
Armstrong-Blum Manufacturing Company, assignee : 

Heuneman, Fred. 
ArmstrongHray ft Co., assignee: 8e»~- 

Ogard, Helmer. 
Armstrong-Carson Manufacturing Company, assignee : 

Armstrong, Hugh. 
.Vrmstrong, Charles H.. Dallas. Tex. Combination child's 

chair. 2,633,899, Apr. 7. 
Armstrong, Clarence J., assignor to Sangamo Electric 
Company, Springfield, 111. Synchronous motor carry- 
over clock. 2,637.9t)8, May 12. 
Armstrong. Clifford H.. assiifnor to Copes Regulators Lim- 
ited. London. England. Valve. 2,642,254 June 16. . 
Armstrong Coalbreak Company, assignee : aee — 

Fllstrup, Edward C, Jr. 
Armstrong Company, The, assignee : See — 

Davis, Frank R. , 

Armstrong Cork Company, assignee : See — 
Barsy, Imre J. 
Bezman, Irving I. 
Bezman. Irving I., and Browning. 
Bishop. Le Roy D. 
Bradway. Edward J. 
Ifreuer. Frederick W.. and Zentmyer. 
Charles, Jacob E. i 

Eaby. I.# Roy. 
Eager, Herbert H. i 

Eckert, Lewis W. | 

Ehle, Oeorge E. 

Gard. George E. , 

Garrett, Richard A. 
GAston, Jack E. | 

Hazeltlne. James E.. Jr. 
Hornberger. Qarence L. 
H()riil>erut'r. ('larence L., and Schuls. 
Humphreys Harry S. 
Lockwood. Louis H. 
Lyall, John D. 
Metcnlf. William A. 
Miller. George R., Jr.. and Weldner. 
Moore, Donald W., and Searl. 
Patterson. William, Jr. 
Phillips. Washington H., and Gard. 
Pukt. Joseph J. 
Schalrer. Edward G. 
Scott. Wylmer L. 

Scott, Wylmer L.. Park, and Baldwin. 
Sharf, John M. 

Srauffer. cliristian M., and Bhle. 
Turkington, Robert D. 
Armstrong, Daniel A., assignor to Scott-Atwater Manu- 
facturing Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Speed Indicat- 
ing device C^r outboard motors. 2,649,848, Aug. 25. 
Armstrong, I^nlel A., B. Carlson, and C. A. Walz. as- 
signors to Scott-Atwater Manufacturing Co. Inc., .Minne- 
apolis, Minn. Outboard motor with reversing mecha- 
nism and control. 2,663,277. Dec. 22. 
Armstrong, David T., Weehawken, assignor of one-half to 
J. W. Wolfe, Palisades Park. N. J. Transmission line 
tuning device for electronic systems. 2,649,577. Aug. 18. 
Armstrong. Edwin H.. New York. N. Y. Fre<iuency modu- 
lation multiplex system. 2.630,497. Mar. 3. 
Armstrong. Emerson A. : Bee — 

Ramsell. William H.. and Armstrong. 
Armstrong. (Jeorge C. Buffalo. N. Y.. assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Thermostatic snap disk relay. 2,653,051, Sept. 22. 
Armstrong, George St.. and H. A. Cook. Plymouth. Mass., 
assignors to The Philip Carey Manufacturing Company. 
<'lnclnnatl. Ohio. Purification of magnesia. 2.631,923. 
Mar 17. 
Armatrong. George M.. and H. A. Cook. Plymouth Meeting. 
Pa., assignors to The Philip Carey Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Cincinnati, Ohio. Selective carbonatlon of slurries 
and mixtures of caldum and magnesium hydroxide. ' 
2,626,853, Jan. 27. 
.\rmstrong Godfrey P., Epsom Downs. R. H. Hall. Carshal- 
ton, I). C. Quin. Epsom, and K. H. W. Turck, Baristead, 
England, assignors, by mesne assignments, to Hercules 
Powder Company. Manufacture of peroxidic compounds. 
2,632.772, Mar. 24. 
Armstrong, Godfrey P.. Klngswood R. H. Hall. Suhon, 
D. C. Quln. Teddlngton, and K. H. W. Turck, Banstead, 
England, assignors, bv mesne asjdgnments, to Hercules 
Powder Company. Manufacture of i>eroxldlc com- 
pounds. 2.632,773, Mar. 24. 
Armstrong, Gordon, assignor to The Gordon Armstrong 
Company, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Portable baby incuba- 
tor. 2.641.248. June 8. 
Armstrong, Gordon, and G. Kulcher, assignors to The 
Gordon Armstrong Company, Inc., Clevela«d. Ohio. 
Air treated and controlled mobile therapeutic cubicle. 
2,662,521. Dec. 15. \ 

I I 



Armstrong, Gordon. Company, Inc., The, assignee : Bee — 
Armstrong, (Jordon. 

Armstrong, (;ord<in, and Kulcher. ....,, . 
Armstrong, Harold, El Paso, Tex. Optical sighting de- 
vice. 2.655,076, Oct. 13. . ^ ^ 
Armstrong, Hugh, assignor to Armstrong-Carson Manu- 
facturing Company. Maryville, Mo. Grass seed har- 
vester. 2.658,321, No^. 10. ^^ ^ ^^ „^ , 
Armstrong, James A., Randwlck, New South Wales. Aus- 
tralia. Collar stlffener. 2.043,387. June 30. 
Armstrong. James F., Detroit, Mich., and J. T. W. Mose- 
ley, Clayton, assignors to Carter Carburetor Corpora- 
tion, St. Louis, Mo. Fuel control safety valve. 

2,636,516. Apr. 28. , ^, .. 

Armstrong James F.. Detroit, Mich., and J. T. W. Mose- 

ley, Clayton, assignors to Carter Carburetor Corpona- 

tlon, St. Louis, Mo. Butane carburetion. 2,036,814. 

Apr. 28. . ^ . 

Armstrong. John. Yonkers, N. Y. Fork straightening 

pliers. 2.660.0T8, Nov. 24. 
Armstrong, John E., El Cerrlto, Calif., afwignor to Jacuzzi 
Bros., Incorporated. Jet pump pji»e assembly. 2,649,742. 
Aug. 2.'>. 
Armstrong. John H., Washington. D. C. Square wave 

shock tester. 2.630.704, Mar. 10. 
Armstrong. Joseph M. : See — 

Stornetta. Leroy F. and J. R., and Armstrong. , 

Armstrong Machine Works, assignee : See — 

Armstrong. Adam E. 
Armstrong. Marshall C, Hebron. Ohio, assignor to Owens- 
Corning Fiberglas Corporation. Fissured tile composed 
of glass fibers, gypsum cement, and amlne-aldehyde 
resin, and making same. 2.664.406, Dec. 29. 
Armstrong, Robert S.. Merced, and D. and P. S. MogllotM, 

Atwater. Calif. Feeder. 2.629,361, Feb. 24. 
Armstrong Rubber Company, The, assignee : Bee — 

Walsh, James A. 
Armstrong Siddeley .Motors Limited, assignee : See — ■ 
Allen, Sidney, and Stokes. 
Clark, Thomas. , 
Fellows, lieslie R. 
Gault, Joseph H. 
Rainbow, Horace S. 
Rainbow. Horace S., and Paul. 
Saxton, Edward S. 
Slatter, Brian H., and Daish. 
Thomas, Albert, and Fellowa. 
Armstrong, W. G., Sr., Whltworth ft Company (Engineers), 
Limited, assignee : «S'ee — 

Mansfield. Wilfred P., and White. 
Armstrong, Westrop, Glen Ellyn, 111. Antllnertia mech- 
anism for sliding doors. 2,653,022, Sept. 22. 
Armstrong, William, assignor to Armstrong's Patents 
Company Limited. Eastgate. Beverley, England. Hy- 
draulic shock absorber for vehicles. 2,662.615. Dec. 15. 
Armstrong, William N. B.. and H. S. Kredentser. assign- 
ors to Ontario Research Foundation, Toronto, Ontario, 
Canada. Nonsmudglng duplicating ink. 2.647,060, 
July 28. 
Armstrong. Zenas A. : Bee — 

Woodslde, CTiarles K., Smith. Woodslde. and Arm- 
Armstrong's Patents Company Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Armstrong, William. 
Army. United States of America as represented by the 
Secretary of the, assignee : See — 
Andrrson. George L. 
Badlk. Cornelius E., and Rellly. 
Baldwin. John H. 

Bartlett. Paul D., Dauben, and Schneider. 
Bleier, Stanley. 
Bordt, Frederick J., and Shine. 
Bra<ly. J;imes M. 
Brady, James M., and Spllhans. 
Brenner Abner, Couch, and Williams. 
Bruce. .John N. 
Chubb, Melvln P. 

Corwin. Jerome, and Adler. , 

Davis. Howard. Kass. Kelllher, and Pick. 
De Rosa, John A., and Sneli. 
Dietrich. Albert. 
Drake. Nathan L.. and Melamed. 
Drake. Nathan L^Shenk. and Eaker. 
Ehlers. Russell W. 
Ellis, Grenvllle B. 
Eloranta. Valto K. 
Flsohhach. Adolph. 
Flschbach. .\dolph, and Hochberg. 
Fischbach. Adolph, and Mandel. 
Frazier. Quentln. 

Frederick. Edward R., and Malmberg. 
Garoff. Kenton, and Edwards. 
Gaston, Donald H. 
Gorhara, John E. 
Goubau. Oeorg J. B. 
Greenwald, Lewis. 
Orlswold. Earl N. 

Hager, Karl F., Llndenmayr. and RoaenthaL 
Hanson, Erlck L.. and Barna. 
Harmon. F^llse F.. and Franklin. 
Hutkln. I^eonard. and Ruie. ( 
Hayward. Roger. 
Hobbs. Edward C. 
Hohwleler. William U. 

Army. United States of America as represented by the 
Secretary of the. assignee : See — Continued. 
Honey. John F. 

Hunrath. George. > • . 

Hutson, Leroy S. 
Hutton UlricO. 
Kober, William. 
Kraemer, Frits. \ 

Kumpfer, Beverly D. 
Mar<;iashan, William F.. Jr. 
Maresca, Peter T., and Stokes. 
Merrlam, Mylon. 

Messerly, Oeorge H., and Campbell. 
Meyer, Richard E., and Beardsley. 
Miller. August E. 
Miller, Cornell M.. and Woodbury. 

Miller, James F., and Jaskowski. . 

Milton. Clare 1... Jr., and Ni<lson. *^ 

Nass, Walter R. 
Nelson. Kric. 
Nelson, Jessie A. 

Newman, Melvln S.. and Wheatley. 
Page, Chester H. 
Pigford, Robert L. 

Podnos, Selin S., Odlerno, and Thompson. 
Rabinow, Jacob. 
Reed, Buckley R. 
Richter, Joseph. 

Snell. Chester A.. F'ain, and De Rosa. 
Siglin, Pierce W. 
Simpson, Frank R. 
Sinclair, Bert H. 
Snyder, James. 

Spencer, Burdell D. ' 

Stevens, Charles H., and Maler. 
Thompson, Parke 11. 
Todd, William. 
Tonks, Lewi, and HulL 
Tschlnkei, Johann G. 

Warshaw, Howard D. ' » 

Wheeler, Harry L., Jr. 
Whittlngton, taul E. 
Wilson. Burton J. 
Zaroff, William J., and Boor. 
Army, United States of America as represented by the 
Secretary of the, trustee, assignee : Bee — 
Berzof, Harold, and Rogers. 
Arndt. John P.. Oak Park. J. Hruby. Deerfleld, and J. J. 
Schulze, Prospect Heights, 111., assignors to Chailca 
Bruning Company, Inc., New York, -N. Y. ResiUtint 
bearing mounting. 2.653.063, Sept. 22. 
Arndt, Rudolph P., Milwaukee. Wis. assignor to Pittsburgh 
Plate Glass Company, Allegheny County, Pa. Water dls- 
persible alkyd type resins. 2,634.245, Apr. 7. 
Arner, Thomas T., Phoenix, Ariz. Camber clamp. 

2.630,729, Mar. 10. 
Arneson, Edwin L.. Morris, assignor to Morris Paper Mills, 

Chicago, 111. Article carrier. 2,634,043, Apr. 7. 
Arneson, Edwin L., Morris, assignor to Morris Paper Mills, 

Chicago. 111. Bottle carrier. 2,645.403. July 14. 
Arneson, Edwin L., Morris, assignor to Morris Paper Mills, 

Chicago, 111. Article carrier. 2,661,140, Dec. 1. 
Arneson, Floyd D., Klamath, Calif. Saw bar adjustment 

device. 2.624,379. Jan. 0. 
Arnlo, Oeorge B., OneonU, N. Y. Foot and hand brake 

for farm tractors. 2.626,022, Jan. 20. 
Arnlo. George E., Oneonta. N. Y. Tractor hand brake. 

2.652,905, Sept. 22. » 

Arnold. Albert W. Beverly Hills, assignor to Jabsco 
Pump Company, Burbank, Calif. Air conditioning unit, 
2,631,021. Mar. 10. 
Arnold Ben B.. Port Orchard. Wash. Lever actuated 

slldable Jaw wrench. 2,638.808, May 19. 
Arnold, Charles E., Milton, Mass.. assignor to Sylvanla 
Electric Products Inc. Wave guide directional coupler. 
2.643,298. June 23. 
Arnold, Clair C, assignee : See — 

Houdesheldt^ Luther. 
Arnold. Claude D., Iraan, Tex. Knife sharpener. 

2,652.667, Sept. 22. 
Arnold Dryer Co., assignee : Bee — 

French. Henry C. 
Arnold, Erich, E. Hellmann. and W. Vollmer, Frankfurt 
am fMain), assignors to Metallgesellschaft Aktlen- 
gesellschaftr, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Apparatus 
for the gravity conveyance of adsorption me<lla. 
2.656,007, Oct. 20. 
• Arnold. Fredrlc, Roslyn Heights, N. T. Table having 
adjustable top sections. 2.649,206, Aug. 18. 
Arnold. George. Shaker Heights, H. A. Schultz, Garfield 
Heights, and E. E. Rhoads. Solon, assignors to Cleveland 
Frog A Crossing Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Rail brace. 
2,636.687, Apr. 28., 
Arnold, George B. : Bee — 
- Hess, Howard V., and Arnold. 

Hess. Howard V.. Arnold, and Drabkln. 
Hess, Howard V.. Arnold, and Kovach. 
Hess. Howard V.. Arnold. Skelton. and Overbaugh. 
Pevere, Ernest F., Arnold, and Hess. 
Pevere, Ernest F., Hess, and Arnold. 
Skelton, William B., Hess, Arnold, and Mahan. 
Arnold, George B., Olenham. and H. V. Hess, Beacon, 
assignors to The Texas Company. New York, N. T. Sep- 
arating acenaphthene. 2,652,438, Sept. 16. 

I ' 




Arnold. G«orge B., Glenham, U. V. Hesa and W. E. Skelton. 
Beacon, AMilenora to The Texju Company. New York. 
N. Y. Fractional iieparatlon of wax from a hydnx-artHin 
mixtare using an organic complexing agent and a solvent. 
^.637,«81. May 5. 

Arnold, (ieorge fa.. Glenham. H. V. He** and W. K. Sk.-I- 
ton. Beacon, and W. V. Overbaugh. Mahkill. assignors 
to The Texas Company, New York. N. Y. Fractional 
separation of oil with a complexing agt'nt such as area 
In th« presence of a solvent liquid. 2.U53.122, Sept. 22. 

Arnold, (ieorge K., (ileuhani, and L. KoVach, Beacon, 
assignors to Tl>e Texas Company. New York. N. Y. 
Centrifugal s«paratlon of urea complexes from organic 
mixtures. 2.<ir>H.o«0. Nov. 3. 

Arnold, George B., Glenham, J. K. Trultt. and H. V. 
Hess, Beacon, assignors to The Texas Company, New 
York, N. Y. Forming urea complexes. 2.658,887. Nov. 

Arnold, George II.. executor : See — 
Schroeder. Henry L. 

Arnold. Gerald D.. Wauwatosa. Wis. Apparatus and meth- 
od for spray drying and cooling. 2.H34.80M. Apr. 11. 

Arnold, Gloyd S.. Manhattan Beach. Calif. Flush valve. 
2,«30.831. Mar. 10. 

Arnold, Harry M., Denver, Colo. Outside valve drive f<»r 
piston valve and sleeve valve steam engines. 2,641,230. 
June 9. 

Arnold, Harry M.. Golden. Colo. Delayed opening popp«>t 
valve for steam engines. 2.«>41,438, June 9. 

Arnold. Ilerrlck R.. NVilmington. and J, E. Carnahan. New 
Castle, assignors to E. I. da I'ont de Nemours Si Com- 
pany. Wilmington, Del. Metnl tungstite catalyzed by- 
drogenation process. 2,642. 4»)3, June 16. 

Arnold. HofTnian & Co. Incorporated, assignee : See — 
.Ney. Willinni O.. Jr.. Nnmmy, and Barnes. 

Arnold. John H. Summit, N. J., and F. B. Grosselflnger. 
assignors to Hydrocarbon Research. Inc.. New York. 
N. Y. Synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons. 2.C28,9Tt>. 
Feb. 17. 

Arnohi. John W.. assignor to The Elwood Research Com- 
pany, a division of Cliiselliurst. Inc.. Newark. .N. J. Ex- 
panding spring anchor nut. 2,649,830. Aug. 25. 

Arnold Joy P.. Des Moines. Iowa. Weight support and 
lifting device. 2.638.657. Mav 19. 

Arnold. Lawrence F.. Avon Lake. Ohio, assignor to The 
B. F Goodrich Coinpanv. New York, N. Y. Preparing 
diacyl cyanides. 2.659.749. Nov. 17. 

Arnold, Michael H. M.. assignor to I'ostans Limited. Bir- 
mingriam. England. Obtaining the dispersion of a finely 
dlvi<le<l solid material in a liquid. 2.637.534. May 5. 

Arnold. Michael H. M.. assignor to I'ostans Limited. Bir- 
mingham. Knglan<l. ^lanufacturing paints and colored 
plastics. 2.637,535, May 5. 

Arnold. Orlan M.. Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Plastic 
and textile materials and mefhwls. 2.636.014. .\pr. 21. 

Arnold, Paul F.. Long Beach. Calif. Shoe polishing ma- 
chine. 2.653.694, Sept. 29. 

Arnol<l. Philip M.. Bartlesville, Okla., assignor to Phllllpa 
Petroleum Company. Primary and secondary alkyl sul- 
fenyl trlfhlocnrbonates. 2.634^291, Apr. 7. 

Arnold. I'hlUp ,S.. Flint, Mich. Rope puller. 2,628.813. 
Feb. 17. 

Arnold. Richard T.. Minneapoll.'*. Minn., and G. E. UUyot. 
as-signors to Smith. Kline & French I>a bora tor ien. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Aminovaierolactones and their production. Aug 25 

Arnold. Robert C. Chicago Heights. III., and J. F. Deters. 
Valparaiso Ind.. asstgnors to Standanl Oil Company. 
Chicago.' 111. Desiiifuriiation of oleflnlc naphtha. 
2.«34.2:".0, Apr. 7. 

Arnold. Robert C. Park Forest, 111 . and A. P. Lien High- 
laud, Inil . assignors to Siandnrd oil Company, Chicago. 
III. Desulfurizatlon of distillate fuels. 2,646,300. 
Julv 21. 

Arnold, Robert C. Park Forest. HI.. A. P. Lien. Highland, 
and J. F. Deters. Valparaiso, Ind., assignors to Stan<l- 

Arones, Daniel A., assignor to Advance Machine Company, 
Minneapolis. Minn. Handle switch for tloor polishing 
machines and the like. 2,630,509. Mar. 3. 

Arona, Arnold B.. and C. Frondel. Woods Hole. Masa.. 
•aslgnors to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of the Navy. Piezoelectric 
pressure gauge element. 2.636,134. Apr. 21. 

Aronson. Alexander H.. South Orange, assignor to Ronson 
Art Metal Works. Inc.. Newark. .N. J. Gas fueled cigar 
lighter. 2,637.990, May 12. 

Aronson. Theodore F. : Bee — 

Halahan, John. Aronsoo, and Lyon. 

Arp, Ewald A., assignor to Tobla-Arp .Manufaifuring Com- 
pany, MinneaiH>iis. .Minn. Comparator for collocating 
a cutter In a boring bar. 2.625.749, Jan. 20. 

Arp, Ewald A., assignor to Tobln-Arp Manufacturing Com- 
panv Minneapolis. Minn. Machine for boring articles. 
2.«25.843. Jan. 20. 

Arp, Ewald A., assignor to Tobln-Arp .Manufacturing Com- 
Dany Minneapolis, Minn. Machine for boring bearings. 
2.632.341. Mar. 24. 

Arp. Bwahl A., assignor to Tobla-Arp Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Minneapolis, .Minn. Machine for boring bearing 
shells. 2.63."). 4MU, Apr. 21. 

Arpin. Edmund I' Jr., Neeoah. Wis. Rotary refiner. 
2.649.71H. Aug. 25. 

Arpin, Edmund P.. Jr., Neenah. Wis., and R. P. Frye. 
Chicago. 111. ; said Frye assignor to said Arpin. Rotary 
refiner. 2.631. .504. Mar. 17. 

Arpin. Edmund P., Jr.. Neenah. Wis., and R. P. Frye, 
Chicago, III., said Frye assignor to said Arpin. Jr. Ro- 
tary refiner liner construction. 2.631. 5(»5. Mar. 17. 

Arpin. Edmund P.. Jr., Neenah. Wis., and R. P. Frye, Clil- 
- cago. 111., aaid Frye assignor to aald ArpLn. RoUry 
r.tlner. 2.649,717, Aug. 2r». 

Arpin, John W., Verona, assignor to Tops Plastics. Inc., 
• •range N. J. Inhaler and constructing it. 2,630,802. 
Mar, l6. 

Arps, Bruno P.. New Holsteln. Wis. Dirt and snow mov- 
ing attachment for tractors. 2.629.944. Mar. 3. 

Arps, Jan J., Tulsa, Okla. Continuous directional drill- 
ing. 2.658.284, Nov. 10. 

Arps. Jan J.. Tulsa. Okla. Warning system for controlled 
rotary drilling. 2,658.724, Nov. 10. , 

Arps, Jan J., Tulsa, Okla. Signal transmission system 
for in logging drill hole formations. 2.658,725. 
Nov. 10. 

Arps, Jan J., Tulsa, Okla. Geophysical exploration using 
radioactive material. 2,659,046, Nov. 10. 

Arranga. Kdmuml V., antl A. J. Malley, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Carton. 2.661,891. Dec. 8. 

Arrow Fastener Co., Inc., assignee : See — 
Abrams, Morris. 
Boroughs. Frank S. 

Arrow-Hart k liegeman Electric Company. The, assignee : 
See — 

Bentley, Robert H. 
Dietrich, Walter L. 
Johnson. David W. 
Schleicher. Harold E. 

Arrow Safety Device i.'ompany, assignee : See — 
Hopkins. Alfre<l. Jr. 

Arrowsmlth, Clarence J. : See — 

Allen. Harold D . and Arrowsmlth. 

Arrow. William, Cliicago. 111. Edentulous an<l partiallv 
edentulous demonstrational and educational model. 
2.657.462. Nov. 3. 

Arrowwood. Hubert L,, Tulsa. Okla.. assignor to Hinder- 
liter Tool Company Division H. K. Porter Company. 
Inc. Sealing device for well heads. 2.652,895. Sept. 22. 

Arsem. Alvan D.. Oaklyn. N. J.. J. U. Ford .Narberth. Pa., 
and N. I. Korman, Merchantvllle N. J., assignors to 
Radio Corporation of America. Improvement in bal- 
anced phase splitting network. 2.630.5,"»,s. Mar. :?. 

Arseneault, George R., Webster. 'Mass. Tie rack. 
2.658.626. Nov. Wi 

Arthur. Milan 0.. Wblttler, assignor to Union Oil Company 
of California, Los Angeles. Calif. Measurement of In- 
jection profiles. 2,648.014, Aug. 4. 

Arthur, Paul, Jr., assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
and Company, Wilmington, Del. Preparation of dl- 
primarv diamines. 2,647,146. July 28. 

Arthur, Oscar F., Connellsville, assignor to Trl-State En- 

?ineering Company. Washington, Pa. Portable plat- 
orm. 2,652,219. Sept. 15. 

Arthur. Richard P, : See — 

E^arle. Edwin L., and Arthur. 

Artbuiv Richard P., Chicago, III., assignor, by mesne as 
aignments, to Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Com 
pany. Multi[>oint plug and Jack. 2.640.183. May 26 

Arthur, Richard P., Chicago, 111., assignor to Kellogg 
Swltcht>oard and Supply Company. Crossbar system 
switchboard unit mounting. 2.656,418, Oct 20. 

Arthur, Robert A., assignor to The Garrett Corporation. 
Los Angeles. Calif. Auxiliary pressure relief, vacuum 
relief, and dump valve. 2,641,986. June 16. 

Arthurs, Stanley, Solon assignor to The Standard Oil 
Company Cleveland, Ohio. Process and apparatus for 
decolorizing oil. 2,641.574, June 9. 

Artls, Kdward J., Boise. Idaho. Flue section for providing 
balanced draft. 2.060,162, Nov. 24. 

Artisan Metal Products. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Chlld.s. Kenneth Ji. 

Artisan Novelty Company, assignee : See- 
Black, Howard M. t 

Artkraft Manufacturing Corporation, assignee: Bee — 
Lanker, Donald J. 
Money, Roland H. 

Artman, Uol)ert G. : See — 

Grace. Francis, and Artman. 

Arts, Neal B.. Elmwood Park, 111., assignor to Corn Prod- 
ucts Refining company. New York. S. Y. Conditioning 
water. 2.626.238. Jan. 20, 

Artzt, Maurice. Princeton, N. J. assignor to Radio Corpo- 
ration of America. Phase shifting or delay network. 
2.641,645. June 9. 

Arundale, Erving : See — 

Ricards, Harold A., Jr., Vanderbilt, and Arundale. 

Arundale, Erving and Fred W. Banes, Westfleld. N. J., 
assignors to Standard Oil Development Company. 
Alkyl maleate-vlnyl acetate copolymers. 2,628,198, 
Feb. 10. 

Arundale, Erving. and P. W. Banes. Westfleld, N. J., 
assignors to Standard Oil Development Company. 
Alkyl maleate-vlnyl ester copolymer. 2,628,220, Fen. 10. 

Aruth, Violet J.. Saddle River Township. N. J. Dispenser. 
2.644.072. June 30. 

ArutiinoflT, Armals. Bartlesvllje. Okln^ Apparatus for 

drilling deep wells. _2. 643.095, June 23. 

Drilling appa- 

Apparatus for 

Armals, Bartlesville, Okla. 
ratus. 2,654,572. Oct. 6. 
ArutunofT. Armals. Bartlesville, Okla. 
drilling deep wells. 2.662,735. Dec. 15. 
Arutunoff. Armals. Bartlesville, Okla. Sealing device for 

tubular shafting. 2.664.271. Dec 29. 
Arutunoff, Armals. Bartlesville, Okla. Swivel electrical 

connection for deep well drills. 2^64,454. Dec. 15. 
Arutunoff, Armals, assignor to Reda Pump Company, Bar- 
tlesville, Okla. Oscillatory, direct-fired, stack-loaded 
melting furnace. 2.662,764, Dec. 15. 
Arvev Corporation, assignee : See — 
Kleiman. Morton. 
Kleiman. Morton, and Goldman. 
Arvldson, Bengt A. : See — 

Corley. Mark H., Art'ldson, and Barber. 
Arvldson. Donald N. : See — , 

Durkln, William J., and Arvldson. 
Arvldson. (Jeorge O., Rockford, 111. Saw feed mechanism 

with resilient cup feed rolls. 2,631,618, Mar. 17. 
Arvldson. <ieorge O.. Rockford. 111. Work feed device for 

wo<idworking tools. 2,664.123, Dec. 29. 
Arvldson, Gostaf A., Davenport, Iowa. Hydraulic power 

Arvlntx, Robert A. : See — 

Arvlntz. Abraham A., Arvlns. and Arvlntz, 
Arzberger, Fred C. : l<ee — 

Keko. Wilbur L.. Bennett, and Arzl>erger. 
Asaff, Annis G., Watertown, Mass., assignor tc 

Marine Products Inc., Harrisburg. Pa. Elec 

nector having a mercury amalgam coating oi 

surface. 2.655,641, Oct. 13. 
Asaro, Carmelo, Rome. Italy. Excess flow cu 

2.635.629. Apr. 21, 
Asbury, Charles T., Fort Lauderdale, Fla„ a 

Asbury Corporation, Wilmington, Del. La 

2.663.137. Dec. 22. 
Asbury Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Asbury, Charles T. 
Aschaffenburger Zellstoffwerke, Aktlengesells^ 

slgnee : t<ee — 

Rambacher, Paul, and MIksch. 
Aschenbach. Theodora T., Washington, D. C. 

toothbrush. 2,642,606, June 23. 
Ascher, Diane, assignee : See—^ 

Cerrarchio. i;nrico. 
Aschner, Thomas C assignor to Smith, Kline 

I^aboratories, Philadelphia. Pa. Preparation 

hydroisoqulnolone derivatives. 2,647,902, Ai 
Aschwauden, I'aul, assignor to Verwaitungsg 

der Werkzeugmaschlnenfabrik Oerllkon. Zurlcl 

land. Gauge for adjusting blanks In gear ci 

chines. 2.656.(J12. Oct. 27. 
Aschwanden. Paul. Zurich, assignor to Verwalti 

schaft der Werkzeugmaschlnenfabrik Oerliko 

Oerllkon, Switzerland. Bevel gear cutting 

2,634,057. Apr. 14. 
Ash, Arthur B., and D. R. Jackson, assignors 

dotte Chemicals Corporation, Wyandotte, M 

duciug lower alkyl-, carboxv methyl-, dlethei 

oxyalkylene glycols. 2,653.972, Sept 29. 
Ash, Arthur B., Wyandotte, and M. H. Earln 

Park, assignors to Wyandotte Chemicals Ct 

Wyandotte, Mich. Treatment of carboxymeth 

of ethylene glvcols to remove HN(J,. 2.i<>59.7r) 
Ash, John J., Santa Monica, Calif. Film ship 

2.626,705 Jan. 27. 
Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co. assignee : Be 

Crandall. Julian T. 
Ashby Manufocturing Company, assignee : See— 

ilansllck. William O. 
Ashcraft, Clarence 8^ Manhasset, N. T. Arc 

ing device. 2,651,736, Sept. 8. 
Ashcraft, Jack W., assignee : See — 

Nelson. John W. and J. B. 
Ashcraft, William N.. Ardniore. Okla. Rearvie 

protector. 2,653,060, Sept 22. 4 - 

Ashcroft. Donald G. : See — ^^ 

SllUtto, George P., and Ashcroft 
Stewart, Ian F., and Ashcroft. 
Ashe, Thomas S., Tlmperley, Altrincham, ai 

Sunvlc Controls Limited, London, England. 

energy regulator. 2.646,479. July 21. 
Ashford, Leonard F.. Philadelphia. Pa. Pallet. 

June 2. 
Ashford, Leonard P.. Philadelphia, Pa. Artlch 

apparatus. 2,061,100, Dec. 1. 
AshKenas, Irving L., Los Angeles, assignor to 

Aircraft. Inc., Hawthorne, Calif. Aircraft co: 

force linkage. 2,661,169, Dec. l. 
Ashley, Carlyle M.. Fayettevllle. assignor to Ca 

poratlon. Syracuse, N. Y. Capacity control f 

eating compressors. 2,626,099. Jan. 20. 
Ashley, Grant R., Hixson, Tenn. Key holder. 

Apr. 21. 
Ashley, Hubert. E.. Dallas, Tex. One-way < 

2.662,762, Sept. 22. 
Ashley, John W ., and J. F. Leahy, Beverly^Iass. 

to United Shoe Machinery Corporation, Flemin 

Heel drilling machine. 2,642,103, June 16. 




to United Shoe 
. J. Sho« ma- 

to United Shoe 
J. Stltchdown 

to United Shoe 
. J. Shoe sole 

to United Shoe 
J. Shoe sewing 

A»hton Benjamin N.. and E. V. Barkow asslKnorB to 

Electrol Incorporated, KlDgatoo. N. Y. Selector pump. 

2,648.290. Aug. 11. « „ „ ^. 

Aihton. Benjamin N., J. P. Fraln and K. 8. Bawdlne, 

aasignora to Electroi Incorporated, Kingatoo. N. Y. 

Shattle Talve. 2.651.491. Sept. 8. 
Aabtun. Dennis, Birmingham, hngland. assignor to Tne 

Tlmken Roller Bearing Company, Canton, Ohio. Roller 

bearing. 2.628.137, Feb. 10. ,„ , 

Ashton. George M., assignor to Aahton Power-Wrecker 

E<julpment Co.. Inc.. Detroit, Mich. Vehicle wrecker 

hoist methnnlsm. 2.625.275. Jan. 13. 
Ashtun Power AVrecker Equipment Co., Inc., Msignee : 

A8ht.)n, George M. 

Aahton. Richard A., assignor to Seneca Falls Machine 
Company. Seneca Falls, N. Y. Apparatua for driving 
rotatable worknleces. 2.624,224. Jan. C. 

Aahton, Thomas R : See — 

Cuttell, John R.. and Ashton. 

Ashworth. Kred, Wi-nham. Mass., awslgnor 
Machinery Corporation. Flemlngton, N 
chine. 2/.31.5.'.n. Mar. 17. 

Aahworth, Fred. Wentiam. Masx.. ai^slgnor 
Machinery Corporation. Flemingtou, N. 
lasting machine. 2,633.5f<4. Apr. 7. 

Aahworth, F'red, Wenhani. Maw*., assignor 
Machinery Corporation, Flemlngton, N 
■ewing machine. 2,640,449, June 2. 

Aabwortn. Fr«<l, Wenham, Mass.. assignor 
Machinery Corporation. Flemlngton, N 
machine. 2,644,412. July 7. 

Aahworth. Fred, Wenham. and E. E. Chase. Beverly, Mass., 
assignors to Unltfd Shoe Machinery Corporation. Flem- 
lngton N. J. Combination form and clamp for shaping 
ahoe uppers. 2.626.410. Jan 27. , , k t 

Ashworth. J,..seph. and A Urth, assignors to John T. 
llardaker lAmit^-d, Bradford, England. Jacquard. 
l.'.t;f)0.202. Nov. 24. 

Ashworth. Thomas, and Company Limited, assignee : 

Stanworth. Stephen. 

Ashworth. Walder It.. West Chester. Pa.. 
Atlas I'owjlnr Company. Wilmington, Del. 
2.637,3<;6. Mn.v '> 

Aakanla Regulator Company, assignee : See — 
Glass, Paul. 
Jacques. Stanley A. 
Zlebolz. Herbert. 

Askanla-Werke A. G.. assignee : Bee — 
Haalck. Fritz. 

Askania-Uerke AktlengeSallschaft, assignee: 
Falk, oiaf. 

Aske, Leonard E.. and J. A. Thayer, assignors to 
Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company, Minneapo- 
lis. Mlna. Temperature responsive control. 2,640,902. 

Asketb. Jordan S.. Jackson Heights. \. Y. Apparatus for 

abstracting fluids from and delivering fluids to aquifers. 

2.635.696, Apr. 21. 
Askevold. Robert J., Skokle, assignor to The Pure Oil 

Company. Chicago. III. Separation of alcohols from 

mercaptans. 2,647,150, July 28. 
Askue. Albert R.. Euclid, assignor to The Cleveland 

Trencher Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Endless tmckot 

assignor to 
S|»lral drive. 


Bee — 


chain structure for trenching mai-hlnos. 2,648.145. 
Aug. 11. 
Askue. Albert R.. Euclid, assignor to The Cleveland 
Trencher Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Crumbing mech- 
anism for excavating machines. 2,654.966. Oct. 13. 
Aspegrt-n. John A., a^tiilgnor to Aktiebolaget Separator. 
Stockholm, Sweden. Apparatas for centrifugal sepa- 
ration with the use of an auxiliary liquid. 2,636,6 lO. 
Apr. 28. . 
Aspelln. Frabs E.. Nabnasset. assignor to H. E. Fletcher 
Company, West Chelmsford. .Mass. Jig for drilling key 
lewis slots. 2,661,929, Dec. 8. 
Aspelln, I^slle L. : See — 

Curtis. William H , Aspelln, and Carter. 
Thoren. Theodore R.. Artpelln, and Murray. 
Aspenlelter. Joseph W., Cal«><lonla. assignor to Bausch & 
Lomb Optical Company, Rochester, N. Y. Ventilation 
means for goggles. 2,Q36,171, Apr. iS. 
Aspenwall. Carl S. : Srr— ■ - 

Chapman, Charles H.. and Aspenwall. 
Aspey. W ayne S. : See — 

Baker Benjamin P.. Frlscb, Aspey. and MacNelll. 
Asplnall, Glenn. Burlington. Wis. Egg cleaner. 2.639.661. 

May 26. 
AspUind. Ragnar, Astoria. N. Y. Bottle suspension device 

for freezing molds. 2.629.515. Feb. 24, 
Assembled Units. Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Bochan, Peter J. 
Associated Electrical Industries Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Dyson* James. a 

Associated Lighting Service, assignee : Bee — . 
Williamson. Howard H. ' 

Associated Motorists Petrol Company Limited, assignee : 
Bee — 

Todd, Bryan James, Turner and Broberg. 
Associated Pulp and Pai)er Mills Limite<1. assignee: Bee — 

Slomap. Arthur H. 
Astatic Corporation, The assignee : Bee — 
Palo. Maurice, and Dvorsky. 

Astell Laboratory Service Company Limited, assignee: 
Bee — 

Cuttell. John R., and Ashton. 

Aston, Georglanna G., assignee : Bee — 
Rockwell. Chauncey L. 

Aston. Herbert P.. Dallas. Tex., assignor to Sun Oil Com- 
pany. Philadelphia, Pa. Apparatus for orienting tools. 
2.653,007. Sept. 22. 

Aston, John G., State College, Pa., and R. E. Black, Sioux 
City. Iowa, assignors to Phillips Petroleum Company. 
Purification of cyclohexane. 2,637.749. May 5. t 

Astrella Frank T.. Elmwood Park assignor to Pyramid 
Mouldings. Inc., Chicago, III. Flexible molding strip. 
2.634,467. Apr. 14. 

Astruck. Paul, Northampton. England. Sunglasses, gog- 
gles, and the like. 2,628,352. Feb. 17. 

Atchason, Stanley. Somervllle, Mass.. assignor to The 
Gillette Company. Process and apparatus for manu- 
facturing articles from strip stock. 2,658,695, Nov, 10. 

Atchison, I.*onard W. Erie, Pa., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Electrical defrosting arrangement 
for refrigerators. 2.637.180, May 5. 

Atchison, Leonard W., Erie, Pa., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Heat reflecting hood. 2,644.736. Jal^ 7. 

Atchison, Leonard W.. l'>le. Pa., assignor to (Jeneral Elec- 
tric Company. Electric defrosting arrangement for re- 
frigerators. 2,645.905 July 21. 

Atchley, Dana W., Jr.. Lexington, assignor to Tracerlab, 
Inc., Boston. Mass. Itadlatlon softening. 2,629,831. 
Feb. 24. 

Ateliers de Construction Oerllkon, assignee : Bee — 
Boninsegnl Kenato. 
Storsand, BJarne. 

Ateliers dt> Constructions Electriques de Charlerol. as- 
signee : See - - 
Hoyaux. Max. 
.M»-uiii»'r, Mar<vl 

Ateliers Neyret-Beyller & Plccard-Plctet, assignee : Bee — 
Angles d'Auriac. Paul. 
Daniel. Jean. 
Ponsar. Yves. 

Aten. Adrlaan H. W.. Hilversum. and S. O. Wiechera. 
assignors to de Nederlandsche Centrale Organlsatle 
Voor Toegepast-Natuurwetenschappelljk Onderzoek. The 
Hague, Netherlands. Palatable protein products from 
whey. 2.631,100. Mar. 10. 

Atha. Clyde J., Cambridge, Ohio. Apparatus for remov- 
ing the cut hair from hair clippers. 2,653,380, Sept 29. 

Atherholt. John B. : Sec — 

Larsen. Agnew E., and Atherholt. 

Atherton. Frank R. : See — 

Morrison. Alexander L.. and Atherton. 

Atherton. Ronald : Bee — , 

Alison, Ah'xander S., and Athorton. I 

Atbey Products Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Kline. Kot>ert W. 
MacDonald. Raymore D. 

Atkln. Kenneth C. assignor to Clarke Sanding Machine 
Company. .Muskegon. Mich. Rug scrubbing machine. 
2.624,H96, Jan. 13. 

Atkin, Kenneth C, assignor to Clarke Sanding Machine 
Company, Muskegon, Mich. Oscillating sander. 
2.6.'?9.564. May 26. 

Atkins. Earle R.. Whittler. Calif. High-temperature and 
pressure packing gland. 2,655,391. Oct. 13. 

Atkins, l^arle K.. Jr.. La Tlabra. assignor to I'nlon Oil 
Company of California. Los Angeles, Calif. Flowmeter. 
^ 2,637,206, May 5. 

Atkins, Earle R.. Jr.. La Habra. assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California. Los Angeles, Calif. Measuring 
the crosa sectional area of boreholes. 2,649.163. Ang. 

Atkins Elizabeth S., Ashevllle. N. C. Drapery drapery 
heading, and supporting means therefor. 12,638.978, 
May 19. 

Atkins, Harry C. University Heights, and H. E. Herman- 
son. Cleveland. Ohio, assignors to General Electric Com- 
pany. Base marking apparatus. 2,639,661, May 26. 

AtKins. Henry C. Jr.. Indianapolis, Ind. Beverage mixing 
container. 2,631,521. Mar. 17. 

Atkins. James I.. Bollywood. Fla. Cabinet. 2.651.703. 
Sept. 8. 

Atkins. John S.. assignor to Alkaline Batteries Limited, 
Reddltch. England. Anchoring device for insulated 
flexible electric' cables. 2,657,890, Nov. 3. 

Atkins. Samuel L.. New York, N. Y'. Drinking vessel. 
2.646.200. July 21. 

Atkins. S. Lawrence, assignee: Bee — 
Murphy. Arthur J. 

Atkins. Victor K., Seattle, assignor to Pacific Car and 
Foundry Company. Ronton, Wash. Flexible diaphragm 
for fluid clutches. 2.640,499. June 2. 

Atkinson. Earl B.. Bay Village, Ohio. Bar hanger attach- 
ment. 2 625,3.')7. Jan 13 

Atkinson. Herbert J.. Sudbury, Mass. Feeder for solid 
and liquid constituents., Apr. 28. 

Atkinson. James D., Jr^ and L. N. Rogers, assignors to 
Buckeye Cotton Oil Company. Memphis, Tenn. Acid- 
alkali process for the preparation of cellulose fibers. 
2,625.474, Jan. 13. 

Atkinson, John F. : Bee — 

Lubln. Samuel, Atkinson, and Podolsky. 

Atkinson, Joseph. Ix)ndon, England. Turbine or like rotor. 
2.657.008. Oct. 27. " 


to Personal 

assignee : See — 

Atkinson. Joseph, London, England. Forming blade roots. 

2,660,779, Dec. 1. 
Atkinson, I'eter D. : Bee — 

Hemingway, Arthur V., and Atkinson. 
Atkinson. Italph L., Westfleld. N. J., assignor 
Products Corporation. ^ Sanitary napkin. 
June 30. ^ 

Atkinson, Ralph W., West field. N J., assignor to General 
Cable Corporation. New York. N. Y. Strip-grip for elec- 
tric cables. 2.636,922, Apr. 28. 
Atkinson, Wallace II. assignor to Long Manufacturing 
Com|»any, Inc., Petbrsburg, Va. Lock hasp. 2,637.584, 
May 5. 
Atkinson. Wallace E.. Petersburg. Va. Fly swatter. 

2.624,149, Jan. 6. 
Atkinson William P.. South Milwaukee, and T. O. David- 
son. Milwaukee, assignors to Bucyrus-Erie Company, 
South Milwaukee, Wis. Fairlead for semitrailer 
scrapers or wagons. 2,628,815, Feb. 17. 
Atlanta Pajier Company, assignee : See — 

Forrer, Homer \V. 
Atlantic Builder's Supply Corp., assignee: See— 

Ran, Robi'rt S. and W. 
Atlantic Carton Corporation, assignee : See — 

Whlteli.'.Kl. Earl H". 
Atlantic Refining Company, The, assignee: Bet — 
Clap<»tta, Frank G. 
Clarke. E«lgar W. 

Clarke, Edgar W., Doan, and Keenan. 
Davis, Louis F. 

Glanvill<>. Charles R.. Diinlap. and Shuler. 
Hlrsch. William T.. and Roth. 
Kasslmir, William J. 
Nt'vison. John A. 
Ramser. John H. 
\V.'hb«T, Jack C. 

Williams, William K., and Krogb. 
Woods, John 1*. 
Atlantl'.' Service Company, Inc., assignee 

Williams, Clar< iK-e It, 
Atlantic Const Fisheries Company, The, 
Crowther, Harold E., and lloitkinson. 
Atlas, Davi<l, Newton Center, Mass. Device to permit 
radar contour mapping of rain Intensity in rainstorms. 
2,656,531, Oct. 20. 
Atlas Imperial Diesel Engine Co.. assignee: Bee — 

I^xo, Ed. 
Atlas -Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 

Ilv.-ims. Herl)ert B. 
Atlas Mineral Products Company of Pennsylvania, The. 
assignee : Sec — 

Seymour. Raymond B. 
.•^evmour. IJa.vmond B.. and Pascoe. 
Atlas Polar Company Limited, assignee : See — 

Becker, John E. 
Atlas Powder Company, assignee : Bee — 
AHhworth, Waliler B. 
Brandner, .Tolin D. 
Buck, Frank H. 
Cross, Sherwood T. 
Farren, William U. 
(Jrlflln. William C. 
Huyett. Daniel D. ^ " 

Kass, Peter. I'eter, .and Lew. 
Kasehagen, lieo. 
Lew. Bank W. 

Lvtle, William C. , 

McFarland. David M. 
McGlrr, Robert. 
Taylor, William J. 
Atlas Press Company, assignee i See — 
<'ole. Clayton K. | 

Herder, Harry D. 
Ilenlcr, Ilarrv D., and Van Dam. 
Atlas Products (N. Z.) Limited, assignee: 

Agar. Cieorge W. A. 
Atlee. Zed J.. Elmhurst, and J. B. Gosling. Chicago. 111., 
assignors to General Electric Company. Envelope for 
electron flow device and glass-metal seal embodied there- 
in. 2.640.167, May 26. 
Atmos Corporation.^ assignee : See — 

Jensen, Charles IT 
Atomic Basic (^hemirals Corporation, assi 

Vlerling. Dimald E. 
Attapulgus Minerals & Chemicals Corporation, assignee: 
See — 

Duke. James B.. and Houston. 
Attendu. Andr« C. : See — 

Hurter. Alfred T.. and Attendu. 
Attenhofer, .\(lolf, Zurich. Switzerland. Ski-fastening de- 
vice. 2,661.957, Dec. 8. 
Atterling. Erik A. : Sec- 
Ericsson. Eric A., Wlhorg. and .\ttorllng. 
Attorney General of the United States, Vested In the, as- 
signee : Bee — 

Hertz, J0rgen. * 

Schwenik, Erwln. and Fleischer, 
Attwell. Doris, administratrix : See — 

Martin. Victor. 
Attwood. Charles E.. assignor to Acme Visible Records. 
Inc., Chicago. 111. Selectively operated rota^ drum 
file. 2.6.')9,646, Nov. 17. 


JSee — 

slgi)»e : 


2,'^243— P- 

N. Y., assignor 1 
Diversity gating 

Attwood. John G., Oak Park, assignor to Union 
Machine Company, Chicago, III. Vibration I 
means for sewing units. 2.660,140, Nov. 24. 
Atwell, Eugene S. : Bee — 

Foote. Donald S.. and Atwell. 
Atwell. Harold V., Beacon, assignor to The Tex 
pany, New Y'ork, N. Y'. Pnxluctlon of carbon ii 
and hydrogen from hydrocarbons. 2.632,690. 
Atwood, Bernard D., Walla Walla. Wash. Marl 

chine die holder. 2,035,540. Apr. 21. 
Atwood. Edwin W., assignor to Copeman Lab' 
Company. Flint. Mich. Bottle closure. 2 

Apr. 7. 
Atwood, Edwin H., and E. D. Kelper. Jr.. Woodbui 

assignors to Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, liicoi 

New York. N. Y. Fixed bed catalyst draw-ofi 

and apparatus. 2.635,071. Apr. 14. 
Atwood. George D.. assignor to Decorated Meta 

factoring Company. Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y. al 

pirn. 2,630,394. Mar. 3. 
Atwood. James L., Nashville, Tenn. Article trai 

bakery conveyer system. 2.639,800, May 26. 
Atwood. James L.. Nashville. Tenn. Bakery g 

moving machine. 2,625,284, Jan. 13. 
Atwood, John B. : See — 

Peterson, Harold O.. and Atwood. 
Atwood. John B., Rlverhead, N. Y.. assignor t 

Corporation of America. Diversity frequem 

reception. 2.624,834. Jan. 6 
Atwood. John B., Rlverhead, 

Corporation of America. 

2,644,885. July 7. 
Atwood, John B., Rlverhead, N. Y'.. assignor 1 

Corporation or America. Frequency shift. 

2.654,801. Oct. 6. * \ 

Atwood, John L.. Los Angeles, and C. G. Gordon. P 

Calif., assignors to North American Aviation. I: 

craft controls. 2,626 115, Jan. 20. 
Atwood, Rawson, Garden City, assignor to F 

Metal Manufacturing Company. Inc., Brookly 

Textile spool driving connection. 2,025,335. 
Atwood. Seth B., and W. J. Kush. assignors to 

Vacuum Machine <'ompany, Rockford, 111. ^Ai 

door hinge. 2,645,809. July 21. 
Atwood Vacuum Machine Company, assignee: Be 
Atwood. Seth B.. and Kush. \ 

Johnson. Agnar. 
Aubert, Fred B., Detroit, Mich. Electrical contrc 

for liquid fuel burners. 2,662,589. D<'C. 15 
Aubert. Fred B., (Jrossi; Polnte. Mich. 

ing apparatus and controls therefor. 
.\ubert, Fred B.. (;ro8se /I'ointe, Mich. 

ing control system. /2. 657, 742, Nov 
Aubert, Fred B., Gros/e Pointe, Mich. 

system for burwr and control 

2",657,743, Nov. 3. 
Aubert, Per, Oslo, Norway, and .E. B. Knott, Harr 

land, assignors to Eastman Kodak Company, R 

N. Y". Sensitizing dyes containing a 2-acj 

(4)-thiazolone nucleus. 2.652,397. Sept. 15. 
Aubert. Per. Oslo. Norway. R. A. Jeffreys, and E. ' 

Harrow. England, assignors to Eastman Kod 

pany, Rochester. N. Y. Trlniiclanr dyes conl 

5-thiazolldone nucleus. 2.656,351, Oct. 20. 
Aubrey. Richard. Jr., and V. J.. Boardman T 

Mahoning County, assignors to The Youngstoi 

A Tul)e Company. Youngstown, Ohio. Exte 

for cylindrical members. 2,037.907, May 12. 
Aubrey. Venice J. : See — 

Aubrey. Richard, Jr., and V. J. 
Auburn Fishhook Company, Inc., assignee See- 
Corbett. Herbert A. 
Auchincloss, Samifel S., Wllllamsyllle, and H. W. 

Keninore, N. Y.. assignors to American Mac 

Foundry Company. Sweep and guard mecha 

howling An setting machines. 2.657.929, Nov 
Audemar. Pierre. La Garenne-Colombes. France. 

valve mechanism. 2,634,743, Apr. 14. 
Audette, B. J., assignee : See — 

Wiig. SeluKp L. 
Audia. Benjamin. Washington, Pa. Automath 

solution supply for beer distributing 

2.645.379. July 14. 
Audino, Frank. Jackson Heights, N. Y'. Method f 

Ing controls for hot water tanks or urns. ^ 

Feb. 24. 
Audio Devices. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Speed, William C. and Dwyer. 
Audio Tool and Engineering Limited, assignee : 

TatelRhl. Arthur K. 
Audoynaud, Max L., Oullln, France, assignor to ^ 

Chemical Corporation. New Y'ork. N. Y. Mai 

of chlorine dioxide of low chlorine content. '. 

June 9. 
Audut)on Wire Cloth Corporation, assignee : Se 

Guba, Raymond J. 
Aue. Johann, Vienna, Austria. Closet. 2,658,! 

Aue. I>est^ A.. Madeira, and A. H. Boylan, ass 

The Drackett Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. Pry 

for removing can lids. 2,633,041, Mar. SI. 
Auer. Georgi' A.. Chicago. III. Hydraulic 

2,631,726, Mar. 17, 










Auer, Lasxlo, South Orange. N. J. Textile decorating 
pigment color compoaitlon containing a phenol-eplhalo- 
nydrla condensation product. 2,637.6'Jl, May 5. 

Auer, Laszlo. South Orangp. N. J- Oll-in-water emulsion 
textile printing extender pastes. 2.637,705, May 6. 

Auer, Lasxlo. South Orange, N. J. Pigment disperplons 
In water 2.037,711. May .V 

Auerbach. Dave, Chicago. 111. Fastening food wafers to 
bird cages. ^.633,100, Mar. 31. 

Auerbach, William, assignee : Btt — 
De Pinto, Sergio. 

Auerbach, Zeaiach. Bronx, N. T. Safety raior blade dis- 
penser. 2,^8,710. Feb. 17. 

Auerbach. Zeiaach. New Yorls, N. Y.. assignor to The 
(illlette Company. lUade packaging machine. 
2.<;_'7.-!)0. Feh. 10 

Anflero. Joha M.. Plandome. N. Y. Heating apparatus. 
2.631.217, Mar. 10. 

Aunero, John M. Plandome. assignor to E. A. labora- 
tories, Ine., Brooklyn. N. Y. Automobile beater. 
2.640,407, Juno 2. 

Anflero, John M., Plandome. assignor to E. A. Labora- 
tories. Inc.. I3rooklyn. N. \. Automobile heater. 
2,647.451. Aug. 4. 

Augat. A. A.; Machine k Tool Co. Inc., assignee : S«e — 
Burman Jowph O.. Jr. 

Auger, Harold. Nialdenhead. Enelnnd. Power transmis- 
sion mechanism in storage equipment. 2,652.162. Sept. 

Augsfiyricf. Luther S., and D. F. Ilasse, assignors to 
Aaero Manufacturing Co.. Rockford. 111. Tank closure 
fastener. 2,655,397, Oct. 13. 

Augu.««tadt, Herbert W., Weatfleld. N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated. New York, N. Y. 
Alternating wave generator. 2.631>,385. May 19. 

AuL'UHtadtr Herbert w., NVestfleld. N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 
Automatic volume control. 2,057.264 Oct. 27. 

Augustine, Frederick B., Jefferson. N. J., assignor to 
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. Halogen- 
promoted oxidation. 2,643,269, June 23. 

AuK.stuollri. Uapolas, Stamford, Conn. Ellipsograph. 
2.630.272. Apr. 2S. 

Auldrldge, Dexter D., assignor of one-half to A. S. Ten- 
nant. South Charleston, W. Va. Making fishing lures. 
2.64^,418, June 30. 

Aui'U. Walter K.. \Vood«town. N. J., as«<ignor to Eddystone 
Machinery Company, Chester, Pa. Jaw arm for winding 
machines. 2.646.2.30, July 21. 

Auler. Harold F.. and E. E. Kohls. Milwaukee. Wis. : said 
Kohls assignor to said Auler. Timer for model airplanes. 
2,640.295, June 2. 

Ault. Harley A., Daytona Beach, Fla.. assignor of one-half 
to L. B. Campbell. San Francisco. Calif. Page end slg- 
DAllng device for typewriters. 2.641.350, June 9. 

Ault. Tnoma.^ J.. .Muncle, Ind. Container fa.'^ening ap- 
paratus for trani^port vehicles. 2.631.8X5. Mar. 17. 

Aumlck, K. Donald, Pine City, and J. W. Dickey. Newfleld. 
N. Y., assignors to Bendlx Aviation Corporation. Ke- 
cipr»cating electromagnetic pump. 2,641,188, June 9. 

Auphan. Michel. Paris, France, assignor to Societe Gen- 
erale d'Electronlque, Monaco (Principality of Monaco). 
Manufacture of a screen for a television apparatus or 
the like. 2,644.208. July 7. 

Aurbach. Kurt. an<l .\. Klaar. assignors to Anker-Werke, 
A. O. Bielefeld, Oernianv. Plural drawer mechanism for 
cash registers. 2,650.02.1. Aug. 2.'. 

Aurbach, Kurt, and H. Schaper, assignors to Anker-Werke, 
A. G.. Bielefeld. Germany. Indicating apparatus for 
cash registers or other business machines. 2.658.668. 
Not. 10. 

Auriol, Elol. Toulouse. France. Power press and the 
like thrust controllefl machines. 2.654.264, Oct. 6. 

Aurora Equipment Company, assignee : Bee-^ 
Kiinham. Thomas >I. 
Hilgen, Theodore J. 

Aurora Ttesearch Industries, Inc., assignee: See — 
McDonald. Dan 

Aiisherman. Harry S.. Wichita. Kans. Belt tightener and 
slack adjuster. 2.639.623. May 26. 

Auxland. Le Kov .1 . S«iittle. \\anh.. assiimor to Pioneer 
Sand and Gravel Company. Reglet. 2.6«V4.n57. Dec. 29. 

.\u.'«lender. Pearl. Chiiago. 111. Maternity garment. 
2.6«1,475, Dec. 8. 

Aasf>oa, I.*wrence A., Tonawanda. N. Y., and J. B. Demp- 
ster, Woodbury, N. J,, assignors to E. I. du Pont de 
Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. Cerium esterl- 
flcatlon catalyst. 2.t'>43.989. June 30. 

Aust, Mart L.. Clarksdale, Miss. Tractor implement. 
2.649.0.19. Aug. 18. 

Aoat, Robert J. : See — 

Puerner, Oeorg« 0.. Auit, and Tulauskas. 

Aust. Robert J., and \V. K. Peek, a.>*sii:nttrs to P. R. Mallory 
it Co.. Inc.. Indianapolis. Ind. Indexed control. 
2.fia2.«.10. Mar. 24. 

Austin. Bascum O : *S>c — 

Miner. John D., Jr.. Austin, and Jessee. 

Austin. Baarum O.. IJma, Ohio, assignor to Weatlngbouse 
Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Electromag- 
netic relay 2.660.041. Nov. 24. 

Austin. Ben R.. New York, N. Y. Slide fastener 
2.625.726. Jan. 20. 

Austin. B«>njamln L. : See — 

Baker. Reuben C. and Anstin. 

Austin. Dwlgbt B.. Kent, Ohio. Bed bottom. 2,638,606. 

May 19. 
Austin. Emery H., Stuart, F'la. Road actuated safety 

signal for vehicles. 2,654,876. Oct. 6. 
Austin, Harold S.. Dallas, Tex. Stop mechanism for atep- 

by-«tep plungers. 2,627.757, Feb. 10. 
Austin Hoy k Company Limited, assignee: See-- 

Proctor, Sidney E. 

Austin, James A., and K. A. Ratcliff. Mission, assignors to 

Jensen-Salsbery Laboratories, Inc.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Treating frothy bloat in. ruminants and tympanic colic 

In horses. 2 635,981 Apr. 21. 

.\ustin, James M . Old Westbury. N. Y. Raxor blade maga- 

ilne. 2.639,029. Mav 19. 
Austin. James M., Old W^estbury, N. Y. Razor and blade 

changer. 2,653.379, Sept. 29. 
Austin. Leonard B.. assignor to Illinois Tool Works Chi- 
cago, 111. Machine for orienting and driving longi- 
tudinally asymmetrical headless fasteners. 2.638,945. 
May 19. 
.AuMtln, Leonard E., Santa Monica, Calif., assignor to 
Illinois Tool Works. Chicago, 111. Power screw driver. 
2.040.091. Julv 21. 
Austin, Leslie W., San Jose, assignor to Kaiser Aluminum 
& Chemical Corporation, Oakland, Calif. Production of 
magnesia. 2,041.529. June 9. 
Austin, Leslie W San Jose. Calif., assignor to Kaiser 
Aluminum k Chemical Corporation. Production of 
magnesia. 2.641.530, June 9. 
Austin. Le.sMe W., Sun Jose, and J. D. Isaacs, F^ontana, 
Calif. ; Kaiil Isaacs assignor to Kaiser Steel Corporation, 
and said Austin a.ssignor to Kaiser Aluminum « Chemi- 
cal Corporation, Oakland. Calif. Refractory product. 
2.028.()HX. Feb. 10. 
Austin Leslie W., San Jose, and J. C. Hicks Menlo Park, 
Calif., assignors to Kaiser Aluminum k Chemical Cor- ' 
poration. Preparing refractory bonding material. 
2,628,915, Feb. 17. 
Austin Leslie W.. San Jose, and C. A. Rick Menlo Park, 
Calif., assignors to Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Cor- 
poration. Preparation of periclase. 2,641,531, June 9. 
Austin. Merritt B.. Jr., Deerfleld. HI. Electrical outlet 

box. 2,639.054, May 19. 
Austin Motor Company Limited, The, assignee : See — 
Bareham, Eric G., and Layland. 
Layland. William. 
Rennie. Basil C. and Weaving. 
Stanfleld. James R.. and Garrett. 
Weaving. John H., Dangerfield, and Garrett. 
Austin. Ralph W.. Weymouth, assignor to Badger Fire 
Extinguisher Company, Somervillp, Mass. Portable 
ptimp apparatus of the shoulder pack type. 2,656,958, 
Orf. 27 ' 

Austin, Robert R., assignor to Consolidated Engineering 
Corporation, Pasadena. Calif. Electrolytic titration 
cell. 2.624.701, Jan. 0. , 

Austin. Sumter M., assignee : Bee — 

Tucker. Wllllaui <' 
Austin. Walter P.. assignor of one-half to R. T. Patterson, 
Nashville. Tenn. Nonreclprocatlng refrigeration unit. 
2,037.174s Mny .". 
Aatelca A. O.. Gaemllgen. assignee : See — 

Moser, Otto. 
Auten. Howard L.. East Peoria. III. Container structure 
for paste shoe polish, including an applicator. 2,635,271. 
Apr. 21. 
Auten. Howard L.. East Peoria. 111. Diaphragm clo- 
sure for paste shoe polish container equipped with 
a dauber. 2.654.110. Oct. 6. 
Auten. Noel E.. Wyndmoor. assignor to Metal Specialties. 
Inc., Phlladelphl#. Pa. Device for washing articles 
such as drinking glasses. 2,643.659, June 30. 
Auten. Rob.'rt W. : Srr — 

Hurwitx, Melvin D.. and Auten. 
Autenrleth. Ferdinand, Irvlnirton. assignor to C F. 
Mueller Co., Jersev City. N. J. Alimentary food prod- 
uct machine. 2, 649. 056, Aug. 18. 
.Vuto-Five Companv, assignee : Sec — • 

Relnholz, William H. 
.Autocall Companv. The. assignee : Bee — 

Sea ton, ll.-irold K • 

Autocar Company. The. assignee: Bee — 

Hillman, Ross H. 
Autocraft Mfg. Corp.. assignee : See — 

Gelles. William H.. and Miller. 
.Autociro Companv of .\merica. assignee : Bee — 
Campbell. Harris S, 
Pltcalrn. Harold F. r 

PulUn. Cyril G I 

Stanley, Paul H 
Auto I.4tmp Manufacturing Co.. assignee : See — 

Dlb«1ka. Henry O. i 

Automatic Bedding Corporation, assignee: See — ' 

Gursky. Meyer. 
-Automatic Benders, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Essllnger, Paul W. 
Automatic Devices Corporation, assignee: See — 

Johnson, Arthur A, 
.\utomatlc Electric I>al>oratorle«, Inc., assignee: See — 
Bakker, Pier. 

Balzer. Harvey W.. and Bakker. 
Bartellnk. Everhard H. B. 
Ben no, Edward L. 
Daskam. Edward, Jr. 

Automatic Electric Laboratories, Inc., assignee : See — Con. 

<;ien^,'er. Fred. 

Grandstaff, Otho D. 

(Jraybill, Kenneth W„ and Sengebusch. 

(iritllns, Morris B. 

Herrick, Roswell H. 

UulTniau. Robert L. 

Johuhton, Leith. 

Kessier. Frank. 

Lomax. Clawrce E. 

Lomax, Clar?n^ E.. and Gallagher. 

.MacDonald. Duncan N. 

Mulnar, Imre. 

Ostline, John E. 

Pye. Harold C. 

Sands, Roy G. 

Stehlilt. Rudolph F. 

Tinsman.'Jack R., Novy, and Pence. 

Tinsman, Jack R., Novy, and Thurlow. I 

Voss, John 11. 

Wicks, John. _, , c!.^ 

Automatic Locking Devices, Incorporated, assignee . bee— 

Spraragen. Louis. . „ . a^m 

Automatic Manufacturing Corporation, assignee, aee — 

Frlberg, Vin^nt P. . 

Automatic Nailing Machinery Co.. Inc., assignee. Bee — 

Kott, Herbert. ^ ,__^ _^^ 

Automatic Poultry Feeder Company, assignee: Bee — 

De Witt, Richard A. 

Smallegan, Marvin L. 

Automatic Pump k Softener Corporation, assignee . Bee — 

Whitlock. Fred W, 

Whitlock, Robert A.. Jr. 
Automatic Rock-A-Bye. Inc., assignee : Bee—- 

Strom. Gordon H.. Llchter. and Ruslncky. 
Automatic Steel Products, Inc. assignee : bee — 

Wlckwlre, Arthur M., and Kessel. 
Automatic Switch Co.. assignee : See — 

Churchill, Alan W,. and Van Camp. 
Automatic Systems Corporation, assignee: See — 

Saunders, Clarence. 
Automatic Telephone k Electric Company Limited, aa- 
sipne«» : See - , 

Davison, Alan. 

Davison, Alan, and Allen. 

DavlKon. .\lan, and Threadgold. 

Mackenxle. John F.. and Horrocks. t 

Smith. Sidney R.. and Barrett. 

Taylor. Reginald. ,. , . . o— ■ 

Automatic Temperature Control Co., Inc.. assignee. Bee— 

Macgeorpe. William D. ^ 

Macgeorge, William D , and Cross. 

Macgeorge. William D.. and Roessler. 

Roessler^ Charles E.. Jr. 
Automatic Washer Coujpany, assignee : See — 

Breckenrldce. Frank. 
Automatic X-Rav Corporation, nssigijce : See — 

Roop. Harold D. 
.Automotive Appliance Company, assignee: bee — 

Ewald. Edwin. , . . ^ , ^ o.... 

Automotive Products Company Limited, assignee : See — 

Brock. William H J. 

Parker, S.vdn.y M. ^ 

Automotive Rubber Company. Incorporated, assignee. 
See— , I 

Redmond. Robert L, 
Automotive Sprinc Corporation, assignee : See — 

Heuer. Lawrence IT. 
Autopolnt Coinpany. .■issienee : Sre — 

Krause, Richard S.. and Sellxrt, 

Wood«. Fred I> 
Auto-Soler Company, The, assignee: See-- 

Wright, John O., Toney. Watklns, Sudan, and Max- 

Wright John O , Toney, Watklns, Sudan and Max 
Auto Specialties Manufacturing Company, assignee : ee« — 

Lncker. Millard P.. 

Mueller. Jo.'ieph .1. 
.Auto Trnn»iraissionK Liiidted, assignee: ^ee — 

De Normanvllle. F.d;:«r J. 
Auto Tvre Services Limlte, assignee : See — 

Kent, Jan H F 
Aoto-Wrap Corporation, assignee : See — 

Rubinstein. Matthew N.. and CapHn. 
Autoyre Company. Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Hrlggs. .^rtl^lr T. 

Depwej, Leonard S. 

Mah. T TMchard A.. Oliver and Wedlg. 

Oeler, i;i« hard C, and Constantlne. 

Peterfton, Merle H. 

Sanford. Roy S. 

Schlpper. Robert J,, and Stacy. 

Scliwsrz. Hans G 

Wls«el, Francis A., and Parker. 

Autv .AIlMTf, Dewslturv. assignor to Wormalds A Walker 
Llinlted Dewslmry. " Yorkshire. England. Shuttle-box 
motion for l<»oms, 2.031,010. Mair. 17. 

Avaklan. Souren : ^'ee — ^ . ^, ^ ., 

Martin, Gustav J., Beller, and Avaklan. and Moaa. 

Avanslno. John K . Linden, Calif. Tree shaking mecha- 
nism, 2,656.669, Oct, 27. 


Avco Manufacturing Corporation, assignee 
AJero, Fortunato 8. 
Bowen, Myron W. 
Boyle, Homer 0. 
Burke, Louis L. 
Bussard. Emmery J. H. 
Carpenter. John M. 
Chainb«-rlin, John W, 
Cllngman. William H. 
Dalglish. Jame.« J., and Holm. 
Davidson, Lloyd H. 
Depweg, Leonard S. 
Grt'eu. .Maurice W. 
Juxwiak. E4iiiiond .V.. and AJero. 
Maher, Richard A., and I'htxer 
•Miller. Lewis L. 
Parker. Norman W. 
Rickenbach, August W. 
Runft. Arthur J. 
Vutx. Wllhelm. 

Wlegman, Clarence H., King. Rickenbach. a 
Wlssel. Francis A. 
Woodburn, Joseph J. 
Avedlkian, Souren Z., Larchmont. N. Y. Comp 
matter with plastic bonding and making frt 
formaldehyde, comminuted wood, and sodiuii 
2.652,373, Sept. 15. 
Avenell, Archibsild A. : See — . 

Stokes, Philip H.. Avenell. and Mitchell. 
Averill, Charles C. assignor to I'nion Steel I'rod 
pany. Albion, Mich. Devii-e for packaging ti 
and the tire casing assemblies. 2,0.iy.484. No 
.Iverlll, Cluirles C, assignor to I'nion Steel Prod 
pany, Albion. Mich, ('ollapsible stacking i 
2.«0<),32H. N<»v. 24. 
Averill. Harold P., Aberdeen. Md.. and R. Pfanst 
land Heights. Ohio, assignors to the United 
America as represented by the Secretary of W 
position of matter. 2,044,796, July 7. 
Aversten, Karl J., Lidlngo, assignor to Svenska 
get Gasnccumulator, Lidingo. near Stockholm 
Transportable welding apparatus. 2,061,428, 
Avery, Irank E., Erie, I'a. Cushioning meuibei 

ficial dentures. 2.0<;.VS);'.:i, !)♦•»•. 29. 
Avery-Hardoll Limited, assignee : See — 

Praser, John. 
Avery, Harold T. Oakland. Calif. 
Calculators. Inc. Keyboard 
Aug. 25. 
.\verv, Henry C. executor : bee — 

Bates, Joseph D, 
.\very. Ilillard .M., Indianapolis, 
scalp-treating device. 2.0o7.084 
Avery. Howard S., Maliwah. N. J. 
Brake Shoe Company, New York, 
materials in tubular welding rods. 2.642,516 
Avery, Howard W., Schenectady, N. Y., assignc 
eral Electric Company. Hydraulic valve 
2.049.107. Aug. 18. 
Avery, Robert I). : See — 

Norrls, Ralph F., and Avery. 
Glen. William L., Myers, and Paplneau-Coi 
Averv. Samuel K.. Dolton, III. Prosthetic tr 

cofder. 2.048,130, Aug. 11. 
Avery, True M. : See — 

P.okenkroger, William H.. and Averv. 
Aves. Fred J., Los Angeles, Calif. Cur, June 23. 
Avetta. An>ert J., and T. Scardamalla. Pittsb 
said Scardamalla assignor to said Avetta. 
for evl.scerating shrimp. 2,025,705, Jan. 20. 
Avetta. Albert J..jind t. Scardamalla. Plttsl 
Convevor apparatus for eviscerating shrimp. 
Jan. 27. 
Avey, William P.. New Kensington, H. H. I] 
Pittsburgh. L. W. Meyer, Schuylkill Haven. 
Mcl.4iughlin, Pottsvillo. assignors to Alumli 
pany of America. Pittsburgh, Pa. Metal dr 
paratus. 2,035,738. Apr. 21. 

Avil. Frank S., Avondale Estates. Ga. Machine 

Ing and packaging potato chips or the like. 
■ July 7. 
.Xvlla. Lawrence H., assignor to Avila Proi 

Oakland. Calif. Bed cover. 2,027,617. Feb. 
Avlla. Lawrence II., assignor to AvIla Products 

land, Calif. Portable bed and bath. 2,036,19 
.Avila. .Manuel L., assignee : See — 

Mci'onnell. John A. 
Avlla Products Co.. assignee : See — 

Avila. I.Awrence H. 
Avins. Jack, New Y'ork, N. Y., assignor to RadI 

tion of America. Automatic gain contrc 

2.644,082, June 30. 
Avlns. Jack, Staten Island, N. Y., assignor to 1 

poration of America. Keyed nolse-clipptc 

2.037.774. May 5. , 

.Avis. Walter R., assipnor to Zl'ppo Manufactu 

pany, Bradford, Pa. Flint dispenser. 2,64C 

Avondogllo, Leo, Verona, N. J., assignor to Curt 

Corporation. Aircraft cowling seal. 2,638,28 

: " i 

assignor to 

Ind. .Surge 

Nov. 3. 

assignor to 
N. Y. Binde 





ATfll. Arthur C. Cincinnati. aMlgnor to A and T I>e- 

velopiuent Corporation. St. IWruanl. Ohio. Form for 

molding openinK* in concrete utructurea. 2,058,252, 

Not. 10. 
Axe WlHluin N. : See — » 

Wagner, Cary K.. Axe. and Hlmel. 
Axe, Willlanj N., iiartlvuvill*-. Okla.. na-xiKnor to rhillipa 

IVtroleuni I'oinpany. Kxtnutitui n( luiKicatlnjj oils 

with a plienoliilkanolaiiiine nolvent. 2.«4."t,5'.>«>. July 14. 
Axe Wmfam X ami W. I!. Whitn.y. Itartiesvine, Okla.. 

aaHlKuora to I'hilUpa Petroleum Company. Lubrlcauta. 

L',»5»>o..'>»»J, Nov. L'4. , ^ 

AxelHen. Krn»'«t F.. Seattle, Wash. Cable retrieving ap- 
paratus. :i.0.'»0.12». Aug. 28. I ^ 
Axeman, Jani»s E.. assignee : 6'ee — 

Anderson, William S. 
Axteli. Oliver H., Jr. : See — , 

MacKcnzie. James S., and Axteli. 
Axteli. Willard G.. HMHJKnor to Sliwayder Broa., Inc.. iN-n- 

ver. Colo. M.'tlio<l of and batli for electrolytic polish- 

init. 2.«J45.«11. July 14. 
Ayala. Hector L.. Ocotlan. .Mexico, asalgnor to Celftnese 

Corporation of America. Yarn puckagini; device. 

2,«5-'y,.V>y, Keb. 1*4. 
Ayer. Krmon K, North Haven, and S. 1*. Caldwell as- 

signora to High rpcl.sion, Incorporat^-d, Ilamden, Conn. 

Koller type overruniiiiii; clutch. 1',03.'{.U51. -Apr. 7. 
Ayera. Arnold L.. and C. K. Scott, nartlesville. Okla.. 

aaaignora to Philli|is IVtrolfum «'<impanj'. Winterized 

yegetable oil and producing the aume. 2.«i43.2t>0. 

June 23. ' . 

Ayers. Arnold L., and C. R. Scott. Hartlfsville. Okla.. as- 

algnora to I'liillipa I'l'troU-utn Cotnpauy. I'roduction of 

ollsee<l flakes. 2.645,t;50. July 14. 
Ayera, KUsworth li., Atlanta. *'•&. nssiunor to Standard 

Oil IH-Vflopment Company. Storage tank ruction. 

2,«.1-'.4(i»l, Mar. :.'4. 
Ayera, Fred L.. Watcrtown, Masa. Shoe with backstays. 

l',ti3.V3«il. Apr. 21. 
Ayera, deorge W.. Chicago, 111., and E. E. Harton, Laramie, 

Wyo., us»i;;nor8 to Tlie Pure Oil Company, Chicago. 111. 

Sweetening gasoline. 2.(J2U.89U, Jan. 27. 
Ayers, Joseph W., Easton. I'a.. assignor, by mesne assicn- 

ments, to C. K. Williams h Co.. East St. Louis. 111. 

ruritlcation of cuprous oxide. 2.t>2ti.854, Jan. 27. 
Ayers. William R., I'ainden. and J. .N. Smitli. Westmont. 

N. J., a.ssimiors to Kiulio Corporation <»f America. Code 

reco;;nition system. 2,»i4K,><2!t. .\ut;. 11. 
Ayers. William T. II., Indianapolis. Ind. Screw feeder 

and holder. 2.«;C8.199. Nov. 10. 
Ayerst. McKenna « Harrison. Limited, aasignee : Bee — 
Iteall. I^wiiiond, and (irant. 
Iteall. ivsmond, Orant, and liegault. 
lK>ans, Sidney A. V. 
Oaudry. Ko^er. 

Bald, Jens O., (!ad, and Deans, 
'.on Seeni.'tnn, Carl, and lirant. 
Aylor, Elmo E., Chicago, HI. I'encil pointer. 2,028,593, 

Feb. 17. 
Aylor. Eugene W., Itriglitwood, Va. Hinged door chicken 

coop. 2.»i39,47.t. May 2«. 
Aylor, Eugene W., Itrightwoo<I. Va. Chicken coop. 

2.tJ51.81.'i. Sept. 15. 
Ayres. Arthur U.. Chestnut Hill. Ta.. assignor to The 

Sharpies Corporation. Continuous alkali refining of 

veget.ihle oils.«3,719, I>ec. 22. 
Ayres, Itobert J., Los Angeles, and D. G. Gumpertz, North 

Hollywood. Calif., said Gumpertz assignor to said Ayres. 

Courtesy warning device lor motor veldcles. 2.fi5r>.C42, 

(.Vt. 13. -' 

Ayres. Robert O.. Houston. Tex. Cooling tower unit. 

2.r,5«.168. Oct. 20. 
Ayres. Russell W.. and D. F. Swanson assignors to Seeger 

Kefrlgerator Company, St. I'aul, Minn. Combination 

drier and restrlctor for refrlgeratioil systems. 

2.628.484. Feb. 17. 
Ayres, Sarah A., Hermosa Ileach. Calif. Calculator. 

2.f.i0.27l Mar. i. 
Ayres, Waldeniar A.. KewGardens Hills, N. Y. Apparatus 

for producing stereoscfnHe^lctures. 2,044.382. July 7. 
Ayres, WaKlemar A., Lakewoo«i. assignor to White Sewing 

Machine Corporation. Cleveland. Ohio. Sewing machine. 

2.ti32.tU)*. Mar. 24. 
Ayres. William H.. Baltimore. Md.. assignor to American 

Can Company. New York. N. Y. Method of producing 

container bo<lles. 2.029.421. Feb. 24. 
Ayrton, Wni., St Company. Limited, a.islgnee : See — 

Osborne, Frank. 
Ayton. Harvey S.. Wlnfleld. assignor to The Dole Valve 

Company. Chicago. 111. Adjustable* dispenser base. 
2.03.'>.S4.'). .\l»r. 21 
Atb<e Corporation, assignee : See — 

Azbe. Victor J. 
Azbe. Victor J.. Webster Groves, assignor to Azbe Cor- 
poration. Clayton. Mo. Kiln. 2.053,809. Sept. 29. 
Azorlosa. Julian L.. assignor to Hercules rowder Com- 
pany, Wilmington. I>el. Paper product and kits prep- 
aration. 2,0.^4.671, Oct. 6. 
Azorlosa, Julian L.. assignor to Hercules Powder Company. 

Wilmington. Del. Coating paper and product resulting 

therefrom. 2.001,308. Dec. 1. 
Azorlosa, Julian L.. assignor to Hercules Powder Company, 

Wilmington, Del. Coated paper and producing same. 

2,661,309, Dec. 1. , 

Asorloaa. Julian L., Westbury. N. Y.. and D. P. Hug. 
assignors to Hercules Powiier Company. Wilmington, 
Del. Coated paper and making same. 2,635,972, Apr. 
11. 11. Chemical Co., assignee : See — 

Davis. Howard U., Jr., Durette. and Johnson. 
Griswold. Stanley M., and Reynolds. 

Hull, Alan M., and \\ oolmuu. 
Harrington, Xalentine F. 
Morris, Thomas C. and Johnson. 
B. E. V. I. Kulloneria e Viteria Itallana. Soc. a reap. lim.. 

assignee : See— 
• Chiaberta. Seraflno. 
IMF Lndustries. Inc., aasignee : See — 

Frazel. Wilbur H. 
B-W Mahuiaciurers. Inc., assignee: See — 

Spangler. Walter L. 
Baade. Henry. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor to Westinghouse 
Electric Corporation. East I'lttsburgh. Pa. -Clothes- 
washing ma<'hine having a squeeze bag extractor. 
2,653.465, Sept. 29. 
Baas, Theodore J., Westbrook, Minn. Device for setting 

carburetor Moats. 2.000.H01, Dec. 1. 
Baash-Rosa Tool Company, assignee : See — 

(iardner. James D. 
Baasuer. WiUulm. and K. Huber, Munich, Germany. 

I'liotograpliic enlarger. 2.(525,075, Jan. 13. 
Bubare. (ieorge M. and U. b.. Tacuwa. Wash. Crane. 

2.02O.27G. Jan. 13. 
Babare. Robert S. : Nee — 

Bahare, (ieorge M. and R. S. 
Babb. Charlea L. assignor to AlUs-Chalmers Manufactur- 
ing Company, Slilwaukee, Wis. Split type shaft sleeve 
bearing. 2.(i3J,015. Apr. 14. 
Babbitt. Bernard R.. andyC. B. Kunz. assignors to Manga- 
nese Chemicals Corp4>cHtion. Minneapolis. Minn. Leach- 
ing manganese ore. 2.C«»3,G18, l>ec. 22. 
Babbitt, John F., Louisville. Ky., assignor to Rogers Im- 
ports Inc., New York. N. Y. Case for a package of 
cigarettee. 2,649,194. Aug. 18. 
Babbitt. Raymond J.. Cleveland. Ohio. Meat patty maker. 

2.031.331. .Mar. 17. 
Babcock. Alexander, Camp Borden, Ontario, Canada. 

Ball turning machine. 2,628,462 Feb. 17. 
Babcoek. Henry A.. tJlendale, Calif. Passenger transit 

svstem. 2,0.")7,t>42. Nov. 3. 
Babcock. Henry H.. Oak Park, assignor to Conlon-Moore 
Corporation, Cicero, III. Ironing machine with recipro- 
cating ironing shoe. 2,024,135, Jan. U. 
Babcoik, Horace W., Pasadena, Calif., assignor, by mesne, 
assignments, to the United States of .\merica as repre- 
8*>nted by the Secn-tary of War. Cathode-ray deflec- 
tl<m circuit. 2.6r>3.274. Sept. 22. 
Babcock, John C. : See — 

Minion. Huang, and Babcock. 
Babcock. 4{oger S.. Plalnfleld, and E. M. Holub, Elizabeth. 
N. J., assignors to Inion Carbide and Carbon Corpora- 
tion. External powder feed scarting process and ap- 
paratus. 2,004,308, Dec. 29. 
Babcock, Wallace C, Bayslde. and H. W. Nylund. Great 
Neck, assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorpo- 
rated, New York, N. Y. Wave-guide Isolation coupling 
system. 2.039,371, May 19. 
Babcock & Wilcox Company, The, assignee: See — 
Amnion. Johannes H. 
Anderson. Clarenc«« E. 
Ball*'y, Ervln <J.. and Hardgrove. 
Brlster, Paul M. 

Krister, Paul M., and Kooistra. ' 

Brooks. Ernest .\. 
CordoTl. Marcel A. I 

Covkendiill, I^'on H. ' 

Curtis, Robert W. 
Durham. Edwin. 
Ebersole. George B. 
Evans^ Sidley O. 
Fltz, Kenneth K. 
Forsyth, Robert H. 
<;ay, Cecil H. 

(Jilg. Frank X.. and Singleton. 
Grossman, Paul R. 
Harter. Isaac and Norton. 
Harter, Isaac, Jr. 
Harter. Lsaac. Jr., and RatcUffe. 
Harvey. John P. 
Heller. Lewis W. 
lager. Ravniond F. 
Langvand, Ivar L. | 

l.otz. <MIo. 

Mar<|tiez. Charles L 

Maxwell, Carl A., and Crayen. 

Moore. William T. i 

Norton, t'harles L.. Jr. 

Rivers. Heyward. 

Schoessow. Glen J. 

Singleton. John C. Jr. 

Toth. John E. 

Waldron. Stoddard S. 

AVooUey, Charles II. 

Zoller. Ronald E. > - 

Babey Matthew J. : See— 

MlUson. Henry E.. Parsons, and Babey. 
Babln. Lionel, assignee : See — 

Freeman. Dewey J. 

Jr.. and Kazmlerskl. 

BablB, Alexander F., Philadelphia, Pa. Vent cap hydrom- 
eter for electric storage batteries. 2,631.183. Mar. 10. 

Babiskin, Sidney, New York, N. Y. Refrigerator with 
rotatable shelf. 2.655,421, Oct. 13. 

Babltch. Abraham M., Flint, assignor to General Motors 
Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Fuel pump. 2,640,424, 
June 2. 

Babies. John K.. Los Angeles. Calif. Vehicle wheel con- 
taining shock absorbing springs. 2.661.043. Dec. 1. 

Babski. Martin F., Pittsburgh, Pa. Saucer grid. 2,660,040, 
Nov. 24. 

Babson Bros. Co.. assignee : See — 
Thomas, Chester .\. 

Babst. Otto. Berlln-Haselhorst, assignor to RotaprInt 
Akt. Ges., Berlin, Germany. Mechanical movement. 
2,624,204. Jan. 6. 

Baca, Hugo H.. Corpus Chrlstl. assignor of one-third to 
H. J. Robins, Houston, and one-third to E. Goldstein, 
San Antonio, Tex. Well pump. 2,000.119, Nov. 24. 

Baca. Luciano, Ventura, Calif. Heat dissipating handle. 
2.03.'>.2K0, Apr. 21. 

Bacchl, Ray, Daly City, asdgnor to The Pelton Water 
Wheel Company'. San Francisco, Calif. Cone valve opy 
erator. 2,65O,,'503, Sept. 1. 

Bacchl, Ray, assignor to The Pelton Water Wheel t4**ni- 
pany, San Francisco, Calif. Spherical valve. 2,663<t)38, 
Dec. 22. I 

Bach, Emmon : See — 

I)e Flor4>z. Ltils, Gore, and Bach. 

Bach. John W., Port Chester, N. Y.. mh^ot to Pitney- 
Bowes, Inc., Stamford, Conn. Overi<md drive release. 
2.656.185, Oct. 20. 

Bach, Leonard A. and W E., Chicago. 111. Racing game 
scorekeeplng device. 2,629.002, Feb. 24. 

Bach, William E. : Sre "^ 

Bach, I^onard A. and W. E. 

Bachelder, AIt)ert J.. I.<>xlneton, and O. E. Wolff. Concord, 
assignors to Polaroid Corporation, Cambridge. Mass. 
Photographic processing apparatus. 2,038,828, May 19. 

Bacheller, "D" Flavins, Glendale. Calif., assignor to 
"I'nmp-It" Incorporated. Hand actuated dispenser 
pump. 2.057,fi34, .Nov. 3. 

Bachem, Marcel (J., and A. E. Taupenas, Montellmar. 
Drome, France. Burner for heavy fuels. 2.635.588, 
Anr. 21. 

Bacnle. Carl F., assignor to Continental Motors Corpora- 
tion. Detroit, Mich. Pressurized chamber for air-cooled 
engines. 2,644.541. July 7. 

Bacble. Carl F., Grosse Polnte, assignor to Continental 
Aviation and Engineering Corporation. Detroit, Mich. 
Cyllnder-crankcase assembly. 2,628,596, Feb. 17. 

Bachman. Fred E. : See — 

Tack. Carl E.. Bachman, and Kayler. 

Bachman. Fred E., St. Ix)uls. Mo., assignor to American 
Steel Foundries, Chicago, 111. Disk brake. 2,655,23^^ 
Oct. 13. H 

Bachman, Harry L.. Sr.. Columbus. Ohio. Combination 
cigarette supporting and extinguishing device. 2,663,301, 
Dec 22 

Bachnianti, Camilla, n^'e Klee, Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, Ger- 
many. Flexible stiffening element for body-supporting 
garments. 2,037,041. May 5. 

Bachmann Bros. Inc., assignee: Bee — 
McNeill, Albert G. 

Bachmann Uxbridge Worsted Co., Inc., assignee : See — 

> Andrews, John R.. Jr. 

Robinson, Robert D., and Jacqaes. 

Bachmann, Werner E., Ann Arbor, Mich., assignor to the 
United States of America as represente*! by the Secre- 
tary of War. Purification of cyclonlte. 2,656,355, Oct. 

Bachofen, Hans, Bulach, Switzerland. Twisting frame. 
2,600.02.% Nov 24. 

Bachrach. Sellk, Florida. Argentina. Mechanical lighter. 
2.rt57.r.02. Nov. 3. 

Backen. Arthur O.. Chicago. 111. Portable spot welder. 
2.051.701 Sept. 8. 

Backensto. Elwood B. : See — 

Landls. Phillip S.. and Backensto. 

Backer, Philip C, Middlesex, and 11. E. Van IToesen, 
South Itranch, N. J., assignors to Research Corporation, 
New York. N. Y. System for energizing electrical pre- 
cipitators and the like. 2,642,149, June 10. 

Backer. Theodore, assignee : .s'ce — 
Wales. .Nathaniel B.. Jr. 

Backhouse. Headley T., Sunnlngdale. England. Door lock. 
2.031.878. Mar. 17. 

Backhouse. Headley T.. Sunnlngdale. England. Mecha- 
nism for feeding sheets to rotary drum machines. 
2,042.282. June 16. 

Backhouse. Headley T.. Sunnlngdale. England. Sheet 
registering apparatus. 2.642,284, June 16. 

Backhouse, Headley T.. Sunnlngdale. England. Sheet 
feeding apparatus. 2,643,121. June 23. 

Backhouse. Heailley T.. Sunnlngdale. England. Sheet- 
supporting machine. 2.054.602. Oct. 6. 

Backlund John R.. and V. E. Flanders, assignors to Eu- 
reka Williams Corporation. Bloomington, 111. Garbage 
dispo-sal apparatus. 2.C.'>0,985. Oct. 27. 

Backlund. Peter S.. Long Beach, and V. N. Jenkins. Palos 
Verdes Estates, assignors to Union Oil Company of 
California, Los Angeles, Calif. Wax-oil separation. 
2.625,502, Jan. 13. 

Backman, Erit G., assignee : Bee — 

S]5bIom, Eric 1. 
Backman. John W., Los Angeles, Calif., as8ign< 

ern California Glass Co., Inc. Shower stall 

2,627.327. Feb. 3. 
Backman. Pete A. : See — 

Bonander. Harold E. and Backman. 
Backman, Rodger J.. Rockford, 111. She: 

2,026,773, Jan. 27. 
Backofen, E. Ryan, and A. W. Gunning, Bi 

assignors to Clark Equipment Company, 

Mich. Paper r611 handling mechanism. 

Apr. 21. 
Backofen, E. Ryan. E. J. Dunham, and S. R. 

Battle Creek, assignors to Clark Equlnmeni 

Buchanan, Mich. Industrial truck. 2.000,3: 
Backstrom. Sigurd M., assignor to Aktiebolaget 

Stockholm, Sweden. Absorption refrigeration 

Mac, 17. 
BdcJntrOm, Sigurd M., assignor to Aktiebolaf 

.iux. Stockholm, Sweden. Absorption re 

2,640.331. June 2. 
Backstrom, Sigurd -M., assignor to Aktiebolaget 

Stockholm, Sweden. Absorption refrlgeratlo 

the Inert gas type. 2.045,908, July 21. 
Backus, Cecil F., Wilmington, Del. Nonskld c 

composition. 2,043,234, June 23. 
Backus, Edward D., and J. Siegel, Bennetts 

Foldable cabinet. 2,049,3,')0, Aug. 18. 
Backus, Harry A., Cincinnati, Ohio. Sofa be< 

2,663,878, Dec. 29. 
Backus, John G., Los Angeles, Calif., and 

Rochester, N. Y.. assignors to the United 

America as represented by the United Sts 

Energy Commission. Method and apparatu 

ing charged particles. 2,058,1.50. Nov. 3. 
Backus. Thomas, assignor to Fuller Manufact 

pany. Kalamazoo. Mich. Shift control fo 

transmissions. 2.037.222. May 5. 
Backus. Thomas and E. L. Lu(lvlgsen, Kalami 

assignors to Fuller Manufacturing Compan' 

speed gearing. 2,637,221, May 5. 
Bacon, Clinton J., lyos Angeles, and S. J,^ Kent 

assignors to Nu-Matic Nailer. Inc.': LOs Ani 

Nall-drlvlng mechanism. 2,052,564, Sept. 
Bacon, Elbridge F., deceased, by R. J. Bacon 

Flint. Msignor to General Motors Corporatii 

Mich, ^signal reflector for automotive vehlc 

like. 2.049.029, Aug. 18. 
Bacon, Henry M. : See — 

Freedlander, Abraham L.. and Bacon 
Bacon. Ilollis P., Sarasota. Fla. Radiant heat< 

protection. 2,628.609. Feb. 17. 
Bacon, John H., M'ellesiey, Mass. Bird whistle. 

Oct. «.. 
Bacon, Ruth J., executrix : Bee — 

Bacon. Elbridge F. 
Badami Dominic, Grant City, N. Y. Safety si 

for air brake systems. 2,633,147, Mar. 31. 
Badan. Mario, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Syrli 

application of nascent oxygen, especially 

purpo.'ses. 2.002..")23. Dec. 15. 
Badeau. Carroll A., Westfield. assignor to Tht 

Betts Co.. Elizabeth. N. J, Bent tube dei 

nector. 2,635.133. Apr. 14. 
Badenhausen, Otto A. : Bee — 

Wahl. Eugene A.. Boehl, and Badenhaus 
Bader. William. Birmingham, assignor to Wi 

pany, Ferndale. Mich. Toolholder. 2,024,1 
Badger Fire Extinguisher Company, assignee : 

Austin. Ralph W. 
Badger Manufacturliig Company, assignee: Sei 

Buffum, Albert C. 
Badger Meter Manufacturing Company, assic 

x-MHJer, Jacob C. 
Badger vwidlng Machines Co., assignee : See — 

- Zlska Adam. 
Badham, Lucretla E., Seattle, Wash. Combini 

pistol and spotlight. 2.629.510. Feb. 24. 
Badlk. Cornelius E.. Long Branch, and J. J. 

Irvlngton. N. J., assignor* to the United 

America as represented by the Secretary of 

Device for retaining reel connectors. 2.64 

Ba<lische Anllin- & Soda-Fabrik 

signee : See^ 

Ackermann. Karl, and Schlecht 
Ebel, Frledrlch. 
Graf, Fritz, and Toepel, 
Mlchelitsch, Walter. 
Reppe, Walter, Schweckendiek, 
Sachssee, Hans, Kosbahn, and 
Schlecht, Leo, and Oestrelcher. 
Schlichting. Otto. Jutz, and Rohland. 
BadmaiefT, Alexis, Los Angeles, Calif. Automa 

trolled multitrack recording and reprodu 

system. 2,633,055, Mar. 31. 
Badmaieff, Alexis, Los Angeles, Calif. Aut< 

selecting method and system. 2,661,164, De 
Baecher. Bernard J., Sea CHflf, N. Y. Court 

2.625,457. Jan. 13. 
Baechll, George, New Philadelphia, Ohio, assif 

Manufacturing Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

winder. 2.652,206. Sept. 16. 


and Kroep 


38 ■ 

Baechll. George. N>w Philadelphia, Ohio. asiigDor to Joy 
Manufacturing Company. PlttHburgh. Pa. Swivel for 
conveyer trougha. 2.055.254 Oct. 13. 

Baechle. Walter, asalgnor to The J. H. Day Company. 
Cincinnati. Ohio. Machine for loading baking pans. 
2,«40.037. June 2. ,^ ^ ™ vr n 1 1„ 

Ba»'chler. Charles W.. Jr.. Glenolden. and F. N. Roynolda. 
Upper Darby, aaslgnori to Kaymond Uosen Engineering 
- - - Philadelphia. Pa. Commutator. 

LIST OF Patentees 

to Eagle Manu- 
Conveyer llight 

A. D. Roubloff, 
Company. Inc.. 

M.. Chicago, 
Puff»>d oats 

111., assignor 
and making 

M., Chicago. 111., assignor 
Pu(T(>d wheat and making 

M.. Chicago. 
Puffed corn 

111., assignor 
and making 

to Guardlte Cor- 
.same. 2.053.094. 

to Guardlte Cor- 
same. 2.653.095. 

to Guardlte Cor- 
sanie. 2.G53.09G. 

to Guardlte Cor- 
same. 2.053.097. 

ProductH Inc 
2.634,342. Apr. 7 
Baehr, Herman W., Waupaca, assignor 
factoring Company, Appleton. Wis. 
cleaner. 2.r)3G.5»3, Apr. 2H. 
Ba<>hr. Sylvester C, Cneektowajfa. and 
Kenmore. assignors to Wiesner-Rapp 
Buffalo. N. Y. Feeder. 2.652,139, Sept. 15. 
Baenziger. Leonard N.. assignor to Royal Electric Com 
\ pany Inc., Pawtucket, R. I. Trouble light guard with 

detachable reflector. 2,620,347. Jan. 20. 
Baer. Adrian D.. Seattle. Wash. Adjastable surgical fin- 
ger splint. 2,046.794. July 28. 
Baer Alvin W.. Jr.. Santa .Monica. Calif. Water heater 

und still. 2,625.506. Jan. 13. 
Baer. John M., Chicago, 111., asslpor to Guardlte Cor 
Deration. I'uffed organic materials and making same. 
2.653,093 Sept. 22. 
Baer, John M.. Chicago. 111., assignor 
poratlon. Puffed farina and making 
Sept. 22. 
Baer. John 
po ration. 
Sept. 22. 
Baer. John 
Sppt. 22. 
Baer. John 
Sept. 22. 
Baer, J<ihn 
ments to 
lar material 
Seot. 22 
Baer, Julius. Heverly HIIU. Calif. Pocketed heel and de- 
tachable arch support. 2.037.122. May 5 
Baer, I->ui.-4. Hronx. N. Y. Toaster. :2.660.108. Nor. 24. 
Baer, Massimo : See — 

Fordyce. Reld G., and Baer. 
Baer, Robert L.. IMoonifield. assignor to The Colonial Life 
Insurance (ArtTTpTTTrv. of America, Iv»ST\ Orange, N. J. 
Insurance <Jnl<ulntor>-Si^28,027, Feb. 10. 
Baer Rudolf %.: See — ^x 1 

Sulzberger, Marlon B., Kanpf, and Baer. 
Baer Walter S., Sr.. Y»'adon.\l'a. I>lnk-plate seal for 

catapult slotted cylinders. 2.^8,310. Aug.' 11. 
Baerwald, Hans ('•.. Cleveland TW^hts, assignor, by 
mesne asslcnments, to Clevite Coriwration, Cleveland, 
Ohio. Tran.sdiicer device electromechunically sensitive 
to flexure. 2.659..S29, Nov. 17. 
Bagby. Robert T. : Sfe — 

KamsflT. Erskine. and Batrby. 
Bagdon. Richard. New York. N. Y. Bead threading 

machine. 2.041.389. June 9. 
Bngg. Earle W., Sans Souci. Mich. Remote control for 

are welding. 2,642,515, June 16. 
Bajrgenid. Oscar J.. Jersey City. N. J. .Mixed pressure 

turbine enclne combination. 2.602,369. Dec. 15. 
Bagcetf, John L.. and M. W Duke. Cumberland. Md . as 

' ■ ■ Yarn 

M. Chicago. 111., assignor, by mesne asslgn- 
Coldset Foods. Inc. Selectively puffing granu- 
and the resulting product. 2.653.098. 

sicnors to ryianese .Corporation of America. 

liihrlrant 2.0?7.6n3. Mav ."» 
Baggott, ^dmund W., Brooklyn, N. T., assignor to Ideal 

Tov Corporation. Eye-set construction for dolls. 

2.653.414, Sept. 29. 
BaKKotr, Edmund W., New York. N. Y., assignor to Ideal 

Tov Corporation. Changeable feature doll. 2,661..'>72. 

Dec. 8. 
Baggott, James M.. Zeigler, 111. Making joint. 2.662.04.1. 

T>ec 8. 
Bauler. Marxla W.. Hollywood. Calif. Necktie holder. 

2.052.568 Sept. 22. 
Bagley, John P.. Jr.. South Hadley, assignor to Stanley 

Home Products. Inc Westfleld. Mass. Cleaning im- 
plement holder. 2.635.194. Mar. 24. 
Bazley. John F . Jr.. South Hadley, assignor to Stanley 

Home Products. Inc., Westfleld. Mass. Mop having 

hinged backing plates for wringing. 2.663.039. Dec. 22. 
Baglev tk Sewall Company. The. assignee : See — 

Whftlen, John P. 
Bagley, William H,. Detroit. Mich. Automobile nccojinory 

driving arrangement. 2.034.618. Apr. 14. 
Bagnall, James A. : See — 

V.nuir'inn. Victor O.. Mawnev. and Bagnall. 
Bagnell. Edgar W.. Glendale. Calif., assignor, by mesne 

as!»lenments. to Johnston Testers, Inc.. Houston, Tex. 

How regulating device. 2,655.217. Oct. 13. 
BaiEnelK Edgar W.. (;iendale Calif., assignor, by mesne 

assignments, to Johnpton Testers. Inc.. Houston. Tex. 

Tnteranl anchor device for wells. 2.662.601. Dec. 15. 
Bagfio. Samuel. Astoria. N. Y. Method and apparatus for 

washing articles by supersonl? vibration in a flowing 

litiuld. 2.647.846. Ang. 4. 
Bagno. Samuel M., Astoria, assignor to The Alertronlc 

Protective «'orporatlon of America. New York. N. Y. 

Apparatus for photoelectric detection. 2,631.273, Mar. 


Bagno, Samuel M Astoria, N. Y., assignor to Alertronlc 
Corporation. Method and apuaratus tor detecting mo- 
tion In a conflncd apace. 2,0a5,04.'). Oct. 13. 

Bagsar. Aaron H.. Drexel Hill, assignor to Sun Oil Com- 
pany Philadelphia. Pa. Monolithic metal structure. 

2.034.699. Apr. 14. 

Bagsiir, Aaron B., Drexel Hill, assignor to Sun Oil Com- 
pany Philadelphia. Pa. MouolltUlc metal structure. 

2.634.700. Apr. 14. 

Bablsen, Werner, assignee : Se« — 

l>ange Ferdinand. 
Bahm, William J. : See— 

Ullpman, Paul, and Bahm. 
Bahn, Clarence K., Duluth, Minn. Fishing rod tip. 

2,652,654. Sept. 22. 
Bahn. John J.. Schenectady. N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Generator with removable top cool- 
ing dome. 2,050,994, Sept. 1. 
Bahnsen, John S. : See ~ \ 

Markusen. Andrew, and Bahnsen. 
Bahnson, Agnew H., Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. Appa- 
ratus for cleaning filter screens. 2,658,621. Not. 10. 
Buicher. Wmren: See — - 

ScliiMizinger. John M.. and Baiclier. 
Baigent, Henri, Limited, assignee : Set — 

Balgent, Henry C. 
Baigent, Henry C, assignor to Henri Balgent Limited, 
Bournemouth, England. Model vehicle and guide rail 
therefor. 2,642,815, June 23. 
Balgent, Keith H.. West Ewdl. assignor to R. H. Windsor 
Limited. London, England. Injection molding machine 
and variable delivery hydraulic pump therefor. 
2,648.096. Aug. 11. „^ „ . 

Bailey. Archie T.. Hampton Hill, assignor to The Falrey 
Aviation i'ompany Limited. Hayes. England. Fastening 
device. 2.631.348. Mar. 17. 
Bailey. Art. Philadelphia, Pa. Golf ball retriever. 

2.658.637. Not. 10. 
Bailey, Arthur E., Malvern Link, assignor to the Minister 
of Supply in His Majesty's tJovernment of the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Lon- 
don, England. Pulse radar system employing the Dop- 
pler effect. 2,637,027, Apr. 28. 
Bailey, Bradford E . Elizabeth, N. J., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Tubular radiant gas burner. 
2,632.503. Mar. 24. 
Bailey. Bradford E., Elizabeth, N. J. Qulck-freeilnjf food- 

sfufTs 2.«!4().3;»3. June 2 
Bailey, Christopher E. G., London, England, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Telephonic pulse-code-modulation 
system. 2,647.238. July 28. 
Bailey Dye Works, assignee : See — ' 

Ballev. Sidney. Jr. 
Bailey. E<lmund I.. Toledo. Ohio, assignor to Petrolite 

Corporation. Electric treater. 2.663.687. Dec. 22. 
Bailey. Krvin G.. Easton. Pa., and It. M. Hardgrove. Can- 
ton. Ohio, assignors to The Babcock ft Wilcox Company. 
Jersey Cltv. N. J. Steam generator. 2, 6.^6.483. Apr. 28. 
Bailey. Ervih C. . Easton. Pa., and R. M. Hardgrove. Can- 
ton. Ohio, assignors to The Babcock & Wilcox Company. 
Jersey Citv. N. J. Steam generaf^r. 2.030,484, Apr. 28. 
Bailey. George B. : See— 

Richardson. Robert D., nnd Bailey. 
Bailey Herman H. Belmont, assignor to Dewey and Almy 
Chemical Companv. North Cambridge. Mass. Textile 
print blanket washing equipment 2.648.088. Aug. 11. 
Bailey. James S.. assignor to The Rauland Corporation, 
Chicago, 111. Making thin free films. 2,031.334, 
Mar. 17. 
Bailey James W., Pecos. Tex. Air conditioner for auto- 
mobiles. 2.631.023. Mar. 10 
Ballev. Julian C. I>exlncton. N. C. Tool for assembling 
and <llsa.ssembling electrical connectors. 2.659.96.), 
Nov. 24 
Bailey. Malcolm. Sr.. assignor of one-half to V. G. Stead. 
Tampa Fla. Cleaning attachment for internal-combus- 
tion engines. 2.644.440. July 7. 
Bailev. Maurice E.. Orchard Park, a.ssignor to Allied Chem- 
icai & Dye Corporation. New i'ork. N. Y. Purifying 
phthallc anhydride 2.0C2.901. Th-c. 15, 
Bailer Meter Company, assignee : See — 
Dickey. Paul S, 
Duerlnger. Walter E. 
English, James F., Jr., and Hornfeck. 
Fellows. Frank H.. and «Jorrie. 
Hornfeck, Anthony J. 
Johnson. Clarence. 

Luppold. George J!.. Jr.. and Shannon. 
McEvoy, James E. 
Powell. William. Jr. 

Rutherford. Victor S.. Hornfeck, and Dickey. 
Shannon, .Tack F 
Swanson. Bror W. 
Whitehead. Cyril C. > 

Ballev Perkins, Inc.. assignee : See- - 

Cummlng. Alfred S. 
Bailey. Robert A.. Sarona, Wis. Dust seal. 2,644,729. 

July 7. 
Ballev. Hob«>rt S. : See - 

Phinney. Edward D.. and Bailey. 
Bailey, Rol>ert S.. assignor to International Standard Elec- 
tric Corporation, New York, N. Y. High selectivity 
receiver. 2,629.dl8. Feb. 24. 

Bailey. Robert 8.. assignor to International Standard 
Electric Corporation. New York, N. Y. Traveling wave 
amplifier device. 2,654.004, Sept. 29. ^ 

Bailey. Roy W. and J. T. Faull. assignors to Detroit 
Power Screwdriver Company, Detroit. Mich. Machine 
for assembling a workpiece on another part. 2,628,520, 
*"«»>. 17. 
Bailey. Roy W., and J. T. Faull, assignors to Detroit 
Power Screwdriver Company. Detroit, Mich. Driving 
and aligning means for power-operated tools. 2,628,640, 
Feb. 17. 
Bailey, Samuel J., Roosevelt, assignor to Servo Corpora- 
tion of America, New Hyde Park. N. Y. Automatic 
weighing machine. 2.029.490, Febf 24. 
Bailey, Sidney, Jr., assignor to Bailey Dye Works. Phila- 
delphia. Pa. Apparatus for finishing hosiery. 
2.041.120. June 9. , ». , . 

SaUey, Theodore J.. Reno, assignor to Joy Manufactur- 
ing Company. Pittsburgh. Pa. Conveyer mechanism. 
2 626 699 Jan 27. 
Baliey. Thomas W.,'Hammondsport, assignor to Corning 
Glass Works. Corning. N. Y. Burn-off machine. 
2,644,274, July 7. 
Itaiiey, Vincent R., Chestnut Hill, Mass., assignor to The 
Gillette Company. Blade dispensing magazine. 
2.643,763, June 30. 
Bailiff, Charles, Onier. Mich. Adjustable wheel assembly 
for earth handling and leveling apparatus. 2,635,888, 
Apr. •2\. 
Halllot. Ernest : See — 

Baillot. (Georges, and E. Balllot. ., 

Halllot, Georges, deceased, late of Embourg, near Liege, 
Belgium, by H. Baillot. Liege, and G. Baillot, Embourg. 
near Liege, sole heirs, and E. Baillot, Liege, Belgium. 
Compound steam locomotive. 2,652,034, Sept. 14. 
Baillot. Germalne. heir : See — 

Baillot, Georges, and E. Baillot. 
Baillot. Heh'ne. heir : See — 

Baillot, Georges, and B. Baillot. 
Ballly. Klorent H.. Pasadena. Calif. Sampling and han- 
dling of mineral specimens. 2,602,401, Dec. 15. 
Ballly, Randolph M. : See — 

Perry, Stephen F., and Ballly. 
Bally, Edgar w.. Purley. assignor to The Paterson Engi- 
neering Company, Limited, Klngsway, England. Means 
for adding solid materials to liquid. 2,661,244, Dec. 1. 
Bain. James. Jr., Waldoboro, Maine, assignor to Oeneral 
Electric Company. Nonintermittent lamp base feeding 
mechanism. 2.604,186, Dec. 29. 
Bain Vern W.. Van Nuys. Calif. Demountable garment 

hanger. 2,628,751, Feb. 17. 
Bain, Walter M.. Oak Park, 111., assignor to The Glldden 
Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Preparing laminated bodies 
of eellulosic materials and product. 2.037.675, May 5. 
Balnbrlilge. Kenneth T., Cambridge. Mass.. assignor, by 
mesne as.signments. to the United States of America as 
represented by the Secretary- of War. Tunable velocity 
modulation device. 2.058.147, Nov. 3. 
Bainbridge, Kenneth T.. Santa Fe. N. Mex.. assignor, by 
mesne assignnients. to the Unlt«Ml States of America 
as represented by the Secretary of ^!ar. Dual frequency 
antenna. 2.6.'i3,28S. Sept. 22. 
Baines, John A., Acton. London, assignor to Rotax Lim- 
ited. London. England. Power transmission mecha- 
nisms. 2.655.820. Oct. 20. 
Balr. Robert K. : See — 

Archer. Sydney, and Balr. 
Surrey, Alexander R., and Balr. 
Balrd, Donald A., Detroit, assignor to Chrysler Corpora- 
tion. Highland Park, Mich. Brake holding device. 
2,638.119. May 12. 
Balrd. Frank J., San Francisco. Calif. Nail driver. 

2.024.879. Jan 13. ' 
Balrd, John B. : See — 

Schilling, Paul A., Mairs, and Balrd. 
Balrd. John B.. and N. B. Ijiu Bach, assignors to Hudson 
Engineering Corporation. Houston. Tex. Cooling tower. 
2.031.022. Mar 10. 
Balrd Machine Company. The. assignee : See — 

Lewis, Arthur J. 
Balrd, Raymond C, assignor to The Fluor Corporation, 
Ltd., Los Angeles, Calif. Gas scrubber. 2,025,383. 
Jan. 13. 
Balrd. Raymond C, assignor to The Fluor Corporation, 
Ltd., Los Angeles, Calif. Liquid and gas contacting 
apparatus. 2,031,828. Mar. 17. 
Balrd, Raymond C, assignor to The F'luor Corporation. 
Ltd.. Los Aneeles. Calif. Pulsation eliminator and gas 
cleaner. 2.0.'j9.450. Nov. 17. 
Balrd. Raymond C. assignor to The Fluor Corporation. 
Ltd.. Los Angeles, Calif. Centrifugal gas cleaner. 
2.059,451. Nov. 17. 
Balrd. Raymond C, assignor to The Fluor Corporation, 
Ltd.. Ix)s Angeles, Calif. Stabilized suspension line. 
2.0.')9.913. Nov. 24. 
Balrd. Robert W.. Inverness, Miss. Cotton stripper. 

2.641.890, June 16. 
Balrd. William B., New York, N. Y. .Marionette toy. 

2.002,338. Dec. 15. 
Balsch, John C, WhIttler, Calif. Tubular tear strip 

remover with overlapping edges. 2.6.'?8.244, May 12. 
Balsch, John C. Whlttier, Calif., assignor to Carter 
Carburetor Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. Fuel supply 
system. 2.649,084, Aug. 18. 

Balsel. Edwin C. .See — 

Delany. John J., and Balsel. 
Bakelaar, John H. : See — 

Paris, Robert E. Bakelaar. and Comstock. 
Bakane. Anthony, Birmingham, Ala. Ball an 

Joint. 2.030,757. Apr. 28. 
Bakane, Anthony, Birmingham, Ala. Combine 

and ball bearing. 2,641,516, June 9. 
Baker, Albert A., assignor to J. A. Zurn Manul 
Companv, Erie, Pa. Surface drain. 2,629,457, 
Baker Alllster L. : fiee— 

lieuffel, Carl W., and Baker. I ^ 

Keuffel. Carl W., Hillman, Baker, and Geler. 
Baker, Alllster L., Denville, assignor to Keuffel 
Company. Hoboken, N. J. Drafting machine. 2 

Baker, Alllster L., Denville, assignor to Keuffel 
Company, Hoboken, N. J. Optical plummet 2 
Mar. 31. ^ . i t^ . 

Baker, Alllster L., Jersey City, assignor to Keuf 
ser Company, Hoboken, N. J. Adjustable 
screw. 2,043,845, June 30. ^ 

Baker, Arthur : See — 

EJvans. Cyril G., and Baker. 

Baker Arvld H.. Port Allegany, assigndr to P 
Corning Corporation, Allegheny County. Pa. A 
for charging and weighing pulverulent matei 
costainers. 2,6.^4,083. Apr. 7. J 

Baker. Augustus L., Wrentham, Mass. Fan type 
chanter. 2,037.532, May 5. 

Baker, Ben B., and H. J. Gates, Lone Pinej, Calif, 
safety attachment for firearms. 2 635,379, Ai 

Baker, Ben B., and H. J. Gates, Lone Pine, Calif, 
safety latch for firearms. 2.035,380. Apr. 21. 

Baker. Benjamin P.. Turtle Creek, assignor to 
house Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, P 
speed compressed-air circuit breaker. 2.644,87( 

Baker, Benjamin P., Turtle Creek, E. Frisch, PI 
W. S. Aspey, Turtle Creek, and J. B. MacNe 
burgh, assignors to Westlnghouse Electric Cor 
East Pittsburgh, Pa. Interrupte» part of coi 
air breakers. 2,627^005, Jan. 27. _ _ 

Baker. Benjamin P.. Turtle Creek, and E. Frls( 
burgh, assignors to Westlnghouse Electric Cor 
East Pittsburgh, Pa. Resistor assembly fo 
Interrupters. 2,632,078, Mar. 17. _ _ 

Baker. Benjamin P., Turtle Creek, and H. M. W 
signors to Westlnghouse Electric C*rporstl 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Pneumatic operating assembl 
blast circuit Interrupters. 2.046,483, July 21. 

Baker, Bernard R., Nanuet. N. Y.. and M. V 
Westwood, N. J., assignors to American i 
Company, New Y'ork, N. Y. Synthesis of 3-[' 
gamma- (2-piperldyl) propyl ]-4-quinazolone co 
2.025.549, Jan. 13. 

Baker. Bernard R., Nanuet, N. T., and M. V 
Westwood N. J., assignors to American i 
Company, New York, N. Y. 4-qulnazolon 
acetic acids, the esters thereof and salts of i 
and said esters. 2.648,66.5 Aug. 11. 

Baker, Bernard R., Nanuet, N. Y., and M. V. Quel 
wood, N. J., assignors to American Cyanamid 
New York, N. Y. Beta-ketoaikyl-quinazolones 
salts thereof and making the same. 2.651.03^ 

Baker. Bernard R., Nanuet. N. Y., and M. V. Quei 
wood. N. J., assignors to American Cyanamid 
New York, N. Y. Qulnazol<ine compounds an 
the same. 2,651.633, Sept. 8. i 

Baker Bros. Inc., assignee : See — ' 

Hallenbeck. Thomas L. 
Baker Castor Oil Company. The, assignee : See — 
Hansen. Edward I<. j 

Smith, Malcolm K. I 

Baker. Charles H., Mavwood, assignor to S A ( 
Company, Chicago, 111. Circuit interrupter. 
Sept. 8. 

Baker, Charles S.. Coming, assignor to Ingei 
Company. New York. N. Y. Controlling devl 
glne driven compressor units. 2,629,536, Feb 

Baker, Chester H. : See — 

Llndell, Sigurd 1.. aiKl Baker. 

Seaton, Harold E., and Baker. 
Baker ft Company Incorporated, assignee : See— 

Cohn, Jonann <'•. 

Dowson, Arthur 0. » 

Lincoln, Arnold J., and Courtwrlght. 

Russell, Harry J. 

Streicher, Johann S. 

Stumbork. Max J., and Perrlne. 

Baker, Cornelius M. : Bee — 

Dyne, James H., and Baker. 
Baker, Corwin W., Hamilton, Mass., assignor 

Shoe Machinery Corporation, Flemlngton, N 

rounding and channeling machine. 2,639,44{ 
Baker, Corwin W.. Hamilton. Mass., assignor 

Shoe Machinery Corporation, Flemlngton, N. . 

separating machine. 2,642,595, June 23. 
Baker. Craig C, Los Angeles, Calif. Router wl 

ably mounted drill for stereotype plates. 

July 7. 
Baker Craig C. WhIttler. Calif. Matrix 

2.631.669, Slar. 17. 




ami Ilaker. 

Ind. Automotive 


Paper container holder. 

Baker. Donal«i L.. Marietta, aaalgnor to Carrier Corpora- 
tion, Syracuse, N. Y. Shipping container for refrigera- 
tion •/sterna. 2.628,704. Jau. 27. ,. , , 

Daker Uoujtlas A., Ottawa, Ontario. Canada. Cord liii- 
iwlled rotatable«Jl«k toy. 2.«24.y77. Jan. i:». 

Baker Dwtght L. aiwlRnor to U. L. Sarett. Chlcajco. III. 
Production of catalase from mold. 2.«3r),0«V9 Apr. 14. 

Baker Owight L.. I'urk Forest, n.^sinnor to It. L. Sarett, 
Chlca»{o. III. Enzymatic proceiia for producing gluconic 
ncld. 2.051..')92. Sept. 8. » 

Baker, Kdtcar (i. : See 

Krieder. Leonard P.. ^Jarher, 

Baker. Erwln O., Indlanapolla. 
buretor. 2.633.342, Mar. 31. 

Baker. Eula O.. Pontlac. Mich. 
2.635,000, Apr. 14. 

Baker Frederick C. Portland. Oreg.. Suspension means 
for Vertical shafts. 2.626.120 Jan. 20. 

Baker Friend F.. assignor to Baker k Worth Incorpo- 
rated. Los Angeles. Calif. Stereoscopic attachment for 
use with cameras. 2.627.201. Feb. 3. 

Baker. Oeorije \V. : See — 

Olson. Albert M.. and Baker. 

Baker, Harold E. : See- 
Baker. Herbert K. . . . i^ » i- 

Baker. Harold K.. Danvers. a.xslKnor to Sylvanla Electric 
Prixlurtii Inc.. Salem. .Mass. Mercury dlsi»enser. 
2,t;rt2.»57s, Ivc. 15. 

Baker, Harriett V'.. assignee : fire — 
Young, Charles A., and Baker. 

Baker. Harry. \V»>nt worth Tounty. Ontarln. Canada, as- 
Hignor to American <'an Comjiany, New York. N. i. 
Article feeding nuMhanl»ni with separator nieans aclu- 
afe<l by feedinu means. 2.«»r>7,04y. Oct. 27. 

Baker. Harry V. : Ser — 

Sohon. Harry, and Baker. . ., 

Baker, Harvey L.. I>enver. Colo. Stencil rutting knife. 
2,<5:»9.1 13, Sfnv. 17. 

Baker. Hayward R. : See — 

^ Zlsman. William A., and Baker. 

Baker. Herbert K.. Detroit. .Ml<h.. assignor of twenty-four 
per cent to IL V. Baker and twenty tour per cent to 
H. K. Baker. Jr. Apparatus for fee<llng cutting tools. 
Re. 23,642. Apr. 14. 

Baker. Herbert K.. Jr assignee : See — 

Baker. Herbert K _ „ ^ ...... 

Baker. James C. South Gate, and J. C. Buchanan, Whlt- 
tler', Calif, assignors to Norrls-Therniador Corpora- 
tion. Pressed steel bathtub. 2.626,402, Jan. 27. 

Baker, Jamea C, Winchester Mass.. assignor to The 
Perkin-Elmer Corporation, (Jlenbrook, Conn. Five cow- 
ponent objective lens . for aerial photography. 
2.628.532. Feb. 17. ^ 

Baker, James <;.. Winchester. Mass.. assignor to The 
Perkin-Elnier Corporation. Norwalk. Conn. Highlv cor- 
rected telephoto objective lens. 2.629. 2S.">. Feb. 24. 

Baker, James M.. Parkersberg, W. Va. IMvoted handle 
tool. 2.629.415. Feb. 24. 

Baker. James N.. Towson. Md.. assignor to The Black & 
Decker Manufacturing Company. Electric strain gauge. 
2.632,149. Mar. 17. 

Baker, Jess F.. Peoria. 111. Apparatus for cooling and 
delHitnldlfying air. 2.663, 15«, IVc. 22. 

Baker, John B . assignor to The Tiinken Roller Bearlnc 
Company. Canton, Ohio. Drill bit having groove with 
hard metal cutter Insert brated therein. 2.628.072. 
Feb. 10. 
Baker, John B.. assignor to The Timken Roller Bearing 
Company, Canton, Ohio. Rotary percussion drill as- 
sembly. 2.«28.11.">. Feb. 10. 
Baker, John B.. assignor to The Timken Roller Bearing 
Company. Canton. Ohio. Rock drill bit. 2.632,662, 
Mar. 24 
Baker, John E. : See — 

Schroeder, Ernest C. and Baker. 
Baker. John C.. a8.>*lgnor to Baker Manufacturing Com- 

(lany. Evansvllle. Wis. Averaging protractor for match- 
ng aircraft proi>eller blades. 2.e3S,«80. May 19. 
Baker. John C,., assignor to Maker .Manufacturing Com 

Rany, Evansvllle. Wis. Pitless well construction. 
...6.")T'.6.17. Nov. 3. 
Baker. John <:.. and L. C. Tullls. Evansville. and L. T 

Watry, Matlison. assignors to Baker Manufacturin;; 

Company. ?:vansTllle. Wis. Pump construction. 

2.»'..')7.6.V3. Nov. ,"?. 
Baker. John R. : See — 

Baker. Reuben C. and J. R 
Baker. John K.. Pasadena, assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 

Inc.. Vei-non. Calif. Hvdrauiically operated well packer. 

2,630,86.^, Mar. 10 
Baker, John R.. Pasadena, assignor to Baker Oil Tools, 

Inc., Vernon. Calif. Expansible rotary drill bit and 

cutter. 2.644.673. July 7. 
Baker John R.. Pasailena. and E. H. Clark. Jr., Hunting- 
ton Park, assignors to Baker Oil Tools. Inc V«irnon. 

CaBf. Expansible drill bit and cutter blade. 2,644,670, 

July 7. 
Baker. John R.. Pasadena, nnd M. B. Conrad, Huntington 

Park, assignors to Baker Oil Tools. Inc.. Vernon. Calif. 

Well packer an4 bridge plug for well bores. 2,647,584, 

Aug. 4. 
Baker, John S.. assignor to Cook Electric Company. Chi- 
cago, 111. Differential pressure actuation deTlce. 

2.645.248. July 14. 


Baker, I>eslle C : Hee— 

Hough. George H.. and Baker. 
Baker. I>'onard. llillsdale. N. J., assignor by mesne as- 
slgnmenta, to Fllmsort Inc. Apparatus for mounting 
Inserts In cards. 2.643.786. June 30. , ^ 

Baker. Leonard. Hillsdale. N. J., assignor to Dexter 
Folder Company. I'earl River. N. Y. Photoprlntlng 
apparatus. 2,6.')4.3o0, Oct. 6. 
Baker Manufacturing Company, assignee: See — 
Baker. John ii. 

M.iker. John ii., Tullls. and Watry. 
Mooradian. I^eon 
Washbond. Harry H. 
Baker Marshall W.. assignor to General Motors Corpora- 
tion. I>ayton. Ohio. t)pen top display refrigerating 
apparatus. 2.661.604, I>ec. 8. 
Maker, .Matthew W., Mlackheath. Ealing, and D. A. U. 
Rush. Ealing. London, assignors to The Sperry Gyro- 
scope Company Limited, Brentford. England. Pulse 
synchronizing circuits. 2,662.982. Dec. 15. 
Baker Mlnard P.. Salem. Mass. Extension device holder 

and posltlTe snap lock. 2.636.707, Apr. 28. 
Baker OH Tools. Inc.. asalgnee : See—' 
Baker. John R. 
Baker. John R.. and Clark. 
Baker. John R., and Conrad. 
Baker. Reuben C. 
Baker. Reuben C. and Austin. 

Baker. Heubeu C.. and Conrad. , 

Baker. Reuben C. and J. R. 
Baker, Reuben C.. and Ragan. 
Baker. Reuben C. and Zimmerman. 
<'hilders, Roscoe O. , 

Kriegel. Bernard. 
Lee. >>ancl8 H. 
Mater. Iternardus E. 
Ragan. Thomas M. 
Baker Paul E.. Grosse Polnte Farms, Mich., assignor l* 
The Budd Company, Philadelphia. Pa. Making com- 
posite brake drums. 2.643,44.\ June 30. 
Baker Perkins Inc.. assignee : See — , 

Cox. Bradley O. I 

Cox, Mra'lley G . and Evans. 

Irving, Henry F. ' 

Mack. Kenneth .\. 
Temple. Hiram E,. and Tench. 
"Baker Perkins Llmitetl. assignee: See — 
Polnton. John E. 
Tunley. Allan A. 
Woodward. Stanley. 
Baker. R N.. assignee : See — 

Makpr.>ert .V 
Baker Ranlang Company. The. assignee : See — 
Chanda. Clarence W. 
Davles. Rot>ert H.. and Slrotak. 
Schenkelberger, Frank J. 
Baker. Reuben C.. Coalinga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 
Inc. Vernon. Calif. Well tool swivel device. 2.627.316, 

Baker. Reuben C. Coalinga, assignor to Baker Oil Tool*. 

Inc.. Vernon. Calif. Well tester. 2.627,317. Feb. 3. 
Baker. Reuben C.. C«>allnga. assignor to Maker ''H Tools, 

Inc.. Ix)8 Angeles. Calif. Casing centralUer. 2.640.644. 

Baker, Reuben C, Coalinga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools, 

Inc, Vernon, Calif. Apparatus for oi>erating tools In 

well bores. 2.640.546. June 2. 
Baker. Reuben C, Coalinga, assignor to Baker Oil Toolji, 

Inc.. Vernon. Calif. Dump bailer. 2.640.54K. June 2. 
Baker. Reuben C. Coalinga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools, 

Inc. Vernon. Calif. Tubing and well tool coupling. 

2.644J524. July 7. „ . ^.. ^ , 

Baker, Reuben C.. Coalinga. assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 

Inc . Vernon. Calif. Device for controlling well flow. 

2,644^527, July 7. „ ^ ^ . 

Baker. Reuben C.. Coalinga, assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 

Inc. Vernon. Calif. Cushioned gas-operated well appa- 
ratus. 2.644..^29, July 7. <»^ 
Baker, Reuben C^ Coalinga. assignor to Haker OH Tools. 

Inc., Vernon. Calif. (Jas-operated well apparatus with 

expansion retarding device. 2,644.530. July 7. 
Baker. Reuh,»n C. Coalinga. assignor to Maker Oil Tools. 

Inc. Vernon. Calif. Plug device for well conduits. 

2.«.Vl.367. Sept. 8. 
Baker, Reuben C, Coalinga. assignor to Baker Oil Tonia, 

Inc.. Vernon. Calif. Dump bailer and bridge plug. 

2,«53,666, Sept. 29. 
Baker. Keulien «'.. ('oallngn. assignor to Baker Oil Tools. 

Inc. Vernon. Calif. Centering device for well casings. 

2.6.')9.439. Nov. 17. 
Maker Reuben C. Coalinga, assignor to Baker Oil T«Hds. 

Inc.". Vernon, Calif. Well casing cementing plug and 

valve devh-e. 2.662.599. Dec. 15. 
Baker Reuben C. Coalinga. and B. L. Austin. Long Beach, 

assignor* to Baker Oil Tools. Inc.. Vernon, Talif. Ce- 
f mentlng plug and valve device for well casings. 

2.627,314. Feb. 3. 
Baker Reuben C. Coalinga. nnd J. R. Baker. Pasadena, 
islgnors to Baker Oil Tools, Inc., Vernon, Calif. Side 
brted cementing apparatus. 2,633.916. Apr. 7. 
BAer. Reuben C Coallnea, nnd P. B. Zimmerman. Loa 
ngelea. assignors to Baker Oil Tools. Inc.. Vernon, 

Cafif. Removable subsurface/ well tool. 2.633.917. 
Apr. 7. , 



Baker, Reuben C.. Coalinga. and M. 
ton Park, assignors to Baker Oil 

B. Conrad, Hunting- 
Tools. Inc., Vernon, 

Calif. Pressure operated well apparatus. 2,637.462, 
May 5. 

Baker, Reuben C. Coalinga. and T. M. Ragan. Downey, 
assignors to Maker Oil Tools, Inc.. Vernon, Calif. (Jas- 
operated well apparatus. 2.640.547, June 2. 

Baker, Reuben C. Coalinga. and B. L. Austin. Long Beach, 
assignors to Maker Oil Tools, Inc., Vernon, Calif. Plug 
and valve device for casing apparatus. 2,651,368, 
Sept. 8. 

Baker. Reuben C, Coalinga. and B. L. Austin. Long Beach. 
assignors to Maker Oil Tools. Inc., Vernon. Calif. Posi- 
tive shutoff ported casing apparatus. 2.655.216. Oct. 13. 

linker. Reuben C. Coalinga. and J. R. Maker. Pasadena, 
assignors to Maker Oil Tools. Inc Vernon. Calif. Well 
cementing plug. 2,662.600. Dec. 1... 

Baker, Richard E., Woodbury Heights, and F. D. Covely. 
J., assignors to Radio Corporation of 
signal decoding system. 2,643.368, 



Colfingswood, N. 
America. Pulse 
June 23. 

Maker. Robert L.. Cedar MlufT. Ala. 
model helicopter. 2,638.707. May 19. <• 

Baker, Robert M., Catonsvllle, Md., assignor to Westing- 
bouse Electric Corporation, Last Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Manufacture of seam welded tubes. 2,647.982. Aug. 4. 

Baker. Robi-rt M.. Catonsviile. Md. assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Cori)oratlon. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Radio 
frequency current transformer. 2.663,827. Dec. 22. 

Baker. Robert M.. Catonsvllle. and R. J. ODonnell, Balti- 
more, Mil., assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corpora- 
tion. East Pittshtirgh. Pn High-frequency heating ap- 
paratus. 2,636,975, Apr. 28. 

Baker. Robert N., Los Angeles. Calif., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to H. (Mvens and R. N. Balier. Guard for 
vehicle bumpers. 2,629.023. Feb. 24. 

Baker, Rollo C. Jr. : See— 

Smeltzer. Raymond P.. Edwards. Baker, and Barton. 

Baker, Tlielma V., Fort Wayne, Ind. .\ntisoiIing garment 
catcher for Ironing boards. 2.035 369. Apr. 21. 

Baker. Theodore C. Perrysbnrg, Ohio, assignor to Em- 
hart Manufacturing Comi)any. Apparatus for detecting 
checks In tiie rim or finish portions of glass containers. 
2.043.767, .June .30. 

Baker. Thomas R.. .Sunnyvale, and E. J. Pagendarm, 
San Mateo, assignors to Memiss-Jason Machine Co.. 
Ran Francisco. Calif. Folding box machine. 2.624.248. 
Jan. 6. 

Thomas R., Sunnyvale, and E. J. Pagendarm. 
Mateo, assignors to I^miss-Jason Machine Co.. 
Francisco. Calif. Mlank feeding mechanism for 
folding box machines. 2.624,249, Jan. 6. 

Baker. Thomas R.. Sunnyvale, and E. J. Pagendarm, San 
Mateo, assignors to Bemiss-Jnson Machine Co., San 
Francisco, Calif. Blank magazine for folding box ma- 
chines. 2,648.285, June 16. 

Baker. Thomas It.. Sunnyvale, and F. M. T>eflef, San Fran- 
cisco, assignors to Bemiss-Jason Machine Co., Inc.. Red- 
wood, Calif. Folding box machine. 2.655.84.'^. Oct. 20. 

Baker. Virgil H.. Springfield. Ohio, assignor to Elliott Com- 
pany. Pittsburgh. Pa. Bit for rotary tube cleaners. 
2.629,887. ^far. 3. 

Baker. Warwick R.. and R. M. Rosensteel. Wilmington. 
N. C.. assignors to Westinghouse Air Brake Company. 
Control apparatus for electric locks for railway track 
switches 2.6fi4,.'iOO Dec. 20. 

Baker. William R.. Berkeley. Calif., assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the T'nited States 
Atomic Energy Commission. Arc" hash analyzer by 
cathode-rny tube. 2.624,860. Jan. 6. 

Bnker, WIlMam R., Berkeley, Calif., assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the United States 
Atomic Energy Commission. Radio-frequency oscilla- 
tor. 2,642,531. June 1«. 

Bnker. William R., Merkeley, Calif., assignor to the United 
States of .America as represented by the United States 
Atomic Energy Commission. Mass spectrometer beam 
regulator 2.651,723. Sept. 8. 

Baker. William S, Fort Worth, Tex. Piston ring. 
2.662.801. Dec. J 5. 

Baker & Worth, incorporated, assignee : See — 
Baker. Friend F. 

BnkVe. Hnns A., Swamnscott. Mass.. assignor to General 
Electric Company. Offset damning of electrical meas- 
uring Instmments. 2.639,307. May 19. 

Bakke, T>aurence D. : See — 
Altman. Peter and Bakke. 

Bakke. Laurence D., Plymouth, assignor to Continental 
Motors Corporation. Detroit, Mich Internal-combus- 
tion engine lubrication. 2.627.940, Feb. 10. 

Rakker. Pier : Set- — 

Balzer. Harvey W.. nnd Bakker. 

Bakker, Pier, assignor to Automatic Electric I>a born tor les. 
Inc.. Chicago. Ill Community automatic exchange net- 
works. 2.632.813. Mar. 24. 

Bakker, Pier, assignor to Automatic Electric Laboratories. 


Connector switch. 2.646.466, 

Inc., Chicago. 
July 21. 

Bakst. Aaron, and .S. L. Ruskln, New York, N. T. Pressure 
cooker. 2.632.579. Mar. 24. 

Balaban. Philip. Detroit. Mich. Multipurpose tape dis- 
pensing device. 2.652.205. Sept. ,15. 

Balaguer. Rodolfo R., Union de Reyes, Cuba. D 

battery. 2.628.261. Feb. 10. 
Malanscope. Inc., assignee : See — 
>^<iarutso, Stephen E. 
Balata. Victor, & Textile Belting Co., assignee 

Oriesbammer, Herman H. O. 
Balaz, Charles S.. assignor to The Northwesteri 

tion. Morris. 111. Vending machine. 2,627.3i 
Balch. Clyde W.. assignor, by mesne assignment 

mee Development Company, Toledo, Ohio. 

ture of anthranlUc acid. 2,653,971, Sept. 21 
Makli. tieorpe E.. I'lttsburgh, i'a. c'ontaii 

2,6.17.809, Nov. 3. 
Balch. Theodore II., Salem, assignor to Sel-Set 

West Salem, Oreg. Switch actuator. 2.661.4 
Balch, Theodore H., Salem, and B. F. Van De 

signors to Sel-Set Company, West Salem, Oref 

control of sawmill setworks by clectromechani 

2.661.036. Dec. 1. 
Balcom. Merle E.. Merrlam, Kans. Take-up 

automobile steering Idlers. 2.632,656, Mar. 2 
Balcrank. Inc., assignee : See — 

Woelfer. Frank C. 
Maldan^. Nicholas T.. Rutherford, assignor to 

Protektoslte Co., Inc.. Carlstadt, N. J. Toy 

construction. 2.035,500. Apr. 21. 
Baldnnza, Nicholas T., Rutherford, assignor, 

assignments, to Columbia I'rotektoslte Co., 

stadt. N. J. Making molded brushes. 

June 23. 
Maldanza, Nicholas T.. Rutherford, assignor, by 

slgnments. to Columbia Protektoslte Co.. Inc.. 

N. J. Art of and apparatus for molding 

2.655,409. Oct. 13. 
Balde, John W.. Morrlstown, N. J., and J. C. B 

K. L. Chapman. Winston-Salem, N. C, as: 

Western Electric Company. Incorporated, I 

N. Y. Positive feedback pulse generator. 

Oct. 27. V 

Balde, John W., J. C. Bregar, and K. L. 

Wlnston-Salem, N. C. assignors to Wester 

Company. Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 

curve tracer. 2,026.980. Jan. 27. 
Baldlnus. Joseph, assignor to Kysor Heater Com 

lilac, Mich. Heating and ventilating device 

motive vehicles. 2.653.798. Sept. 29. 
Baldwin Company. The, assignee : iS'ee — 
Chick, Russell W, 
Knoblaugh, Armand F. 
Baldwin Clyde P., Claremont. N. II., a.sslgn 

Manufacturing Company. High-pressure fluir 

propulsion system having means for avoidl 

2.625.913, Jan. 20. 
Baldwin. Clyde P.. Claremont. N. H., assign 

.Manufacttiring Company. Rocking axle str 

mining apparatus. 2.663.266. Dec. 22. 
Baldwin. Francis W.. Huntingdon. Pa. Windo 

and drying device. 2,62.") 700. Jan. 20. 
Maldwin, Fr.inklin H.. Larchmont, assignor to 

poration. New Y'ork. N. Y. Condensatioi 

2.662,097, Dec. 8. 
Baldwin, Harold R.. Carpentersvllle. 111., assigni 

Manufacturing Company. Cover dropper. 

Feb. 24. 
Baldwin-Hill Company, assignee : See — 

Hollenberg, Frederick U.. Jr. 
Baldwin. Irn C. : Srr — 

Faye. Charles K., and Baldwin. 
Baldwin. James T. : See — 

Scott, Wylmer L.. Park, and Baldwin. 
Baldwin. John C, Bluefleld, Va. Reamer. 

May 12. 
Maldwin, John D. Jr.. Highland Heights, and J 

Cleveland Heights, assignors to The Weather 

pany. Cleveland, Ohio. Making dehydrators. 

Nov. 17. 
Baldwin, John H., Joplin, Mo., assignor to 1 

States of America as represented by the S< 

the Army. Deferred action type battery. 

Apr. 21. 
Baldwin, John H., Joplin. Mo. Primary batter 

Ing the same. 2,653.179. Sept. 22. 
Baldwin, I.«ee E. : See — 

Crandall. Ronald E., Kleyen, and Baldwh 

Baldwin. Lee E.. Qlendale. assignor to Weston I 
Limited. North Hollywood, Calif. <:ontrol 
hydraulic actuating cylinders. 2.641.279. Ji 

Baldwin, Lee E.. Loa Angelea, and C. W. Fran 
dale, assignors to Weston Hydraulics, Llml 
Hollywood, Calif. Irreversible hydraulic 
power actuator. 2,633.102, Mar. 31. 

Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Cor[ioratlon, assignee : 
Belden, Byron B.. and Hall. 
Breunlcb. Theodore R. . - 

Corby. Joseph F. 
Crlmmel, Harold J. 
Klnker, Clarence C. 

Llttley. John J. '^ 

Huge. Arthur C. 
Tate. Malcolm C. 
Thomas. Harry A. ' ! 

\Villi, Richard B. 





Baldwin. Morris J . Erie. Pa.. asBlmor to General Electric 

Compaor. Dynamoelectrlc machine armature m«nD«r. 

2.032,125. Mar. 17. 
Baldwin. Morton S. : See— ,^ _ 

VVray, Alfred W.. and Baldwin. . - . 

Baldwin. Robert H . Chadds Ford. Pa.. "?,'«^*'L*° ^{Ji 

du Pont de Nemours and Company. WUmlnifton. Del. 

Separatlni; hydroKPn fluoride from chlorodlnuorometn- 

Baldwin, Robert L.^BrldReport, awlgnor to The Stanlev 
Work! New Britain. Conn. 8t»«l alloy. 2.634.J0t3, 

Apr. 7.' 
Baldwin Rubber Company, aaalgnee : See — 
McDonald. AnKUS. 

McDonald. Anjnia, and Strobel. „ . ,, „,..„ki«., 

Baldwin William G.. WIlkln.sburK. Pa. Spirit plumbing 

tool and level. 2.037.912. May 12. „ _, . „ wKi— 
Baldwin. William 9.. St. Paul, and a E. Floyd. Robbing 

dale Minn., aasljfnors to General Mills. Inc. Selective 

reduction of fatty acida. 2.656.371. Oct. 20. ,.,._. 
Bales Max O . Anderson. Ind.. assignor to General Motors 

Cori»«)ratlon. Detroit. Mich. Ventilating system for 

senlwl iKnitlon distributors and engine crankcases. 

2.639.701. May 26. . ^ . w^»^.. 

Bales. Max G.. Anderson, Ind., assignor to General Motors 

Corporation. Detroit. Mich, Ventilating aystem. 

Rales. ^lax ii.. ' Anderson. Ind.. assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Ignition system. 
2.«5H.i.'i5. Nov. 3. .. , w » „ 

Bales Max G., Anderson. Ind.. assignor to <.eneral Motors 
Corporation Detroit. Mich. Ignition distributor and 
roll unit. 2.602.10JS. Dec. 8. ^ , x. 

Bales. Max G.. Anderson. Ind., assignor to General Mo- 
tors Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Resistor terminal. 
2.662.151. Dec. S. 
Ballckl, Marian : See— 

Osti. Altlo P.. and Ballckl. , ^ 

Balint Anthony. New York. N. T. Automatic harmonica 
Instructor. 2.655.830. Oct. 20. . „ . , 

Balke riar«*nre W.. Highland Park, assignor to Fansteel 
Metallurgical Corporation. North Chicago. 111. Elec- 
trolytic production of iron. 2.626,895 Jan. 27. 
Ralktn Ileinx. Wipiwrfurth (KluMnlanih, l-elerxmuhlo, 
Gorman V. Machine for unwinding remnants of yarn 
from t«.b»)ins'iO.l '-'•;. Nov. 17. 
Ball Alpheus M.. Wilmington, Del., assignor by mesno as 
slgnment.s to United States of America as reprpsented 
by the Secretary of War. Ljirge grain amokelesa pow- 
der. 2.643.61 l.jJune 30. 
Ball. Arthur F. : Sre — 

Constantlne. George R.. and Ball. ,..-*' 

Ball, Charles K. Franklin. Pa., as.slgnor to Joy Mannfao 
turlng Company. Drive controlling means. 2.631.477. 
Mar. 17. , „ 

Ball. CharlM F . Franklin. Pa., assignor to Joy Manufac- 
turing Company. Reeling mechanism for power con- 
. dnctors 2,0.19.102. May 19. , ., , . 

Ball. Charles F.. Franklin, assignor to Joy Manufactur- 
ing Company. Pittsburgh. Pa. Timb«r setting machine 
2.049 979. Aug. 25.- ^ „ 

Ball. Charles F.. Franklin. Pa., and E. M. Luce. Dallas, 
Tex . assignors to Joy Manufacturing Company. Pitts- 
burgh. Pa. Chuck mechanism for an oil well drilling 
apparatus. May 12. 
Ball Charlos F. ami R. T. Hair. Franklin. Pa., asslenors 
to Joy Manufacuturlng Company. Vehicle reel control. May 19 
Ball Charles F.. and R. T. Hair. Franklin. Pa . assignors 
to Joy ManufacturlUK Company. Control valve mech- 
' anlsm. 2.654.382. Oct. 6. 

Ball. Charles F.. and R T Hair. Franklin. Pa., aa- 
slgnnrs to Joy M.^nufafturing Company. Cable reeling 
mechanism. i.6.'>4..'>47. Oct. 6. 
Ball Charles O. Maumee. Ohio. Sterilizing glass con- 
tainers. 2.000.513. Nov 24. 
Ball. Charles O.. New Brunswick. N. J. Canning proceaa May 26. 
Ball. Charles W.. as.xignee : See — 

Rahfuse. Eugene T. 
Ball. Clarence L.. assignee: See — 

Thomas. I.awrenoe E. 
Ball. F.-M., & Co.. assignee : See — 

Rusao, Frank P. . 

Ball. Fred .«?.. MontKonierv. Al^^. Boat propelling and 

steerine m»'chanlsm. 2.0.^4.33-'. Oct. 0. 
Ball Jack, assignor to Picker X-Ray Corporation Walte 
Manufacturing Division. Inc.. Cleveland, Ohio. MllUam- 
perage •tablHier. 2.627.035, Jan. 27. ^ 

Ball. James W.. Dallas, assslgnor of forty-flve per cent to 
W. R Gunderson and ten per cent to A. P. Broiles. 
Dallas County. Tex Apparatus for stripping and re- 
moving artificial casings from sauaages. 2.644.079, 
July 14. 
Ball. Lawrence G. : See — 

Bower, Walter, and Ball. 
Ball, Richard N.. and E. Van Dellen. Vlaalla. Calif. Ap- 
paratus for processing olives. 2.630,749, Mar. 10. 

Ball. Stanley : See — 

Smith. Ernest L., and Ball. 
Ball. Thomas M., Detroit, assignor to Chrysler Corpora- 

tlon Highland Park. Mich. Carburetor. 2,001.196, 

Dec. 1. 



Ball. Wayne II. : See- 
Buck. Robert J, and Ball. 
Ballantlne. James S . Abaecon. N. J. Air circulating cas- 
ing for planing machines. 2.030.846, Mar. 10. 
Ballantlne. P.. k Sons, assirnee : See — 
Wahl, Eugene A., and Boehl. 
Wahl Eugene A.. Boehl. and Badenhaueen 
Wood. Alfred G., Laval. Callaghan, Wahl. Greullch 
and Boehl. „ ., « 

Ballantyne. David H.. Llttleover. assignor to Rolls-Royce 
Limited Derby. England Fu»l and starting system for 
gas-turbln.'tnglnes. 2.030.675, .Mar. 10. 
Ballantyne. l>avld H.. Llttleover, and A. Jubb, Buttershaw. 
Bradford, assignors to Rolls Roy ce Limited. Derby, Eng- 
land. Fuel system for gas turbine engines and the 
like with main and pilot fuel Injectors. 2,036,553, Apr. 
BaUHnl.^lfr.>d G., W. C. IK-nt, D. G. Broscomb, and A. B. 
Uatt^S5»j«lgnors to G. K. N. Group Services Limited, 
Sin.thwick. England. Means for s«'verlng or severing 
and conveying lengths of wire or similar stock. 
2.602..597. Dec. 15 „ „ I 

Ballard. Archibald H.. and D. W. Marshall. Niagara Falls, 
Ontario. Canada, assignors to Norton Company. W orcea- 
ter Mass. Zlrconla and quenching same and articles 
made therefrom. 2.856.278. Oct. 20. „ ' .. 

Ballard, Bernard T.. Warren. Ohio, assignor to United 
States Gypsum Company. Chicago, 111. Window con- 
struction. 2.638.040. Mav 19 
Ballard, narenoe R.. Dayton. Ohio. Boring tool. 

2.030.403. Apr 28. 
Ballard. Clayton A. : See — 

Hammond. William E. and Ballard. ., „ 

Ballard. Clayton A., Belmont, assignor to The Air Pre- 
heater Corporation. New York. N. Y. Spring or gravity 
biased radial seal. 2.650.074. Aug 25. 
Ballard. Edward D., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Nonle as- 
sembly for flre-flghtlng equipment. 2,047,798, Aug. 4. 
Ballard Hyde W.. Went Cncster. assignor to American 
Vis.o'se Corporation. Philadelphia. Pa. Strand traverse 
m.-chanl«m. 2.002.695. IVc. 15. 
Ballard. Lvttleton W. : See— 

Dill. Everett C, and Ballard. 
Ballard. Randall C. : See - 

Allen. Horace C, and Ballard. . „ ... 

Ballard, Randall C, Trenton. N. J., assignor to RarUo 
Corporation of America. Pulse echo altimeter with 
mechanically driven Indicator. 2.038.587. May 12. 
Ballard. Robert <i., Saugus. and J. K. Lundberg. Lynn, 
Mass , assignors to General Electric Company. Torque 
rompensator. 2.002.410. Dec. 15. 
■.Ballard Robert J., West Newton, assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Vapor 
electric derlce. 2.653,266. Sept. 22. 
Ball:ird. Seaver A. : See- . „ .. ^ 
Finch Harry de V.. and Ballard. 
Whotstone. Richard R.. and Ballard. 
Ballard Seaver A . Orlnda. assignor to Shell Develop- 
ment' Company. San Francisco. Calif. Fungicidal com- 
positions and method of fungus control comprising hy- 
drocarbyl substituted pyrlmldines. 2.649.397, Aug. 18. 
Ballard .Seaver A.. Orlnda. and B. P. Geyer. Berkeley, 
assignors to Shell Development Company. San Fran- 
cisco Calif. Preparation of esters of beta-oxy alde- 
hydes., May 12. ^ .. . „ ^ , ., 
Ballard Seavor A Orlnda. R. C. Morris. Berkeley, and 
J L Van Winkle. San Ix)rpnto. assignors to Shell De- 
velopment Companv. Emeryville. Calif. Sulfur and phos- 
phorus-containing esters 2 fiM.l6l. Sept. 22. 
Ballard. Seaver A., and R. R. Whetstone. Orinda. assignors 
to Shell Development Company, Emeryville. Calif. 
2-alkylphenyl-3.4.5,6-tetrahydropyrlmldines. 2.658, 895, 

Rallard Stephen. Jr., and P. Renold. Colwall, Malvern, 
EnglaniY Means for grading articles by slxe. 
2.061.840. D.'.-. 8. „. . ^ r:. , a 

Ballard William E., Harborne, Birmingham. England. 
Control of electric arcs used in welding or metal spray- 
ing processes. 2.646.492. July 21. 

BallrtDch. Joseph G., San DVego, Calif. Shoe heel. 
2.045.864. July 21. 

Ballastrnn Corporation, assignee : See — 
Kiltie. Ordean. 

Ballauer. Alb C. Ferguson, assignor to McDonnell Aircraft 
Corporation. St. l/ouls. Mo. Yaw control for hell- 
copters. 2.030.984. Mar. 10. 

Ballber. Mariano, Paris, France. Needle loom. 2,657,714, 
Nov. 3. 

Ballelsen. Charles E.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to the 
United States of America as represented by the Secre- 
tary of War. Gun barrel cooling means. 2.641.162, 
June 9. 

Ballengpr. James M., Mllllngton. N. J., assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company. Fractionation and dis- 
tillation tray structure. 2.652.239. Sept. 15. 

Ballcw. Harold W.. Lubbock. Tex., and J. «• JJa"*"*^- 
Hobbs N. Mex. Magnetic Ashing tool. 2.657.752, 
Nov. 3. 

Ballew. Julius R. : See 

Ballew. Harold W. and J. R. 

Balllnger. Wallace A., Orlnda,V^allf. Mop having a mop 
holding and securing bolt. 2.«50.382, Sept. 1. 

Ballman, Edwin C, assignor to Ballman Engineering 
Company, Clayton, Mo. Electromagnetic switch. 
2.629.031. Feb. 17. 

Ballman, Bdwln C, University City, assignor to Ballman 
Engineering Company, St. Louis, Mo. Brush holder. 
2.048,023, Aug. 4. 

Ballman. Edwin C. University City, assignor to Ballman 
Engineering Company, St. Louis, Mo. Resilient mount- 
ing for elfctrlc motors. 2.052.997. Sept. 22. 

Ballman, Edwiu C. assignor to Ballman Engineering Com- 
pany. Clayton, Mo. Apparatus for riveting laminated 
structures for el.ctrlcal apparatus. 2.653.208. Sept. 22. 

Ballman F^ngineerlng Comi>any, assignee : See — 
*Ballman, Edwin C. 

Ballou, B. A., k Co. Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Morehouse, Eugene. 

Ballou. Byron O. : See — 

Prelst, Donald H.. and Ballou. 

Ballou, Uichard P., Hartford, Conn., assignor to Federal 
Electric Products Company. Newark N. J. Lock-off 
device for ele<-trlc switches. 2.025,017, Jan. 13. 

Ballou, Richard P., Hartford, Conn., asslznor to Federal 
Electric Products Company, Newark. N. J. Electrical 
reccptacl# having screw-type socket and center contact 
guide. 2.644.143. June 30. 

Ballou. Richard P.. Hartford. Conn., assignor to Federal 
Electric Products Company, Newark, N. J. Electric 
switch. 2.049.514 Aug. 18. 

Ballou. Ulchard 1'.. Hartford. Conn., assignor to Federal 
Electric Products Company, Newark, N. J. Terminal 
coniHtrurtion for electrical apparatus. 2,002.221, Dec. 8. 

P.allu. Vincent P. M., Epernay. as^ilgnor to Etnblisscments 
Edgar Brandt (Soclete Anonyme). Paris. France. Im- 
plement attaching device for tractors. 2,651,248, 
Sept. H. 

Balluff. Carl E. : See — 

Pedley Howard L. and H. C. and Balluff. 

Balluteen, Musa S.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Cooking machine. 
2.643,603. June 30. 

Bally Case and Cooler Company, assignee : See — 

MelchtT. Cyril. /^ 

Balmaln, Lester II., Fair Oaks assignor of one-half-to 
A. C. Turpen and one-half to J. L. Walden. Sacramento, 
Calif. ^Ieat chopper with condiment adding means. 
2,633,170. Mar. 31. 

Balmer. Donald F.. East River. Madison, assignor to The 
Soundscrlber Corporation. New Haven. Conn. Step- 
back mechanism tor dictating machine playback amis. 
2.037..502. Msy .'>. 

Balmer. Donald F.. East River, assignor to The Sound- 
scrlber Corporation. New Haven, Conn. Acoustic ear 
pendant. 2.041.327. June 9. 

Balogh. Roy O. : See— 

Humpal. Eugene G.. and Baloph. 

Balogh. Roy O., Cleveland, Ohio, assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to McCabe-Powers Auto Body Co., St. Louis, 
Mo. Ladder. 2,650,749, Sept. 1. 

BaKsiger. Harold E. : Sec 

Price. Ralph E . and Balslger. 

BaUlger. Harold E.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Landi.t Machine Company. Waynesboro, I^a. Grinding 
machine 2.024,159. Jan. 0. 

Balslger. Harold E., assignor to Landls Tool Company, 
Waynesboro. Pa. Car wheel grinder. 2,026,492, Jan. 

Balslger. Harold E.. assignor to Landls Tool Company. 
\Vaynesb^)ro. Pa. Precision locating device. 2.639.562, 
M ly 20 

Balslger. Harold E., assignor to Landls Tool Company, 
Waynesboro. Pji. Precision feed adjustment. 2,060,842, 
I>.c 1. 

Balslger, Harold E., Waynesboro Pa., and R. E. Price. 
Highfleld. Md.. assignors to Landls Tool Company. 
Waynesboro, Pa. Crank grinding machine. 2.638,719, 
May 19 

Balthrop, Edward S.. Jr., Richmond, Va., assignor to E. I. 
In Pont de Nemours ft Company. Wilmington. E)el. 
Method of and apparatus for winding yarns. 
Aug. 18. 

Baltimore Paper Companv. assignee : Bee — 
Winkler. Richard, and Diinnobier. 

Raltoiv Charles A., assignor to .S. A. Bucholtx. Buffalo. 
.V. Y. Hydraulic svstem with an atmospheric pressure 
controlled accumulator. 2.632,999, Mar. 31. 

rialtus. Anthony F. : See — 

De Vnu. Louis P.. and Baltus. 

Baltzly. Richard, New York, and J. C. Castillo. White 
Plains, assignors to Burroughs Wellcome A Co. (U. S. A.) 
Inc.. Turkanoe, N. Y. N-benzohydryl-N-methyl plpera- 
zine and prep.nrlng same. 2.630^35, Mar. 3. 

Balzeau. Charles A.. Vaucresson. France. Mechanism for 
automatic annual date Indicator. 2.647.3.59. Aug. 4. 

Balzer. Abram P., Mountain Lake. Minn. Drive trans- 
mission for steerable tractor wheels. 2.644.540. July 7. 

Balzer. Abram P.. and J. A. Stoesz. Mountain Lake. Minn. 
Swnther platform adjusting means. 2.638.728, May 19. 

Balzer. H.irvev W., Downers Grove, and P. Bakker. as- 
signors to .\iiton»atlc Electric Laboratories. Inc., Chi- 
cago. 111. Automatic switch for telephone systems. 
2.059.771. Nov. 17. 

Baml)er, John R.. London. England, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Unlfold Mailing Machines, Inc., Saginaw 
Mich. Apparatus for separating sheets, envelopes, and 
the Uke. 2,034,126, Apr. 7. 

Ohio. Door operated 

to Kellei 




Bame, Karl, Tifhn, 

2.651,689. Sept. 8. 
Bamert, Johann, Glbswll, assignor 

Neuthal, Glbswll, Switzerland. 

2,039.733. May 26. 
Bamford, Arthur P.. East Orange, N. J., assi 

Si>erry Corporation, Long Island City, N 

printing press. 2.037i;';l70, May 5. 
Bamford, Clement H., and W. E. Hanby, Ma 

and F. H.nppey Bingley, assignors to Courtai 

Ited, London. England. Production of artifl< 

of polymeric materials. 2,628,880, Feb. 17. 
Bamford, Frank L., Detroit, Mich 

2,639.620. May 26. 
Bamford. William P.. Maumee, and J. E. 

ford, assignors to Libl)ey-Owen8 Ford 

Toledo, Ohio. Bending mold for glass sheets 

2,633,673, Apr. 7. 
Bamford, William P., Miiumee, and J. E. Jendris 

White, Rossford. assignors to Llbbey-Oweas-F 

Company, Toledo, Ohio. Process and api>a 

bending and tempering glass. 2,646,647, July 
Bancroft, Charles, New Canaan, Conn. Bank 

motive vehicle. 2.041,480. June 9. 
Bancroft. Joseph. & Sons Co.. assignee : See — 

Bromley. Frank. 
Bandll. John C.. assign<ir to Scott-.Vtwater Mami 

Company. .Minneapolis. Minn. Starter spring 

tlon. 2,(!59,4.")4, Nov. 17. 
Baner, Rawlings R.. Monrovia, Calif. Appa: 

cooling and humidifying air. 2.663,803, Siept. 
Banerjee. Dlllp K. : See — ■?■ 

Johnson. William S., and Banerjee. 
Banes. Fred W. : See — 

Arundale, E^rvlng, and Banes. 
Banes, Fred W., W»t<tfield, D. W. Young, IMi 

A. J. Hund, Linden, N. J., assignors to Stmi 

Development Company. Polyvinyl chloride p 

with Isobutylene - dioletln -acrylonitrile c 

2.030.800, Apr. 28. 
Banes, Fred W., Westfleld. W. P. Fltz-Gerald. 1 

and J. F. Nelson. Rahway. N. J. assignors to 

Oil Development Company. .Sulrated alcohol <i 

from reaction product of primary monohydri( 

with ethylene. 2,655,525, Oct. 13. 
Banes Fred W.. Westfleld, A. .M. (iessler, Cran 

W. F Fischer, Roselle Park, N. J., assignors 

ard Oil Development Company. Blends of 

dlene and butadieneacrylonitrile copolymer. 

Oct. 27 
Banes, Fred W., and S. B. Lipplncott, Westfle 

assignors to Standard Oil Development Compa 

eral oil containing substituted polyoleflns. : 

Nov. 24. 
Baney, Harry N.. L. A. C. Slentz, and A. A. Kl 

Muncie, Ind.. assignors to Borg-Warner Co 

Chicago, 111. Shaft cutting and icenterlng 

2.633.039, Mar. 31. 
Bangert, Charfes, Jr. : See — 

Hammerly, Herman J., and Bangert. 
Bangs. Ralph C, Providence, R. I., assignor to < 

Separable catch for necklaces and the like. ' 

Sept. 1. 
Bangsbergh, Lester R., Dobbs Ferry, assignor 

Mann New York, N. Y. Film strip advanclt 

nlsm for projectors. 2,601,056. Dec. 8. 
Banlgan. Thomas F.. Kenmore. N. Y.. assignor 

du Pont de Nemours and Company. Wilmlni 

Sizing of ethylene polymer structures. 2,653, 

Banister, Charlie. Gillette, Wyo. 

2.035.857. Apr. 2l. 
Banister, Guy, and L. S. Burns, 

Greene Companv, Aurora. 111. 

tem. 2,658.342, Nov. 10. 
Bank,_ Albert M, Jersey CItjj and A. J. Katz, 

Cement fei 

assignors t( 
Hydraulic d 

Ultv, 1 

N. J. Sofa bed. 2,042,583. June 23. 
Rank of America National Trust and Savings As 

a.ssignee : See — 

Peterson, Clarence J. 
Bank of Commerce and Trust, executor : See — 

Peple. (Justavf .\., Jr. 
Bankanf, William F., East Paterson. N. J., as 

Hewltt-Roblns Incorporated, BufTalo, N. Y. 1 

training Idler. 2.055.251. Oct. 13. 
Bankauf. William F., East Paterson, N. J., ae 

Hewitt-Robins Incorporated, Buffalo, N. Y. 

idler for cofd conveyer belts. 2,058,606, Nov. 
Bankauf, William F.. East Paterson. W. E. H 

Maywood. and H. M. Ross, Wortendyke. N. J 

ors to Hewett-Robins Incorporated, Buffalo, N. 

bearing seal. 2,041.515. June 9. 

Banker, Oscar H., Bvanston. assignor to New 
Corporation. Chicago. III. Clutch con 
2.641,344. June 9. 

Banker. Oscar H.. Evanston, assignor to New 
Corporation, Chicago, 111. Pedally control!* 
operated vehicle brake applying apparatus. 
June 16. 

Banks. Charles T.. Neenah, Wis., assignor to Int« 
Cellucotton Products Company, Chlca^ 111. ] 
machine. 2.631.767. Mar. 17. -^^ 

Banks, Clarence K. : See — 

Sullivan. Marie-Jo. and Banks. 





_ ^ 

anil Ortl. 
Tortable iiiilkiiig 

Banks, f^m D.. Alpine, N. T. Poultry watering device. 

2.rt.'>L'.028. S» pt. 10. » _ 

Banks, Ma»on K., AshovtUe, N. C, assignor to Tennessee 
Valley Authority, t'roth flotation of iron-bt-arlng uiin- 
eruls from teldspathic ores. 2,G.'J3,241, Mar. 31. 
Hanks. .Millar.l S., New York, N. Y. Soap package. 

2.r.:{T,4.!'.). .May 5. 
Banks. Waldo 11. : See — 

Hudzynii, Walter J., and Banks. ; 

IJannen John A.. Bronx, N. T. Rail trailer carrier. 

2.»i3S.8riL'. May 19. 
Banner. Itobert G. : Hee — 

Perrln. Tom S.. and Banner. 
Bann.r. Rolxrt C. I'alnesvllle as.siunor to IMamond 
Alkali Companv. Cleveland, Ohio. Kt-moval of lialide 
ions from tliromate liquors. 2,«30.2ltt. May 19. 
r.annint; I-loy.l H.. and W. K. Anable, Albany. Oreg.. 
a««ti«nors to the Initod States of America as repre- 
sented by th*- Solicitor of the Department of the 
Interior. TristaKe crystallization and hydrolysis proc- 
ess for recovering vanadium phosphorus, and chro- 
mium fr»ini lfrroi)h<>sphoru9 and liko materials. 
2.»;.'>4.t>.')."j. Oct. i>. , . , 

Bannister. Brvant, ritt.sburgh. Pa., assignor to United 
States Stwl Corporation. Pipe cooling arrangement for 
high-speed continuous ndlls. 2.058,237. Nov. 10. 
Bannist.T. Clyde Iv. Houston. Tex, l'arachute-e«|uipped 

helicopter. 2,t'..">7..S.SO. .Nov. .$. 
Bannister, Harold V.. Waverly, lo^, assignor, by mesne 
as.signments. to Continental Belton Conii>any. Belton. 
Tex Stalk cutter and shredder. 2(63.'^.B87. Apr. 7. 
Bannister. John J., Newark, N. J. lilers. 2.630,034, 

Mar. 3. 
Bannister, Lawrence II. : See — 

Ittley, All)ert .M., Noblf, Bannister, 
Bannister, I..e Koy I).. I-ake Placid, N. Y. 

stool. 2.C,31,(;ri2, Mar. 17. 
Bannister, Luther C. : Sfe — ■ > 

Drr, Clirrord M.. and Banirister. 
Itannon. Kdward K. : See - 

E/.zy. Maron .1.. and B;innon. 
Bannon, Thomas C. assignee : See — 

Spencer. Lloyd. 
Bannon. Thomas C. Altadena, assignor of fifty per cent 
to L. Spencer, Los Angeles, Calif. Means and method 
of removing cores. 2,<;.{8..'^23. May 12. ' 

Bannon. Thomas C.. Altadena, and L. Spi>ncer. South 
Pasadena, assignors of thirty-three and one-third p«^r- 
cent to J. I>. Clie.«inut, Newport Beach. Calif. (Jun per- 
forator actuator. 2,t>38.9Hl, May 19. 
Banschfr. i-'rit/.. M.-isel. Switzerland. 

fuel. 2,»V4r,,109. July 21. 
Bantar. Incorporated, assignee: See — 

.McBrlde. John W. 
Banthln. John V., Bridgeport. Conn 

foj printing presses. 2.t52<5,503. Jan. ^ 
Banfliln, John F., Bridgeport, Conn. Safety stop for bed 

and cylinder printing presses. 2,026,ri«4, Jan. 27. 
Baptist, •fcVicfor V.. Stamford, assignor to I'ltney-Bowes. 
Inc., Stamford. Conn. Serial number printing control 
device. 2.«;2».320, Feb. 24. 
Biir Max. .Xucshurjr-Cog^ringen, «.9»ienor to "Knotex" 
f >fas.hinenbau G. ni. b. H.. .VuKsburg StadtlwrgfU, Ger- 
many. Thread gripper. 2,Cori,ji.S,1. Oct. 27. 
Barat>ash, Klizaln'th : See — ^ 

White, Blanche B., and Barabash. 
Barahutes, JS'ena K. : See — 

Kheih.iirt. Pile It , and Barahutes. 
Barach, Edtnund Rldgefield. Conn., assignor to O. E, 

Corporatfpn. Oxygen mask. 2,847. .'>11. Aug. 4. 
Baracket .Vll>ert J., I'.loomtield. assignor to Allen B. 
Mont Laixiratorles, Inc., Clifton, N. J. Delay 
2,0.'? 1.2324 Mar. 10. 
Baran, Eusiwchlus O., Staten Island. N. Y. Double pneu- 

moMioracV needle. 2.030.H03, Mar. 10. 
Barash. Robert 'P.. Arlington, Va. Game apnaratus for 

simulating a roller derby. 2.653.027. Sept. 22. 
Baratelli, Charles A.. Woodstock. Conn . and R. C. Reed, 
Sturbrldire. assignors to American Optical Comnany, 
Southbrldge, Mass. Kye protective device. 2.030,.")G9, 
Mar. 10. 
Barbara. Jack L.. Port Jervls. N. Y. Smoke dlffuser for 

mouthpieces. 2,049.094. Aug. 18. 
Barbaras. <;ien D.. Cleveland, Ohio, asslcnor to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours '{ Company. Wilmington. Dol. A<iue- 
OU9 asbestos dispersion and producing same. 2,001,287, 
Dec. 1. 
Barbaras. Glen D.. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington. I>ek ?'orm- 
Ing asbestos product.'^ from p<dyvalent ion dispersed 
aslM>»tos 2.001. 28S. Dec. 1. 

Burner for liquid 






Barber-Colman Company, assignee : See — 

Crandall, Charles B., and Townsend. 

Drake, Kuss4?ll 1". 

I>rnek, John L. | 

Olassow, Franklyn A. 

Hofl. Wendell W. 

Kennedy, Walter \V. 

Nakasone. Robert T. ' 

Peters<m. Burt A. I 

Schneider, Elmer. 

Semm. Paul T. 

Stibitz. «;eorge R. I 

Sweger, Russell P. ' 

Kennedy, Ualler W. 
r.arlxT. Edmund .\., Jr. : See — 

(iil>b4>n. John IL, Jr., 

Malmros. Gustav V, 

Malmros. Gustav V 
Barbi-r. EdmuntI A., Jr. 

Barbaro. Anthony F.. Glendale. Calif, 
penslng fluid. 2.Go.'>.280. Oct. 13. 

Barbaro. Joseph, Boston, Mass. 

2.041.379. JuneO. 
Barbato. Robert C New York. N 

construction. 2.040,272. Aug. 18. 
Barbee. Floyd R . San Gabriel. Calif. Paring knife 

Ing water discharging means. 2,t;.')0,000. Oct. 27. 

Barbee. Roy T.. and M. B.' Wiley, assisnors to P. W. Orr, 
trustee, Charlotte, .N. C. Machine for producing trans- 
position charts. 2.631,711. Mar. 17. 

Apparatus for dls- 
Rellning brakes. 
Y. Iris type valve 

Malmros, Engstroui, and 

A., and Barber. 
A., Barber, and Engstrom. 
Johnson City, assignor to Inter- 
national Business .Ma<'hlnes Corporation, New York, 
N. Y. Receiver for card ejecting and stacking mecha- 
nism. 2.031,039, Ma,r. 10. 
Barber. Edwin J.. Newiwrt, assignor to Hercules Powder 
<'onipany, Wilmington, Del. Coated pai>er and making 
same. 2,<;40,790. June 2. 
Barb«'r, Edwin J.. Newport, assignor to Hercules Powder 
Couipany, Wilmington. L>eL Coated paper. 2,040,791, 
June 2. 
Barber. «'reorge II. : See — 

Abbott. J(dui A., Barber, Newman, and Schlndler. 
Barber-<}riH'ne Company, assignee: See — 
Banister, Guy. and Burns. 
Smith. I'aul A. 
Barber. Harry J., assignor to May k Baker Limited. 
Dagenham. England. Quaternary ammonium salts. 
2.04 I.e. 10. June 9 . , . ^ 

Barber llarrv J. nssiLTior to May & Baker Lindted. 
Dagenham, "England. IIexamethylene-1 : 6 bis trimethyl- 
ammonlum lutartrate. 2. 001. .■{70. Dec. 1. 
Barber Hiram L.. Newton, and G. L. Sellars, Milford. 

Ohio. Jaw crusher. 2,026,759. Jan. 27. 
Barber. Louis D.. Burbank, Calif. Well perforator. 

2.038.10.-). Mav 12. 
Barb«'r. Merlin E., Decatur. HI. Compression by-pass and 

wrench device. Re. 23.748, Dec. 1. 
Barber. Nathan B.. Jr. : See — | 

Drapeau. Joseph B., Jr., and Barber. 
Barber, Ralph F. : See— 

Corley. .Mark H., .\rvldson, and Barber. 
Barber, Rol)ert R.. Idlewylde, Md.. asslKUor to Western 
Electric Company. Incorporated. New York, N. Y. Appa- 
ratus for handling materials. 2.026,093. Jan. 20. 
Barber, Robert S., .New London. Conn. Detachable handle 

for containers. 2.020.174, Jan. 20. 
Barbler, Henri B. It.. Givry. par Jouet-sur-1'Aubols, 

France. I nlversal joint. 2.040,009. July 28. 
Barblsch, Alfred A.. Port Angeles, Wash. Sleeve puller. 

2.050.419. Sept. 1. 
Bartxiur. Samuel H. : See — 

Schwartz. .Ml»ert J., and Barbour. 
Barch. William E.. Bronx, assignor to Standard Brands 
Incorporate<l New York. N. Y. Composition for col- 
oring marirarine. 2,052,334. Sept. 15. 
Barclay Pharmaceutical Products Company. Inc., 
asrfljrnee : See — 
Fallon. John E. 
Bardav. Rolnrt i;.. I..08 .\ngeles, assignor to Ilelipot 
Corporation. South Pasatlena. Calif. Potentiometer. 
2.(V>-.2»5. Oct. 27. 
Barclay, Sidney F.. Manchester. England, assignor to 
Grlnnell Corporation. Providence, R. I. Fire detection 
apparatus 2.032.8X5, Mar. 24. 
Bardav. William L.. Jr. : See— 

Purlfoy. (Jeorge R., and Barclay. 
Barclav, William L., Jr., Scarsdale, N. Y., assignor to 
WestlnKhouse Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, 
Pa Dynamic-braking control. 2.037.008. Apr. 28. 
Barco, Allen A.. Princeton, N. J., assignor to Itadlo Cor- 
poration of America. Electron tube voltage protection 
circuit. 2,027,051. Jan. 27. 
Barco. Allen A., W. H. Bliss, and M. M. Carpenter, Jr.. 
Princeton N. J., assignors to Radio Corporation of 
America. Simplified color television receiver. 2,049,499, 
Auk. 18. 
Barcus. Edward L. : See — 

Michel. Clarence A.. Mead. Dledring. and Barcus. 
Bard Andrew. .Snn Bernardino. C.-xllf. Seat cover with 

chanp'able sections. 2,027.303, Feb. 3. 
Bard. Francis N.. assignee : See — 

W llson. Thomas II.. and Richardson. 
Bard-Parker Companv, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Arden, Thomas R. 
Bardeen. Thomas, Penn Township. Allegheny County, as- 
signor to Ctulf Research & Development Companv. Pitts- 
burgh Pa. Suspension system for seismograph (^tec- 
tors. 2.057,.374. Oct. 27. 
Barden. Carl G.. Woodland. Calif. Side rack for vehicles. 

2,640,909, July 28 
Bardet, Gerard. Paris. France. Vibratory device for con- 
trolling discharge from a hopper containing a powdered 
or a small-size granular homogeneous substance. 
2,649.224. Aug. 18. 


assignee : See — 

HI. School desk. 

Furniture top to 
Book holder and 

Bardons and Oliver, Inc. 
Kylin, Henrik O. 

Bardugon. Madeline M., Verona, N. J. Cosmetic applica- 
tor. 2,027,621. Feb. 10. . . ^ 

Bareckl. Chester J., assignor to American Seating Com- 
pany. Grand Rapids, Mich. Writing shelf for chairs. 
2,637,367, -May 5. .. ^ . , 

Bareford, Robert E.. Burbank. assignor to Northrop Air- 
craft, Inc., Hawthorne. Calif. Manometric accelerome- 
ter. 2,002.950, Dt'C. 15. 

Bareham^Eric <;., Shirley, Birmingham, and W. Lavland, 
Kings Heath, Birmingham.>;nors to The Austin 
Motor Company Limited. Birmingham, England. Car- 
buretor. 2.040.205. July 21. 

Bartfnyl B«la, Stuttgart-Rohr, Germany. Seating arrange- 
ment for vehicles. 2.647,791. Aug. 4. 

Barenvl, B61a. Stuttgart-Rohr, tJermany. Leaf spring 
for 'motor vehicles. 2.054,597. Oct. 6. 

Barer, David, assignee : See — 
Force. Albert J., Jr. 

Baretta. Emilio : See — 

Legat. Robert C. and Baretta. 

Barfod. Frederik : Bee — 

Wirth, Bmil O., and Barfod. 

Barford. Norman Cj: *>ee — - 

Broadway. Lednard F.. Barford, and Pearce. 
Pearce. Alb<>rt l\, and Barford. 

Bargen, William J., Waukegan, 
2.024,392. 'Jan. 6; 

Bargen, William J., Waukegan, IB. 
frame connections. 2,057,965, Nov. 

Bargen, William J.. Waukegan, HI. 
desk top. 2.0(»1,509. Dec. 8. 

Bargen. William J., Waukegan, 111. Bookholder. 
2.002. 33.V Dec. 15. 

Bargewell. Clayton B., assignee : Bee — 

Redllnd. John O . .^ . . ,. ^ 

Barghau>ien Louis II.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Artificial lunh 
knee structure. 2,045.779, July 21. 

Barllller. Lowrie C. : Sfv — 

Kestjner. William .\., Kohfeldt, and Barllller. 

Barium Development «'orporatlon, assignee: See — 
Herlkrt. .\rlliur C. 

Barkalow^, Clare E., Huntington, N. Y.. assignor to The 
Sperry; Corporation. Gyroscopic rotor frame. 
2.041,132. June 9 

Barkalow. Clare E., Huntington, and T. A. Early, Jr.. 
Sea Cliff, N. Y.. assignors to The Sperry Corporation. 
Caging device for attitude gyroscopes. 2.041,133. 
June 9. _ 

Barkau Fred H.. assignor to Teleprompter Corporation, 
New York. N. Y. Television prompting apparatus. 
2,0.35,.373. Apr. 21. , „ c ..r . 

Barkdoll. Joseph P., Groton, assignor to L. C. Smith & 
Corona Typewriters, Inc., Syracuse, N. Y. Carriage 
feeding escapement mechanism. 2,049,179, Aug. 18. 

Barkelew, C, Sierra -Madre, Calif. Sealing 
means for lluicl v.ilves. 2,001,025. Dec. 8. 

Barker, Alvln. Cincinnati. Ohio. Novelty greeting card. 
2.045.481. July 14. , _ ^^^ , , „ ,.. 

Barker Charles L.. Dundalk. and R. O.NGavlak, Balti- 
more Countv, assignors to The Glenn JS. Martin Com- 
pany. Middle River, Md. Releasabre fin assembly. 
2r«5fl.l35, Oct. 20. ^. . „ . , . » 

Barker Edward 1)., New Carlisle. Ohio. Mat for tents. 
2,027.804. Feb. 10. 

Barker, John L., Norwalk, Conn., a.sslgnor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Eastern Industries. Incorporated Radio 
echo apparatus for detecting and measuring the speed 
of moving objects. 2.029.805. Feb. 24. , ^ , . 

Barker, John L.. Norwalk. assignor to Eastern Industries. 
Incorporated, East Norwalk. Conn. Frequency respon- 
sive apparatus. 2,041.707. June 9. . tt i 

Barker. John W.. Silver Spring. .M<l.. assignor to Iloudry 
Process Corporation. Wilmington, Del. Apparatus for 
flowing gases through beds of fluent granular solids. 
2.025,407. Jan. 13. . ^ ^ ^ 

Barker. John W.. Silver Spring, Md., assignor to Iloudry 
Process Corporation, Philadelphia, Pa. Process and 
apparatus for the disengagement of gases from lluent 
solid particles in the conversion of hydrocarbons. 
2.047,859, Aug. 4. * ir . . 

Barker, Lawrence J., Spokane, Wash., assignor to Kaiser 
Aluminum k Chemical Corporation, Oakland Calif. 
Heat treatment of aluminum alloys. 2,658,845, Nov. 

Barker, I^nard M., North Syracuse, N. Y., assignor to 
General Electric Company. Drive mechanism. 2,647.752. 

Bark<T Lyl** M.. Clifton, and O. E. Y'oung. Morencl, Ariz., 
flvslg'nors to Phelps Dodge Corporation. New York. N.^. 
Flotation recovery of molybdenite. 2,664.199. Dec. 29. 

Barker. Maurice E., Washington, l). C. Container for 
holding and dispersing incendiary articles which contain 
phosphorous. 2,643,928. June 30. ^ 

Barker Melvln G.. Highland Park. HI. Animated adver- 
ttslncdl'^play. 2.031.395. Mar. 17. , ^ . 

Barker Paul L.. Detroit. Mich. Spring chair construc- 
tion. 2.058.555. Nov. 10. 

Barker Poultrv Equipment Co.. assignee: See — 
Crane. EVlward. 

Barker Poultrv Equipment Company, assignee : See — 
Sharp, Allen W. 
Swanson. Oscar W. 

Barker, Ray C, Wichita. Kans. Fuse holder. 

L>ec. 15. 
Barker Saw Company, assignee : See — 

Smith, Albert P. 
Barker. Smith and Compaiij'. assignee : See — 

Gallunpl, Bernardino F. 
Barker, William A., liClcester. England, asslgno 

Shoe Machinery Cori)oratlon. Flemington, ! 

tener-inserting^iachine. 2.055,055. Oct. 20. 
Barkev, Herman4>fAFerguson. assignor to McI 

craft Corporation.^t Louis, Mo. Parasit 

trieving and towing mechanism. 2,653,777, 
Barkey, Joseph S., Brooklyn, N. Y. Marionette. 

Sept. 22. 
Barkley, Dwlght W., New Kensington, Pa., j 

Llbbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company, Tol 

Prismatic antiglare rearvlew mirror device. 

Mar. 17. 
Barkley, Robert Y, Weems, Va. Sheave block \ 

able eye. 2,639.891, May 26. 
Bark-Off Corporation, The, assignee : See — 

Boswell. John R. 
Barkow. Eugene V. ; See — 

Ashton. Benjamin N.. and Barkow. 
Barkschat. Eric, Chicago, HI. Exercising apt 

cabinet. 2.032.045. Mar. 24. 
Barksdale. Malvln M.. Amltv, Ark. Il.vdrau 

troIbHl feed for sawmills. 2,648,359, Aug. 11 
Barkson, Joseph A. : See — 

Mason, Russell I., Barkson, and McNary. 
Barley, Leo D.. Dayton, assignor to Harrfs-.Se 

pany. Cleveland. Ohio. Hydraulic cuttinj 

2.649.153. Aug. 18. 
Barlow. Alfred C. Parkway. Hlllingdon, W. G. 

ter. Hayes*. J. B. Cameron. Hounslow, and J. 

Isleworth. assignors to The Fairey Aviatio 

Limited. Hayes. England. Molding thermos 

tlietlc resin inateriHis. 2.646.380, Julv 21. 
Barlow. Benjamin W., Wemble.v, and A. 

Greenfor<l. assignors to D. Napier & Son Lli 

don. England. Connecting rod end bearini 

2.001.253. Dec. 1. 
Barlow. Thomas E., Jackson. Ohio, assignor, 

assignments, to International Minerals k Ch 

poration. Chicago, HI. Foundry composltioE 

od. 2.r,57.113, Oct. 27. 
Barlow. Wallace D.. Hyattsvllle, Md. Parking 

vehicles. 2.027.920. Feb. 10. 
Barmer Maschlnenfabrlk Aktlengesellschaft, 

Bee — 

Grein. Hermann. 
Barna, Joseph : Srr — 

Hanson, Erick J.., and Barna. 
Barna, Joseph A.. Detroit, assignor to Dearb 

Corporation. Highland Park. Mich. Scraj 

for disk type Implements. 2.049,724. Aug. 2 
Barnaby. Roland E. : See — 

Lymnn. Joseph. Barnaby. and Proskauer. 
Bafnard. Leon J. : Bee — 

Arms. Merton H., and Barnard. 
Barnard. Lyle Z. : See — 

Cooke. Charles S.. and Barnard. 
Barnard, Paul J., Rockford. 111. Rubber go 

hollow base. 2.001,213, Dec. 1. 
Barnard, Randolph H.. Watervllle, assignor. 

assignments, to Reconstruction Finance ( 

Cleveland, Ohio. Nonwoven film coal 

12.037,073. May 5. 
Barnard. Willi.nn J.. Onawa. Iowa. Comblnatl 

tally and vertically swinging gate. 2.002.3; 
Barnas. John A. Detroit. Mich. Grille guar 

mobiles., Aug. 25. 
Barnby, Herbert A., and O. Bjerlng. Toledo 

slgnora to Owens-Illinois Glass Company. 

closing machinery. 2.630.952, Mar. 10. 
Barnes, Alfred E. : See — 

Barlow. Benjamin W.. and Barnes. 
Barnes, Arthur W., Tewin. England, assignor 

Chemical Industries Limited. Iodoform as 

vinyl chloride polymerization. 2,647,107, J 
Barnes. Bninner C, Dallas, Tex., asslpnor.' bi 

signments. to Socony-Vacuum Oil Compaii 

rated. New York. N. Y. Stabilizing ra' 

2,003.009. Dec. 22. 
Barnes. Bvron II.. Los Angeles, Calif. I 

2.048.802. Aug. 18. 
Barnes. Carl E. : See — 

Ney. William C. Jr.. Nummv, and Ba,rnes 
Barnes. Charles II., Glendale. and F. Groshe. 1 

Calif., assignors, by mesne assignments. t( 

Company, Newark. N. J. Paint roller cover. 

Apr. 28. 
Barnes. David K.. assignor to Stanolind Oil an 

pany, Tulsa. Okla. Purification of alcohols 

oxidlzable impurities. 2.031.970, Mar. 17. 

Barnes Drill Co., assignee : See — 
CasBon, Kenneth H. 

Barnes. Frank A. 
Feb. 10. 

Butte, Mont. Wallet. 

Barnes. Frank T., fJary, Ind. Device for atomi 

2.030.780, Apr. 28. 
Barnes. Freda A., assignee: Bee — 
Barnes, William B. 




B«rnes I-'rederlck J.. KIchmond. V«. Tire chain mecba 
oUin. ' -',034,780. Ayr. 14. . „ , . 

Barnes, George VV.. Jr.. Clifton IlelghU. Pa., aialgnor, bj 
mesne a»»ignment8, to Mlnneupolli«-llone»well Kegulator 
Compauy, Miimeapolia, Minn. Electric control cir- 
cuit and recoriler. ;:,«65,4::o, Oct- 13. 

Barnes, Gerald S.. Dunkirk. N. I. Brake applying hitch 
device. 2,ti33.1»42. Apr. 7. 

Bai|ie». Gwyuu U.. San Antonio, Tex. Dip stick wiper 
J,054,iuy. Oct. 0. 

Baruea, Harold L. : See — 

Schotubauiii, Al<-xander \\., and Barnes. 

BarneH. James I. : See — 

Myeru, Harold ('.. Fukklla. and Barnes. 

Barne8. James I.. Mickleton, and A. O. Pukklla. Wood- 
bury N J . astjignors to tJocony-Vacuum Oil Comimny, 
Incorporated. Separation of wax from residual lubri 
eating oil. 2,642,37«, June 16. „ . , 

Barnes Jeffery \V.. Farnborough, England assignor, by 
mt'sne aswlguinents, to Kelvin & Hughes Limited. Glau- 
gow, Scotland. Navigational Instrument. 2,«:i7.1^0. 

i Baruei, Joe, Columbus. Ohio. Mold liner for type casting 
i macuines. ;:,0J0.044, Jan. 2U. 

J- Baru.'!» John. Milwaukee, Wis. Washing machine for 

agitating clothe* and cleansing li.juid by tlie use of air 

Jets submerged in said cleansing liquid. :i,ttol,iyi, 

Sept. S. , . . 

Barnes. John W.. assignor to Argus Cameras, Inc.. Ann 

Arbor. Mich. Extension cord set. 2.tJ34.309, Apr. 7. 
Carnes ifc Jones, incorporated, assignee: Hee — 

Kernald. Charles F. ,. ,. ^ . ^i ^t 

' Barnes, l^wreiice i.. Jarratt, Va. Peanut stacking rack. 
J.tiJ«.4"J7, Feb. ::4. ^, „ 

Barnes Malcolm U.. Kcnmore. N. Y.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation. 
Syntbetlc ^pm production. l'.ti34,oo4, Apr. 14. 
Barnes Aianuiacturiiig Co.. assignee : Uce — 

Smith. Edward M. ,, , . m, 

Barnes Marion W.. Wllmette. assignor to Lnlversal Oil 
rroduets Company. Chicago, 111. Modified up-dra(t type 
of beaters. :,J,(iJo.l*10, Jan. .:u. 
Barnes, Marlon W.. Wilmette, assignor to Lnlversal Oil 
Products Company, Chicago. III. Fluid heating appara- 
tus. J,«>l'5,yi7. Jan. :.'U. „ , , ^,i, 
Barnes, Marion W., Wilmette. assignor to Lnlversal Oil 
Products Company, Chicago, 111. Heating of fluids. 
/ 2.U55,136, Oct. 13. , ,. ,. .. 
• Barnt-s, Marshall C. assignor to Hemls Uro. Bag Company. 
Muiueaptilus. Minn. I'ackaging empty bags. J,05tf,lS.. 

Barnes. Kandal 1'.. San Francisco. Calif., assignor to 
Westinghouse fcllectric Corporation, East Pittsburgh. 
Pa Dynamic braking control. J.6:i».S4tf. Feb. -4. 
Barnes. Kandolph C. Peoria. HI., assignor to Caterpillar 
Tractor Co . San L«audro. Calif. Safety control for 
engine governors. 2.645.474. July 14. 
Barnes, Kandolph C. assignor to Caterpillar Tractor Co.. 
Peoria. 111. Centrifugal governor having weights suc- 
cessively supported by spaced pivots. J,040,'J7», 
July 2S. 
Barnes-& Kelnecke, Inc.. assignee : See — m. 

Spannhake. Krnst W'. ,.,L ^ ,, 

Barnes, Robert B., Stamford, and W. A. iraser. Ulflgefleld, 
Coim., assignors to American Optical Companyr South- 
bridge, Muss. Glasses, compositions thereof, artldt-s 
embodying said glasses, and making and using the 
same. 2.655.402. Oct. 13. 
Barnes Thomas F.. Chicago. lU. Cylindrical container 

and making .same. 2,»538.820. May 19. 
Barnes. William A. : See — 

Zeldler. Reinhold C. and Barnes. 
Barnes. WUliam A.. Ullca. N. Y. assignor to Utlca Drop 
Forge k Tool Corporation. Slldable side Jaw wrench. 
2.043, 5«9, June 30. 
Barnes. William B.. assignor, by mesne assignments, of 
three-fourths to himself and one-fourth to F. A. Barnes, 
Muncie. Ind. Automatic transmiaslon. 2,65L949, Sept. 
i:>. ^ 

Barnes, W II Ham E. : See — 

I'haney. I'reHton E.. and Barnes. 
Harnett. Benjamin O., aMlgnee : Sea — 

Barton. William A. 
Bamett, Guy F., and W. H. Chudleigh, Jr., assignors to 
Phlico Corporation. Philadelphia. Pa. Traveling wave 
tube attenuator. L'.Ojri.;?-!, Jan. 20. 
Barnett, Harry. Glencoe, and B. Saballus. assignors to 
Th« Powers Regulator Company, Chicago, 111. Auto- 
matic reset restriction valve. 2.649,112. Aug. 18. 
Barnett. Harry. Glencoe. assignor to The Powers Reg- 
ulator Company. Chicago. III. Mixing valve. 2,650,604, 
Sept. 1. 
Barnett, Leonard, Leeds, England. Combastlon air pre- 
heating and admitting means for furnaces. 2,G31,o54, 
Mar. 17. 
Barnett. Louis H.. and H. Brln. a.<8lgnors to Loma Plas- 

Baruey. -Vrihur L.. and P. S. Plnkney. assignors to E. 1. 
du Pout Ue Nemours & Company. Uilmuigtou. Del. 
Aromatic substitute<l halo-butyues. 2.057,J44, Oct. 2(. 

Barney, breeman. Spring Lake, assignor to The Challenge 
MacUinery Cumpauy, Grand Haven, Mich. Proof press 
paper gnpper. 2,o^7.-20. Feb. 3. ^ . ^ , 

Barney, Harold L.. Madison. N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, incorporated. New lork. N. Y. 
VolUge and current t/las of transistors. 2,647,958, 
Aug. 4. 

Barucy. Harold L., .Madison, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone i^abora tones. Incorporated. New iork. N. i. in- 
verted grounded emitter irausistor ampilher. 2,6J»,773, 

Barney, Harold L., Madison, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
pboue laboratories, incorporated. New iork, N. Y. 
Bidirectional transistor ampliQer. 2,009,774, Nov. 17, 
Barney, Ivay 11.. Great Neck. N. Y.. assignor to The 
Sperry Corporation. Null balance Indicator. 2,G32,8»6, 
.Var. .:4. 
Barunaru, Harold J.. Croton-on-Uudgon, assignor to 
Packease-Servease Corp., Buchanan. N. Y. Apparatus 
fur packing articles on a suudard. 2,629,530. Feb. 24. 
Baruhart, Mearl L... Vincent, lex. Apparatus lor meas- 
uring suspended pipe sections U|K>o derricks. 2,654,155, 
OcU 0. 
Barntiart, Robert: Bet — 

Maxur. taul M.. and Bamhart. 
Barnhart. Veru A.. Athens. Ohio. Hollow masonry build- 
ing unit. 2.00'0.»7». Dec. 1. 
Barnstemer, Aiions : See — i 

Ingraham, James W'., and Barnslelner. 
Barnstemer. AiXons. Manstleld, uUlo, assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Oven 
liner. 2,644.443. July 7. 
Barnum. William B.. Medford. Oreg. Loading conveyer. 

2.634.870. Apr. 14. 
Barocca. AlUo J., and G. and F. R. Seavey, Alton, assignor* 
to Olin iDdustrles, inc.. East Alton, ill. Blasting cap. 
2.600.1 1». Nov. 24. 
Barocb. Charles T. : See — 

Ullliard. Robert V.. and Barocb. 
Baron, Charlotte M.. Toledo, Ohio. Colostomy device. 

2.652.050. Sept. 10. 
Baron. L<eonara : See — 

Uabkln. William, and Baron. 
Baron, aiauiey J., Rantuui. Ui. Skate sharpening device. 

2.635,397, Apr. 21. 
Barone, M. E.. assignee : See — 

Butler, Charles W. 
Barone, Saul C, I'etaluma, Call/. Duplicating engraving 

macbilSl!. 2.636,421, Apr. 28. 
Baroody, Naseeb B., Jr., Florence, 8. C. Tie clasp with 

interchangeable slides. 2,655,751, Oct. 20. 
Barothy. cuarles F.. Indianapolis, ind.. assignor to 
Western Electric Company, incorporated. New York, 
N. Y. TUtable holder for supply pans. 2,648,465, 
Aug. 11. 
Barowsky, Nathan. Holyoke, assignor to American Ma- 
chinery Company, Willi manse tt, Mass. Clamping de- 
vice for Irregularly shaped workpieces. 2,658,415, Nov. 
Barr. Arthur C, Madison, Wis. Shade roller bracket fix- 
ture. 2.633.322. Mar. 31. 
Barr Elliott M., assignor to Taylor Instrument Companies, 
Rochester. J4. Y. Synchronously-operated switch. 



2.635,155. Apr. 14. 
Barr, Frank T., Sui 

..., . .»— ^., ^jmmlt. N. J., assignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Fluid contacting apparatus. 
2,629,653, Feb. 24. 

Barr. Frank T., Summit, N. J., assignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company, Production of water gaa. 
2,657,987, Nov. 3. 

Barr, Frank T., Summit, and W. A. Rex, Westfleld. N. J., 
assignors to Standard Oil Development Company. Heat 
exchange of fluldized solids with gasea and vapors. 
2.626,234. Jan. 20. 

Barr, Frank T., Summit, and K. J. Nelson, Cranford, N. J., 
assignors to Standard Oil Development Company. Pro- 
duction of water gas. 2,057,986 .Nov. 3. 

Barr. (ieorge. assignor to A. V. Smith New York, N. Y. 
.Musical instrument. 2.654.283. Oct. 6. 

Barr. Guy, Tedtlington, assignor to Minister of Supply in 
His Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom of 
Or«at Britain and Northern Ireland. London, England. 
Preparation of beryllium fluoride. ^.653.856. Sept. 29. 

Barr. John M.. Rochester, N. Y.. assignor to Nlles-Bement- 
Pond Company, West Hartford, Conn. Fuel supply con- 
trol system for Intermittent Jet engines. 2,638,739, 
May 19. 

Barr, John M., assignor, by mesne assignments, to Niles- 
Bement-Pond Company, West Hartford. Conn. Dia- 
phragm. 2,638.930. May 19. 

Barr. John M.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to NUes- 
Bement-Pond Company. West Hartford. Conn. Dia- 
phragm. 2.638,931. May 19. 

Barr Robert L Glenvlew. and E. 0. Hills. Chicago, 111.. 

^"lilSTli by inVsne a.siknments. to ^Ve/^'°gK«osut'c 

trie Corporation. Bast Pittsburgh. Pa. LlectrosUtlc 

Bl'rT'C'rb 'CXn-,'TS:.'aBslgnor. by .nesne as- 
Bil'niients to Standard Oil Development Company, 
EUzXIh'N J Distillation of sweetened petroleum 

B.;;^;i|l^;r:^ffiS^5: T^: 'Means for forming molds. 

Bai? uVbber Products Company, The, assignee : See— 

Lawson, George S. and J. C. 
Barr h Stroud, Limited, assignee : See — 

Barr^'TiSor'r'philadelphU., Pa. as-i^or tj> Roller 
Bearing Company of America I'rentonN. J. Antl 
friction carriage roller. 2.643,162. June "f^- , ,. 

Barr. Victor L.. I'hiladelphla i'a asshjnor to Roller^Kear 
ing Company of America Tren on N. J. Roller tearing 
for coiiipeusatlng shaft misalignment. 2.659.63 1. 

Nov. 17. ^ , 

Barradell-Smith, Richard: see— 

Davison. Richard, and «a"a*le»:^™\th ,,„,„„« 

lUrradell-.Smlth Richard, and R. Davison. St. Helens, 
asslKno™ to Pilklngton Brothers Limited, Liverpool, 
Un^ast7r County. England. Apparatus for transmlt- 
luig and amplifying motion of a known frequency of 
oscillation and suDpressing -uperimposed motions of 
other frequencies of oscillation. 2.037.167 May o 

Barrango, Carmen, San Francisco. Calif. Articulated limb 

B«V%"w^!le"E., ^i?f V^^rre'l^fa'.- assi«ior to Sylvanla 
E^Il^trlc Products inc.. Salem. Mass. I'luorescent lamp 
holder. 2,056,521, Oct. 20. 

Barrel!, Robert F. : See— 

Hartwlg, Edward C, and Barrell. 

Large, William E., and Barrell. r^„»r<. \« 

Barret Pierre M. R., -Marseille, assignor to <-entre Na- 
tional de la Recherche Sclent iflque. Paris, trance. 
Production of aerosols. 2,6o8,169, Nov. .J. 

Barn^ Wi^Uam M., Shrov.-port I^ Prospecting with 
timsH pl<H-trlc eneruy. 2.6.>y,882. Nov. l(. 

Barret WlUlai^ M. asslgn.T to Engineering Research 
Corporation Shreveport, 1^. Transmitting and receiv- 
ing apJ.raYus and nlelhod for electromagnetic prospect- 
ing 2 «u;i.400. l>ec. 1. 

Barrett. Arthur L. :*>'«-: „ ^.. 

Rollins Lester 0.. and Barrett. ,.„.,. „ «-_ ^ao 

BarrTt, Arthur L.. Franklin. Pa. Rail Joint. 2.657.863. 

Rsm>«'* Arthur L.. Franklin, assignor to Joy Mannfac- 
t"rlng Company Pittsburgh. Pa. Vein disintegrating 
mechanism Lvfng side boards. 2.034.963. Apr 14 

Barrett Arthur L.. Franklin, assignor to Joy Manufac- 
turing Company.' Pittsburgh. Pa. Materlal^reoe.ving. 
storing. an.nischarKing apparatus. 2.637.45. May 5. 

Barrett. Claudjus S.. Palos I'ark. U\ ««»j|°"^„*? S Y 
ern Electrl?' Company, Incorporated. New York, N. I. 
Average computer. 2.642.223. June 16. 

^""Galdnir;' Rota,id'M..>.artner. and Barrett. 
Barrett. Elton T.. assignee: See — 

Barriu'^^^i'^H! Winchester. Mass., assignor to 

^M^nsknto Chemical Compaijy. St Louis Mo. Po y- 

merizlng styrene and malelc compounds. -.,040.819. 

Barret*t" Grant F.. assignor to General Machinery Co 

Spokine. Wash. Keg washing apparatus. 2.034,734. 
Apr. 14. 

Barrett, Harold W. : See— 

Barr?tT"fla'r'.-v"*^B\"sf.°io'iirSb. Brake lining clamp. 
Ba'i-'rett'^Hirry" B.';®St. Lonis, Mo. Brake shoe bonding 
Ba^'r^e^r^arJf gf it.^"i:^uL' Mo. Brake drum lathe. 

lJrfe?t'®nill?^' R. East Orange. S. J. Hall. Lodl. and 
\V C Schaffer. Fair I^wn, N. i.. assignors to Curtiss- 
Wrlght Corporation. Fluid pressure speed sensing de- 
vice 2.«.'»7.0<J9. Nov. 3. „ ». 

Barrett. Paul A.. London. England assignor to Burroughs 
Wellcome h Co. (U. S. A.) Inc.. Tnckahoe. N Y. 
Preoaration of amino ketones. 2.649.444. Atig. 18. 

Barrett Richard VV.. anclnnati. Ohio. Self-service store. 
2.628"691, Feb. 17. 

Barrett. Robert S. : See— 

Smith Justin H.. and Barrett. _ ... . 

Barrett Walter A.. Fort Wayne. Ind. Bottle capping 
machine. 2,641,398. June 9. 

Barrett, Walter P., assignee : See — 
Hunt. John W. 

Barrett, William K. : Jee— 

Matson, William U.. and Barrett 

Barrlcelll. Domenlco. Genoa Italy. ^Trestle ^afdarlt of 
the rotation and gravity type. 2.650.377, Sept 1. 

n...ioin4 T.ok nr«raaiil<> N. Y. Secorlng device for wal- 

Barris. Pierre G. M.. Paris. France ADi^rattis f< 
ing masses of thermal energy. 2.633 J 16. Apr. 

Barris. Pierre O. M.. Paris. France. Proce"? a 
ratus for bringing an object to a given tern 

BaS" Fred^B.! Msignor to The^Malco Compai) 
porated. Minneapolis. Minn. Tone interrupte 
dlometers 2.625,613. Jan. 13. 

Barron Fred E., assignor to The Malco Compai 

porated, Minneapolis. Minn. Automatic powj 

liinitMig control system for audiometers. . 


Barron. John T.. assignor to Charles Crofoot G< 
South Easton, Mass. Rotary pressure fl 

Ba^rr?ns.®KelU.''c.^®a8signor to The Dow Chem! 

pany Midland. Mich. Method «nd comppsitlo 

control of undeslred vegetation. 2,642,354. Ju 

Barrott William E.. Sr. : See— j^^^^^t* 

Barrott, WUllam E., Jr. and W. B. Barrott. 

Barrott Wlillam »-. Jr. and W. B. Barrott Sr 

Ind. Casket carrying truck. Re. 23.718, Sep 
Barrow. James R.. assignor to Columbiaiia Bo 

pany. Columbiana. Ohio. Electrode holder. 

\ov 3 
Barrows.' Raymond H., Johnson City, assignor 

national Business Machines Corporation, N 

N. Y. Clock synchronizing apparatus. 

Barrows, Stephen S.. MinneaMis, Minn. Magr 
strument lor precision measuring devices. 

Barrv. Arthur J., assignor to Dow Corning Co 
Midland. Mich. Production of arylh; 

2.620.266. Jan. 20. ^ r. i „ n^ 
Barry. Arthur J., assignor to Dow Corning Co 

Midland. Mich. Production of arylh 

2.626.267, Jan. 20. ^ ^ . o. 
Barry. Arthur J., assignor to Dow Corning Cc 

Aromatic halosllanes. 2,62e 

assignor to Dow Corning C( 
Siloxane silica composition. 

Midland, Mich. 
Barry. Arthur J. 
Midland, Mich. 

Bairy^ Arthur J , Midland, L. De Pree. Holland 
Hook, assignors to The Dow Chemical Comj 
land. Mich. .Synthesis of aliphatic sllanes. 

Barry. Arthur J., and D. E. Hook Midland, and 1 
Holland, assignors to The Dow Chemical 
Midland. Mich. Production of organot 
2.020,271, Jan. 20. ^.,^ 

Barry. Arthur J., and J. W. Gillt^y.^asslgno 
Corning Corporation, Midland. Mich. ^Prep 
organochlorosllanes. 2.628.243 Feb. 10. 

Barry, Arthur J and J- W.Gllkey assise 
Dow Chemical Company, Midland. Mich. Pr( 
dimethyl silicon dichlorlde. 2.647,912 Atjg 

Barry. Arthur W.. assignor to E. L du Pont d 
and Company. Wilmington. Del Prepi 
ethylene polymers. 2,646.425^uly 21. 

Barry. Arthur W.. Charleston, W. Va., and F. 
Jr , assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours A 
Wilmington, Del. Packaging of tacky 
2.639.808. May 26. 

Barry. Arthur W.. I>os Angeles. Calif. Self-h 
tufe frame hanger. 2.035,840. Aor. 21. 

Barry Corporation, The. assignee :bee — 

Lambert Frank, Jr., and Crede. „ _ . 

Barrv. John J., Evunston. 111., and W. B. Retz. 
assignors to The New Britain Machine Con 
Britain. Conn. Machine tool. 2,639,492 

Barry Joseph F.. Summit, and D M Bueg 
TnhoT. S. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Li 
Incorporate<i, New York, N. Y. Crystal unit. 

Hii%\ I^onard D., Detroit Mich. Port 

2.040.012. June 2. 
Barry. Richard H. : Bee— 

Walter. Lewis A.. Barry, and Clark 
Barry, Rnfus E.. Chickasha. Okla. Tobacco p 

arette holder. 2.839.717, May 26. 
Barry-Wehmlller Machinery Company, asslgne< 
Herold, James L. _, 

Wehmlllpr. Frederick W. ^ „ ^ , 
Wehmlller, Frederick W., and Nekola. 
Barsby. Edward S.. and A. P Saunders a 
Wlldt and Company Limited. Leicester, Enf 
knitting machine. 2.050.094. Oct 27. 
Barske. IJlrlch M. W.. Farnborough. asslgno 
Limited. Leamington Spa. Warwickshire 
Fluid seal.; 2.646,999, July 28. 

Barsky. George : Bee — . _ . 

Molten!. Henry A.. Masarky. and Barsky. 

Barsky. Marie : Bee— 

RIvoche, Eugene, and Barsky. 
Barsngss. John O.. Black Earth, Wis. Foldli 






aixl A. 

Holl pulverizer. 
BarMtow, Onnund, 

riiarU'8 K.. rortlami, A. II 
K. Barstow, I'ortlainl. Dreg, 

,(>:{8.<)42, May li:. 

asMignor to The 

Barittuw, Oct-anlake. 
L'oiiibiued plow aua 

Dow Chemical Coin- 

Micli. Freezing point recorder. 

Uocltford, III.. anniBnor "' •*•'» l^r ^^^ *" 
'uckaeini: machine. 2,04»,tt73. Aug. 2.). 

pauy, Miillaud, 

-•,«33.45«i. Apr. Jl. ., , /. 

Barsy linre J., assignor to ArmiitronR Cork Company, 

I>an<ast.'r, I'u. Temperature - re»pon.slve device. 

j.«>;n.:i-'o %!ar. 10. ^, , ,. , u v. i ^ 

Bart. Slegl'ri.d O. Ksixex Fells. N. J. Huhber-backi'd 

prop«'iier. ::.»;;n,404. .May r>. 

Bartcfi James C. Flat Klver. and G. \\ . ( ouch Ui/er- 
niinea Mo. Cooling Bysti-m for internal conibuntion 
engineu. :!,634.713. Apr. 1^ '. , „ ,. , „, 
Bartcli Jam.« i'., Flat KiTer. rtn.l (J. W < ouch. Kiver- 
mlneH Mo. IVaring and m»auH for lubricating same. 
2,«4.'>.h35. July 14. .. ». „ 

Bartelink. Everhard II. B., Bronxvllle. N. Y.. assignor, 
by mesne attsignments. to Autt>matlc Electric Labora- 
torles. Inc.. Chicago. 111. Short-wave directional radio 
communication system. 2. 041. 75."^. June U. 
Barfell, Ernest J.. Home. N. Y. Apparatus for grlndiiig 
the nee«lles of die drilling macliines. 2.«55,««8, Oct. .iO. 
Bartell Flovd B. Ann Arbor. Mich., assiitnor to The 
Parker I'tii Company. Janesvllle. Wis. Fountain pen. 
2.64H.309. Aug. 11. 
Bart«lt. Donald E.. assignee: Bet — 

Bartelt. Harold L. . , , .. 

Bartelt Harold L . Hockford. III., assignor of 4.» \^x cent to 
D. E. Hartelt. Metho<l of and machine for packaging ma- 
t«'rial In an Inert gaseous atmosphere. 2.«>49.t')71, Aug. 
*- 2.-). 
TBartelt. Harohl L 

D. K. I'.artelf. Packagi. _ 
Bartelr, Harold L.. Hockford, III. Quick opening bug. 

2,«4.'t.04y, June 23. , , .. 

Bartelt, Harold L . Hockford, III., assignor of 4.> |ier cent to 
D. K. Bartelt. Packaging macliine. 2. ♦549. •574, Aug. 2.j. 
Bartes. August. Jr. : Srv— „ . , t-i 

Mueller William O.. Cherepow. Bartes. and Klause. 
Barth Elmer J.. an<l P. J. Smith. as><li.Miors to Dana Cor- 
poration Toledo Ohio, power and manually op«'rate4l 
gearshift. 2.649.813. Aug. 2.'). 
Barth Harry J.. Dover. Del., assignor to International 
Latex Corporation. Latex girdle with a lining of libers. 
2,636.173, Apr. 2S. „ . , 

Barth John A., Br.Tksville, Ohio. Surface conditioning 

tool. 2.«.l.'i,393. Apr. 21. ... 

Barth Hobert H.. Hidgewood, N. J., assignor to Ileyden 
Chemical Corporation. New York. N. Y. Producing 
polyhydrlc alcohol ethers from hemlformala and car- 
bonyl comiwunds. 2.t>4 1.013, June 30. 
Barth Robert M.. IVlham Manor, a-xslgnor to The hR Cor- 
poration. .Vew York. N. Y. Portable film projecting 
and viewing apparatus. 2.634. •>.'>2, Apr. 14 
Barth Robert M., Pelham Manor, assignor to The pR Cor- 
poration New York. .V. Y. Picture projector for fihn 
slides.'>3. Apr. 14. ^ . r. , „ 

Barth Robert M., IVlham Manor assignor to Prlce-DrlscoU 
Cori>oration. New York. N. Y. Mold parting surface 
and anpllcation. 2,6.19,213. May 19. 
Barthenheier. Jakob : See — 

Neugebauer, VVilhelm. and Barthenheier. 
Neugebauer. Wllhelm. Barthenheier. and Rehen.itock. 
Bartholomew, Howard W.. Pottstown. Pa., assignor to 
Doehler Jarvls Corporation. New York. N. Y. Tote box. 
2.634.020. Apr. 7. 
Bartholomew Jess M.. Michigan Citv. Ind.. as.^lgnor to 
Jov Manufacturing Company. Compressor control 
system. 2.646,919, July 28. 
Bartholomew. Orlo A.. Atlantic City. N. J. Fluorescent 

lamp as.>«embly. 2.654,021, Sept. 29. 
Bartholomew, Robert J., Philadelphia, and W. W. Egee, 
Yeatlon assignors to Fletcher Works Incorporated, 
Philadelphia, Pn. Machine for making yarn packages. 
2.6.'>3.774, Sept. 29. 
Bartkowskl Boguniil W., Buffalo. X. Y. Bracelet mirror. 
2,627.78.'). Feb. 10. 

Bartlam. Thomas C. : &er — 

Wiser. l>ouglas R.. Bartlam. and Burke. 

Bartlam. Thomas C. B. R. Burke, and D. R. Wiser. Los 
Angeles, and V. C. Engstrom. South Gate. Calif. : said 
Bartl.ini. said Burke, and said Engstrom. assignors to 
said Wiser. Ball actuated racing game. 2,627.411, 
Feb. 3. 

Bartle. Ceorgp R.. Metnchen. N. J., assignor to Johnson 
h, Jtihnson. Wrapping and sealing machine. 2,000,6."»7, 
Oct. 27. 

Bartleson John D.. Benchwowl Village, assignor to The 
Standard Oil Company. Cleveland. Ohio. I'rocesslnt 
solvent extracted lubricating oil' by treating with phos- 
phorus pentasulflde and a biase and the resulting prod- 
ucts. Re. 23.076. June 30. 

Bartleson, John D., Beachwood Village, assignor to The 
St.tmlard Oil Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Processing 
lubricating oil by treating with sulfuric acid, a phos- 
phorus millide an<I a base and the resulting products. 
Re. 23,677, June 30. 

Bartleson. John D., assignor to The Standard OH Com- 
i>anr. Ch-veland, Ohio. LubrlcJint and making same. 
2,604.202, Dec. 29. 

Bartleson, John D.. Cleveland, and M. II. Campbell, Cleve- 
lana Heights, assignors to The Standard Oil Company, 
ClevelaniT. Ohio. Mineral lubricating oil containing an 
anticorrosive agent and an antioxidant detergent agent. 
2,653.477. Oct. 13. 

Bartlett. Kdwin S.. Ludington, Mich, assignor to Sun- 
beam CoriMtration, Chicago, 111. Shearing handpiece. 
2,ti.'»1.107, Sept. 8. . . 

Bartlett, Jeffrey H., WestfleM, N. J., assignor to Standard 
(^11 Developliient Company. Lubricating oil additive. 
2.»!37.697. .May ."». „ . ^ 

Bartlett. Jeffrey H., Westfield. N. J., as.signor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Mineral oil additive. 
2.65€.318. Oct. 20. , „ . 

Bartlett. Jeffrey H.. Westfield. and T. Cross. Jr., Lnion. 
N J . .is.slgnors to Standard Oil IVvelopment Company. 
•Mineral ••il additive. 2,031,1.30, Mar. 10. 

Bartlett, Kenneth M.. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor to Ameri- 
can Electro Metal Corporation. Yonkers, N. Y. Manu- 
facturing Jet propulsion parts. 2.6.?3.628 Apr. 7. 

Bartlett. Kenneth M.. and N. J. Connuvlno. South Euclid, 
assignors to Thompson Products. Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Making turbine blades. 2.638,003. May 19. 

Bartlett. Norman. I leta. Kla. Occupant carrying round- 
about. 2.629.593. Feb. 24. 

Bartlett. Paul D.. Weston. Mass.. assignor bv mesne as- 
signments, to Columbia Southern Chemical Corporation, 
Pittsburgh. Pa. Alkaline hydrolysis of hexachloroben- 
zene. 2.644.015. June 30. 

Bartlett Paul D.. Weston, Mass.. H. J. Dauben. Jr.. 
Seattle Wash., and A. Schneider. Philadelphia. Pa., as- 
signors to the United States of .\merlca as represented 
by the Secretary of the Army. Insect repellents. 
2.627.490. Feb. 3. , „ . 

Bartlett. RolxTt D.. Chichester. England. Hanger for 
wearing appai-el. 2.634.032. Apr. 7. 

Bartlett. Kosioe <J.. Jr. : Srr - 

White. Ira I., and Bartlett. • ^ 

Bartlette Daniel, and E. C. Lowe, St. Boniface, Manitoba, | 

Box-blank cutting 

assembly. 2,628,543, 
elevator for 


Feb. 17. 
Bart ling, Elmer, Arlington. Nebr. Portable 

con<irete mixers. 2.624,480, Jan. 6. 
Bartling. I.oren E., l>i'troit, assignor to Dearborn .Motors 

C«>rporatlon. Highland Park, Mich. (;overnor for 

spravers. 2.002,79.'>, Dec. 15. 
BartneV. Elliot : See- - 

«;aunf. William E.. Bartner. and Schaeffer. 
Bartolticcl. Ben. Chicago. 111. Detachable vane assembly 

for contact column. 2.049,291. Aug. 18. 
Bartoluc<i. Kdu^ir o. : Srt- 

Waldheim. John J., and Bartolucd. 
Bartohnci & Waldheim. assignee : See — 
Waldheim. John J., and P.artoluccl. 
Barton, Bernard C., Clifton. N. J., assignor to I'nlte*! 

States Riibl)er Company, New York, N. Y. Vulcaniz.i- 

tion of rublHT. 2.025.572, Jan. 13. 
Barton P^rn.ird (\. Clifton. N. J., assignor to 

York, N. Y. 


Statt's Hubb'T Company. Now 
pr»>cessini:. 2.0.')8.002. Nov. 3. 

Barton. Eugene A., assignor of fifty per cent to J. Frenkil. 
Baltimore. -Md. Wet compress and container. 2.629.378, 
Feb 24. 

Barton George A.. Yakima. Wash. Box stamper. 
2.627.22.'». Feb. 3. 

Barton, Gerald D., assignor to Stanolind Oil an<l Gns Com- 
pany, Okl.i. Well formation packer assembly 
for measuring gasoll ratios. 2.6.">5.038. Oct. 13. 

Barton, Lot E.. Colllngswood. N. J., assignor to the Ignited 
States of America as reprenented by the Secretary of the 
Navy. Lighthouse tube oscillator. 2.627..'">77. Feb. 3. 

Barton Loy E. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America Stabilized semiconductor ampli- 
fier circuits. 2.644. 8.'>9. July 7. 

Barton .Maniiiacturing Co.. assignee : iSee — 
Barton. Uiifns K. 
Bent. John II. 

Barton Murray M.. assignor to Injection Molding Com- 
pany. Kansas City Mo. nexlble container. 2,620,647, 
Jan. 27. ^ 

Barton Hobert C., The ITacue, Netherlands, and R. F. 
r.ergstrom and J M. Plantfeber, Martinez, assignors to 
Shell Development Company. San Francisco, Calif. 
Lubricating composition. 2.629.603, Feb, 24. 

Barton, Rufus K., assicnor to Barton .Manufacturing Co., 
St Louis. Mo. Merchandise display. 2.035.744, Apr. 

Barton William A.. Arlington, assignor to B. O. Barnett. 
Dallas, Tex. Oil cleaner for Internal-combustion en- 
gines. 2,647.634. Aug. 4. 
r.ariow Beacons Inc., assignee : See — 
Bartow. John B. 

Bartow. John B.. J. A., and MacT^aughlin. 
B.irtow. Jack A. : Sre — 

Bartow. John B . J. A., and MacLauchlln. 
Bartow John B.. assignor to Bartow Beapons Inc.. Blue 
Bell Pa. System of aerial navigation. 2.043.374, 

J"n«23. „ „ , „. 

Bartow John B.. nsslcnor to Bartow Beacons Inc.. Blue 

P.ell. Pa. Ray dlri'Ct in ST device. 2,0.%9.017. Nov. 10. 
r.artow, John B and J. A.. Blue Bell, and C. I). MacLnngh- 

lln Jr PerklomenvlUe. assienopH to Bartow Beacons 

Inc Blue B«'ll. Pa. Directivity control of X-rays. 

2.038.554. May 12. i . 


Bartow Laboratories. Inc.. assignee : See-^ 
Bat row. John. 

Bartu. Franz, and II. Steyrleitner. MlUstatt. Austria, as- 
Kiguors to Ceneral R.tractories Comimny Philadelphia. 
Pa. Head for regenerative furnaces. 2.634.115. .\pr. i. 

Bartz, John P.. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Sugar purification. 
2,02t>,878. Jan. 27. 

Baruch. Alan P. : Nee — 

Porzer. Ralph E., and Baruch. 

Barusch. .Maurice K. : Ser - 

McUiiithlin. Eilward J., I>enlson. and Barusoh. 

Barusch. Maurice R.. Richmond, assignor to California 
Reseitrch Coriwration. San Francisco. Calif. Fuel com- 
position containing N.N'-dimethyl phenylene diamine to 
prevent knocking. 2.043.942. June 30. 

Barusch, Maurice R., Richmond, and H. Y. Mixer, Los 
Angeles, assignors to California Research Corporation, 
San Francisco. Calif. Dieset fuel oil. 2,655.440. 

Barzaghl.Angelo. Milan. Italy. Loom. 2,652,860. Sept. 22. 

Basabe. .Nicolfls I., Cadiz. Spain. Two-stroke internal- 
combustion engine. I.', •■.58. 487, .Nov. 10. 

Bascle, Joseph A., New Orleans, I^J. Pressure carburetor 
and fuel-air ratio regulator. 2,664,279, Dec. 29. 

Bascom, Henry, St. Louis, Mo. Shoeshine stand. 
2.»)58,225, Nov. 10. 

Bascom, Hugh W.. Panora. Iowa. Low temperature food 
storage box structure with means for cooling machin- 
ery compartment. 2.045,100, July 14. 

Bascome, John H.. Jr., .Mamaroneck, N. Y. Small boat 
restrainer. 2,662.501. Dec. 15. 

Basdekls, Costas H., Dayton. Ohio, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to The Chemstrand Corporation. Prepar- 
ing acrylonltrile polymers. 2,635,090. Apr. 14. 

Basdekls. CoHtas H., Dayton, Ohio. a.'<signor. by mesne 
assignments, to The Chemstrand Corporatiop. Prepar- 
ing blended polymers. 2.637.717. May 5 

Basdekls. Costas H., Longmeadow, Mass.. assignor to Mon- 
santo Chemical Company.' St. Louis. Mo. Polymeric 
compositions. 2.652.381. Sept. 15. » 

Basdekls. Costas H.. Dayton, and G. L. Wesp. Englewood. 
Ohio, assignors, by mesne assignments, to The Chem- 
strand Corporation. Polymerization method. 2,635,091, 
Apr. 14. 

Baselt, Walter H.. Flossmoor. assipnor to .\merican Steel 
Fo\indrles, Chicago, 111. Pin and retainer. 2,029.281. 
Feb. 24. 

Baselt, Walter H.. assignor to American Steel Foundries. 
Chicago, 111. Brake beam with fixed head and guide. 
2,055,234, Oct. 13. 

Basevi, Sidney P., Ensbury Park. Bournemouth, assignor 
to Rotol Limited. Cloucester. England. Variable-pitch 
propeller. 2,055,999, Oct. *0. 

Basham, Raymond B.. assiAor to Westronlcs. Inc., Fort 
Worth, Tex. Apparatus/for controlling Internal tem- 
peratures of foods while cooking same. 2,635,137. 
Apr. 14. f 

Bashara. Samuel F.. ITouston, Tex. Water replenishing 
device for storage batteries. 2,663,751, Dec. 22. 

Bashark. Nicholas. Dayton, assignor to The Parker Appli- 
ance Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Valve sealing element. 
•_'.000..398. Nov 24. 

Bashford. I^eslle A., and O. Doubleday. Coventry, assignors 
to Courtaulds Limited. London. England. Production 
of artificial threads, fllmis, and the like. 2,032,080, 
Mar. 24. 

Bashford. I^eslle A., and G. Dotibleday. Coventry, assignors 
to Courtaulds Limited. London. England. Production 
of artificial filaments. 2.645.550. July 14. 

Bashford. William L., Fresno. Calif. Aeitatlng machine 
for bottled beverages and the like. 2.043.102. June 23. 

Bashor. Harold T.. and C. T. Lutz. Columbus. Ohio. 
.Sealing apparatus for open-topped liquid receptacles. 
; 2.058.377. Noy. 10. 

Bashour. Joseph T.. New York. N. Y.. assignor to Stnuf- 
fer Cliemlcal Company. Ethers and making the same. 
2.047.129. July 28. 

B.ishour. Joseph T.. New York. N. Y.. assignor to Stauffor 
Chemical Company. Chlorinated cyclic organic trithlo- 
larbonate and preparing same. 2.002.899. Dec. 15. 

B.ishover. .Ml>ert. assignor to Conmar Products Corpora- 
tion. Newark. N. J. Slide fastener. 2.057,444, Nov. 3. 

Basic Refractories. Inc., assignee : Fee — 
Htichev. Vauirhn V. 
Ruiz, Joseph J. 

Bnscil, Morton B.. New York. N. Y. Collapsible travel serv- 
ice tray. 2.035.078. Apr. 21. 

Bnsile. Gennaro J.. Brooklya, N. Y. Demountable chair. 
2.028,008, Feb. 17. i 

Basllewskv .M.'Xis. Sea Cliff. N. Y.. assignor to Solvay 
fc.CU\ Brussels. Itelclum. Mercury cathode electrolysis 
apparatus. 2,648,630, Aug. 11. 

Baskervllle Ralph J.. Drexel Hill, Pa., nsslcnor to A. B. 
Chance Company, Centralla, Mo. Method and appani- 
tus for breaking electrical circuits under heavy load. 
2.625.023. Jan. 13. 

Baskind, llermnn D.. New York. N. Y. Cuff fastening 
with separable fastener. 2,648,110, Aug. 11. 

Bnsler. Charles H., and W. L.. Oshkosh, Wis. Animal- 
restraining device. 2,655,900, Oct. 20. 

Easier, Warren L. : Flee — 

Basler. Charles II.. and W. L. i 

Basnettr Robert T.. Kenmore, N. Y., assignor \ 
house Electric Corporation, East Piftsburgl 
«iueDcblng device for electric contactors. 
Jan. 20. 
Bass. Helen L., Chicago, 111. Cabinet. 2,630,3 
Basset. Lucien P.. .Montmorency. France. A 
carbon and graphite articles, including I 
battery electrodes and making the same. 
Nov. 3. 
Bassett, Clifford S.. executor : See — 

Moyer, Charles L. 
Bassett. Cyrus W.. Monmouth County J. H. Vi 
Union C'^ounty. and A. E. Welgele, Essex Co 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to Natl 
malic Co., Inc., Boston. Mass. Automatic 
tor having automatic means for manual 
2.646.981, July 28. 
Bassett. Francis P. : See — 

Harriman. Thomas J., and Bassett. 
Bassett, II. Y., assignee : See — 

Carlson. E<mil. 
Bassett, John : Sre— 

Myers Claude R., Dasse, and Bassett. 
Bassett, W. E., Company, The, assignee : See- 
Basse tt, William E. 
Bassett, William E., Woodbridge, assignor to 
Bassett Company, Derby. Conn. Bendable I 
fastening clip. 2.025.723, Jan. 20. 
Bassi. A. B.. assignee : See — 

Krltzer. Richard W. 
Bassick Company. The. assignee : See — 
Claud-Mantle. Arthur. 
Ilerold. Walter F., and Parrott. 
Kramcsak. Michael, Jr. 
Basslndale, Isaac B.. assignor to Piatt Brother 
pany Limited, Oldham, England. Loom f 
tufted nlle fabrics. 2,047..'»43, Aug. 4. 
Basslndale, Isaac B., assignor to Piatt Br 
Company Limited, Oldham. England. Loon 
ing tufted pile fabrics. 2,047,544, Aug. 4. 
Bassinger, Ross, Houston, Tex. I'ercussion d 

2,045,207, July 14. 
Bassler, (Serald C, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor 
Owens-Ford (Mass Company. Toledo. Ohio. 
l,4-dicyano.2-bulene. 2.040.443, July 21. 
Basso. Michael J., assignee : See — 

Li ley. John W. 
Bassoff. Arthur, assignor to National Broach 
Company, Detroit, Mich. Feed chute. 2.044, 
Bassot. Andr6. Boulogne-sur-.Selne. E. Dayni6, 
Seine, and A. de Sancy assignors to L'AIr 
ciete Anonyme Pour rEtude et I'Exploltatl 
cedes Georges Claude, Purls, France. Gas-sl 
trode holder for arc welding torches. '2,G[ 
Bastian Blessintr Company, The, assignee: See 
Mendonca. Lewis E. 

Stcczynski, Myron E., Blederstadt, and I 
Bastian Bros. Co.. assignee: i>fc — 
Brown, F'rank J. ^ 

McI>ermott. Francis A. 
Baston, Cvrll E., (Jlenshaw, assignor to ^^ 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, I'a* 
regeneration control. 2. 020. .'{"4, JaTi. 10. 
Baston, Cyril E., Glenshaw, and H. M. Futr 
burg, assignors to Westinghouse Electric < 
East Pittsburgh. Pa. Master controller. 
Jan. 20. 
Bafius. Jii^, Prague, assignor to Skoda Worl 
Corporation. I'Izen. Czechoslovakia. Devic 
ing fibrous masses. 2.626.702. Jan. 27. 
Bata. narodid podnik. assignee : Sec — 

Chmelaf. Vfldav. 
Batchelder. George E.. assignor to Rockwell Ma 
Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. Fluid meter. 
Mar. 3. 
Batchelder. James W. : See — 

Flanders. Ralph E., and Batchelder. 
Batchelder, James W., Ascutney, Vt., asslgno 
assignments, to The F>onomy Englneerin 
Willoughby, Ohio. Automatically fed thi 
machine. 2.027,767, Feb. 10. 
JSiitchelder, Laurence, Cambridge, Mass., assij 
theon Manufacturing Company. Commuta 
vice. 2,654,040, Sept. 29. 
Batcheller, Hugh W., Newton, assignor th Arl 
Corporation. Watertown. Mass. Contlnuoi 
for gang switches. 2.634.312, Apr. 7. 
Batcheller Hugh W., Newton. Mass. Push-bu 

2.634,340, Apr. 7. 
Batcheller. Hugh W., Newton, anslgner to Ark 
Corporation. Watertown. Mass. Switch 
ranges. 2,047,962, Aug. 4. 
Batcheller. Hugh W.. Newton, Mass. Pi 

2,0.52.470. Sept. l."». 
Batchelor. Clyde S., Upper Stepney, and I 
Bridgeport. Conn., assignors to Raybestos 
Inc.. Passaic, N. J. Ileat hardening of fr 
rials. 2,641,801, June 16. 
Batchlet. Robert L.. Cleveland Heicrhts. Ohio, 
package and toy structure. 2,657,144, Oct 




liattJorf, Jack B., assignor to Hercules Powder Company. 
Wilmingtun. Dvl. i'uriticatiun of water-«oluble reaction 
producta of a rosin and an alkjrlene oxide. 2,06^,881, 
Dec. 15. 

Bate. Lorraine D., New York. N. Y. lied sheet. 2,636,191, 
Apr. 28. , 

Bate, 8tanl«i3r C. Spondon. near Derby, England, assignor 
to Celantfte Corporation of America. I'urlfylng wood 
p«lp. ■SMJ"46.r.7tf, July 14. 

BatH. Stanley C. F. (;. Teach, and W. A. Kogerson, Spon- 
don. n«'ar iVrbv. England, atiHignors to British Celanese 
Liinltt'd. I'arifylng wowl pulp. 2,045 677. July 14. 

BattMiian, aeorK«> H.. rhicaKO. and F. Krahulec. Skokie, as- 
signors to A. C. .NIolson Company. Chicago, 111. EK'Vicf 
for recording tho listf ning habits of wave signal recvlver 
users. 2,645.^49. July 14. 

Batemnn. <ierald G., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Holdup 
attachment for safes and vault locks. 2,635,807, Oct. 

Bateman, Ralph C, and B. J. Schnltzer, assignors to Good- 
year Aircraft Corporation, Akron, Ohio. Cpliolstered 
spring construction for furniture. 2, '542,928. J urn- 23. 

Bateman, Robert N.. Duluth, Minn., assignor to Unite<I 
States Steel Corporation. Tensioning device for con- 
veyor belts. 2.648,424. Aug. 11. 

Bates, Arthur H.. Jr., Dalton. Ga., N. Bobo, C. F. Mullinax, 
and W. W. Macomson, Lyman, 8. C, assignors to Pa- 
cific Mlirs. Sheet marking and measuring apparatus. 
2.639.S08. MayJJO. 

Bates, Arthur IT Jr.. Dalton, (in., and X. Bobo, C. F. 
Mullinax, nnd \V. W. MaroniMon, Lyman. S. C, assignors 
to I'acitic .Milln. Sheet measuring apparatus. 2,045,939. 
July 21 

Bales. C. J., k Son. assignee: Bee — 

Joslyn. Stuart S. . , * 

Bates & Chard Company, assignee : See- - 
Denison, Donald. ^ 

BatfN. llHniid : See - * 

Fl!*h»T. James \V.. Bates, and \Vh«>«rlpy. 

Bates.! Harry H., Oregon, 111. Trench making machine 
and'the like. 2.043.090. June 23. 

Bates, Jack R., San Anselmo, Calif. Supporting strap for 
cameras or binoculars. June 30. 

Bates, Jackson W.. Ovid. Mich. Dual light source for 
cameras. 2,642,518, June 16. 

Bates. James K . <'h»*nanKo Bridge, assignor to (lenernl 
Aniline h Film Corporation. New York. N. Y. Remov- 
ing color develo|)er stain in axine dye images. 2,0.'»7,139, 
Oct. 27 

B«t«'s, Joseph D.. dectviseil. West SprinKfleld. Mass., by 
J. A. Hates ami H, <' .Xvt-ry. exe|L'Ufors. assignors to 
J. \. Batfs. West Sprincfield, Mass. Device for apply- 
Ini: threaded screws or fxilts. 2.»>.19.2r».'». Nov. 17. 

Bates. Josephine .V.. executrix, assignee: See — 
Bates. Joseph D. , 

Bates. Julius S. W., assignee : See — I 

Tour. Sam. \ 

Bates. Lenore ("".. assiimee : See — ' ♦ 

French. Charles .\-» * 

Bates Manufacturing Company, assignee : See — 

Mills, George L. 
Bates. Mortimer P.. Brooklyn, N. Y.. assignor to The 

Sperry Corporation. Rotor hub mounting for a rotary 

wing aircraft. 2,033,925, Apr. 7. 

Bates. Stanford C. Uiime. N. Y. F 
2.040.200. July 21. 

Bates. Walter M., Jr.. Penns Grove, 
2.048.107. Aug. 11. 

Bath. Cyril. Company. The. assignee : See — 
Bath, Cyril J., and Ebert. 

Bath, Cyril J., Chagrin Falls, and R. J. Ebert, Euclid, 
assignors to The Cyril Bath Company, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Metal forming press. 2.642,114, June 16. 

Bath. Wlhner II. : See — 

Duvis. Walter C, and Bath. 

Batho, William F., ahd O. A. Wallace, asslgtfor to Enter- 
prise Railway Ecjuipment Company, Chicago, III. 
Hopper car door closing mechanism. 2,630,769. Mar. 10. 

Bathrick. Vern II. : See — 

Carlson. John A.. Bathrick and Morse 

Bathurst, Thomas T., Miami. Fla. Combination mop, 
scrubber, and wringer. 2,603,337, Sept. 29. 

Bathurst, Tboma.<< T.. .Miami. Fla.. assignor to R. Randall 
and C. O. Fields. Kansas City, Mo. Sickle bar type 
lawn mower. 2.654,200, Oct. 6. 

Batlin. L., & Son. Inc., assignee: See — | 

Gessmann, Edmund G. I 

Batrow, John, assignor to Bartow Laboratories, Inc., 

franford. Conn. Blectropbysiotherapy apparatus. 
,641,259, June 9. 
Batsel. Cecil N., Santa Monica^ Calif., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Arc lamp cartran mechanism. 
2j828,324, Feb. 10. 

Batt. Thomas H., Toronto. Ontario. Canada. Cigarette 
lighter. 2.640.340, June 2. 

Battaglla. Eugene P., Bronx N. Y. Antlbacklash attach- 
ment for Ashing reels. 2.637.508. May 5. 

Battaline. John R., Hartford, Conn. Orerload release 
clutch. 2,633,215. Mar. 31. 

'<>ed mixing apparatus. 
N. J. Drip deflector. 

Battelle Development Corporation, assignee : 8e« — 
Brand. Benson G. 
»'opley. Harold K. 

CralRbead, Charles M. - ' 

Ebert, James P. 

Simmons, Orlen W. i * , 

8navely, Cloyd A. 
Walkup, Lewis E., and Wise. 
Batten, I'ercy II.. trustee, assignee : See — 
Boestad. Gustav K. W. and Eriksson. 
Boestad, Oustav K. W.. and Llndhagen. 
Llndhagen Teodor I. and Nilsson. 
.MudersOat'h, Krnst H. 
Nilsson, Hans R., and Llndhagen. 
.\il.Hson. Hans K., and Trulsvon. 
Batten, Percy H., assignor to Twin Disc Clutch Company, 
Racine, Wis. Rotary hydraulic coupling and mechani- 
cal brake means. 2.051.916. Sept 15. 
Battersby, Robert B.. Darien, Conn., assignor to PM Indus- 
tries. Incorporated. Tear out closure. 2,630,238, 
Mar. 3. 
Battershlll. Frederick J., deceased. Woodlands, South Croy- 
don. England. V. L. L. Battershlll. sole executrix. 
Combustion of liquid fuel. 2,603.559, Dec. 22. 
Battershlll. Vivien L. A., sole executrix: See — 

Battershlll. F'rederlck J. 
Batterson, Clarence K., deceased ; G. C. Batterson, execu- 
trix, assignor to T. C. Batterson, Houston, Tex. Tratflc 
marker. 2.t)35.513. Apr. 21. 
Batterson. Gladys C, executrix : See — 

Batterson, Clarence K. 
Batterson, Thomas C. assignee : See — 

Batterson, Clarence iC 
Battista, Orlando A., Drexel Hill, Pa., assignor to Ameri- 
can Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Cockled 
fibrous product of the nonwoven fabric type and making 
it. 2,047,297, Aug. 4. 
Battista, Orlando A.. Drexel Hill. Pa., assignor to Ameri- 
can Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, L^l. Making a 
wound package and after-treating the same. 2,647,816, 
Aug. 4. 
Battiste, Donald A., Philadelphia, Pa. Bread sponge 
products and the production thereof. 2.632,707, Mar. 

Bauie. Michael A. : Sec- 
Battle, William F. and M. A. 

Battle. William F. and M. A., Lisbon, Ohio. Electrically 
operated musical Instrument. 2,647.426. Aug. 4. 

Battle, Wingate, Atlantic Beach, Fla., assignor of twenty 
per cent to J. E. Velth, Arlington, Va.. and twenty per 
cent to .\. R. Bronle, St. Petersburg, Fla. Nursing bot- 
tle support. 2,03.s.290. May 12. 

Battles. Willis R.. Redondo Beach, assignor to California 
Carbed Company. Los Angeles. Calif. Car seat. 
2,033,895. Apr. 7. 

Batura, John.- Pawtucket, R. I. Abrasive ribbon holder. 
2.037.955. May 12. 

Baty, Joseph A., assignor to Cresset Research Corpora- 
tion. Weston, Ohio. Porous material useful in battery 
separators. 2.653,987, Sept. 29. 

Batz. W^erner: See — 

Adamy, Kurt, and Bits. 

Batrle. William K., Uloomtield, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of .\nierlca. Electron tut»e mount and 
method of assembly. 2,625,065. Jan. 13. 

Bnucom. Carson D., Raleigh, N. C. Self-aid high-pressure 
metering system. 2,641,907, June 16. 

Bauderer. Martha M., Port Clinton, Ohio, and E. K. Lott- 
hammer, Jamaica. N. Y.. said Lotthammer assignor to 
said Bauderer. Parachute gun. 2.6,33.119. Mar. 31. 

Banders, Ray, Jr., Kewanee, 111. Combination louver and 
screen structure. 2.636.558. Apr. 28. 

Baudry, Ren« A., Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Seal for 
hydrogen -cooled generators. 2.630.754, Apr 28. 

Baudry. Ren* A.. Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse 
Electric Corporation. East-Pittsburgh. Pa. Separately 
mounte<] fan means for generator ventilation. 2,663,807. 
Dec. 22. ■ 

Baudry, Ren* .\., and G. E. Peterson. Pittsburgh, assignors 
to Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh. 
I'u. Oil-pot for vertical-shaft machines. 2,026,192. 
Jan. 20. 

Baudry, Ren* A., Pittsburgh, and P. R. Heller, Irwin, as- 
signors to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, East 
Pittsburgh. Pa. (Jenerator cooling. 2.020,305, Jan. 20 

Baudry, Ren* A. Pittsburgh, and P. R. Heller, Irwin, 
assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, I'::ast 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Separate end-turn rotor-ventilation. 
2.053.255. Sept. 22. 

Bauer, Alois, Brooklyn. N. Y. Centrifugal coating apply- 
ing machine. 2,043,036, June 30. 

Bauer, Arthur G., Wantagh, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to C. E. Eggers. Great Neck. N. Y. Fusible ex- 
tension cord plug. 2.640.184, May 26. 

Bauer. Benjamin B.. Oak Park, assignor to Shure Brothers. 
Incorporated, Chicago, 111. Two-sided pickup and stylus 
therefor. 2.631.857, Mar. 17. 

Bauer, Benjamin B.. Oak Park, assignor to Shure 
Brothers, Incorporated. Chicago, ifl. Phonograph 
stylus. 2.641,475. June 9. 

Bauer. Benjamin B., Oak Park, assignor to Shure Brothers, 
Incorporated, Chicago 111. Improved phonograph pick- 
up apparatus. 2,652,260, Sept. 15. 

Bauer, Benjamin B., Oak Park, and L. Qunter, Jr., as- 
signors to Shure Brothers, Incorporated, Chicago, Hi. 
Recording and reproducing head. 2.050,952, Sept. 1. 
Bauer, Ernest K., Meadville Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, Del. Marking device 
for strand material. 2,644.423, July 7. 
Bauer, Ernest K., Meadville, Pa., assignor to American 
Viscose Corporation, Wilmington, D^l. Winding core 
support. 2,051,479. Sept. 8. 
Bauer, Ernest K.. and P. E. Hill, Meadville. Pa., assignors 
to American Viscose Corporation. Wilmington, Del. 
Winding apparatus. 2,635,321. Apr. 21. 
Bauer, Frank L. : See — 

Bauer, Jeroe P. and F. L. 
Bauer, Frederick, Wausau. Wis. Barber's comb. 

2.001.007. Dec. 1. 
Bauer, Friedrich, Erlangen, assignor to Slemens- 
Schuckertwerke. Aktlengesellschaft, Berlln-Siemens- 
stadt, Germany. Mechanically controllable induction 
machine. 2,648,807, Aug. 11. 
Bauer, iieorge F., assignor to Armco Steel Corporation, 
Middletown, Ohio. Sheet piler end stop structure. 
2,061,949, Dec. 8. 
Bauer Hugo : See — 

MuUan. Daniel, and Bauer. 
Bauer, Jeroe P. and F. L., Satlcoy, Calif. Rotary flanged 

disk weed cutter. 2,033.790, Apr. 7. 
Bauer. John K. : See — 

Horn. Robert B., and Bauer. 
Rich. Edward L.. Bauer, and Dengel. 
Bauer, Joseph A., Paul, Idaho. Cultivator attachment 

for tractors. 2,663,240, I^c. 22. 
Bauer. Klaus : See — 

Hiltmann, Rudolf, and Bauer. 
Bauer, La Verne N. : See — 

Neher, Harry T., and Bauer. 
Bauer, La Verne N., Philadelphia, H. T. Neher, Bristol, 
and W. L. Van Home, assignors to Rohm & Haas Com- 
pany. Philadelphia. Pa. Copolymers of maleic esters 
and lonf^ chain alkvl methacrylates. 2.642,414. June 16. 
Bauer, Oliver F., Last Rochester, assignor to Gleason 
Works. Rochester. N. Y. Gear cutter. 2.646,611, 
July 28. 
Bauer. Robert F., Santa Maria and J. E. Sherborne, 
Whittler, assignors to Union Oil Company of California, 
Los Angeles, Calif. Treatment of oil-bearing formations. Apr. 7. 
Bauer, Russell L. : See — 

AdaiiLs. James F., Bauer, and Tavlor. 
Bauerlein, Carl C, Mukwonago, Wis., assignor to The 
Dole Valve Company, Chicago, 111. Dispenser circula- 
tory device. 2.653,802, Sent. 29. 
Bauersrhmldt. Charles H.. Rochester. N. Y. Automatic 

pin-setting machine. 2.628.098, Feb. 10. 
Bauersfeld. Walther. Heldenheim on the Brenx, assignor 
to Zeiss-Opton Optische Werke Oberkocben G. m. b. H., 
■ Oberkocben, Germany. Binocular tul)e for microscopes. 

2,634 054, Apr. 14. 
Bauersfeld. Walther, and E. Bernhardt. Heldenheim 
(Brenz). WurttemberK. assignors to Zelss-Opton Op- 
tische Werke Oberkocben O. m. b. H., Oberkocben, 
Germany. Device for production of uniform circle 
graduations. 2.663.082. Dec. 22. 
Bauger, Louis, and J. Roty, assignors to .Socl*t* dlte : 
.Soolete Natlonale d'Etude et de Construction de Moteurs 
d'.Vviation, Paris. France. Gaseous fluid compressor. 
2.045,410. July 14. 
Baugh. Everett L., and De L. D. Wallace. Dayton. Ohio, 
assignors to General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. 
Rotary fluid pump. 2.031.540, Mar. 17. 
Baugh, Everett L., Mlamlsburg, and D. D. Wallace. Day- 
ton. Ohio, assignors to General Motors Corporation. 
Detroit. Mich. I>oad raising device. 2.635.427. Apr. 21. 
Baugh. Raymond N., Bridgeport. Conn. Center fliider. 

2.649,783. Aug. 25. 
Baughman, Charles R., Flatt. 111., 
Harvester Company. Caster 
Dec. 1 
Bauhammer, Titus, and R. G. 
Gutter hanger. ^,6.35.841. Apr. 
Baukus, Frank 
housing for 
Mar. 17 

Baule. Gerhard H. J., Rallna, aSsslfrnor to Hall k McChes- 
ney Inc.. Syracuse, N. Y. Roll film viewer. 2,059,267. 
Nov. 17. 
Baum, Elmer, assignor to International Standard Electric 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. Pulse demodulating sys- 
tem. 2,654,027, Sept. 29. 
Banm, John W., Newport. Oreg. 

Apr. 7. 
Baum, Velma H., I^ancaster, Pa. 
mattress pad. 2,660,735, Dec. 1, 
Baum, W. A., Co. Inc., assignee : See — 

Baum, William A. 
Banm, William A Forest Hills assignor to W. A. Baum 
Co. Inc.. New York, N. Y. Blood pressure measuring 
apparatus. 2,625,153 Jan. 13. 

Bauman, Edna M., executrix : iSee — -, 

Bauman, Joseph J. 

Banman. Joseph J., deceased. Chicago, III. ; B. M Bau- 
man. executrix, assignor to Kurz-Kasch. Inc., Dayton, 
Ohio. Knob. 2,625,054, Jan. 13. 

assignor to International 
wheel lock. 2,660,940, 

Perry. Mich. 

V 21. 

W., Saginaw, Mich. Combined saw and 
a plurality of cutting tools. 2.631,368, 

Fish lore. 2.633,659, 
Waterproof laminated 

Bauman, William C, assignor to The Dow Ch* 
pany, Midland, Mich. Method of removiu 
solids from water. 2,629,090, Feb. 24. 
Bauman, WiMlam C, and E. L. McMaster, i 
The Dow Chemical Company, Midland. Mi( 
chloromethyl methyl et)rer. 2.052,432, Sept 
Baumann, Elmer W. : See — i 

Foote. Alfred. 
Baumann, Gottlieb W., Fort Madison, assign 
Evans, Oskaloosa, Iowa. Ignition lock t 
2,647,937. Aug. 4. 
Baumann. Hans, assignor to Aktlengesellscl] 
Boveri A cie., Baden, Switzerland. Turbine 
rotor. 2,035,805, Apr. 21. 
Ilaume, Frank J., Bakersfield, Calif. Mech 

park. 2,058,032, Nov. 10. 
Baumeister. I'billp : See — 

Schaefer, Henry G., and Baumeister. 
Baumer, Richard A., and C. A. Buscb, Huroi 
Chill, Sandusky. Ohio, said Busch and sa 
signors to said Baumer. Separable pistor 
tilling dispensing guns. 2,G3ti,058, Apr. 28. 
Baumfeld, Joseph R., and J. I^ebovitz, Los A 
W. F. Homrighausen. Monterey Park, Cai 
tripod seat. 2,029 429, Feb. 24. 
Baumgardner, Harold K., Shaker Heights, and 
Cleveland Ileights, Ohio, said Kreis assig 
Baumgardner. Sheet handling mechanism 
printing presses. 2,029,323, Feb. 24. 
Baumgardner, Ross : See — 

Perry. Richard D., and Baumgardner. 
Baumgartner, Frederick .\. : set — 

Lippinrott. i-^amuel B., Baumgartner, and 
Baumgartner, John G., Oswego, III. Brush 

machine. 2,004,315, Dec. 29. 
Baumgartner, John R., Milwaukee, Wis. 
mechanism for rotary printing presses. 
Baumgartner. John R., Milwaukee. Wis. 

press feed. 2,038,821, May 19. 
Baumgartner, John R.. Milwaukee, Wis. 

apparatus. 2,055,842, Oct. 20. 
Baumgartner, John R., Milwaukee, Wis. 

apparatus. 2,058.432, -Nov. 10. 

Baumgartner, Luther L., Hastings on Hudson, 

The B. F. Goodrich Company, New York. N 

cid«Ll compositions containing esters of thlc 

2,031,935, .Mar. 17. 

Baumgartner, Otto F., 

frame and lioUler 

2.024.900, Jan. 13. 

Baumheckel, Ralph E. 

Link-itelt Company, ^i^a....^. ^.u^^,^^^^, 
Baumheckel, William M., Indianapolis. Ind 
system for Internal-combustion engines. 
Feb. 17. 
Baamrucker, William, Jr. : See — 

Richardson, Henry M.. and Baumrucker. 
Baumrucker, William, Jr., Stamford, Conn., 
Research Corporation, New York. N. Y. 
molding. 2,663,251, I>ec. 22. 
Baunach, Roy J., Toledo, Ohio. Corn poppi 

2.G37.050, May T). 
Bauusgard, Earl N. : See — 

Baunsgard. Theodore A. and E. N. 
Baunsgard, Theodore A., Seattle, aiyl E. N. 
Kirkland, Wash. Scraper-type cultivator too 
.May 26. 
Baur, Frederic J. : See — 

Lange. Willy, and Baur. 
Baur. John W.. Glen View, and O. G. Plos 
signors to Blnks Manufacturing Company. 
Dry powder conditioning and dispensing 
Aug, 11. 
Bans, David 8. : See — 

Rose, Howard E., Motch, and Baus. 
Bausano, Battista G., Detroit. Mich. Bottl» 

chine. 2.647,674, Aug. 4. 
Bausch A Lomb Optical Company, assignee : 
Aspenlelter, Joseph W. 
Benford, James It. | 

Bowerman. Clarence J. 
Eckert, Clarence J. 
Hunt, John J. 

Kleffer, Joseph D.. III. and Strom. 
Kreldl. .Norbert J. 
Stegeman, Raymond F. E. 
Turner, Arthur F. 
Bautista. Valentine. Chicago, 111. Pres 

2,633,026, Mar. 31. 
Baxter, Albert W., Hollywood, Calif. F 

2,629,960. Mar. 3. 
Baxter, Bert, Plymouth. Calif. Carbon 

2,030.794. Mar. 10. 
Baxter, Bruce L.. Louisville, Ky.. assignor 
Metals Company, Richmond, Va. Crate 
bottles and the like. 2.648,456. Aug. 11. 
Baxter, Ernest L., assignor to Eastman Kodj 
Rochester, N. Y. Backing paper for roll ; 
film. 2,046.365, July 21. 
Baxter. Ernest L assignor to Eastman Kod 
Rochester, N. Y. Backing paper for roll { 
film. 2,646,366, July 21. 




Kansas Cltv Mo. 
for automobile lice 

Connersville, Ind., 
Bearing. 2,024,043, 





Baxter. Ernrat W., Limeatone. N. Y. Tobacco pipe. 
2,*iii4,7M^Apt. 14. 

Iiaxt«r, Harry. CJarrefjtvUle. Ohio. KlectromaKneticuUy 
cwotroll<Hl valve*. J,04<i.4l»ri. June -. 

Baxter. Jay II.. ffnd K. It. Johnson. I'ort Arthur. Tex. 
Ix)uvec const ru/t ion. 2.«>49.»>2U. AuK. U.'i. 

Baxter John K./asHijjnor to I'urlier Ku«t Proof Company, 
Detroit. .Mich. SuJUtl*' coating. 2.»i3y.245. May 10. 

Baxter. John K., Maywoocl. Calif., aaaignor to Parker 
HuBt Proof Company. Detroit, Mich. Sulfld^ coating. 
2.844.774. July 7. 

Baxter. JoH^pb, Jr. : See — 

Petry. Lewln \V., and Baxter. 

Baxt»»r. Joseph. Jr , l'raiil<lin. asnignor to The Black- 
ClawaoQ Company. Hamilton. Ohio. Vortex separator 
for palp. 2.645.347. July 1>. 

Baxter, Joseph, Jr., t-'ranklin, aMilgaor to The Itlnck- 
Clawson Company. Hamilton. Ohio. Paper machinery. 
2.««)1.«>«»4. l»ec. 8. 

Baxter. Joseph M., Fort Wayne, Ind.. aaaignor. by mesne 
a.sMigiiinents, to Farnsworth Ueuearcli Corporation. 
Automatic phonograph mtrhanlsm. 2,U46,49t). July 14. 

Baxter. Ro88 M. : See — 

Foot!'. Perry A., Ijiuter, and Baxter. 

Baxter, Thomas U.. .Mount Vernon. Ohio, assignor to Shell- 
mar Products Corporation, Cliicago. III. S'urslog unit 
assembling tool. 2.H43.44l>. June 3U. 

Baxtt-r. William C. : See — 

Trimbl.'. Fidward C, anil Baxter. 

Baxter, William C. assignor to Trimble Inc., Rochester, 
N. Y. Foitllng stand and tray. 2,644,590. July 7. 

Baxter, William C, a."*«ignor to Trimble. Inc.. Uochester. 
N. Y. Conil)ination bath npray device and temperature 
Indicator. 2,fi4r),ll«I. July 14 

Bav, Saylesville. B. I., assignor to Owens Corning 
Fiberglas CoriM)rafion. Spindle adapter for higli-speed 
strand twisting machines. 2,«.'?9.r»(rt. May 2rt. 

Bay. Thomas J.. U. S. Navy. Kxpandable condenser tube 
cleaner., Sept. 29. 

Bayer, Frank C. : Siv — 

Noon T. Cyril, and Bayer. 

Bayer, John C. : See — 

Ja<-kson, Frank L., and Bayer. 

Bayer. Otto : See — 

Kleiner. Helmut, Bayor, and Becht. 
Piepenbrink. llansF'rank. and Bayer. 

Bayer. Philip. I)«Maware, Ohio. Hydraulic engine. 
2.«.')2.0.'?.'>, Sept. ir». 

Bayer, Robert C, Jamaica Estate*, N. Y. Universal In- 
dicator gauge. 2,02rt.462. Jan. 27. 

Bayerl.xche Motoren Werke AG., assignee : See — 
Behringer, Hermann. 

Bayes .Manufacturing Co. Inc.. assignee: See — 
Saxby. MarTln. 

BayleH. iKinaUi C, .\dams. assignor or forty-nine per cent 
to U H Souiek. Friendship. Wis. Children's hamper 
with steps com»»ine«l. 2.65S.B40, Nov. 10. 

Bayley. Lee D.. Springfield. Ohio. Window tab and glai- 
ing anchoring means. 2.834,834. Apr. 14. 

BayllsM. Alan J.. Wembley, assignor to The General Elec- 
tric Company Lin\ite<l. London, England. Radio com- 
munii-ation system. 2,t$42.524. June 1ft. 

Baynes. William C, WasliinKton. P. C. Greeting card 
and envelope assembly. 2,642.182. June 16. 

Bays Carl A.. Urhana. Ill Klectromagnetic wave trans- 
mission system. 2,»i.'>3.220, Sept. 22. 

Bay State Abrasive Products Co.. assignee: Bee — ; 
Biickner, Orello S. 

Bay State Optical Company, assignee : file* — 
Knowles. Beryl B. and Singer. 

r.avston. John It., assignor to J. R. Bayston. a.* trustee, 
fcerniff.r ( I.iquida tine) Trusf. Nuys. Calif. Ice- 
inn kini: machine J.O.',. Oct 27. 

Bavuk. Bernard. Dayton. Ohio. Rotary launching system 
and apparatus for target aircraft. 2.049,263, Aug. 18- 

i;a\ «•* Fleetric. Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Finiile. Tomun. and Connolly. 

Baz.jrnic. IVler I'.. I'.erwyn, 111. Surge type washing ma- 
rhine. 2.r)3«..'»04. Apr. 28. 

I'.az/oli. 1..-0. Broekw'iv. Pa. Welt shoe having a remov- 
able welt. 2,fi.'>8,287. Nov. 10. 

P..a<li .\rthiir W.. rhlcago. III. Padlock for use with 
hasp*. 2.r,r,0.872. Dec. 1. 

Beach, Karl F. : See — 

Wallace, James M., and Beach. 

r.e;ich. Ilou.ird W.. Far Hill.x. a.'sslennr to Kclipse Air 
Brush Co . Newark, N. J. Sanitary spray gun. 
2.i!.')9.rt2S, .N'rtv. 17. 

Beach, L<'lnni| K. : Srr- - 

I'unninghnm. Mary F... and Reach. 

BtMch. Lennox F., Sea niff, N. Y., assignor to The Sperry 
Corponfion. Ovro.scopic compass correction system. 
2.662.301, Dec. !.">. 

Besch. Silas IL. assignor to Donaldson Companv. Inc.. 
St. Paul. Minn. Air cleaner. 2.627,9^5. Feb. 10. . 

Be.ich k Shore. Inc , assignee : See — 

ITavilen. David H. 
Bench. Theodore L . Jr . New Carlisle. Ohio. Rear-rislon 
mirror. 2.642.244. June 16. 

Bench. William I.. Los .Vngeles. Calif., assignor to North 
American Arlation, Inc. Method and anparatns for 
progressive forming of C-«tage plastic material. 
2.648,370. Aug. 11. 



Beaeh. William J.. Unlonvllle Center, 01»lo. Veterinary'* 
portable o|>eratlng table. 2.031..'>68, Mar. 17. 

Beacbam. Robert C. Richmond. Calif., assignor to Cutter 
Laboratories. Inc. Bottle stopper. 2,644,453. July 7. 

Beachler, Edward D. : See — 

Horubostel. Lloyd, and Beachler. 

Beachler. Forrest A.. Bicknell, Ind. Fifth wheel coupling. 
2.G38.3.->2 May 12. 

Beacoin. Uiward A , V. N. Sacklyn. and A. Talamanco. N. Y. Keel arm adai>ter. 2.61.-,, 4:50, July 14. 

Beadle, Buell W.. China I^ke. Calif., and H. R. Kraybill. 
assignors to \. W. Brirkman V. Conquest, F. J. Madden 
W. B. Oleson. and E. T. Filbey. trustees for American 
Meat Institute Foundation, Chicago, III. Stabllixation 
of fats and oiln. 2,64H.*M1,S, Aug. 11. 

B<>adle. Eugene E., Watrrbury Conn. Box for pharmaceu- 
tical preparations. 2.644.259, iuly 7. 

Deal, Keith F. ; Srr - 

Signer. Ralph J., and BeaL 

Beal, I»uls E.. Detroit, Mich. Magazine display fixture. 
2.664 206, Dec. 29. 

Beall, Charles R.. La firange. assignor to West Point 
Manufacturing Company, West Point. (Ja. Set mark 
eliminator. 2,630.h.1h. .Mar. 10. 

Beall. Desmond, and O. A. Grant. Montreal. Quebec, 
aaslgnors to Ayerst. McKenna & Harrison. Llmite<l. 
St. Laurent, Quebec. Canada. Conjugated oestrogenic 
quaternary ammonium salts and their prer>aration. 
2.649.399, Aug. 18. 

Beall, IVsmond, Westmount, QupIm'C. O. A. Grant, ami 
P. K. Legault, Montreal. Quebec, assignors to Ayerst. 
McKenna & Harrison. Limited. .Montee St. I^urent. 
Montreal, (Quebec. Canada. Pip<'ra/ine estrogen salt 
and 8«'paration procedure. 2,6.-»0,918. Sept. 1. 

Beall. Floyd E.. Mount Shasta. Calif. Vertically adjust- 
able table. 2.643.92.3. June 30 

lieall, Frank IL. deceased : L. V. B. Beall. executrix, as- 
signor to J. A. Maxwell. Detroit, Mich. Soda fountaip 
draft head. 2.fl32.46H, Mar. 24. ~ 

Beall, Lois V, B., executrix : See — 
B»all. Frank H. 

Beaman, I'hineas A., assignor to Morgan Construcfion 
Company, Worcester. Mass. Wire colling apparatus. 
2.625.340. Jan. 1.3. 

Beamnn, Ralph (}.. Buffalo, N. Y.. asslenor to E. I. du Pont 
de .Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. .Xcrylonitrllt* 
polymers dlHsohed In solvent mixtures comprising nl- 
tronietli.ine and wafer. 2.6.'>,s.87U. Nov. 10. 

Beamer. Paul W.. Irwin, and W. G. Young. Jr.. Pitts 
burgh, assignors to Westinghouse Fh'Ctric <'ori)oration. 
East Pittsburgh. Pa. Producing shot. 2.630.219. Apr. 

Beamer. John D . Mllford. and J. Bidak. Detroit, assign- 
ors to Clir.vsier Corp«iration, Highland Park. Mich. 
Sectional wall clip. 2.ft.-i4.449. Oct. 6. 

Bean, Arthur I , assignor to The Fellows Co-nr .Shaper 
Company. Springfield, Vt. Contour measuring appara- 
tus. 2.640.272, June 2. 

Benn. .Arthur I.^ assicnor to The Fellows Gear Shaper 
Company. Springfield. Vt. Apparatus for measuring 
backl.isli in gear.«<. 2. 661, .^42. I>ec. 8. 

Bean. James J., Ri»-ers1de, Conn., assignor to .American 
Cyanamid Company, .New York. N. Y. Viscosity control 
in heavy media separation. 2.633,987, Apr. 7. t 

Beanp, Ratio R . nssiuniH* : See — 
JohiiKon, John M. 

Bear, Joseph B.. Denlson. Tex. Device for deterting un- 
safe condition of bridges. 2.6r.0..160. ."<ept. 1. 

Bear Manuractiiring t'ompany. assignee: See — 
Martin, Sldnev W. 

Bear. Kob.'rt. Wellington. Ohio Riding sulky fur power- 
o|H>rated mowing units. 2.660.447, Nov. 24. 

Beard, (Jeorge E . San Angelo. Tex. Rotary earth tilling 
device. 2,664,040. Dec. 29. 

Beard, John V.. <;reat Bnddow. Chelmsford, asslcnor to 
.Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company Limite«l, Lon- 
don. England. Frei|uency shift telegraph receiver. 
2.662.114. I>ec. 8. 

Beardsley. Guy E.. Jr.. West Hartford, assignor to T'nlTod 
Aircraft Corporation. East Hartford. Conn. Carburetor 
having a density responsive fuel control. 2.031,024. 
Mar. 10. 

Beardsley, Harold H.. D«»nver. Colo. Convertible cot and 
camp chair. 2. 651. .352. Sept. 8. 

Beardsley. Melville W.. Venice. Calif. Method and means 
for cooling produce by use of reduced pressure. 

2.634.590, Apr. 14. 

Beardsley, Melville W.. Venice. Calif. Vacuum cooling *^ 
system employing chambt^r surface condensation. 

2.634.591. Apr. 14. 

Beardsley. Melville W.. Venice. Calif. Vacnnm vaporiza- 
tion-condensation cooling system. 2.fl34,.'S92. Apr. 14. 

Beardsley. Orie L. : See — , ^ 

Meyer. Richard E.. and Beardsley. ' ' 

Bearer, Louis C.. Bnrtlesville. Okla., assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Pebble chamber. 2,625 377 
Jan. 1.3. 

Bearer. Louis C. Bartletville. Okla.. assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Pebble heater apparatus anil 
method of operation. 2.626.2S7. Jan. 20. 

Bearer. Louis C. Bartlesvllle. Okla.. assignor to Phillips 
Petroleam Company. Manufacturing mullite-contain- 
Ing refractories. 2. •141,044. June 9. 

Beam S.-A. as.signee : See — 
Sahll, Ernst A. 

Beasley. I>onald L.. assignor to Wood Bros. Inc., Des 
Moines, Iowa. Adjustably mounted platform for wind- 
row, rs. 2. 6152, 362. Dec. l.->. 

Beason. Robert L.. Cedar Rapids, assignor to New Method 
Equipment Company. Indianola. Iowa. Auxiliary spring 
structure. 2.627.404, Feb. 3. 

Eteaton k Cadwell Manufacturing Co., The, assignee : 
Sve — 

Work, Erich W. 

Beatrice. Gabriel C, Shrewsbury, assignor to Crompton k 
Knowles Loom Works. Worcester. .Mass. Pneumatic 
thread holder for weft replenishing looms. 2.625,182, 
Jan. 13. 

Beattie, Arthur, San Bernardino, Calif. Retroverted pas- 
sage type exhaust silencer. 2.643,730. June 30. 

Beattie. Horace S., Poughkeepsie. .issignor to Interna- 
tional Bu^iness Machines Corporation. New York, N. Y. 
Electromagnetic clutch with lubricating means. 
2.651,096, .Sept. 8. 

Beattie. Horace S... Poughkeepsle. assignor to Interna- 
tional Business .Machine.s Corporation. -New York, N. Y. 
High siM'ecl printing mechanism. 2,661,«>S3. Dec. 8. 

Beattie, Horace S.. Poughkeepsle. R. E. Page. Lagrange, 
and E. J. Habenda. Poughkeepsle. assignors to Interna- 
tional Business Maclilnes Corporation. New York. N. Y. 
IVcimal point and comma printing mechanism. 
2,627,806. I'eb. 10. 

Beatty Bros. Limited, assignee : See — 

Beatty. William (i. i 

Beattv. Guy M., Bakersflold. Calif. Cleanout gate valve. 
2.6.'.2,940. Sept. 22. 

Beatty. llaye.s W.. Ivaphoe. N. C. Portable hoist. 
2.«;.31,01(l, Mar. 10 

Beatty. Joseph M.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Mounting bracket for 
oil niters. 2.63:<.9;»1, Apr. 7. „ . >„ 

Beatty, Jr>hn L., Milwaukee. Wis. Il.nnd shield. 2,6.'il.< «6. 
Sept. l.">. 

Beatty, John W., I.jjns«lowne. Pa., assignor to General 
p:iectric Company. P^lectric circuit breaker. 2,045,697. 
Julv 14. 

Beatty, Wllllain E.. assignee : Sec — 
Dupv. <Min L. 

Beattv, "W'illiam G assignor to Beatty Brou. Liinite<l, 
Fergus. Ontario, t'anada. Demountable aniinai pen as- 
sembly. 2.6,')2,025, Sept. l."). 

B«attv. William R.. Highlands. N. J., and O. A. Short. 
Stalen Isl.iml. N. Y., assignors to E. I. du Pont do 
Nemours k Company. Wilmington. I>el. Mat finish 
enamels for aluminum. 2.642,364, June 16. 

Beauliaire, Marsliall B.. and -M. E. Strand. Minneapolis, 
Minn. Receptrfele closure. 2,662.6,-»6, I>ec. 15. 

Beauchamp. David .N., Whittier. Calif., assignor to The 
Sherwin-Williams Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Coating 
Composition comprising a polyamide and a phenol- 
form.ildehyile rexln dissolved In an aqueous alcohol 
solution. 2. •"•62. .*<•«.■>, Dec, l.-|. 

Beauchamp. Wl!fre<l A. : Sre - 

Madland. Thorvahl. and Beauchamp. 

Benucliaiii|>. W'ilfre«| .\., chiraco. 111., assignor fa The 
Youngstown Steel Door Company, Cleveland. Ohio. 
Rnllwnv hon^-e enr. 2.632.212. Msr. 24 

Beauchamp. Wilfred A., Chicago. 111., a.sslgnor to Youngs- 
town Steel Door Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Laterally 
movable door. 2,058.243. Nov. 10. 

Beaudrot. Charles L., Jr., HaiK'ville, Ga. Roller file. 
2,6.38.280. May 12. 

Beaudry, Oorue D.. and J. T. Longdon. Chicago. 111., 
and T. R. Brink. Michigan City, Ind.. assignors to 
International Harvester Company. Ball bearing 
washing machine. 2.n,-)4.378, Oct. 6. 
Beaudrv, John R.. Minneapolis, Minn. Mechanical hear- 
ing aid. 2.641.328. June 9. 
Beaufoy. Raymond, assignor to British Telecommunica- 
tions Research Limited, Taplow, England. Electric 
wave distorting network. 2.644,037, June 30. 

Beaulleii Eira J., Downers Grove, L. E. Haagensen, 
Barrington and O. Srharer. Chicago, IW. assignors to 
Western Electric Company. Incorporated. New York, 
N. Y. Device for winding wire about terminals. 
2.648.3r.0. Aug. 11. 
Beaulne, Albert IL. assignee : Bee — 

Dales, John D. 
Beaulove. Alfred F. : See — 

Beauloye, Max. H. Beauloye, Jr.. and A. F. Beauloye. 

Beaulove. Henrv. Jr. : See — 

Be', Max, H. Beauloye. Jr.. an^l A. F. Beauloye. 

Beaulove. Max. H. Beauloye. Jr.. and A. F. Beauloye, San 
Diego. Calif. Portable boring mill. 2.645.139. July 14. 
Beaumont Birch Company, assignee : See — 

Hampton. John H. 
Beaunit Mills. Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Eycleshlmer, Ralph W. 
Beauvala^ .Max. and G. A. C. Bey. Paris, France. lasslgnors 
to E. Woog, Lausanne Switzerland. Display rack sup- 
port. 2.646,175. July 21. 
Beaver. Charles E., Bound Brook, N. J., assignor to Re- 
search Corporation. New York. N. Y. Electrical pre- 
cipitator for gas separation. 2.646,132. July 21. 
Beaver Cloth' Cutting Machines, Inc., assignee: Bee — 
Fleisher. Harry. 

Beaver. David J.. Richmond Heights, assignor to 

Cliemlcal Company. St. Louis. Mo. 1.3-bi 

phenylt gunnidine. 2.633.474, Mar. 31. 
Beaver, David J., Richmond Heights, assignor 

santo Chemical Company. St. Louis Mo. Vi 

rubber and products thereof. 2.64'«,935, Au 
Beaver, David J.. Richmond Heights, assignor 

santo Chemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. Pr 

of arylenethiazole vulcanization accelerators. I 

Aug. 18. 
Beaver. Oren M., Tulsa. Okla. Case for protectii 

fishing hooks. 2,6.-)7.497, Nov. 3. 
Beaver I'irw Tools, Inc., assignee: See — 

Pcaler. \UAtert B. ! 

Beaver. Richard W .. and C. P, Sweeny, ass 

Electro-Plastic Fabrics. Incorporated. Pulj 

Flexible thermoplastic fastener. 2,(i5(i.541. O 
Beaverbrook .Moulding Company. The, assignee 

Thomson. John C. 
Beavi'rite Products, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Couden. Earl R. 
Beavin, I^ewis R.. Oklahoma City. Okla. A 

heating and cooling apparatus. 2.6.')5,349, O 
Beazley, Charb-g, Chicago. 111. Acoustic sleei 

apparatus. 2,644, l.-)3, June 30. 
Bebecli, .Michael J., -Masury. a.ssignor to P<)e A 

i:ngiue«Ming Coiiipany. Cleveland, Ohio. (. 

.irum. 2,6.'{S.--*H3. May 12. . , . , 

Beber, Samuel L., and J. 11. Felg. Los Angel 

I Collar for recessed lighting fixtures, and ot 

' 2.630.235, Mar. 3. 

Bebinger. Charles .N.. New Philadelphi.a Ohio, a 

Jov Manufacturing <'ompany. Shaker 

2.033.232, Mar. 31. 
Bebinger Cliaries N.. New Phii.ndelphla. Ohio, 

to lay Manuf.-icturing ("ompany. Piltsliurgh. 

Inforced fie.xiliie conveyor strip. 2,6 l<>.8tj7. 
Bebinger. Charles N.. -New Phihub-lphia. Oliio. a: 

Joy Manufacturing Company. Material load 

ratus. 2.650,692, Sept. 1. 
Bebinger. Charles N.. .New Phllndelphi.i, Ohio, 

to Joy Manufacturing Comi»any. Material Ic 

paratus. 2.655.246. Oct. 13. 
Bcory Bedding Corporation, assignee : See — 

Bebrv. Peter P. 
Bebry. Peter P.. assignor to Bebry Bedding Co 

Bavonne. N. J. Love seat bed. Re. 23,010. Ji 
Bebry. I'eter 1'.. Jamaica. .N. Y.. assi;:nor to B.It 

Corporation. Bayonne, N. J. Love seat bed 

silient front panel. 2.624,888. Jftn. 13. 
Bech, J0rgen, Lyngby, Denmark. Guiding devlc 

machines. 2.63S.:5S7. May 12. 
Bechard, Conrad E.. Mayfield Heights. Ohio, i 

Ix^vand. Jr.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignors t' 

Electric Company. Mount loading guide. 

Sept. 29. „ , ., „ , 

Berhberger. Paul F., TenaflJ^ and J. L. P.e\-iHS 
assignors to Bendix .Aviation Corporal ioim^ 
N J. Air speed indicating device. 2.601^)2 

B^ch*. Hans P.. Huckenwagen. Rliineland. (Jerma 
hammer for swaging steel. 2.052.811, Sep^ 

Bcchik Products, inc.. assi;:nee : See- 
Ferguson. J .Allen. 

Bechler. Andr^. Moutler. Switzerland. Guard 
tion for machine tools. 2.648.239. Aug. 11. 

Bechler, Andr^. Moutler. Switzerland. Guard 
machine tools. 2.055.067, Oct. 13. 

Bechler Andr*. Moutler. Switzerland. A(Utoma 
cuttlrig machine. 2.064.032, Dec. 29. 

Bechman William O.. and N. J. Palkovlc. Ch 
assignors to International Harvester Compan.v 
spee<l transmission for vehicles. 2,001,034, U 

Becht, Bennb : ffce— 

Kleiner, Helmut. Bayer, and Becht. 

Bechtold. Jack R. : See — _ 

Iddlngs. Charles D., Bechtold. and Borg. 

Bechtold. Henry L.. Grantwood. .\. J., assignor 
can Machine k Foundry Tomriany. Cigarett 
inking mechanism. 2.6.-)0,7S9, Oct. 27. 

Berhtold. Max F.. Kennett Square. Pa., nsslgm 
du Pont de Nemours k <'<mipany. Wilmin 
Preparing a homogeneous aoueoim colloidal 
of silica and a hydrous oxide of zinc, alum 
or columbiuni and the resulting product. 
Oct. 27. „ 

Beck. Alfred C, Red Bank, and IT. T. Frlls. Rum 
assignors to iJell Telephone Ijilwratories. Inr 
New Y'ork, N. Y. Wave guide Joint. 2.030,4? 

Beck. Arnold H. W.. A. B. Cutting, and A. D. 
T/ondon. England, assignors to International 
Electric Corporation. New York, N. Y. Elect r 
of the contact typ<'. 2,631.191. Mar. 10. 

Beck. Carl E.. San Francisco, Calif. AutomatI 
power saws. 2,6.30,622. Mar. 10. 

Beck Carl IL. Los Altos, Calif. Effective brak* 
for railroad cars. 2.038,864. May 19. 

Beck. Charles E.. Park Ridge, assignor to Motf 
Chicago. 111. Universal head mounting ha' 
silient positioning pad. 2,642,475, June 16. 

Beck, Charle'n W. : See— 

Slartln. Carl W., Beck, and Pick. 

Beck k Co. (Meters) Limited, assignee: Bee — 
Soar. Harry G. 



Load compensated 

Bent, Jr., Mer- 
C'orporation of 
Oct. 6. 

Bevk, Cyrua, I'tiilatk'Iphia, /fa. 

transfer vaive. 2,654.348. 0<ft. 6. 
Beck, Francis X.. Woodbury, /and H. T. 

chantville. N. J., assignors to Uadio 

America. Convrrter circuit. 2.654,836, 
Becker. Frank .M . Sinkinji Spring, I'a 

2.rt5«5,(;j3. Oct. 27 
• Beck, Qaaper P. : Be«— 

Fisher, Harland S., and Beck. 
B«»ck, Harry «;., a.Hsiirnor of one-half to F. K. Brown. 

BirmlnKbam. Ala. Fuel burning air beater. 2,031.580. 

Mar. 17. 
Beck, Howard B., WabaHh, Ind.. asaittnor to The General 

Tire and Kubt)er Conipany, Akron, Ohio. Self sealing 

window strip. 2,037.880, .May 12. 
Beck, Howard <; , Wabash, Ind., assienor 

Tire and Knhher Company, Akron, Ohio. 

seal. 2.625.715, .Ian. 20 
Beck, Howard (;., Wabash, Ind., aHsltnior 

Tire and Rubber «'oni|.any, .\kron. Ohio. 

shield mounting. 2.025.710. Jan. 20. 
Beck, Howard «;., Wabash. In<l., a-nslgnor to 

to The General 
Flexible toggle 

to The General 
Flexible wind- 

The General 
Rofary suc- 

The General 

The General 


Tire anil Rubb«>r Coiiipany, Akron. Ohio. 
tion pump. 2.029.540, Feb. 24. 

Beck. Howard <;.. Waba.««li, Ind.. assignor to 
Tire an<l Rubb«'r Company. Akron, Ohio. 
gaKket 2,0.".9.040. Nov. 24. 

Beck. Howard G . WabaHh. Ind.. as.«ignor to 
Tire an<l Rubber Company, .\kron, Ohio, 
gaxket, 2.650 941, Nov. 24. 

Beck. Howard (, . Wabash. Ind., assignor to The 
Tire and Rubb4>r (Jumpany, Akron. Ohio 
2.000 275. Nov. 24 

Beck. Howard O.. Wabash, Ind.. a.osignor to The General 
Tire an<l Rubber Company. Akron. Ohio. Article Isolat- 
ing and shock absorbing shipping container. 2,000.205, 
Nov. 24. 

Beck, Howard G..«.ssiKnor to The General Tire and Rubber 
Company, Akron. Ohio Apparatus for assembling an 
elastic tubular rubber Insert under radial compression 
between an outer rigid tulx' and an inner rigid core. 
2.060.7.S0. Dec. 1. 

.Beck, Joseph E . Milwaukee. Wis., and E. B. Lipskl Oak- 
lawn, 111., said Lipsti assignor to J. E. Beck doing busi- 
ness a% Amu.^ement Games Company. Surface projected 
diak game device. 2.634,130, Apr. 7. 

Beck, Martin A.. York. Pa. Panel cutter. 2.030,627. 
Mir 10. 

Beck Meyer. Christian, Bnrbnnk. Calif. Machine for de- 
signing intersections. *2. 645.040 July 14 

Beck. Ralph F. See — 

Herndon. Walter B.. Beck, and Tuschak 

Beck, Roland A.. Flshkill. and E. E. Sensel. Beacon, as- 
signors to The Texas Company, New York, N. Y Hy- 
drocarbon synthesis. 2.640,845, June 2. 

Beck, Thomas M. : Nee — / 

Woodstock. Willard H^.»„ 
Beck, Vernon S., St. Loui.>». Mo 

with Independent fuel and 

2.625 992. Jan 20 
Beck. Vernon S.. St. Louis. Mo 

2.020.10.'-,. .Tan 20 
Beck. William R.. assl-rnor to 

and Beck. ' 

Multiple gronp gas burner 
secondary air supplies. 

Modulating gas burner. 

Goodman Mnnufnctufing 

Chicago. III. Cable guide 

P.. rnadilla, Nebr. raf).>r or 

2.033. .309, Mar. 
bill file. 


31 . 
Beckard. Harry 

2 027.273. Feb 
Beckberger. La Vern H.. East Chicago, Ind.. assignor X(\ 

Sinclair Refining Conipanv. New York. N Y. rnwliic 

tlon of aromatlcs from petroleum. 2.053.170, Sept. 22 
Beckberger. La Vern H.. East Chicago. Ind . an«l R. C 

Woerner. Houston. Tex., assignors to Sinclair Retinim; 

T. Catalytic reforming process 

East Chicago. Ind.. and R. C. 

assignors to Sinclair Refining 
Y. Process. 2.001,3S3. Hec. 1 

Company, New York, N. 
2.001.320. IVc. 1 

Beckberger. L.i Vern II.. 
Woerner, Houston. Tex. 
Company. New York. N. 

Beckel. Arthur C. : Bee — 

Belter. Paul A Smith. Deobald. Singer, and Beckel. 

Becker, Benjamin. St. Louis Mo. Device for softening 
b««ard.'» or tuc^ «tnamers 2.035.005, Apr 21 

Becker. Brony. New York. N. Y. Violin case corer. 
2.«27,8S7. I^eb. 10. 

Becker, Daniel B.. St. Paul, Minn. Artificial hand lock 
Ing mechanism. 2,62t>,107, Feb 24 

Becker. I>aniel B.. St. Paul, Minn. Artificial hand. 
2.031.295. Mar. 17. 

Becker. Edward J., South Plainfleld. and F. J. Blondi. 
Livingston, N. J., assicnors to Bell Telephone Labora- 
tories, Incorporated, New York. .\. Y. Desulfurlzlng 
carbon-coated metals. 2,662.839. Dec. 15. 

B«Mker. (Jlenn C. as.signor to Vacuum Can Company, Chi- 
cago, 111. Portable food container. 2.662.965. Dec. 15. 

B^ker, Gottfried. Baderlch. near Dusseldorf. and F. Stein- 
berg. l>us8»>lilorf-Eller. assignors to IK'utsche Edelstahl- 
werke. Krefeld. Germany. Providing metallic articles 
with a protective work surface layer. 2.653.210, Sept. 

Becker. Hans V.. Miami, Fla. Water saving flush tank. 
2.045.7SO. July 21. 

Becker Harry A., assignor to Aktiebolaget Beckerbat. 
Stockholm, Sweden. High-speed motor boat. 2,634.698. 
Apr. 14. 

Llpbrush and bousing 


to General 



Ignor to 

Becker, Harry L. : Xee — 

Cook Charles S.. and Itecker. 

Becker. Henry, Los Angeles. Calif 
therefor. 2.657,411. Nov. 3. 

Becker, Howard I.. Rexford. N. T 
Electric Company. I'ressurlied 
July 14. 

Becker. Howard I.. Vischers Ferry. N. T., 
General Electric Company. Rheostat. 
Jan. 6. 

Becker Howard I., Vischers Ferry. N. Y.. assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Air bearing. 2,627.443. Feb. 3. 

Becker, John E.. EMrlington Township, Durham County, 
assignor to Atlas Polar Company Limited. Toronto. 
Ontario. Canada. Rotary fluid coupling. 2,627.160. 
Feb. 3. 

Becker. John E., Darlington Township. Durham County, 
assignor to" Atlas Polar Company Limited. Toronto. 
Ontario, Canada. Fluid transfer device for rotary 
pump and turbine fluid couplings. 2.027.167. Feb. 3. 

Becker. John E., I>arlington Township. Durham County, 
Ontario. Canada. Fluid circulation control for fluid cou- 
pllnga. 2,044,304. July 7. 

Becker. Joseph A.. Suiiiniit. and H. Christensen. Spring- 
field. N. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. 
Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Hich tem|)er.nture eo- 
efflclent resistor and making it. 2.033.621. Mar. 31. 

I'.ecker, Joseph T., CJjlcago, 111. i'oie-shiK? tool. 2,651,338. 

Sept. 8. 

Becker. Louis, Brooklyn. N. Y. Prefabricated garment 
construction and method therefor. 2,630,181, Apr. 28. 

Becker. Maximilian C. East Orange. .N. J. Scri>w holding 
screw driver attachment. 2,032,488, Mar. 24. 

l'.ecker. otto .\. : ti>e 

Nussbaum. Altwrt. and Becker. 

Becker, Otto W.. Woodnjont. Conn. Fluid controlled 
alarm system for Jails. 2.603.271. Dec. 22. 

Becker. Philip D.. Illnghan). assignor to United-Carr Fas- 
tener Corporation, Cambridge, Mass. Self-plerclng fas- 
tener. 2,627.099. Feb. 3. 

Becker, Philip I).. Hingliam. assignor to I'nlted-Car Fas- 
tener Corporation. Cambridge. Mass. Sliding caster 
t.ype support. 2,031.330. Mar. 17. 

Becker, Phlljp D., Hingham. assignor to I'nlted-Carr 
Fastener Corporation. Cambridge. Mass. Closure mem- 
ber or furniture glide. 2,032.198. Mar. 24. 

Becker. Philip I)., Hinghau). assignor to rnlte<l-Carr 
Fastener Corporation. Cambri<lge, Mass. Three side 
lock snap fastener. 2.032,222, Mar. 24. 

Becker, Pnilip D., Hingham. assignor to 
Fastener Corporation. Cand)ridge, Mass Mar. 24. 

Becker. Philip D.. Hingham. assignor to 
tener Corporation, Cambridge, Mass. 
2 037,0r,3. May 5. 

Becker, Philip D., Hingham. assignor to 
tener Corporation. (Cambridge, Mass. 
2.037.402, May 5. 

Becker, Philip D.. Hingham. assignor 

Flanged nut. 

I'nited-Carr Fas- 
Furniture glider. 

I'nlted-Carr Fas- 
Closure member. 

to I'nited-Cnrr 

F.istener CoriM>ration. Cambridge. Mass. Furniture 


rmted Carr 
Fastener as- 

gllder. 2,040,219, June 

Becker, Philip D.. Hingham. assignor to 
Fastener Corporation, <'ambridge, Mass. 
sembly. 2,040.244, June 2. 

Becker, Phillip D.. Hingham,, assignor to I'nlted- 
Carr Fastener Corporation. Cambridge. Mass. Mount- 
ing of threaded fastening devices. 2.<>10,245. June 2. 

Becker, Philip D.. Hingham, assignor to rnite<l-Carr 
Fastener Corporation. Cambridge, Mass. Device for 
attaching hubcaps. 2.043.918. June 30. 

Becker. Philip D,. Hincham. assignor to Dnited-Carr Fas- 
tener Corporation. Cambriilge. Mass. Closure memlH'r 
for tube ends 2.*".44.n78. Jul.v 14. 

Becker. Philip D., Hingham. assignor to United Carr Fas- 
tener Corj>orati«»n. Cambridge, Mass. Gripping slider 
type buckle with fastener element on slider. 2,653,364, 
Sept. 29. 

Becker. Philip D.. Hingham, assignor to TTnited-Carr Fas 
tener Corporation. Cambridge, Mass. Swivel fastener 
2.653,415, Sept. 29. 

Becker. IMiilip D.. Hingham, assignor to United-Cart 
Fastener Corporation, Cambridge. Mass. Caster. 
2.054,113. Oct. 6. 

Becker. Philip S.. Falrview Township. Erie County. Pa. 
Powerniperated vise. 2.050.820. Oct. 27. 

Becker. Orlien N. : See 

Stoner, George II.. Becker, and Levlnson. 

Becker. Rodger F.. assigm>e : See — • 
Prince, ^errlt. 

Becker, Rodger F.', KalamazOo, Mich. Solenoid controlled 
cord roel. 2,640.113. May 26. 

Becker. Stephen P., R. B. Schoonmaker. and 
assignors to Fargo Mfg. Company. Inc. 
N. T. Tilne clamp and mounting 
2.033.043. Mar. 31. 

Becker, Theodore J. : Bre — 

RuddVj Arlo W.. and Becker. 

Becker. ^^ alter J.. Crown Point, Ind. 
2,059,600, Nov. 17. 

Beckers. Albert E., l^ast Orange, assignor 
Union Radio Corporation.' Orange. N. J. 
cnthode ray tube. 2.001.437. Dec. 1. 

Beckett. Clay C., Washington D. C. Occupant propelled 
amusement device. 2,643.122, June 23. 

IT. R. Wengen. 

, Poughkeepsle, 

tool therefor. 

Toy horse. 

to National 
Dark trace 


Beckett, Donald E. and W. N., assignors of one-quarter to 
H. W. Harcum and one-quarter to J. B. Harcum, Wil- 
mington, Ohio. Attachment for mechanically actuating 
the manually operable feed actuator shafts of machine 
toola. 2.62."> 844. Jan. 20. 

Beckett Paper Company, The, assignee : Bee — 
Frledrlch. Valentine, Jr. 

Beckett, Reginald W.. Elyria, Ohio. Motor suspension 
for oil burners and the like. 2,648,284. Aug. 11. 

Beckett. William N. : See - 

Beckett, I>onald E. and W. N. 

Beckham. JTefTerson R., Atlanta. Ga. Scribing gauge. 
2,659,981, Nov. 24. j 

Beckham. I.«land J. : See — 

Joffe. Jack D., and Beckham. 

Beckley. John H.. assignor to The Denver Chemicsl Manu- 
facturing Company, New York. N. Y. Method and means 
of detecting albumin and globulin In urine and other 
body liquids. 2.633.410, Mar. 31. 

Beckley. Sherman D., assignee : See — 
Niemann. Henry F. 

Beckman, Eugene T.. Fowler. Kans. Auxiliary accelerator 
left foot pe<lal for power-driven vehicles. 2,045,948, 
July 21. 

Beckman, Gustaf S., Cranston, R. 1. Silk reeling machine. 
2,644,200. July 7. 

Beckman. John C. and E. M. Whitley, San Mateo, assign- 
ors to Beckman k Whitley, Inc., San Carlos. Calif. 
Photographic time recording. 2,041,523. June 9. 

Beckman k Whitley, Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Beckman, John C. and Whitley. 

Beckman, William R., Chicago, and C. E. Crooks, assignors 
to Spotnalls, Inc.. Evanston, III. Hammer stapler. 
2,653.316, Sept. 29. 

Beckman. William R., and A. G. Schllke, Chicago, and 
C. E. Crooks, assignors to Spotnalls, Inc.. Evanston. 
111. Hammer type stapling machine. 2,653,317, Sept. 

B4>('kmann. Melbourne A., assignor to Aluminum Indus 
tries. Inc.. Cincinnati. Ohio. Packaging article. 
2.0.50,931. Oct. 27 

Becnel Herman M., Baton Rouge, La., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Return l>end for flred colls. 
2.639.127. May 19. 

Becton Dickinson and Company, assignee : Bee — 
I>aw8he, Errol R. 
I^wsbe, Errol R.. and Smoot. 
May, Edwin A. 
Smoot. John H. 
Toy. Warren R. 

Becwar, Rudolph A. 

assignor to 

June 2. 

Multiple passage flexi- 
2,663,325, Dec. 22. 

Kline, Richmond, and 

Berwyn. 111., 
Inc. Record changer mechanism 

Beckwlth. Herbert L.. Cambriilge, Mass., assignor to 
Thn F. W. Wakefield Brass Company. VermiUon, 
Ohio. Combination luminous and acoustical x-eillng. Nov. 17. 

Beckwlth. Russell. Rochester. N. Y. Bath seat lifting 
appliance. 2,624.053. Jan. 0. 

Be<le. James A., Cleveland, Ohio, 
ble hose and coupling therefor 

Bedell. Karl L. : Bee — 

Holllngsworth, John H.. and Bedell 

Bedell. Kenneth R. : Bee — 

Greiner. John W., Hanie, 

Bedford. Alda V.. Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of <i America. Gamma control. 2,627.547, 
Feb. 3. 

Bedford. Alda V.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Color television. 2,634.324. 
Apr. 7. 

Bedford. Alda V., Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Color television receiver registra- 
tion system. 2,635.141, Apr. 14. 

Bedford, Alda V.. Princeton. N. J . assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of .America. Automatic pain control system. 
2.037,773. May 5 

Bedford. Alda V.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Television carrier control system. 
2.644.942. July 7. 

Bedford. Alda V.. Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Color television system. 
2.057.253. Oct. 27 

Bj'dford, Alda V.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Mechanical color filter device for 
use In pe<iuential television systems. 2. 001, .391. Dec, 1. 

Bedford. Alda V. and G. C. Siiklal. Princeton. N. J . as- 
signors to Radio Corporation of America. Multiplexed 
signal transmission. 2.064.462. Dec. 29. 

Bedford. Alexander W., Jr., and E. F. Ooets, Schenectady. 
N. Y., assignors to General Electric Company. Two- 
shoe Industrial type brake. 2.642,160. June 16. 

Bedford. Biirnice t)., Scotia. N. Y.. assignor to General 
Electric Company. Electric dtscharge device apparatus. 
2.634.382. Apr. 7. 

Bedford. Bumice D.. Scotia. N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Magnetic saturation device. 
2 036.158. Apr. 21. 

Bedford. Burnlce D., and H. L. Kellogg, Scotia. N. T.. 
assignors to General Electric Company. Phase shifting 
network. 2.634.397. Apr. 7. 

Bedford. 'Charlea F., Houston. Tex., assignor to Stanollnd 
Oil add Gas Company. Tulsa. Okla. Apparatus for 
treating wells. 2,642,139, June 16. 

Bedford. William A.. Jr.. North Sdtuate ass 

Unlted-Carr Fastener Corporation, Cambrldj 

Fastening device 2.627,094. Feb. 3. 
Bedford. William A., Jr.. North Scltuate asi 

Unlted-Carr Fastener Corporation, Cambrldj 

Cage nut. 2,627.294. Feb. 3, 
Bedford. William A.. Jr., North Scltuate' asi 

United-Carr Fastener Corporation, Cambrldj 

Bolt fastener. 2,636,414, Apr. 28. 
Bedford, William A.. Jr.. North Scltuate. asi 

Unlted-Carr Fastener Corporation. Cambridi 

Fastening device. 2,636,640, Apr. 28. 
Bedford. William A., Jr North Scltuate as; 

Unlted-Carr Fastener Cornoratlon, Cambrldj 

Supporting device. 2.640,072. June 2. 
Bedford. William A., Jr., North Scltuate asi 

United-Carr Fastener Corporation. Cambrldj 

.Locking stud type molding fastener. ^.2.644. 21 

Bedford. Wlllian\_A.. Jr.. North Scltuate. asi 

United-Carr FastStier Corporation. Cambrldj 

Fastening device. 2,648,410. Aug, 11. 
Bedford, William A., Jr., North Scltuate. as: 

United-Carr Fastener Corporation, Cnmbrid) 

Bolt with clip retaining means. 2.654,411 
Bedford, William A.. Jr., North Scitii.ite, asi 

Inited-Carr Fastener <'orporatlon, Cambrid) 

Mounting clip. 2.057.442. Nov, .3. 
IVdini, Nerlno, assignor to Pirelli Societa pe 

Milan. Italy. High-pressure fluid contrc 

2.040.245. Jtily 21. 
Bedker. Emma G., assignee : Bee — 

Bedker. I^o W. 
Bedker, Leo W., assignor of one-half to E. G. Bed 

Detroit. Mich. Broach for shaving rour 

2.045,980, July 21. 
Bedker, I^o W., assignor of one-half to E. C. 

East Dc'troit. Mich. Making thread cutfl 

2.050.740, Oct, 27. 
Bedson, Noel P.. Southport. England, assignor 

Knox Company. Pittsburgh. Pa. Cooling of t 

rod rolling mills. 2.024,178. Jan. G. 
Bedson. Noel P., Southport. England, asslu'nor. 

assignments, to Blaw Knox Company, Pittsb 

Universal Joint. 2.045.105. July 14. 
Beebe, Austin H., Jr., Ann Arbor, assignor to 

Mogul Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Bearing. 

Apr. 14. 
Beebe. Bavard M., Little Silver. N. J. Golf gr 

2.628J00. Feb. 10. 
BeelM?, Dan D.. Seattle. Wash. Jig saw. 2,060, 

24. - 

Beebe, Gerald T., Youngstown. Ohio, and H. I 

Pittsburgh. Pa., assignors to United States 5 

poration. Open floor grating. 2.045,085. Julj 
Beebe, Monroe B., Old Lyme. Conn. Rocking 

Hteer.ible stub axles. 2,057.939, Nov. 3. 
Beebe, Murray C. Jr. : Bee — 

Martin, Erie. Beebe. and Anderson. 
Beebe. Nathan S.. Kansas City. Mo. Armrest 

vehicles, 2,058.559, Nov. 10. 
Beebe. Nathan S., and J. D. Stanard. Kansas 

Motor drive mounting l)earlng bracket. 

Mar. 3. 
Beebe. Ward L.. St. Paul, Minn. Hypodermi< 

2.045.224. July 14. 
Beel)er. Allan R. A.. Matawan. assignor to Keuffi 

Company, Hoboken, N. J. Measuring tape. 

Nov. 3. 
Beeber, Allan R. A.. Matawan. assignor to 

Esser Company, Hoboken, N. J. Measur Nov. 17. 
Beech Aircraft Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Howard, Roscoe I)., and Samuelson. 
Odevseff, Alec 8. 
Beech, Austin S., assignor to Foundry Equipmen 

I>'Ighton Buzzard, England. Hopper and 

talners. 2.642.979, June 23. 
Beecham Research Latx)raforles Limited, assign 

Ilellbron. Tan. Cook, and T.,evy. 
Beecher. Blanche C., executrix : Bee — 

Beecher, Henry W. 
Beecher. Henrv W., deceased, Seattle. Wash. : 

H. W. Beecner, Jr., executors of said H. W 

Hearth type furnace. 2,044.431. July 7. 
Beecher, Henry W'., Jr. executor : Bee — 

Beecher, Henry W. 
Beech-Nut Packing Company, assignee : Bee — 
Hahn. Wills rd J. 

Merz, Paul L.. Witzel. and Bnrhans. 
Beecroft. Robert J.. New York, N. Y. Stapling 

2.632.889, Mar. 31. 
Beedle. Eugene C. Bay Village, assignor to The 

Burglar Proof Equipment Company. Clevels 

Teller's window. 2.648.300, Aug, 11. 
Beegle. Lindley C. : Bee — 

Hook, Edwin O., and Beegle. 

Beegle. Raymond E.. East St. Louis, 


, Middletown, Ohio. 
2.664,494. Dec. 29. 

. assignor to B. I. du Pont dr 
Wilmington, Del. Chlorosulfc 

2.624.299. Jan 
Beekley, Fred M 
hog fountains. 

Beekley, John S 
and Company, 

111. Eav< 


polythene using azo catalysts. 2.040,048, Ma 




I)«eler, Wtlllniu R.. Tampa, Fla. Scrap paper apear. 

2,642.306, June 16. 
Bee-Line Company, astignee : Bee — • 

Jacobaen, Le Roy vT 
Been, JtTDme. an<l M. M. Grover, Hutherford, atsicnors 

to HubbtT and Asb^-ston Corporation. Ulooniflfid, N. J. 

ChlorlnatlnK natural rubber. 2.«)37,7r>3. May 5. 
B«H»r. Karl ft.. .Milfortl. Ind. Automatic boiler and 

toa.stpr. 2,»)62,465, iXc 15. 
Bei-r, I'allp-Flnn, axHl^ior to Svenska AktUtwilaKPt Oanac- 

cumulator, LldlnKo. Swt-dfn. CoinhintHi 'ftrord 

head for maKnetlc recorders. 2.63.^,504. Mar. 31. 
Beera, Hobble K.. Sweet Honie, Oreg., and S. G. Snort- 
land Vallor, Mont. Moasurinj? device for pistona in 

depth enslned. 2,643,459, June 30. 
Beers, (Jeorge J. : See — 

KarlieLskl, AUn-rt F.. Crimlon, and Beers. 
' Bt'<>r8. Jolin K., HriarcUff Manor, N. Y. rrojoctlon tel«'- 

vi.sion tub«». 2,r,ft3.012. Dec. l.'>. 
Been. Warren L., Cleveland, Ohio, asalpior to The B. F. 
• Goodrich Company, New York, N. Y. Vinyl chloride 

polymer plaitidzed with 3,5..'5-trlniethyl-l-hexanol-poly- 

baslc acid eater. 2,0.'50,908, Sept. 1. 
Beesch, Sanniel C, assignor to rubllcker Induatriea Inc., 

Philadelphia, Pa. Preparing fungal amylase from 

butanol-acetune fermentation stillaKe. 2.0)41,568, 

June 0. 
Be«'Hch. Samuel C., Columbnn, Ohio, and M. C. Firman. 

Philadelphia ^^^^Inty, a-sslgnors to Pnbli<k<*r Industries 

III'*., Philadelphia, I'.i. Pro<luoti«m. of riboflavin liy 

Ashbya irossypli. 2.031.120. Mar. 10. 
Beesrh. Saiimel ('., and B. \V. Fraser. asslenors to Pub- 

licker Indtistrtes Inc., Philadelphia. I'.i. Production of 

riboflavin \>y niicrobloloKical fermentation. 2,647,074, 

July 28. 
Been*'. Xorpian C. Verona. X. J., asslenor to WestinKhousp 

Flertrlc Cori>orntion. Fast PittsburRh, Pa. Photoflash 

lamp. 2. »•).'>'.>. Sept. s. 
Beeta. Jamea D., Jefferson City. Mo., asalrnor of fortv per- 
cent th A. R. Hammett. Jr. Sun viaor. 2.634,101, 

Apr. 7. 
Beezley, Reginald R., Memphis, Tenn. Grease seal spacer. 

2.»?41),.Tlt',. Aug. 18. 
Be-Ge Maniirnmirine Co., assi^ee : See — 

Krueger. Frank W. 
iBeger. Uicliard i:. : Sre — 

Honanno. Jos^'ph I... and Beger. 
Beega. G»'orire F... Jr.. Warrington. Pa., and A. W. Kojsak, 

Camden. N. J., assienors to I>>edH and N'orthnip Com- 
* pnnv. Philadelphia, Pa. Calibrating measuring aystem. 

2,66.1.855. IW'O. 22. 
Begin. liOiiis F.. assienor to The TV>w Chen)ical Company, 

"Midland. Mich. Fsters of 4 chloro-0-toloxyacetlc acid. 

2,648 701. Aug. 11 
Begle, TTowell E.. and G. F. Gaudreau, Detroit, Mich. : anid 

Gaudreau assignor to said Begle. Rotary cutter. 

2.648.89.'?, Aug 18. 
Begun, Sernl J., Cleveland Heights, assignor to The Br««h 

Development Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Control cir- 
cuit for siciial recording and reproducing system.s. 

2.629.861. Feb 24. 
Bemn. Semi J.. Cleveland Heights, asslimor to The Brush 

Development Company, Cleveland, Ohio. .Vpparntus 

for producing variable width magnetic recordinga. 

2.632,061, Mar. 17. 
Begtin, .Semi J.. Clevelaijd Heights, aasienor. by mesne 

assignments, to Clevite Corporathm. Cleveland. Ohio. 

Magnetic record transducing system and guide struc- 
ture. 2.658.762. Nov. 10. 
Beenn. Semi J., asslcnor. b.v mesne assignments, to Clevite 

Corporation, Cleveland. OMo. Magnetic recording and 

reproducing. 2,65«,956. Nov. 10. 
Begwaeo >Jeters I.lmlte<l.. asslcnee : flee- - 

Butterworth, Fdwarl, and Hinchcllffe. . I 

Behnlsch, Robert : Sre — 

Klnrer. Joseph, and Behnlseh. 
Schmidt. Hans, and Behnisch. 
Schmidt, Hans, Behnlsch, and MIefrsch. 
Schmidt. Hans. Mietzseh. and Behnisch. 
Behnke. Fdward : See — | 

Jacobsson, WUgot J., and Behnke. 
Behnke, Otto: .<.'»e— 
/"^ Bercnian. Hafry. and Behnke. 
Behr Henry, assignee : Set — 

Bnrke. Stephen T.. Jr. 
Behr. Philip W.. Kew Gardens, N. T. Feather dispensing 

unit. 2.65.^.744. Sept. 29 
Behr. Sletrfri.-d, Flushing. N. Y. Hair holder. 2.637,328. 

May 5 
Behrend. William L.. Princeton. N'.X,^ assignor to Radio 

Corporation of America. Colaf television camera. 
. 2.641,642. June 9. ^ 

Behrens. T»eriek J. : See — - 

Wolff, Heinz S.. Story, and Behrepa. 

Behrens. Hertwrt C, assignor to Diebold. Incorporated, 
Canton, Ohio. Combination lork. 2.64.'>.92:J, July 21. 

Behrens. Hert)ert C, assignor to Diebold, Incorporated, 
Canton, Ohio. Rotary card Index drive niecnanism. 
2,648,886, Aug. 11. 

Behrens, Herbert C. a-sslgnor to Diebold. Incorporated, 
Canton. Ohio. Combination lock. 2,656,705. Oct. 27. 

Behrens, Herbert C, a-saignor to Diebold, Incorporated. 
Canton. Ohio. Combination lock. 2.6:>8,374, Nov. 10. 

Behrens, Warren V.: See — 

Strlngfleld. Theodore W.. Steveni. Spauldlng, and 

Behrena, William H., Postville, aaalgnor to Collins Radio 
Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Device for limiting 
rotary motion. 2.655.811. Oct. 20. 

Behrlnger, Hermann, nasignor to Bayerischc Motoren 
Werke AG., Munich, Germany. Change speed and start- 
ing gearing for motorcycles. 2,644,439, July 7. 

Beiiiler, Edward A. : See — 

Crowley, Henry L., Graham, and Beldler. 

Beldlef, Edward A., Columbus, assignor, by mesne assign- 
menta, to Crowley-Republic Steel Corporation, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. I»w temp«'rature reduction of nickel chlo- 
ride. 2.642,356, June 16. 

Beldler, Edward A., Columbus, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Crowley-Republic Steel Corporation, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. Low-temj)erature reduction of cobalt chlo- 
ride. 2^642,357, June 16. 

Belerle, Ferdinand. Detroit, Mich. Baseball game board. 
2.626,155. Jan. 20. 

Beiger, John W., South Bend, Ind. Collapsible hlnge<l 
table. 2.639.523, May 26. 

Dell, Harold \., Young.sfown, Ohio. Arcuate roller con- 
veyer for cables. 2,629,768, Feb. 24. 

Belier, Jav M. : See — 

Martin, Gnstav J., Bellor, .\vakian. and Moss. 

Beimel, Henry L,, Cambridge, assignor to American I,.ocker 
Company, Inc. Boston. Mas-s. Coin magazine for coin- 
controlled locks. 2,634,848, Apr. 14. 

Bein. Harold R.. Sr. Westfleld, .Mass. Hair curler. 
2.645,2.rT July 14. 

Belsner. Lowell E . Elmwood Park, 111. Speed reducer 
device. 2.G41.139. June 9. 

BeltK, Richard <\, Buffalo. N. Y'.. assignor to American 
Optical Company, Southbrldge, Mass. Spectrophotom- 
eter. 2,630.7.'?6. Mar. 10. 

Bekker, Mipczysiaw G., Hudson County, N. J. Tracked 
gear with cusldoned lubricated l(>akproof skid suspen- 
sion. 2.6.")2.289. Sept. 15, 

Bekker, MIeczyslaw G.. Washington, D. C. Mobile sup- 
port. 2.652.290. Sept. 15. 

Bekoff, Irvine. Brooklvn. N. Y. Display card and tray 
unit. 2.6r?0.!»14. Mar. in. 

Belasco. Harold c;.. assignee : See — 
Turnberg. Clarence F. 

Beli-lier. Daniel. Minneapolis. Minn., and R. J. Williams, 
Kirhinond lleiglits, anil M. J. Heiiiios, I.ema.v, asslcnora 
to Itenils Bro. Ban Comt>apv, St. Louis. Mo. Manufac- 
ture of window haga. 2.662.578. Dec. 15. 

Belcher, George K.. Company, aasiguee : See — 
FItzpatrlck. William J. 

Beleher. Hnrold H., Orange, Mass., assignor to Rodney 
Hunt Machine Company. Apparatus for dyeing. 
2.641,121. June 9. 

Beiro Indu.strial Fquipment Division, Inc., assignee: 

Rhlnehart, John R., and Fshrlch. 

Belden, Byron B., Media, Pa , and K. W. Hall. Ann Arbor, 
Mich,, assignors to Baldwln-Idma-Hamllton Corporation. 
IVeder me< hnnism 2.632.208, Mar 24. 

Belden. Eileen. Lynbrook. N. Y. Toy theater. 2,634,544, 
Apr. 14. 

Beldln, Ro.val L. : See — 

Roacoe. Merrill W., and Beldln. 

Beldlng, Donald <; . <»rrvllle, Ohio. Jet-propelled toy 
boat 2,624,975 Jan, 13, 

Belford, Dale, as.signee : See — 
Thompson. Tliomas F. 

Belgard. .\<i»fln B.. Kvanston. III. Segment measuring 
device for lenses, 2,632.257, Mar. 24. 

Belgau, Robert C. IVtrolt, Mich. Cargo carrier for motof 
vehicles. 2,66.'i.472. Dec. 22. 

Belliam. Mlehael : See — 

Kerridge. Frank F.. Bolham. and Pearce. 

Bellle. Raymond (J. : Sre — 

Bellsle. Aflrian J., and BelMe. 

Bellsle. Adelard J., South Iladley, assignor to The Berkllne 
Corporation, Chicopee Falls. Maaa. Cushion support 
assemblv. 2.642,931. June 23. 

Beliale. Adelard J., South Hadley Falls, aaslgnor to The 
Berkllne Corporation. Chicopee Falls, Mass. Reclln- 
Ine chair. 2.663.357. Dec. 22. 

Bellale, Adrian J., ami R. G. Bellle, Wichita. Kans.. said 
A, J. Bellale assignor to M, P, Bellsle, Bobby pin dis- 
penser, opener, and releaser. 2,633,138, Mar. 31. 

Bellsle. Mary P., assignee : See — 
Bellale. Adrian J., and Bellle. 

Bellts. Hans G. : See — 

Davis, Oliver F.. and Belitit. 

Belltx. Hans G,, Dayton, and O. F. Davis. Troy, asslirnors 
* to The Commonwealth Fnclneerlng Company of Ohio, 
-Davton, Ohio. Method and apparatus for gaa plating. 
2.631.948. Mar. 17. 

Belknap, William J.. Corning. N, Y. Surtlon-onerated 
device for scrubbing and drying floors. 2,635,277, 
Apr. 21. 

Belknap. William J.. Framlngham, Mass. Floor drying 
apparatus containing hatlle structure for separation of 
entrained liquid. 2,635,278. Apr. 21. 

Bell Aircraft Corporation, assignee : See — 
Harrlman. Thomas J., and Basaett. 
Kelley, Bartram, 
Young, Arthur M. 

Calif. Kite. 2,648,508. 

Bell. Alan, Klngsport, Tenn. assignor to Eastman Kodak 
Company, Rocheater, N. Y. 2-ethyl butyric ackl and 
2-etliyl hexoic acid esters of 2,2,4-trImethyl pentane 
diol-1,3. 2,625,563 Jan. 13. 

Bell, Alan and <t. C. De Croea. Klngsport, Tenn,. assignors 
to Bastman Kodak Company, Rochester. N. Y. Esters 
of 2,2-dimethyl malonic add. 2.«!;j2,-69, Mar. 24. 

Bell, Alan, and D. J. Shields. Klngsport. Tenn. assignors 
to Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Stabili- 
zation of fats and oils with 2,5-dlhyd?oxyphenyl di- 
methyl carbinol and related antioxidants. 2,639,288, 
May 19. 

Bell. Alan and B. Thompson, Klngsport. Tenn.^ assignors 
to Fastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. 2,2- 
dimethylpropanediol - 1,3 di - (2 • ethylbexanoate). 
2.6.-)4 775. Oct. 6. 

Bell, Alan, and .M. B. Knowles, Klngsport, Tenn., as- 
signors to Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester. N. Y. 
Ksterlfylng carbocycllc carboxyllc acids. 2,059,750, 
Nov. 17. 

Bell. Alfred B., Philadelphia. Pa. Bed lifter. 2,650,795, 
Sept. 1. 

Bell, Albert E. : Bee — 

Lnyte, Ralph R., and Bell. 

Bell, Albert E., Union, assignor to Purolator Products, 
Inc., Newark. N. J. Filter unit construction. 2.642,187, 
June 16. 

Bell. Clarence D. : See — 

(Jresliam, William F.. and Bell. 

Bell, David A., Birmingham, assignor to British Tele- 
comiriunicationa Researeli Limited. Taplow, England. 
Mechaniial scanning device. 2.661,393, Dec. 1 

Bell, David B., Long Beach, Calif. Liquid feeding ap- 
paratus. 2,642,886, June 23. 

Bell, I ►avid B., Long Beach, Calif. Control for closed 
▼easels. 2.643,025. June 23. 

Bell. David B.. I^ng Beach, Calif. Liquid feeding ap- 
paratus. 2.643.103, June 23. 

Bell. Edward R., and W. E. Vaughan, Berkeley, assignors 
to Shell Development Company, San Francisco. Calif. 
Preparation of organic hydroperoxides. 2,630,456, 
Mar. 3. 

Bell, Flva L.. Spokane, Wash. Window pane securing 
atrip. 2,6.37,422. May 5. 

Bell. Ernest P. : See — ^ 

Tlschler, Nathaniel, and Bell. 

Bell, Floyd I., I^ead. 8. Dak. Protruding hemorrhoid 
supporter. 2,653,599, Sept. 29. 

Bell, Franklin P., Walnut Cnek. ( 
Aug. 11. 

Bell. Francis II.. Canton. Ohio. Insulation for thermo- 
couple head and arm. 2.631.179, Mar. 10. 

Bell. Francis R., assignor to The Rover Company Limited, 
Solihull. England. . Heat interchange apparatus. 
2 642,897. June 23. 

Bell, Frank V.. Stoney Creek, Ontario. Canada. Automatic 
blade control for road graders and the like. 2,636,290, 
Apr. 28. 

Bell, (Jeorge W., assignor to Northwestern Steel and Wire 
Company, Sterling, 111. Wire-laying i«achine. 2,629,564, 
Feb. 24. I 

Bell & Goasett Company, assignee : Bee-\- 
Birkemeier. Henry P. 
Ilofmeiater, M.iurlce II. 
Moore. Robert E. 
TIdd. Edwin B. 

Bell. Gustav F.. Van Nuys. Calif. Filter holder. 
2,627,207, Feb. 3. 

Bell k Howell Company, assignee : Bee — 
Cralb, James F. 
GoldlMTg. Emanuel. 
Jolinson, Elmer L. 
Mueller, Arthur C. 
Strauss. lMwar<l V.. 
Townsley, Malcolm G. 
Wlghtman. William W. 

Bell, James. Pinner, assignor to The M-O Valve Com- 
pany Limited. London. England. Ultrahlgh-frequency 
thermionic valve. 2.640,946, June 2. 

Bell James S., Scotch Plains. N. J., assignor to Western 
Electric Company, Incorporated. New Y'ork, N. Y. 
Crystal controlled oscillator. 2,639.387, May 19. 

Bell. Jessie. Tacoma, Wash. Two-wheeled child s carriage 
2,66 1.9.')9, Dec. 8. 

Bell, John E. : Nee— 

Marchant, Franrls C. I., and Bell. 

Bell. John F., (Jlenview and R. M. Nordby, Skokle. 111., 
assignors to Zenith Radio (^'orporatlon. Wave signal 
frequency-changing system with constant current biased 
fns|uency chancing device. 2.640.919, J\ine 2. 

Bell. John F., Glenview. III., assignor to Zenith Radio 
Corporation, rifrahigh frequency oscillation generator. 
2,663,799, Dec. 22. 

Bell, Joseph D.. deceased, San Francisco, Calif. : P. B. Bell, 
administratrix. Massaging device. 2,633 123, Mar. 31. 

Bell, Joseph D., deceased, San Francisco, Calif. ; P. B. Bell, 
administratrix. Lounge chair. 2.633.181, Mar. 31. 

Bell. Joseph D., deceased, San Francisco. Calif. : P. B. 
Bell, administratrix. Exercise machine. 2.642,288, 
June 16. 

Bell, Joseph D.. deceaseil. San Francisco. Calif. : P. B. 
Bell, administratrix. Chair bed. 2.663,354, Dec. 22. 

Bell Machine Company, The, assignee : Bee — 
Schafer, Frank. 

Mich. Auton 

Bell. Millard J.. Grand Rapida, assignor to N( 
gineerlng Company, Newaygo. Mich. Sani 
trol mechanism. 2,627.356. Vvh. 3. 
Bell, N*l G., London, England. Crane. 2,6( 

Bell, Noel G., South Kensington. London, Eng 

driving hammer. 2,047,373, Aug. 4. 
Bell. Orlando J., and C. P. Harvey. Windsor, > 
able piston knurling tool. 2.63S.491, Apr. 
Bell, Pearl B., administratrix : See — 

Bell, Joseph D. 
Bell, Persa R., Jr., Cambridge Mass., aasignoi 
assignments, to the United States of Ameri( 
sented by the Secretary of the Navy. Aut 
quency control. 2,627,024, Jan. 27. 
Bell, Persa R., Jr., Cambridge, Mass, asslgno 
assignments, to the United States of Americ 
sented by the Secretary of War. Instanta 
matic gain control circilit. 2,044.083, Jum 
Bell. Persa K., Jr., Cambridge, -Mass., asslgncn 
assignments, to the United States of Americ 
sented bv the Secretary of War. Noise lindl 
2,646,50i, July 21. 
Bell Punch Company Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Webb, Christopher F. 
Bell, Ralph K., assignor to Kirsch Compac 
-Mich. Curtain rod bracket elevator. 2,651,4 
Bel-Ray Company, Inc., assignee : See — 

Klefer. William C. 
Bell. Richard A. : See— I 

Morse, John W., Miles, and Bell. 
Bell Richmond T.. (Jravs Lake, assignor to Tl 
Companv, Cliicago, 111. Production of mi 
2.047. llil. July 28. 
Bell, Rupert B., assignor to Klng-Seeley Corpo 

Arbor. Mich. Switch. 2,827,;)<;7. Feb. 3. 
Bell, Rupert B., Ann Arbor, 

maker. 2,655,859, Oct. 20. 
Bell Telephone Laboratories, 

Albano, Vincent J. 
Albersheim. Walter J. 
Anderson, Alva K,, and Sears. 
Anderson, Fred A., Blattner, and Miller, 
.Vnderson, Frlthiof B. 
Anderson, John R. 
AugUHtadt. Herlx>rt W. 
Babcock. Wallac C. and Nylund. 
Barney, Harold L. 
Barry. Joseph F., and Rnggles. 
Beck, Alfred C, and Frils. 
Becker. i:<iward J., and Biondi. 
Ilecker, Joseph A., and Christensen. 
I'.ennett, William R. 
Btrger, Uriah S. 
Blair, Royer R. 

Boardman. ICdward M., and Wooley. 
Bollman, John H. 
Bond. Walter L., Sparks, and Teal. 
I'.oothby, Otis L., and Wenny. 
Bostwick, Lee G. 
Boweii, Arnold F. 
Branson, David B. 
Branson, David E. and Locke. 
Brattain. Walter H 
Brown, Henry B. 
Brown, John T. L. , 

Brown John T. L., and Ellwood, | 

Buch, Wter E. 
Buchanan, Russell B. 
Buhrendorf, Frederick G. 
Burton, Everett T. 
Callahan, Vincent T^^ and Fry. 
Callaway. William B. 
Carbrey. Robert L. 

Carbrey, KolM-rt L., Cutler, and Feldman. 
Carpenter, Warren W., and Murphy. 
<'arr, James A., Haskell, Sutton, and Walt 
Cesareo. Orfeo. 
Christensen. Howard. 
Cisne. Luther E. 
Clarke. Waiter J. 

Coyne. Howard L.. and Mesch. », 

Crump, Elmo E. 
Currv, ItoU'rt O, L. 
Cutler CassluH C. 
Dahlbom. Carl A., and Weaver. 
Darlington, Sidney. 
Itarlington. Sidney, and Lundstrom. 
Davey, James R. 

Davis, Kin;;sl)ury H., and Norwine. 
Depp, Wallace .\. 
Dietrich, Anselm F. 
Dimon<l. Thomas L. 
Doha, Stephen, Jr. 
Doha, Stephen. Jr., and Rieke. 
Dohertv. William H. 
Dorff. Louis A. 
Duhrenclorf, Frederick Q. 'i- 
Ebers, Jewell J. 


Kdson. James O. 
Fdson, Rol»ert C. 
Edwards. Paul G. 
Edwards, I'aul G., 

and Wurmser. 




Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, aasignee : <Se«— 

Kllwood. Walter B. 
KMpenHi'lile^l. Lloyd, and Skellett. 
Felcb, Edwin P.. Jr.. and Merrill. 
tVldman. Carl U. H. I ■ f 

Flint. Erlon W. ' 

Fogartjr, Kdward J., and Rippere. 
Ford. Gay Ion T. 
Ford. (Jaylon T.. and Walth. 
Frltschi. Walter W.. Soffel, and Wearer. 
Fullerton, William Q. 
<;annett. Danforth IC>V 
Gardner. Inland A., and flea. 
• Jartlfltl, uw.n K. I 

Gibson. Earl ». ' 

Goddard. Charles T. 

Gooderbam, John W. . 

Graham. Uobert B. « 

(Jray, Frank 
Green, Estill I. 

Ffaine!*. William T . and NewHom. 
Hall, Nathan I., and Warren. 
Hampton, Leon N., and Salzer. 
Flaraslm, Stanley J. 
Harley. Jimpph J 
Harrison. Charles W. 
Hays, Jamos It., Jr. 
Ilelsing, liaymond A. 
Ht-nry, iHrael H. 

H«»rm'y. Ralph K. , 

Hlrkman. Clarence N. ' I . 

HlliilnKer, Harry A., Jr. , 

Hln«>s. Marion K. ' 

Holhrook, Hernard P.. and Liindstrom. 
Holhrook. is^rnard I> , LuncUtrom, and Malthaner. 
Holden, William H. T. 
Holl»»nl)«»rn, Arthur V. 
Holmao. Erwin W. 
HopkinK. Harris F 
Iloth. Daniel F.. and Soffel. 
HouKhtim. Kdward W. 
Hassey. Luther W. 
IlKpnfrltx. l.,«>t<ter .M. : 

Insley. Norman, and Tann»'r. 
J>-nkin.<i, Kocinald T. 
Joel. Amos B., Jr. 
Joel. Amos E.. Jr.. and Rippere, 
Jnnev. Theodorn A. 
Kalln. Waltpr. and I'ower. 
Kenipf. Rjiyniond .\. 
Kernnhnn, John J. J. 
Kptchledup. Raymond W. 
Klnfr. Archie P. 

Klnx. John H. - ' 

KIrcher. Reymond J. 
Kn.tndt'l. (Jforjrt' J. 
Kork. Wlnpfon F, 
Kock. Winston B.. and Schfmpf. 
Koentg. Walter. Jr. 
Ko«»rn»»r. I.;iwr»>nc«» F. 
Kreer, John O-, Jr. 
Krom, Myron E. 
I,akat<>.s, Kmory. and McMillan 
Lander. .Janux J 
Lanitabeer, Harrey T. 
Lavery, Grant G, 
Lectf Victor K., and Owcna. 
liewlji, Benjamin P. 
I^wlB. Wlllard D. 
l/ocke. GeorKe A., and Wearer. 
Lovell. fTtrence A. 
I.iindstroni. Alexis A. 
Lundsfroni. .Mcxis .\.. and Malthaner. 
MarWllllams. Walter H.. Jr. 
Madden, Jumes J. 
Mallery. Paul. 
Mallina. Rndolph F. 
Malllna. Rudolph F and Molirk 
Malllnrkro<lt Charlea O. 
■*■ Mnlonev. Msrfln K 

M.ilthanor. William .\ . \ewhv. and Vaughan. 

Malthaner. William A., and Vaiighan. 

M.-i'ton. Warren I' 

McDarltt. Marcellus B. 

McKlm. Rurton . 

McMillan, grockway. ' 

>'«>achnm, I..-irtied .\. 

Moncham. Larned A., and Michaels. 

Mellck. John M. 

Merrill. Jo..«lah L.. Jr. 

Michael, -Henrjr J. 

Miller. Ralph L, 

Mlloche. TTerman A. 

Mnv'l-r. .lotiii H 

Mohr. .Milton E. 

Montgomery. Harold C. 

Morin Francis J. , 

Morrison. James. Jr. 

Mougey, Wilbur E. 

Mueller, George E.^ I 

Newby, Neal D.. and Vaaghan. 

Oliver, Bernard M. 

Ostendorf, Bernard. Jr. 



Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, assignee : <b're 

Ostendorf, Bernard, Jr., and Vanderllppe. 

Parkinson, David B. 

Pearson. Oerald L. 

Peek. Hubert L.. Jr. 

Peters. Henry. 

I'eteraon, Eugene. 

Peteritou, LIhm C. 

Pierce. John R. 

t'ullard, Cliurles B.. Jr. 

Potter, Jumes A. 

Potter, Ralph K. 

Quarles. Donald A. 

Hack. AloU J. 

Radcliffe. Frederick B. 

Raiitb«-ck. <iordun, and Wallace. 

Rea. Wilton T. 

Reck. Frank. | 

Heullack, John B. 

KIddeil. George, and Soucy. 

Rleke, John W. 

Ring, Douglas H. 

Robertson. Donald D. 

HubertMon, Donald D., and Wurmier. 

Robertson. Sloan D. 

Hose. Charles F. P. 

KulUon. Kuymund L.. and Teal. 

Ryder. Rol>ert .M. 

Schellenj:. John C. 

Bchimpf, I.Aither G. 

Schnerkloth. Harry H. 

Schneider, Herbert A. 

Shepherd, William G. T 

Shire. John N. 

Shockley, William. 

Shower, Edmund G. 

Slncer, Fred J. 

Smith, Edward M. 

Southworth. George T. 

Sparks, Morgan. 

Sparks, Morgan, and Teal. 

8i>emer, Harry H. 

Steinberg. John C. 

Stierlti. Wlilinm O. 

Stropnicky. Joseph P 

Taylor Edmund R. 

Teal. Gordon K. 

Thompson, Richard K.. Jr. 

Thurber. Elmer A., and Wooten. 
I TowBsend, Mark \. 

Trent, Rol)«'rf L. 
I Treating. Robert O. 

Valdes, I..eopoldo B. 

Vance. Robert L. 

Von Gugelt>erg, Hans L^ 

Vroom, Edward. 

Waddell, John H. 

Wallit*-** Robert L., Jr. 

Walsh, Edwsrd J. 

Warner. Arthur W., Jr, 

Wearer. Allan, 

West. John W. 

WIer, .\nthonv J 

Willanl. Cerald W. 

Winslow, Field H. William T. 

Toung. William R.. Jr. 

Zleg|«.r. Arthur W. 

Bell, Thomas A.. Petersham, near Sydney, assignor of 

one-half to E. S. Sutton, Gordon, near .''ydney. New 

South Wales. Australia. Zeroising mechanism for 

computer machines, 2.rt41,411, June d. 

Bell. Walter O., Cumberland, Ifd. Hllliard cup chalking 

means. 2.r.28.09rt. Feb. 10. 
Bellnirs, Guy f.. Ix>ndon. and J. C. Ireland, Tunbrldge 
Wells, assfgnors to British Telecommunications Research 
Limited Taplow. England. Selector. 2,639,417. May 
Bellamy, John I. : See — 

Saunders. Norman H., Ilackett, and Bellamy, 
Bellamy. John I., Wheaton, 111., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company. 
Control and marking circuits for addlng-type Impulse 
counters. 2.0.14,403. Apr. 7. 

BclUmy, John I. Wheaton. III., assignor, hy mesne assign- 
ments, to Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company. 
Selecting and actuating mechanism for cross-bar 
switches. 2,643,299. June 23. 

Belle City Malleable Iron Company, assignee: fie« 
.Xndersoti, Russell J. 

Bellln. Alvin J., assignor to National Store Fixture Co, 

Inc.. Baltimore, Md. Chair construction. 2,630.858, 

Mar. 10. 
Bellinger, Thaddeus F. West Allls, assignor to Allls- 

Chalmers .Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Synchronous motor protectire system operative on pnll- 

out. 2.632,875, -Mar. 24, 

BelUnghierl. Santo, New York N. T. Smoking pipe sea- 
soner and rejuvenator. 2,639,716. May 26. 

Bellini, Eugene, Jackson. Ala. Warp guide bar o[>eratiac 
mecUanism. 2,625,023, Jan. 13. 




Bellini, Eugene, Jackson, Ala., assignor to Vanity Fair 
Mills, Inc., Reading, Pa. Rocker arm for knitting ma- 
chines and the like, 2,650,729, Oct. 27. 

Bellis, .Max W. : Sec — 

Smith, Russell M^ and Bellis, 

Belloff, Fred P., and T. R. Bevacqua, Chicago. 111. Barber 
clipper holder, 2,039,880. May 26. 

Bellows Company. The, assignee : tite — 
liellows, Lewis F. R. 

Bellows. Foy E., Dallas. Tex. Hand supportable clamp 
an<l bench mount therefor. 2,660,079, Nov. 24. 

Bellows, Lewis P. R., Detroit. Mich., assignor to The 
Bellows Company. Akron, Ohio. Fluid-powered engine. 
2.041,229, June 9. 

Bellrlnger, Frederick J.. Wimbledon. London, T. Bewley, 
Epsom. R. C. Snell. Hull, and K. H. W, Turck. Banf 
stead, England, assignors to The Distillers Compan| 
Limited, Edinburgh, Scotland. Manufacture of methyl- 
acrylate. 2,049,47.i. Aug. 18. 

Bellstaedt, Gustav, New York, N. Y. Internal measuring 
Instrument. 2,644.239, July 7. 

Belmont, Frank. Anaheim, Calif. Bagging machine. 
2,657,003, Oct, 27. 

Belmont Radio Corporation, assignee : See — 
Hills, Elmer i\. 

Belolt Iron Works, assignee: See — 

Hornbostel, Lloyd. ^ 

HornbostPl. Lloyd, and Ileachler. 
Justus, Eiigar J. 

Belpedio, Jobby, Bridgeport. Conn, Crown cap remoring 
and retaining Implement. Be. 23.731 Nor. 10. 

Belpedio. Jobby, Bridgeport, Conn. Wedge rope clamp. 
2,629,15.'), Feb. 24. 

Belpe<llo, Jobby, Bridgeport, Conn. Lever type vacuum 
cup lifter. 2,646.705. July 28. 

Belshaw. Philip L.. and F. Irving, Blackley, Manchester. 
England, assignors to Imperial Chemical Industries 
Limited. 2,5 - di - (1 - amino • 4 • aroylamlno-2-anthra- 
<|uinonyI)-l :3 :4-oxdlatole8 and method for their prepa- 
ration. 2.r>2<»,718. Feb. 24. 

Belshaw, Thomas B., Seattle, Wash. Dough former. 
2,643.621, June 30. 

Belshaw. Thomas E. and W. R.,- Seattle, Wash. Dough 
former. 2.637.282, May 5. > 

Belshaw, Walter R. : Nee — 

Belshaw, Thomas E., and W. R. 

Belshaw, Walter, Seattle, Wash., assignor to The Warner 
& Swasey Company^ Cleveland, Ohio. Machine tool 
2,6.19,494, May 26. 

Belslnger, Inc., assignee : See — 
Belslnger. Jack R, . 

Belslnger. Samael P. 

Belslnger, Jack R„ Cynwyd. Pa., assignor to Belslnger, 
Inc.. Atlanta, Ga. Heavy duty fiber container. 
2.048.484, Aug. 11. 

/Belslnger, Samuel P., assignor to Belslnger, Inc.. Atlanta. 
Ga. Heavy-duty iSber container. Re. 23.729. Oct, 27. 
Belslnger. Samuel P.. assignor to Helsinger, Inc. Atlanta 
Ga. One-piece fiber board shipping container. 2,635,802 
Apr. 21. 
Belslnger, Samuel P., assignor to Belslnger. Inc., Atlanta, 
Ga. Easy packing deep container. 2,648,480, Aug. 11. 
Belslnger. Samuel P., assignor to Belslnger, Inc.. Atlanta, 
Ga. Heavy duty fiber container. 2,648.481. Aug, 11. 
Belslnger, Samuel P., assignor to Belslnger. Inc.. Atlanta, 
Ga. Heary duty fiber container. 2,648,482. Aug. 11. 
Belslnger. Samuel P., assignor to Belslnger. Inc.. Atlanta, 
Ga. Heavy duty fiber container, 2,648,483, Aug. 11. 
Bel.xkv. ( harles, lietrolt, Mich. Toolholder. 2,632,244, 

Mar. 24. 
Belskr, Charles. Detroit, Mich. Puxzle. 2.655.382. Oct. 13. 
Belt Corporation. The. assignee : See — -* 

Belt, Vernon C. 
Belt. Vernon C. assignor to The Belt Corporation. Orient, 
Ohio. Polly frame for material-conveying elevators, 
2.646.157. July 21 
Belter, Paul A., Pekln. A, K. Smith, H. J. Deobald. and 
P. A. Singer, Peoria, 111., and A, C. Beckel, deceased, 
Peoria, 111., bv E. F. Gury, administrator. Peoria, 111., 
assignors to "the United States of America as repre- 
sente<l hy the Secretary of Agriculture. Preparation of 
proteinaceous soybean material using isopropanol. 
2.635.094. Apr, 14, 
Beltman. George C, and P. H. Sweet. Chicago, 111. : said 
Sweet assignor to said I'.eltman. Car retarder. 
2 63.1.210. Mar. 31. 
Beltz, George W., Cuyahoga Falls, assignor to The Sun 
Rubber Company. Barberton, Ohio. Drinking and wet- 
ting doll with sound effects. 2.653,411. Sept. 29. 
Belti, Rober C. : See — 
/ Olaxe. Herbert L., and Belts. 

Bem. Joseph P.. San Jose, Calif. Mop and shaker rod. 

2,644,184. July 7. 
Beman. Flovd \... assignor to The Dow Chemical Com- 
pany, Midland, Mich. Pentachlorophenyl ester of trl 
chloroacetlc arid. 2.658,071, Nov. 3. 
Bemls llro. Bag Company, assignee: See — 
Harnes. Marshall C. 
Itelrher. Daniel. Williams, and Heimos 
Brady, Charles V,. and Ottinger. 
Brady. Charles V., and Williams. 
^ Clarldge. Robert A,, and Thomas, 
Davis. Harold C. 
KIndseth. Harold V. 

Bemls Bro. Bag_Company, assignee : Btt — Continued. 
KIndseth, Harold V., and Fox. , 

Marsh. Clifford J. 
Stange. Delmar. 
Weeks. Norman E. 
Bemiss-Jason Company, assignee : See — 
.Meller, Reginald B. 
Pagendarm, ICdward J. 
Bemiss-Jason Machine Co., assignee : See — 

Baker. Thomas R., and Pagendarm, 
Bemiss-jHson Machine Co., Inc., assignee: See — 

Baker, Thomas R.. and Lefief. 
Bemmels, Cyrus W^., New Brunswick, N. J., assignor to 
Perroacel Tape Corporation. Adhesire tape. 2,647,843, 
Aug. 4. 
Benade. James M.. Chicago, 111.. E. E. Goodale. Hiram. 
Ohio, and W, P. Jesse. Chicago. 111., assignors to the 
United States of America as represented hy the United 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Radioactive re- 
sistor. 2,629,837, Feb. 24. „ ^, 
Henaglio, Reno V., and R. Nymberg assignors to Bendix 
Aviation Corporation, Detroit Mich, Decoding infor- 
mation translator. 2,625,600, Jan. 13. 
^nak, (Jeorge R., assignor to R. T. Moloney, Chicago, 111. 
Shlttable ball rolling board and control therefor. 
2.658.755, Nov. 10. 
Benander, G»>orge B., Oaklawn, R. I., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to General Electric Company. Pull- 
operate<l switch. 2.629.789. Feb. 24. 
Benander, George B., Oaklawn, R. I., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to General Electric Comnany. Electric 
portable lamp and lamp socket assembly. 2,652,485. 
Sept. 15. 
Benander. George B.. Oaklawn. B. I., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Threaded nozzle clip for lamp sock- 
ets. 2.652,548, Sept, 15. ^ „ , 
Benander, George B.. Oaklawn. R, I., and G. R. Lawson, 
Abington, Mass.. assignors to General Electric Com- 
pany. Electrical connector with Insulation piercing 
means contacting the conductors of electric cords. 
2.655,639. Oct. 13. . ^ ^ ., .., 
Benbow, Burtis W„ Benbow, Calif. Portable hand drill. 

2,637,225. May 5. 
Benbow, Charles M.. Anderson. Ind. Attachment for 

side delivery hay rakes. 2,625.000. Jan. 13. 
Benhury, George W., Drexel Hill, and H. W. TV^ham. Lans- 
downe, assignors to The Pennsylvania Sajt .Manufac- 
turing Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Container having 
a flexible no/.zle and a flexible cap. 2,663,403, Dec. 22. 
Bench, David E. : See — / 

Cool. Kenneth A.. Hush. Ernst, and Bench. / 

Holt, Frederick W.. Jr.. Hench. and Ernst. 
Benchemoul, Norbert R., Paris, France. Liquid resistance 

electrical apparatus. 2,049,526. Aug. 18. 
Benco, Creorge P., Philadelphia, Pa. Sectional comb. 

2.004,092. Dec. 29. 
Bendall. Wilfrid H., New York, N. Y, Power trana- 

mlsslon chain. 2,627.756, Feb. 10. 
Benden, Cletus A, : Bet — 

Lee, Robert E., and Benden. 
Bender, Courser J., Aberdeen, Miss. Disk harrow hitch. 

2.63d,061, Mar, 10. _ „ . . 

Bender, Harrv. Lawrence, assignor to Home Curtain 
Corp., Far "Rockaway. N. Y. Apparatus for making 
pleated curtains. 2.658,5.'>1, Nov. lO, 
Bender, John H.. and D. H. Shooter. Maywood, Calif. 

Wheel testing device. 2,645,860, July 21. 
Bender, Jo,seph, Jr.. J, Eberly. and R, Tipple, assignors to 
The General Industries Company. Elyrla. Ohio, Com- 
mutator. 2.658,158. Nov. 3. 
Bender. Rudolph : See — 

Qulnby, Edwin J., Bender, and Oliwa. 
Benderskv, Sulie. South Orange. N. J. Armrest for beds. 

2.658.211, Nov. 10, 
Bendfeltr-Hetbert A., Oak Park, assignor to Mills Indua- 
'^es. Incorporated. Chicago. 111. Beverage rending 
machine, 2,648.274. Aug. 11. 
Bendltt, Albert : Hee — 

Musser. Clarence W.. and Bendltt. 
Bendix Aviation Corporation, assignee : See — 
Ainsworth, (George. 
Ainsworth. George 0., and Prather. 
Albright, Franklin C. 
Alexander, William G„ and Harden, 
Allen. (Jeorge W. 
Aumick, K. Donald, and Dickey. 
Bechberger. Paul F., and Bevins. 
Benaglio, Reno V., and Nymberg. 
Betcher. Wesley E. 
Bimberg, Elmer M. 
Bla< knian, Blrt (J., and Nelson. 
Blackmore. Fred N. 
Blancher. Donald W. 
Rrlnson, Harry A., and Brady. 
Brown, Jesse B. 
Brown, Robert L. 
Burnett, Richard T. 
Burt. Farlow B. 
Buxton, James E., and Christian 
Calrnes. Charles W. 
Cbapin, Irrlng F. 

Clntrol. Juan E. *• 

Clark. Richard B. 
Clayton, Joseph F. ' 



Bendlx Aviation rorporatlon. asslgmee : See — Continned. 
Colt. UutKer U. 
Cooper. Irclnjj B., Jr. 
Cox. Parker O. I 

Crip«. Maxwell L. 
CroHhv. Edward L.. Jr. 
tH-aril.irff. Clinton K. 
Deardorff. Clinton E.. and Gone. 
I)e»chniii()M. I>«>i«lre J. I 

DIclieT. John W. J , 

I»ii'k»»y. John \V., and Hood. 
Dickey, John \V.. Hood, and Oerwijc. 
Dixby. Jaincfl J. 
Doinbeck. Edward K. 
Dray, Walter L.. and Kazmiti. 
Drlscoli, Paul A. 
KHHtman. Jam«>8 M. 
Elliott. Ri(4iar<l L. 
Permun, Saul M. 
Fillebrown William C. 
PlanaKan, Robert M. 
Franklin, Paul W. I 

Frei, Jakob R. I 

Frlpke. Ouy ('., and Schaffer. 
* Frlcke. Guy C, BImberK. and Scliatrer. 
<Jllb«»rr. Sainu»>l. and Met8(;er.< 
Ooepfrich. Rudolph A. 
Gunn. Joneph H. ' , 

Gr«*ene. Sidney R. | 

Oreenfleld. Alexander. 
Greenfield, Alexander, and Clayton. 
HaaH, Harold O. 
Halpin. KuiTPn*' P. 

HastinKs. Donald F. ' „ 

Haynes. Stephen S. 
> Hennessey, Waif.-r F.. Jr., &n>\ Swan.xon. 

HolllHfer. J.iiiies F. 
FTolmen. Bradford B. 

Hood. Edwin E. I 

Home. KiiuTHoii. j 

House, Bryan K. ' 

Hupp. Edward E. i 

Hurlitiirt. rti.irles E., and Boohm^ 
Jaqnith. John S. 
JarvU, John. 

Johnson. Thomas W. I 

Hasten. Walter. 

Kasten. Walter, and Anderson. » 

Kimball. Vernon It. 
Kimball. Vernon R., and Drenkard. 
Knudson. Giltner J. 
KoM. Andrew J. • 

Konet, 'Henry. 

Konet, Henry and Seifrled. ' 

Korzdorfer, John J. ; 

KrnUkoHki. Stanley J.. Jr.. and Jartla. 
Laucks, Howard H. 
Lauer, ly^'on N. 

Laurlceila. John W., and Haeen. 
Lawrence, Donald M. 
F-e Febvre. Arthur W., and Smith. 
Livers, Carlos B. ' 

Livers. Carlos B.. and Meddock. 
I/onL'. Rl. hard H. I 

Txtnit. Richard H.. and Prather. 
I. owe. Theodore M. 
MarCallum, Alan M. 
MacCallum, Alan M., and Rusaell. 
MaeNeil. Charles I 
, Maiorany. Robert T. 
MarinelM. Jose()li 

Mayforth. John H. j 

Mclwiren. Ian H.. and Alsterberg. 
McLlnden. James B.. Jr. 
McNulty, John V. 
Me.Mo. k. Alvin A. 
* Mef.sirer. Ch.irleH S. 

Meyers, Robert E. 

Mlll.r, .\lfon n. ,, 

Miller. Donald L ' 

Miller. John M.. Jr. 
MItrhell, James \, 
Mock, Frank C. 
>fonefte. Mark L. 
Muehllnji. Anthonv A. 
Murphy, Donald F. 
Murphy. Norman B. 
Neild. William O. 
Nelson. Donald O. 
Nel.son. Don.ild O., and Goddk»<«. 
Noxon. I'aiil A.. MacCallum, land Murphy. 
Ochtnjan. Leonard. 
Onia. John. 
Oni.i. John, and Sirvis 
Owen, John C, and MacCallum. I 

Parker. Lelnnd C. , • ' 

Paulv. Jaeob L.. and Holmes ' ' • 

Perkins. Coriea M. ' 

Perkins. Coriea M., and MacCallam. 
Perrot. Paul II. T 

Peterson, Joel D. ' 

Peterson. John B. 
Plp*T, Charles A., and Brown. 
Prather, Edwin E. 

Bendix Aviation Corporation, assifrnee : See — Continued. 
Price, i:arl R. 
Price. Earl R., and Thomas. 
Price. Harold W. 
Prlc«. Harold W.. and Hupp. 
Purdy, Rolland M. 
Puro, Joiin F. 
Roberta. Glyn P. 

Roloaon. William 0., and Spenfler. 
RoKsire. Franeln H. S. 
Rusaeil, James L. 
Sattady, Caiman S. 
Sciiarfer. David J. 

Schultbeis, Harry B., and ter Veen. 
Schulti. Harold B. 

Edwards, Baker, and Barton. 

and Volk. 

and Med^lock. 

R. Breden, 1.41 
Can Company. 

Air Brake Company. 

Seld, Bernard. Holmes, and Pauly. 

Seifrled. Paul E. 

Shostak. Robert B. 

Smeltxer. Raymond F., 

Smith. Stanlev B., Jr. 

Sixncler. Walt<r J. 

Stallard. Robert L. 

Stockinger, Paul P. 

Stuart, Alfre«I A. . 

Stull, Keefer R.. Jr. 

Tapke. Kenneth W. 

Teague, Walter D., Jr. 

Teajcue. Walter D., Jr., 

Ter Veen. I.^>uis A. (!. 

Thomas, Thomas H. 

Tobias, David L. 

Tojcnola, Tulllo. 

Torsch, Charles E. 

Trautman, Walter C, 

TroeKer. Henry. 

Troeger, Henry, and Goldberg. 

Volk, i:mil A.. Jr. 

Warsiier. .Vdolf)h. 

Waterman, Herbert C. 

Waterman Herbert C, and Kuzmitx. 

Welsenbach, Charles O. 

Wei.senbarh. Charles O., and O'Blenls. 

Werli.T. William A . .ind Steenfeld. 

Wilson. Albert E.. and Huklll. 

Windsor, Walter E., and Koll. 

Winkler, Albert H. 

Wirth. Emil O.. and Barfod. 

WIsman. Franklin O., and Reek. 

Wood. Lou van E 

Wood, Ixtuvan E.. and Hauck. 
Bendix, Gordon H.. Park Ridge, and C. 
Orange. III., asslKnors to Continental 
Inc., New York. N. T. I>«>ak detector for cans anil the 
like. 2.fi4."i.117. July 14. 
xBendlx-Westlnghouse Automotive 
assignee : flee — 

Fitch, Ellery R. 

FItrh. Elierv R.. and Turek. 
»*humaker. John F. ' 

Stesnnan. Norman A. I 

Turek. Thomas J. • I 

Turek. Thomas J., and Firth. 
Bendz. Waldemar I., Weston. Mass.. assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh Pa. 
Photoelectric speed control. 2,652,855, Mar. 24. 
Bendz, Waldemar I.. Weston, Mass.. as.sitrnor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh. Pa. Food 
(lispensing apiiaratus control system. 2,«ri3.477, Dec. 

Benedict. Brur«» C , Bartlesville. Dkla., assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum ronipany. Propane fractionation of reduced 
crude oil. 2.or.4..?84. Dec. 29. 

Benedict. Donald L.. Manhasset. N. Y.. assienor to Syl- 
vania Electric Products, Inc. Electron discharge device. 
2.039,40.'^, May 19. 

Benedict. I>>onard K.. assignor to Amity I.,eather Products 
Co.. West Bend. Wis. Die for cutting and Impressing 
relatively thin leather. 2.firt.'?,]80. Dec. 22. 

Benedict. Louis K., East Palatkn, Fla. Drain for sewage 
disposal systems. 2,637,170, May 5. 

Benedict. Manson. Westfleld, N. J., assienor to Hvdro- 
carbon Research, Inc., New York, N. Y. Rectlflc-ition 
of gaseous mixtures. 2.627,731. Feb. 10. 

Benedict, Manson, Westfleld. N. J., assignor to Hvdro- 
carbon Research. Inc.. .New York. N. Y. Separation 
of miXiMl gases by absorption. 2.652.120. Sept. 15. 

Benedict, Manson, Westfleld. A. C. Faatz, Jr., .Maplewood, 
and H. N. Woebcke. North Bergen, N. J., assignors to 
Hydrocarbon Research. Inc., New York. N. Y. Hvdro- 
carbon synthesis process and the production of synthesis 
gas. 2.049,468. Aug. 18. 

Benedict. Walter E., Newton, and J. O. Van Reiver, 
Philadelphia, Pa., assignocs, bv mesne assignments, 
to Congoleum-.Nairn Inc.. Kearnev, N. J. Method and 
machine for making Inlaid products. 2.654,415. Oct. 6. 

Benedict. Walter L., Rtonehnm. II. D. Goodnow Welleslev, 
and F. Pulsifer. Hamilton, Mass., assignors to United 
Shoe Machinery Corporation. Flemlngton. N. J. Ma- 
chine for shaping the heel ends of shoes. 2,644.968, 
July 14. 

Benefield, James D.. Decatnr, Ga. Hydraulic system air 
trap. 2.653.564. Sept. 29. 




Beneke. Charles J., Louisville, Ky., assignor to Reynolds 
Metals Company, Richmond, Va. Field reel for cable 
colL 2.d49.2()0. Aug. 18. 

Beneke, Jack : 8ee — 

Swartxel Karl D., Beneke, and Waterman. 

Benes, John J., Jr., assignor to Continental Electric Com- 
pany, Geneva, 111. Cathode for photocells. 2,627,044, 
Jan. 27. 

Benexet. Theresa M. and W. L.. New York. N, Y. Pastry 
lifter and setter. 2.041,490. June 9. 

Benezet Wilbert L. : See — 

Benezet Theresa M. and W. L. 

Benfleld, Adalbert K., Sudbury Mass., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the luited States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of War. Self-synchronous mov- 

* Ing target indication system. 2,659,080. .Nov. 10. 

Benford. James R., Ironde<|Uoit Township, Monroe County, 
assignor to Bausch & Louib Optical Company, Rochester, 
N. Y. IMutse contrast apparatus for metallographic 
microscopes. 2,000,923, Dec. 1. 

Bengtsson, .Nils K. L. : See — 

Lidmiiin. Tord N. G., and Bengtsson. 

Bengtsson. Steir assignee : See — 
Dahlgren. Carl A. 

Benhaui. Norman R., Detroit. Mich. Production recording 
instrument. 2,0.'»1.."»61. Sept. 8. 

Benlgnus. Paul G.. Belleville, 111 assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis Mo. Fungicidal composi- 
tion and using same. 2,037,601, May 5. 

Benjamin. Ben M. : Sec^ 

Butler. George B.. and Benjamin. 

Benjamin, Benjamin F., San B«Tnardino, and F. M. Sabens, 
Colton. Calif. Dispensing cap for containers. 2,033,273, 
Mar. 31. 

Benjamin, David, assignor to Benjamin Reel Products 
Inc., Cleveland. Oldo. Weatherproof reel for electric 
cords or the like. 2,047,960, Aug. 4. 

Benjamin Donald O., Maywood, and S. W. Kapranos, 
Clarendon Hills. Ill assignors to Corn Products Re- 
fining Company, New York N. Y. Recovery of 
glucuronolactone. 2,027,520. Feb. 3. 

Benjamin, Fred : See — / 

Ransom. David H., and Benjamin. ' 

Benjamin. Judson E.. White Plains. N. Y., assignor to 
General Precision I^aboratory Incorporated. Double 
reversingclutch. 2.035.720 Apr. 21. 

Benjamin, Percy W., West Edmfston, N. T. 
ance for tail gates. 2.653.845. Sept. 29. 

Benjamin Reel Products Inc., assignee : <S'ee — 
Benjamin, I>avid. 

Benkoe, Ivan, London, England. Dlcebox. 
Apr. 28. 

Benkoe, Ivan, Ilampstead, London. England 
accurately seftinp calip**rs. 2.0.'j9,977, Nov 

Benmax. Sydney, Chlswick, London, England.' 



Device for 

2,644,510. July 7. 

supporting means and using the same 

Benn. William J. : Hte — 

Angell, Paul M., and Benn. 

Benner-Nawniaii, Inc.. assignee' : £>ce — , 

Nawman, Rollle B. 
Thomson, John W. 

Benner Oscar, Friendship, Ohio. Plowshare with detach- 
able blade section. 2 634,004, Apr. 14. 

Bennert. Malcolm O.. Methuen and H. E. Cradduck, Ames- 
bury, Mass., assignors to western Electric Company, 
Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Toroidal coil winding 
machine. 2,657,805, Nov. 3. 

Bennes, William J., Ir^ington. and C. E. Leyes, Union, 
N, J., assignor to Celanese Corporation of America, New 
Y'ork. N. Y. Method and apparatus for forming films. 
2,644,195 July 7. 

Bennetch, I>eonard M.. Bethlehem, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Preparation of black oxide of iron. 
2,031.085. Mar. 10. 

Bennett. Alfred 11.. Hyde Park, Pa. Spring support 
attachment. 2,054,100. Oct. 0. 

Bennett. Alva H., Kenmore, N. Y., assignor to American 
Optical Company. Southbrldge, Mass. Microscope with 
means for modifying contrast In optical Images. 
2.(;.'"»5.077. Oct. 13. 

Bennett, Andrew E., Hingham, assignor to Mason-Nellan 
Regulator Company, Boston, Mass. Sheet moisture dry- 
ing machine control mechanism. 2,629,939, Mar. 3. 

Bennett. Andrew E., Weymouth assignor to Mason-Nellan 
RpKulator Company. Boston, Alass. Sheet moisture dry- 
ing machine control mechanism. 2.6.59,987, Nov. 24 

Bennett. Arthur E. C, Kenton, England, assignor to 
Cornell-Duhilier Electric Corporation, South Plainfleld, 
oV../ .^ Hich-frequency electric potential divider. 
2.640.940. June 2. 

Bennett, Bailey, and G. H. McFadden. Columbus. Ohio, 
assignors, by mesne assignments, to General Motors Cor- 
poration, Detroit, Mich. Making latex foam. 2,643,233, 
June 23. 

Bennett, Charles A. : See — 

Merkel. Charles M., Bennett, and Wright. 

Bennett, Clarence G.. San Mateo, Calif., assignor to Pater- 
son Pad flc Parchment Company. Wrapper for hams. 
2,632,723, Mar. 24. 

Bennett, Clarence C, Ran Mateo, Calif., assignor to 
C. O. B. Company. Ileat-seallng. 2.655,776, Oct. 20 

Bennett, Earl F., and O. Jarvls, Houston Tex. Refuse 
receptacle holder. 2,657,001. Oct. 27. 

Bennett, Edgar G.. Woodville, and C. L. Willis, Ashby-de- 
la-Zouch. England. Vertical extrusion machine. 
2,045,835, July 21. 

Bennett. Edwin O.. Houston, Tex., assignor to Continental 
Oil Company, Ponca City. Okla. Gas lifting device for 
flowing multiple zone wells. 2.632,513, Mar. 24 

Bennett, Elbert V., and li. Renn, Albany, assignors to 
M and M Wood Working Company I'ortland. Greg. 
Routing machine for removing delects from wood. 
2.644.495. July 7. 

Bennett. Elbert V.. and H. Renn, Albany, assignors to 
M and M Wood Working Company, Portland, Oreg 
Apparatus for making wood patches. 2,049,809, Aug. 

Bennett, Eldred C. and C. Powell, Detroit, Mich., assign- 
or's to Sterlinji Drug Inc., New York, N. Y. Cap liftrng 
machine. 2,6uO,74S, Sept. 1. ** * fe 

Bennett, Foster C, assignor to The Dow Chemical Com- 
pany, Midland, Mich. Die casting. 2,000,709, Dec 1 

Bennett. Frank, Philadelphia, assignor to Standard 
Pressed bteel Co., Jenkintown, Pa. Sheet metal table 
tray construction. 2,628,873, t'eb 17 

Bennett George K.. and J. B. Ott, Dayton, Ohio, assignors 
to Monsanto Chemical Company, St Louis, Mo. 
2-thiomo-5-oxazolidone8. 2.849.458. Aug. 18 

Bennett, Harold F E. A. Young, and E. lioag.' assignors 
to hastmau Kodak Company, Rochester, NY. Auto- 

Be^en. Tl^a^d af^;"- ""^"^^'- ."'^ ^'^'- «• 

von Hoorn, Fred G.. and Bennett 

Lennett, IrviuK T., Baltimore, Md., assignor to Revere 
Copper and Brass Incorporated, Rome. N. Y. Dies for 
extrusion presses. 2.051,411, Sept 8 ^^'cb lor 

Bennett, James A. J., O. Cross, and A. O. Forsyth Cheam 
assignors to The Fairey Avlatioir Company Llmtted' 
y«py««j,gEngland. Rotary-wing aircraft *^2,653.778.' 

Bennett James G., North Bend, Wash. I'lane file shoe 

attachment. 2.003,070 Dec 22 
Bennett, James H.. Jr..'Towson; assignor to The Glenn 
• i**f V" Company, Middle River. Md. Control wheel 

and wiring. 2.041,029. June 9. •■ oi wueei 

Bennett. Jeanne H., Chicago, 111. Artificial waterproof 

hair ornament. 2.000.H20 Dec 1 "aiciprooi 

^i^i!^"' «°*^° D., assignor to Dresser Equipment Com- 
§^v^'3 "''*"™°°'' ^«^- Traveling block 2.657.905, 

Bennett, John O.. Bartow, Fla. Apparatus for determin- 
ihgSl? Ma^t"'^"''^^'^^^^'"' "^ transmission llScl 
Bennett! John W. : See — 

Egee, Walter W., and Bennett, r 
Bennett, Leonard W., assignee : See\- 

Lahoiien, Toivo. 


Bennett Maurice D., and F. T. /.izzl, assignors to 
\ale 4 Towne Manufacturing:<j<{inpany. Stamford C 
Combination lock. 2,000,873 Dec 1 •""»". v. 

Bennett, Paul K. : See— • '^^-'■ 

Tomberlln. William M., MacKenzie. and Bennett 

Bennett-Powell. John A.. Tendring. assignor to Fell 
?^mn^T°<* Limited, London, England. * Compression 

BJn^^!i?°R|{S°|.?7e^/-^'"^- '•'''•'''' •^-- ^- 

T> ^.*J^<>v.>^' *"'"'■ L.. Bennett, and Arzberger. 

Bennett. Richard E.. assignor to Western Electric Com- 
pany, Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Apparatus for 

Benn^P/'^p^ ^''^^^''^^ °°. t"™ioal». 2.035.819, Apr 21 
v«^St "''•'H''' *v.»,«««Knor to Universal Pap^r llag Co. 
New Hope, Pa. Valve bag. 2,651 451 Sent 8 

nfl^lV ""^'■X N.. McComh. Ohio! Endless conveyer 
ditching machfne. 2.641.070. June 9. «^""vejer 

Bennett. Robert N McComb. Ohio, assignor, by mesne 
a.s.signments, to Gar Wood Industries, Inc Stwlng 
June 9 * '°^ mechanism for trenchers. ' 2.041.343, 

Bennett. Rufns B.. Baytown. Tex., assignor, by mesne 
S«H*^.t.°^"vr *? Standard Oil Development Company! 
faKf.'- 2'64f J339':'Aurn""^'°''""'""'°"" '^^''^^ 

%T{Vafv"e"t62^:87l;#Jr^°3 ""'''• '''"''' '"«^ ^^-^ 

renewing mechanism. 2.654.545. Oct. 6. 

Bennett, yiTlan R., Los Angeles, Calif. Means for apply- 
ing artificial respiration. 2.648,331, Aug. 11. 

Bennett, Wallis R.. Midland, and L. N. Carmouche, Luding- 
ton. assignors to The Dow Chemical Company, ^Ildland, 
J 1 21 calcium chloride pellets. 2,646,343, 

Bennett, \yilllam R., Summit, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York N Y 
Wave transmission system and svntheslzing a clven 
electrical characteristic. 2,640,105. May 20. 

Bennett, William R., Summit, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York N Y 

^'^JaA^fjI^l. decoder for pulse code modulation! 
2,664,504, Dec. 29. 

Bennie, Frank K., assignee : See — 
Hoist, John C. 

Bennie, Lynn W., assignee : See — 
Hoist. John C. 



li«>nnlKhof ItalplJ R.. Ashl.nd. Ohio awlKnor to WejtlnR- 
houSe KMtrii- Corix.ratlon. Ea«t /'ittsburgb. P.. Hous- 

BeDDtnc Anthony F.. VVoodatown. N. J. awlgnor to K. I. 
(lu Pont de Nemour. and Company. Wilminicton. De . 
Aieotroplc refrigerant composition of m«n:,x'f''°'"«i»- 
flooromethane and chloropentatluoroethane. J.041.D7y. 

June 9. 
Hfnnlnjt. Walter F. : Ker - 

Rook. I>«>lmar (J., and llennlng. 
BennlnKhof«-n. Paul, trustee, assignee: See— 

1 BennlnS.-Vllffi 'l, W.lte Hill Vnia.e and A F. 
Robertson. South Euclfd. assignors to The IMpe Machln 
ery Company. CleTeland. Ohio. Machine tool. Re. 

lJennfi?»ftolI"'^'harleH H.. assljsnor to The Jlwlern Limb 
Supply Co.. Inc.. Wautagh. N. Y. Orthopedic and pros 
th««tlc appllHUiM' 2,t)»;j.^J8. Dec. l.>. 

Henno. Edward L.. Skokle. assignor to Automatic Electric 
LHl)iratorle8. Inc.. Chicago. HI. tiraphic recorder 
2,rt.')»,«5.'>l. Nov. 17 .„,,■» * 

Benolt. Jeanne A^ Anthony. R. I. Surgical Instrument 
2.644.455, July 7. 

Benoit, Jo«ep»» P.: Sre . ,. ., , , 

\\ U.^ke Jiiliii.s K.. Menolt. and .McCormlck 

Benow Sidney R.. New York. N. Y. Automatic radio dial 
ing <ievlce. 2,«36.«81. Apr. 28. 

Bonnis W:it(h Company. Inc.. assignee : Bee — . 

Benstteff nSoIus'^W.. Inglewood. Calif Portable adjust- 
able manipulating apparatus. 2.rtai,o8-:. Mar. 17. 

Benslnger. Wolf-Dleter. Muhlacker VVurttemberg. assignor 
to Dalmler-Uenx Aktlengesellschaft, Stuttgart-Lnter- 
turkheim. tiermany. Rotary valve controlled multl 
cylinder Internal-combustion engine. 2,t)48,J18. Aug. 

Benson. Alfred B.. Endlcott. assignor to International 

Business Machines Corporation, >ew York, >. ». 

• Secondary time-keeping apparatus. 2.624.170. Jan. h 

Ik'nson. Alfred H., Kndiott. assignor to International 
Business Machines Corporation. New \ork. N. Y. Ul- 
rect rea<l K.condary clock and correction mechanism 
therefor. 2.«51.1tt7. Sept. 8. . ^ .,. ^, w 

Benaon. Archie M.. North Hollywood. Calif. Telephone 
lock 2,041. 059. June 9. . j ^ u 

Benson Ary A.. Oakland, Calif. Air cooled brake. 
2.»l.'i4.448. Oct. 6. . „ , ... 

Benson Ary A , I>etrolt. Ml.h. Brake construction 
•J.c,5.V2n7. Oct 1.1 , ,. „, . 

Benson. Krnest 11.. Kansas City. Mp. High-pressure con- 
tainer with adapter for discharge apertures. 2.061. IIJ. 
I)..- 1 „ 

Benson John H.. assignor to Mulllns Manufacturing Cor 
poratlon Salem. Ohio. Garbage disposal. 2.627.07.). 

Feb. 3 -^ , 

Benson. Merle K.. Belmont. Mich. Cutter mechanism for 
mowing machines. 2,»540,3t)9. June 2. 

Benson. Ralph A., McKeesport. Pa. Exhaust for clothes 
driers. 2.f..-.t»,784. Oct. 27. 

Benson, Richard E.. Claymont. assignor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours & Company, Wilmington. Dt'l. Chemical 
process for the pro<luctlon of an add salt of hjdroiyl- 
amine. 2.628.M88. Feb. 17. 

Benson. Richard E.. assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
& Company. Wllmlngtrnj. Del. Preimratlon of hydroxyl- 
amlne. 2.628,8M9. Feb. 17. 

Benson. Richard E.. Claymont, assignor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, Del. Prepara- 
tion of nltrooletlns. 2,656.395. Oct. 20. 

Benaon, Robert M. : Ser— 

Slater. John M., Benson, and Freebalrn. 

Benson, Rol)ert W. : See — 

Mayo, Clyde R.. and Benson. 

Bent. Anthony J. : ^'«•«• - 

Staplt-s. Otis E.. and Bent. 

Bent. Arthur J.. Penn Township. Allegheny County. Pa , 
assignor to Wostlnghouse Air Brake Company. Opera- 
tor's fluid pressure control valve device. 2.630,828, 
Mar 10 

Bent, Arthur J.. Penn Township Pa., asaignor to W eating- 
bouse .\lr Brake Company. Pressure control valve de- 
vice. 2,637,340, May 5. 

Bent, .\rtliur J., Penn Town.shlp. Allegheny County, Pa.. 
assignor to WVstinghouw .\lr Brake C<»mpany. Fluid 
pressure control apparatus for free piston machines. 
2 661.020 TVo. 1 

Bent. Arthur J., Pittsburgh. Pa., and S. L. Williams, New 
York, N. Y.. assignors to Westlnghouse Air Brake Com- 
pany. Brake apparatus. 2,656.018, Oct. 20. 

B«'nr. Franklin .N., llcysham. Knirland. a.ssignorito Her- 
riilex Powfler Tompany, Wilmington, l>el. Extraction 
of lower fattv adds. 2.«Tt!2,9m, iVc. 15. 

Bent. H.irold T.. Jr. : flee- 

Beck, Francis X., and Bent. 

Bent, John H., Chicago. III., assignor to Barton Manu- 
facturing Contpany. St. Ijouls. Mo. Method and ma- 
chine for manufacturing applicators. 2.656.219. Oct. 

Bent. Richard I- : .<cf — 

Welssberger. Arnold. Thlrtle, and Bent. 

Bentley. Clarence H. : See — 

Bletcber, Ralph E., and Bentley. 


mechanism for 

Bentley. Earl V. : See — 

Raveae. Thomas, and Bentley. 
Bentley, George P.. Garden Cltv, and F. House. Baldwin. 

assignors to Instrument I>eveiopment Laboratories, Inc., 

W'illlston Park N. Y. Picture unit for stereoptlcona. 

2.647.437, Aug. 4. 
Bentley-IIarrls Manufacturing Company, assignee : Bee — 

Sblve, Howard J, 
Bentley. James S., assignor to Teleflex Products Limited, 

London. England. Mechanism for the oiH>nlng and dos- 
ing of windows, louvers, or the like. 2.6.')2.245. Sept. 

l.'». * 

ISenfley. John F.. Roscommon, Mich. Freight car door 

lock 2,f..'..">.:57l. o«t. i:{ 
Bentlev. I.«Blie F.. assignor to Pye Limited, Cambridge,, 

England. Insulation stripping device. 2.657.6U1, 

Nov. 3. 
Bentley. Robert H., assignor to The .Vrrow-Hart & liegeman 

Electric Co.. Hartford Conn, iinap switch. 2,644,865, 

July 7. 
Bently, (;eorge K., assignor to McCray Refrigerator Com- 
pany. Inc.. Kendallville Ind. Open-top refrigerated 

diM|>lay case. 2.626.508. Jan. 27. 
Bently. George K.. assignor to JlcCray Refrigerator Com- 
pany. Inc.. Kendallville. Ind. Open-top refrigerated 

dlsplav case. 2.63.'). 434. Apr. 21. 
Bently, Lewis R., Hobart. Ind. Heatless necktie presser. 

2.62^.948, .Mar. 3. 
Bentsen. William J., aasslgnor to Solar Aircraft Com- 

panr. San Diego. Calif. Die stamping and drawing. 

2.664.062, Dec. 2«. i 

Bentz, I^-vl : Wee- ' 

>IcCandless. James M.. and BentJS. 
Benua, Loul.s P., and J. L. Coulter. Columbus, and R. H. 

Orth«>efer. Worthington. assignors to Ebco Manufactur- 
ing Company. Columbus. Ohio. Pressure regulatlijig 

valve iiiechaniHia. 2.64.').88r». July 21. 
Benvenlstc. Jacob : See - 

Jensen, (iarold K.. and Benvenlste. 
Benyak. John B., assignor to The Osborn 

<'ompanv. Cleveland, Ohio. Brush and 

making same. 2, ♦•.61, 490. Dec. 8. 
Benz.^MJeorge W.. executor : See — 

l»ni^Ierbert <•. 
Benz. Herbert 0.. deceased, St. Paul, Minn.; G. W. Benz. 

e.>e(ljtor of the estate of said H. G. Benz. Tire pre8.Hure 

Indicator. 2,«;;{y.»iS.%. May 2»). 
Benzer, Seymour. West I^afayette. and K. Lark-Horovltz, 

assignors to Purdue Research Foundation, Lafayette. 

Ind. Rectifier. 2.046.536. July 21. 
Benzing, Harry J.. Devon, assignor to American Chemical 

Paint Company. Ambler. Pa. Ammonium chromste 

rinse for phosphate coate<l metal surfaces. 2,634.225. 

Apr. 7. 
Benzon. George H., Jr.. I^nsdale. Pa. Indexing device 

for machine tools. 2.630.722. .Mar. 10 
Beprlstls. Andrew J.. Azusa. Calif. Album. 

Slav 26. 
Beranek. Anthony J., and A. F. Collmann. Coggon. Iowa. 

Tractor-mounted wlndrower. 2.648,186, Aug. 11. 
Beranek. Byron B.. Elcho. Wis. Bowling pin setter, 

2.627.408. Feb 3. 
Berberlan. Edward. Cnlon City N. J. Rug cleaning and 

shampooing machine. 2. 633. ,595. Apr. 7. 
Berberlch. I>eo J., and H. M. Phllofsky, Pittsburgh, as- 
signors to Westlnghouse Electric Corporntlon. East 

Pittsburgh, Pa. Producing electrical colls insulated 

with mica and synthetic resins and the products thereof. 

2.656.290, Oct. 20. 
I^rbv Ola L. : Srr— 

For RoN>rt P. and Berhv. 
Berch. Samuel H.. deceased. Beverly Hills Calif., by Arden 

Farms Co.. assignee, Los Angeles. Calif. Container flap 

folding apparatus. Re. 23,669. June 23. 
Berck, William F , Hayward. assignor to Ralph J^^Brodle 

Company, Oakland, Calif. Flow control valve. 

2.647. .531. Aug. 4. 
Berck William F., Hayward, assignor to Ralph N. Brodle 

Company. Oakland. Calif. Manifold with manually ac- 

tuate<l valves for controlling fluid flow. 2,647.659, 

Aug. 4. 
Bercker, I>>ster J . Alexandria. Va. Reversible 

tor. 2.636,480. Apr 28. 
Berdan. George D.. Fort Worth. Tex. Clutch 

mowers and trimmers. 2,657,517, Nor. 3. 
Berdlf'k. Murray: See — 

Hewitt. Eric J., and Berdlck. 
Lorlt<«ch. John .\.. and Berdlrk. 
Beremnn. John W.. Bentonvllle, Ark. Folding table 

sectional top. 2.646.324. July 21. i 

Beren. Irvin B. : See — 

Jenkins. Jack, and Beren. 
Berens. (iregory E., and C. Colbert, Dayton. Ohio. Mag 

netlc reconllne 2.6(51.307. THh-. 1. 
Berenson. Henry J , assignor to National Paper Can 4 

Tube Company, Milwaukee. Wis. Battery Insulator tut>t 

nmnufacture. 2.6,39.647, May 26. 
Beresin. Morris. Philadelphia. Pa. Dental articulator. 

2.641.838. June 16. 
BerefltnefT. Alexia A., assignor to Carrier Corporation, 

Syracuse. N. Y. Absorption refrigeration system, 

including means for placing steam condensate and weak 
■olution In beat excbanse relation. 2,648,957, Aug. 18. 

fluid mn- 
for lawn 


Beretta, John W., San Antonio, Tex. Rigid tension-truss 
bridge. 2,642,598, June 23. 

.Beretvas, Helen M., assignor to Standard Oil Company, 
Chicago. III. Demulslflable lubrlaint compositions. 
2.640.811 June 2. 

Beretvas, Helen S.. assignor to Standard Oil Company, 
Chicago, HI. Sulfurlzing esters. 2,644,810. July 7. 

Beretvas. Helen 8., assignor to Standard Oil Company, 
Chicago, 111. Sulfurlzation of oxygenated aliphatic com- 
pounds. 2,644,811. July 7. 

Beretvas. Helen S.. asslynor to Standard Oil Company. 
Chicago. 111. Sulfurlzing fata and fatty acids. 
2,644,825. July 7. 

Berezny. .Mlsdia N. : See— 

Shusett. David R.. and Berezny. 

Berezny, Mlscha N., Huntington I'ark. as-slgnor to D. R. 
Shusett. Beverly Hills. Calif. Automatic car washer 
with air-actuated agitator. 2,637.873. May 12. 

Berford. Robert F. W., Dearborn, and C. W. Wood. Grosse 
Polnte Farms, Mich., assignors to I'hll Wood Industries 
Limited, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Tail gate for load- 
ing and unloading vehicles. 2,626.067. Jan. 20. 

Berg. Abram S.. and A. N. (Joregllad. Wyncote, Pa. Join- 
ing together glass pipe sections. 2.632.942. Mar. 31. 

Berg. Abram S.. and A. N. Goregllad Wyncote, Pa. De- 
vice for heating glass pipe. 2.633,522. Mar. 31. 

Berg. .A me L. : See — 

Dale. Colin B.. Berg, and Wagner. 

Berg, Charles B., Kansas City, Mo. Controlling means 
for battery chargers, 2,627,060, Jan. 27. 

Berg, Claes. H. Carlsson. and R. V. Ekman. assignors to 
Aktlebolaget Overums Bruk, Overum. Sweden. Potato 
harv«iHtlng machine and separating conveyer therefor. 
2.659.189. Nov. 17. 

Berg, Clyde H. O. : See— 

Polly, Orvllle L.. and Berg. 
Reed, Homer C. and Berg. 

Berg, Clyde H. O., Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California. Los Angeles. Calif. Gasification 
process and apparatus. 2.627.455. Feb. 3. 

Berg. Clyde H. O.. Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California. Los Angeles. Calif. Adsorption 
process and apparatus. 2.630,877, Mar. 10. 

Berg, Clyde H. O Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California, Los Angeles. Calif. Adsorption 
process. 2 638,999 May 19. 

Berg. Clyde H. O.. Ix)ng Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California. I>os Angeles. Calif. Oil-shale 
eduction process and apparatus. 2,640,014, Mav 26. 

Berg. Clyde H. O.. Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California. Los Angeles, Calif. Oil-shale 
eduction apparatus. 2.640,010, May 26. 

Berg, Clyde H. O., Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Company of California, Los Angeles, Calif. Gas-solid 
separator. 2,641,335, June 9. 

Berg. Clyde 11. O.. Long Beach, assignor to Union Oil 
Companv of California, Los Angeles. Calif. Apparatus 
for solids flow control. 2.647,587. Aug. 4. 

Berg. Clyde H. O.. Long Beach H. C. Reed. Glendale, and 
F. L. Hartley, assignors to Union Oil Company of Cali- 
fornia, Los Angeles, Calif. Iron-group Impregnated ad- 
sorbent In adsorption process. 2,632,528, Mar. 24. 

Berg, Clyde H. O., and D. H. Imlioff. Long Beach, as- 
signors to Union Oil Company of California I.^s An- 
geles. Calif. Adsorption process. 2,651.666. Sept. 8. 

Berg, Elaine, Chicago, III. Head covering. 2.629.103, 
Feb 24. 

Berg, Elaine. Clilcago, 111. Ear muff. 2,651.046, Sept, 8. 

Berg. Elaine, Chicago, assignor of one-third to R. H. 
Wendt, Evanston. and one-third to F. P. Peters, Chicago. 
111. Antldrip device for coffee cups and the like. 
2.657.5.59. Nov. 3. 

Berg. John W., Hutchinson, Kans. Material handling 
equipment. 2.630,350, Mar. 3. 

Berg. Lloyd, Bozeman, Mont., assignor to Phillips Pe- 
troleum Company. Catalytic conversion of shale oil 
hydrocarbons. 2.635.987. Apr. 21. 

Berg. Paul. Fort Wayne, Ind. Card dispensing device. 
2,637 609. May 5. 

Berg. Quentln, New Cumberland, assignor to Aircraft- 
Marine Products Inc.. Harrlsburg. Pa. Terminal of the 
grommet type. 2.643.-366. June 23. 

Berg, Quentln. Nf»w Cumberland. Pa. Electrical connector 
having insulating piercing barbs. 2,648,050, Aug. 4.< 

Rprg, Quentln. New Cumberland, assignor to Aircraft- 
•Marlne Products. Inc.. Harrlsburg, Pa. Electrical con- 
nector of the eyelet type. 2,648.054. Aug. 4. 

Berg. Quentin. New Cumberland, assignor to Aircraft- 
Marine Pro<lucts Inc., Harrlsburg, Pa. Electrical con- 
nector strip having laterally displaced strip feeding 
edges. 2.6,59.871. Nov. 17. 

Berg. Ralph R.. Menlo Park, assignor to Marlblast Corpo- 
ration. Jersey City, N. J. Sandblasting device. 
2.628.456. Feb. 17. 

Bergaml. Casto E., Milan. Italy. Machine for making 
foundry molds. 2.640.234. June 2. 

Bergan, Martin D.. Westfleld, assignor to The Thomas & 
Itefts Co.. Elizabeth N. J. Case hardened cable con- 
nector and method, i.638.367. May 12. 

Bergan. Martin D.. Westfleld, assignor to The Thomas & 
Betts Co., Elizabeth. .N.^ J. 
2.651.767, Sept. 8. 

Bolted bus connector. 

Bergan, Martin D., Westfleld, assignor to Th« 

IWtts Co., Elizabeth, N. J. Cable connector. 

Oct 27, 
Bergandl, Frank, Los Angeles, Calif. Wire i 

chine. 2.<{25.901, Jan. 20. 
Berge, Godshalk, assignor to Aladdin Industrl 

rated. Chicago. 111. Reaction product of a 

rite and lead tltanate. 2,040.813. June 2. 
Berge, Godshalk, assignor to Aladdin Indust 

porated, Chicago, 111. Magnetic core comp 

producing the same. 2,656.319, Oct. 20. 
Berge, (iodshalk. assignor to .Maddln Industrl 

rated, Chicago. 111. Magnetic core and ma 

same. 2.659.698. Nov. 17. 
Berge, Howard J., Canby Minn. Baling mach: 

pactlng straw and stalks from harvesting mi 

cylindrical bales. 2,627,223. Feb. 3. 
Berge. Ralph I., iMyton. Ohio. Controlled dai 

mechanism. 2.6.')4.999, Oct. 13. 
Bergelm, Frank H. : Bee — 

Lott. William A., and Bergelm. 
Bergen. Ceorge, (•reendale-on-IIudson, X. Y 

palette. 2,656,633. Oct. 27. 
Bergen, Lionel R.. lola, Wis. Fluid motor 

2,646,004. July 21. 
Berger, Benjamin S., South Orange, aasignoi 

Florin, Incorporated, Newark, N. J. 

2.634,777, Apr. 14. 
Berger, Benjamin S.. South Orange, asslgnoi 

Florin, Incorporated. Newark, N, J. BilU 

2,642,912, June 23. 
Berger Brothers C<)nipan.v, The. as.slgnee : See- 
Champagne. Emory C. 
V'ersoy, Irving R. 
Berger, Charles V., Western Springs, assignor 

sal Oil Products Company, Chicago, III. H 

conversion process. 2,630,404. Mar. 3. 
Berger, Charles V., Western Springs, and ^ 

Hinsdale, assignors to Universal Oil Product 

Chicago. 111. Catalytic reforming of hy 

2,642.383, June 16. 
Berger. Charles V., Western Springs, and ) 

Hinsdale, assignors to Universal OH Product 

Chicago. 111. Catalytic reforming of hy 

2.642,385, June 16. 
Berger. Charles \.. Western Springs. 111.. 

Hansen. Shreveport. La., assignors to Un 

Products Company. Chicago. 111. Nonregenc 

alytic reforming process. 2,654.694, Oct. 6. 
Berger, Daniel A. and (J. S.. Brooklyn. N. Y. 

weaving adjustable loom. 2.663.0^6. Dec. 5 
Berger. Bmll J. Lansdale, and H. W. Matthews. 

assignors to Dexdale Hosiery Mills. Lansdale 

tile treating machine. 2,646.194, July 21. 
Berger Engineering Company, assignee : See — 

Troyer. Marc D. 
Berger. Frank M.. Princeton, and B. J. Lud 

Brunswick, N. J., assignors to Carter Pro 

New York, N. Y. 2,2-dlphenyl-l,3-propan« 

carbamate. 2.656,378, Oct. 20. 
Berger, (Jerard S. : See — 

Berger. Daniel A. and G. S. 
Berger, Hans : Bee — 

Gund, Konrad, Berger, Scbeer, and Schltt 
Berger. Harold, Bronx. N. Y. Automatic fluid 

for automobiles. 2.661,411, Dec. 1. 
Berger, Harold C, South Ozone Park. N. Y. S: 

ance for switches. 2,659,780, Nov. 17. 
Berger, Isadore I. : See — 

Sunderland, Louis, Florlne. and Berger. 
Berger, Jack, Laurelton, assignor to Diesel ' 

Corp. of N. T., Jamaica, N. Y. Water heater. 

June 16. 
Berger, Jacob. - Chicago. 111. Car defros 

2.640.231, June 2. 
Berger, Jacob. New York. N. Y. Running gea 

removable chair. June 30. 
Berger. Jacques, assignor to Welding Research 

cago. 111. Predetermlng system, Includli 

providing continuous operation without hor 

setting. 2.052.197. Sept. l'>. 
Berger, Kornel, Kew Gardens, N. T. Lamp harp. 

Aug. 25. 
Berger. Kornel, Kew Gardens. N. Y. L 

2.062.106. Dec. 8. 
Berger. Maurice P.. Paris. France. Pneumatic 

tor. 2.0.*)9..391 Nov. 17. 
Berger. Samuel. Little Silver, N. J. Tube-eje< 

2,635,129, Apr. 14. 
Berger. Sidney E., Cranston, R. I. and K. 

Swansea. Mass., assignors to United Rtai 

Company. New York, N. Y. Mixtures of 

vinyl resin and thermoset phenol-aldehyde 

making the same. 2.659.708. Nov. 17. 
Berger, Uriah S.. Rockaway. N. J., assignor to 

phone Laboratories. Incorporated. New Y< 

Frequency modulation detector. 2,664,505, 1 
Bergerson. Charles W. : See — 

Rauh. Elmer M.. and Bergerson. 
Bergeson. Harold B. : See — 

Booth. Vilas B.. Bergeson. and Patts. 
Berpey. Stanley L., Hempstead, and J. A. N 

Hicksvllle. N. Y.. assignors to The Sperry C 

Antenna apparatus. 2,651.721, Sept. 8. 







BerKfors. Carl A. : Bee — , „ _, 

DlcklMon, Arthur H.. Phelpa. and Bergfors. 
IStTKfor* Carl A., Yonktrs, asiii^iior to International Boai- 
Tii-n* Niachines Corporati4.n, New York. S. Y. Electronic 
multivibrator. 2/>^l.'S2. Sept. 8. . ' ,.. ^ 

BerifKren tieorge K.. Baltimore. Md.. a»«lKnnr to Western 

ted. New York, X. Y. 


Electric ('<>mp;iny, Incorponiti . 

puratus for extruding plaatlc material. 

Oct. 27. 
Bergrren. N'lla, assignee : Bee — 

flansaon, Karl J. „« »„ ^ 

Bergh Charles J., Vandalla. assignor to Tlie Dayton 

Pump k Mfg. Co.. Dayton, Ohio. Centrifugal pump. 

2,642.004, June Ifl. „ 

B«rgb, Charles J.. Vandalla. assignor to The Dayton Pump 

h Mfg. Co., Dayton, Ohio. Submersible pump. 

2,648.28t5. Ang. 11. „.. r. . « 

Bergh. Charlen j:, Vandalla. assignor to The Dayton Pump 

& Manufactrlng Coiiipany, Dayton, Ohio. Centrifugal 

pump. 2,6.'»1,998. Sept 


Rotating chance game 

Minn. Hand wearing 
Duluth. Minn. Pller 

Bergh. Joan B.. .New York, N. Y. 
apparatus. 2. r,_>r,. !.'>«;. Jan. 20. 
Berghoff. .Matth.'W \V. : Sre^ < 

Creson WUllam K., and Berghoff. 
(rt'ston, William K.. .N»-wnian. and Berehoff. 
Berghom. Fred W.. Rutherford. N. J. Uoughening tool 
for walls of ryllndrlcal flngcr-grlpplng holes o£ bowl- 
ing balla. 2.fi40..M8. June 2. 
Bergknut ^Junnar V . and «'. J. E. Klessling. as-slpnora to 
Allmiln'na .Sven.fka Elektrlska Aktlebolaget, \ asteras. 
Sweden. Three-pha««* commutator motor with speed 
reg«ilatlon by hrutth (lisplaceineBt. 2,«j(H,4.T>. Dec. 1. 
Berglind Nils W.. Stureby, Sweden. Mathine of the 
household tyi>e for cutting, ma-sliing. au& whipping 
frnitH v.'getahlfS. and the like. 2, <;»•,(). 2 10, Nov. 24. 
Bergllnd. Nils W.. Stureby, Sweden. Centrifugal machine 
for the rt'covery of liquid out of raw vegetable food. 
2.rt(>0,2n. Nov. 24. 
Berglund. August : See— 

Berglund. Nela. and Berglund. 
Berglund. Hilina L. O., St. Paul. 

loom. 2,0SS,947. Oct. 20. 
Berglund, Nfls, and A. Berglund. 

wrench. 2,<528,."i21. Feb. 17. i 

Berglund. Orion W. : See — 

Denlston, G«'orge L., and Berglund. 
Berglund. Reuben E.. Alamo, Calif. Cement sack or the 

like. 2,634.901, Apr. 14. 
IU>rglun<l. Svrn *'t. : See - 

Karp. Edward C.. and Beitglund. 
Bergman. Barnard, assignee : See — 

Raphael. Walter. 
Bergman. Cnrl A. : See — 

A Jam, Mustafa J., and Bergman. 
AJam. Mustafa J.. I'ar.idl.s. and Hergraan. 
Bergman, Donald J., Kenllworth, aa.signor to Universal 
Uil Products <'oinpany. Chicago, 111. Apparatus for 
uniform distribution and contacting of Bubdivldod solid 
particles. 2,651, ."^tiS. Sept. 8. 
Bergman. Ed, asaignor to Kiddie Seat Corporation. New 
York. N. Y. Infant'a toilet Beat mounting means. 
2.645,785, July 21. 
Bergman. Marry. :ind O. I'.ehnke. Chicago. HI. -Magnetic 

abrasion tool. U.titVJ..'?.**;?, D«t. 1,'). 
Bergman. Lars. Stockholm, assignor to Arenco Aktiebolag, 
Stockholm, Swe<len. Supplying packing machine or the 
like with cigarettes. 2.653,723, Sept. 29. 
Bergman. William E^ Bartlcsville. Okla., assignor to 
Phillips Petroleum Company. Controlling the viscosity 
of drilling muds. 2.636,857. Apr. 28. 
Bergmann. Ernst R.. Evt>rgreon I'ark, assignor to Good- 
man Manufacturing Company. Chicago, III. Articu- 
lated coniKction for shaker conveyers. 2.654.467. Oct. .6 
Bergmann. Ernst R.. Evergreen Park, assignor to Good- 
man Manufacturing Company. Chicago. 111. Drive 
mechanism for shaker conveyers. ^,656.037, Oct. 20. 
Bergmann. Ernst R.. Evergn-en P'lrVf assignor to (Jood- 
man Manufacturing Company. CRlcago. 111. Shaker 
conveyer. 2.66l,S34, Dec. 8. 
Bergmann. Henry C. South Gate, Calif. Refrigerator 

tank. 2.629,228, Feb. 24. 
Bergmann, Richard F. : See — 

Mus.xchoot, AH)ort. Bergmann. and Y'oung. 
Bergmann, Werner : See — 

Fang. James C.-S.. and Bergmann. 
Bergmann. Werner, New Haven. Conn., assignor to 
, .\merlcan Tyanamid Company. New Y'ork. N. Y'. Pro- 
ducing I'echmann dye. 2.«M0.,*i.36. June 2. 
Bergqulst, Theodore W., Willow Grove, Pa. Sealing the 
seating surfaces of valves and similar devices. 
2.649.110. Aug. 18. 
Bergqvlst, Ake T., Flnspong, Sweden. Locking device for 

telescopic structures. 2,643,143, June 23. 
Ik'rgson, Gustav, Germantown, Pa., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. High Input Impedance semicon- 
ductor amplifier. 2.660.624. Nov. 24. 
Bergson, Gustav, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Sound recording and reproduc- 
tion. 2.626.320. Jan. 20. 
Bergstedt, Milton A.. Linden and R. H. Lamason. Bound 
Brook, N. J., assignors to Industrial Tape Corporation. 
Adhestves comprising phenol-formaldehyde resins, cer- 
tain polvvlnvl acetal resins, and rlclnoleate esters. 
2,637,706. May 5. 

Bergsteln. Frank D. : See — 

Haas. Walter, and Bergsteln. 
Bergstein. Frank D.. Wyoming. Ohio. Apparatus for 

asNemblIng composite cijptalners. 2.»>25,(»H."». Jan. 13. 
Bergsteln, Rob«>rt .M.. Wyoming. Ohio. Prmluclng cartons 

having metal tearing iilges. 2.62S,179, Feb. 10. 
Bergst«-in Robi-rt M . Wyoming. Ohio. Box with carry- 
ing handle'i »07 Julv 1 » 
Bergsteln. Samuel. Cincinnati. Ohio. Watertight and gas- 
tight shipping cont:dner. 2,630,262, Mar. 3. 
Bergsteln, Samuel. Cincinnati. Ohio. Method and means 

for the end coatlnk' of packages. 2,<'.:{J.91M. Mar. 31 
liergsteln Samuel, Cincinnati, Ohio. Machine for sealing 

the ends of wrapped articles. 2,634,564, Apr. 14. 
Bergstrom, .Vdolph <;., assignor to Bergstrom .Manufac- 
turing Co., Rockford, HI. SbutoCf valve. 2,631,613. 
Mar. 17. 
Bergstrom. .\ll>ert L.. assignor to The Timken Roller Bear- 
ing <'om|miiy. < 'anion, Ohio. Cone rib finishing machine. 
2.t;»;o.H40. Dec. 1, 
Bergstrom, Albert L., assignor to The Timken Roller Bear- 
ing Companv, Cant«)n. Ohio. Floating typo roller bear- 
ing. 2,664,32r>, Dec. 29. 
Bergstrom, I'arl N., Portland, Oreg. Holding seal for 

crankcase gaskets. 2,0.39,832, May 26. 
Bergstrom. ( arl N., Portland, Oreg., assignor to Waldorf 
Paper Products Companv, St. Paal, Minn. GarmeAt 
hanger. 2.«>.'.0.o<>6, Aug. 2.".. 
Bergstrom. Carl P.. Millbury, assignor to Crompton k 
Knowles L<M>in Works, Worcester, Mass. Thread cutter. 
2.642,093, June 16. 
Bergstrom, Carl P., Millbury, assignor to Crompton & 
Knowles Loom Works, Worcester, Mass. Warp b(>am. 
2,645,43.3. July 14. 
Bergxtrom. Eric V., Short Hills, N. J., assignor to Socony- 
Vacuum Oil Company, Incorporated. Catalyst level indi- 
cator. 2.ti47,4(>."., .\ug. 4. 
Bergstrom, Eric V., Short flllls. and E. R Sorf, Fanwood. 
N. J., assignors to S«K*ony-Vacutim Oil Company, In- 
corporate<l. Method and apparatus for conducting mov- 
ing contact material hydrocarlwn conversion processes. 
2.656,306, Oct. 20. 
Bergstrom. Herman .\. : Bee — 

Von Glahn. William H . and Bergstrom. 
It^rgstrom Manufacturing Co., assignee : 8e« — 

Bergstrom. Adolph G. 
Bergstrom. Roland F. : See — 

Barton. Robert C. Bergstrom, and Plantfeber. 
Bergvall, Knut L., and E. B. Dahlberg, Stockholm, Sweden. 

Box beam construction for floors. lie. 23,693, Aug. 4. 
Bergvall, Knut L.. E. E. Dahlberg. and A. O. (i. Palm- 
gren, Stockholm, Sweden. Continuous press-gluing. 
2,63i,622^ Mar. 17. 
Bergvall, Knut L., E. E. Dahlberg. and A. O. G. Palm- 
gren assignors to A B Bostatlsforskning, .Stockholm. 
Sweden. Method and device for the manufacture of 
bo4 girders. 2,631,956, Mar. 17. 
Berhoudar, Osep V., Johannesburg, Transvaal. Union of 
South Africa. Air Inlet device for Internal-combustion 
engines. 2.633.868. Apr. 7. 
Berlndel, Matthew. Cheam, and W. Tennet. Wallington, 
Englanil, assignors to Hartford National Bank and Trust 
Company, Hartford, Conn., as truste*'. Circuit arrange- 
ment for X-ray tubes. 2,642..'V40, June 16. 
Bering, Horace L., I)ecatur, 111. and T. P. Callahan, 
Springfield, Mass. Vent plug closure. 2,03r),784, Apr. 
Bering, Horace L., D««catur, HI., 
Springfield. Mass. Vent and 
2,6ri0.673. Sept. 1. 
Berk. Kenneth E. : See- 

Hott. Ion V. K.. and Berk 
Berk, Leslie H., Lakewood, and J. 
Ohio. Portable combination 
2.632,186, Mar. 24. 
Berkebll I>ee R., I>etrolt. Mich., assignor to National Steel 

Corporation. Drawing machine. 2,633.233, Mar. 31. 
Berkeley Scientific Company, assignee : See — 

Helkes. Norman L. 
Berkeley Scientific Corporation, assignee: See — 

Glel, George J.. Jr., and Burns. 
Berkelhamer, Louis H., Chicago, assignor to D. T. Slegel, 

Glencoe, 111. Resistor. 2.628,300. Feb. 10. 
Berkelhamer. Louis II.. Chicago, assignor to D. 
Glencoe. 111. Electrical element. 2.647,192, 
Berkelhamer Louis II.. Chicago, assignor to D. 
<'.iencoe. 111. Resistor and manufacture. 
Nov. 24. 
Berkepels. Lukas. Arnhem. Netherlands, assignor to Ameri- 
can Enka Cortwratlon, Knka. N. C. Reciprocating block. 
2 650.036, Ang. 25. 
Berker. Ralph C, Hoxsie, R. I. GUI drawing frame. 

2,629,137. Feb. 24. 
Berkley. Howard L.. Billings. Mont. Hydraulically oper- 
ated power rake. 2,645,891, July 21. 
Berkley Machine Company, assignee : See — 

Skow. Ross r 
Berkley, Warren D. : See — 

Boiler, William D.. Berkley, Ernst, and Landmeier. 
Berkllne Corporation, The, assignee: Bee — 

Beiisle, Adelard J. 
Berkman, Herbert A., Chicago. HI., assignor to Zlm 
Manufacturing Company. Can opener. 2,640,257, 
June 2. 

and T. 

P. Callahan, 
plug closure. 

C. Bullock, Cincinnati, 
crib and playpen. 

T. Slegel, 

July 28. 

T. Slegel, 


Berkner, Hans O. : Bee — 

Neugebauer, Frani J. Berkner, and Naumann. 

Berkovitz, Harry, Weehawken, N. J., asvignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, I'a. Ele- 
vator brake. 2.063,387, Dec. 22. 

Berl, John EI, assignee: Bee — 
Hltchens. Harry E. 

Berland. Morton, and M. Splegler. St. Paul, Minn. Valve. 
2,648.517, Aug. 11. ! 

Berlant Associates, assignee: Bee — 
Berlant, EiiananueL 

Berlant. Emmanuel, Culver City, assizor to Berlant As- 
sociates, Los Angeles, Calif. Drive for magnetic tape. 
2.664,251, Dec. 29. 

Berleme. George H.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Door peep observa- 
tion device. 2,638,810 May 19. 

Berles Carton Company. Inc., assignee : Bee — 
Broderlck, I<>ank W. 

Berles, James J., Fort Wayne, Ind. Comestible chopping 
device. 2,661,535, Dec. 8. 

Berlin, Dennis. Philadelphia, Pa. Combination cot and 
chair seat. 2,636,548. Apr. 28. 

Berliner, Walter M assignee : Bee — 
Morgenstern, David. 

Berlyn, Martin J., Enfield, Conn. Fuel injection appara- 
tus. 2.625.436 Jan. 13. 

Berlyn, Martin J., Enfield, Conn., and J. J. Broderlck, 
assignors to American Bosch Corporation, Springfield, 
Mass. Fuel supply apparatus for internal-combustion 
engines. 2,642,806, June 23. 

Berlyn. Martin J., Sutlield, Conn. Fuel injection method. 
2 625,141. Jan. 13. 

Berlyn, Martin J., Saffleld. Conn., assignor to American 
Locomotive Company. New York, N. Y. Valve actuating 

, mechanism. 2,044 436, July 7. 

Berlyn, Martin J., buttield. Conn., assignor to American 
Locomotive Company, New York, N. Y. Fuel Injector. 
2 647,015, July 28. 

Berlyn, Martin J., SufBeld, CO«n.. assignor to American 
Locomotive Company, New York, N, Y. Fuel injector. 
2.647,016. July 28. 

Berman, lienjamin P. : See — 

Weiner, Ix)ul8 I., and Berman. 

Berman, Frank, Pewaukee, Wis. Writing pad unit for 
automoblld steering wheels. 2,650,836, Sept. 1. 

Berman. Frank. I'ewaukee, Wis. Utility attachment for 
automobile steering wheels. 2 663,576 Dec. 22. 

Berman, Hans, Forest Hills, N. Y., and S, Katz, assignors 
to Conmar Products Corporation, Newark, N. J. Elec- 
trodeposition of copper and copper alloys upon zinc 
and line alloys. 2.657,176, Oct. 27. 

Berman, Harry L., Boston, Mass. Combination bib and 
apron. 2,648,845, Aug. 18. 

Berman, Oscar A., New York, N. Y. Cushions. 2,638,156, 
May 12. 

Berman, Oscar A., New York, N. Y. Cushion or the 
like. 2.659,418, Nov. 17. 

Bernal, Antonio, Santa Fe, Argentina. Engine compressor 
control. 2.627,371. Feb. 3. 

Bernal, Ricardo M., Havana, Cuba. Closure for unre- 
flllable containers. 2,653,726, Sept. 29. 

Bernard. Edward. Co., assignee : See — 
Yeliin, Bernard. , 

Bernard, Joseph : See — 

Bernard, William and J. 

Bernard, Joseph. Fils, Ste-Germaine, Quebec, Canada. 
Latch mechanism for adjusting drag scraper operation. 
2,627,127. Feb. 3. 

Bernard, William and J. West Millington, assignors to 
American Asbestos Industries, Inc., Berkeley Heights. 
Township of New Providence, N. J. Apparatus for 
manufacturing cement-asbestos board. 2,650,524, 
Sept. 1. 

Bernard. William B., Miami, Fla. Radio frequency admit- 
tance measuring apparatus. 2,636,928, Apr. 28. 

Bernardln Bottle Cap Co.. Inc., assignee : See — 
Brown. Winthrop L. 
Brown, Winthrop L., and Foye. 

Bernardo, Vicente S. D., Manila. Republic of the Philip- 
pines. Clutch assembly. 2,652,912, Sept. 22. 

Bernardoni. Walter, Rome, Italv, Apparatus for produc- 
ing compressed air for obtaining vibratory air move- 
ments therefrom. 2,645.904, July 21. 

Bemartz, Alexander A. : Bee — 

Paparazzo, Louis, and Bernartz. 

Bernat, Ix>uls. assignee : See — 
Shaw, Albert E., and Moon. 

Bernau, Arthur F. Saginaw, Mich. Article carrier means 
for automobile trunks. 2.660,349, Nov. 24. 

Berndsen, Richard A., assignee : Bee — 
Bemdsen, William E. 

Berndsen, William E., Cleveland Heights, Ohio, assignors 
of three sixteenths to R. A. Berndsen and tliree six- 
teenths t0 B, J. Jorgensen. Split head mop having 
mechanical squeezing means. 2,653,336, Sept 29. 

Berndt, Richard F., assignor to Virkotype Corporation, 
Racine, Wis. Powder dispenser and distributor. 
2,643,032, Jnne 23. 

Bernegger, Rolf, Hawthorne, assignor to Cliffslde Dyeing 
Corp., Paterson. N. J. Testing apparatus for testing 
the fading characteristics of textile material. 2,640,354, 
Jnne 2 

237243— P- 




Berner, Carl H., assignor to Chrysler Corporatic 

hind Park. Mich. Fluid seal. 2.647,773, Aug. 
Berner, Christian. Aktiebolag. assignee : See — 

EkstrOm. Karl H. R.. and Lundin. 
Berner, Bndre Q^ Slemdal, near Oslo, and J.^ 

Heroya, near Porsgrunn, assignors, by mesn 

ments, to A/ 8 Norduco, Oslo, Norway. Rec 

potassium from sea water and saline aque< 

tlons. 2,659,656, Nov. 17. 
Berner. Harry M., Chicago, assignor to American 

Supply Corporation, Evanston, III. Bedside tal 

ture. 2,628,147. Feb. 10. 
Berner, Harry M., Chicago, assignor to American 

Supply Corporation, Evanston. 111. Vertlcall 

able segmental bed. 2,651,785, Sept. 15. 
Berner, Leo, Sa;n Jose, assignor to Pacific Coast 1 

Ing Company, Alameda, Calif. Drag bucket an 

therefor. 2,629,190, Feb. 24. 
Berner, Leo, San Jose, and A. L. Jett, Menlo Pa 

Torque converter. 2,628,566, Feb. 17. 
Bernet, SSdwln J.. Washington, D. C. Ezpans 

for coaxial lines. 2,644.028, June 30. 
Bernett, Willis J., assignor to S. A. Galatas, R. L 

F. W. Fisher, and W . J.- Bernett, Kansas City, 

J. M. Anderson, Kansas City, Kans., truste< 

rescue apparatus. 2,647,675, Aug. 4. 
Bernhardt, Eugen : See — 

Bauersfeld. Walther, and Bernhardt. 
Bernhardt, Otto P. W., Woodland, assignor to I 

Sugar Company, San Francisco, Calif. Prlntin 

nlsm for automatic polariscopes. 2,631,529. 
Bernhardt, Rudolph, Chicago, 111. Dispenser ch 

with Pouring spout and slidable closure. 

Nov. 3. 
Bernhart, Finn W. : Bee — 

Kennedy. John G.. and Bernhart. 
Bernheim. Daniel P., Southbridge, and C. G. 

Sturbridge, assignors to American Optical 

Southbridge, Mass. Lens blocking device. 

Nov. 24. 
Bernheim. Louis L., Richmond, Calif. Fruit pick« 

2,650,464, Sept. 1. i 

Bernler, Hector F.. Jr. : See — 

Mason. Russell I., Ripken, and Bernler. 
Bernler, Jean. Paris, France, assignor to Compaj 

erale de Telegraphic Sans Fll. Method and a 

for power measurement and detection at ultra 

quencies. 2,643,28a June 23. 
Bernler, Jean, and J. Brossart, Paris, France, ass 

Compagnie Generale de Telegraphie Sans Fll. 

modulated tube of the reflex type. 2,659,024, 
Bemlght, Edward R.. Pinellas Park, Fla. Va 

Btruction. 2,650,579, Sept. 1. 
Berninger, Ernest L^ Peru, and D. L. Richards, 

111., assignors to General Time Corporation, N 

N. Y. Casing for an electrical clock movemer 

a cord storage compartment. 2,644,853. July ' 
Berninger, Kenneth L., Dayton, Ohio, assignor t( 

Motors Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Propeller 

ine. 2,626,668, Jan. 27. 
Berninger, Kenneth L., and J. F. Haines, Dayt' 

assignors to General Motors Corporation, Detn 

Propeller mechanism. 2.625.998, Jan. 20. 
Bernstein Bros. Pipe k Machinery Company, i 

Bee — 

Sefcovic. Felix S, i 

Bernstein, Isldor M. : Bee — ' 

Zettlemoyer, Albert C, and Bernstein. ' 
Bernstein, Jack : See — 

Lott, William A., Bernstein, and Heuser. 
Bernstein, Jack, New Brunswick, W. A. Lott, Mi 

and F. Y. Wiselogle. Kingston, N. J., assl 

Mathieson Chemical Corporation New York, N. 

stituted 4-acetamldobenzaldehyae thlosemlca 

2,635,115, Apr. 14. - 

Bernstein. Jacob M.. and C. E. Robertson, Jr., I 

Cltjr. Md., said Robertson, Jr., assignor to sa 

stein. Lever lock for pressing macbineB. 2 

Nor. 3. 
Bernstein, Paul, assignee : See — 

Citron, Ben. 
Bernstein, Seymour, Pearl Rivera and M. D. Hel 

sey, assignors to American Cyanamid Compa 

York, N. Y. Preparing A4-pregnene8. 2 

July 21. 
Berrien Tool and Die Companv. assignee : See — 

Ferguson. Carl K.. K.. and R. C. 
Berry and Levy Enterprises, assignee : Bee — 

Berry, Charles T. 
Berry, Charles E., Fairmont, W. Va.. assignor 

man Manufacturing Company, Chicago, III. 

machine for mining coaL 2,654,586, Oct. 6. 
Berry. Charles T., Greenville, Miss., assignor to I 

Levy Enterprises. Surgical splint. 2,651,302, 
Berry, Clifford E. : Bee — 

Washburn, Harold W., and Berry. 
Berry, Clifford E., Altadena, assignor to Con 

Engineering Corporation, Pasadena, Calif. M 

trometry. 2,632,113, Mar. 17. 
Berry, Clifford E., Altadena. assignor to Consolic 

glneering Corporation. Pasadena, Calif. Mi 

trometry. 2,662,184. Dec. 8. 





Berry, Clyde W.. Naval BAe. 8. C 
2.648,927. Aug. 18. 

Berry, David R. : See — 
'-, Smith. Hlanchard D., and Berry. 

J Berry Edward J.. Cranston, and (». T. Allenson, Lincoln, 

"> R. I., aulgnori to Draper Corporation. Hopedale, Maaa. 

FllUnt; motion for shuttleleu looma. 2.H54.399, Oct. ti. 

Berry, Edward J., Providence, R. 1., aaaignor to Draper 
Corp>oratlon, HoptMlalp, Masa. Buncb building method 
and apparatua. 2.650,760. Sept. 1. 

Berry. Forrest, Reading, I'a. Combination bug and air 
deflector. 2.638, 37«, Xlay 12. 

Berry. L'oburn D. : Hee — 

Trimble. Howard B.. Sr., and Berry. 

Berry. (Jeoffrey : Bee — 

Millar, Andrew C, Kamper, and Berry. 

Berry. Henry S. : See — 

Fitzgerald, Harold J., and Berry. 

Berry, Jacic H. : tiee — 

/oUars, Richard U., Lawson, and Berry. 

Berry. John V.. Johnstown, I'u. Car coupling apparatua. 
2.661,851, Dpc. 8. 

Berry. Kenneth I-.. Horkessin. .isslgnor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, Del. Obtaining 
dlMperHionn of polyfluoroethylenea. 2,662,065, Dec. 8. 

Berry. Michael F., Cleveland, Ohio. Combustion chamber 
for gaseous fuels. 2.638,975. May 19. 

Berry, Norton E., Newburgh, Ind.. assignor to Servel, Inc., 
New Yorit, N. Y. Absorption refrigeration. 2,626,800, 
Jan. 20 

Berry. Theodore M., Scbeiiectady, N. Y., assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. ""Automatic electrical measuring 
device. 2,629,843, Feb. 24. 

Berry Verne H. : See — 

uriscoe, William F. R., and Berrv. 

Berry. William. Abwcon, N. J. Device for collecting 
e<]uine urine f<p<>cimenfl. 2.626..187. Jan. 20. 

Berry. William D.. Grand Rapids. 8. G. Vlgara, Royal 
Oak. and W. E. Adamek. St. Clair Shores, aaalgnors to 
General Motors Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Control 
mechanism. 2.632,122. Mar. 17. 

Berry, William De L., Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to General 
Motors Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Control mechanism. 
2,635.200, Apr. 14. 

Berstler. Francis E., Mlddletown assignor of thirty-three 
and one-third per cent to C. V. Hoke, Hummefstown, 
and thirty-three and one-third per cent to E. O. BrtJ- 
baker Elizabethtown, Pa. Spark plug. 2,626,595. 
Jan. 27. 

Berstler. Francis E., Mlddletown, assignor of thirty-three 
and one-third per cent to C. V. Hoke. Hummefstown. 
and thirty-three and one-third per cent to E. O. Bru- 
baker. Elizabethtown, Pa. Sp.irk plug and Ignition 
wire attachment meana. 2,650.584. Set)t. 1. 
, Bersworth, Frederick C. Verona. N. J. Metal Ion chelat- 
ing compounds consisting of mono phenyl poly alkylene 
polyamino polycarboxylic acids and salts. 2.624,756, 
Jan. 6. 

Bersworth. Frederick C. Verona, N. J. Substituted 
aralkyi alkylene diamlno dlacetlc acids and salts. 
2.624.757. Jan. 6. 

Bersworth, Frederick C. Verona, N. J. Sabstltuted mono 
nralkyl alkylene polyamino polyacetic acids. 2.624,758. 
Jan. 6. 

Bersworth. Frederick C. Verona, N. J. Substituted poly 
aralkyi alkylene poly amino poly acetic acids and salts. 
2.624.759. Ian. 6. 

Bersworth. Frederick C, Verona. N. J. Hydroxy-aromatlc 
alkylene dl-lmino dl-aq^etlc acids and salts. 2,624,760, 
Jnn 6. 

Bersworth. Frederick C. Verona. N. J. Chloro alkyl alkyl- 
ene poly amino acids and producing same. 2,630,405. 
Mar. 3. 

Bersworth. Frederick C, Verona, N. J. Metalworking 
lubricant solution. 2.631,978. Mar. 17. 

Berta. Guldo, Mariano Comense, Italy. Warp beam for 
weaving with safety locking device for the disks. 
2,632.611, Mar. 24. 

Bertea, Aler, deceased. Paaadena. Calif., by H. D. McKay, 
executor, Puente. Calif. Mechanically operated check 
ralve. 2,634,752. Apr. 14. 

Bertele, Lndwlg. assignor to Henry Wild Surveying In- 
struments Supply Co. T-td . Heerbrngg. Switzerland. 
Telescope objective. 2,660.093, Nov. 24. 

Bertele. Ludwig, Heerhrugg, Switzerl.ind. Objective com- 
prising three lens members axlally air separated from 
each other in optical alignment. 2.661.660, Dec 8. 

Bertele. Ludwig J.. St. Gall. Switzerland Optical objec- 
tive comprising nix lenseo Krouped into three air spaced 
comnonents. 2.fi63,221. Dec. 22. 

Bertell. Paul. Kemnore, and L. C. Meade^ assignors to 
Standard Mirror Company, Buffalo, N. Y. Rear-vision 
mirror. 2,640.394. June 2. 

Bertell, Paul, Kenmore. and O. A. Welngartner, Grand 
Inland, assignors to Standard Mn-ror Company. Buffalo. 
N. Y. Adjustable antiglare rearvlsion " mirror 
2.645.1.'i8. July 14. 

Bertello, Enrico, Borgo San Dalmazzo. Italy. Selective 
delivery filing cabinet. 2.660,503, Nov. 24 

Bertheisen. V.. Enelneering Works Inc., assignee: Bee — 
nerthel«<^n. Vlgpo. 

Bertheisen, Viggo, Hellerup, Denmark, assignor to V. 
Bertheluen Engineering Works Inc. Hydraulic press. 
2,627,289, Feb. 3 

Fish and crab hook. Bertheisen, Viggo, Hellerup, Denmark assignor to V. 

Berthelson Engineering Works Inc. ^reas. aapeclally a 
veneering press. 2,627.290, Feb. 3. 

Berthiex. Charles W.. Paris. France. Locking device for 
toolholder carriage operating In t>oth directions. 
2.624.099. Jan. 6. 

Berthiex. Charles W., Paris, France. Clamping device for 
slides of machine tools or the like. 2,635,324. Apr. 21. 

Berthiez, Charles W.. Paris, France. Machine tool such 
as boring and milling machine. 2.639.644. May 2G. 

Berthold. J. O.. Co.. The, assignee : See— 
Berthold. John O.. Jr. 

Berthold John G.. Jr.. Huntington. W. Va., assignor to 
The J. O Berthold Co. Confectionery container. 
2,628,169. Feb. 10. 

Bertholin, Paul. New York, N. Y. Vibrating machine for 
treating humans. 2.645,219. Juiv 14. 

Bertin, Jean H., and R. II. Marchal, assignors to 
Soclete Nationale d'Etude et de Construction de 
Moteurs d'Avlation, Paris. France. Aerodynamic valve. 
2.642.895. June 23. 

Bertolani. Joseph T. : Bee — 

Rolancl Ous L., and Bertolani. 

Bertolero, Frank : Bee — i 

Stanton. James M., Ad Bertolero. 

Bertolet, Elmer C. Jr.. Lltitz. Pa., assignor to Raybestos 
Manhattan. Inc.. Passaic. N. J. Friction element and 
forming same. 2,640,795. June 2. 

Bertolus. Marcel If. : Bee — 

Tribalat. Suzanne M. F.. and Bertolus. 

Bertram, Leon L., Hopewell, Va.. A. F. Martin, Wilming- 
ton. Del., and P. A. Pohlke, Hopewell. Va., assignors to 
Hercules Powder Company, Wilmington. Del. Apparatua 
for cleaning fibrous materials. 2,632.924. Mar. 31. 

Bertram, Sidney, Los Angeles. Calif. Sweep circuit. 
2,660.691, Nov. 24. 

Bertram, William A., Chicago, 111. Playing card holder. 
2,631.642. Mar. 10. 

Bertrand, Joseph V.. Brooklyn, assignor to Hydropress, 
Incorporated, New York. N. Y. Sealing meana for 
pressure vessels. 2.641,381. June 9. 

Bertrand. Leiindre M.. Montreal, Quebec, assignor to The 
(iriasol Bread Specialties Ltd.. Rosemount. Quebec, Can- 
ada. Manufacturing bread sticks. 2,660.134. Nov. 24. 

Berty. William J.. Bridgeport, Conn. Snow shield for 
motorcar windshields. 2.646,118. July 21. 

Hery Ilium Corporation. The. assignee : Bee — 
Kawecki. Henry C. 

Berzof, Harol<i, and F. A. Rogers, EMgewood. Md.. as- 
signors to the United States of America as represented 
by the Secretary of the Army, as trustee. Delay arm- 
ing fuse. 2.651.993. Sept. 15. 

Besag, i:rn«t, Streetly, an<l T. D. G. Wintle, Birmingham. 
asMignors to J. A. Crabtree k Co. Limited. Walsall, 
England. Nfeans for mounting magnets or the like 
within switch casings. 2.655.622. Oct. 13. 

Besal. Joseph \. : fire- 

Camp Thomas P. Thorsen. and Besal. 

Bescocra. Luis, Florida. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Auto- 
matic control device. 2.657,291. Oct. 27. 

Beseler. Charles, Company, assignee : Bee — 
Field. Philip M. 

Besler. William J.. Piedmont. Calif. Artificial fog gen- 
erator. 2.630.412. Mar. 3. 

Besly. Donald M. : Sf»— 

Goldbers, Alan A-< and Besly. 

Bess. I>>on. Boston, Mass.. assignor to the United Statea 
of America as represented by the Secretary of War. 
Object locating identification system. 2.624.873, Jan. 6. 

Bess, Leon. Boston. Mass.. assignor, by mesne assitrninents. 
to the United States of America as represented by the 
Secretary of War. Transmission line delay network. 
2.fi5f>.0.'i*. Nov. 10 

Bessert, Carl M.. I^Anstng, Mich. Razor with a new and 
naed blade holder. 2.631,367, Mar. 17. 

Hessey. Carlton E., Little Silver, N. J. Direct coupled 
amplifying system. 2,6.38,512, May 12. 

Bessey Carlton E.. North Long Branch. N. J. Inter- 
carrler-video type television receiver. 2,634,329. Apr. 7. 

Beaaiere, Pierre E.. Paris, aaaignor to Electro-Mecanlqae 
de I'Aveyron. 8. A., Rodes, Prance. Electrodynamie 
brake. 2.632,850. Mar. 24. 

Beaaier^. Pierre E.. Paris, assignor to Society Electro- 
Mecanique de TAveyron. Rodes (.\vevron> France. 
Cooling system for electric brakes. 2.648.730. July 14. 

Bessom. John A.. Media. Pa., assignor to Amerlcin Viscose 
Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Tube for treatlntr fibers 
and the like with fluid under pressure. 2.661.618. 
Dec. 8. 

Bessonette. Marshall O.. Medford. Oreg. Checking device 
for self-aervlce stores. 2.649.932, Aug 25 

Best. Charlea D.. Freano. Calif. Safety latch. 2,637,679, 
May 5. 

Beat Chria E. : Bee— 

Eberly. Kenneth C, and Beat. 
Best. Cleafe A.. Jackson, and L. E. Johnson, Parma, as- 

slimors to Sparks-Wlthington Company, Jackson. Mich. 

Turn indicator with automatic cancellation. 2,651,688, 

Sept. 8. 

Best Cyril : fee— 

Molina. Desmond W.. Best, and Chandler. 

Best, Cyril, Deptford, London, aaslgnor to Molins Machine 
Company Limited. London. England. Conveyer and 
transfer mechanism for use with weighing machines. 
2.653.698. Sept. 29. 
Best. Donald M. C, lx)rd8wood, and R. C. Clerk. Richmond, 
England. Upper-cylinder lubricator for internal-com- 
bustion eneines. 2.630,793. Mar. 10. 
Best Foods. Inc.. Tlie, assignee : See — 
Gooding. Chester M. 
Meinlck. Daniel. Gooding, and Vahltelch. 
Vahltelch. Hans W.. Gooding, and Meinlck. 
Beat. Gerald M.. Beverly Hills, assignor to Warner Bros. 
Pictures, Inc.. Burbank. Calif. Proceaslng sound film. 
2,635.047, Apr. 14. 
Best. John H.. ft Sons. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Best. I^eon H.. and Johnson. 
Best. Leon H., and O. W. Johnson, assignors to John H. 
Best ft Sons, Inc., Galva, III. Dolly for rolled materials 
such as carpeting. 2,656.050, Oct. 20. 
Beat. Ix)rln Al., Eugene. Oreg. Paint can lid. 2,646,193, 

July 21. 
Best. Philip F. : Bee — 

McBrlde, Charles B.. and Beat. 
McBride, Charles B.. Best and Orem. 
Best. Richard L.. Wayiand, Mass., assignor to Research 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. Bistable circuits. 
2,047,9!»9, Aug. 4. 
Best, Robert C, Indianapolis. Ind. Me<hanlcal lifting 

mechanism for dump trucks. 2,638.380, May 12. 
Best. Stanley G.. Manchester assignor to United Aircraft 
Corporation East Hartford, Conn. Thermocouple unit. 
2.653.983. Sept. 29. 
Best. Stanley ii., Manchester, and D. R. Pearl, West 
Hartford, assignors to United Aircraft Corporation, 
East Hartford. Conn. I*re8sure actuate<jl throttle valve. 
2.649.108. Aug. 18. 
Best, WllHam L. : Bee — 

Shorek. Leonard J., and Beat. 
Best, William L.. Detroit, and C. 11. Llsch. Jr.. Grosse 
, Pointe Woods, assignors to Young Brothers Company. 
Detroit. Mich. Unloader for wlcket-type conveyers. 
2,648,420. Aug. 11. „ . , 

IJeste. (Jeorge W., and H. M. Tanner, Baton Roiige. La., 
and H. Shapiro. I^trolt. Mich., assignors to Ethyl Cor- 
poration New York. N. Y. Manufacture of tetraethyl- 
fead. 2,'653.169, Sept. 22. , „ „ 

Bestehorn, Heinrlch H., Easton. Pa., and J. P. Morgan. 
I'hlllipsburg, N. J., assignor to General Aniline ft Film 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. Metallized ortho-hv- 
droxy. ortho-amino monoazo dyestuffs and their use In 
*yelng nylon. 2,624.653. Jan. 6. 
Hester, Leonard R.. Washington. D. C Added air charge 

and water injection system. 2.642.852. June 23. 
Bestian. Herbert, assignor to Farbwerke Hoechst vermala 
Meister Lucius ft Bruning, Frankfort-on-the-Main- 
Ilochst. Germany. Polymerization products and pre- 
paring them. 2.626.931. Jan. 27. 
BeHti.nn, Herbert, assignor to P'arbwerke Hoechst Akti- 
eni:esellschaft vormals Meister Lucius und Bruning. 
Frankfurt am Main Hochst, Germany. Preparing" 
derivatives of ethyleneimine. 2,654,737. Oct. 6. 
Bestpak Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Tliompson. Paul. 
Bestway Kqulpinpnt Co Inc.. asslgnoe : See — 

Jnnnson. Newman C. 
Beszedics, Gexa E.. Vienna, Austria, assignor to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation. New York, N. Y. 
, Automatic regulator of high sensitivity for regulating 
' alternating current voltages. 2.664.540. Dec. 29. 
Betancourt Cano. Satll, and L. L. Corrhero, Havana, Cuba. 
Automatic shutoff valve for pressure fluid systems. 
2,664,101. Dec. 29. 
Betcher, Wesley E., Utlca. Mich^ assignor to Bendlx Avia- 
tion Corporation. South Bend. Ind. Carburetor. 
2.626,790. Jan. 27. 
Bethea. Sam K., Baytown. Tex., assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Standard Oil Development Company, Eliza- 
beth. N J. Apparatus for catalytic conversion of 
hydrocarbons. 2,660,520, Nov. 24. 
Bethge. Bernhard : See — 

Suer. Ren«. Welker. Matar«. and Bethge. 
Bethke. Harvey R.. assignor to E. A. Kwiecinski. Mil- 
waukee Wis. Valve tappet adjusting screw, 2,646,780, 
July 28. ^ 

Bethlehem Foundry ft Machine Company, assignee: Bee — 

Smith, Wilbur R 
Bethlehem Steel Company, assignee : See — 
Anderson. Arvld E. 
Kovatch. Robert J. 
Mancke. Edgar B. 
Stelling. John H. 
White. William R.' 
Wilson. Tom, and Heaa. 
Worthen. Eugene P.. and Robinson. 
Betsrh Carl L.. and F. H. Detrlck. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Coating compositions. 2,650.909. Sept. 1. 

Bettega Louis C. Berkley. Mich. Leveling and plumbing 
device and elements thereof. 2.635.350. Apr. 21. 

Bettendorf Company, The. aasignee : Bee — 

Kottman. Arthur A. 

Schrage. Edward O. 
Better Brushes. Incorporated, aaalgnee : Bee — 

Teetsel. Ralph T. 


: See — 

Automatic appai 
producta and t 

Better Monkey Grip Company, assignee : Bee — 

Everett. Luther M.. Sr. 
Better Packages Incorporated, assignee : Bee — 

Krueger. Theodore H. 
Better Products, Inc.. assignee 

Moe Herman A. 
Bettlni, Lorenzo, Rome. Italy, 
drying elongated dough 
2.631,383. Mar. 17. 
Bettison. David C. : See — 

Keaton. Frank H.. and Bettiaon. 
Belts. Mazeppa D. : Bee — 

Quinn. Gerald S.. and Betts. 

Betts, Raymond L., Westfield. and J. D. Leslie, ( 

N. J., assignors to Standard Oil Development ( 

Solid phosphoric acid slurry polymerization 

2,620.291. Jan. 20. 

Betx, Charley W., CoUlnsviUe, Ala. Reverail 

2,637,257, May 5. 
Betx Corporation, assignee : See — 
Knight, Verne C. 
Kopp, Alfred J., and Boyle. 
Betzold. John E. : See — 

Carlson. Byron, and Betzold. 
Beurtheret. Charles A. E.. Paris, France, assignn 
eral Electric Company. Multiple feedback 
2.647.173. Jul^28. 
Bevac<iun, Thomas R. : See — 

Belloff, Fred I*., and Bevacqua^ 
Bevan. Lloyd D. : See — 

Chapman. James E.. and Bevan. ^ 
Bevens. Elmer H.. Los Angeles, CalV. Maklni 

2.645.841. July 21. 
Beveridge, Harold N. Arlington, assignor to '. 
Manufacturing Company. Newton, Mass. I> 
device. 2,664.547, Dec. 29. 
Beveridge, William, IVtrolt. Mich. Qulckly-den 

chain. 2.638,009. May 12. 
Beverman, Harry O.. assignor to P. Beverman. 
and F. G. Whiteside. Springfield, 111. Duck d 
port. 2.624.144. Jan. 6. 
Beverman. Pearl, assignee : See — 

Beverman. Harry G. 
Bevevino. Angelo J.. Petrolla. Pa., assignor to 1 
Wax slabbing method. - 

Petrolla. Pa., assignor to ] 
Wax winding and slabbin 


horn Sons. Inc. 

July 7. 
Bevevino. Angelo J. 

Ivirn Sons. Inc. 

2.644.645. July 7. 
Bevington. Kenneth A., Evanston. 111. 

ging machine. 2.6.'>6.961, Oct. 27. 
IJevius. James I]. : See — 

liechberger, Paul F.. and Bevlns. 
Bevls, Murray. Oak Ridgo. Tenn., assignor, 1 

assignments, to the United States of America 

sented by the United States Atomic Energy 

slon. Electrical integrator. 2.646,925. July 2 
lievls, William A., Pinner, and P. Cusack. Chlsw 

don. assignors to C. A. V. Limited, London. 

Means for supplying auxiliary fuel to Interna 

tlon engines. 2.658.490. Nov. 10. 
Bewen. Edward M.. St. Louis, Mo. Dishwashing 

2,634,736, Apr. 14. 
Bewick. How^nrd L.. and K. R. Brown7~Chlcago 

signors to The Sherwin-Williams Company. C 

Ohio. Dulled film-forming composition. ! 

Feb. 3. 
Bewley, Thomas : See — 

Bellrlnger. Frederick J., Bewley, Snell, and 
Bewley, Thomas. Epsom, and F. J. Wllklnj 

Downs. England, assignors to Hei^cules Pow 

pany. Manufacture of phenol. 2.663.743. De< 
Bey. Guy A. C. : See — 

Beauvais, Max, and Bey. 
Beyer. Edward, Oak Ridge. Tenn. Slitter or 8 

tubes or sheaths. 2.648.899, Aug. 18. 
Beyer, Herbert G.. Baltimore. Md. Ice shaving 

2.655.318. Oct. 13. 
Beyer. Millard L., Hempstead, N. Y. 

2.637.969. May 12. 
Beyer. Thomas w.. San Rafael. Calif. 

fng files. 2,627,143. Feb. 3. 
Beyer. Walter O., Plttaburgh, Pa. 

2,642,311. June 16. 

Beyland, Sidney W.. Bellerose. N. Y.. assignor 
lean Telephone and Telegraph Company. Prii 
presslon mechanism for teletypewriters. 2 
June 9. 

Beymer, Marshall, assignor of one-half to H. I 
Chicago, 111. Welding generator. 2,626.367. : 

Beymer. Oren O.. assignor to Irrigation E 
Co., Inc., Eugene, Oreg. Drain plug for p 
2.647.533. Aug. 4. 

Beynon. John O.. assignor to Sunshine Waterloo 
Ited. Waterloo. Ontario. Canada. Baby carri 
2,634,162. Apr. 7. 

Bezman. Irving I.. Pittsburgh, assignor to A 
Cork Company, Lancaster, Pa. Flexible floor 
2,024,683, Jan. 6. 

Bezman, Irving I., PittsburglL and D. D. 1 
aaalgnors to Armstrong Cork clompany, Lanci 
Vinyl reain diaperslona. 2,624.718, Jan. 6. 

Mobile I 




Beiy, Georges. Paris, France, aMlgnor to Compagnie Gen- 
erale tie Telegrapble Sans Ml. Electronic deTlce for 
very high frequencies 2.627,050, Jan. 27. 

Bianchi, Peter, New Haven, and J. C. Kothwell, Bolton, 
Conn. ; said Rothwell assignor of one-fourth to J. T. 
Donohue West Bovlston, Mass.. and one-fourth to 
J. F. Walsh, Columbia, Conn. Carton and l>ox Inverter. 
2,6«2.6.')3. I>ec. 15. 

Blanco. Henry J. assignor to The Bureb Company, Balti- 
more, Md. I>iuBh comer metal frame construction. 
2.636,580. Apr. 28. 

Blanco. Jo84'ph F.. Medford. Mass. Slotted dielectric co- 
axial line an4l iimkinR same. 2,063 754. Dec. 22. 

Bianco. Peter J., assignor to General Motors Corporation, 
Detroit, Mich. Spring winding machine. 2,658,267, 
Nov. 10. 

Blasl, Aneelo. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Universally mounted 
artiflcial pneumatic hand. 2.659.896. Nov. 24. 

Blhko. Peter, Yonkers, N. Y. Automatic crankcase oil feed 
device. 2.flt»6.017. Jan. 20. 

Bible, Howard W.. jr.. assignor to Hewitt-Robins Incor- 
porated. Buffalo. N. Y. Making brushes. 2.634.167; 
Apr. 7. 

Bice. Kenneth L.. Framlngham, Mass. Layout device for 
machine tools. 2,649.000. Aug. 18. 

Bice, Raymond A. : See — 
Annas. Paul J., and Bice. 

Bice. William E.. Jr., Lockeford. Calif. Bumper and step 
and trailer-hitch unit. 2.649.308. Aug. 18. 

Bichowsky. Francis R.. Alexandria. Va. Method and ap- 
paratus for intorconversioD of heat and electricity. Apr. 21. 

Blrk»>l, .\rthur J.. Chicago, 111., assifmor to Accounting 
Formn, Inc. Bookkt^epinK device. 2.64S.547. Aug. 11. 

Blckford. .Mary I.. San Leandro, Calif. Invalid lift and 
carrier with stretcher clamp. 2.634.431. Apr. 14. 

Blckham, Clifford M., Dyer. Ind. Automatic venturl draft 
control. 2.636.519. Apr. 28. 

Blckle. Harry M.. Heston. England. Oil filter. 2,636,610, 
Apr. 28. 

Bicknell. George M., assignor to Carter Carburetor Cor- 
poration^ St. Louis, Mo. Multlbarrel carburetor. 
t 2,640.471 June 2. 

Blckoff, Emanuel M.. Berkeley. Calif., assizor to the 
United States of America a.s represented by the Secre- 
tary of Agriculture. Preservation of forage crops with 
phenol derivatives. 2.651.572. .Sept. S. 

Blcocchl. Louis. La Salle. 111. Variable tone duck call of 
the adjustable reed type. 2.G51.14t, Sept. 8. 

BIdak, John : Bee — 

Heamer, John D.. and Bldak. 

Bidard. Robert, and G. Pr*mlllleu. Cormellles-en-Parlsla. 
France. Separator for electric accumulators. 2.633.479. 
Mar. 31. <. 

Blddlncer. Ouv R. : Pre — 

Darrow. Merrltt I.. Blddlnjrer, and Patterson. , 

Blddlnjrer, Guy R.. Bellwood. and J. R. Hanner. Oak I.,awn. 
assignors to Swift A Company. Chicago. 111. Sealing 
machine. 2,641.304. June 9. 

Blddinger. Guy R.. Bellwood. and C. H. Koons. assignors 
to Swift & Company. Chicago. 111. Opening and clean- 
ing poultry gizzards. 2.657,424. Nor. 5. 

Biddingpr. (.uy R.. Bellwood. and C. H. Koonze. assignors 
to Swift & Company. Chicago. 111. TVvice for cleaning 
poultry cizznrds or the like. 2.663.899. Dec. 29. 

BIddi.son, Douglass, assignee : See — 
Williams. David C. 

Blddison, John M.. assignor to H. W. Moore. Dayton. Ohio 
Wire milding d.-vlce. 2.626.765. Jan. 27 

Blddlo^mbe. Charles C. North Valley Stream^ N. T. 
Locking handle for receptacle covers. 2.632,580, Mar. 

Biddiestone. Rena J., near Youngstown, Ohio. Time and 
activity occurring time comparing aevlce. 2,629,186, 
Feb. 24. 

Bidlngpr. Frani L., Kenosha. Wis. Record playing device. 
2 661.217. Dec. 1. * 

Bleber. Clarence G.. and W. F. Sumpter. Huntlneton. 
W. Va.. assignors to The International Nickel Com- 
pany. Inc.. New York. N. Y. Valves for Internal com- 
bastion engines. 2. 664. .3.54. Dec. 29. 

B|ph««r. F'rederlck J.. an<l L. E. Overholt. assignors to 
Acrometal Products. Inc.. Minneapolis. Minn. Form- 
IriL' spools 2.^63.073. TVc 22. 

Bleber. Frederick J., assignor to Acrometal Product*, Inc , 
Minneapolis. Minn. Spool. 2,657,876, Nor. 8. 

Blederstadt. Walter W. : Bee — 

Steciynski. .Myron B.. Blederstadt. and Ropp. 

Biedess. Anthony R.. assignor to Goodman Manufacturing 
Company. Chicago. 111. Mucking machine. 2,627,357, 
Feb. 3. 

Blefeld. Lawrence P.. Newark. Ohio, assignor to Owens- 
Coming nberglas Corporation. Coated cloth and other 
resin and fiber compositions. 2.650,184. Aug. 25. 

Blefeld. I^iwrence P.. Newark. Ohio assignor to Owens- 
Cornlne Flberglas Corporation. Flotation equipment 
2.660.736. Dec. 1. 

Blegert. George. Elmharst. N. Y., assignor to Mergenthaler 
Linotype Company. Spaceband and mannfacturlnr 
same. 2.642.181, Jane 16. 

Biehls, Elisabeth y, Erie. Pa. Bntter melting and appli- 
cator unit for bread toasters. 2.839.658. Mtj 26. 

Bielak, Frank A.. Falrview Park, and W. H. Neely. Cleve- 
land, assignors to The Universal Wire Spring Company, 
Bedford. Ohio. Wire bracket for tubular rails. 
2.641.432. June 9. 

Bielawski. Mitchell S., Berwyn. and J. M. Mavlty, Hlna- 
dale, assignors to Universal Oil Products Company, 
Chicago, 111. Manufacture of phosphoric acid-group IV 
metal oxide containing catalyst. 2,650.323, Oct. 20. 

Bieler, Walter T., assignor of fifty per cent to W. H. Ste- 
phenson, Big Lake. Tex. AnUfreese tester. 2,636,378, 
Apr. 28. 

Bielfeldt. Paul W.. Harvey. 111., assignor to Whiting Cor- 
poration. Heat exchanger. 2,0.'^5.347. Oct. 13. 

Bielkowlcz. riotr. London, England, assignor to Z. M. Clol- 
kosx, Swarthmore, Pa. Fastening device. 2,060,775, 
Dec 1. 

Bieisteln, Walter J. Houston, Tex., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Standard Oil Development Company. 
Elizabeth, N. J. Wear indicator. 2,657,909, .Nov. 3. 

Blener. Herman. Brooklyn, N. Y. Rake. 2,663.987, Dec. 

Bier, Leo E., Los Angeles, Calif. Screw holding attach- 
ment for cruciform bit screw drivers. 2,625,971, Jan. 

Blerke. Svante F. N.. LIdlngo. assignor to Aktiebolaget 
Separator, Stockholm, Sweden. Rettnlng of fatty oils, 
especially vegetable oils. 2,657,224, Oct. 27. 

Blerlein. Carl A.. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Pump priming. 
2,655.139. Oct. 13 

Blerlich, Johannes H., Copenhagen. Denmark. Venetian 
blind. 2,662,592, Dec. 15. 

Blerman, Arthur D. : See — 

Blerman. Daniel H.. Jawett, and Blerman. 

Blerman, Daniel H^^ Elmont. J. A. Jawett, Jamaica, and 
A. D. IMeruian, Elmont, assignors to Liquidepth Indi- 
cators Incorporated, Long Island City, N. Y. Multiway 
valve. 2,039.723. Mav 20. 

Blerman, Daniel H., Malverne. N. Y. Manual multiway 
Talve. 2.633.324. Mar. 31. 

Blerman. Daniel H., Malverne. and J. A. Jawett. Jamaica, 
assignors to Liquldeoth Indicators Incorporated. Long 
Island City. N. Y. Pump. 2,639,838^ .May 26 

Blerman. William. New York. N. Y. Exerciser' for sab- 
normal muscles. 2.630.115. Mar. 3. 

Bierne Associates. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Nieset. Robert T. 

Blesel. lierthold. assignee: Bee — 
Slevern. Frederick, and F'ox. 

Bigelow, Arthur L.. Euclid, Ohio. Tube couDllng. 
2.640.716, June 2. 

Blselow, Benjamin B., Warren, Pa. Lap vise and bench. 
2,638.805, May 19. 

Bigelow-iiarvey I.umber Co., assignee: See — 

Johnson, Johan S. : 

Blfelow, Inc.. assignee: Bee — 

Overman. Horace W.. and Wolgamott. 

Blgelow. Maurice H.. assignor to Llbbey-Owens-Ford Glass 
Company. Toledo. Ohio. Polymerizable polyester com- 
positions. 2.024.714. Jan. 6. 

Blgelow, Roy S.. assignor to Goodman Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Chicago. 111. Loading machine. 2.030,902, Mar. 

Blgeiow-Sanford Carpet Company, Inc., assignee : Bee — 
('arriiran, Itavmond J. 
Johnson. Charles R. 
Relnhardt. Henry A. 
BIggnr and .Associates. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Blggar. Louts H. 
Blggar. lx>uis H.. KIttredge. assignor to Blggar and Asso- 
ciates. Inc.. Denver. Colo. Clarifying filter. 2,633,993, 
Apr. 7. 
Bigger. Richard P. : Bee — 

MagiU. Donald O., and Bigger. 
Bigger. Sallle B. : See— 

McFerin. SalUe B. 
Blggert. Florence C. Jr., assignor to United Engineering 
8e Foundry Comnany. Pittsburgh, Pa. Tool feeding 
device. 2.632,332. Mar. 24. 
Blggert. Florence C. Jr.. assljnior to United Englneorlng 
& Foundry Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. Flying shear. 
2.653.602. Sept. 29. 
Biggs. Ruth A., Elmlra. N. Y. Oven lighter. 2.637.989, 

May 12. 
Btgler Manufacturing Company, assignee: Bee — 

Blgii*. Emlle B 
Blgley. Miles G.. assignor to Koppers Company. Inc. Pitts- 
burgh Pa. Coating. 2.637.68(5. May 6. 
Blglln. n. C.. Company, incorporated : Bee — 

Carth. Robert M. 
Blgsby. Vernon L., .Malvern, and A. J. Petrallne. Phoenlz- 
vllle. assignors to Warner Company, Philadelphia. Pa 
Chemical reactor. 2,657,120. Oct. 27. 
Blgu^. Emlle B. : Bee — 

Wood. Vollmer V.. and Bliru*. 
Blgn«. Emlle B.. Beverly Hills. Calif., assignor to Blgler 
Manufacturing Company, Las Vegas Ner. Toy bank. 
2.rt.%0.6S6. Sept. 1. 
BIgwood. Joshua, k Son. Limited, assignee : See — 

Tlnlev, Ernest L.. and Hallett. 
Blhaly. Lajos. asslrnor to Industrial Accountancy Partner- 
ship Limited. London. England. Interlining for the 
mannfacture of chemically stiffened articles of wearing 
apparel. 2.652.349. Sept. 15. 

Bikles, Pred. New York. N. Y. Sharpening and polishing 
machine. 2,648,174, Aug. 11. 

Biko. Theodore R., and D. S. Deutsch. Los Angeles. Calif. 
Film attaching means for reela. 2,640,659, June 2. 

Bllbrey, Charles R., Chicago, 111. Pen or pencil holder. 
2,647,517. Aug. 4. 

Bllde. Tord E. D.. and R. B. J Hultberg, assignors to 
Aktiebolaget Elektrolux. Stockholm, Sweden. Appa- 
ratus for washing clothes and centrlfugally extracting 
liquid therefrom. 2,655,023, Oct. 13. 

Bilek, Frank J., Assignor to The Globe Company, Chicago, 
111. Dry rendering cooker. 2,650,807. Sept. 1. 

BUlsoly. Julius P. : See- 
Richardson. Roger W.. Blllaoly, and Segnra. 
Starr, Charles E., Jr., McAdams, and Bilisoly. 
Watts. Rhea N.. and Bilisoly. 

Bill. Robert O.. San Leandro. Calif. Pressure fluid motor 
and combined telescopic guide and housing therefor. 
2,635,583. Apr. 21. 

Bill, Robert O., San Leandro, Calif. Convertible spring 
and hydraulic loading means for vehicles. 2,644,696, 
July 7. 

BUI, Robert O.. San Leandro, Calif. Elevator for a por- 
tion of a vehicle bed. 2,650,724, Sept. 1. 

Billar, Louis L.,» Phoenix, Ariz, identification code on 
sound records. 2,600,621, Nov. 24. 

BUl-E-Company, assignee : Bee — 
Seale, Frank B. 

BUler, David J., assignor to Day-Brite Lighting. Inc., St. 
Louis, Mo. Illumination fixture and louvers therefor. 
2.647.985, Aug. 4. 

Billet, Philip, and I. Levy, New York, N. Y. Position ad- 
justing device for furniture or the like. 2,651,055, 

■ Billet, Philip, and I. Levy, .New York, N. Y. Adjustable 
back or headrest mechanism. 2,651,056, Sept. 8. 

Bllleter, Henry R.. Highland Park, assignor to Ammco 
Tools, Inc.. North Chicago, 111. Automatic cylinder 
ridge reamer. 2,633,038. Mar. 31. 

Bllleter, Henry R.. Highland Park, assignor to Ammco 
Tools. Inc.. North Chicago, lU. Cylinder surfacing tool. 
2.037,963, kay 12. 

Bllleter, Henry R., Highland Park, assignor to Ammco 
Tools, Inc., North Chicago, 111. Rotatable hone. 
2.637.954. May 12. 

Bllleter, Henry R., Highland Park, assignor to Ammco 
Tools. Inc., North Chicago, 111. Ridge reamer. 2,638,799, 
May 19. 

Bllleter, Henrv R., Highland Park, IlL. Cable connector. 
2,639.927, !VIay 26. 

Bllleter. Henry R.. Highland Park, assignor to Ammco 
Tools. Inc., North Chicago. 111. Apparatus for grind- 
ing tho worn ends of valve tappets and the like. 
2.645.068, July 14. 

Bllleter, Henry R.. Highland Park, assignor to Ammco 
Tools. Inc.. North Chicago. 111. Micrometer gauge. 
2,648,134, Aug. 11. 

Blllica. Harry R., Seaford. assignor to E. I. du Pont de 
Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. Production of 
polyethylene tcrephthalate using antimony trioxide as 
polymerization catalyst. 2,047,885, Aug. 4 

Billlca, Harry R. Seafqrd, assignor to E. I. du Pont de 
Nemours and Company, Wilmington, Del. Preparing 
monomerlc glycol terephthalates^_ 2,662,093, Dec. 8. 

Billings, Prank. Montesuma, Ind. Wall form. 2,644,997, 

Billings, Roy O., Milwaukee, Wis. Grapple. 2,639.937, 
May 26. 

Billings, Roy O.. Milwaukee, Wis. Grapple. 2,652,280, 
Sept. 15. 

Billings, William P., West Ashevllle. N. C. Fluid pressure 
controlled signal switch. 2,048,733. Aug. 11. 

Blllman. Carl A.. Rochester, N. Y. Milling cutter. 
2.656.591, Oct. 27. 

Blllman. I>ouls S.. Glastonbury, assignor to United Air- 
craft Corporation, Vlaat Hartford, Conn. Aerial missile. 
2.644.390. July 7. 

BUlner. Karl P.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Vacuum 
Concrete. Inc. Method and apparatus for molding con- 
crete. 2,628.402. Feb. 17. 

BUlner, Karl P., Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to Vacuum 
Concrete, Inc. Molding concrete structures. 2,624,931, 
Jan. 13. 

Billow, Arthur H.. assignor to Landis Machine Company. 
Waynesboro, Pa. Machine for forming and threading 
bolts, screws, and the like. 2,643,402, June 30. 

BUls, Glenn W., Portland, Oreg. Network calculating 
board. 2,650,760, Sept 1. 

BlUs John .N. : Bee— 

McConaha, Samuel, Jr., Bills, and McConaha. 

BUls, .Max K.. Gary. Ind., assignor to United States Steel 
Corporation. Apparatus for connecting metal coating 
rolls with a driving mechanism. 2,660,979, Dec. 1. 

Bills, Philip H., Longmeadow, J. A. Logan, Hadley, and 
T. J. Mesh, Easthampton, assignors to Gilbert & Barker 
Manufacturing Company, West Springfield, Mass. 
Submerged solenoid operated pump. 2,024.491. Jan. 6. 

BUls, PhUip H., Longmeadow, J. A. Logan, Hadley, and 
T. J. Mesh, Easthampton, assignors to (Gilbert & Barker 
Manufacturing Company, West Springfield, Mass. Dual 
rate liquid atomizing apparatus and dual flrlug rate oil 
burner embodying the same. 2,634,805. Apr. 14. 

BUlsteln, Arthur E. F., Altoona, assignor to The 
vanla RaUroad Company, Philadelphia, Pa. ] 
detecting device. 2,645,938, July 21. 
BUodeau WUfred J., Windsor, Mass., assignor 
eral Electric Company. Transformer cooling 
strucUon. 2,632,041, Mar. 17. 
Bllofsky, &Iyers A., Loch Arbour, and C. W. 
Morrlstown, N. J. Vaporizer. 2,662,159, De 
BUskl. Joseph A. : See — 

Bird. James R.. and Bliski. 
Bird. James R., Calderhead. and BUskl. 
Blmberg. Fllnier M. : Sfe — 

Frlcke, Guy C., Blmberg, and Schaffer. 
Bimberg, Elmer M., Detroit, Mich., assignor t 
Aviation Corporation, South Bend, Ind. Ct 
2,656,165. Oct. 20. 
Bimpson, Henry S.. assignor to Allis-Cbalmers 
turing Company, Milwaukee, Wis. Protectii 
for tubular conduits and the like. 2,646.818, 
Blnckley, Sydney W., Hollywood, Calif. Gas grav 

2,641,923, June 16. 
Binder. Regis C. : Bee — 

Hellman. Raymond B., Nolan, and Binder. 
Binder. William O.. Niagara Falls, N. Y., asf 
Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation. Ferr 
mium steels. 2.624,608, Jan. 6. 
Binder, WiUlam O.. Niagara Falls, N. Y., assignor 
Carbide and Carbon Corporation. Preparing s 
alloys for roUing. 2,637,667. May 5. 
Binder, WiUlam O., Niagara Falls, .\. Y., assignor 
Carbide and Carbon Corporation. Inert monai 
shielded refractory metal remeltlng surface-d 
moval process. 2,640,792, June 2. 
Binder. William O.. and R. A. Perkins, Nlaga 
N. Y., assignors to Union Carbide and Carbon 
tion. Chromium steels. 2,024.070. Jan. 0. 
Binder, William O.. Niagara Falls, N. Y.. and R 
Pittsburgh, Pa., assignors to Union Carbide an 
Corporation. Ferrltlc chromium steels. 2 
4an. 6. 
Binding, Kenneth W.. Medford. assignor to Marl 
Company^ Everett. Mass. Closure. 2.627.994. 
Blndszus, William. Rutherford, N. J. Rasor blade 

machine. 2,642,111. June 16. 
Blnford, Benjamin L. assignor to Magnetrol, 1 
cago. 111. Liquid level responsive me 
2,625,042, Jan. 13. • 
Bing Herbert A. : See — 

Mihalyi. Joseph, and Blng. i 
Blngaman, Walter Champaign, 111. ' Roll oIUnK a 
for use with roU-making machines. 2,650,5?53, 
Bingenhelmer. Melvin, East McKeesport, assi 
Westlnghouse Electric Corporation, Bast Pi 
Pa. Circuit breaker. 2.624.816. Jan. 6. 
Bingham David W.. Brighton. Victoria, Australia 
ratus for beating and/or cooling canned food 
substances. 2,042^795, June 23. 
Blngham-Herbrand Corporation, The, assignee : 8 
Feemster. David R., and Hinsey. 
Hinsey Robert S. 
Bingham, Sidney H. : Bee — 

Zeller, Theodore J., and Bingham. 
Blnghamton Metal Forms, Inc. assignee : Bee — »• 
Yates, Richard C. t 

Blnkowitz, Barnett, Brooklyn, N. Y Support i 

for stockings. 2,638,002. May 19. 
Blnks Manufacturing Company, assignee : Bee — 
Baur. John W.. and PIos. 
Barker, George A^ Knetl, and Nelson. 
W'llmes, Wnilam L. 
Binks, Melvin J., assignor to Republic Patent Cori 
Chicago, 111. Electrically actuated ball lift fc 
marble pin games. 2.628,102. Feb. 10. 
Binks, .Melvin J., assignor to Republic Patent 
tion, Chicago, 111. Ball projector. 2,000,157, 
liinks, Melvin J., assignor to Republic Patent Cori 

Chicago 111. Projecting device. 2.000,158, 
Binks, Melvin J., and A. A. Samolis, assignors to 
Patent Corporation, Chicago, 111. Step-up me* 
2,638.789, May 19. 
Binley. Harold L. : Bee— 

WIlllamB. WiUlam D.. and Binley. 
Blnney and Smith Company, assijrnee : See — 

Vogel. Max R.^X-a Barre. and Perry. 
l?intz, Louis A., Detroit, Mich. Fishing stand. 2, 

Auk. 26. 
Blondl, Frank J. : Bee — 

Becker. Edward J., and Blondl. 
Birbaum. Lester W.. assignor to La Belle Industr 
Oconomowoc, Wis. Safety device for doorknt 
2.0.'>5..398. Oct. 13 
Birch. Haley H., Preston, Nebr. Broom 2, 

July 21. 
Bird. Charles, Dayton. Ohio. Apparatus for floai 

finishing soft concrete. 2.624,250, Jan. 6. 
Bird Electronic Corporation, assignee: See — 
Bird. James R.. and BUskl. 
Bird. James R.. Calderhead^ and BUskl. 
Bird. Frederick J., De Witt, Iowa. Bending ap 

2.659,411, Nov. 17. 
Bird. James R.. Chagrin FaUs, and J. A. BUskl, a 
to Bird Electronic Corporation. Cleveland, Oh 
justable probe for high-frequency electrical 
2,636,084. Apr. 21. 



Bird JamM K.. Chagrin Falls. H. J. Calderh«ad and J. A. 
BU«kl. asalfnon to Bird Electronic Corporation. Clere- 
land. Ohio. Combined voltage dirlder and crystal cart- 
ridge aaaenibly for high-frequency electrical devices. 
• 2.636,120. Apr. 21. 
Bird. Jam»rH U.. Chatcrtn Falls. Ohio, Coupling means for 

roaxlal eUctrlcal lines. 2.003.753. Dec. 22. 
Bird. John H. : See— 

Laverty. Irene M.. and Bird. 
Bird Machine Co.. asMlgnee : Hee- 

Lyons, Sanford ('. 
Bird. Paul O., Western Springs, assignor to National 
Al'umlnate Corporatloiv Chicago. 111. Boiler watt-r 
treatment. 2.627,502. Feb. 3. 
Bird, Ralph S.. and E. O. Voelker. Buffalo. N. Y. Sheet 

metal awning structure. 2.629.903. Mar. 3. 
Bird & Son. Inc., assignee ; See-- 
Llncoln, Edward L. 
Watson. Willlaiu K. 
Bird, Whitworth F., Swarthmore. Pa., and P. T. Bodell, 
Lynbrook. N. T.. assignors to Collins k Alkman Cor- 
poration, Philadelphia. Pa. Universal spinning frame. 
2.624.075. Jan. 6. 
Blrdsail. Edwin H., San Diego, Calif., assignor to the 
Cnltt'd States of America as represented by the Secre- 
tary of the Navy. Projection plotting lena and optical 
system. 2.044.361, July 7. 
BirdsHll. KImer R.. .Mount View, Alaska. Can opener. 

J.n.'>«,598. Oct. 27. 
Birdsall. George T., I»ethel, Conn. Method of and means 

for making hat bodies. 2.643.034. June 23. 
Birdsall, James E., Bound Brook, assignor to C. P. Mueller 
Co.. Jersey City, N. J. Machine for making food prod- 
' nets. 2,642.819. June 23. 

Blrdsboro Steel Foundry and Machine Company, assignee : 

I'eferson, ?'dward C. 
Peterson. Edward T. 
BIrdwell. LoiiiM .1.. aHHienor to American Iron and Machine 
Works Company, Oklahoma City. Okla. Washout sub 
for well patkerH. 2.««53.307. Dec. 22. 
Biribauer. Frank A. : See — 

i'arlson. Carl S.. Biribauer. and Porter. 
BIrkemeier. Henry P.. Chicago, asisnor to Bell & Qossett 
Company. Morton Grove. Ilr Fir« door holder. 
2.035.718. Apr. 21. 
Blrkmaler. John. Franklin Square. N. Y. Flush valve. 

2,628.362. Feb. 17. 
Blrmlni:haii), John N.. Nutley. N. J., assignor to Celanese 
Corporation of America, New York, N. Y. Advancing 
reel. 2. 000, .SOS. Dec. 1 
Birmingham. John N., Nutlev. N. J., assignor to Celanese 
Corporation of America, New York, N. Y. Extrusion 
apparatus. 2.061,497. Dec. «. 
Blruiin^liam Tool & (iauge Company. Limited, assignee : 
Her - 

Tall Is. Charles E. 
Blrnstiel, Eduard. Winterthur-Toss. Switicerland. Two- 
cycle rear piston compression engine. 2,045,214, July 
Blrosh. John W.. Roulette, Pa. Insecticide spray. 

2.000.2.'>I, .Nov. 24. 
Birr. Rudolph G., Lombard, assignor to American Linen 
Supply Co., Chicago, 111. Supply roll mounting means 
for dispensing cabinet. 2,637,503, May 5. 
Birr, KiKlolph <;. Lombard, and I*. W. Jespersen. Wil- 
V. mettp. III., a.^-signors to American Linen Supply Co., 
Carson I'ity, \ev Fabric measuring and Inspection 
ni.uhine. 2,050,7r)0, Oct. 27. 
BIrse, James. Gateshead-on-Tyne. England. Means for 
feeding lengths of material between series of rollers. 
2,63r).872. Apr. 21. 
Blrt, Arthur W., Kings Lanaiey. and J. W. Richardson, 
Watford, assignors to IMezo Crvstals Limited, Redhlll. 
Surrey, England. Mounting and holder for piezoelectric 
crystal.^. 2,039, .393, May 19. 
BIrtman Electric Company, assignee: See — i 
Howard. Frank S. ' 

Ilulfish. Buford W. 
Schwa rz, .losteph .V. 
Sparklln, Charles H., and More. 
Spiirnt'v. <ieori:e ('. 
Blrtwell, William C. North Scltuate, a!«slgnor to Dtmn 
Worsted Mills, Woonsocket, R. I. I..ay motion for 
looms. 2,030.8,39. Mar. 10. 
Blrum. Herbert L.. Jr. : ttee - 

Hammitt. .Andrew B.. and Birum. 
BIrza. Raymond : Ree — 

Donald. James. Stinison, and Birxa. 
Blsaga, Theodore, and D. I'eczenluk. Detroit. Mich. 
Folding trav structure for automobile instrument 
panels. 2,657.107, Oct. 27. 
BIscoe. Percival H.. and W. T. Slater. JackBonvllIe. Fla. 

Venetian Mind. 2. 047. .172, Aug. 4. 
Bishko, Maurice J., assignee: fife* — 
Turner, Cecil R. 

Blschoff. Alfred F.. Ballaton Spa. N. Y., assignor to Gen- 
eral F^lectric Company. Radiation beam pattH-n re- 
corder. 2.651.963. Sept. 15. 

Blschoff. Ernst, Company, Inc., assignee : Bee — 
Harvlll. Edward K. 

Blshoff, Frederick M.. Arlington. Va. Collapsible and 
convertible encloaore for infants. 2,633,670. Apr. 7. 

Bishop. Alfre<l K. : See— 

Fink, Albert o . and Bishop. 
Bishop. Alfred E., Dmyton. Ohio 




to Superior 

Jan. 27. 

to Superior 

Sugar Refining Company. Menominee, Mich, 
of pectin from sugar beet pulp. 2,026,706, 
Bishop. Aifre<i K. l>ayton, Ohio, assisnor 
Sugar Refining ( ompany, Menominee, .Mich. 
of pectin from sugar beet waters. 2.647.890. Aug. 4. 
BishoL>. Charles A., and T. F. Reed. Mount I^'banon, Pa., 
assignors to ('nile<l States Steel Corporation. Tank 
reactor. 2.655.430, Oct. 13. 
BlshoD. Clifford B., Oakland, assignor to Cutter Labora- 
tories. Berkeley. Calif. Intravenous solution flask pro- 
vided with a snap-up ball. 2.052,054, Sept. 15. 
Bishop, Coral J., Atlanta. Oa. Educational device. 

2,635,360. Apr. 21. 
Bishop, (t.. H., Company, assignee : Bee — 

Westwood, Carridon G. 
Bishop. H. Russell, administrator : See — 

Patal. Imre. 
Bishop. Harold W., Eaaex, Mass. assignor to United Shoe 
Machinery Corporation, Flemington, N. J. , Trimming 
machine. 2,624,050. Jan. 6. 
Bishop. Harry A. : See — 

Bogot. Alexander and Bishop. 
Blahop. Homer L., assignee : See — 

Gardner, Arthur O. 
Bishop, J., h Co. Platinum Works, assignee: See — 

Hickey, (Jeorge .M. 
Bishop. James R. T.. Chicago, and D. E. Swan^on. Evans- 
ton, 111., assignors to International Minerals A Chemi- 
cal Corporation. Holder for condiment Jars. 2,054,485, 
Oct. 6. 
Bishop, John. Centerllne. Mich. Faucet drinking attach- 
ment. 2.632,671. Mar. 24. 
Bishop, John W., Plainfleld, N. J assignor to Tide Water 
Associated Dll Company. New York, N. Y. Mineral oil 
compositions. 2.0(;2.S50. Dec. l.'>. 
Bishop, Julius C, Sioux Falls. 8. Dak. Swivel stool. 

2.634.795. Apr. 14. 
Bishop, Ijit Roy D., Kankakee, III., assignor to Armstrong 
Coric Company, Lancaster, I'a. Tile-counting device. 
2.rK'>0,0.'..3, Oct. 20 
Bishop. Lewis II. : See — 

Mead. William H., Bishop, and Finn. 
Bishop, I^ewis II., and J. S. Finn. Biirlingame, assignors, 
by mesne assignments, to W. H. Mead, Oakland, Calif. 
Surface treating apparatus. 2,037.948. May 12. 
Bishop. Morris C. West Orange. N. J. Drape and flxtare 

for hanging the same. 2,048.379. Aug. 11. 
Bishop. Peter H. H. : Sec- 
Evans. Cyril G., and Bishop. 
Bishop, Richard B. : See — 

Denton. William I., and Bishop. 
Bishop. Roliert H.. Champaign. III. Refrigeration appa 

ratus and method. 2.041. 111. June 9. 
Bishop Stansell C ompany. asslsnee : See — 

Gardner. .Arthur O. 
Bishop, William H.. BIrnilncham. England. Sliding roof 

for vehicles. 2.001.234. Dec. 1. 
Bishop, William J., and G C. Dibble I.,ogansport. Ind. 

Collapsible bleacher type t>ark rest. 2, 647.563, Aug. 4. 
Bishop. William T.. sssignor to Hercules Powder Company. 
Wilmington. Del. Beneficiatlon of coal by flotation. 
2.033.240. Mar 31. ' 
BIsner. Edward H., and P. P. Gallagher. Hollywood, Fla. 

Wheel-like seating device. 2.6.'>4.418. Oct. 6. 
niss»'ll. <',irl II.. assignor to Company. Syra- 
cuse. N. T. Vented explosion-proof lighting nnlt. 
2.0.-.2.482. Sent. 1.". 
Blssell Carpet Sweeper Company, assignee : See — 

Pullen. Fred \V. 
Blssell. Harry G., assignor to Jordan Regulator Corpora- 
tion^ I/ebanon. Ohio. Diaphragm actuated balanced 
gat* type pressure regulator. 2.640,498, June 2, f 
Blssell, Jonathiin M., assignee: Sec — 

Blssell. William J 
Blssell. William J., Pasadena, assl^inor to J. M. Blssell, 

Ix>s Angeles, Calif. Hose clasp. 2.641.0.39. June 9. 
Rissell William T.. and T. W. Potter, assignors to Jour- 
nal Box Sei vlrlnc Corporation. Indiana ix>l Is. Ind. Axle 
stop for lournal hoxes. 2.00.3.ri,S3. IVc 22. 
Bissman. Carl A., deceased, Springfield, Mo. : E. L. Blss- 
man. executrix. Drawer mount with cushioned adapter 
glides. 2.053,852, Sept. 29. 
Bissman. Carl A . deceased. Springfield, Mo. ; E. L. Biss- 
man, executrix. Y>^\\ floating cushioned drawer for 
case gootls. 2.064,334, Dec. 29. :- 

Bissman. Elizabeth L.. executrix : See — 

Bissman. Carl A. 
Blsson. Ethel M.. assignee : See — ; 

Blsson. Percival N. 

Blsson. Percival N.. Olympla. Wash., assignor, by decree 

of distribution to E. M. Blsson. Device for cleaning 

hard residue from tubes by rupturing said residue. Apr. 7. 

Blther. Isaiah M.. Providence. R. I. Oil burner noxzle 

head element. 2,659.427, Nov. 17. 
Bltler. John W.. assignor to The -Minster Machine Com- 
^ pany. Minster. Ohio. Adjusting mechanism for control 
^ devices. 2.635.727. Apr. 21. 

Bitler. John W., assignor to The Minster Machine Com- 
pany, Minster, Onlo. Clutch and brake device. 
2.636,581. Apr. 28. 

Bltner. Charles, assignee : See — 
Gallo. Richard L. 

Bitney. Dewey H.. assignor to Union Steel Products Com- 
pany. Albion. Mich. Rack for ice cut>es and other trays. 
2.627.981. Feb. 10. 

Bitney, Dewey H., assignor to Union Steel Products Com- 
pany, Albion, Mich. Collapsible walled pallet 
2,648,455. Ang. 11. 

Bitney, Dewey H., assifnor to Union Steel Products Com- 
pany, Albion, Mich. Portable outdoor cooking or camp 
stove. 2,659,360, Nov. 17. 

Bltomley, Frank P., deceased. East Orange, N. J. ; K. 
Bltomley. executrix of said F P. Bltomley. Bufflng 
device. 2.039.505, May 20. 

Bltomley. Katherlne, executrix : See — 
Bltomley. Frank P. 

Bltterll, Emile V., Zurich Switzerland, and M. Forrer. de- 
ceased. Paris, France, by A. J. Forrer. widow and heir 
and guardian of minor heirs, assignors to Compagnie 
Oenerale d'Electrlclte. Paris. France. Apparatus for 
coating and uniting textile cords to form a weftless 
fabric. 2.028.055. Feb. 17. 

BItterlln, Otto: See — 

Bossard, Werner, and Bitterlin. 

Bittles. James A.. Jr. assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
k Company. Wilmington I>el. Polymerizable esters of 
alpha-methylene carboxylic acids. 2.028,958. Feb. 17. 

Bituminous Coal Research, Inc., assignee : See — 
Matt.m. Willard J. 
Hatton, Willard J., and Carlson. 
Hatton, Willard J., and Sherman. 
Miller. Carl K. 
Von Stroh. Gerald F. H. 
Von Stroh, Gerald F. H.. and Clarke. 
Yellott. John I. 

Bltzer. Gottlob, Lincoln Park, assignor to Textile Ma- 
chine Works, Wyomlsslng. Pa. Drawoff tensioning 
means for knitting machines. 2,653.461, Sept. 29. 

Bitser, Gottlob, Lincoln Park, assignor to Textile Ma- 
chine Works. Wyomlsslng, Pa. Anticorroslon needle 
mounting. 2,653.906, Sept. 29. 

Bitser. Gottlob. Lincoln Park, H. C. Pingel. Wyomlsslng, 
and C. R. Feglev, Laureldale assignors to Textile Ma- 
chine Works. Wyomlsslng, Pa. Carrier rod driving 
mechanism for knitting machines. 2,637,183, May 5. 

Bltzer. Jack Ai., Lancaster and E. N. Woistmann, as- 
signors to O-Cel-O, Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. Jointed handle. 
2,053,840, Sept. 2^. 

Blvens. Carl F.. Denver. Colo. Eye protector and glare 
shield. 2.035,239, Apr. 21. 

Blvens. Maurice E., Schenectady, N. Y., assignor to General 
Kle<-tric Company. Protective control circuits. 

2.031.207, Mar. 10. 

Blvens, Norman A.. North Hollywood. Calif. Recoil pad. 
2.650,446. Sept. 1. 

Bixby Box Toe Co. Inc.. assignee : See — 
Gauthier. Earl H. G. 

Blxby. Harry A.. Brattleboro, Vt. Wallpaper pasting ma- 
chine. 2,«U4.424. July 7. 

Bixby. Walter, assignor to Shawmut Engineering Com- 
pany, Boston, Mass. Yam spool, head and bearing ele- 
ment therefor and making. , 2,636,695, Apr. 28. 

Blxby, William H.. assignor to D. R. Mlddleton, and 
S. M. Hanley, doing business as Power Ekjulpment Com- 
pany. Detroit, Mich. Regulated rectifying apparatus. 
2,630,557. Mar. 3. 

Blxby. William H.. assignor to D. R. Mlddleton and S. M. 
Hanley, doing business as Power Equipment Company, 
Detroit, Mich. Abnormal voltage indicating device. 

>»2,64.-),765, July 14. 

Blxler. Andrew L. M. : See — 

Dieffenderfer, Daniel, and Blxler. 

Blxler. Andrew L. M.. Mllford. N. J., and J. I. Fisher, 
Easton, Pa., assignors to Rlegel Paper Corporation, 
New York, N. Y. Making elastomer containing paper. 
2.035,045^ Apr. 14. » » *-= 

BJaalarul. Conrad O.. Coeur d'Alene. Idaho. Portable ex- 
cavating and loading machine. 2,641,372. June 9. 

BJerlng. Olav : See — 

Bamb.v. Herbert A., and BJerlng. 

Hohl. John, and BJerlng. 

Ninneman. Eric O., Webster, Hohl, and BJerlng. 

BJerlng. Olav. Toledo, Ohio, assignor to Owens-Illinois 
Glass Company. Method and apparatus for sealing con- 
tainers. 2.052.964. Sept. 22. 

BJork. Carold F.. Luke, Md., and M. F. Bondy, Watertown, 
Mass.. assignors to the United States of America as 
represented by the Secretary of War. Ignition safety 
device for Indnctlon fired rockets. 2.040,417. June 2 

BJorklund. Warren. South St. Paul and H. Kartarlk, St. 
Paul, assicnors to Minnesota \^ ood Specialties. Inc., 
St. Paul Park. Minn. Counterbalance and support 
means for ceiling-mounted folding stairways. 2,649,237, 
Aug. 18. 

BJorksten. Johan : See — 

Sheridan. Eleanor O.. Yaeger, and BJorksten. 

BJorksten, Johan, Madison, Wis. S. O. Fiedler, Cleveland, 
Ohio, and L. L. Yaeger, Madison, assignors to Nash- 
Kelvlnator Corporation, Kenosha, Wis. Coated plastic 
products. Re. 23,753, Dec. 15. 

BJorksten, Johan A.. Madison, and J. B. Elsen, Waterloo, 
Wis., assignors to Monsanto Chemical Company, St. 
Louis. Mo. Nonelectroetatlc synthetic resin material. 
2,624,725, Jan. 6. 

Hand truck. 2 

BJorksten Research Laboratories, Tnc, assigne 
Andersen, Gordon W.. and Diebl. 
Meyer, Earl A. 
BJornstad, Thor, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor t 

Machinery Company, Inc., Metuchen. N. J. SI 

ing device. 2.625.446. Jan. 13. 
BJoro, Edvln F., and J. M. FIsber, Hantingto: 

assignors to The Spool Cotton Company. Newi 

Display cabinet. 2,631,916. Mar. 17. 
BJurstrom, Thure II., ilallMtahammar, Swede 

pump. 2,051,454, Sept. 8. 
Black. Averno T., Deseret. Utah. Water gate. J 

May 5. 
Black. Bernard A., and S. Kaim, assignors to 

Fast A Co., Chicago, lU. Stripping a 

2,62jk897. Jan, 13. 
Black-CIawson Company, The, assignee : See — 
Baxter. Joseph, Jr. 
Croake William D., and Ellis. 
Petry, Lewis W., and Baxter. 
Staege. Stephen A. 
Staege, Stephen A., and Gibson. 
Black, David G., Pataskala. Ohio, assignor, \ 

assignments, to the I'nlted States of America 

8ente<l by the Secretary of Agriculture. Cott 

cleaner process. 2.651,812. Sept. 15. 
Black k Decker Manufacturing Company, The, j 

See — 

Baker, James N. 
Hoiford. Frank L. 
WUhide. Glenn C. 
Black, Donald, assignee : See — 

GillxTt, Charles L. 
Black Donald W., Pompton Plains, N. J., asi 

Feileral Telephone and Radio Corporation, N 

N. Y. Selenium rectifier. 2,660,698. Nov. 24. 
Black, Edward T., Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor t 

States Steel Corporation. Multiple cutter \y 

vice. 2,630,725, Mar. 10. 
Black, Eric A., Red Bank, N. J. Adjustable ai 

2.625 815, Jan. 20. 
Black, Eric A., Red Bank, N. J., assignor to Spor 

Inc. Image recording device. 2,633,054, Mar 
Blaqk, Eric A., Red Bank, N. J 

panel. 2,641,561, June 9. 
Black, George W,, Houston, Tex. 

July 14, 
Black, Harvey B., Bogota, N. J, 

mission. 2,638,790, May 19. 
Black, Howard M., Los Angeles, assignor to 

.Novelty Company, Gardena, Calif. Treadmill : 

Ingtoys. 2,000,811. Dec. 1. 
Black, James, and O. Hedstrom, assignors to An 

Company. Chicago, III. Container-aligning 

apparatus. 2.002,632 Dec. 15. 
Black, James B., Rockford, 111., assignor to T 

Clutch Company. Racine, Wis. Power tran 

2,632.539. Mar. 24. 
Black, James B., and W. F. Shurts. Rockford, 111., 

to Twin Disc Clutch Compdoy, Racine, Wis 

transmission. 2,042.108, June 10. 
Black, James F., Roselle. N. J., assignor to : 

Oil I development Company. Analytical sara 

2.649.011, Aug. 18. 
Black. James G.. assignor to A. C. Nielsen Comp 

cago. 111. Remote radio receiver tuning indie 

paratus. 2.654,651. Oct. 6. 
Black. James J.. Cincinnati, Ohio, assignor. I 

assignments, to Trallmoblle Inc. Safety roupll 

anism for semitrailers. 2,025.406. Jan. 13. 
Black. James J.*, Cincinnati Ohio assignor, by r 

Blgnments, to Trallmoblle Inc. Two-wheel dum 

2.628 120. Feb. 10. 
Black. James J., assignor to The Kroger Co.. CI 

Ohio. Elevator apparatus for vehicles. 2 

Apr. 21. 
Blaclt, John B., Garrett, Pa. Blind bolt. 2.632,; 

Black. lyeon P., Cllffslde Park, N. J. Automatic 

writing and drawing machine. 2,642,0.59, Ju 
Black, Millard S., Huntington Park, and A. G 

Jr.. Whlttler. assignors to Fluid Packed Pui 

pan.v. Los NIetos. Calif. Interflttlng machim 

2.047.847. Aug. 4. 
Black. Robert B.. assignee : See — 

Angell, Robert C. 
Black, Robert B.. Corpus Christl, Tex. Dental h; 

2,641.8.39. June 16. 
Black. Robert P.. Jr., and B. T. Lapsley Dorcbest 

Wire pulling tool. 2,645,956, July 21. 
Black. Robert J. : See — 

Corbell. Paul I . and Black. 
Black. Rodney E. : See — 

Aston. John G.. and Blade 
Black. Sheppard A.. Nutley, N. J., assignor t( 

States Rubher Company. New York, Nv Y. A 

for testing elastic material. 2.641.1287i June 
Black, Sivalls k Bryson. Inc., assignee : See — 
Coffman, Robert S. 
Coffman. Rol)ert S., and Simms. 
Kimmell, Garman O. 
Black. Theodore R.. TIpp City, Ohio. Endless 

veyer. 2.648,423, Aug. 11. 




Black. William A.. \fontcIair, N J., assignor to General 
Tlm« Corporation. Electric clock. 2.544.293, July 7. 

Blackburn. Bryan, assignor to R. D. Cole Manufacturing 
Co.. Newnan. Oa. Elevated storage Unk. 2,657,819, 
Nor. 3. 

Blackburn, Tharles I., IIikIsod, and K. H. Percy, assignc^rs 
to J. B. Hudak, Twlnsburg. Ohio. Keyhole illuminator. 
2.661,417. Dec. 1. 

Blackburn, Charles W Bartleaville. Okla.. assignor to 
Phillips Petroleum Company. Switch for automatic 
pumping units. 2,631,995, Sept. 15. 

Blackburn, Lnthet A., Lynwooo, Calif. Frame structure. 
2.632.532 Mar. 04. 

Blackburn, Nowell F".. Fort Belvoir, Vn., assignor to The 
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Company, Philadel- 
phia. Pa. NlckPl plating. 2,664.392. Dec. 29. 

Blackburn. RIcardo. Heidelberg. Victoria, Australia. Lav- 
oratory seat. 2.645,784. July 21. 

Blacken- Latham V. S., Coldhayes, Llss. England. ' Pro- 
Jectl*. 2.657,630, Nov. 30. 

Blackpr, Nicklos : See — 

Teas ler Noel, and Blacker. 

Blackford, Raymond H., Flushing, assignor to Dnrabla 
M;inufarturlng Co., New York, N. Y. Check valve. 
2,649.277 Aug. 18. 

Blackhawk Mfg. Co.. assignee : Bee — 

Traut, William A. j 

Blackman. Birt O., and D. O. Nelson. Los Angeles, Calif., 
assignors to Bendlx Aviation Corporation, South Bend, 
Ind. Paper food mechanism for recorders. 2,660,380, 
Nor. 24. 

Blackman, Edward L.. New York. N. T. Trousers hanger. 
2,639.S47. May 26. 

Blackman. Edward L., New York. N. T. Automobile door 
constmctiiin. 2.647,790. Aug. 4. 

Blackman. Edwin N. : See — 

Blackman. Paul F. and E. N.. and Shlpp. 

Blackman. Fred T., Newington, assignor to Veeder-Root. 
Inc. Hartford, Conn. Keying device. 2,657,082, 
Oct. 27. r 

Blackman. Paul F. and E. N.. and J. W. Shlpp Los Nletos 
Calif. : said E. N. Blackman and said J. W. Shlpp as 
Bignors to said P. F. Blackman. Hoisting merhanism. 
2,6.33.999. Apr. 7. , 

Blackman, Peter : See — 

White. Blanche B. and Blackmani 

Blackman. Seymour N.. IVantck. N. J. Container for 
hypodermic needles. 2.651,407, Sept. 8. 

Blackman, Seymour N.. Teaneck. aRSIgnor to Premo Phar- 
maceutical Laboratories, Inc., South Ilackensack. N J. 
Mnrking hypodermic syringes. 2,658.837, Nov. 10. 

Blackmon, John O.. assignee : See — 
Trautmann, Herbert L. 

Blackmond, Paul E.. Nlles, Mich. Wheelbarrow with tub 
and ho.w reel attachments. 2,636,747, Apr. 28 

Blackmore, Fred N.. Royal Oak. assignor to Bendlx Avia- 
tion Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Rate meter. 2 625.656 • 
Jan. 13. 

Black«tone Corporation, assignee: See — 
Briggs. Allan L. 

Bladh. Elmer H : See ~ 

Alexander. Lowell M.. and Bladh. 

Blalng-Leink. Edwin O. : Sre — 

Johnson, Scott R.. and Blalng-Leisk. 

Blair, Athol F. . Santa Crux. Tsllf Valve closing mecha- 
nism for water closets. 2,626..399, Jan 27 

Blair. Athol K.. Snnta Crm. Calif. Water-saving device 
for flush tanks. 2.626.401. Jan 27 

Blair, Cecil L.. and R L. Fox. Waterloo, assignors to 
Deere Manufacturing Co.. Dubuque, Iowa. Implement 
and trailer hitch. 2.654.613, Oct. 6 

Blajr. Charles M.. Jr.. and W. F. Gross, Webster Groves 
Mo., assignors to Petrollte Corporation. Preventing 
corrosion 2,640,029. Mav 26 

"'o'«\,«I^^''l- CTi''^Po. Ill- Shoulder strap holder 
2.643 3S0. June 30. 

^'■•r. ^^'t^. Chicago, 111. Undergarment. 2,653.322. 

Blair, Emilo. New Haven. Conn., assignor to Olln In- 
dnstrjps. Inc. ^.Ttrnslon of metals. 2 630 916 Mar 10 

^'*""J?"^''^ ^ • ^""^ I^'ake. near Loughborouith' asslenor 
to The British Plaster Board Limited Wallasev Ene- 
land. Mechanism for handling boards. 2,64.*.329 July 
14. ■ 

Blair Royer R. Berkeley Heights. N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York N T 
Motor system for controlling pressure. 2.649,560, Aug. 

1 r%, 

Blair Walter, Detroit. Mich. Pneumatic hoist. 2 644 307 
Jiilv 1 . . . , 

Mich. Pin rweeplng device. 

Blair. Walter. Detroit 
2.656.1 87. Oct. 20. 

Blals. CTemence A., Sr.. East Mollne. Hi. Lens cover 
device for telescopic sighta. 2,632,252. Mar. 24. 

BlaU. John F. Norwalk. Conn . assismor to American 
Cyanamid Company. .New York N. Y. Plowabl.. 

■' '"*''»'"'"•? resin and diguanidlne carbonate. 2,e33.4.'>9 
Mar. 31 . 

Blalsse. Berndt S., Voorburg, assignor to N. V. Optlsche 
Industrie "IM Oude Delft,^' IH-Iit, .NVtherlan<l« Large- 
aiierture optical system comprising two reflecting and 

?'A^i*'-L",*'' r^T' o'l;'*^''' furfaces in axial alignment., Oct. 27. 

Blaizot, Pierre, assignor to Instltut de Recherches pour 
les Hulles de Palme et Oleaglneux, Paris, France. Ob- 
taining carotene from palm oil. 2,652,433, Sept. 15. 

Blake, Charles A., Bellmore, N. T. Clotheallne adjusting 
device. 2,632,9^2. Mar. 31. 

Blake, Edward »., Lexington, Mass.. assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis, Mo. Dialkyl esters of 
glycol polycarboxylic acid esters. 2.624,754, Jan. 6. 

Blake, Edward S., Lexington. Mass.. aasignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company. St. Louis, Mo. Sulfated hydroxy 
alkyl thlo succinates. 2,630,449, Mar. 3. 

Blake. Edward S., Medford Mass. assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. Mineral oil com- 
position. 2.628,939 Feb. 17. 

Blakeley. Francis M., Clayton. N. Mex. Universal Joint 
bearing cup holder. 2.645,258, July 14: 

Blakely, Robert E. : See— 

Bryce, James W., and Blakely. 

Blakemore, Elmo D.. Flint. Mich. Safety button. 
2.625.052. Jan. 13. 

Blaker George H., Moorestown, and E. B. Cain. CoUings- 
wood, N. J., assignors to Radio Corporation of America. 
I'osltionlng structure for cathode-ray tubes. 2,627,066, 
Jan. 27. 

Blaker. Robert H., assignor to E. I. du Pont de Nemours 
and Company, Wilmington. Del. Dyeing of polyacrylo- 
nltrlle fibera. 2,653.074. Sept. 22. 

Blakesh-e. Charles R., Ilollydale, Calif. Harpoon gun. 
2.660,993. Dec. 1. 

Blakeslee, Clinton A., assignor to The Bristol Company. 
Waterbury, Conn. Multiple-point measuring Instru- 
ment. 2,628,149. Feb. 10. 

Blakey. John O., Portland, Orcg, assignor to American 
Can Compjiny, New York, N. \. Weighing and mixing 
device. 2.653,786, Sept. 29. 

Blalock. William L. : Sec- 
Allison. John R. and Blalock. i 

Blamey, Almon C. : Sec — 

Brown! ie. John, Gerstenzang, and Blamey. 

Blan, Clayton D., Tucson, Ariz. Rearvlew mirror means. 
2.663.225, Dec. 22. 

Blanc, Jacques, Bols-Colombe.s. assignor to Soclete d'Ex- 
ploitation des Materials Hlspano-Sulza, S. A.. Bols- 
Colombes (Seine), France. Rotor for fluid machlnm. 
2.662,685, Dec. 15. 

Blanchard, Benjamin W.. Jr., Pine nill, N. J. Radio 
antenna. 2.648,770, Aug. 11. 

Blanchard. Bernard E. : See — j 

Brolln. Anders H. Kamholti. and Blanchard. • I 

Blanchard. Donn C., Miami, assignor to E. L. Denlson, 
North Miami, Fla. Weather seal for Jalousie windows. 
2,r,.'i4.921. Oct. l.{ i 

Blanchard. Evelyn L. : See — ' I 

Kempf, Clayton A., and Blanchard. ! 

Blanchard, Floyd w., Camas, Wash. Closure cap re- 
tainer. 2,640.625. June 2. 

Blanchard, I»rlng W., Jr. : See — 
Malm, Carl J., and Blanchard. 

Blanchard, Paul, Paris. France. Furnace. 2,659,588, 
Nov. 17. 

Blanchard. Robert L., i New York, N. Y. Tent construes 
tlon. 2,G46,0.')7. July 21. 

Blanchard, William .\.,. Mlllbury, assignor to Crompton k 
Knowlea Ix>om Works, Worcester, Mass. Loom picking 
mechanism. 2,624.371. Jan. 6. 

Blanchard. William A.. Mlllbury, assignor to Crompton h 
Knowles Loom Works, Worcester. Mass. Chain drlre 
for loom shedding mechanism. 2.640.504, June 2 

Blanchard. William A., Mlllbury. assignor to Crompton k 
Knowles Ixiom Works, Worcester Mass. Movable reed 
for electric protection. 2,642.900, June 23. 

Blancher. Donald W.. North Hollywood, Calif., assignor 
to Bendlx Aviation Corporation, South Bend, Ind. 
Electronic switching and mixing circuit for pulsating 
direct current. 2,639,379, May 19. 

Blancher, Donald W.. a.sslgnor to Bendlx Aviation Corpo- 
ration, North Hollywood. Calif. Hlgh-freque*cy cou- 
pling system. 2,660,710. Nov. 24. 

Blanchet, Charles, assignor to Etabllssements Neyrplc. 
Grenoble. France. Desllting valve. 2.636.609 Apr 28. 

Blanchet, Henry. Ridtrefleld^ N. J., aasignor to Fteeport 
Sulphur Company, New York. N. Y. Cooling of molten 
sulfur. 2.632,691, Mar. 24. 

Blanchette. Frank W.. Montclalr. N. J. Gauging apoara- 
tus for grinding machines and the like. 2,047,347. 
Aug. 4. 

Blanchett. Luther E.. South Milwaukee, and C. L. Stef- 
fen, Milwaukee, assignors to Bucyrus-Erie Company. 
South Milwaukee Wis. Dynanioelectric machine. 
2.641,737, June 9." 

Blanco, Ellas, and Z. MelnlkofT. Los Angeles, Calif. Cray- 
on sharpener. 2,624,316, Jan. 6. 

Bland. Marshall R. House Springs, and E. J. Young. 
Valley Park, assignors to Monsanto Chemical Company, 
St. I.^uls, Mo. Preparation of dialkoxythlophosphoryl 
chloride. 2,663.723, Dec. 22. 

Bland, Reginald B., Newport News. Va. Combined micro- 
phone and receiver for audiphonea. 2.634,337. Apr. 7. 

Bland, Rophie E.. New York. N. T., assignor to Houdry 
Process Corporation, Wilmington. Del. Protecting the 
walla of vessels containing fluent granular aollda. 
2.639,215. May 19. 

Blanding, Forrest H., Cfranford. N. J. assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company. Combiaation procesa 
for producing lubricating oils. 2,660.552, Nov. 24. 

Blaney, Arthur C. Los Angeles, and K. Singer. North 
Hollywood. Caiii., assignors to Radio Corporation of 
America.; Direct positive sound recording. 2,647,169, 
July 28/ 

Blaney, Dorothy L., Lea Angeles, Calif., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Combination sound recording 
and record. 2.628.288. Feb. 10. 

Blaney. Dorothy L., Los Angeles, Calif., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Combination photographic 
and magnetic sound record and producing same. 
2,657,932, Nov. 3. 

Blank. Charles B. : See — 

Carpenter. Allan C. and Blank. 

Blank, Cecil G. : See — 

Little, John M., and Blank. 

Blank, Itobert E. : See — 

Grummltt, Oliver J.. Blank, and Marsh. 

Blank, Wllhelm, Gopplngen Wurttemberg. Germany^.- 
Brassiere. 2,648.070. Aug. 11. 

Blanke, Nathan E., and H. J. Sands, assignors to The Har- 
vard Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Center 
support unit for bedframes. 2,644,959, July 14. 

Blanke, Nathan E., and H. J. Sands, assignors to The Har- 
vard Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Center 
support unit for bedframes. 2,644,960, July 14. 

Blanke, Nathan E., and H. J. Sands, assignors to The 
Harvard Manufacturing Company, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Divan with shiftable back. 2,656,548, Oct. 27. 

Blanken, Maurice C Staten Island, N. Y. Motor vehicle 
seat structure. 2.661,047, Dec. 1. 

Blankenship, William G., Jr., and G. S. McCloy. Spring- 
field. Mass. Fluid treating tank for photographic de- 
veloping. 2,608.236. Dec. 22. 

Blanning. Harry K., Chicago, 111., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to International Steel Company, Bvans- 
vllle, Ind. Seal for valve actuators. 2,659,242, Nov. 17. 

Blanton, Charles H., Royal Oak, assignor to Ford 
Motor Company, Dearborn, Mich. Window regulator. 
2.628,833, Feb. 17. 

Blanton William B., Rockville Centre, N. Y.. F. L. Carrie, 
Plainneld, and G. W. Janson, Nutley, N. J., assignors to 
The Western Union Telegraph Company, New York, 
N. Y. Telegraph exchange system. 2,632,043. Mar. 17. 

Blase, Edwin W., Carle Place, assignor to Chas. Pfizer k 
Co., Inc., New York, N. Y. Solvent extraction of oxy- 
tetracycllne. 2.658,078, Nov. 3. 

Blaton, Arniand E. A., Woluwe-Salnt-Pierre, Brussels, as- 
signor of one-half to E. J. L. Blaton, Brussels, Belgium. 
Tensioning and anchoring wire bundles for prestressed 
concrete structural elements. 2,037,895, May 12. 

Rlaton, Kmile J. L., assignee : See — 
Blaton. Armand E. A. 

Blatt, David H., and F. R. Mann, Philadelphia Pa. Cel 
lular container for article shipping and storage. 
2,634.042. Apr. 7. 

Blatt, Paula, Berea, Ohio. Girdle. 2.649,585, Aug. 25. 

Blatt, Paula, Cleveland, Ohio. Drop-seat panty. 2,659,367, 
Nov. 17. 

Blattner. David G. : Sec — 

Anderson, Fred A., Blattner, and Miller. 

Blattner. Emll H. Buffalo, assignor to The Symington- 
Gould Corporation, Depew, N. Y. Journal box Ud. 
2,624,642. Jan. 6. 

Blattner, Emll H., Buffalo, assignor to The Symington- 
Gould Corporation, Depew, N. Y. Side bearing. 
2,636.789. Apr. 28. 

Blattner, Emil H., Buffalo, assignor to The Symington- 
Gould Corporation. Depew, N. Y. Draft key retainer. 
2.638.809. May 19. 

Blattner, Emll H.. Rochester, assignor to The Symington- 
Gould Corportion, Depew, N. Y. Journal box lid. 
2.640.738, June 2. 

Blattner, Eniil H., and G. F. Couch, Rochester, assignors 
to The Symlngton-<^Jould Corporation, Depew, N. Y. 
Railway truck. 2,625,888, Jan. 20. 

Blattner, Emll IT., and O. P. Couch, Buffalo, assignors to 
The Symington-Gould Corporation, Depew. N. Y. Com- 
bined bolster center filler and rear draft lug unit. 
2.633.2r.O Mar. 31. 

Blatz. Albert V.. Thiensvllle, assignor to A. O. Smith Cor- 
poration, Milwaukee. Wis. Side shift for crate lifting 
attachment. 2,650,733. Sept 1. 

Blatz. Albort V.. Thiensvllle. assignor to A. O. Smith 
Corporation. Milwaukee, Wis. Crate lifting attach- 
ment. 2,660,327, Nov. 24. 

Blatz, Leo J., Elizabeth, N. J., assignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Kerosene finishing process. 
2,651.594. Sept. 8. 

Blata, Leo J., and R. C. Brandon, Elizabeth. N. J., as- 
signors to Standard Oil Development Company. Re- 
generation of selective hyarogenatlon catalyst. 
2.664.404. Dec. 29. 

Blatt. Paula. Berea. Ohio. Girdle. 2,661,469. Dec. 8. 

Blatz, Valdan C, and L. A. Pomeroy, assignors to Mllroy 
Enterprises Inc., Mlddletown Ohio. Device for cooking 
meat and toasting buns. 2,636,431, Apr. 28. 

Blaurock. Edward E., Fort Wayne, Ind.. assignor to 
United States Rubber Company, New York, N. Y. Ap- 
paratus for molding. 2,661,498. Dec. 8. 

23724.3— P 6 

Blaw-Knox Company, assignee : See — . 
AndrleSj Alfonse M. ^ 

Angstadt, John W. 
Bedson. Noel P. 
Bedson, Noel Phillips. 
Coats, Hal B. 
Eckstrom, Albert W. 
Kermer, Martin J. 
Ornitz, Martin N., and English. 
Sarosdy, Louis J. 
Skillman, Paul. 
Wilson, Bert A. 
Wolf, Anthony S., and Zigan. 
BlazeJ, Joseph, Chicago, 111., assignor to Ur 
Fastener Corporation, Cambridge, Mass. Snai 
socket assembly. 2.626,442. Jan. 27. 
BlazeJ, Joseph, Chicago, 111., assignor to Ui 
Fastener Corporation, Cambridge, Mass. Snai 
aocket assembly. 2,626.443. Jan. 27. 
Blazek. John Y.. Maple Heights, assignor to I.«m 
ucts. Inc., Bedford, Ohio. Abrasive belt tool. '. 
Aug. 4. 
Bleachers' Association Limited, assignee : See— 

Melville, Alexander. 
Blears. Jack. Davenham. and J. H. Leek, Stretf 
land, assignors to General Electric Company, i 
for detecting leaks In vacuum systems. 2,652,' 
Blease, Malcolm ~T. : See — 

Lltterlo, Vlrgy E., and Blease. 
Bledsoe, Ophard, Akron, Ohio. Apparatus for 

paste to wallpaper. 2,6.">8,471, Nov. 10. 
Bledsoe, William K., Seattle, Wash., assignor 1 
Airplane Company. Laminated glass-vinyl wli 
2,650.890, Sept. 1. 
Bledsoe, Woodrow W„ IDversburg. Tenn. Coi 

control system. 2,657,474, Nov. 3. 
Bleecker, Edsell T., Denver. Colo. Process of 

ftaratus for combustion of liquid fuel, vaporl 
iqulds, and mixing of gaseous fluids. 
Nov. 3. 
Blegen, James R., Pottstown. Pa., assignor to Tl 
of tne Plastics Industry, Inc. Flammabill 
2,636 388, Apr. 28. 
Bleler, Stanley, Asbury Park, N. J., assignor to t 
States of America as represented by the Secret 

Army. Inertia switch 

:h. 2,637,791, May 5. 
Rochester, N. Y. Coir 

2.626,098, Jan. 20. 
Blenkle, Herbert A. Leonla, N, J., assignor to 
Guarnlerl. Inc., New York, N. Y. Multiple 
fluid pressure actuated apparatus. 2,661,72- 
Blessing, Albert, G. Staudenmeier. H. Tllch. and 
assignors to Keller and Knapplch G. m. b. H. ^ 
fabrlk, Augsburg, Germany. Charging and dl 
device for refuse trucks. 2.645,371, July 14. 
Blessing, Charles B., Oakland, Calif., assignor t< 
Packaging Company. Tension control reel. 
May 5. 
Blessing, Charles B., Oakland, Calif., assignor t< 
Packaging Company. Packaging hangered 
2,6.39.566, May 26. 
Blessing Packaging Company, assignee : See — 

Blessing, Charles B. 
Bletcber, James H. assignee : See — 
Bletcher, Ralph E., and Bentley. 
Bletcher, Pearl, assignee : See — 

Lynch, Leslie. 
Bletcher, Pearl W., assignee : See — ' 

Bletcher, Ralph E., and Bentley. 
Bletcher, Rnlph E., assignee : See — 
Bletcher, Ralph E., and Bentley. 
Lynch, Leslie. 

Bletcher, Ralph E.. Los Angeles, Calif. Isola 
2,657,703, Nov. 3. 

Bletcher, Ralph E., and C. H. Bentley, Los Ange 
assignors of ten per cent to R. E. IBletcher, t 
one-half per cent to B. H. Bucknell, twelve an 
per cent to M. Bucknell, ten per cent to P. W. 
twenty-five per cent to M. B. Llston, ten p< 
J. H. Bletcher, ten per cent to H. B. Sklnnei 
per cent to C. B. B. Robertson. Shov 
2.657,954, Nov. 3. 

Blevlns. Alonzo, Jr., Huntington, W. Va. Pori 
2,632,582, Mar. 24. 

Blevlns. Walter G.. Sr., and R. A. Coleman, Wea 
and J. Mills, Drexel Hill, assignors to Bi 
Mushroom Corporation. West Chester, Pa. 
trimming machine. 2,638,949, May 19. 

Blewett. Stephen E.. Altadena assignor of o 
S. N. Blewett. Stockton, Calif. Temperature 
2,628.442. Feb. 17. 

Blewett. Stephen N., assignee : See — 
Blewett. Stephen E. 

Bllck, Naomi T.. administratrix : See — 
Allison. Walter H. 

Bllcke, Frederick F., Washtenaw County, asslgi 
gents of the University of Michigan, Ann Ar 
3-thlanaphthenyloxyacetlc acid, its salts and < 
herblcidal composition thereof. 2,645,572, Ju 

• I I 



Bllcke, Frederick F., aaiignor to Kegenta of Tb« Unirer- 
•ity of Michigan. Ann Arbor. MIcb. Preparing 1- 
inethyl-4-phenyl-4-cyanoplperldlne. 2.8S7.208. Oct. 27. 

BUckenderfer. Charlea. Jr.. Puyallup. and W. 8. Brown- 
fleld. aitsliirnorii to Weyerhaeu.s«-r Timber Company. 
Tacoma. Wash. Double «aw carriage for lunilier trim- 
ming niacblneM. 2.641,288. June 9. 

BUnkc. Juavph. Wyoming, and H. J. Peddlcord, Deer Park, 
aaslgnura to The Proctor 4 Gamble Conipany. Ivorydale, 
Ohio. Reduction of fatty eaters. 2,e47.932. Aug. 4. 

Blinking Dool Enterprlaea, Incorporated, The, assignee : 
Ser— .. ' 

Komano. Anthony. 

Bllsa, E W., Company, assignee : See — 
Muller. Jules. 

Bliss, Harrey N., Windsor, assignor to Veeder-Root. In- 
corporated. Hartford, Conn. Transfer mechaniHm for 
counters. 2,628.779. Feb. 17. 

Bliss, Harvey N., Windsor, assignor to Veeder-Root In- 
corporated, Hartford, Conn. Control mechanism for 
controlling vaives. 2.634.884. Apr. 14. 

Bliss. Harvey N.. Windsor assignor to Veeder-Root 
Incorporated. Hartford, Coon. Counter mechanism. 
2.645.425. July 14.* 

Bliss. Harvey S., Windsor, and O. Wild. Jr., West Hart- 
ford, asHiKnors to Veeder-Root Incorporated, Hartford, 
Conn. Resetting and Interlock mechanism for liqui<l 
dls[)ensing apparatus. 2,626.082, Jan. 20. 

Bliss, Harvey N.. Windsor, and <►. Wild, Jr., West Hart- 
ford, assignors to Veeder-Root Incorporated, Hartford. 
Conn. Control means for liquid dispensing apparatus. 
2,6«0.33.r Nov. 24. 

Bliss. Robert H., Keverly. Mass., assignor to United Shoe 
Machinery Corporation, Hemington, N. J. Fastener 
Insertlni: mechanism. 2.6.')9.886, Nov. 24. 

Bllsfl Robert H., Mount Carmel, Conn., assignor to Rohm 
k Haas Company. Philadelphia. Pa. Preventing pollu- 
tion of streams. 2,628,165. Feb. 10. 

Bliss. Warren H. : 8ee^ 

Baroo. .\llen A.. Bllsa, and Carpenter. 

Bliss, William R.. Washington. D. C. Antenna system. 
2.644.089, June 30. 

Blissel, John J. : 8ce — 

Majtram, Sidney J., and Blissel. 

Bllzard. Walter a., assignor to Wolf Brothers. Inc., Phila- 
delphia. Pa. Producing paper bags. 2,645,166, Jaly 14. 

Bloch AlfrtHl : Bee — 

Davis, 4Ierl>ert L., and Bloch. 
Henderson John, Bloch and Davis. 

Bloch, Krich, Sew York, N. Y. Support for manikins. 
2,«5«.».-.7. Oct. 27. 

Bloch, Herman S. : Bee — 

Thompson, Ralph B., and Bloch. 

Bloch, Herman S., assignor to Universal Oil Products 
Company, Chicago, 111. Modified phenolic resins. 
2.031.140. Mar. 10 

Bloch. Herman S.. assignor to Universal Oil Products Com- 
pany. Chicago. 111. Sulfur containing orpinic composi- 
tion and making same. 2.636.029. Apr. 21. 

Bloch. Herman S.. assignor to Universal Oil Products 
(N>nipany. Chicago. 111. Polyvinyl acetal resins. 
2.644. '^07. July 7. 

Bloch. Herman S.. assignor to Universal Oil Products 
Company. Chicago. 111. Lacquer composition contain- 
ing a hydrocarbon derived resin. 2,648,640, Aug. 11. 

Bloch. Herman S.. nssiunor to Universal Oil Products 
Cntnpanv. Chieaco, III. Resin and Its manufacture. 
2.6.')6.3.'l.">, Oct. 20. 

Bloch. Herman S., nsslfnior to T^nlversal Oil Products 
Company Chicago. 111. Vulcanized composition formed 
from sulfur, rubber, and an alkenyl phenol for^joinlng 
metal, wood, glass, and thermosetting resins. 2.662,869. 
Dec. 15. 

Bloch Herman S.. Chlcaeo. and A. E. IIofTman. Clarendon 
Hills, assignors to Universal Oil Products Company. 
Chicago. 111. Printing Ink containing a polymerized 
olefin. 2.640.782 June 2. 

Bloch. Herman S.. Chlcjico. and A. K. Hoffman. Clarendon 
Hills, assimors to Universal Oil IVodnrts Company, 
Chlcatfo. Til. Process and pro<luct of producing hydro- 
carbon drying oils. 2.644.847. July 7. 

Bloch. Herman .M.. ChlcaKo. and H. E Mnmmen. Riverside, 
assignors to Universal Oil Products Company. ChlcaKo. 
111. Reslnotis condensation prorluets from an aldehydt> 
or ketone with a cbroman. thlachroman. cnumaran or 
benzodihydrothlafuran. 2.R.%7.193, Oct. 27. 

Bloch. Karl : fire — 

Weber. Ira. and Bloch. 

Bloch. Richard M.. Waltham. assignor to Ratheon Manu- 
facturiuK Company. Newton. Mass. Diaenostic Infor- 
mation monitoring system. 2.834.0.^2, Apr. 7. 
Block & Anderson Limited, assignee : See — 
Hrown. Roland, and Watton. 
Oerlach. Hugo. 

Block. Ines. New Rochelle, N. T. Bathing suit. 2.601,040. 
Sept. 8.7 

Block, STen H.. and B. Oylllng.. Skodsborg. Denmark, 
said Ulooti asxUntir to aaid liyliing Tachistoscopic de- 
vice 2.047.329. Aug. 4. 

Block. Wllkelm F.. White Plains, assignor to Remington 
Rand Inc.. New York, N. Y. Vlaible Index record card. 
2.632.448, Mar. 24. 

Blockert. Ernest B., New l^rk. and A. Marino, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. Fountain pen ol the pump type. 2,649,075, 
Aug. 18. \ 

Blodgett, Edwin O , Rochester, N. Y. Teletypewriter cir- 
cuit. 2;«49,496, Aug. 18. 

Blodgett, G. S.. Co., Inc.. The. assignee : Bee — 
Neuls, Fre«lerick <'. 

Blodgett, Katharine B., ScbenecUdy. N. Y.. assignor to 
General Electric Company. Forming semiconducting 
layers on glass and article formed thereby. 2,636,832. 
Apr. 28. 

Blouinger, Jack : See — 

Young, Richard W., and Blodinger. 

Hloeni, Heriiiaii. and -M. Stei. Kindhoven, Netherlands, as- 
signors to Hartford National Bank and Trust Company. 
Hartford. Conn., as trustee. Continuous method of 
preparing novolaks and devices suitable for such meth- 
ods. 2.663,099. Dec. 22. 

Blobm. Clyde L. : See — 

Kohl, Arthur L.. and Blohm. 

Blok, Lourens, Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to Hart- 
ford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford, 
Conn, as trustee. High-frequency furnace. 2,662,102, 
Dec. 8. 

Blokolgas System Inc., assignee: Bee — 
Fitzpatrlck. Stephen L. 

Blomberg, Martin 1'., Hinsdale. Hi., assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Brake shoe and 
Sander support adjusting means for railway vehi 
brakes. 2,631,875, Mar. 17. 

Blomjcren, Oscar C. Kvanston, 111. Tire adapter. 
2,050.083, Oct. 20. 

Blumuuist. (fcorce, assignee : Sec — 
llagelfeldt, l.ydia A. 

Blomatraud, John II., assignor of one-half to Frederick 
W. Nyqulst. Minneapolis, Minn. Wire nut. 2,656,204, 
Oct. 20. 

Blondeau, Ren< : Bee — 

Scott, I.«wrence B., Whetstone. Van Overbeek, and 

niondel. .Alfred. Paris. France. Automatic blending de- 
vice for liMtiitls. 2.660.190. Nov. 24. 

Blondet Maurice L.. Versailles, France, assignor to Gen- 
eral Llectrlc Company. Voltage rectification and regu- 
lation power system. 2,635,219, Apr. 14. 

Blood. Arthur R., assignor to Allis Chalmers Manufactur- 
ing Company, Xfllwaukee, Wis. Dual pressure hydrau- 
lic apparatus. 2,651,179, Sept. 8. 

Blood, Harold L., asslKnor to The Heald Machine Com- 
pany, Worcester. Mass. Internal grinding machine. 
2,046 652, July 28. 

Blood. Leland C.. Plymouth assignor to Michigan Pow- 
dered Metal Products Company. Northvllle, Mich. 
Porous chambered bearing. 2.628.1.38. Feb. 10. 

Blood. Robert H., Tulsa. Okla., assignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Hydraulic well packer. 
2,631,672. Mar. 17. 

Bloodworth. Thomas H., Elm Grove, assignor to Allls- 
Chalmers Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee. Wis. 
Electric control system utilizing a saturable reactor for 
limiting currents. 2.632,139, Mar. 17. 

Bloom. Abe M.. Van Nuys. Calif. Time controlled valve 
closinz mechanism. 2.6.')3.659. Sept. 29. 

Bloom. Albert. Stiiniiiit. N. J. assignor to General Aniline 
A Film Corporation. New York. N. Y. Preparation of 
4-chloro-2..VdlaIkoxyanlllne8. 2,649,482, Aug. 18. 

Bloom Frank A. L., iVtrolt. -Mich. Consumer package for 
fresh fruits or the like. 2.660,529. Nov. 24. 

Bloom. Ildlkfi E.. Cloater. N. Y. Eyeglass attachment. 
2.600.092. Nov. 24. 

Bloom. Israel. New York, and J. Abrams, East Rockaway. 
a<»sitrnors to Conelstan Corporation. New York, N. Y. 
Means and method of applying colled layers of raflla 
to the bottom of bowls. 2,641,299, June 9. 

Bloom, Mortimer C. : See — 

von HIppel, Arthur, and Bloom. 

Bloom. Mortimer C. and J. P. Levy, Boston. Mass.. 
assignors to Federal Telephone and Radio Corpora- 
tion. New York, N. Y. Eiectrodepositlon of selenium. 
2,649,410, Aug. 18. 

Bloom. Quentiu M., assignor to Selas Corporation of 
America, Philadelphia. Pa. Quenching apparatus. 
2.625.944. Jnn 20. 

Bloom Samuel M., Brooklyn, N. Y. Shirt package and 
method of packaging. 2,632,564, Mar. 24. 

Bioomt>erg, I'Hvld J., Newton. Mass., assignor to General 
Electric Cttmpany. Heat insulating arrangement for a 
plurality of co.-txinl turbines having opposed flow 
through double-tier blading. 2,024.173, Jan. 6. 

Bli>omberg. David J., Newton. Mass.. assignor to General 
Electric Company Turbine. 2.037.984, May 12. 

Bloomer Bros. Company, assignee : Bee — 
Inman, William H. 
Inman. William H.. and Holmes. 

Bloomfleld Bank and Trust Co.. The. executor: Bee — 
Ramaee. John H.. and Malln. 

Bloslck. Thomas J., Beaverton. assignor of one-half to 
J. D. (}ivnan, Portland, Oreg. Butcher's gambrel. 
2.629.128, Feb. 24. 

Blouln. Arthur E. : Bee— 

Cowie. Wilbur E., and Blouln. 

Blout, Elkan R., Cambridge. R. 8. Corley, Boston, and P. 
L. Snow, assignors to Polaroid Corporation. Cambridge, 
Mass. Infrare«l band pass filter. 2,624,240, Jan. 6. 


Blout, Elkan R., and J. E. Campbell, Cambridge. R. S. 
Corley. Boston and P. L. Snow, assignors to Polaroid 
Corporation, ( ambridge. Mass. Infrared band pass 
filter. 2.624.239. Jan. 6. 

Bloxham, Ralph H., near Theodore, Ala. Ice-cream stick 
dispensing machine. 2,658.652. Nov. 10. 

Bloxham. Ralph H.. near Theodore, Ala. Block ice-cream 
Bllcer. 2,660.902, l>ec. 1. 

Bloxham. Verlin A., Berkeley, Calif. Apparatus for drying 
hops. 2,630,311, Mar. 3. 

Bloxham. Verlin A.. Berkeley. Calif. Apparatus for con- 
tinuous drying of hops. 2.634,117, Apr. 7. 

Bludeau, Hol)ert E. : See — 

Powers, John B., and Bludeau. 

Blue. Glenn A., Emporia, Kans. Cavity and hypo Injector 
for embaimers. 2.636,247, Apr. 28. 

Blue. Robert D. : See — 

Hunter, Kalpb M., Blue, and Nelpert. 

Blue. Wayne, Long Beach, Calif. Range finder adapter 
for cameras. 2,049.038. Aug. 18. 

Blue Bell. Inc., assignee : See — 
Andrew, Clyde M. 

Blue Channel Corporation, assignee: Bee — 
Harris, Sterling (J. 

Blue Ridge (jlass Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Glynn, Theodore W. ., 

' Lewis, Joseph H. 

Blue Ridge Textile Company. Inc.. assignee: See — 
Brown. Clarenc« J., and Schwanda. 
Schwanda. TlM»odore F. 

Blnege, Oswald L. : Bee — 

Milan. Horace R., and Bluege. 

Blum Bros. Box ^"ompany. assignee : Bee — 
Blum Paul L. 

Blum. Felix A.. Beverly Hills. Calif. Pulse Jet convertible 
to ram Jet-propulsion means. 2.635.421, Apr. 21. 

Blum. John E.. El Cerrito. Calif., assignor to The Glidden 
Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Preparing hard butter from 
hydrogenated coconut oil and similar oils. 2.657.995. 
Nov. 3. 

Blum, Joseph K., Scarsdale assignor to Burnwell Inciner- 
ator Corporation. Now York. N. Y. Flue-unblocking 
and safety system for incinerators. 2.640,447, June 2. 

Blum. I^eopold : Bee — 

Goldman. Jerome L., and Blum. 

Blum, I'aul L.,^ assignor to Blum Bros. Box Company, 
Mnrshfield, Wis. Circular wood box. 2.6Q-iA99. Oct. 6. 

Blumberg. HaMiilton, G. : See — 

'l^l^ne^. Archibald P., and Bluinberg. 

Blume. Roe C. Waynesboro, Va., assignor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours and Company. Wilmington, Dei. Rapid 
basic-catalyzed esteritication of cellulose. 2,632,006, 
Mar. 17. 

Blume, Roe C, and F. H. Swetey, Waynesboro, Va., assign- 
ors to E. I. du Pont dc Nemours & Company, Wilming- 
ton. Del. Rapid esterification of cellulose using a basic 
catalyst. 2,632,007, Mar. 17. 

Blumenfeld, Joseph : *'ee — 

Wpb«'r. iKaac K., and Blumenfeld. 

Blumeasaadt. Svend O. Beachwood Village, assignor to 
The Universal Wire Spring Company. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Aiiparaftis for wire springs. 2.043,758, June 30. 

Blumensaadt, Svend G. Beachwood Villaee, assiznor to 
The Universal Wire Spring Company. Cleveland, Ohio. 
Wire bending fixture. 2,045.268. July 14. 

Blumensaadt, Svend G.. Iteachwood Village. E. H. Gutz- 
'^man^ Parma, and W. H. Neely. assignors to Universal 
Wire Spring Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Clinching ap- 
paratus 2.040 9.»<6. June 9. 

Blumenshien. Alice J.. National City. Calif. Clothes 
catching attachment for ironing boards. 2,633,050, 
Apr. 7. 

Blumenshlne, Nellie B.. Colfax, 111. Toilet step-up for 
children. 2,629,882. Mar. 3. 

Blumentbal. Siilney. & Co.. Inc.. assignee : Bee — 
Dufourd^ndrew J., and Lovshin. 

Blumenthal, Warren B. : Set- — 

Urban Stephen F., and Blumenthal. 

Blumentli«1, Warren B., Niagara Falls, N. T., assignor, by 
roe.«ne assignments, to the United States of America as 
represented bv the United States Atouiic Energy Com- 
mission. Making zirconium tetrachloride. 2,626,203. 
Jan. 20. 

Blumenthal. Warren B.. Niagara Falls, assignor to Na- 
tional Lead Company. New York. N. \. Zirconium pig- 
ments. 2.020.2.'>5. Jan. 20. 

Blumenthal, Warren B., Niagara Falls assignor to Na- 
tional Lead Company, New York, N. Y. Fused reduced 
tltanla-tlrconla product and method. 

Blunt. Royden A.. Baltimore, Md. 
July 7. 

Blydenburgh. Harold L., assignor to The Moto-Mower 
Companv. Detroit, Mich. Drive connection. 2.651..')30, 
Sept. 8. • 

Boal. Edgar I)., assignee : See — 

Prizer. Eugene li. 
Boadway, Thaddeos J.. Pampa. Tex. Combination wall re- 

cepUcle and plug switch. 2.636.950. Apr. 28. 
Boardman. Edward M.. Mountain Lakes, and M. C. Wooley, 
Chatham. N. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Labora- 
tories. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Capacitor. 
2.644.122. June 30. 

2,6,'S3.107. Sept. 22. 
Bottle. 2,'644,599, 

Glove. 2 

Boardman, Raymond H., assignor to The Hart '. 

turing Company, Hartford, Conn. Electric 

2,659,792. Nov. 17. 
Boarman. Robert W.. assignor to Columbia Boi 

pany, Pottstown, Pa. Domestic heating 

2.633.106, Mar. 31. 
Boast. Warren B., Ames. Iowa, and J. D. Ryde: 

paign. 111., assignors to Iowa State College 

Founaatlon, Inc.. Ames. Iowa. Wattmeter-^ 

2.001,457. Dec. 1. 
Boatwrlght, Stevens W., Alexandria, Va. Ca 

template. 2,634,507. Apr. 14. 
Bobb, Lloyd J., Glenside, assignor to The Inte 

Electronics Company, Philadelphia, Pa. Mag 

cording and reproducing circuits. 
Bobbitt, Ernest L., Wheeling, W. Va, 

Dec. 8. 

Bobier. Wilfred S., Jr. : See — i 

Schorn. Carl F., Bobier, and Orr. ' 

Bobo, Ned : See — 

Bates. Arthur H.. Jr^Bobo, MtiUlnax, and M 
Bobo. Roy A.. Houston. Tex., assignor to Phillii 

leum Company. (Jas lift valve. 2.644,404. Ju 
Bobopen. Inc., assignee : See — , 

Cogswell. WUton W., Sr., and W. F. I 

Bobrick. Arthur L., Pasadena, assignor to Bobrli 

facturlng Corporation. Los Angeles, Calif. 1 

for thick and viscous liquids. 2,645.386, July 
Bobrick Manufacturing Corporation, assignee : Be 

Bobrick. Arthur L. 
Bobroff, Louis, Philadelphia. Pa. Adjustable ni 

ture for load-carrying velikies. 2. 050. 216, O 
Bobrowskl, Stanley F.. New Britain, and S. L. Bi 

Bristol. Conn. Linoleum cutter. 2.641,834, 
Bobrowskl, Stanley L. : See — 

Bobrowskl, Stanley F. and S. L. 
Boccl, Adelchi, Florence, Italy. Steering gear foi 

2.052.124, Sept. 15. 
Bochan, John. Trenton, N. J., assignor to Gene 

trie Company. Control for automatic wast 

chines. 2,050.431. Oct. 20 
Bochan, Peter J., assignor to Assembled Un 

Bridgeport, Conn. Multiple spool and thread 

thereon. 2,639.860. May 26. 
Bocjl Corporation, assignee : See — 

Lang. Joseph C. 
Bock. Carl J., Birmingham, assignor to Genera 

Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Brake drum 

damper. 2,639,195. May 19. 
Bock, Cbarlea D. : Bee — 

Agins, George, and Bock. 
Bock. George E., Chicago. E. Roberts. Harvey. 

E. C. Hokanson. Bell. Calif., assignors to W^hl 

poratlon. Harvey. 111. Workstand. 2,627, lOt 
Bock, Joseph. Kalispell, Mont. Tractor seat i 

2,041.308, June 9. 
Bock, Louis II. : See — 

De Benneviile, Peter L., Leake, and Bock. 
Bock, Louis H.. assignor to Rayonler Incorporai 

ton, Wash. Dibasic ether acid derivatives o: 

add. 2,030 454, Mar. 3. 
Bock, Louis it., assignor to Rayonler Incorporai 

ton, Wash. Polyesters made from dibasic acid 

from vanUlln. 2.002,871, Dec. 15. 
Bock. Louis H., and L.J. Carlson, assignors to 

Incorporated. Shelton. Wash. Phenol ethe 

2.049,436, Aug. 18. 
Bockelman, Bert M.. ClarksvlUe. Ohio. Latcli 

slidable members of Jaw wrenches. 2,637,23' 
Bockius, Christopher, Ridgewood, N. J., ast 

American Machine and Foundry Company. Ar 

Ing and dispensing app.-iratus. 2,649,992, Auf 
B6ckman, Oluf C. : See — 

Sejersted, Johannes, and BOckman. 
Bockmann, Arthur, Chicago, 111. Folding box. ! 

July 28. 
Bocquel, Ren4 : See — 

De France. Henri, and Bocquel. 
Boddinpton. Richard J. : See—y' 

Welker. Paul L.. Boddingfon. and Woodruff. 
Boddy, Leonard. Ann Arbor. Mich, assignor. 

assignments, to The Anderson Company. G 

Electric gauge mechanism. 2.625.132. Jan. 1 
Boddy. Leonard. Ann Arbor. Mich, assignor, 

assignments, to The Anderson Q)mpanv. G 

Electrical signal control system. 2,625.595. J 
Bode, Harold B.. Chicago, III., assignor to Natl< 

Company, New York, N. Y. Treatment of dril 

with barium starch., Nov. 3. 

Bode. Robert G., Chicago, assignor to The Norw 

pony, Morton Grove. 111. Stand for sheet mu 

like. 2.634.542. Apr. 14. 
Bode. Robert G., Chicago, assignor to The Norw 

pany. Morton Grove, 111. Collapsible stand. 

June 16. 
Bodell, Philip T. : See- 
Bird. Whltworth F.. and Bodell. 
Bodell. Philip T.. Bristol. R. I., .isslgnor to 

Alkman Corporation. Philadelphia. Pa. Texl 

Ing method and machine. 2,633.608. Apr. 7. 
BodelL Wilbur G.. Tucson, Arl«. Flying sai 

2.63!J,614, Mar. 24. 

i • 




Boden, George. Waterbury. and M. V. Duell. OalcTllle. 
Conn., asaiKnors to Buxton. Incorporated Springfield, 
Mass. Holder plate for key ca§ei. 2,630,700. Mar. 10. 

Boden. Oeortfe. Waterbury, and M. V. Duell. Oakvllle. 
aaalgnors to Scovlll Manufacturing Company. Water- 
bury. Conn. Key container bolder plate and retaining 
loop. 2,633.733. Apr. 7. 

Boden, George L.. Middle Haddam, and G. D. Wlepert. 
Branford. aaalicnora to The Merrlam Manufacturing 
Company. Durham, Conn. Combined latch and lock. 
2.fl24.1»l. Jan. «. 

Bodendoerfer, Raymond E. : Ker — 

Kummer. Theodore H.. and BoilendoerfOT. 

Bodendoerfer. Ilaymond E.. Milwaukee. Wig.. aHlgnor to 
Cherry-Burrell Corporation. Chicago. 111. Receptacle 
filler. 2.«2S.7.-)9. Feb. 17. 

Bodenhafer. Clifford B. : Bee — 

KendalL Tbomaa L., Bodenhafer, and Plammer. 

Bodenhoff, Qeorse B.. assignor to A. M. Oolubich, Cleve- 
land. Ohio. Lap table. 2.«40,747. June 2. 

BodensleCk. Ernst J., Euclid, assignor to Thompson 
Products Inc., Clereland, Ohio. Internally ported 
▼ane type pump. 2.653.548. Sept. 29. 

Bodey. Charles B.. St. Paul, assignor to Minneapolis- 
Honevwell Ketrulator Companv. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Oaa pilot burner and draft shield. 2,648,377. Aug. 11. 

Bodin. Alfred Pnlos Park 111., and E. K. Lotthnmmer 
Jamaica. N. Y. ; said Lotthammer assignor to saiil 
Bodln. Tear strip remover for cans. 2,625,294. 
Jan. 13. 

Bodlne. Albert O., Jr., Van Nnys, Calif. Method of and 
apparatus for rotting materials, ne. 23.657. May 19. 

Bodlne. Albert O., Jr.. Van Nuys, Calif. Acoustic means 
and method for suppressing detonation In internal-com- 
bustion engines. 2.662.513. Dec. 15. 

Bodlne. Albert G., Jr., Van Nuys. Calif. Detonation sup- 
pression piston for Internal-combustion engines. 

2.662.514. Dec. 15. 

Bodlne. Albert O., Jr., Van Nuys, Calif. Detonation sup- 
pression piston for Internal-combustion engines. 

2.662.515, Dec. 15. 

Bodlne. Albert G.. Jr., Van Nuys. Calif. Piston for in- 
ternal-combustion engines having acoustic detonation 
suppression means. 2.662,516. Dec. 15. 

Bodlne. Albert O., Jr.. Van Nuys, Calif. Piston for In- 
ternal-combustion engines having acoustic detonation 
suppression means. 2.662,517, Dec. 15. 

Bodlne, Herl)ert J. Newtown. Conn. Carrier for mower 
attachments. 2.663,134 IVc. 22. 

Bodle. Alexander T.. assignor to Dodge Manufacturine 
Corporation. Mishawaka. Ind. Power transmission 
unit 2.655.818, Oct. 20. 

Bodoh, Alblnus G.. Gienvlewr assignor to J. P. Seeborg 
Corporation. Chicago, 111. Selector for automatic phono- 
graphs. 2.624,795. Jan. 6. 

Bodolay. Stephen. Tnc, assignee : See — 
Bodolay, Stephen M.. and Vecchla. 

Bo<lolay, Stephen M., Springfield, and D. S. Vecchla. Med- 
fonl. assignors to Stephen Bodolay. Inc.. Springfield, 
Mass. Package and making It. 2,651,578. Sept. 8. 

Body, Alfred C. : 8ee-^ 

Cachat. John F., and Body. 

Body, Alfred C, assignor to The OhJo Crankshaft Com- 
pany, Cleveland. Ohio. Method and means for butt 
weldine. 2.R29.805. Feb. 24. 

Body, Alfred C. assignor to The Ohio Crankshaft Com- 
pany, Cleveland, Ohio. Means and method for electric 
seam welding. 2,632.079. Mar. 17. 

Body. Alfred C.. assignor to The Ohio Crankshaft Com- 
pany. Cleveland, Ohio. High-frequency induction- 
heating apparatus. 2.654.019, Sept. 29. 

Body, Alfred C and J. F. Cachat. assignors to The Ohio 
Crankshaft Company. Cleveland Ohio. Hlgh-freqoency 
Inductor arrangement. 2,635.177, Apr. 14. 

Body. Alfred C. and J. T. Sabol. assignors to The Ohio 
Crankshaft Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Progresslvf 
high-frequency heating of variable-dimension shafts. 
2,643.325. June 23. 

Boe. Rohert C. : See- - 

McDonald. Donald C, Mathews, and Boe. 

Boeckeler, Benjamin C, assignor to The Hydrojet Cor- 
poration. Trenton, Mich. Jet pump. 2,632,597, Mar. 

Boedeker. Walter U.. Whlteflsh Bay. assignor to Cutler 
Hammer. Inc.. Milwaukee. Wis. Fluid pressure Impart 
device. 2,627,846. Feb. 10. 

Boeder. Paul A. K., assignor to American Optical Com- 
pany. Southbridge, Mass. Variable power bifocal lens. 
2,642.776. June 23^ 

Boegehold. Alfred L^ Detroit. Mich. Comb and scissors. 

Combined. 2.629. m, Feb. 24. 
Boehl. Wilhelm : See — 

Walil. Fugene A., and Boehl. 
Wahl, Eugene A.. Boehl. and Radenhausen. 
Wood. Alfred G.. Laval. Callaghan, Wahl, Oreulich, 
and Boehl. 

Boehm, Charles H., assignor to Houdallle-Hershey Cor 
poratlon. Detroit. Mich. Uniform dressing of contact 
rolls. 2.641.872. Juno 16. 

Boehm. FnMlerlck, assignor to Schutte k Koertlng Co.. 
Philadelphia Pa. Protective cage structure for tabu- 
lar gauges. 2.&43.546, June 30. 

Machine for de- 
2,638.029, May 12. 

Boehm, Gerhard W. : Be« — 

Hurlburt, Charles E., and Boehm. 
Boehmer. Harold. SjA Ijike City Ltah 

linking and segrejmtlng cartridges. 
Boehm Robert M. : See — 

Richmond, James H.. Boehm, and Hunt. 
Boehrlnger. Albert, assignee : S'-r — 

Scheulng. Georg. and VoKflbach. 
Boehrlnger. C. H., Sohn. assignee : See — 

Scheulng. Georg. and V'ogelbacb. 
Boehrlnger, Ernst, assignee : tiee — 
Scheulng. Georg, and Vogelbach. 
Boehrlnger. Ilse : See — 

Scheulng. Qeorg. and Vogelbach. 
Boeing Airplane Company, asslgmee. Bee — • 
Abraham. Frank J. 
Anderson. Roy H. I 

Bledsoe, William K. ■ I 

Butler. Van B. 

Couture, Raymond E. i 

Fehrlng. Wendell B. 

Flnlay, Donald W., and Bohlft. ; 

Flndlav, James A. 
Hage. Sigurd D. 
James, Vamell L. R. 

KorsNTg. John V., Guttafson, and Snyder. 
Lawler, John A. 
Leisv. -Clifford J. 
Mathlson. Theodore M. 

Millard. Mark F. ■ / 

Mvers, Gene R. 
Schlender. William H. 
Snow. Dale W. 

Stlneman. Russell W.. and Ward. 
Stoner, George H., Becker, and I-evlnson. 
Tatom. Raymond P.. and Kinnaman. 
Terdlna, Prank. 
Van Ry. William H. 
Walker. Robert E 
Wallen. Jarvis A. 
Welland Richard H. 
Wright. Gilbert P. 
Tarber. Gordon W. 

Tarl)er. Gordon W.. Howell, and Chase. 
Boeing. Harry H., I>afce Zurich. 111., assignor to The 
Raaland Corporation. Cathode-ray tulie electrode. 
2.627.047, Jan. 27. 
Boeke, Jan, Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor. b.v mesne 
assignments, to Hartford National Bank and Trust 
Company. Hartford. Conn,, as trnstee. Manufacturing 
a magnetic material. 2,646,608, July 28. 
Boelens. Willem W. : S<*— 

^ck, Ludolf J.. DammerB, Boelens, and de Miranda. 
Boelens. Willem W., Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hart- 
ford, Conn., as trnstee. Radio drcnlt arrangement. Sept. 29. 
Boelens. Willem W.. Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company. Hart- 
ford, Conn., as trustee. Radio receiving circuit with 
automatic volume control and noise suppressing means. 
2.662,170. Dec. 8. 
Boelens. Willem W.. and P. Zljp. Eindhoven. Netherlands, 
assignors to Hartford National Bank and Trnst Com- 
pany, Hartford, Conn., as trustee. Circuit-arrangement 
for frequency transformation of hlgh-freouency oscilla- 
tions. 2.647.205. July 28. 
Boes. Floyd M.. assignee : See — t 

Morris. Thomas L. 
Boese. Alvln W.. White Bear Township, Ramsey County, 
assignor to Minnesota Mining A Manufacturing Com- 
pany. St. Paul. Minn. Nonwoven rayon fabric. 
2.626.883. Jan. 27. 
Boestad, Oustav K. W., LIdingo, and T, I. Llndhagen, 
Stockholm. Sweden, assignors, by mesne assignments, to 
J. C. Marble. New York, N. Y.. L. M. Merrill. Westfleld. 
N. J., and P. H. Batten, Racine, Wis., trustees. Tur- 
bine. 2.652.227. Sept. 15. 
Boestad. Oustav K. w., and E. O. Eriksson, Lidlngn. 
Sweden, assignors, by mesne assignments, to J. C. 
Marble. L. M. Merrill, and P. H. Batten, as trustees. 
Apparatus for directing air to combustion products 
turbines. 2.6,%4.220. Oct. 6. 
Bogaards. Jacob N.. The Hague, assignor of one-half to 
H. J. Hovlng, Oronlngen. Netherlands.. Temperature 
control for Internal-combustion englnea. 2,645.212, July 

Bogad. Sidney, assignee : See — 

Rassner. Henry. 
Bogan, Charles W.. Washington. D. C.. and R. L. Olnesf, 

Burnt Mills Hills. Md. Bottle and holder therefor. 

2.659.920. Nov. 24. 
Bogard, Ben T., Ruiton, La. Noxtle closure-contact ring 

assembly for rockets. 2.645.999, July 21. 
Botrart. Fred H.. South Fuclid. assignor to The Warner h 

Swnsey Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Motor-driven stock 

feed. 2.627.648. Feh. 10. 
Boeart. Harold N.. and D. C. Hart. Detroit, assignors to 

Ford Motor Company. Dearborn. Mich. Brazing of 

anstenltic ferrous metals. 2.633,633. Apr. 7. 
Bogart. Marcel J. P. : See — 

Mekler. Valentine. Bogart, Schauble. and Palchlk. 
Bogntenkoff, Boris : See — 

Volff, Charles, and Bogatenkoff. 



Bogdancffy, George W., C. O. Mitchell, and 11. C. Dhllg, 
Clifton, assignors, by mesne assignments, to Howe 
Twister Corporation, Jersey City, N. J. Apparatus for 
cabling threads. 2,644.210. Oct. 6. 

BOgeiuuiiu, Max : Het - 

Lober, Friedrich, BOgemann, and Wegler. 

Boggis, Henry P. : nee — 

Crlley, William W.. Crlley. and Boggis. 

Boggs, Alben C, assignor to Edwin L. Wlegand Company, 
Pittsburgh, Pa. Sheathed resistor electric heater. 
2,659,795. Nov. 17. 

Boggs. H. D.. Company, Ltd., assignee : Bee — 
BogKs. Herbert D. 

Boggs. Harvey V.. assignee : See — 
Miller. Clarence E. 

Boggs, Herbert D., assignor to H. D. Boggs Company. Ltd., 
Omaha, Nebr. Apparatus and process for making 
molded fiber-filled plastic pipe threads. 2,629,884, 
Mar. 3. 

Boggs, Herbert D.. Tulsa, Okla.r assignor to H. D. Boggs 
Company, Ltd.. Omaha. Nebr. Pipe ejecting apparatus. 
2,G30,»)00, Mar. 10. 

Boggs. \\ ilburn : Ste — 

I'ltt. Ilarol.l M.. and Boggsr 

Bogle, Nelson H., Lexington, Ky. Jaw crushing appa- 
ratus. 2,631,785, Mar. 17. 

Bogle, Robert J., San Francisco, and R. B. Renard, Los 
Oatos, assignors to Pacific Can Company, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. Can wiping and shielding mechanism. 
2,634.695, Apr. 14. 

Bogot, Alexander. Oak Park, 111., and H. A. Bishop, High- 
land Homes. Va., assignors to Combustion Engineering. 
Inc., New York, N. Y. Detection of stoppage in the 
flow of divided material. 2,659,881, Nov. 17. 

Bogrow, Rose : See—^ 

Kverhart. E<lgar, and Bogrow. 

Bogue Electric Manufacturing Co., assignee : See — 
Herbst. John A. 

Kan.sQpi. David H., and Benjamin. 
Ransom. David H.. and Miller. 

Bohaboy, Edward J., Berwyn, and L. A. Pojman, Cicero, 
III., assignors to Western Electric Company, Incorpo- 
rated New York, N. Y. Control for material working 
machines. 2.6r>5,240 Oct. 13. 

Bohannon, George S., Colorado Springs, Colo., assignor to 
Crown Machine and Tool Company. Inc., Fort worth, 
Tex. Plastlclzlng machine. 2.642,623, June 23. 

Bold. Lester E., New Martinsville, W. va., assignor, bv 
mesne assignments, to Columbia-Southern Chemical Cor- 
poration, Pittsburgh, Pa. Production of compounds of 
pho.sgene. 2.651.658. Sept. 8 

Bohl. Robert C, Sturtevant, Wis., assignor to Redmond 
Company, Inc., Owosso Mich. Electric windshield 
wiper control. 2,651,013, Sept. 1. 

Bohni, Helmut .See — 

Koppelmann. Fioris, and B3hm. 

Bohm, Williain O., assignor to E. E. Thomas Detroit, 
.Mich. Si^whorse connector bracket. 2,647,803, Aug. 4. 

Bohman, Axel J., deceased. North Hollywood, Calif. ; The 
Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Los Angeles, 
executor. Endless conveyor for poultry feeding appa- 
ratus. 2.645,331, July 14. 

Bohman, Robert J., Englewood, N. J. Means for prevent- 
ing the separation of pairs of socks and the like dur- 
ing laundering. 2,663.877. Dec. 20. 

Bohmker, Thomas W., Genesco. assignor to Deere h Com- 
pany, Mollne, 111. Lifter for beet harvesters. 2,620,497, 
Jan. 27. 

Bohmker. Thomas W.. Geneseo, assignor to Deere A Com- 
pany Mollne. 111. Draft control mechanism. 2,654,301, 
Oct. 6. 

Bohn, August J., Atlanta. Ga. Water removing device for 
vehicle ventilating windows. 2,642,308, June 16. 

Bohn. Ralph M. : See — 

Antle. Lloyd \,.. and Bohn. 

Bohne, Frederick P.. Salem Depot, N. H.. assignor to 
Western Electric Company, Incorporated, New York, 
N. Y. Paper measuring and delivery mechanism for 
coll winding machines. 2,049,252, Aug. 18. 
; Bohnet, Emil. Buffalo, N. Y. Indicating device.')9.9-9. Nov. 24. 

Bohnert, John I.. Cambridge, Mass., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of the Navy. Series reactance 
transformer. 2,637,781, May 6. 

Bohnsack, John A. : See — 

Hopeman, Albert A., Jr.. and Bohnsack. ^ 

Bolce-Crane Companv. assignee : Bee — 
Bolce, William B. 

Boice. Klvln O., assignor to Reed Roller Bit Company, 
Houston, Tex. Drill bit. 2,626,128, Jan. 20. 

Boice, Elvln G., assignor to Reed Roller Bit Company, 
Houston, Tex. Tool Joint. 2.026,190, Jan. 20. 

Boice, Elvln G., assignor to Reed Roller Bit Company, 
J Hou.ston. Tex. Coupling member. 2.633.374. Mar. 31. 
••Boice, Elvln G., assignor to Reed Roller Bit Company, 
Houston, Tex. Coupling. 2,664,272, Dec. 29. 

Boice, Elvln G., assignor to Reed Roller Bit Company, 
Houston, Tex. Roller bit. 2,664,322, Dec. 29. 

Boice. Elvln G.. R. O. Peter, anfl E. J. Volmert, assignors 
to Reed Roller Bit Company. Houston. Tex. Means for 
indicating temperatures. 2.633,025. Mar. 31. 


B., assignor to Boice-Crane 
Jointer bed ^structure. 2,635, 

B.. assignor to Boice-Crane 
Work rest and wheel mount. 

Boice. William 

Toledo. Ohio. 

Boice, WiUiam 

Toledo, Ohio. 

May 5. 

Boicey, James H. : Bee — ; 

Oaiser, Romey A., and Boicey. 
Boicev, Jameg H., and C. B. Williams. Jr.. asf 

Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company, Toledo, 

paratus for pressing curved laminated 8af< 

2,628,177. Feb. 10. 
Boileau, Arthur H., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, as 

Cherry-Burrell Corporation. Cnlcago. 111. O 

tester. 2.628,773. Feb. 17. 
Boily, Norman E.. Central Falls, -R. I., assigno 

versai Winding Company, Boston, Mass. Yar 

device. L'. 663.508. Dec 1'2. 
Boln£ Richard : Bee — 

Fechheimer, Paul R.. Bolng. and Frederick. 
Boltos. Josef, Detroit, Mich. Adjustable sawbors 

2,650,140. Aug. 25. 
Bolvinet, Jean H., Alx-en-Provence, France, at 

Pechiney Compagnie de Prodults Chlmiques e 

nietallurglques. Protective liner for a 

2,633,414, Mar. 31. 
Bojner, Gustav, Stockholm, Sweden. Rotary d; 

and the like. 2.653,393, Sept. 29. 
Bokelmann-Geesink, Aaltje G.. heir : Beef=^-^r\ 

- Geeeink, Myndert. 
Bokenkroger, William H., Hudson Falls, and T. ] 

iJlens Falls, a::<.signor8 to Ujiion Bag & Paper 

tlon, Hudson, Falls. N. Y. 'Bag handle ma 

applying machine. 2,625,862, Jan. 20. 
Bokhove, Karel H. J., Eindhoven, Netherlands. 

to Hartford National Bank and Trust Compa 

ford. Conn., as trustee. Magnetron of the ca 

nator type. 2,659,031, Nov. la; 
Boland. Calvin E., Visalla. Calif. Machine for 

paintbrushes, Including liquid tanks and brus 

thereabove. 2,640,489, June 2. 
Boland, Gus L., and J. T. Bertolanl. Modesto. Ca 

arette extinguisher. 2,633,854. Apr. 7. 
Bolanovlch, Mlrko. assignor to McDonnell Aire 

poratlon, St. Louis, Mo. Flame holder and 

trlbuting mechanism for ram-jet engines. I 

Nov. 17. 
Boldebuck. Edith M., J. R. Illllott and G. F 

Schenectady. N. Y., assignors to General Elec 

pany. I'reparation of diborane. 2,658,815, Nt 
Bnldebuck. Edith .M., J. R. Elliott, and C/. F 

Schenectady, N. Y., assignors to General Elec 

pany. Pressure method of preparing 

2,658,816, Nov. 10. 
Bolding, Hul)ert V., Jeffersonvllle, Ind., assignc 

Bradley & Gilbert Company. Louisville. Ky. 

carton. 2.643,811, June .30. 
Bolding, Hubert V., JefTersonvIUe. Ind., assignfi 

Bradley k Gilbert Company, Louisville, Ky 

carrier. 2.652.968, Sept. 22. 
Bolding, Hubert V., Jefrersonvllle, Ind., assignc 

Bradley & Gilbert Company, Louisville, Ky. 

collapsible carton. 2,662,682, Dec. 15. 
Bohiinj;. Hubert V.. and E. G. (;owens, Jeffersonv 

assignors to The Bradley & Gilbert Compan 

ville, Ky. Cube-snpportinir panel. 2,663.419. 1 
Boldingh, Jan, Rotterdam, Netherlands, assignor 

Brothers Company, Cambridge, Mass. Separ 

soluble substances. 2,632,012, Mar. 17. 
Boldrin, Frank S. : .Sec — 

Dunlap, Arthur H., and F. S. and W. C. Bol 
Boldrin. William C. : See — 

Dunlap. Arthur H.,rtand F. S. nnd W. C Bol 
Bolduc, Albert, Detroit, Mich. Punch-removin 

2,629,274, Feb. 24. 
Bolelll, Aldo. Bologna, Italy. Centrifugal metho 

wet spinning of natural fillers and apparatus 1 

Ing out this method. 2,<j47,358, Aug. 4. 
Boles, Jack L. : Bee — 

Oppenlander, Furlye F., and Boles. 
Boles, Ted R., Toledo, Ohio. Motorboat. '. 

July 28. 
Bolesky, John D.. Mansfield, assignor to A. Mede 

land, and R. W. Boleskv, Mansfield, Ohio 

Thermostatic control. 2,645,692, July 14. 
Bolesky, Russell W. trustee, assignee : See — 

Bolesky. John D. 
Bolln, Carleton H., deceased. Seattle. Wash., 

Bolin. executrix. Automatic steering system. 1 

June 9. 
Bolin. Jessie R.. executrix : See — 
Bolin, Carleton H. 

Bollng, Cecil, assignor to The Heat-X-Changer 
Brewster, N. Y. Refrigeration system with 
fluid heat transfer. 2,658,358. Nov. 10. 

Bollng. Cecil, assignor to The Heat-X-Changer 
Brewster, N. Y. Beverage cooler. 2.663,548, D 

Bollng. Cecil, assignor to The Heat-X-Changer 
Brewster. N. Y. Plate cooler. 2,663..')51, Dec. 

Boll, John H., Dearborn, and A. V. Raught. ass 
Dearborn Motors Corporation, Birmingham. M 
piement power lift and position control. 2 
Feb. 24. 




BoU«, L^n, aMignor of one-balf to La Nationale S. A., 
Geneva. Switzerland. I'yrophoric lighter. 2.629.998, 
Mar. 3. 

BoUe L«on, assignor of one-balf to La Nationale S. A., 
Q«neTa. Switzerland. Lighter. 2,641,915, June Id. 

BoUer, Charles R. : See — 

Egglestoa, Ira S., and Boiler. 

Boiler Uana, Kurbank. Calif. Shirt and tie holder com- 
bination. 2,024,050. Jan. «. 

Boiler. Henry A.. Pontlac, Mich., assignor to Carter Car- 
buretor Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. Cholte valve con- 
trol. 2.624,3«3, Jan. 6. „ „ 

Boiler, Henry A.. I'ontlac Mich., assignor to Carter Car- 
buretor Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. Two fuel car- 
bur.>tor. 2,652,237, Sept. 15. 

Boiler, Henry A.. I'ontlac, .Mich., assignor to Carter Car- 
burftor Corporation, St. Louls^ Mo. Accelerating pump 
control for carburetors. 2,658.733, Nov. 10. 

Boiler William D., Milford, Ohio, W. D. Berklev. Fort 
Wayne, Ind.. W. Ernst, Dayton. Ohio and E. w. Land- 
meier, assignors to The Wadsworth Electric Mfg. Co., 
Covington, Ky. Electric circuit breaker. 2,662,951. 
Dec. 15. 

Bollhoefer. Dale M., aaaignor to Collins Radio Company. 
Cedar Rapids. Iowa. Momentary switch. 2,648,728, 

Bollhoefer* F"1-anz W.. Hammond, Ind. Elevating plajtform 
for typewriters. 2,624,535. Jan. 6. 

Boiling, Robert, Lakewood, Ohio. Baker's oven. 2,626,341, 
Jan. 20. 

Bollinger, Loren C. : Bee — 

Woods, Harold A. and Bollinger. 

BollinKer, Loren E.. Columbus, Ohio, assignor, by mesne 
assiKnnients, to the United States of America as rop- 
renented by the Secretary of the Navy. Radlo-fre- 
guency enerjry transfer switch. 2.656,443. Oct. 20. 

Bollinger, Waldon P. : See — 

Ford, John R.. and Bollinger. 

Bollinger. Waldon P.. Haddonfleld. N. J., and H. Sobon, 
Havertown Pa., assignors to Radio Corporation of 
America. Error signal control circuit. 2,631,279, 
Mar. 10. 

BoUman, John H., Fanwood, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York, N. X- 
NteasurlnK circuit. 2.0r>6,.'.06, Oct. 20. 

Bollman, Walter, Zurich, Switzerland. Device for deliver- 
ing cards*, especially railway tickets. 2,056,233. Oct. 

Bolognino. Charles S. and S. M.. Dearborn. Mich. Tov 
device for teaching multiplicatloD tables. 2,624,126, 
Jan. 6. 

Bolognino, Secondo M. : See — 

Bolognino. Charles S. and S. M. 

Bolsesian, Georges, Parl.s, France. Semlclosed cycle gas 
turbine plant. 2,651,174, Sept. 8. 

Boltauzer, Matthew P., Wllloughby, Ohio. Foldable neck- 
tie rack. 2.042,194, Jine 16. 

Bolte. Frank B., Los Angeles, Calif., assignor to North 
American Aviation, Inc Reinforced canopy structure. 
2.637.076, May 5. 

Bolton. Henry C, Kidderminster, and L. Rose. Whlte- 
fleld near Manchestar. a-sslgnors to Courtaulda Limited. 
London. England Traverse mechanism for rayon spin- 
ning machines. 2.633,693. Apr. 7. 

Bolton. John W.. k Sons, Inc., assignee : See — 
Prevost Bruno E. 

I Stuck. Harold D. 

Bolton, Lester A.. Jr. : See — 

Rogers. Wayne C. and Bolton. 

Bolton, Michael J., Plttsfleld, Mass., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Solder for ceramics. 2,636,820, 
Apr. 28. 

Bolton. Otto. Denver, Colo. Sausage perforating machine. 
2.64.T414. June 30 

Boltuch, Leon. Wallingford, Conn. Universal Joint. 
2,646,242. July 21. 

Bomac Laboratories Inc., assignee : See — 
Prescott. Thomas G. . 

Bombardier, Joseph A., Valcourt, Quebec. Canada. Ten- 
sioning device for tractors. 2.6,M,639, Oct. 6. 

Bombardier. Joseph A., Valcourt. Quebec, Canada. Vul- 
canizinK apparatus. 2,659.101. Nov. 17. 

Bomlmruer. Glen K., Milw'aukee. Wis. Collapsible fish 
box. 2.661.116. Dec. 1. 

Bommelaer. Jean. Paris, assignor to Socl^t* Alsaclenne de 
Constructions M^caniques. Mulhouse, France. Adjust- 
ing device of the drive of engraved rollers in rotary 
machines for the printing of textiles and the like 
2.6.ri.755. Apr. 7. 

Bonadlo. George A.. Watortown. N. Y. Automatic dis- 
tortion control. 2.634,3.39, Apr. 7. 

B*iaKura, Anthony, New Palta, N. Y. Ring. 2,653,402. 
Sept. 29. 

Bonander. Harold E.. and P. A. Backman, Turlock, Calif. 
Irrigation valve. 2,648.076. July 21. 

Bonanno, Joseph L., Madison. N; J. assignor to The 
Lionel Corporation. New York, N. Y. Uncoupling 
mechanism for toy railroad cars. 2,631,739. Mar. 17. 

Bonanno, Joseph L.. Madison. N. J., assignor to The Lionel 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. Current collecting means 
for toy vehicles. 2,636,087, Apr. 21. 

Bonanno. Joseph L., Madison, N. J., assignor to The Lionel 
Corporation, New York, N. T. Transformer. 2,641,743, 
June 9. 

assignor to The 
Variable voltage 

assignor to The 
Toy electric rall- 

Bonanno, Joseph L., Madison, N. J., 
Lionel Corporation. .New York, N. Y. 
transformer. 2,652.500, Sept. 15. 

Bonanno, Joseph L., Madison, N. J., 
Lionel Corporation, New York, N. Y. 
road. 2,661.852. Dec. 8. 

Bonanno, Joseph L., .Madison^ and A. D. Gash, Jr., Irving- 
ton, N. J., assignors to The Lionel Corporation, New 
York, N. Y. Toy car loader. 2,658,602, Nov. 10. 

Bonanno, Joseph L., Madison, and It. E. Beger, Jersey 
City, N. J., assignor to The Lionel Corporation, New 
York. N. Y. Toy locomotive. 2,659,317. Nov. 17. 

Bonar, Floyd, and C. D. Pears, .Morgantown. W. Va., 
asslgnorH to the Government of the United States as 
represented by the Secretary of the Interior. Method 
and device for visual observation of dense-phase sus- 
pensions. 2.650,562. Sept. 1. 

Bonardi. Glusto F. : See — 

Freedman. .Samuel, and BonardL 

Bond. Donald C, Crystal Lake, assignor to The Pure 
Oil Company, Chicago, III. Increasing productivity of 
siliceous geological formations. 2,644,165, Dec. 29. 

Bond. Donald ('., Northbrook. assignor to The Pure Oil 
ComiKiny. Chicago, III. Increasing permeability of 
sands in oil, gas. and Injection wells by forming solids 
In thp strata. 2.661.066. Dec. 1. 

Bond, Donald C., CrystaJrLake, assignor to The Pure Oil 
Company, Chicago, in. Acidising wells. 2,664,398, 
Dec. 29. 

Bond. Donald C. Northbrook, and M. Savoy, assignors 
to The Pure Oil Company, Chicago. 111. Gel modifier 

for oils and preparing it. 2,643,228. June 23 

Bond. Donald C.. Crystal Lake, and It. H. Lorenz, Elm- 
hurst, assignors to The Pure Oil Company, Chicago, 111. 
Acidizing siliceous earth formations. 2,652,360, 
Sept. l.'i. 

Bond, Donald S. : See — 

Ilansell. (Marence W., and Bond. 

Bond. Donald 8.. Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Frequency control system. 
2.644.138, June 30. 

Bond. Donald S., and D. G. Moore. Princeton N. J., 
assignors to Radio Corporation of America. Electron 
beam controlling system. 2.634.325, Apr. 7. 

Bond. Fred C. West Allii. assignor to Allls-<!halmers 
Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee. Wis. Pocketed 
hammer rotor for pulverizing machines. 2,637,502, 
May 5. 

Bond. George R.. Jr., Paulsboro. N. J assignor to Houdry 
Process Corporation. Wilmington, E)el. Refining hydro- 
carbon oils. 2.642,382, June 16. 

Bond, John : See — 

Sachs. Carrol C. and Bond. 

Bond. Orson H. : See — 

Wright. William E., and Bond. 

Bond, Walter L.. New Providence, and M. Sparks and 
<;. K. Teal. Summit. N. J., assignors to Bell Telephone 
Laboratories. Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Semicon* 
ductor translating device. 2.651.831. Sept. 15. 

Bondley, Ralph J.. Scotia. N. Y.. assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Titanium electrode. 2,629,803, Feb. 24. 

Bondley. Ralph J., Scotia. N. Y., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Electron beam discharge device. 
2.644,906, July 7. 

Bondon. I>»wls A.. Arlington, N. J. Conductor Insulated 
with fused multiple layers. 2.631.186. Mar. 10. 

Bondurant, Kenneth E., Anderson, Ind., assignor to Gen- 
eral Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. TermlnaL 
2,658,130, Not. 3. 

Bondy. Michael F. : See — 

BJork^ Carold F., and Bondy. 

Bondy, Wllhelm, Fribourg, Switzerland. Waterproof 
watchcase. 2. 650. 674. Oct. 27. 

Bone, Arnold R., Needham. assignor to Dennlson Manu- 
facturing Company. Framlngham, Mass. Machine for 
printing tickets, tags, cards, and the like. 2.627,804. 
Feb. 10. 

Bone. Herbert L.. Forest Hills. Pa., assignor to Westing- 
house Air Brake Company. Speed responsive device. 
2.628.294. Feb. 10. 

Bone. Herbert L.. Forest Hills Pa., assignor to Westing- 
house Air Brake Company, Kallway braking apparatus. 
2.630,884. Mar. 10. y^ 

Bone. Herbert L.. Forest Hills. Pa. assignoi^ to Westing- 
house Air Brake Company. Successively operated 
s[>eeder springs for speed governors. 2,631,025. Mar. 

Bone. Herbert L.. Forest Hills. Pa., assignor to Westing- 
house Air Brake Company. Railway traflUc controlling 
apparatus. 2.631.228. Mar. 10. 

Bone, Herbert L.. Forest Hills, Pa., assignor to Westing- 
house Air Brake Conjpany. Railway switch operating 
apparatus. 2.641.691. June 9. 

Bone, Herbert L., Forest Hills. Pa., assignor to Westing- 
bouse Air Brake Company. Circuit controller contact 

assembly. 2.645,686. July 14. 
one. Herbert L.. Forest Hills, Pa. 

Bone. Herbert L.. Forest Hills, Pa., assignor to Westing- 
house Air Brake Company. Point detector latching 
mechanism. 2,6,^«.457. Oct. 20. 

Bone Tool ft Gauge Company, assignee : Bee — 
Roberts. William C. 

Bonebrake, Gay M.. assignor to Wm. Wrigley, Jr.. Com- 

Sany. Chicago, 111. Severing mechanism. 2,643.619, 
une 30. 

Bonelli Cattle Company, assignee : See — 
Webster, Vey V. 

Bonforte, John, Colorado Springs, Colo. Ventilating liidge 
ron for roofs. 2,625.094. Jan. 13. V 

Bonham, Claude F., Ravenna. Ohio. Prostate gland mfts- 
saglng device. 2,657,687, Not. 3. 

Bonilla. Charles F., New York, N. Y.. assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. High pressure and temperature 
reaction chamber. 2,664.348, Dec. 29. 

Benin Pierre, and X. Randria, Paris, France, assignors 
to General Electric Company. Body support and cover 
clamp for vacuum cleaners. 2,653,342, Sept. 29. 

Bonlnsegni. Uenato, Zurich assignor to Ateliers de Con- 
struction Oerllkon, Zurlch-Oerllkon, Switzerland. Gas 
turbine combustion chamber. 2,654,996. Oct. 13. 

Bonkowskl. Teofil L. : See — 

Solloway. Harry, and Bonkowskl. 

Bonkowskl. Teofil L., Los Angeles. Calif. Demountable 
brake lining. 2,631,697, Mar. 17. 

Bonmartlni, Giovanni, Rome, Italy, aasignor to "EST"- 
Etablissement Sciences Techniques, Vaduz, Liechten- 
stein. Aircraft multlwheel continuous tread landing 
gear. 2,645,437, July 14. 

Bonmartlni. Giovanni, Rome, Italy, assignor to "E S T" 
Etabllssementg Sciences Techniques, Vaduz, Principality 
of LieclltenHtein. Endless track composed of rubber 
bonded to fiexible metal bands. 2,661.249, Dec. 1. 

Bonmartlni. Giovanni. Rome, Italy, assignor to "E S T" 
Ktabllssement Sciences Techniques, Vaduz, Liechten- 
stein. Pneumatic endless track for vehicles and the 
like. 2.601.250, l>ec. 1. 

Bonmartlni. Giovanni, Rome, Italy, assinior to "E S T" 
Ktabllssement Sciences techniques. Vaduz, Liechten- 
stein. Track device for vehicles and the like. 2,661,251, 
Dec. 1. 

Bonn. Themlore H.. Philadelphia, and D. C. Wendell, Jr., 
Bryn Mawr. assignors to Eckert-Maucbly Computer 
(^>^|>oration. Philadelphia. Pa. Electrodeposition of a 
magnetic coating. 2,644,787. July 7. 

Bonnaud, Henri, vlroflay, France assignor to L'Alr Llq- 
ulde, Soclete Anonyme pour I'Etude et TExploltation 
des Procedes Georges Claude. Heat exchanger. 
2,643,100. June 23. V 

Bonnel. Ilenrl-.Mbert. Ije Neubourg. France.^Plow. 
2.055,850, Oct. 20. 

Bonner. Kdwln K.. Jr.. Torresdale, and J. J. Vozzi. as- 
signors to S. L. Allen ft Co.. Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Mowing machine having vibration neutralizing means. 
2.051,1)00, Sept. 15. 

Bonner, Zora D.. Port Arthur, Tex., assignor to Gulf Oil 
Corporation. Pittsburgh. Pa. Catalytic process and ap- 
paratus. 2.635.989. Apr. 21. 

Bonnette. Leroy E. : See — 1 

Born. Ellis H.. and Bonnette. 

Bonnlksen. Cyril W.. Oxford, England. Manufacture of 
alginates. 2,653,106, Sept. 22. 

Bonnlngton, James A., Washington, D. C. and H. O. 
WarlTck, Jr., Arlington, Va. Marine ice plant. 
2,630,091. Mar. 3. 

Bono. Laurence, assignee : Bee — 

Haase. Kurt O. ' 

Bonomi. Ottorino : See — 

Corradlni. Robert B., Lynch. Bonomi, and Engol. 

Bonomo. Michael F. : Bee — 

Isaacs. Jacob G.. and Bonomo. 

Bonotto. Mlchele. Princeton. N. J. Treatment of gossypol 
in solvent-extracted cottonseed meal. 2.631.099. Mar. 

Bonsall. William, Burnley assignor to Joseph Lucas Lim- 
Iteil. Birmingham. England. Sheet metal combustion 
cli.imlier. tirune tube, and the like. 2,658,339, Nov, 10. 

Bontempi. Albert, assignee : Bee — 
Streeter. Hale B. 

Bonzagni. Francis A., Wlnthrop, Mass.. assignor to Mon- 
santo Chemical Company. St. Louis. Mo. Concentrating 
solutions. 2.645.625. /uly 14. 

Book Machinery Company Limited, assignee: Bee — 
French. Lionel J. B. R. 

Booker, Henry G. : Bee — 

Lees. Roland J., Booker, and Westcott. 

Booker, John D., Baytown, Tex., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Standard Oil I>evelopment Company. Eliz- 
abeth. N. J. Recovery of pure parazylene. 2.651.666, 
Sept. 8. 

Boon. William R.. and T. Leigh. Blackley. Manchester, 
England, assignors to Imperial Chemical Industries 
Limited. Pyrimldlne derivatives. 2JJ28.229. Feb. 10. 

Boon. William R., N. Greenhalgh. B. Bondon. and C. H. 
Vasey. Blackley. Manchester, England, assignors to Im- 
perial Chemical Industries Limited. Manufacture of 
4,6-diketo hexahydropyrimldlnes. 2,637.730, May 5. 

Boone. Francis M.. assignee : Sre — 
Moore. Henry S. 

Boone. Harold B.. Arcadia. Kans. Toy derrick. 2.630,925, 
Mar. 10. 

Boone, Lloyd W., San Antonio, Tex. Commode top cover 
holder. 2,659.091, Nov. 17. 

Boone. Philip. Winchester Mass. Ornamental object hav- 
ing polarizing and blrefrlngent layers. 2.663.171, Dec. 

Boonshaft. Julius C, Pensauken, N. J., assignor to Pre- 
cision Thermometer and Instrument Company. Liquid 
density measaring equipment. 2,664,011. Dec. 29. 

Boonton Radio Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Crosby. .Murray G. 
Boor Ladislav : See — 

Zaroff, William J., and Boor. 
Booser, Earl R., Lynn, and D. F. Wilcock. M 

Mass., assignors to General Electric Compan 

for preventing oil creepage. 2,657,943, Nov 
Boosey, Lawrence N., Talladega, Ala., assignor 

Van Helms Company. Drainage fitting. 

Jan. 27. 
Boosman, Herman B. R., London, England, a 

Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, 

Conn., as trustee. Generation of electric < 

2,662,182, Dec. 8. 
Boot, Henry A. H. : See — 

Randall, John T., and Boot. 
Booth, Earl C, Columbus. Ind., assignor to Ar 

tries. Inc. Joint structure for metal tubing. 

Joly 14. 
Booth, Frank, assignor to Oldham ft Son Limlte 

near Manchester. England. Electrical storaj 

2,647457, July 28. 
Booth, Frank, Denton, near Manchester, Engla 

ing acid resisting microporous material fc 

battery separators. 2,647,158, July 28. 
Booth, George M. : See — 

Patch, Arthur H., and Booth. 
Booth, George M., Westfleld, assignor to Walla 

nan Co., Inc., Belleville, N. J.. Dissolving i 

2.603,553, Dec. 22. 
Booth, Harry T., assignor to United Aircraft 

Inc., Dayton, Ohio. Fluid system damag 

2.641.277, June 9. 
Booth, Harry T., assignor to United Aircraft 

Inc., Dayton, Ohio. Automatic cutoff device. 

Oct. 27. 
Booth. Henry. Bronxrllle assignor to The He 

Methods Corporation, New York. N. Y. Proi 

balancing garments. 2.624.943. Jan. 13. 
Booth. Henry. Methods Corporation. The, assigi 

Booth. Henry. 
Booth. James H., Detroit, Mich. Douche 

2,626.005, Jan. 27. 
Booth James H., Township of Venice. Shlawass 

Mich., assignor to Thompson Products. Inc., 

Ohio. Front wheel suspension. 2,631.044. ] 
Booth, James H., Venice Township Shlawasst 

Mich., assignor to Thompson Prouucts, Inc., 

Ohio. Steering arm and ball joint assembly. 

June 2. 
Booth, James H., Venice, Mich., assignor to 

Products, Inc.. Cleveland, Ohio. Joint 

2,645,510. July 14. 
Booth, James H., Venice Township. Shiawassf 

and B. E. Ricks, Ferndale. Mich., assignors 

son Products, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Link 

2,650,119. Aug. 25. 
Booth, James H., Venice Township, Shlawass* 

and A. W. Gair, Fraaer, Mich, assignors to 

I'roducts, Inc., Cleveland, Onlo. Steerlnj 

2.652,265, Sept. 15. 
Booth, James H., Venice, Mich., assignor to 

Products. Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Wheel cht 

caster adjusting mechanism. 2,664,297. Dec. 
Booth, James IL, Corunna and A. W. Gair, Fra 

assignors to Thompson Products, Inc., Clevel 

Steering knuckle. 2,637,568, May 5. 
Booth James H., Corunna. and E. C. Warne 

Mien., assignors to Thompson Products, Inc., 

Ohio. Steering knuckle. 2,652,264. Sept. 1! 
Booth, Robert B. : Bee — 

Allen, Charles F., J-Ttzsimmons, and Bootl 
Kurtz, Kerwin K., and Booth. 

Booth, Robert B.. Sprlngdale, Conn., and J 
Tucson. Ariz., assignors to American Cyanc 
pany. New York. N. Y. Flotation of ores. 
Feb. 17. 

Booth. Robert B.. Sprlngdale. and C. E. Lighi 
Heights Conn., assignors to American Cyani 
pany. New York. N. Y. Esters of alkylxant 
acid. 2,628.971. Feb. 17. 

Booth. Seth W. : Bee — 

Park, Robert H.. Weller. Russell, and Bootl 

Booth, Vilas B., and H. B. Bergeson Wllmlr 
C. B. Potts, Coal City, III. Indoor clothe8lln< 
tlon. 2,628.723, Feb. 17. 

Booth, William T.. Jr. : Bee — 

Carnes, Joseph J., and Booth. 

Boothby, Clinton R. : Bee — 

Winslow. John C, and Boothby. 

Boothby. Lawrence W., Alexandria. Va.. and F 
Washington. D. C. Frequency determlnir 
2,636,085. Apr. 21. 

Boothby. Otis K, Brooklyn. N. Y.. and D. H. V 
West Orange. N. J., assignors to Bell Telep 
oratories. Incorporated, New York N. Y. 
soft magnetic materials. 2.631,118. Mar. 1( 

Boothe, James H.. Montvale. N. J., and S. 
Nanuet. assignors to American Cyanamid Com 
York, N. Y. Phthallde compounds and thei 
tlon. 2,650,234, Aug. 25. 




Bootbe. James H.. Montvale, N. J., and J. P. Petlil 
Tappan. awlgnori to American Cyanamld Company, 
New York N. Y. New phthall<le compounda and their 
preparation. 2.650.235. Aug. 25. „ . . 

Boothe. LItta C. Santa Maria, Calif. Surgical appliance. 
2.rtl.'4..ri9^Jnn. •;. . ^ , 

Boothroyd. Harold W.. Beverlv, and A. J. Zlnk, Jr.. An- 
dover, Maaa., aaslgnors to United Shoe Machinery Cor- 
poration, Flemlngton, N. J. Waxed thread sewing ma- 
chine. 2.«51'.7»4, Sept. 22. .„ „, ,^ 

Booton. Roy. Dunbar, and O. C. Bower Sl.«onvllle. W. \a.. 
aaalgnors to Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc.. BoBton. Mass. Ditch 
digging attactinivnt for vehlclea. 2,«4r>.043. July 14. 

Boota Pure Drug Company Limited, asBlgnee : 8ee — 
Short. Wallace F.. Peak, and Watklns. 

Bopp, Edward O. : -See — 

Bopp. Frederick W. and E. O. and Taylor. 

Bopp. Frederick W. and E. O., Kansas City. Mo., and 
E F. Taylor Indianapolia, Ind. Vertical window shut- 
ter. 2,««0.257. Nov. 24. 

Borax Consolldate<l. Limited, assignee : Bee — 
Connell. George A. 
Taylor, Donald S. . 
Taylor, Donald S.. and Connell. 

Borberg Willy. Astoria. N. Y., assignor to International 
Projector Corporation. Hloomfleld. N. J. Motion-pic- 
ture machine shutter adjustment. 2,630.738. Mar. 10. 

Borberg. Willy. North White Fl.ilns. N. Y.. assignor to In- 
ternational Projector Corporation. Hloomfleld. N. J. 
Winding take-up mechaniam. 2.627.381 Feb. .*?. 

BorNrk'. Willy. North White Plains, N. Y. assignor to 
(Jeneral Precision Laboratory Incorporated. Motion- 
picture projector. Including shutter structure for pre- 
heiitlng film. 2.C60.917. Dec. 1. 

Borcharut. Theodore J. : See — 

Pollard Krn«'nt II., and Borchardt. i 

Borcherdt. (Jerald T. : Hee — 

Webb, Irving D.. and Borcherdt. 

Borchers, ilarry. assignee : Set — 
Borchers, John ¥ . 

Borcht»rH. John F., asHltnior of one-h.nlf to H 
Henderson, Nebr. Dump body attachment 
conveyers. 2.628.729. Feb. 17. 

Borcherts. Ileriiian F.. Allison Park, Pa. Carbhretor 
Internal -combust Ion engines. 2,0r).'i.356. Oct. 13. 

Borchln. George, and E. A Smith. .Mokelumne Hill. Calif. 
Power driven wheelbarrow. 2,638,172. May 12. 

Borcovec, Werner, Mlnusio. near Locarno, assignor to 
A. Schadrack. Rira S. Vital*. TeMin. Switzerland. 
MassaK'' appliance with heating device. 2,650,587, 

for grain 


Pouring spout for cartons. 
Columbia. Adjustable key. 
Honda, Venezuela. Syringe. 
Burner structure. 

Sept. 1 

Bord. Max, Yonkers, N. Y. 
2.634.897, Apr. 14. 

Borda. Carlos J., Bogota. 
2,«.').'».0_M», Oct. !.•? 

Borda, Romualdo, Quebrada 
2.6.)0,.')92. Sept. J. 

Borde. Josef, Zurich, Switzerland. 
2.637,378. May 5. 

Borden Company, The. assignee : See — I 

Clark. Laurence E., Jr.. and Macl..agan. "*"' 

Kldredge. Elmer E. 

Howard, Hartley W., and Muller. 

Miollls, Raymond. 

Vogelsang, George K. 

Borden, (ieorge C, Jr.. Mllford. N. J., assignor to RIegel 
Paper Corporation. New York. N. Y. Producing super- 
calendered plasticized glasslne paper. 2,636,833, 
Apr. 28. 

Boraen, Joseph H.. assignor to Haughton Elevator Com- 
pany. Toledo, Ohio. Elevator door operating mecha- 
nl.sin. 2.C..'?7..".49, May r>. 

Borden. Joseph H., and W. A. Nikazy, assignors to Haugh- 
ton Elevator Company. Toledo. Ohio. Automatic eleva- 
tor control. 2,652,903. Sept. 22. 

Borden, I.,«>land A.. Riverside, and J C. Powelson, Cuca- 
niiMiica, Calif. Lendln bushing. 2,647.942, Aug. 4. 

Borden "Mills, Incorporated, assignee : Hee— 
McOhee. Chsrios R. 

Border. Lawson E. : See — 

Trainer. Richard P., and Border. 

Border, Lester A.. Pendleton. Greg. Coll spring winder. 
2.649.130. Au?. 18. 

Borders. Alvln M.. Cuyahoga Falls, assignor to Wingfoot 
Corporation, Akron. Ohio. Compositions comprising 
blends of rubbery and resinous butadlene-styrene co- 
polymers 2,638.402, May 12. 

Borders, Ellis C, assignor of fifty per cent to A. L. 
Parker, Mllledgevllle. Ga. Policeman's club and car- 
tridge firing mechanism. 2. 634, ."535, Apr. 14. 

Bordewleck, Robert W., Southboro. assignor to Moore 
Electronic Laboratories. Incorporated. Worcester, Mass. 
Bridge amplifier circuit. 2,637,786. May 5. 

Bordewieck, Robert W., Southboro. assignor to Moore Elec- 
tronic Laboratories, Incorporated, Worcester, Mass. 
Automatic electronic error correction circuit. 2,630 332, 
Aug. 25. 

Bordt Frederick J.. Averlll Park, N. Y. and A. J Shine, 
Xenia. Ohio, assignors to the t'nlted States of America 
as represented by the Secretary of the Army. Thermo- 
electric space heater. 2.647,505, Aug. 4. 

Bordwell, Predertck O. : Bee — 

McKellln. Wilbur H.. Bordwell, and rishklll. 


Borer Edoaard V. : Bee — 

Peyches. Ivan, and Borel. 
Borel, Gaston, Port-<le-Bouc, France. Slot cutting ma- 
chine with a<ljustable stroke 2.663,337. Dec. 22. 
Borel, Joseph A., assignor to Soclete Schneider and Cle. 
Paris. France. Automatic regulator for compressors. 
2.657.850, Nov. 3. 
Borel, Pierre C, and M. R. Mauge, Boulogne-Billancourt, 
France, assignors to International Standard Electric 
Corporation New York. N. Y. Automatic switching 
system. 2,651,681, Sept. 8. 
Borell, George L.. Minneapolis, and M. I. Nystuen, assign- 
ors to Economics Laboratory, Inc.. St. Paul. Minn. 
Temperature and concentration responsive control sys- 
tem. 2,632,144. Mar. 17. 
Boren. Karl G., assignor to Aktiebolaget Elektrolux. 
Stockholm, Sweden. Absorption refrigeration appa- 
ratus. 2,(535.438, Apr. 21, 
Borer. Herbert W.. assignor to The OlUear Company, 
Milwaukee. Wis. Leakproof valve. 2.0W.751, Apr. 14. 
Borer. Walter M., Santa Monica. Calif., assignor to North 
American Aviation. Inc. Apparatus for forming elec- 
trical stralnjgauges. 2,629,409. Feb. 24. 
Bores, Kazmer J.. Cleveland, Ohio. Apparatus for dust 

prevention. 2,648,241. Aug. 11. 
Boretti. Napoleon P., assignor to General Motors Corpora- 
tion, Detroit. Mich. Lubricator for pneumatic tools. 
2,638,182, Mav 12. 
Borg, George W'.. Corporation. The. assignee ; 
Poote, Harold O.. and Moreland. 
(Jlbbs. Thoiiius B.. Dlnersteln, and Gllman. 
Johnston, Samuel A., and Wickham. 
Laing, Gordon F. 
Ia^. William M. 
Olson. Peter. 

Richardson. Rodney G.. and Fink. 
Schmidt. Arnold W.. and Malik. 
Scbweiiiler, Fred R. 
Van Alen, i>e Witt T, i 

Wickham, Parker B. 
Borg. Paul B. : Bee — 

Irtdlngs, Charles D.. Bechtold, and Borg, 
Borg-Warner Corfwratlon, assignee : See — 
Anderson, Edmund B, 

Baney. Harry N., Slentz, and KIrkpatrlck. 
Carlson, Raymond A. 
Carnatnin Harold E., and Kefbel. 
Chapin, William R, 
Day. George W. 
Fllnn. <;eorKe E. 
Prey. Edward J. 
(Janihle, David K. 
Garman. Lawrence R. 
Gillespie. Daniel C. 
<ioniniel. Dewey E. 
Hardv. Clarence M. 
Harrfson. William V. 
Hettinger. Sidney V.. Jr. 
Hubacker. Earl P. 
Ilyln. Boris P. 
Jandasek. Vladimir J. 
Kanuch. John A. 
Kelbel. Donald W. 
Koehllnper. William T. 
Koppel. Ernst R. 
Koppel. Ernst R., and Walters. 
Langdon, Eric R. 
Lauck, Jolin A. 

Lauck. John A., and Haberland. 
Mlnshall. Robert J. 
Mlnsliall, Robert J., and Rockwell. 
Nutt. Harold. 

Peters. Robert J.. Guenther. and Pollard. 
Polomskl. John B., Jr. 
Orr, Palmer, and Armantrout. 
Orr. Palmer, and Swift. 
Polomskl. John B., Jr. 
Rot)ertson, Fred O. 
Srhanzlin. Krnest H. 

Scbanzlin. Ernest H.. and Oster. ' 

Seybold. Frederick W. 
Stubau, Carl J. 
Swift. Clifford L. 

Vonk. Cornelllus O, | 

Warrick. Inland K., and La Flame. 
Wasielewskl. Etieene W. 
Wolfe. Charles V. 
Voiincren. Harold J., and Hettinger. 
Toungren. Harold T.. and Hettinger. 
Zeldler, Reinhold C. 
Zeldler. Reinhold C. and Barnes. 
Roreeaud. Gaston, and J. Waldvogel. assignors to 
Schwelzerlsche Lokomotlv und Maschlnenfabrlk. Win- 
terthur Switzerland. Rail vehicle with plural-axle. 
2.649.743, Aug. 25. 
Borgeaad, Gaston, and J. Waldvogel. assignors to 
Schwelzerl.sche Lokomotlv- und Maschlnenfabrlk, Wln- 
terthur. Switzerland. Twin-bolster cradle on bogies 
for railway rolling stock. 2,660.960. Dec. 1. 
Borgelt. Victor H.. Wisner. Nebr. Latch mechanism for 

scoops. 2.640,614. June 2. 
Borgerd. William F. : Bee — 

Tipton. Phillip R.. and Borgerd. 



Borgerd, William P.. Bvansvllle. Ind.. assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Means for securing cool- 
ing units In window boxes. 2,638.755. May 19. 
Borgerd, William F., Evansville. Ind.. assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Condensate removal 
means. 2.638.756. May 19. . .. t * 

Borgerd. William F.. Evansville. Ind.. assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Celling mounted alr- 
condltlonlng apparatus. 2.638.757. May 19. 
Borgerd. William F.. Evansville. Ind., assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Wail mounted air condi- 
tioning unit. 2,044,321, July 7. 
Borgerd. William F.. Evansville. Ind.. assignor to Inter* 
national Harvester Company. Control system for re- 
frigerant condensing units. 2.651.182. Sept. 8. 
Borgerd. William F.. Evansville. Ind.. assignor to Inter- 
national Hnrveater Company. Overload limiting device. 
2.656,685. Oct. 27. 
Borgerd. William F.. Evansville, Ind., assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Outside mounted air 
conditioning unit. 2,660,867, Dec. 1. 
Borges, Frank R., Jr., Fall River Mass., assipor to 
American Viscose Corporation, Wilmington. Del. Self- 
threading, self-cleaning tension device, 2,646,941. 
July 28.V 
Borgeson Paul W., I>lttle Falls. N. J., assignor to Ray- 
theon Manufacturing Company. Newton. Mass. Pulse 
Interval time division system. 2.643,330. June 23. 
Borgna. iCesare G.. Pinerolo. Italy. Artlctilated transmis- 
sion belt for V-groove pulleys. 2.643.650. June .30. 
Boris, Matthew J., Bast Chicago. Ind., and N. C. Ludwlg. 
Chicago, 111., assignors to TTniversal Atlas Cement Com- 
pany. Cement composition with additive to reduce 
water loss from a slurry thereof. 2,048,645, Aug. 11. 
BOrJesun, Ulov It. : Scr 

Skardal, Karl A., and BOrJeson. 
Bork. William F.. San Diego. Calif. Detachable can spout. 

2,627.367. Feb. 3. 
Borkenhagen, Louise K.. assignor -to Armour and Com- 
pany. Chicago. 111. Preparing amino adds. 2,657,232. 
Oct. 27. 
Borkoski. I^eon P.. Stamford. Conn.,' assignor to Electroliix 
Corporation. New York, N. Y. Automatic vacuum 
cleaner. 2.654.439. Oct. 6. 
Borkoski, Leon P., and R. C. I.«mpe. Stamford, Conn., as- 
signors to Eiectrolux Corporation, New York, N. Y. 
Vacuum cleaner with bag ejector. 2.642,151, June 16. 
Borkowski. Casimer J., Oak Ridge. Tenn.. assignor to the 
I'nlted States of America as represented by the United 
States Atomic Energy Commission. Improved window 
for alpha particle counters. 2.638.560, May 12. 
Borman, Philip K.. Chicago. 111., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Stopper construction for sink strainers 
and the like. 2.602,230, Dec. 15. , %; 

Born. Ellis H. : See — 

Adams, Cecil E.. and Born. 
Born, Ellis H.. Columbus, and L. E. Bonnette. Delaware, 
assignors to The Denison Engineering Company, Colum- 
bus, Ohio. Hydraulic apparatus. 2.642,809, June 23. 
Born. Paul L.. Wllmette, 111., assignor to The Gas Ma- 
chinery Companv, Cleveland. Ohio. Oil gas process and 
apparatus. 2,06:? 625. Dec. 22. 
Born, Paul L.. Wllmette. and D. V. Melller. Maywood. 

111. Gas shutoff valve. 2,631,604, Mar. 17. 
Born, William F. : See- 
Dyer, Lloyd W., and Born. 
Bom. William F.. and J. C. Ijingaunet, Beaver, assignors 
to Westlnghonse Electric Corporation. EJast Pittsburgh. 
Pa. Bus duct and plug-In unit. 2,641.636, June 9. 
Bornemann, William : See — 

Tuttle Fordvce E.. and Bornemann. 
Bornemann, William, Rochester. N. Y.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Polaroid Corporation, Cambrldee, Mass. 
Apparatus and process for treating light-sensitive ma- 
terials with liquid. 2,652.759. Sept. 22. 
Borner, (^hrlstlan. Obemburg (Main), assignor to 
Verelnlgte GlanzstoflT-Fabriken A. G., \Vuppertal-Elber- 
feld. Germanv. Tooth arrangement for screw type com- 
minuting devices. 2,656.122. Oct. 20. 
Borngesser. Otto J., Baltimore. Md.. R. B. Bradshaw. 
«. Philadelphia, and C. C. Smith. W'arrlngton. Pa., as- 
signors to Kaiser Metal Products, Inc. Dishwashing 
, apparatus. 2.647,528. Aug. 4. 
B\)rnmann, Adelaide : Src — 

\ O'Brien. George E.. Bornmnnn and Smith. 
Boras. Millard C. Muskegon, Mlcti. Foldable table and 

bench combination. 2,642,123. June 16. 
Borntln, James H.. Memphis, Tenn.. assignor to Inter- 
national Harvester Company. Clutch trip mechanism 
for hky balers. 2,634.840. Apr. 14. 
Borodle. Michael N.. Oakbiirn, Manitoba. Canada. Tire 

valve trdard. 2.631.065. Mar. 10. 
Boroughs, Frank S.. Elmhurst, assignor to Arrow Pastener 
Co.. Inc., Brooklyn, N. Y. Hand tacker. 2,657,384, 
Nov. 3. 
Boroughs. Frtjnk 8.. Elmhurst. assignor to Arrow Fas- 
tener Co., Inc. Brooklvn, N. Y. Hand type staple 
tacker. 2.659,083, Nov. 17. 
Boroughs, Frank f!.. New York, assignor to Arrow Fastener 
Co., Inc.. Brooklyn. N. T. Table type stapler. 2,625,681, 

Boroughs. Prank S., New York assignor to Arrow Fas- 
tener Co.. Inc.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Pller type stapler. 
2,633.571. Apr, 7. \ 

Borrelll. Alfonso. Fresno, Calif. Handling apparatus for 

spaghetti and the like. 2.649,055, Aug. 18. 
Borrows. Edward T. : Bee — 

Haward, Robert N., and Borrows. 
Borrup. Frederik J., Stratford. Conn. Automatic lock. 

2 6!^ 43*> F^b 3 
Borsinl.' Frederick H.. assignor to W. H. McGhee, Dayton, 

Ohio. Fountain toothbrush. 2,040,215, June 2. 
Borst, Douglas R.. Pltcairn. Pa., assignor to Westinghouse 

Air Brake Company. Fluid pressure control valve de- 
vice. 2,637,341. May 5. ^ . , t ^ * . 
Borst. Julius R.. East Mollne. assignor to C & J Industries, 

Moilne, 111. Garbage receptacle, 2,648.495, Aug. 11. 
Borst. Robert O. : tSee — 

Wells. Olga v.. Borst. and Stnpp. _ 
Borst Walter J., assignor to Deere & Company. Mollne, 

111.' Plowshare. 2,625,093. Jan. 13. _ „, „ , 
Borsum. Adolph W., U, S. Navy, and W. W Brockway, 

West Los Angeles, Calif. Communication system. 

2,652.556. Sept. 15. .. . ,^ 

Bortel Vance W.. Toledo. Ohio. Stepladder and inise 

therefor. 2.634,037, Apr. 7. ^ ,. „ t^ 

Borth, Paul F., Park Forest, 111., assignor to R. R. Don: 

neiley & Sons Company. Dot comimrator. 2,657,611, 

Nov. 3 
Bortner. David C. York, Pa., assignor to Read Standard 

Corporation. Endless conveyer. 2.043,760, June 30. 
Bortnlck Newman M., assignor to Rohm & Haas Company. 
" ~ Mono - N - tertiary - alky Imelamines. 

assignor to Rohm & Haas Company, 
Preparing l,8-diamino-p-m«itbane. 

, assignor to Rohm & Haas Company. 
Preparing 2,5-dlamlno-2,5-dlmethyl- 

Tollet paper roll 

Philadelphia. Pa. 

2,628,234. F^eb. 10. 
Bortnlck, Newman M, 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

2,632,022, Mar. 17. 
Bortnlck, Newman M. 

Philadelphia, Pa. _.._ _ 

hexane. 2,632,023, Mar. 17. 
Borton Boyd T., Riviera Beach. Fla. 

holder. 2.627.382. Feb. 3. . tt .* ,, 

Borton, Robert O., MIshawaka. Ind.. assignor to United 

States Rubber Company. New York. N. Y. Manufacture 

of latex foam sponge. 2,640,08T\ May 26. ^. . 

Borucki. Eugene J., assignor to Container Corporation of 

America. Chicago. 111. Display carton. 2,664,470, 

Borup. Benjamin P., assignor of one-half to B. F. Borup. 
Huntington Park, Calif. Fishhook dislodging and ex- 
tracting instrument 2.662.331, Dec. 15. 
Borup, Bob F., assignee : See — r 

Borup. Benjamin F. j • 

Borut, Abraham, assignee : See — 

Seibel. Peter E. „.. ^ t-, . . 

Bosch. Carl. Arlington, assignor to Chatham Electronics 
Corporation, Newark. N. J. Measuring instrument with 
electrostatic return torque. 2.661,456, Dec. 1. - 
Bosch. Robert, G. m. b. H., assignee : See — 
Callsen, Albert, and GrSzinger. 
Vannl. Pier G. 
Boschl, Antonio, assignor to Soclet.a Appllcazloni Gomma 
Antivlhrantl, Milan, Italy. Eesllient wheel. 2,643,153, 
Juno 23. ... 

Boschl Antonio, assignor to Pirelli Socleta per Azlonl, 
Milan, Italv. Resilient wheel for vehicles rolling on 
rails. 2,646,308, July 21. 
Boschin. Walter E.. assignor to Glass Containers. Inc., 
San Francisco. Calif. Container adapted to be vacuum 
sealed. 2.629.509. Feb. 24. 
Bosdet. Enrique N., Mexico City. Mexico. Apparatus for 
economizing fuel and Increasing power output of In- 
ternal-combustion engines. 2,659,667, Nov. 17. 
Bosley. Frank J., Detroit. Mich. Brush wiper. 2.645,377. 
July 14. „ ^ 

Bosma Alfred S.. New Holsteln. Wis., assignor to Hart 
Carter Company. Peoria. 111. Internal-combustion en- 
gine construction. 2,630.881. Mar. 10. 
Bosomworth. George P.. assignor to The Firestone Tire a 
RubBtr Company. Akron. Ohio. Heat transfer correctoi 
for electronic molds. 2,026,428. Jan. 27. 
Boss, Friedhelm : Bee — 

Kelnath, Johannes. Kuhn. Boss, and Leltz. 
Boss, Maurice, Jr.. and O. Boss, Grand Rapids, Mich 

Precast reinforced masonry wall. 2,639,606, May 26. 
Boss, Orrle : See — 

Boss. Maurice. Jr., and O. Boss. 
Bossard, Fran<;ol3 J. : Bee — 

Brandenbergor. Jacques E.. and Bossard. 
Bossard. I^ Rov T.. Tulsa, Okla. Liquid or gas self 

cleaning filter and strainer. 2.663.429, Dec. 22. 
Bossard, Werner, Rlehen, near Basel, and O. BItterlln, as 
signors to J.^^-^eiRy A. G., Basel, Switzerland. Trls 
azo dyestuffs. 2.659.721. Nov. 17. 
Bosshard, Alfred : See — « ._ , 

Thompson, Robert D., Alderfer, and Bosshard. 
Bostltch. Inc., assignee : Sec — 
Dell, Russell H. 
Maynard. Arthur H. 
Boston, Flovd B., St. Lonls, Mo. Automatic toilet sea 

lifter. 2.'636,185, Apr. 28. 
Boston, Frank E., assignor to The Pyramid Rubber Com 

pany, Ravenna, Ohio. Narser. 2,624,485, Jan. 6. 
Boston Herald-Traveler Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Tranter. Reginald P. W. 
Boston Machine Works Company, assignee : See — 
Osgood. Walter P, 



Boston Wovfn Hose and Rubber Company. aMifnee : See — 
Apel, U«orge E.. and Collins. 
<'<>llin.s. Don F.. Ap«?l, and Fuller. 
Koowland. Tbomaa M. | I 

Marry. (Jrosvenor 1>. 
Boatrom-Uradir Manufacturing Company, aaaigoec : See— 

VlckerT, Robert K. 
Boatrom. Harold W., F. A. (^;rabarrxyk. and F. E. Svano^. 
aHsignorM to Kofltrom Manufacturing Company, Milwau- 
kee, Wi8. Torsion aprine supported pedestal neat mounc- 
Ing. 2, 841. .309. June !•. 
Itoatrom ManufactiirlnE Conipany. aNSignee : Nee — 

lioMtrom. Harold W., <:ral>arc'zyk, and Svanoe. 
Hontwick, Charles O.. Stanton. a.ssiKnor to. E. I. du Pont 
de Neinours and Company. WihninKton, Del. Organic 
compounds of titanium. 2.H43.2G2, June 23. 
Bostwtck, HenrT C. Coventry Township. Summit County, 
asalgnor to The Akron Standard Mold Company, Akron, 
Ohio. Tire building apparatus. 2.025,108. Jan. 13. 
Bostwick. (J., Chatham, N. J., assignor to Rell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 
Tuned vibrating reed aelectlTe circuit. 2,630,482, 
Mar. 3. 
BostwIck, Wallace L., Columbus, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to The United States Playing Card Company, 
Cincinnati. Ohio, and National Publishing Company. 
Philadelphia, Pa. Machine for decorating sheet edges. 
2,«45.871. July 21. 
BoBwau. Hans P.. Dundee, 111. Impulae-responsive step- 
ping device actuated by magnetic torque. 2,640,895, 
June 2. 
Boswau. Hans P., Dundee, and A. C. Held. Genoa, assignors 
to I>>ich Blectrli* Company, Genoa. 111. Telephone set. 
2.654.811. Oct. 6. 
Boswell. John R., assignor to The Bark-Off Cor|>oratlon, 
Mohlle, Ala. Portable log debarker for sawmills. 
2,652,867, Sept. 22. i 

Becket. Mass., assignor to General 
HiKh-Toltagp pothead with stress 
2.651.670 Sept. 8. 
Becket. >Iasa., assignor to General 
Stuffing gland assembly for fluid 
filled ciibleH. 2.»;52.443. Sept. 15. 
Boterweg, Dirk. S. Brelmer. and A. 0. Robeer. Hilver- 
sum. Netherlands, assignors to Hartford National Bank 
and l*rust Company. Hartfonl, Conn^ as trustee. Tun- 
able high - frequency push - pull power aniplitler. 
2,662,127, Dec. 8. 
Bothe. Kdwanl F., Union City. N. J. Flush valve. 
2,627,873, Feb. 10. i 

Botimer, Lloyd, Vassar, Mich. Beet topper. 2,662,361, 
Dec. 15. ^ 

Botley, Richard M.. assignor to Hawaiian Pineapoie Coni- 
<pany, Limited, Honolulu, Hawaii. Can stacxer and 
unstacker. 2.659,495. Nov. 17. 
Botley, Richard M.. assignor to Hawaiian Pineapple Com- 
pany, Limited, Honolulu, Hawaii. Can stacker and 
unstacker. 2,659,496, Nov. 17. 
Botley. Richard M.. and O. Guigas. assignors to Hawaiian 
Plneappl*?- Company, Liniitod, |Iono|ulu, Hawaii. Ap- 
paratus ' for dicing decored cylinders of pineapple. 
2.652.871 Sept. 22. 
Botnick, Iriin. assignor to Snow-Master, Inc., Cleveland, 

Ohio. Antiskid cross chain. 2,664,134, Dec. 29. 
Bott. Perry J.. Little Rook, Ark., assisnor to James R. 
Kearney Corporation. St. Louis. >lo. Live, lln«f stick 
with rain shield. 2.643.281. June 23. 
Bottiilicd. Angela M. : Srr — 

RoMin. Seymour and Botfalico. 
Iloftaro. Giaconio, Genoa, Italy. Countercurrent extrac- 
tion appnratu.>4 and process. 2.638.400. May 12. 
BOttcher. Paul. Hamburg Grossflotthek. Germany. 

entlal gear for motor driven vehicles. 2.627.190. 
P."'>ttfher. Paul.- Hamburg-Gros8flottt>ek, Germany. 

Bosworth, Phillips N. 

Kiectric Company. 

distributing means. 
Bi.swi.rfh. Phillips N.. 

Electric Company. 

gear for motor-driven vehicles. 


Feb. 3. 

.... . Dif- 



Oct. 13. 
Bottemlller. Merton M. : (^ee — 

Christie. Donald R.. and Bottemlller. 
Bottenhnrn. Hermann A.. Flushing, assignor to Hvdro- 

press. Incorporated. New York, N. Y. Material "han- 
dling apparatus. 2,664.215, Dec. 29. 
Bottum. Edward W.. assignor to Skuttle Manufacturing 

Company, Detroit. Mich. Flush type humidlfler. 

2.64rt,061. July 21. 
Boftnm. Edward W.. assignor to Skuttl> Manufacturing 

Company. Detroit, Mich. Humidifier boiler. 2.651 293 

Sept. 8. 
Bouch. Frank. Shippenvjlle. Pa. 'Artlflclal Ktone wall fac- 

Ine 2.«43.539. .Tnno .10 
Boucher. Frank G., Tulsa, Okla., assignor to Standard 

Oil Development Company. Retractable electrode for 

well casing measurements. 2,632,795. Mar. 24. 
Boucher. Frank O . Tulsa. Okla.. assignor to Standard 

Oil D«'Telopment Company. Oil well orientation device 

2.632.959. Mar 31. 

Boucher. Frank O.. Tulsa, Okla.. assignor to Standard Oil 
IWelopment Company. Well logging method and nn- 
paratas. 2,640,271. June 2. 

Boucher. Frank O.. Tulsa. Okla., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Oriented dip and strike In- 
dicator for boreholes. 2,640.275, June 2. 

Boudreaa, Charles. Branby, Quebec, Canada. Belt fas- 
tener. 2.^41,812. Jane 1*. 

Bouffart. Ifaarice, Brussels. Belgium. Apparatus for 
cooling combustion chambers of movable power plants 
with an oxidising agent. 2,641.904, June 16. 

Bouget. Yves A.. West Orange and C. E. Magnuson, Has- 
bruuck Heights, N. J., assignors to Western Electric 
Company, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Locking type 
clutch. 2.626.821, Jan. 27. 

Boughton, Earl. Canton, Ohio. Hollow metal door con- 
stnictlon. 2.664,181, Dec. 29. 

Boulicault, Marcel. St. Louis. Mo. Teeth cleaning unit. 
2.»i56.843. Oct. 27. 

Boulware. James E.. Attleboro Falls, and W. H. Cannard, 
Attleboro, Mass., assignors to The Gammed Prodacts 
Company. Troy, Ohio. 8U/ tape. 2,636,835, Apr. 28. 

Bour, Robt>rt C. assignor to .National Cylinder Gas Com- 
pany. Chicago, 111. Removing awtylene from gaseous 
mixtures. 2.642.956 June 23. 

Rourassa. .Mphonsine B.. assignee: See — 
Bourassa, Joseph W. 

Bourassa, Joseph W.. (Jreene. Maine, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to himself and A. B. Bourassa. Bobbin. 
2,tHi2,213. Sept. 15. 

Bourcart, Emile A.. New York. N. Y. Compartmented 
<-ontalner. 2.663.450. Dec. 22. 

Bourdon. Pierre M.. assignor to Pniseux ; Boulanger et Cle. 
trading under the name "Manufacture de c/c MIchelin." 
Paris. Fran(v. Wheel for rail vehicles. 2,641.498, 
June 9. 

Bourdon. Pierre M.. Paris, assignor to Manufacture de 
Caoutchouc MIchelin (Pulseux, Boulanger & Cle), 
Clermont-Ferrand, France. Shock absorber for railway 
draft riggings. 2.650,721. Sept. 1. 

Bourg, Alex. Littleton. Colo. Wheel supporting spindle 
for rotating cutting reel type mowers. 2.638,729, 
May 19. 

Bourgonnier. Claude. M. Jouguet. and A. Bunodiere. Flers, 
France, assignor, by mesne assignments, to Hartford 
National Hank and Trust Company. Hartfor*. Conn., as 
trustee, ('apacitative potentiometer comprising at least 
two series-connected capacities. 2.659.039. Nov. 10. 

Bourne, Gordon F.. Oakland, and W. E. Kennedy. Hay- 
ward. Calif. : said Bourne assignor of one-third to P. P. 
Adams and one-third to R. H. EckhofT, Piedmont. Calif. 
Reel. 2,643.073, June 23. 

Bourne Mills, assignee : See — 
Wheweel. Robert. 

Bourne. Roland B . West Hartford, assignor to The Maxim 
Silencer Company. Hartford. Conn. Muffler with plural 
passages. 2.624.418. Jan. 6. 

Bourne. Roland B.. West Hartford, assignor to The Maxim 
Silencer Company. Hartford. Conn. Silencer with plu- 
ral expansion chambers and outlet conduits. 2,644.542. 
July 7. 

Bourne, Roland B.. West Hartford, and J. P. Tvskewlcz. 
assignors to The Maxim Silencer Company. Hartford. 
Conn. Silencer with low back pressure. 2.660,257. 
Nov. 24. , 

Bourne. Roland B.. West Hartford, and J. P. Tvskewicz, 
assignors to The Maxim Silencer Company, Hartford. 
Conn. Baffle type muffler with a plurality of outlet 
conduits. 2.660.258. Nov. 24. 
Bourne. William G.. Acton. London, assignor to Rotax 
Limited. Ix)ndon. England. Electrical switching ap- 
paratus. 2.655.568. Oct. 13. 
Bourne. William (5.. Acton. I^^ndon. assignor to Rotax 

Electric switch. 2.658,962. 

Saint-Blaise Switzerland. 
2.643.008. June 23. 

Limited. London. England. 
Nov. 10. 
Bourquin. Maurice. Wavre. 
Tobacco stringing machine 
Bousman. Samuel I. : Srr — 

Kelly, Earl M., and Bousman. 
Bousquet. John A. : See- - 

Oeorge. Walter C. and Bousquet. 
Bousson. Robert : See — 

Doussaln. Robert, Bousson. and Perrler. 
Boutin. Harold S.. Toledo. Ohio. Chair having resilient 

frame. 2.637,371, May 5. 
Bouton. Gertrude V.. a.ssignee : Ser — 

Vischer. Alfred Jr. 

Boutros. Richard D.. J. T. Donohoe. and M. Dykman, 

Brighton, assignors to Mixing Equipment Co., Inc., 

Rochester. N. Y. Mixing apparatus. 2.637.538. May 6. 

Boiitwell. William R.. Norfolk, Va. Waste carton crusher. 

2.660.110. Nov. 24. 
Bouwman. WIcher K. : Ser — . 

Muller. Hendrik L.. and Boawman. 
Bouyoucos. George, assignor to Michigan State Board of 
Agriculture. East Lansing. Mich. Soil moisture meter. 
2.636.962. Apr. 28. 
Bova. Fred. Pittsburgh. Pa., and J. Bova. New Rochelle. 
N. Y String Instrument Instruction chart. 2,649.008 
Aug. 18. 
Bova. Joseph : Srr — 

Bova. Fred, and J. 
Bovay. H. E. Jr.. assignee : Bee — 

Bovay. Harry E.. Jr., Lawler. and Wheeler. 
Bovay. Harry E.. Jr.. C. A. Lawler, and L. H. Wheeler. 
Houston, assignors of one-hclf to A. Temple. Jr . DIboll 

T^Ia 2^1' ".°**'2L' *o H. E. Bovay. Jr. Lamber sorter! 

2,836.601. Apr. 28. 
Bove. Anthony E. Willow Grove, Pa. Can 

2.632.240. Mar. 24. 
Bovln. Henry : See — 

Peltz, Gordon M., and Bovin. 





Bovio, Ilario, Ivrea, Italy. Automatic ink-ribbon reversal 
mechanism for typewriters and printing business ma- 
chines. 2,654,461, Oct. 6. 

Bowan, Walter J. : See — 

Mueller. Frank H.. and Bowan. 

Bowar, Earl C. assignor to Mlnneapolis-Honevwell Regu- 
lator Company. Minneapolis. Minn. Electrical connec- 
tor. 2.642,474, June 16. 

Bowden, Andrew T., Jesmond. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. A. 
Mailer. Penwortham, Preston, P. Kolb, and W. Hrynia- 
zak, and U. Zadnick, Whitley Bay. assignors of one-sixth 
to C. A. Parsons & Company Limited. Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, England. Freewheeling clutch l)etween a com- 
pressor turbine and an output turbine. 2,660,033, 
Nov. 24. 

Bowden, Andrew T., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, W. Hryniszak, 
and P. Kolb, Whitley Bay, assignors of one-foiirtli to 
C. A. Parsons & Company Limited. Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, England. Regenerative heat exchanger. 
2.C»43,097, June 23. 

Bow-den, Dexter T.. Marblehead. Mass. Container blank 
to form into various containers. 2,647,621, Aug. 4. 

Bowden (Engineers) Limited, assignee : See — 
Melsom, Walter A. 

Bowden. William H.. assignor to Alliance Ware, Inc., Alli- 
ance, Ohio. Drainboard. 2,658,205, Nov. 10. 

Bowdey, R. Donald : See — 

Norgren, Carl A., Mosler, Bowdey, and Metzger. 

Bowditch, Hocl L., assignor to The Foxboro Company, 
Foxboro. Mass. Bourdon tube. 2.644,336. July 7. 

Bowditch, lloel L., assignor to The Foxboro Company, 
Foxboro. Muss. I'neumaftic modulating relay. 2,652,066, 
Sept. 15. / 

Bowditch, Hoel L., assignor to The Foxboro Company, 
Foxboro, Mass. Adjustable Index arm for measuring 
instruments. 2,658,469, Nov. 10. 

Bowditch, Hoel L., assignor to The Foxboro Company. 
Foxboro. ^lass. Adjustable set point arm for control 
instruments. 2,660.146. Nov. 24. 

Bowditch. Hoel L. assignor to The Foxboro Company, 
Foxboro. Mafts. Detachable index arm unit for measur- 
ing instruments. 2.G60.147. Nov. 24. 

Bowditch. Hoel L., assignor to The Foxboro Company. 
Foxboro, Mass. Pneumatic valve precise positioning 
device. 2.661.725. Dec. 8. 

Bowditch. Hoel L.. Sharon, assignor to The Foxboro 
Company, Foxboro, Mass. Controller. 2,631,570, Mar. 

Bowditch, Hoel L., and A. R. Catheron, assignors to Fox- 
boro Company, Foxboro, Mass. Pneumatic valve 
control volume booster system. 2,638.875, May 19. 

Bowen. Alfred J.. Beloit, Wis. Grinding machine. 
2.658.313. Nov. 10. 

Bowen, Arnold E., Red Bank, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Laboratories. Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 
ritruhigh frequency resonator. 2.660.667. Nov. 24. 

Bowen. Billl, New York. N. Y.. and C. L. Metzler. Palisades 
Park. N. J., assignors to The Gillette Company. Safety 
razor. 2.654.149. Oct. 6. 

Bowen. Clarence S.. Greenville. S. C. Beehive with beat- 
ing and ventilating means. 2.628.374. Feb. 17. 

Bowen Co. of Texas, Inc.. assignee : £^00 — 
Linney, Douglas M. 

Bowen. Cyril F.. assignor to G. & J. Esplin Limited Mon- 
treal. Quebec, Canada. Partitions for boxes. 2,634,015, 
Apr. 7. 

Bowen, Daniel W., Tampa, assignor to Miracle-Vac. Inc.. 
Miami, Fla. Hair drier attachment for vacuum 
cleaners. 2,654,161, Oct. 6. 

Bowen, Earl M., assignor to The IngersoU Milling Ma- 
chine Company. Rockford, 111. Automatic transfer ma- 
chine tool. 2.640.254, June 2. 

Bowen, Frank W., Toledo, Ohio, assignor to Sun Oil Com- 
pany, Philadelphia, Pa. Elevation of granular solids. 
2,653,058, Sept. 22. 

Bowen, J. Hartley, Jr.. Iladdonfleld. N. J., and P. A^ 
Gelber. Drexel Hill, Pa. Durability test dev!te. 
2.650.493. Sept. 1. 

Bowen. Joe, Huntington, W. Va.. assignor to Alexander H. 
Kerr and Company. Incorporated. Los Angeles, Calif. 
Jar capping apparatus. 2.038.258. May 12. 

Bowen. Kenneth it. : Srr — 

Patterson. Oliver W.. and Bowen. 

Bowen. Leslie G., Evanston, 111. Electric liquid heater. 
2.636.974. Apr. 28. 

Bowen. Myron W., Niles. Mich., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Avco Manufacturing Corporation. New 
York. N. y. Washer and squeezer extractor. 2.652,709, 
Sept. 22. 

Bowen. Oliver G., assiraor to Presan Corporation, Los 
Angeles, Calif. Method and apparatus for analyzing 
shape and bending stresses in structural elements. 
2.646,716. July 28. 

Bowen. William S.. Westfleld, N. J. Calcining apparatus. 
2,659,587. Nov. 17. 

Bowen. William S., Westfleld, N. J., and J. E. Vlscardi. 
New York. N. Y. Reaction furnace and evaporator. 
2.640.532. June 2. 

Bower, Bowman M.. Bndlcott. and W. R. Young. Blng- 
bamton, assignors to General Aniline & Film Corpora- 
tion. New York. N. Y. Antiabrasion coatings for gelat- 
ino silver balide emulsion layers consisting of resins 
obtained by condensing 5-sub8tituted hydantoins with 
formaldehyde. 2.633.423. Mar. 31. 

^ower Bruce O.. Lorain, Ohio. Automatic alarm rese 

mechanism. 2.646,659. July 28. 
Boiler. Gilbert C. : See — 

Booton, Roy. and Bower. 
BoweK, Ralph U., Goshen. Ind. Face mask. 2,637.038 

Bower Holler Bearing Company, assignee : See — 

McMullan, Orin W. 
Bower, Walter, and L. G. Ball, Barlborough. near Chester 

field, assignors to Renishaw Iron Company Limited 

Derby, England. Wheel attachment 2,630 349, Mar. 3 
Bowering. Il«nry O., Needham. assignor to Kinney Manu 

facturing Company, Jamaica Plain, Mass. Vacuuu 

pump. 2,62&i770. Feb. 17. 
Boweruiao, Clarence J.. Pittsford. assignor to Bausch i 

Lomb Optical \'ompany. Rochester, r«. Y. Microscop 

nosepiece. 2.65H.759. Oct. 27. 
Bowernian. Clarence J.. Pittsford. assignor to Bausch i 

Lomb Optical Cotopany, Rochester. N. Y. Slide clamp 

Ing luecuanism for\ mechanical stages for microscopee 

2.656,760, Oct. 27. \ 
Bowers, Charles E.. Mdylan, assignor to The Pibre-Meta 

Products Company. Chester, Pa. Protective shield con 

nection for skull guards. 2.631.286. Mar. 17. 
Bowers. Charles E.. Sr.. Morlan, assignor to The Fibn 

Metal Products Company, Chester, Pa. Adjustable sto] 

for pivotally mounted kead protective equipment 

2,658,200 Nov. 10. 
Bowers, Eric U., assignor to Dowty Equipment Limited 

Cheltenham, England. Hydraulic power unit 

2.642.804, June 23. \ 

Bowers. Frank. Williamsville. anovR. S. Brookman. Eas 

Aurora, assignors to Dustex Coriioration, BulEalo. N. Y 

Apparatus for separating particles from gaset 

2.643.737. June 30. \ 

Bowers. Glenn : .Sec — \ 

Auderson. Farrel L.. and Bowers. \ 
Bowers. Maurice B., SomerviUe, N. J. \ Chicken chute 

2,648.307 Aug. 11. ^ V 

Bowes. Leslie U., assignor to Morton Salt Company, Ritt 

man. Ohio. Check weigher. 2,661,201. Dec. 1. 
Bowes, Robert A., assignor to Carbide Saw jk Tool Com 

pany, Chicago, III. Holder and knife blaob having 1 

tungsten carbide edge. 2,634.499. Apr. 14. \ 
Bowes. Thomas D.. assignee : See — 

Schulte. Fritz. 
Bowland. Charles R., Spring Valley. 111. Comblned'^ilrru 

and flashlight. 2,645,706, July 14. \ 

Bowles, Richard E., Silver Hill, Md. Gutter Joint seaJini 

means. 2.638.858. May 19. 
Bowl-O-Beauty Co., assignee: See — 

Bussert, Clarence E. 
Bowman. A. B., assignee : See — ' 

Smith Robert L. 
Bowman, Benjamin F., Clarksburg, W. Va. Revolvin 

spud line. 2,646,255, JtHy 21. 
Bowman, David K. MineolH, N. Y., assignor, by mesn 

assignments, to Hewlett-Packard Company, Palo Alti 

Calif. MeAsuring system. 2,624,781, Jan. 6. 
Bowman. <ieorge H.. Jr.. assignee : Sr*^ — 

Swearingen, I'aul R. 
Bowman, Hyman D.. Raleigh, N. C. Illuminated electrl 

razor frame. 2,635,179. Apr. 14. 
Bowman, Hyman D., Raleigh, N. C. Washing machine 

2.658.371, Nov. 10. 
Bowman, Irwin C, Chicago, lU. Device for color con 

parlBons. 2,636,^86. Apr. 28. 
Bowman. John M., assignor to Phllco Corporation. Phlla 

delphla, Pa. Control device. 2.653.262. Sept. 22. 
Bowman. John R., and W. P. Ridenour. Pittsburgh. Pa 

and J. H. Whittaker, Lombard, 111., assignors to Gnl 

Research & Development Company, Pittsburgh, P« 

Preparing petroleum wax compositions containing 

small amount of a polyethylene. 2.638.459, May 12 
'-^wman. Joseph H.. assignor to American Steel Ban 
"^ Compuny. Pittsburgh. Pa. Insulated metal wall pane 

2,656.481, Nov. 17. 
Bowman, Norman J.. Gary. Ind., assignor to Standard O 

Company. Chicago. 111. Removal of oxygenated 01 

ganic; compounds from hydrocarbon mixtures thereo 

2.(i60.6no. Nov. 24. 
Bowman. Paul E., Colambus, Kans. Conveyer belt cleanei 

2.652.920. Sept. 22. 
Bowman, Robert L.. Chaska. and H. Meyer, Prinsburi 

Minn. Sugar beet harvester and topper. 2,629,211 

Feb. 24. 
Bowman. Robert S. : .''ee — 

Stevens. Donald R.. and Bowman. 
Bowman, Samuel G. : .S'ce — 

Caldwell. Walter L.. and Bowman. 
Bowman. Walter J., and W. E. Gould, assignors to Mcelle 

Co., Decatur, III. Tamperproof valve or the llki 

2.653.790. Sept. 29. 
Bowman. Wesley E. : See — ] 

Lockwood. David W., and Bewman. 
Bowman, William A., Baltimore, Md. Jackknlfe window 

2.837,3ffl. May 5. 
Bowman. William A.. Baltimore Md. Automatically opei 

ated Jackknlfe window. 2,637,383, May 5. 
Bowman. Woodrow A. : Bee — 

Arnt. Charles H.. and Bowman. 
Bowne, M. S.. trustee, assignee : See — 
Webb. CecU B. 

Vennfr. William M., and Bowsor. 

BowHpr, Virgil C, Silver Spring assignor to Bowser EhrI- 
ne<>rinK Company. Baltimore, >(d. Semlaatomatlc park- 
Int: KaraK*'. 2,Gr)3.436, Dec. L*2. 

Bowyer, Aldred W and J. H. Cartwrlght. Letchworth, 
assignors to British Tabulating Machine Company 
Limited, London, Kngland. Decimal to binary con- 
rersioQ machine. 2,647,689, Aug. 4. 
► Box, Merrell L., Buena Park, and It. W. Cason. assignors 
to Merreil Manufacturing Company, FuUerton, Calif. 
Machine for detecting and ejecting improperly lat>eled 
cans. 2.660.304. Nov. 24. 

Boy, Itiilph E.. Jr. : See— 

Schulken. Koger -M., Jr., and Boy. 

Boyajean, John A.. Jr., Upper Montclair, N. J., assignor 
to Falrchlld Camera and Instrument Corporation. Im- 
age-reproducing plate and cylinder assembly. 2,641,183, 
.lunp y. 

Boyar-Schnlt7. Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Bunnell. William S. 

Boyce, Arley G., Sulcm. Oreg. Artificial lure. 2,655,757, 

Oct. IJM. " 

Boyce, Clifford A., Burlington, Vt. Grill. 2.038,841, 
May 19. 

Boyco. Eugene L., and M. D. Burrows, assignors to Pioneer 
Gen-B#-Motor Corporiitlon, Cliicaeo, III. Lawn mower 
an.l ncfu.iting means therefor. 2.642.709. June 23. 

Boyce, John, San Jose, and J. C. Olsen. Campbell, Calif., 
iis.signors to Food .Machinery and Chemical Corporation. 
Container feed and discharge mechanTsm. 2,656,911. 
Oct. 27. 

Boyce, John, San Jose, and D. W. Hayes, Campbell, as- 
signors to Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation. 
San Jose, Calif. Machine fur closing cartons. 
2.660,012. N«v. 24. 

Boyce. Leonard D.. Klrkwood. assignor to Carburetor Com- 
pany. St. Louis, Mo. Thermostatic accelerating pump 
control. 2.625,382. Jan. 13. 

Boyce. Leonard D.. Kirkwood, assignor to Carter Carbu- 
retor Corporation. St. Louis. Mo. Carburetor heat de- 
flector. 2.635,597. Apr. 21. 

Boyce. Leonard D., Kirkwood. assignor to Carter Car- 
buretor Corporation, St. Louis. Mo. Automatic car- 
buretor choke control. 2,646.933. July 28. 

Boyce. Stanley C, Toronto. Ontario, Canada. Toy figure 
manipulating means. 2.624.155. Jan. <!. 

Boyce, Stanley C. and H. K. Hart. Toronto, Ontario, 
Canada. Apparatus for Installing valve seats. 
2.632.364. Mar. 24. 

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Inc., as- 
signee : See — 
Arthur, John M. 
Zimmerman. Percy W., and Hitchcock. 

Boyce. William E.. Rldgeway. N. Y. Spray applicator. 
2,635.920. Apr. 21. 

Boyd. Abe R.. Indianapolis. Ind. Guide finger for Klugc 
pn-sses. 2.631.036. Mar. 10. 

Boyd, Albert B., Drexel Hill, Pa. Flush valve. 2,644,952, 
July 14. 

Boyd, Bruce, Baltimore, Md.. assignor to Westinghouse 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh. Pa. I'ower regti- 
latlon in high-frequency heating apparatus. 2,647,983, 
An;:. 4. 

Boyd. Burdett R.. St. Paul. Minn. Illuminating means for 
car door locks. 2.628.304. Feb. 10. 

Boyd. Donald A.. Detroit. Mich. Oil seal. 2.626,822, 
Jan. 27. 

Boyd, George H., Roval Oak, Mich. Tape dispensing de- 
vice. 2,645,286. July 14. 

Boyd, Ira E., Sr., Warren. Ohk>. Supporting rack and 
holder for mortar hods. 2.642.998. June 23. 

Boyd. Raymond J.. Arvada. Colo. Livestock watering de- 
vice. 2.628.631. Feb. 17. 

Boyd. Roy W.. Jr.. Chicago. 111. Tool holding collet for 
horlng assemblie.s. 2.657,066. Oct. 27. 

Boyd, Thomas, Springfield, Mass., assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Comp.iny, St. Louis, Mo. Preparation of the 
mixed anhydrides of organic carboxylie acids and ortho 
titanic aci^. 2,630,443, Mar. 3. 

Boyd, Thomas, Springfield Mass assignor to Monsanto 
rhemical Company. St. Ix>uis. Mo. Aminopla.ots modi- 
fled with titanium polymers. 2,643,984, June 30. 

Boyd, Thomas, Springfield, Mass., assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis. Mo. 2.2-bls-( tertiary 
bntyl peroxy) butane catalyat for ethylene polymeriza- 
tion. 2.650,913. Sept. 1. 

Boyd^ Thomas, Springfield, and H. A. Walker. Long- 
meadow. Mass., assignors to Monsanto Chemical Com- 
pany, St Louis, Mo. Pyrazoline resins. 2,631,991. 
Mar. 17. 

tective overcoating. 2.647,441. Aug. 4. 

Boydstun. Ira S., Houston. Tex. Volumetric measuring 
and dlspen.sing devii-e with container cutting and at- 
Uchlng means. 2.650,739, Sept. 1. 

Boye Needle Company, The. assignee : See — 
Carlson. Gustav A. 
Flannery. Roy L. 

Boyer. Charles J., Weat Reading, assignor to Willson 
Products, Inc., Reading. Pa. Air line respirator filter 
cartridge holder. 2,642,061, June 10. 

Boyer, Floyd J., Indianapolis, Ind., assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Fuel system. 
2,640.423, June 2. » 

Boyer, Jackson S., Darby, assignor to Sun Oil Com- 
pany. Philadelphia, Pa. Sealing porous formations. 
2.649.159. Aug 18. 

Boyer, John L., Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse Elec- 
tric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Vapor-electrlc 
device. 2.663,811, Dec. 22. 

Boyer John L., and A. P. Colaiaco. Pittsburgh, assignors 
to \Vestinghouse Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, 
Pa. Vapor-electric device. 2.663,824, Dec. 22. 

Boyer, John L.. Pittsburgh, and L. A. Kllgore. Export, 
assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, East 
Pittsburgh. Pa. Vapor electric device. 2,632,870. Mar. 

Boyer. John L., Pittsburgh, and W. S. Albert, Pitcairn, 

assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, East 

Pittsburgh, Pa. Alkali-metal recUfier. 2,637,827, 

May 5. 
Boyer, Mahlon R.. Metuchen. N. J., assignor to E. I. dn 
' Pont de Nemourg and Company, Wilmington. Del. 

Producing etched printing plates. 2,650,877, Sept. 1. 
Boyer, Mahlon R., Metuchen. and A. W. Grumbine Parlln, 

N. J., assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company, 

Wilmington. Del. Producing etched printing plates. 

2.650,878. Sept. 1. 
Boyer, Mathew L., Nome, assignor of forty per cent to 

C. D. Victery, Liberty. Tex. Comb with scissors reat. 

2.638,907. May 19. 
Boyer. .Myron H.. Puente. Calif. Fluid flowmeter. 

2.624.199. Jan. 6. 
Boyer, Oliver. SpencervlUe. Ohio, assignor of one-fonrth 

to P. E. Siggers. Sr.. Wilmington. Del. Clover hulling 

and cleaning attachment for combines. 2,633,851, 

Apr. 7. 
Bo.ver. Oscar A.. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor to General 

Electric Company. Weighing and sorting apparatus. 

2,646.881, July 28. 
Boyer. Ralph K.. assignor to The Dill Manufacturing Com- 

8 any. Cleveland, Ohio. Tire tread gauge. 2,654,156, 
ct. 6. 
Boyer. Raymond F. : Bee — 

Rubens. Louis C. and Boyer. 
Boyer. William P.. and J. R. Mangham. Chesterfield Coun- 
tv. assignors to Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corporation, 
Richmond. Va. Tetraalkyl esters of alkane diphoa- 
phonic acids. 2.634,288. Apr. 7. 
Boykln-Fruth Inc.. assignee : Bee — 

Boykln. Otis F.. and Fruth. 
Boykin. Otis F.. Chicago, and H. F. Fruth 
signors to Boykln-Fruth. Inc.. Chicago. 111. 
resistor. 2.634.352. Apr. 7. 
Boykin. Robert O. : Bee — 

Osborne. Ra.vmond O.. and Boykin. 
Boykin. Robert O.. Jr.. Ix>8 Angeles. Calif. 

production tester. 2,657,576, Nov. 3. 
Boyko.'John. Detroit, and E. W. McCaul. Birmingham, 
assignors to Jervls B. Webb Companv, Detroit. Mich. 
P' Transfer mechanism for fioor propellers. 2,660,127, 
Nov. 24. »• »- 

Boylan. Arthur H. : Ber — 

Aue I/ester A., and Boylan. 
Boyle, Homer O.. assignor to Avt-o Manufacturing Cor- 
poration. Cincinnati. Ohio. Intercarrler sound tvpe 
television receiver volume control. 2.653,9^5. Sept. 29. 
Boyle. James C, assignee : Bee — 
Medlar, Lewis A., and Naab. 
Boyle, James M. : Bee — 

Kirshenbaum. Abraham D., and Boyle. 

Boyle, John R. : Bee — 

Kopp, Alfred J., and Boyle. 

Boyle. John R.. assignor to Bulldlce Company, Inc.. Chi- 
cago. 111. Condenser cooling unit. 2.662.7^1, Dec. 15. 

Boyle. John R.. aaalgnor to B. A. Mertea, Chlcag'o, 111. 
Milk cooler. ^699.579, Nov. 17. 

Boyle. Ralph C. r Bee — 

Ferguson, Henry A., Boyle, and Jedrtykowskl. 

Boyles. Harry A.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Elastic belt structure. 
2,627.093. Feb. 3. i 

Skokle. as- 


assignor to The 
. Flexible hose. 

Bozek, John S., Franklin Park, assignor to Standard Pack- 
aging Corporation. Chicago. 111. Article timing and 
Indexing mechanism. 2.6.'i0,904. Mar. 10. 

Bozek, John S.. Franklin Park, and H. E. Weidanz, as- 
signors to Standard Packaging Corporation, Chicago, 
HI. Machine for applying and aealiug closures to bot- 
tles. 2.645.399, July 14. 

Bozeman. Virgil F.. Sr., Moline. 111., assignor to Deere & 
Company. Beet harvester. 2,635,403. Apr. 21. 

Bozzalla, Delbert J., Los Angeles. Calif. Charge ejecting 
nail polisii applicator. 2,642.607. June 23. 

Braae, Ben. assignor to Aktlebolaget Sepera tor-Nobel. 
Stockholm. Sweden. Separating organic compounds oi 
high hydrogen content from those of low hydrogen con- 
tent. 2.649.467, Aug. 18. 

Brabaek. Jorgen. assignor to .\ktieselskabet Volund. Copen- 
hagen. Denmark. Treating mixture containing mate- 
rials and apparatus therefor. 2,654,159. Oct. ,6. 

Braccl, Dante. Franklin, Mass. Apparatus for testing 
the fuel consumption of motor vehicles. 2,652,719, 
Sept. 22. 

Brace. George A., Highland Park, 111., assignor to The 
Hoover Company. North Canton, Ohio, filter adapter. 
2.6.-.0.113. Aug. 25. 

Brace. George A.. Highland Park. IlL, assignor to The 
Hoover Company, North Canton, Ohio. Electric toaster. 

2.658.442. Nov. 10. 

^race, George A., Highland Park. 111., assignor to The 
Hoover Company, North Canton. Ohio. Electric toaster. 

2.658.443, Nov. 10. 
Brace. George A., Highland Park, 111., 

Hoover Company, North Canton, Ohl 
2.661.025. Dec. 1. 

Brace, George A., Highland Park, 111., assignor to The 
Hoover Company North Canton, Ohio. Propelling han- 
dle and filter bag assembly for vacuum cleaners. 
2.661,077. Dec. 1. 

Brace, George H.. New London, Conn. Horizontal flue 
boiler with baffle structure in flue. 2.649,844, Aug. 25. 

Brace. Porter H.. Forest Hills Boro, assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Tube 
making process. 2.628.516. Feb. 17. 

Brace, Porter H., Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor, by mesne 
a.sslgnments. to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of the Navy,. Heat-treating 
metals having difiScuitiy reducible oxides. 2,638,426, 
May 12. 

Brace, Porter H., Pittsburgh, assignor to Westinghouse 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh. Pa. Apparatus 
for the magnetic levitation and beating of conductive 
materials. 2.664.496. Dec. 29. 

Bracb. B. J., & Sons, assignee : tiee — 
Vnrak. Joseph. 
Zlmmer, Clyde R. 

Bracke. Diane R. W.. administratrix : Bee — 
Bracke. Oscar J. J., and lycns. 

Bracke. Martha O., administratrix : See — 
Bracke, Oscar J. J., and Lens. 

Bracke. Oscar J. J., deceased, Antwerp. Belginm (by M. B. 
Braeckman. Antwerp, M. O. Bracke and E. A. M. Rooms, 
St. Amandsberg. M. der Gasparian, and D. R. W. 
Bracke. administrators), and G. X. Lens, Antwerp, 
Belgium, assignors to International Standard Electric 
Corporation. New York, N. Y. Selecting and control- 
ling mechanism for movable parts. 2,653,486, Sept. 29. 

Bracke. R. F., & Company. as.signee : Bee — ^ 
Anderson. Robert, and Bracke. 

Bracke. Robert F. : See — 

Anderson, Robert, and Bracke. 

Bracken. Clement H.. Pacoima. Calif. Time-delay attach- 
ment for wall switches. 2,637,788, May 5. 

Brackett, Donald L., assignor of two-thirds to General 
Sheet Metal Works. Waterloo, Iowa. Grain conveyer. 
2.64.'?, 159. June 23. 

Bracy. Benjamin F. : Bee — 

Daley, Edward A., Mueller, and Bracy. 

Bradburd. Ervln M.. Fairlawn. N. J., assignor to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation. New York. N. Y. 
Electron discharge device and circuits for neutralized 
coaxial line ampllflors. 2.643,302. June 23. 

Bradbury. James G., assignor to Hays Manufacturing 
Company. Erie. Pa. Tamperproof plug valve. 2.628,058, 
Feb. 10. 

Braddon. Frederick D.. Babylon, assignor to The Sperry 
Corporation. Great Neck. N. Y. Gravitational torqulng 
means for gyro instruments. 2.656.726. Oct. 27. 

Braddon. Frederick D.. Babylon, N. Y.. and W. Wrigley. 
Wollaston. Mass. Inclined gyroscopic horizon. 
2,630,016. Mar. 3. 

Braddy. William H. : Bee— 

Kennedy. Robert L., and Braddy, 

Bradford, James H., Tooeie, Utah, assignor of one-half 
to Combined Metals Reduction Company. Processing 
furnace for discrete solids. 2.639,132, May 19. 

Bradford, John R.. Jr.. Lordsburg, N. Mex. Flat tire sig- 
nal device. 2.640.119. May 26. 

Bradford Novelty Co.. Inc., assignee : See — 
Burnbaum, Jack. 

Bradford, W. J.. Paper Co., assignee : See — 
Schwab, John J., and Wahl. 

Bradhering. Walter, assignor to The Budd Company, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Press safety Jack. 2,653,560, Sept 29, 

Bradlcr, Stanley, Clt-veland, Ohio. Roto redector. 
2,642.777, June 23. 

Bradley, Aura R.. Berea, Ohio. Fishing lure. 2.653.408, 
Sept. 29. 

Bradley, Caton, Mlddletown. assignor to The Sessions 
Clock Company. Foreatville, Conn. Timing device. 
2,664,155, Dec. 29. 

Bradley. Clifton R., Bedford, Ohio. Article holder Indad- 
ing coacting gripping fingers. 2,636,615, Apr. 28. 

Bradley, Clifton R., Bedford, Ohio. Holder. 2,645,354, 
July 14. 

Bradley, Earl L. : Bee — 

Foater, Thomas W., Scbek, and Bradley. 

Bradley, I-Vank E., North Hollywood, Calif. Tellurian. 
2.041.065, June 9. 

Bradley & Gilbert Company, The, asfiignee : See — 
Bolding, Hubert V. > 

Bolding, Hubert V., and Oowena. ^ 

Bradley. Harl C. Fort Wayne, Ind. assignor to General 
Electric Company. Double flow lubricated unit bearing. 
2.633.393. Mar. 31. 

Bradley, Harris W., and H. K. Livingston, assignors to 
B. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington, Del. 
Alkali metal dispersions and their nse as dlesel fuel 
additives. 2,642,345, June 16. 

Bradley, Harry, assignor to John Waddington Limited, 
Leeds, England. Carton for round-ended articles. 
2,643,814. June 30. 

Bradley, Janies C. Oreland. Pa., assignor to The EHectric 
Storage Battery Company, Separator protector. 
2 643 279 .Tune 23 "■ 

Bradley, James M.. West Long Branch, N. J., and A. F. 
Spllhaas, St. Paul, Minn., assignors to the United States 
of America -» represented by the Secretary of the 
Army. Velomy and direction computer. 2,651,459, 
Sept. 8. 

Bradley, John J., Grosse Polnte, assignor to The Gear 
Grinding Machine Company, Detroit, Mich. Trumpet 
for use in textile industry. 2,659,108, Nov, 17. 

Bradley, John M., I'ampa, Tex., assignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Liquid-liquid extraction tower. 
2,642,341, June 16. 

Bradley, Robert L.. Beverly, Mass., assignor to United 
Shoe Machinery Corporation, Flemington. N. J. Cord 
clamp for shoe upper lacing machines. 2,658,214, 
Nov. 10. 

Bradley. Robert W.. Marblehead. and O. T. Hart. Lynn. 
Mass.. assignors to United Shoe Machinery Corporation, 
Flemington. N. J. Dielectric bonding machine. 
2,650,288. Aug. 25. v 

Bradley, Schuyler L. : See — • \ 

Harder, Edwin L:, and Bradley. 

Bradley, Schuyler L.. I'lttsburgh. assignor to Westing 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Begu 
lating system. 2.644.127. June 30. 

Bradley. Schuyler L., Pittsburgh, assignor to Westing- 
house Eelctric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Regu- 
lating system. 2.648.813, Aug. 11. 

Bradley. Theodore F. : See — 

Shokal. Edward C, Newey, and Bradley. 

Bradley, William E.. New Hope, assignor to Philco Cor- 
poration, Philadelphia, Pa. Electrical system for alter- 
ing phase displacement of sequential-type color signals. 
2,648,722, Aug. 11. 

Bradley, William E., Newtown, assignor to Philco Corpo- 
ration, Philadelphia. Pa. Cathode-ray tube system uti- 
lizing indexing signals. 2,644.855, July 7. 
Bradley k Gilbert Company, The, assignee : Bee — 

Bolding, Hubert V. ' 

Bradner, Mead, Foxboro, Mass., assignor, by mesne assign 
ments, to the United States of America as representee 
by the Secretary of the Navy. Impact operated switch 
2,632,069. Mar. 17. 
Bradshaw, Clifford R., Rock Elm, Wis. Unloading mecha 
nism for farm wagons. 2,626,068, Jan. 20. 

Bradshaw, John A., Greenville, S. C, assignor to J. ^ 
Stevens & Co.. Inc. Auxiliary beam letoff mechanisn 
for looms. 2,664,114, Dec. 29. 





Leonard C, aMtgnor to International Bitumen 

EmuUioDH Limited, Slough. England. dbertMard con- 
taining bitumen modllied latty acid pltcti. 2,637,650, 
May 5. 
BradMhaw. Richard B. : Set— 

l<ornK«>Mii«-r. Otto J., Bradshaw. and Smith. 
Bradahaw, Sidnev B., aitiilgnur to Armour and Company. 

ChicaKo. 111. SutuH' packaRP. 2.643.765. June 30. 
BradHhaw. Stanley K. : See — 

Kvans. K<lward M.. Brad.>»haw. and Whitney. 
Bradway. Edward J., Vineiand. N. J., aaaignor to 
Armatrong Cork Company, Lancaater, Pa. Chuck. 
** 830 328 Mar 3 
/ Brady. Charlt** V., and A. F. OttlUKer. aulgnors to Bemla 
Bro. Bag Company. St. Louis. Mo. Moistareproof bag. 
2,631.6.10. Mar. 17. 
Brady, Charles V.. and R. J. Wlillamfl, assignors to Bemls 
Bro. Bag Company, St. Louis. Mo. Bag. 2,«i46,203. 
July 21. 
Brady. Charles V.. an«I A. F. Ottlnger. asalgnora to Bemis 
Br<>. BuK Company. St. I^uIh, .Mu. Bag of openmesh 
material and paper.'.-).969, Oct. 20. 
Brady. Edward F., Long I^ach, Calif., assignor to Enst- 
niJiu Oil Well Survey Company. Iienrer. Colo. Core 
iirientinn appuratu.s and method. 2, ft.")'. 01. '^. Oct. 27. 
Brady. George ¥.. WlUlamsiwrt, Pa. Head and neck aup- 

port. 2.632.497. Mar. 24. 
Brady. Jaiin-M J., Belmont. Ma.«s.. aH.tignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the S«'cn>tary of the Navy. Conical scan an- 
tenna 2.f.4.'?.:i3S, Jmi.- 2.1. 
Brady, James M.. West Long Branch, N. J., assignor to 
the United States of America as represented by the 
Secretary of the Army. Shock reducing parachute. 
2.6:)7.885, Nov. 3. 
Brady, Samuel G.. Royal Oak, assignor to The Gear Grind- 
ing Machine Company, Detroit, Mich. Trimming mech- 
anism for grinder wheels. 2,664.080. Dec. 29. 
Bradv. Thomas O. : See — 

Jjrinson. Ilarry A., and Brndj. 
Brady. Thomas L., Henderson City. K/, Combined spec- 
tacle frame and light. 2,638.532, \Iay 12. 
Brady, William E., Baldwin. Iowa. Safety brake mech- 
anism. 2.firt3..->9fi. IVc. 22. 
Braeckman. Ifaria B.. administratrix : See — 

Bracke (Hear J. J., and I..ens. 
«raendel. Felix W.. Teaneck. N. J., aafignor to Groov-PIn 
Corporation. Driver tool for s^lf-tapplng Inserts. 
2.641.948, June 1«?. 
Braendel. Helmuth G. : See — 

Wllkening. Frederick W.. Braendel. and Engelhardt. 
Brafman Harold E.. assignor to Sprague Electric Com- 
pany. North Adams. Mass. Molded electrolytic capaci- 
tor. 2,628.271. Feb. 10. 
Bragdon. Robert W.. Marblehead. assignor to Metal Hy- 
drides Incorporated. Beverly. Mass. Stabilizing alkali 
metal and alkaline earth metal aluminum hydrides. 
2.^..^^,243. Oct 20. 
Bragg. Charles E.. assignor to Standard Oil Company. 
Chicago 111. Method of and apparatus for meaaurlng 
conductivity of llqul<ls. 2.637.768. .May 5. 
Bragg. David K., Foxboro. W. F. Hlck^s. Sharon, and 
FT A. Neuman. Wrenfham. assignors to The Foxboro 
Company, Foxboro. Mass. Vapor pressure thermom- 
eter. 2.039,189, May 19. 
Bragg. Herbert K. : See — , 

Leslie. Frod !>.. and Brngg. 
Bragg, Kenneth R. : See — 

Aldrich. Georg»» It., and Bragg. 
Braid. Morray D., Palnesvllle, assignor to Thompson Prod- 
ucts. Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. Rebound hardness measur- 
ing device. 2.654.244, Oct. 6. 
Bralnard. Frank S.. Jr., assignee : See — 

Koutnlk. Ludwig W. 
Bralnard. George C. Cleveland, and J. H. Grnver. Cleve- 
land Heights, assignors to Addresnograph-Multlgraph 
Corporation. Cleveland, Ohio. Pl«.<«tlc printing plate 
and the embossing thereof. 2, 64.'), 178. July 14. 
Bralnard, George C. Cleveland, and J. H. Oruver. Cleve- 
land Heights. Ohio, assignors to .Xddressograph-Multi- 
grnph Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Emhosalng ma- 
rhlne. 2.«45..'<22. July 14. 
Bralnard. Maurice W.. assignor of one-half to O'Keefe & 
Merrltt Company. Lou Angeles. Calif. Rotating recti- 
fier for electric machines. 2.t'.34.379 Apr. 7. 
Braithwalte. Charles H., Jr.. Wood River, and G. A. Mar- 
tin and R. R. Sutton. East Alton. 111., assignors to 
Shell Development Company, San Francisco, Calif. 
Fuel oils. 2.tV>7,US4, Nov 3. 
Braithwalte. IsaAp, h Son Engineers Limited assignee: 
See — 

Hewlett. Edward J. 
Braltsch, Otto and \. Haas, Schramberg/Wurttenherg, as- 
signors to 0«^hrnder .Tunshans. A. G.. Schramberg. Ger- 
many. Pendulum catch for timekeepera. particularly for 
clocks. 2.631.424. Mar. 17. 
Brake!. Lewis H. : See) — 
V Tripp. John O.. Brakel, and Gould. 

Brakeley. Paul W.. Jr. : Bee — 

Schneider. Helmuth O.. and Brakeley. 

Schneider. Helninth G.. Van SIclen. and Brakeley. 

Brakeman. Roy B. : See — 

Darner. Frederic M.. and Brakeman. 

Braker. William : See — 

Lott. William A.. Braker and OTCeeffe. 
Braker. William. .Newark, W. A. Lott. Maplewood, and 
A. E. O'Keeflfe, Woodbridge N. J., assignors, by mesne 
assignments, to Mathieson Chemical Corporation. Balti- 
more. Md. Purification of antibiotics with water solu- 
ble salts of water Insoluble carboxyllc adds. 2.631.143. 
Mar. 10. 
Itraley. James H., Sacramento. Calif. Tire shaping ma- 
chine. 2.H51.803. Sept. 1.'). 
Brtm. Alfred. Schlleren. assignor to MIcafll A.-O.. Zurich- 
Alstetten, Switterland. Rotary piston air pump. 
2,rt46.20«, July 21. 
Bramhall, Fay B., Ridgewood. E. L. Newell, and P. H. 
Wells. Chatham, N. J., and C. H. Cramer. Great Neck, 
assignors to The Western Union Telegraph Company, 
New York, N. Y. Repeater awitchlng system. 
2,658,945, .Nov. 10. 
Bramhall, George H.. Cleveland, and J. P. Hunter. East- 
lake. Ohio, assignors to General Electric Company. 
Transmission b»'lt. 2.627,185. Feb. 3. 
Brami. Joseph. Baltimore, Md., aaaignor to C. D. Zeitonni. 
Brooklyn, N. T. Duplex load-speaker. 2,638,510. 
.May 12. 
Bramming, Carl. Anderson Ind., assignor to Aladdin In- 
dustries, Incorporated. Chicago. III. Container for a 
plurality of vacuum bottles. 2,644,578. July 7. 
Bramming. Carl. Anderson, Ind.. assignor to Aladdin In- 
dustries. Incorporated, Chicago. III. Incandescent 
mantle mounting. 2,6.'>3.464, Sept. 29. 
Bramn. .Stt-wart K. Went Alexandria. Ohio, asslRnor to 
<;eneral Motors Corporation. l>«<troit. Mich. Adhesive 
composition containing butadlene-ntyrene copolymer and 
tack priMluciiitr nsln. 2 <>4:{,2.'l-">. June 2.3. 
Branan. Wiley M.. Penns Grove, N. J„ L. A. Burrows Men- 
denhall, and H. H. .Mackey. West CTiester, Fa., assignors 
to E. I. du Pont de Nemours k Company, Wilmington, 
Del. Manufacture of cellulose ethers. 2,636,879, 
Apr. 28. 
Brancato. Emanuel L.. RIverdale. Md.. and A. T. McClln- 
ton. Alexandria. Va. Ground detector. 2.632.037. Mar. 
Brancke. Carl A. : See — 

Warrick. Thurlow J., and Brancke. 
Brancke. Carl A.. North East. Pa., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Power system. 2.6.'»8.152. Nov. 3. 
Brancke. Carl A., North East. Pa., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Prime mover starting and shut- 
down system. 2.rt.'>8.1.')3, Nov. 3. 
Brancke, Carl A., North and T. J. Warrick. Erie, 
Pa., assignors to General Electric Company. Prime 
mover starting system. 2,C.%8,154. Nov. 3. 
Brand. Benson <;.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
The Battflle IVvelopment Corporation. Columbus, Ohio. 
l'rote<tlve coating material. 2.049.424, Aug. 18. 
Brand. David : See — 

Pollack. Ilyman. and Brand. 
Brand. Emily >l. .\., executrix : See — 

Brand, Harry U 
Brand. Marry R , dcpea.'«ed. late of New York, by Emily 
M. A. nran«l rxpciitrix. New York. N. Y. therapeutic 
apparatus 2.»i.V..9ir>. Oct. 20. 
Brand. John R. : See — 

McHonald, Frank IT.. Mackrell. Rado. and Brand. 
Brand. Josef. Dulsbarg-Hamborn, Germany. Mine aap- 

port. 2.656,141, Oct. 20. 
Brand. Samuel : See — 

Watson. Thomas J., and Brand. 
Brandel, Leila C. Burbank. Calif. Slotted mixing s|>oon. 

2.6.'>0,42.'», Sept. 1. 
r.ra^iiU'Il. Klm<T. assignee : See — 

Neal, Ernest C. 
Brandenberger, Jacques E., Nenllly-sur-Selne. and F. J. 
Bossard. Paris. Prance. Salt dentifrice. 2.6.'>8.851. 
Nov. 10, 
Brandenlierger. Jacrpies E . Paris, France, assignor to 
Soclete 1,41 Cellophane <Suisae). Basel, Switzerland. 
Apparatus for ifie production of wrap|ted articles. 
2,62.'».77<;. Jan. 20. 
Brandenburg, Alva L.. Norfolk. Nebr. Automobile ventila- 
tor. 2.631,518. Mar. 17. 
Brandenburg, Jullns. New York. N. T. Stethoscope with 
means for regulating the tone and pitch. 2.051.380. 
Sept. 8 
Brandenburg. I,#ster L,, Oakland, and G. W. Orem. Val- 
lejo. Calif., said Or»»m assignor to said Brandenburg. 
Hermetic package sealing machine, 2,640.837. July 28. 

Brandenfels, Carl. St. Helens. Oreg. Scalp and body 
stimulator. 2.657.686. Not. 3. 

Brandes, Ernest E . Madison, Wis. Heat dlsi>erslng ap- 
paratus. 2.627.800. Feb. 10. 

Brandes. Oliver L. : See — 

Ambrose. Henry A., and Brandea. 

Brandes. Oliver L.. Glbsonla. and C. B. Pattinson. Jr. 
Oakmont. assignors to (lulf Research A Development 
Comiiany. Pittsburgh. Pa. Cleaning Internal-combustion 
engines and composition therefor. 2.626.225. Jan. 20. 

Brandes, Roy H., and R. C. Treaeder. Dayton, Ohio, aa- 
algnors to (leneral Motors Corporation. Detroit. Mich. 
Control valve. 2.630,136, Mar. 3. 

Brandlev. William E. : See— 

Cody, Albert I., and Brandley. 

Brandner. John D.. aaaignor to Atlaa Powder Company, 
Wilmington. DeL Sorface active agents. 2,636,038, 
Apr. 21. 

Brandner, John D.. assignor to Atlas Powder Company, 
Wilmington, Del. Production of esters of cyclic acetals. 
2,048.680. Aug. 11. 

Brandon, Arthur H.. Long Beach, Calif. Adjustable belly 
spring. 2.«)5«.890. Oct. 27. 

Brandon, Arthur H.. Los Angeles, CaKf. Tubing caliper 
with releasable latch. 2,6a(>,632, ^tCt. 10. 

Brandon, Richard C. : See — ^J'^ 
Blatz. Leo J., and BrandQir 

Brandon, Richard C, Elizabeth. N. J., assignor to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Stabilizing hypochlorite 
solutions. 2,662,858. Dec.Vl5. 

Brandon, Thomas o., Cucamofaga, Calif. Recording means 
of missile disp^-nslng tubes &f angle determining devices. 
2.041,521. June 9. ^ 

Brandt, Adrlanus, Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Gauge. 2.050,434. Sept. 1. 

Brandt. Adrlanus. Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Mechanical gauge. 2,062,294, 
Dec. 15. 

Brandt Automatic Cashier Company, assignee : See — 
^ Bacliholz. Arnold R.^ 

Jorgensen, Jens J. 

Brandt, Carl D. : See — 

Dudley, John S., and Brandt. 

BraTidt, Donald V.. Jamaica, and S. R. Cheek, Jackson 
Heights. N. Y. Container for cigarettes and matches. 
2.634,854, Apr. 14. 

Brandt, Edgar W., Geneva, Switzerland, assignor to 
Anstalt fur die Entwicklung von Erflndungen und 
gewerbllchen Anwendungen Lnerga, Vaduz, Liechten- 
, stein. Projectile. 2,661.091, Dec. 8. 

Brandt. Harry M. : See — 

Ponder, Speers G., and Brandt. 

Brandt, Walter. Jersey City. N. J., assignor to Federal 
Telephone and Radio Corporation. New York, N. Y'. 
Signal receiver circuit. 2.657.308, Oct. 27. 

Brandywli>e Mushroom Corporation, assignee : See — 
Blevlns. Walter O., Sr., Coleman, and Mills. 

Brane. .Maxwell D., Wexford, and A. McLanahan, Pitts- 
burgh assignors to Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 
East: Pittsburgh. Pa. Emergency dynamic braking sys- 
tem. 2,660.120. Nov. 24. 

Branlck^ Charles E.. Pargo. N. Dak. Tire hoist. 2.634,095. 
Apr. 7. 

Brannan, Lee, Detroit, Mich. Electrolytically removing 
tamlsb from silver articles. 2,«32,730. Mar. 24. 

Brannen, David B., Tucson, Ariz. Typewriter warning 
device. 2.039,021, May 19. 

Brannen, Paul M. : Bee — 

Marlowe, Elbert W.. and Brannen. 

Branner, Samuel, Chicago. 111. Ball controlled register. 
2.631.780, Mar. 17. 

Brannin, Richard S. : Bee — *v 

Jude. George F., Newton, Brannin, and Halpert. 

Brannock. Kent C. Kingsport. Tenn., assignor to East- 
man Kodak Company. Rochester, .\. Y. Preparing 
mixed alkyl esters of phosphoric acid. 2.639,292. May 

Brannon. Melvin O.. Waynesvllle, N. C. Building con- 
struction. 2,653.356. Sept. 29. 

Branschofsky. Edward A.. Detroit, Mich. Vehicle brake 
lining wear indicator. 2,636,090. Apr. 21. 

Bransky. David W. : See — 

I^mmon, Norman E.. Schuessler, and Bransky. 

Branson, Charles D.. assignor to Robertshaw-Fulton Con- 
trols Company. Knoxville, Tenn. Equalizing and Tibra- 
tlon absorption support. 2.635,838. Apr. 21. 

Branson Charles D.. Knoxville. Tenn.. assignor to Robert- 
shaw-Fulton Controls Company. Hydraulic control. 
2.028.489. Feb. 17. 

Branson, David E., Morristown, N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
phone Lat>oratorie8, Incorporated, New York. N. Y. 
Keyboard mechanism for teletypewriters. 2,044,038, 
June 30. 

Branson. David B.. River Edge, N. J., and G. A. Locke, 
Glen Head, assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, 
Incorporated, New York, N. Y. Teletypewriter switch- 
ing system. 2,635.139. Apr. 14. 

Braimon, John C. S., Harborne, Birmingham, and L. C. 
Branson. I..eicester. England. Amplifying device for use 
with telephone apparatus, 2,657,20,'». Oct. 27. 

Branson, George A.. Mountain Home, Idaho. Motor plow. 
2.061.673. Dec. 8. 

Branson Instruments, Inc., assignee : Bet — 
Branson, Norman O. 

Branson, lyesllo C. : Sec^ 

Branson, John C S. and L. C. 

Branson, Norman O., assignor to Branson Instruments, 
Inc., Stamford, Conn. Apparatus for electrical thick- 
ness measurement. 2,659,861, Nov. 17. 

Branson, Norman O., assignor to Branson Instruments, 
Inc.. Stamford, Conn. Apparatus for electrical ireas- 
ureipent of thickness using current ratios. 2,659.862, 
Not. 17. 

Branson. Raymond J., assignor to McNamar Boiler k Tank 
Company. Inc.. Tulsa. Oicla. Forming multiple segment 
tanks. 2.628,418, Feb. 17. 

Branstetter, Charles H., Jr.. Sacramento. Calif 
rice In the field. 2.635.043. Apr. 14. 

Branstrator, Clem G. and W. R.. Port Wayne. Ii 
able step assembly for house trailera. 2,645 

Branstrator. Wayne R. : See — 

Branstrator, Clem G. and W. R. 
Brant, Arthur A., Clarkdale, Ariz., assignor to 

Mining Corporation, New York, N. Y. Apps 

use in making geophysical explorations. 

Sept. 29. 
Brant, Joseph H. : Bee — 

Reed, Raymond E., Brant, and Olson. 
Brasco Manufacturing Company, assignee : Be4 

Hess, C&rl B., and Ricbardsoo. 
Brashear. Arthur 1'., Jr.. assignor to Ameri 

Manufacturing Company, Temple, Tex. 1 

brace. 2.656.879. Oct. 27. 
Brashear, Joseph M. Chicago, 111., assignor 

Steel Company. Furnace end structure. 

Dec. 1. 
Hrasington. Charles P.. Lake Marj. Fla. Mater 

ing end plate for roller mills. 2,656,986, Oct 
Brass. Philip D., Mahwah, and J. U. Mann. Tean 

assignors to United States Rubber Company. I 

N. Y. Making latex sponge rubber. 2,640,03( 
Brassert. H. A.. & Company, assignee : See — 

Westllng. Carl J. 
Brassie. Jerome E., assignor to The Dentist 

Company of New York, York. Pa. Instrume 

lating casts to dental articulators. 2. 656. 605 
Brastad, William A., Mlimeapolis, Minn., assigni 

^ral Mills, Inc. Shield ana guide for magnetic 

reproducer heads. 2,627,r)r)7, F'eb. 3. 
Brastad. William A., Minneapolis, Minn., assign' 

eral Mills. Inc. Demagnetizer for magnetic 

reproducer. 2.657,277, Oct. 27. 
Brath, William J., and L. J. Mayer, Portland, ( 

tacbable service tray for automobile doors. 

July 14. 
Bratlfen. Gilbert. El Monte. Calif. Trailer v« 

coupling therefor. 2,028.846. Feb, 17. 
Brattain. Paul L., Azusa, and S. H. Rips, Pasad< 

Dolly pin, 2.636.238. Apr. 28. 
Brattain, Walter H., Morristown, N. J., assign 

Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New Y 

Semiconductor translator. 2,663,829, Dec. 22. 
Bratton. David H., l>etroit, and J. H. Wernl 

field Village, assignors to General Motors Co 

Detroit, Mich. Hinged finish molding. 2,649 

Bratun, Joseph, Pueblo, Colo. Beet picker at 

2.646.167, July 21. 
Brauchler, Chandis H. : See — 

Braucbler, Charles A. and C. H. 
Brauchler, Charles A., Canton Ohio. Collaiult 

forging crankshafts. 2.653,373, Sept. 29. 
Brauchler, Charles A. and C. H., Canton. Ohio 

propeller blades. 2,658,266, Not. 10. 
Brauer, Otto H., Three Rivers, Mich, assigno! 

bank!), Morse & Co., Chicago, 111. Sound 

means for car wheels. 2,643.152. June 23. 
Braum, Adolph F., Davison, assignor to Gener 

Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Compound carbui 

tem. 2.047.502. Aug. 4. 
Braun. Adolph P.. Davison, assignor to Gener 

Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Antlstall device. 

Oct. 27. 
Braun. C.F.. & Co.. assignee : See — 
LockwWod, Daniel C. 
W'ansinic Leo P., and Haynes. 
White. Gerald A., and Williamson. 
Braun, Caroline A., administratrix : See — 

Braun, Edward. 
Braun, Edward, deceased, Norwalk. Conn., C. 

administratrix. Device for simultaneously 

and releasing plural workpleces. 2,662.433. 
Braun. Henry L., Albany, N. Y. Hoisting and 

vice. 2,620,176. Jan. 20. 
Braun-Hobar Corporation, assignee: Bee — 

Hoch. John. 
Braun, Karl J., Glenbrook. Conn, .assignor to '. 

Rand Inc.. New York. N. Y. Perforating ai 

punch. 2.642.040. June 23. 
Braun, Karl J., Olenbrook, Conn., assignor to 1 

Rand Inc., New York, N. Y. Positive can 

print mechanism. 2,658,447, Nov. 10. 
Braun, Jjco. assignor to Dominion Bridge Com] 

Ited. Montreal. Quebec. Canada. Welding 

2,055.58.'>. Oct. 13. 
Braun, Lucien, assignee : Bee — *-^ 

Margand. Louis. 

Braun Philip N., assignor to Textile Markini 
Co. Inc., Syracuse, N. Y. Combination tag t 
printing machine. 2,658,448, Nov. 10. 

Braun, Ottwin L., Pittsburgh, assignor to Ileli 
Products Company, McKeesport, Pa. Fun 
2.645,211, July 14. J 

Braunllch, Frank U.yir. : Bee — 

Cardwell. Paul H., and Braunllch. 

Braunllch. Richiard H. : See — 

Rlcbeter, George A., Jr.. and Braunllch. 



Braunsdorff. Reginald K., Ea^t Orange, aaaignor to Tung- 
Sol KUctrlc Inc.. Newark, N. J. Sealed lighting unit 
and nipttiod of manufacture. 2.tf44,10U. June 30. 
Braunstein, Raymond, Jr. : Bee — 

Waber. Donald, and Braunstein. 
Braiinwalder. John. Gl«»ndale. and E. Meyer, Los Angeles. 
Calif., said Braunwalder assignor to said Meyer. Food 
chopper. 2,664,128. Dec. 29. 
Brawley, Clyde H.. Ilanford, asalgnor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Brawley Pump Company. San Oabriel. Calif. 
Rotary pump. 2. 63.'), 548. Apr. 21. 
Brawley Pump Company, assignee : See — 

Brawley. Clyde U. 
Bray, Frederick H. : See — 

IIartley.T<;eorge C. Bray, and Hough. 
Bray. J'rederlck H., O. C. Hartley and D. S. Ridler, 
London, Kngland, assignors to International Standard 
Electric Corporation, New York N. Y. Electrical stor- 
age of Information on gas-fllled tubes. 2,638,506. 
May 12. 
Bray. Frwlorlck H.. M. T. Wilson. D. U. Ormrod. and S. G. 
W. Johnstone, London. England, assignors to Interna- 
tional Standard Electric Corporation, New York. N. Y. 
Dual-use register sender. 2.651.680, Sept. 8. 
Bray, Malcolm D.. Noblesvllte. assignor to Ell Lilly and 
Company. Indianapolis, Ind. Stable antibiotic solu- 
tions. 2.643,998, June 30. 
Bray, Peter B. : See — 

Westbury, Roy. Brayj and Fackenham. 
Bray, Ralph. West Lutayette, and K. Lark-Horovltz, 
asaignors to Purdue Research Foundation Lafayette. 
Ind. Radiant energy detecting method and apparatus. 
2.650,311, Aug. 2.'). 
Braybrook, Ronald F. : Bee — 

Newman. Edward A., Davies. and Braybrook. 

Brayman. (Jeorge D.. Ashtabula, Ohio, and E. K. Lott- 

hammer, Jamaica, N. Y said Lotthammer assignor to 

said Brayman. Electric lamp socket. 2 048,049, Aug. 4. 

Braymer, Lawrence E.. Labaska. Pa. Retiecting telescope 

with aaxillary optical system. 2,628,529. Feb. 17. 
Braymer, Lawrence E., Labaska, Pa. Telescope. 

2,t)4!»,791. Aug. 2:>. 
Brazell. John J., assignor to B. L. Thompson Chair Cor- 
poration, BaldwlnsTlile, Mass. Combined high chair 
and walker. 2,625 203. Jan. 13. 
Brazell, Thomas P., St. Louis, Mo. Remote-control pedal 

operating device. 2,649.814, Aug. 25. 
Brazier, Marlon D.. San Gabriel, assignor to Petroleum 
Engineering Associates, Inc Pasadena. Calif. Per- 
meability test container. 2,662,395, Dec. 15. 
Bready, William M.. Milwaukee. Wis. Heat exchange ap- 
paratus for liquids containing solids. 2,651,508, Sept. 8. 
Breakstone Bros.. Inc.. assignee: Bee — 

Clauss. Robert W. 
Breaux. Neil T.. Houston, Tex. Sealing means for well 

packers. 2,632.515, Mar. 24. 
Breaz*>ale. Francis B.. Hendersonville, assignor to Ameri- 
can Enira Corporation, Enka, N. C. Thread winding 
apparatus. 2.657.868. Not. 3. 
Breazeale, William M.. assignor to Institute of Textile 
Technology. Charlottesville. Va. Method and appa- 
ratus for measuring moisture content. 2,659,860, Nov. 
Brechner. Hyman, Tuckahoe, N. Y. Holder for assembled 

8hp4M.'«. - J. 647, 76."), Au;;. 4. 
Breckenrldge. Prank, assignor to Automatic Washer Com- 
pany. New-ton, Iowa. Locking device for retractable 
tub washers. 2.628.148. Feb 10. ^^ 

Breckenrldge, Frank. Newton, Iowa. Retractable washer 

In cabinet. 2,630.000. Mar. 3. 
Breckheimer Raymond I., assignor to Air Filter Corpo- 
ration, Milwaukee. Wis. Air filter. 2.653.676. Sept. 29. 
Brecknell. Monro & Rogers Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Dolman. Henry J. 
Brckovich, Jo.seph N.. fJary. Ind. Auxiliary spring device 

for motor vehicles. 2.657,042, Oct. 27. 
Breco Manufacturing Company, assignee. Bee — 

Hanna. Glenn E. 
Brede^ Erwln F., Detroit, Mich. Electric lamp stand. 

2.630.538. Mar. 3. 
Breden. Calvin R. : Bee — 

Hendlx. Gordon H.. and Breden. 
Bredtschnelder. Kurt B.. Chicago. 111., and II. Schappert. 
Pittsburgh. Pa., assignors to the United States of 
America us represented by the Secretary of the Interior. 
Liquid level indicator. 2,633.021. .Mar. 31. 
Bredtschneitler. Kurt B., Chicago. III., a.ssignor to the 
United State's of America as represented by the Secretary 
of the Interior. Pressure releasing device. 2,633.151, 
Mar. 31. 
Brecomln (England) Limited, assignee: Bee — 

Go<ieck, John E. 
Breed, Carroll M.. Orlando, Fla. Smoking pipe. 2.635,610. 

Apr. 21. 
Breeden. Francis C. and L. C. Elsaman, Flushing. N. Y., 
assignors to Sylvania Elf'ttrlc Products Inc. Traveling 
wave tube. 2,660,690. .Nov. 24. ' 
Breeden. James R.. Madisonville. Ky. Apparatus for 

widening roadways. 2.660.937. Dec. 1. 
BreedlOTe, Harry B., Baton Rouge, La., assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company. Liquid level indicating 
device. 2.64S.6.'i8. Aug. 4. 
Breedlove, Harry B.. Baton Rouge, La. Variable ratio 
controUer. 2,632,456. .Mar. 24. 

Breen. LloTd 8.. New Toronto Ontario, Cana<]a. assignor 
to The Brunswlck-Balke-Collender Company. Ball re- 
tarder. 2.627,409. Feb. 3. 

Breeae Burners, Inc., assignee : Bee — 
Breese, James L. 

Breese. James L., assignor to Breese Burners. Inc.. Santa 
Fe, N. Mex. Burner for immersion heaters. 2,642,129, 
June 16. 

Breeze. George E. Saugus. Mass.. assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
the Navy. Control compass with unirersal drive. 
2.634,316. Apr. 7. 

Breeze. George E., and R. I. Mason, Waterford, Conn., 
assignors to the United States of America as represent- 
ed by the Secretary of the Navy. Control compass. 
2,644,243, July 7. 

Breeze. James, Stewart Manor, N. Y. Container key. 
2.656.065. Oct. 20. 

Breeze Corporations, Inc., assignee : See — 
Sprigg. Kdward A. 

Bregar, Joseph C. : Bee — 

Balde. John W., Bregar, and Chapman. 

Brehm, Charles M.. assignor to The Steel Products En- 

rneerlng Company. Springfield, Ohio. Tube cutting die. 
627.921. Feb. 10. 
Brehm, Howard E., assignor to Perfection Stove Company. 
Cleveland, Ohio. Combined surface and deep well 
cooker. 2,630,518, Mar. 3. 
Brehm, John B.. Washington, D. C. Enema nozzle and 

dilator. 2.630,805, Mar. 10. 
Breldert. O. C., Co.. The, assignee : See — 

Breldert, Georee M. 
Breldert, George M., La Cresenta, assignor to The G. C. 

Smoke siphoning ash 

to Marcus Breler Sons, Inc., 
Slide fastener construction. 

assignee : Bee — ' 

Breldert Co., Los Angeles, Calif, 
tray. -2.644.467. July 7. 
Breler, Marcus, assignor 
Amsterdam, N. Y. 
2.638,650. May 19. 
Breler, Marcus, Sons, Inc., 

Breler. Marcus. 
Breimer, Sytze : Sec — 

Boterweg. Dirk. Breimer, and Robeer. 
Breitenbucher. Edward E., assignee : See — 

Campodonlco. John J. 
Breitner, .Stephan : See — 

Tlmmler. Helmut. Andersag, and Breitner. 
Breltzke. Alfred. Rockford, 111. Knife handle conatmc- 

tlon. 2.651.106, Sept. 8. 
Brelvogel. Philip J. : See — 

Sondern. Clarence W., and Brelvogel. 
Br«Joux. Roger li. : See— 

Delamarre. Emile J., and Br^Joux. 
Br«kle, Oliver R., assignor to M and B Metal Products 
Company, Birmingham Ala. Machine for forming wire 
garment hangers. 2,646,085, July 21. 
Brendel, .\rniin G., Suffern, assignor to American Cyana- 
mld Company. New York, N. i. Apparatus for spray 
drying. 2.644,516. July 7. 
Brendel, Raymond J., asnlgnor of forty percent to J. Can- 
tor, Buffalo. N. Y. Dry wall construction. 2,043,423, 
June 30. 
Brendle, John A. : Bee — 

Hensgen. Bernard T., and Brendle. 
Breneman. Chas. W.. Co.. The, assignee : Bee — 

Judd, Charles M. 
Brennan. Elmer W., assignor to The Pore Oil Company, 
Chicago. 111. Sulfurizing terpene hydrocarbons. 
2,643.248^ June 23. 

Chicago, 111. Denture retainer. 

Brennan, iohn E., 

2.644.^31. July 7. 
Brennan. Joseph B., Bratenahl. Ohio 

2.648,567 Aug. 11. 
Brennan. Joseph B 

Metallizing gun. 

Cleveland. Ohio. Acoustic dia- 
phragm with flexible rim portion and rigid body por- 
tion. 2.624.417. Jan. fl. 

Brennan, Joseph B.. Cleveland. Ohio. Storage battery 
electrode and making 2.626.294. Jan. 20. 

Brennan, Joseph B., Cleveland. Ohio. Condenser with 
snpplemental sealing member therein. 2,627,538. Feb. 3. 

Brennan. Joseph B.. Cleveland, Ohio. Formation of metal 
strip under controlled pres.iures. 2.639.490, May 26. 

Brennan, Joseph B., Cleveland. Ohio. Loud-speaker dia- 
phragm and mounting. 2.640.556, June 2. 

Brennan, Joseph B., Cleveland, Ohio. Storage battery. 
2,640,865. June 2. 

Brennan. Joseph B.. Cleveland, Ohio. Anode for elec- 
trolytic rondensers. 2.648,119. Aug. 11. 

Brennan, Joseph B., Cleveland, Ohio. Plates adapted for 
use In electrolytic devices. 2,853.119, Sept. 22. 

Brennan, Joseph B.. Cleveland, Ohio. Storage battery 
electrode. 2.662.928. Dec. 15. 

Brennan. Raymond F., Attleboro. Mass. Magnetic at- 
taching means for ornamental objects. 2,659,169, Nov. 

Brenner. Abncr. Chevy Chase, Md.. assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
War. Electroformlng gun barrels and liners. 2,636,849, 
Apr. 28. 

Brenner, Abner. Chevy Chase, Md., and P. Burkhead,- 
Bethlehem, Pa., assignors to the United States of Amer- 
ica as represented by the Secretary of War. Methods 
of and baths for electrodeposlting cot>alt or cobalt- 
molybdenum alloys. 2,653,127, Sept. 22. • 



Brenner, Abner, Chevy Chase, Md., P. S. Burkhead. 
Bethlehem, Pa^ and C. A. Sentel. Herndon, Va.. as- 
signors to the United SUtes of America as represenlfed 
by the Secretary of War. Method of and bath for elec- 
trodeposlting tungsten alloys. 2^53,128, Sept. 22. 
Brenner, Abner. Chevy Chase, D. E. Couch. Hyattsville. 
Md.. and E. K. Williams. Charlottesville, Va., assignors 
to the United States of America as represented by the 
Secretary of the Army. Electrodeposltion of phosphorus- 
nickel and phosphorus-cobalt alloys. 2,643,221, June 23. 
Brenner, Abner, Chevy Chase, Md„ and D. B. Couch, Wash- 
ington. D. C, assignors to the United States of America 
as represented by the Secretary of Commerce. Electro- 
deposition of aluminum from nonaqueous solutions. 
2,651,608, Sept. 8. 
Brenner, Henry G., Michigan City, Ind.. assignor to Josam 
Manufacturing Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Outlet for 
grease separators and the like. 2,642,995, June 23. 
Brenner, Ralph F., and P. D. Dilllard, assignors to An- 
chor Hocking Glass Corporation. Lancaster. Ohio. 
Making annealed copper ruby glass articles. 2,653,419, 
.Sept. 29. 
Brennish, John, Phillpsburg, Pa. Protecting shield or 

towel. 2 654,092, Oct. >6. 
Brensike, Harold It. : See — 

Brenslke. Walter L., and II. R. 
Brensike. Walter L., Appleton, and IT. R. Brenslke, New 

London, Wis. Ladder bracket. 2,637,517. May 5. 
Brent, George F. : See — 

Brent, Margaret E. and G. F. 
Brent, Margaret E. and O. F., Pittsburgh, Pa. Garment. 

2,638.594, May 19. 
Brent, Walter : See — 

Nussbaum. Walter. 
Brenton. George. Corona. N. Y. Fumbleless lamp switch. 

2.654.817, Oct. 6. 
Brereton. Gilbert. Toronto. Ontario. Canada, assignor to 
Elmar Corporation New York N. Y. Ramie processing 
apparatus. 2,624.918. Jan. 13. 
Bress. Myer. assignor to Marlin Electric Company, Chi- 
cago, 111. Fishing line and plug retriever. 2,027.691. 
Feb. 10. 
Bressler, Louis R., Southampton, Mass. Toothbrush. 

2.631,320, Mar. 17. 
Bressler, Louis R., Southampton, Mass. Toothbrush with 

a flexible head. 2,650.383, Sept. 1. 
Bretschneider, Otto, assignor to Deutsche Gold-und Sllber- 
Scheideanstalt vormals Roessler, Frankfurt am Main, 
Germany. High-temperature electric furnace and op- 
eration. 2.657,247, Oct. 27. 
Bretter. Walter. Johannesburg, Transvaal, Union of South 

.\frlca. Washing machine. 2,660,045. Nov. 24. 
Bretthauer, Hermann, assignor to Frdnke & Heldecke. 
Fabrik Photographlscher Prftzlslons-Apparate, Braun- 
schweig, Germany. Focusing hood for photographic 
cameras. 2.641,955, June 16. 
Breuer, Frederick W., LItltz. and D. T. Zentmyer, Lan- 
caster Township, Lancaster County, assignors to Arm- 
strong Cork Company, Lancaster, Pa. Hardened montan 
wax derivatives. 2.646,436. July 21. 
Breukelman, Christian W., Bogota, Columbia. Well for- 
mation testing tool. 2,646,127. July 21. 
Breul, J'Yedrlc w.. Bridgeport, Conn., assignor to The 
Singer Manufacturing Company, Elizabeth, N. J. 
Trimming mechanism for sewing machines. 2,642.020, 
June 16. 
Breunlch, Theodore R., Stamford, Conn., assignor to 
Baldwin-Llma-Hamllton Corporation. Fatigue tester 
with mean position controller. 2.648.978. Aug. 18. 
Brevettl. Walter R., Highland, N. Y. Scooping and 

measuring utensil. 2.038,668, May 19. 
Brewer, Aubrey K. : See — 

Madorsky, Samuel L.. and Brewer. 
Brewer, Aubrey K.. Washington. D. C. Multicellular 
fractionation column and the like. 2,662,759, Dec. 15. 
Brewer. Carl T. : See — 

Scranton, Clifford B.. and Brewer. 
Brewer, Clarence W., Decatur, 111. Combination bottle 

opener and can opener. 2,645,008, July 14. 
Brewer. Homer L. : Sec — 

LauniuK. Carl B., and Brewer. 
Brewer, Nathaniel, Newtown, assignor to Fischer & Porter 
Company, Hatboro, Pa. Telemetering impedance bridge. 
2,662,223. Dec. 8. 
Brewer, Relfe N., Anderson. Ind., assignor to General Mo- 
tors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Core blower. 
2,661,513. Dec. 8. 
Brewer. William L.. Jr.. Port Townsend. Wash. Tractor 

with' six driven wheels. 2.642,144, June 16. 
Brewster. Ernest B., Rochester, N. Y. Label structure. 

2.648.924. Aug. 18. 
Breyfogle, Roy H.. assignor to Alton Box Board Com- 
pany, Alton, 111. Primary suction drum assembly. 
2.656.768, Oct 27. 
Brlam Industrial Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
De Kadt, Maurits and J. 

Brlce Thomas J. : Bee — 

Simons, Joseph IL, Brice, and Pearlson. 

Brichard. Eldgard : See — ' 

Henry, Georges L., and Brichard. 
Bricker, George D., Des Moines. Iowa. Eyesbade. 
2,640,195, June 2. 

Bricker. Samuel R., Shelby, Ohio, assignor to W e 
Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. t 
2,663,100, Dec. 22. 

Brlckett, Sherman P., Lynn, Mass., assignor i 
Electric Company. Oil discharge passage ar 
for hlghnspeed bearings. 2,650,671, Sept. 1. 

Brlckman. A. W., trustee, assignee : &"ee — 
Beadle, Buell W., and Krayblll. 

Brlckman, Alan E., W'orcester, Mass., assignor 
- ■ ~ ■ Collapsible 

Mass., assignor 
Boxcar runni 

Mass., assignor 
Barbed wire 


States Steel Corporation, 

2,632.578. Mar. 24. 
Brlckman, Alan B.. Worcester, 

States Steel Corporation. 

2,633,211. Mar. 31. 
Brlckman, Alan B., Worcester, Mass.. assignor 

States Steel Corporktion. Transload device. 

June 23^ 
Brlckman, .Man E.. Worcester, 

States Steel Corporation. 

2,660.406. Nov. 24. 
Brickner, Frank H.. Newport Beach, 

calculator. 2.659.532, Nov. 17. 
Bridevaux, Georges, assignor to Tavannes 

S. A. Tavannes, Switzerland. Lever wound 

2,652;684, Sept. 22. 
Bridge. Walter W., San Francisco, Calif. 

rotating drawer. 2.660.504. .Nov. 24. 
Bridge. William O.. Detroit, assignor to Evan 

Company, Plymouth, Mich. Trailer for carry 

freight and automobllea. 2,636,772, Apr. 2 
Bridgetieid.! Guillernio P., Mrtjco City. Mcxuc 

current dis<harge rubber tire. 2.641.294, Ju: 
Bridgeport Brass Company, assignee : See — 
Aiayer, Charles H. 
Peltz. Gonlon M.. and Bovln. 
Bridgeport Fabrics, Inc., assignee: Bee — 

Spraragen, Louis. 
Bridgeport Metal Goods Manufacturing Com 

assignee t See — 
Moore, Arthur H. 
Brldger, Grover L., Ames, Iowa, and H. M. CI 

loon. Hong Kong, assignors to Iowa State ' 

search Foundation, Inc.. Ames, Iowa. Sei 

menthol from mint oils by a fractional 

process. 2.662,052, Dec. 8. 
Bridges. Jack E.. Chicago. 111., assignor to Ze 

Corporation. Television apparatus. 2,628,31 
Bridges, Jack E.. Chicago, 111., assignor to Zt 

Corporation. Phase shift oscillating system. 

Bndwell'. John W.. M. M. Coker, and H. M. ' 

assignors to Caterpillar Tractor Co., Peoria. 

and motor hydraulic system and control 

2,650,473, Sept. 1. 
Brlechle, Ambrosius. Brooklyn, assignor to 

Rand Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. Document photojii 

chine. 2,(i42,773. June 23. ^^ ^ 
Brlechle, Joseph, Floral Park^ N. Y., asslgnoi 

Manufacturing Company, Waterbury, Conn. 

valve. 2,639.728. May 26. 
Brier, James M.. Jr.. Topeka, Kans. Combli 

ment cup and drain plug for intemal-coni 

gines. 2. 049.204. Aug. 18. 
Brierley, James R.. North Augusta, S. €., 

United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc., 1 

Del. Means for reproduction of designs. 

Mar. 3. 
Brierley, Paul, Birmingham, assignor to Dur 

Company Limited, London County, Luglai 

static apparatus. 2.6.'')5.943, Oct. 20. 
Brierly, Ralph C, Narberth. Pa. Dlffuser. 

Apr. 7. 
Brierly. Ralph C. Narberth, Pa. Fuel burn 

2.638,974, May 19. 
Brierly. Ralph C, Narberth, Pa. Air co 

2,657,741, Nov. 3. 
Briggs, Allan L., assignor to Blackstone < 

Jamestown, N. Y. Llouid discharge device 

machines. 2,658.830. Nov. 3. 
Briggs, Arthur J.. Sutton. Vt., assignor to On 

tery Comi)any, Syracuse, N. Y. Pottery t 

2,629,159, Feb. 24. 
Briggi, Arthur J., Sutton. Vt asslgnor-to On 

tery Company, Syracuse, N. Y. Water ap 

pottery ware jiggers. 2,629,160, Feb. 24. 
Briggs. Arthur T.. South Willianisport, Pa.. 

Avco Manufacturing Corporation. Clncln 

Engine starter having combustion chamber s 
fuel and combustion supporting medium i 
ratio hv weiclit. 2,643,511. June 30. 
Briggs Filtration Company, The, assignee : fle< 

Marvel, Harvey E. 
Briggs, George L... Oneida, assignor to Brings 
Development, Inc., White Plains, N. \. 
enhancing the vaporization of a fuel com, 
flowing fuel-air mixture. 2,661,269, Dec. 
Briggs. Harry H., assignee : Bee — 

Oliver. John Q. 
Briggs, Henry. East Orange. N. J. Fracture 

vice. 2.628.614. Feb. 17. 
Briggs. Janet. Chicago. 111., now by chani 
J. M. Troxell. Maternity garment. 2,638,1 
Briggs, John R. : See — 

Sayko, Andrew F., and Briggs. 



90 I 

Briun Manafactnrinx Co,, assignee : Bet — 
Uoaklnc, Tbomas W. 
Laoer, Rodney ET.. and Dotr. i 

McKltrick. Edward B. 
Vlgmostad. Trygve. 
Weymoath, I>awrence B. 
Zummach, Karl Q. 
BrlgKs lU-st-areh & Development, Inc., assignee : Set 

iJriKKs George L. 
Brig«B-8haflfner Company, assiCDPe : See — 

.Harris. Samuel A., and 81n<iuefleld. 
BrlgicB. .Southwlck W.. Beth»-»dn. Md. Bonded filter block. 

Its preparation and ase. 2,*'>35.9&1. Apr. 21. 
Brtggs, Stanley M., Pacific Palisades. Calif. Dispensing 
attachment for food container cans. 2,638.249, May 12. 
BrlgSH k Stratton Corporation, assignee : 6'ce — 
TlarkneMH. Joseph H. 
Jacobl. Edward N. 
BrigKH. Thomas R. : Nee — 

Moulton. JoHeph I)., >Schweitser. and Briggs. 
Brigham. Ward E. : See — 

Young. .Andrew P.. and Brigham. 
Bright. Cooper B., U. S. Nary. Hydraulic drire internal- 

combustion engine. 2.661,592. Dec. 8. 
Bright. Harold T.. Elmhurst. assignor to King Pneumatic 
Tool Company, Chicago, III. Control means for power 
lawn mowers. 2.641.889. June 16. 
Bright, Wilfred. Toledo. Ohio. Ratchet tool with angu- 
larly adjustable handle. 2.656.865, Oct. 27. 
Bright. Wtllard M.. Chicago. 111., assignor to The Kendall 
Company. Itoston. Mai^s. Polyethylene film and prepar- 
ing same. Mar 17. 
Brightman, William 8.. 8t. Petersburg. Fla. Dress shield. 

2,6.')4.H88, Oct. l.l. 
Brill. Otto H.. and F. Solomon, assignors to Tardney In- 
ternational Corp.. New York. N. T. Electroda for elec- 
tric batteries and mnklne same. 2.054.795. Oct. 6. 
Brill. William E.. Cleveland. Ohio, assignor to General 
Motors Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Power plant. 
2.625.145 Jan. 13. 
Brillhart. William ()., Fredericksburg. Va., assignor to 
American Vi.^cose Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Mois- 
tureprootlng of nontibrous cellulosic material. 2,650.172. 
Aug. 2r>. 
Brillhart. William C, Fredericksburg, Va., assignor to 
American Viscose Corporation. Wilmington. Del. Ren- 
dering^ reg«>nerated cellulose resistant to sticking and 
article produced. 2,658.843. Not. 10. 
Hrln. Harris : See — 

n.irn»»tf. Louis H.. and Brln. 
Briner W'llllam M. : Nee — 

Offutt. George, and Briner. 
Brlney. James W., asMlKnee : See — 

rtrln.'.v. Ottis K . Jr. 
Brlney. Ottla H.. Jr.. Pontiac Mich. Boring tool 
2.643,556. June 30. 

Pontiac. Mich., assignor of one- 
Machine tool spindle. 2,655.414. 


Brlney. Ottlx 11. Jr.. 

half to J. W. Brlney. 

O.t. 13. 
Brlney. Oftls R. Jr. 

half to J. W. Brlney. 

Pontiac. Mich., assignor of one- 
Ball bearing. 2.6.^5.415. Oct. 13 

Brlney. Ottis R.. Jr., Pontiac. Mich., assignor of one-hnlf 
to J. W. ISrIney. Adjustable coupling. 2,660.463. 
.Nov. 24. 

Brink. Edwin IT., assignor to Masonlte Corporation. Laurel. 
Miss. Roller coating machine for rigid 8he*'t material. 
2.642.0.10, June Iti. 

Brink. .Norman G. : See — 

Konlusiy. Frank R.. Brink, and Folkers 

Brink. Raymond J.. St. Paul, and C. W. Tunstead, Minne- 
aimlls. assignors to Brinktun Company, St. Paul. Minn. 
Outboard motor stand. 2,658,703. Nov. 10. 

Brink. Kichanl K., assignor to .Minnesota .Mining k Manu- 
facturing Company. St. Paul. Minn. Device for dress- 
ing coated abrasive belts. 2.«46.r).>4. July 28. 

Brink. Robert M.. assignor to Deering Milliken Research 
Trust. Greenwich, Conn. Tensiometer. 2,661,623. 
Dec. 8. 

Brink. Theodore R. : See — 

Beaudry. George D.. Longdon. and Brink. 

Brinkley. Blaine R.. Bluefleld, Va. Dust collector for 
overhead drilling 2.634.952. Apr 14. 

Brinkley. Jam.s R.. Elk Grove. Calif. Work-centering 
viae having toggle-locked pivoted Jaw. 2,645,961, 
July 21. . 

Brinkman. Alan E. : See — 

Angus.>&(ax R.. and Brinkman. 

Brinkman, Earl W.. Gates, assignor to Davenport Machine 
Tool Co.. Inc.. Rochester, N. Y. Punching method and 
tool. 2.661.663. Dec. 8. 

Brinkman. Elwood O . Alameda. Calif. Dispensing con- 
tainer with nondetachable threaded cap and ne<k, 
»nd with registrable dispensing apertures. 2,653,735. 
Sept. 20. ^ » »- 

Brinkman. Roy A.. Oak Park. III., assignor to Construction 
Aggregate Corporation. Positioning apparatus for 
dredge pipes. 2.651.122. Sept. 8. 

Brinkmann To Broxten. Rudolf, Frankfurt am Main, Ger- 
many. Selector device for card indexes. 2.647.519. 
Aug. 4. 

Brlnkoeter, Paal H., assignor to Ed Frledrich, Iilc.. San 
Autonio. lex. t>i»en Iront 8elf-.servlce refrigerator. 
2.625,799, Jan. 20. 

Ditch cleaner and 

Brlnkoeter, Paol H.. assignor to Ed Friedrlcb Inc.. Saa 
Antonio, Tex. Open front refrigeratea cabinet 
2,637.982. May 12. 
Brinktun Company, assignee : See — 

Brink, Rayniund J., and Tunstead. 
Brinnlck. Frederick E. : bee — 
Frost. Frederick H. 
Frost. Frederick H.. and Brinnick. 
Brinson, Harry A., Sidney, and T. O. Brady. Oneonta. as- 
signors to Bendix Aviation Corporation. New York, N. 
Y. Ignition apparatus and making same. 2,651,298, 
Sept. 8. 
Brinson, R. L., Company, assignee : See — » 

Fulton, Joel B. 
Brion. Benjamin W.. assignor to Minneapolis-Honeywell 
Regulator Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Electromag- 
netic relay. 2 633.488. Mar. 31. 
Brisbane, Alan D. : See — < 

Beck Arnold H. W.. Cutting, and Brisbane. 
Briscoe, Elmer <J., P'resno, Calif. Adjustable mount for 

tool bars 2.644,694. July 7. 
Briscoe, Ernest v., Herman, Calif. 

ridger. 2,640,286, Jane 2. 
Brlsci>e, Ernt'st v.. assignor to E. V. Briscoe ft S^n, Her- 
man, Calif. Automatic control mechanism for cotton 
harvesters. 2,660,015, Nov. 24. 
Briscoe. Ernest V.. Herman, Calif. Stabilixing sled for 

ditchers. 2,662,614. Dec. 15. 
Briscoe. E. V., k Son, assignee : Bee — 

Briscoe. Ernest V. 
Briscoe. William F. R. and V. H. Berry. Detroit. Mich., 
assignors to United states Rubber Company, New York, 
if. Y. Stone-ejecting tire tread. 2,637,362. May 5. 
Brisken, Walter R. Dayton. Ohio, and P. J. Neiigebauer, 
Schenectady, N. Y. Air cycle water cooler. 2,664,001. 
Dec. 29. 
Brlssey, George E.. assignor to Swift k Company. Chicago, 

III. Bacon canning. 2,627.473. Feb. 3. 
Brlsson, John R.. W. O., and L. W.. Norway. Mich. Front 

or rear-end truck loader. 2.843.011. June 23. 
Brl*son. Leslie W. : See — 

Brisson. John R., W. O., and L. W. 
Brlsson. Louis C, Vinenil, Prance. Brake. 2,651,384, 

Sept. 8. 
Brlsson. Walter O. : See — 

Brisson. John R., W. O. and L. W. 
Brlster. Paul .M.. Madison. S'. J., assignor to The Babcock 
k Wilcox Company. New York, N. Y. Fluid mixing and 
separating apparatus. 2,661.075, Dec. 1. 
Brlster, Paul M., Madison, N. J., and L. F. Kooistra, 
Akron, Ohio, assignors to The Babcock k Wilcox Com- 
pany. New York. N. Y. Welded Joint of dissimilar 
metals. 2.639.363, May 19. 
Bristol .Aeroplane Company Limited, assignee : See — 
Marchant. Francis C. I. and Bell. 
Owner, Frank M. 
Bristol Aeroplane Conipany Limited, The, assignee : See — 
D'Assis Fonseca, Evelyn C. M. 
Fortescue, Peter. 
Hafner. Raoul. 
Marchant. Francis C. I. 

Massey, Bernard S.. Qulnn, Allen, and Warner. 
Bristol Company^ The. assignee : See — 
Blakeslee. Clinton A. 
Hall. John I. 
Mai thy. Frederick L. 
Russell. John L. 
Tltns. Robert M. 
Bristol. Edward S.. assignor to Leeds and Northrup 
Compnnv. Philadelphia. Pa. Multiple unit control sys- 
tem. 2.657.347. Oct. 27. 
Bristol. John E . Niagara Falls. W. A. Harrington. Wilson, 
and N. Tumbull. Grand Island. N. Y., assignors to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours k Company. Wilmington. I>el. 
Emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate. 2.662,863, 
Dec. 15. 
Bristol. John E.. Niagara Falls, and N. Turnhnll. Grand 
Island. N. Y.. assignors to E. I. du Pont de Nemours k 
Company. Wilmington. I>el. Emulsion polymerisation 
of vinyl acetate. 2.662.866, Dec. 15. 
Bristol Ijiboratorles. assignee : See — 

Speeter. Merrill F. 
Bristol laboratories Inc., Assignee : See-^ 
Cheney. Lee C. 

Cooper, I>oagIas E., and Cheney. 
McDufne. Harold F'.. Jr.. and ('ooi>er. 
Speeter. Merrill V. 
Staab. Frank W and Kolbas. 
Whentley. William B. 
Bristol Machine Tool Company, Inc., The. assignee: Bee — 

De Note, Frank J. 
Bristol-Myers Company, assignee : See — - 

Brown. James D. 
Brlsfol Steel k Iron Works, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Ferguson. Robert O. 
Bristol Tool Machine Company, Inc., The, assignee : 

De Note. Frank J. 

Bristow, Claude A., Denver, Colo. Metal awning. 
2,629.904, Mar. 3. 

Bristow, Paul W., assignor to Scott k Williams. Incorpo- 
rated. Laconla. N. H. Knitting machine. 2,627,740, 
Feb. 10. 

British Brehmer Limited, assignee : Bet — 

Cuthbert. William J. , . ^» , _ 

British Cast Iron Research Association. The, assignee : 
See — 

Murrogh, Ilenton. 
British Celanese Limited, assignee : See — 
Bate. Stanley C, Peach, and Rogerson. 
Brown, Russell J., Downing, and Groombridge. 
Downing. John, and Drewitt. 
Ewing. Henry. ^^ 

Fisher, James W., Bates, and Wheatley. 
Fi.slier. James W., Wheatley. and May. 
Gentle, Alexander H., and Jackson. 
Hodge. Arthur. Drewitt. and Downing. 
Johnson, Edgar B., and Webster. ' 

Stanley, William E., and Brown. 
Taylor, Matthew M. 
Taylor, William I., and Hawtln. 
Thomas. Edward. Boaden, and Alcock. 
Upton, Edward J. 
Whlgham, George H., and Miller. 
British Enka Limited, assignee : Bee — 

Stone, Eliot, Sparke, and Muldowney. 
British Glues and Chemicals Limited, assignee : See — 

Chaven, Israel H. 
British Industrial Plastics Limited, assignee: Bee — 
Groves. Walter R. 
Rolaston, Norman. 
British Industrial Solvents Limited, assignee: See — 

Lacey, Richard .N. 
British Insulated Caliender's Cables Limited, assignee 

Ripley, Stanley W. 
British Nylon Spinners Liinlte<l. assignee : Bee — 

Alckln. Robert G.. and Munden. 
British Overseas Airways Corporation, assignee: Bee — 

Carreyette, Jack. „ 

British Oxygen Company Limited, The, assignee: Bee- 
Elllnger, I.#o P. 
Haworth John W., and Cooper. 
.Sargent. Roger W. H. 
. Schuftnn. Paul M. 
Webster. ThoraaS J. 
British Plaster Board Limited, The, assignee: See — 

Blair, Robert C. 
British Resin Products Limited, assignee : See — 
Evans. I'.dward M.. and Whitney. 
Kvnns, Edward .M.. and Whitney. 
Sullivan. Robert. Glendinning. and Read. 
British Tabulating Machine Company Limited, The, 
assignee : See — 

Bowver. A hired W.. and Cartwrlght. 
Routledge. Christopher A., and Keen. 
British Telecommunications Research Limited, assignee 
.SVc — 

Beaufoy. Raymond. 
Bell. David A. 

Bellairs. Guy f., and Ireland. 
Gaite. Harold D. 

Terlecki. Uenat. , , ^ „., 

British Thomson-Houston Company Limited, The, as- 
signee : See — 

Melville. William S.. and Jackson. 
British Tube Mills (Australia) Proprietary Limited, as- 
slgni-e : See — 

Hlggs, John B. „ . . « 

British Viicuum Cleaner and Engineering Company Lim- 
ited. The. assignee : See — 
Brown Ivan O, O. 
British Vacuum Flask Company Limited. The, assignee : 
See — 

Hassid. Maurice A., and \eni8. 
Brltt Bryant L.. Webster Groves, assignor to Wagner 
Electric Corporation. St. Louis. Mo. Delayed-action 
control for industrial brakes. 2,631.266. Mar. 10. 
Brltt. Edwin H.. Raleigh, N. C, assignor by mesne as- 
signments, to Harris Foundry and Machine Company. 
Cordt'le, (Ja. Automatic crate loading machine. 
2.644 626. .Tulv 7. 
Brltt, Fred R., Chattanooga, Tenn. Safety covering for 

tie-rod ends. 2,657,945, Nov. 3. 
Brltt, Robert J. : Bee — 

Seaver, Fred II., and Brltt. ■ ^, , 

Brlttain. Richard J.. Jr.. Berk<ley Heights. N. J., assignor 
to 0«'neral Motors Corporation. Detroit. Mich. Rail 
road Journal box. 2.643.163. June 23. 
Britten. F.dwin F.. Ill, Short Hills, N. J. Grass trimmer 

and edger. 2.660.847, Dec. 1. 
Britten Leslie F.. Oxhey, Watford. R. O. Jenkins, Wem- 
bley, 'and J. Moss, North Wembley, assignors to The 
General Electric Company Limited. London, England. 
Dispersed getter element and manufacture thereof. 
2.624,450. Jan. 6. 
Britton. Eidgar C. : Nee — 

Sexton. Arthur R.. and Britton. 

Vander Weele. John C. Britton. and White. 

Britton. Edgar C, F. N. Alqulst, and K. C. Kauer, 

assignors to The Dow Chemical Company. Midland. 

Mich. Catalyzed and continuous addition chlorlnation 

of benzene. 2.628.2G0, Feb. 10. .^ 

Britton. Edzar C. and I'. S. Petrie, assignors to The Dow 

Chemical Companv. Midland. Mich. Condensation 

products of stvrene oxide with alkylene oxides and 

making the same. 2,641,614. June 9. 

Britton, Edgar C, and J. D. Head, assignors t< 
Chemical Company, Midland, Mich. Pro< 
saligenin derivatives. 2,646,446, July 21. 
Britton, Owen, Versailles, Ky. SUnd for hoi 

tian blinds. 2,634.450, Apr, 14- , ^ ^ „ 
Brixius. Jacob K., Cleveland, and C. W. Sai 
Euclid, assignors to Air-Maze Corporation, 
Ohio. Support for charging electrodes for e 
filters. 2.600,260. Nov. 24. 
Brixzee, Dellou B.. Pinedale. Calif. Time cor 

anUm. 2,630,501, Mar. 3. 
Briuolara, Robert T., New Dorp, assignor to C( 
Inc , New York. N. Y. Compact refrlgeratl( 
vehicles using ice for condensing volatile r 
2,651,183, Sept. 8. _ , ^ ^ 

Broadbent, John H.. Washington, D. C. and J 
Takoma Park, Md.. assignors to tlie Unlte< 
America as represented by the Secretary ot 
400 cycle olectrohydraullc steering system 
missiles. 2.644,124. June 30. 
Broadbent. William B., and B. H. Sing, Harts 
assignors to Sonoco Products Company 
2,659,547. Nov. 17. 
Broadhurst. Jack M. : See — 

Streed, David D. M., and Broadhurst. 
Broadway. Leonard F., Ickenham. N. C. Barf 
end and A. F. Pearce, Hampton Hill, assign 
trie' k Musical Industries Limited, Hayej 
Electron tube structure for the production 
beams of electrons. 2,647,220, July 28. 
Broadwell. Herbert S. : Bee — 

Peterson, Robert H., and Broadwell. 
Broady, Elza E. : See— 

Hennike. Anthony J., Morris, and Broady 

Broady, Francis V., South (Jate. Calif. An 

retrieving flshin;: tackle or the like. 2.642.6! 

Broady, Paul A., Greenville, S. C. Liquid fue 

the retort vaporizing type. 2,627,908, Fel 

Broady, Paul A.. Greenville, S. C. Pan type 

2,658,568, Nov. 10. 
Broberg, Elmer E. : See — 

Larson, Walter G., and Broberg. 
Broberg. Fred E., Itaclne, Wis. Butcher blocl 

machine. 2,640,514. June 2. 
Broberg. (Jeorg K. J.. Solna. assignor to A 
Flaktfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden. Deflect 
tilating grills. 2,6.55,093. Oct. 13. 
Broberg. (Jeorg K. J.. Solna. assignor to / 
Fiaktfobrlken, Stockholm, Sweden. Air s 
2,055.857. Oct. 20. 
Broberg. Robert E. : See — 

Todd. Bryan J.. Turner, and Broberg. 
Brock, C R Buddy : See — ' 

Mise. Pete, and Brock. 
Brock. Charles F., assignee : See — 

Lowther, Mary T., and McKinstry. 
Brock. Clarence A., and T. R. Hunter, assigno 
Parry Corporation, Toledo, Ohio. Mufflei 
2,632,526. Max. 24. 
Brock, Glenn C. : S%e — 

Humphreys. Robert L.. Brock, and Revno 
Brock. Gordon L.. Springfield, Mass. Slide f 

paratus. 2,653,512, Sept. 29. 
Brock. Harold L.. Detroit. as.«ignor to Ford 
pany. Dearborn. Mich. Farm tractor. 
Jan. 6. 
Brock Harvev. Carrollton. Ga. Tractor-raoui 

Ing Implement. 2.641.210. June 9. 
Brock. Irvin A., assignee: See — 

Hill. Glenn E. 
Brock Lynmar. Philadelphia, Pa. Container 

therefor. 2,630.244. Mar. 3. 
Brock k Rankin, assignee : See — 

Hildmann. William B. 
Brock William H. J., assignor of one-half tc 
Products Company Limited. Leamington S 
Sealing device for fluid pressure apparatus 
Mar. 17. 
Brock. William P.. and C. Neal. Lancaster. S. 
to The Springs Cotton Mills. Stop motloi 
for looms. 2.6.39,734. May 26. 

Brockel William E. : See — 

Evans, George W., Jr., and Brockel. 

Brockelsbv. Wayne. Prospect. Pa. Exhaust rf 
2,630.748. Mar. 10. 

Brockett. Ilalford E. : .See — 

Maler, Curtis E., Brockett, and Larson. 

Brockman, Earl H., W. B. Allison. M. M. 5 
K. S. Ovregaard. Caldwell, Idaho, and C. I 
Wilmington. Calif., assignors to Idaho Eg 
Caldwell. Idaho. Horizontal topper 
2.634,570, Apr. 14. 

Brockman. Emory W. Hartsvllle, assignor 
matlc Corporation. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. Ad 
support device for exercising machines 
June 9 

Brockman, Emory W., Hartsvllle. assignor ti 
tic Corporation, Bala-Cynwyd. Pa. Attacl 
ercising machines. 2.641.250, June 9. 

Brockman. Emory W.. Hartsvllle. aaslgnor t 
tic Corporation, Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. Atl 
exercising machines. 2,641.251, June 9. 



Brockman. Ray E., ChlcaKo, III., aaaignor to Frabill Mann- 

facturint; Companv, Milwaukee, Wla. Ice &iblDg tip-up. Sept. 15. 
Brockm«4. William D., Pomeror Wash. Rotary control 

oil or grenBc distributor. 2,n26.636. Feb. 17. 
BrockmeUr, John I.,., St. Louis, Mo. Automobile bed for 

Juvenilea. 2.631,364, Mar. 17. 
Brockway, Scott A., Venice. Calif. Table shrine. 

-•.G57.y06 Nov. 3. 
Brockway, Wllbelm W. : Bee — 

liorsum, Adolpb \V., and Brockway. 
Brockway William W., and D. G. Shearer. Loa Angeles, 

Calif. Radio navigation system. 2,(350.359. Auk. 25. 
Bred. John S., Wyoming, Ohio, and R. A. Henry, Inyokem, 

Calif., assiioiora to The Procter St Gamble Company, 

Cincinnati. Ohio. Washing agents. 2,626.264. Jan. 20. 
Broda. Joseph, Toronto. Ontario. Canada. Cigarette case. 

2,635.741. Apr. 21. 
Bnxibeck. .Aimer H., Webster Grores, Mo., assignor to 

Magic Chef, Inc. Food conditioner for cooking rangen 

2, n4 1,670. June 9. 
Bro<1b<H:l<, Aimer H., St. Louis. Mo., assignor to Magic 

Chef. Inc. Gas burner having partitioned outlet ports. 

2,646. 112. July 21. 
Brodell, Nathan H., Canton, aaslgnor, by mesne aaslgn- 

ments, to W. Isler. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Descaling 

ferrous metala. 2,632.718, Mar. 24. 
Broderick, Frank W.. Summit. N. J., asslgnot to Berles 

Carton Company, Inc. One-pl«ce covered container. 

2.637.482. May 5. 
Broderick, John J. : See — 

, Berlyn. Martin J., and Broderick. 

BroderH«»n. Einar: See — 

Almstr5m. Knut, Garde, HedstrOm, and Brodersen. 

BrodeHke. John J.. Joliet, III. Duap car for inclined 
tracks. 2.655,270. Oct. 13. 

Brodhacker. John W. : See — 

Stengel. Leonard A., and Brodhacker. 

Brodhelm, Morris, Philadelphia, Pa. Adjustable bose 
clamp. 2.641,817 June 16. 

Brtwlhun. John H.. Birmingham. Mich. Machine tool of 
th»' «crpw inai'hlne fy|>e 2,r».")7.4r)3, Nov. 3. 

Brodle, James H., Baltimore, Md. Hydraulic braking 
apparatus. 2.632,301. Mar. 24. 

Brodle. italph N.. Company, assignee: See — 
■ Berck. Williain F. 

Brodine. Norman K.. Rochester, N. T. Infant's bathing 
device. 2.645.442, July 14. ., 

Brodlng. Robert A.. Dallas, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Schlumberger Well Surveying Corporation. 
Houston, Tex. Magnetic induction well-logging instru- 
ment. 2.625.583. Jan. 13. 

Brodlng. Robert A.. Dallas. Tex., assignor, by nipsne as- 
signments, to Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, Incorpo- 
rated. New York, N. Y. Electrical resistivity logging 
of mud invaded formations. Sept. 29. 

Bro<lrlb, William A.. Hartford. Conn. Ambulatory animal 
tov. 2.603,970, Dec. 29. 

BnMltmann Walter II., New Orleans, La. Visible record 
device. 2.642,832. June 23. 

Brody. Arthur. Newark, N. J. Protective book cover. 
2.«!41 4SI .Inne 9. 

Brody, David, assor. to Van Brode Milling Co., Inc.. Clin- 
ton. Mass. Dispenser (or liquids and pulverulent. 
2.6^7,363. Feb. 3. 

Brody. David. an8ignor to Van Brode Milling Co.. Inc.. 
Clinton. Matin. Sealing strip severing machine. 
2.641.318. June 9. 

Brody. Harry and J.. Brooklyn, and J. F. Hart, New York. 
.\. Y. Support for weighing scales. 2.629.573. Feb. 24. 

Brody, Jacob : See — 

Brody Harry and J., and Hart. 

Brody. .Sumuel C.. Cambridge. Mass. Picture frame and 
support. 2.836.702. Apr 28. 

Brody. Samuel M.. New York, N. Y. Window awning. 
2.642.133. June 16. 

Brookhuysen. William C. Brooklyn, N. T. Thermostat. 

2.664.483. Dec. 29. 

Broeren Frank I., Neenah. assignor to Marathon Corpora- 
tion. Rothschild. Wis. Dispensing package. 2.624,521, 
Jan. 6. 
Broeren, Frank L.. Neonah, A. S. Kruger, Green Bay, and 
V. C. Jones. Appleton, assignors to Marathon Corpora- 
tion, Rothschild, Win. ' Cabinet for dispensing sheet 
material 2.643 070. June 23. 
Broersma. J. Charles. Kalamazoo, assignor to Clark Equip- 
ment Company. Buchanan. Micb. Material hanallng 
apparatus. 2.045,372. July 14. 
Broet/.U-r, (Justav .\. ? .sv»' 

Mashburn. William O.. Jr., Broetsler. and Klnnalrd. 
Brogdex Companv. aM!<ignee : See — 
liehman. Ro/lnev I... 
Tucker. Frank V. 
Brogren, .Vxel V., us.sjgnrtr to Parsons <'orporation. De- 
troit, Mich. Battery hold-down frame and forming 
same. 2.057.756, Nov. 3. 
Brohl. : See — 

L*itz, Krnst. Jr.. Kngelmann. and Bruhl. 
Wagner. Adam. BrOhl. and Jung. 
Broldo, Daniel. Barnet. England. Transfer mechanism 
for calculating machines. 2,628.029. Feb. 10. 

Broldo. Daniel, Barnet, England. Calculating machine. 
2,644,638, July 7. 

Broldo, Jacaues, Carouge-Geneva, Swltierland. Footage 
Indicator for motion-ptrture Ciimeraa. 2,641,059, June V. 

BroUea. A. P.. assignee : Bee — i 

Ball. James W. 

Brokaw, Charles A. : See — 

Collins. Charles P., and Brokaw. 

Brolin. Anders H.. H. A. W. Kamholti. and B. B.- 
Blanchard. assignors to Northwest Kngineering Corpora- 
tion. Green Bay. Wla. Excavating dipper. 2,652,940, 
Sept. 22. 

Brouiberg. Robert, and W. L. Martin, 1ms Angeles. Calif., 
aasignors to the lJnlte<l States of America as repre- 
sented by the rnlte<l States Atomic Energy Commission. 
X-ray deoisitomer. 2,659,012, .Nov. 10. 

Bromley. Frank. Swarthmore, Pa., assignor to Joseph Ban- 
croft * Sons Co., Wilmington, Del. Textile printing 
roll. 2.627,228. Feb. 3. 

Bromley. Richard N.. Philadelphia. Pa., assignor to The 
Sperry Corporation. Automatic speed control ayBtem. 
2.020.707. Jan 27. 

Bronle. Norman R.. assignee : Bee — 
Battle. Wingate. 

Bronitth. Arthur H.. assignor of fifty per cent to C. C. 
Holland. Van Nays, Calif. Safety razor with extra 
blade. 2,658,271 Nov. 10. 

Bronson^ Frederic L., Copiagu*: assignor to Raylite Elec- 
tric Corp., Bronx. N. Y. Chrlstmaa tree bell ringing 
inatrument. 2,063,013, Dec. 15. 

Bronson, Lawrence B. Glendive. Mont. Stepladder. 
2,662,680. l>ec. 15. 

Bronson. Randolph F., Jamaica. N. T, Double-acting col- 
let. 2,631.860. Mar. 17. 

Bronson, Rot>ert U., Eugene, Oreg. Game apparatua. 
2.627.412 Feb. 3. 

Bronsteln. Harry : See — ( 

Shmukler. Albert, and Bronsteln. 

Bronsteln. Harry, Brooklyn, N, Y. Circumcision instro- 
ment. 2.646.047^ July 21. 

Bronstlen. Edward L.. St. I'aul, Minn, and J. N. Woodlng- 
ton, Chicago, 111., assignors to United States Bedding 
Co.: St. Paul. Minn. Spring aaaembling machine. 

2.625.962. Jan. 20. 

Bronstlen. Edward L.. St. Paul. Minn, and J. N. Wood- 
ington. Chicago. IlL. assignors to United States Bed- 
ding Co., St. I'aul. Minn. Spring assembling machine. 

2.625.963. Jan. 20. 

Brook, Kenneth Eastcote, and F. M. Evans, assignors to 

C. A. V. Limited, London. England. Filter for use in 

fuel Injection pumps. 2,638 227. May 12. 
Brook, Leonard, Ileeston. I^^eds. assignor to The Korgrove 

Machinery Company Limited. lyeeds. Yorkshire, England. 

Wrapping machine., May 26. 
Brook. Leonard. Ile«'nton. I,.eedK assignor to The Forgrove 

Machinery Company Limited. Leeds, England. Wrapping 

machine. 2. 64.1. BOO. June 30, 
Brooke, Jesse M., Old Ocean, Tex., assignor to 

Phillips Petroleum Company. Recovery of heavy metals. 

2,653.089, Sept. 22. 
Brooker. I/eslle C S. : See — 

Heseltine, Donald W., and Brooker. , 

Keye«. Grafton H., and Brooker. 
Spragne. Robert 11., Brooker, and Dent. 
Brooker. Leslie G. S.. and F. L. White, assignors to Bast- 
man Kodak Company. Rochester. N. Y. Atamerocarbo- 

cyanlne <lyes. 2.646,409, Julv 21. 
Brooker. Leslie O. S., and D. W. Heseltine, assignors to 

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester. N. Y. Qulnoline 

dyes of the polymetbine aeries and preparation. 

2,646.430, July 21. 
Brooker, Leslie G. S., and F. L. White, assignors to 

Eastman Kodak Company. Rochester. N. Y. 2-thlo- 

hydantoins containing a carboxyaryl group and prepara^ 

tion. 2.040,459. Aue 18 
Brookes. Maurice M.. and F. E. Rommel. West Dulwlch, 

London, aa.signor to Telephone Manufacturing Company, 

Limited. London. England. Electrically operated visual 

Indicator. 2,632.888. Mar. 24. 
Brookey. Andrew C. San Antonio, Tex. Valve seat reamer. 

2.030.042. May 26. 
Brookmnn. Roger S. : Bee — 

Bowers. Frank, and Brookman. 

Brooks. Charles A., Roanoke. Va. Fish bait' incubator. 
2.642,836. June 2.1. 

Brooks. B. J.. Company, assignee: Bee — 
Brooks. WInfred SI. 
Moberg. Sigurd M. 

Brooks Etjuipment Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Qulnn. Aloyslus J. 

Brooks. Ernest A.. Hudson. Ohio, assignor to The Babcock 
A Wtlcox Company, New York, N. Y. Expansion linkage 
for directing motion of tubalar elementa. 2,636,351, ' 
Apr. 28. 

Brooks, Frazler O., Ca-Vel. N. C Pnneh for rlmleaa cans. 
2,637.100. May 5. 

Brooks. Irwin, Merrick, and A. Friedberg, Lynbrook, as- 
signors to American Artists' Color Works, Inc.. Brook- 
lyn. N. Y. Artist's box. 2.648.033. Aug. 18. 

Brooks. James C^., and R. T. Gardner, Albertville, Ala. 
Motor operated cutter. 2,648,904. Aug. 18. 

Brooks. John D. : See — 

Holtzclaw. John B.. and Brooks. 



Brooks, John W., Wenonah, and S. J. Lukasiewicz, Wood- 
bury, N. J., assignors to bioconv-Vacuum Oil Company, 
Incoriwrated, New York, ^'. Y. 3-thienyl thioethers. 
2,662.900, Dec. 15. 

Brooks, Joseph II., West Peabody, assignor to Sylvanla 
Electric Products Inc., Salem, Mass. Lamp transfer 
apparatus. 2,649,975. Aug. 25. 

Brooks Li>ster A., Norwalk, Conn., assignor to R. T. Van- 
derbllt Company, Inc., New York, N. Y. Adhesive com- 
positions from mixtures of chlorinated and hypochlorin- 
ated rubber. 2 637.751. May 5. 

Bro«>kn. l>>ster A., Norwalk. Conn., assignor to R. T. 
Vanderbilt Companv, Inc., New York, N. T. Lauryl pyr- 
idlnlum salts of cblorophenoxy-acetlc acids. 2,656,350, 
Oct. 20. 

Brooks, Lester A., East Norwalk Conn., M. Markarian, 
North Adams, and M. Mazzewski. Adams, assignors to 
Sprague SSectrlc Company. North Adams, Mass. Di- 
electric compositions. 2,636.022, Apr. 21. 

Brooks, Lester M., Seattle, Wash. Cultivator. 2,645,987, 
July 21. 

Brooks, I..ewis C. assignor of one-third to I. M. Jones, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Consumer type container. 2,626,095, 
Jan. 20. 

Brooks, Lewis C, assignor of one-third to I M. Jones, 
Milwaukee, Wis. Consumer type contianer. 2,649,238, 
Aug. 18. 

Brooks, Lewis C, assignor of one-third to I. M. Jonet*. 
Milwaukee, Wia. Consumer type container. 2,661,139, 
Dec. 1. 

Brooks, Linzy W., assignor to On-A-Llte Corporation, 
Portland, Oreg. Electrical socket connector with aup- 
portlng clip. 2,657,367, Oct. 27. 

Brooks, Lorlmer P. : See — 

Stokes, Irving, and Brooks. 

Brooks. Mareuerite O.. Darien, Qonn. Ribbon loom. 
2,663,214, Dec. 22. , 

Brooks, Philip K. : Bee — I 

Knott, Bdward B., and Brooka. 

Brooks. Phillips, Brooklyn, N. Y. Crown tooth support., Oct. 20. 

Brooks. Ralph C, Turtle Creek, Pa., assignor to Weating- 
honse Air Brake Company. Reversible engine control 
apparatus. 2 635,417. Apr. 21. 

Brooks. Ralph C, Turtle Creek, Pa., assignor to Westing 
house Air Brake Company. Control syiitem for fluid 
pressure actuated propeller clutches. 2,642,972, June 

Brooks. Richard E. : Bee — 

Randall. John F., and Brooks. 
Youngqulst, Orrin Q., Smook, and Brooks. 

Brooks. Richard E F. S. Chance. T. H. Crlm, Jr.. and 
D. E. Strain, assignors to E. I. dn Pont de Nemours & 
Company. Wilmington, Del. Bonding a layer of chloro- 
salfonated polyethylene to fabric. 2,630,398, Mar. 3. 

Itrooks. Richard 10., and«R. C. Schreyer, assignors to E I. 
du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, liel. 
Preparing alcohols from olefins. 2.044.844, July 7. 

Brooks, Richard E.. and M. A. Smook, as-signors to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. 
Stabilization of chlorosulfonated polymers. 2,058,883, 
Nov. 10. 

Brooks. Robert A., Salem, N. J., assignor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours and Company, Wilmington. Del. Cop- 
per ..complexes of monosulfonamido formazyl dyes. 

2.662.074, Dec. 8. 

Brooks. Robert A., Salem, N. J., assignor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, Del. Cop- 
per complexes of monosulfonamido formazyl dyes. 

2.662.075. Dec. 8. 

Brooks, T. J. (Autos), Limited, assignee: Bee — 
Heyne. William O. 

Brooks, Thomas B., assignor to Lisle Corporation, 
Clarlnda, Iowa. Brake cylinder hone. 2,627,707. Feb. 
10. r 

Brooks. WInfred M.. West Orange, assignor to B. J. 
Brooks Company. Newark. N. J. Sealing device. 
2.634.150. Apr. 7. 

Brooksbank, Jack : Bee — 

West. Joseph, and Brooksbank. 

Broos, Henrlcus A.. Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Company. Hartford, 
Conn., as trustee. Circuit-arrangement for tone-control 
in low-frequencv amplifiers. 2.650,268, Aug. 25. - 

Broos, Henrlcus A.. Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor to 
Hartford National Bank and Trust Companv, Hart- 
ford, Conn., as trustee. Physiological tone control cir- 
cuit. 2.657.363, Oct. 27. 

Brophy. Jere R, and J. I.Ar8on. U. S. Navv. Washington, 
D. C. Coated bearing structure. 2,635,029. Apr. 21. 

Brophy. John J. : See — 

PIneles, Bernard M.. and Bronhv. 

Broschke, Heinrlch, assignor to Ernst Leitx. G. m. b. H., 
Wetzlar, Germany. Microhardneas tester. 2,637,202, 
May 5. 

Broschke, Heinrlch, assignor to Ernst I^eltz. G. m. b. H., 
Wetzlar, Germany. Hardness tester. 2,663,185, Dec. 22. 

BroBclous. Henry H., Sunbury. Pa. Building model. 
2.638.350. Apr. 21. 

Broscomb, Dennis O. : Bee — 

Ballard, Alfred G.. Dent. Broscomb. and Watt. 

Brose, Leonard C. and V. S., Burbank. Calit Curtain rod 
structure. 2,650.714. Sept. 1. 

Brose^ Violet S. : See — 

Brose, Leonard C. and V. S. 

Brosious, Malcolm J. : See — 

Ewing, John F., and Brosious. 

Bross, Helmut, Braunschweig, Germany. Writing imple- 
ment. 2,045,204, July 14. 

Brotham, Abraham, Long Island City. N. Y. "Indirect" 
oxidation • splitting of acetvlenic gamma glycols. 
2,663,715, Dec. 22. 

Broussard, Elton J., assignee : See — 
Broussard, Vernon P. 

Broussard. Gordon R. : See — 

Broussard, Slavin P. and G. R. 

Broussard, Paul O., assignee : Bee — 
Broussard, Vernon P. 

Broussard, Robert F., and C. A. Toce, Houston, Tex. 
Trafl5c slgnaL 2,025.598, Jan. 13. 

Broussard, Robert F., Houston. Tex., assignor to Duncan 
Parking Meter Corporation, Chicago. 111. Coin-han- 
dling apparatus. 2,633,960. Apr. 7. 

Broussard, Robert F., Burbank Calif., H. J. MiUer and 
L. D. Sollenb«'rKer, Chicago, 111., and S. L. Chrlstensen, 
Los Angeles, Calif., assignors, by mesne assignments, to 
Miller .Meters, Inc., Chicago, 111. Parking meter. 
2,660,283, Nov. 24. 

BroDBsard, Slavin P. and G. R., New Iberia, La. Street 
gutter drainage grille. 2,645,302, July 14. 

Broussard, Vernon P., St. Martlnville, La., aasignpr of 
one-third to E. J. Broussard and one-third to P. O. 
Broussard. Utility loader. 2,659,494, Nov. 17. 

Brossart, Jean : See — 

Bernler, Jean, and Brossart. 

BroBseau, John B., trustee, assignee : Bee — 
BroRseau, Joseph E. 

Brosseau, Joseph E., Oak Park, assignor to C. B. Hoover, 
Wayne, and J. B. Brosseau, Oak Park, 111. as truBtees. 
Control device for electrical appliances. 2,632,085, Mar. 

Brosseit, Mary A., Chicago, 111. Figure toy with spin- 
ning element. 2,656,643, Oct. 27. 

BroBselin, Michel, assignor to Soci6t£ dite : Uslnes Gallus 
(Soclete Anonyme) Courl)evoie, France. Electrocardio- 
vectographic device. 2,659,363, Nov. 17. 

Brost, Andrew J., Chicago, 111. Horse racing game ap- 
paratus. 2,658,760 Nov. 10. 

Brothman, Abraham, Long Island City, N. Y. Polymeriza- 
tion of methylmetbacrylate with mixture of benzoyl 
peroxide and tertiary-butyl hydroperoxide. 2,632,758, 
Mar. 24. 

Broucek. Kenneth F. : Bee — 

Drake, Lewis R., Stowe, and Broucek. 

Brougher, John R., Calvert, Tex. One revolution clutch. 
2,626,028, Jan. 20. 

Brougher, John R., Calvert, /Tex. Assembler control 
eqnipment for type line casting machines. 2,626,043, 
Jan. 20. 

Broughton. Douglas J., assignor to Buxton, Incorporated, 
Springfield, Mass. BillJfold having an expansible 
pocket. 2.025,974, Jan. 20. 

Brouillard. Albert P., Woonsocket. R. I. Textile spindle. 
2,625,330. Jan. 13. 

Brouillard, Robert E.. Westfield, N. J., assignor to Gen- 
eral Aniline & Film Corporation, New York. N. Y. Pre- 
paring metal phthalocyanlnes. 2,647,127, July 28. 

Brouillard. Robert E., Westfield, N. J., assignor to Gen- 
eral Aniline & Film Corporation. New York N. Y. Pre- 
paring metal phthalocyanines. 2.647,128. July 28. 

Brouwer, Cornells, Beverwljk, Netherlands. Acidproof- 
ing the surface of porous calcareous articles. 2,657,164, 
Oct 27. 

Brouwer, Pieter H. J., Eindhoven, Netherlands, assignor 
to Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, llart- 
ford. Conn., as trustee. Low-power hub dynamo. Nov. 3 

Browder, Jay E.. Garden City, and V. J. Young. Jamaica. 
N. Y., assignors to The Sperry Corporation. Phase 
shift system. 2,627,598, Feb. 3. 

Browder, John G.. Houston. Tex., assignor, bv mesne' 
assignments, to Standard Oil Development Company, 
Elizabeth, N. J. Distillation of aviation gasoline com- 
ponents. 2,638,412, May 12. 

Browder, John O., Houston, and A. R. Smith, Baytown, 
Tex., assignors^ by mesne assignments, to Standard Oil 
Development Company, Elizabeth, N. J. Treatment of 
petroleum distillates. 2,638,439, May 12. 

Brown. Abner E., Richmond Heights. Mo. Drinking cup, 
2,625,019. Jan. 13. 

Brown. Abner B., Richmond Heights, Mo. Handle con- 
struction for cartons and the like. 2,640,645. June 2. 

Brown. Albert A.. Danville. Calif., assignor to United 
States of America as represented by the United States 
Atomic Energy Commission. Comparative photometer. 
2,626,989, Jan. 27. 

Brown, Alfred E., and A. M. Sookne, Washington. D. C, 
and F. W. Minor, Arlington. Va., assignors, by mesne 
assignments, to Harris Research Laboratories. Render- 
ing organic textile material water repellent and com- 
position therefor. 2.002,039, Dec. 8. 

Brown, Amon H., Bl Cerrito, P. W. Kilpatrick, Albany, 
and M. E. Lazar, Oakland, Calif., assignors to the 
United States of America as represented by the Secre- 
tary of Agriculture. Apparatus for heating fluids, par- 
ticularly foodstuffs. 2,636,430, Apr. 28. 



Brown Andrew O., Maywood. assignor to The Orlfflth 
LaboratA-les. Inc.. Chicago. 111. PercenUge register- 
ing deTlce. 2,633.819. Apr. 7. 
Brown, Andrew <;., Maywood, assignor to The Orlfllth 
1 Laboratories. Inc.. Chicago. 111. Weighing scale. 
I •J.«39.912. May 26. 
Brown, Arthur, assignee : Bee — 

Spearman. Carl L. 
Brown, Barremore B. : Bee — 

Donal, John S.. Jr., Smith, and Brown. 
Brown ItarrfMiior*- B.. Lanca«ter, I'a.. assignor to Ra- 
dio Torporation of America. Dispenser cathode. 
l! 2.647.216. July 28. 

\Brown. Bernard A., and L. A. Ericlcson. Dayton. Ohio, 
assignors to General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mlth. 
Machine for operating on briquettes. 2,664,018, Dec. 

29 ^ 

Brown, Bertram M., Pawtuclcet. R. I., assignor to Rosbro 
Plastics Corporation. Ornamenting articles. 2,64o,049, 
July 14. 
Brown, Betsy O.. executrix : Bee — 

Brown, David B. 
Brown k Uigelow. assignee : Bee — 
(Jruber. Francis b. 
Winford. Orion P. 

Vierling. John A. . ,., 

Brown. Boverl & Cie.. Alctlengesellschaf t. asslgme : Bee — 

Katzent>erger, Bernhard. 
Brown Boyd I»., San Francisco, Calif. Electrical low 

pre!»8nr»> flat tire indicator. 2.64^.519, Aug. 18. 
Brown-Bridge Mills. Inc., The, assignee : Bee — 
Holt. Frederlcic W.. Jr.. Bench, and Ernst. 
Brown Brocltnieyer Company, The, assignee: Bee — 
Brown, Steffen S. 
Oaver. John D. 
Brown Brothers & Co. Umlted, assignee : Bee — 
Mitchell. Colin C. 
Waterston, James R. C. 
Brown. Caleb C. Jr.. executor : Bee — 

Sacrey. Klmer P. i 

Brownk< arlton F.. assignee: Bee — 

K^f Edward. 
Brown. Charles A., St. Louis County, assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to International Oil Burner Company, St. 
Louis, Mo. Multiple easeous fuel burner and secondary 
air feed baflfle. Re. 23,721, Oct. 13. 
Brown, Charles B., Washington, D. C. E. P. Cox. Albu- 
queraue. N. Mei.. R. MacHenry Prospect Park. Pa., 
and E. Flnkl<\ Washington, D. C. Apparatus for re- 
covering practice torpedoes. 2.641,780, June 16. 
Brown. Chas.. Display Inc., assignee : Bee — 

McColl. Thomas P. 
Brown. Charles H.. Breckenrldge, Tex. Implement tool 

bar clamp. 2,640,718, June 2. 
Brown. Charles H.. Br«'ckenridge, Tex. Plow and mold- 
board adjustment for ditch j^lgging plows. 2.641.071. 
June 9 /^ 

Brown. Charleji II.. Breckenfldge, Tex. Levee building 

marhine. 2,r)44.252. July 7. 
Brown. Charles 11.. Breckenrldge. Tex. Power steering 
and centering means for trailer wheels. 2,646,850, 
July 28. 
Brown. Charles H.. Breckenrldge. Tex. Moldboard ad- 
justment for V-type ditching machines. 2.648,919. 
Aug. 18. _ 

Brown. Charles 11., Breckenrldge. Tex. Fluid pressure 

operator for roll-over ."»rraper«. 2.648.921, Aiisr. 18. 
Brown. Charles L.. Jr.. Stamford, assignor to Electrolux 
Corporation, Old Greenwich. Conn. Suction nozzle 
with adjustable cleaning opening. 2.629,126. Feb. 24. 
Brown Charles R.. Glen Mills, and W. H. Leedecke, 
Yeadon, assignors to Westlnghouse Electric Corporation, 
East Pittsburgh Pa. Jet engine variable area exhaust 
nozzle. 2.637,163, May 5. 
Brown, Charles S. : ^ee — 

Montgomery. Charles W.. and Brown. 
Brown. Charles V W.. Brisbane. Queensland. Australia. 

Antiglare eyoshade. 2.648.S44, Aug. 18. 
Brown, <'lcero C. assignee : Bee — 
Potts Ernest L. 
Potts Ernest L.. and Scott. 
Brown. Cicero C. Houston, Tex. Valve. 2,630,178, 

Mar. 3. 
Brown. Cicero C. Houston, Tex. Method of and appara- 
tus for cementing wells. 2.630.179. Mar. 3. 
Brown. Cicero C, Houston, Tex. Valve. 2,642,140. 

June 16. 
Brown. Clrpro C. 'Houston. Tex. Method and apparatus 
for connecting well casings to liners. 2.644,523. July 7. 

Brown. Cicero C. Houston. Tex 

Aug. 25. 
Brown. Cicero C. Housto^, Tex 

2.660.248. Nov. 24. 

Well packer. 2,649,916 
Wellhead apparatus. 

Brown. Cicero C. and E. L. Potts. Houston. Tex., said 
Potts assignor to said Brown. Apparatus for cement- 
injf wells. 2.647..'S82. Aug. 4. 

Brown, Cicero C. and F. L. Scott. Jr.. Houston. Tex., said 
Scott assignor to said Brown. Hold-down slip assembly 
for well packers. 2.652,894, Sept. 22. 

Brown Citrus Machinery Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Harden. Carl. 
Wells. Lloyd A. 

Brown, Clarence J., and T. F. Scbwanda. assignors to 

Blue Ridge Textile Company. Inc., Bangor. Pa. Warp 

knitting machine tensioning device. 2.651.930, Sept. 15. 

Brown, Clayton W., Woodbury, N. J., and P. V. Keyaer, 

Jr., Douglaston, N. Y., assignors to Socony-Vacuum Oil 

Company, Incorporated. Tbermoregulator. 2,645,461, 

July 14. 

Brown. Clifford S., Wauwatosa, assignor to Hamilton 

Manufacturing Company. Two Rivers, Wis. Library 

shelf arranKement. 2.044.588. July 7. 

Brown. Corry L.. Kansas City. Mo. Inner boxcar door. 

2.624,921. Jan. 13. 
Brown, Curtis, Kentland, Ind. Vehicle door latch. 

2.64a.720, Jane 2. 

Brown. Dan A.. Long Beach, and J. H. Hurlbut. South 

(iate. assignors to Kheein Manufacturing Company, 

Richmonil. Calif. Safety gas valve. 2.650.706, Sept. 1. 

Brown, Daniel M.. assignor to Refrigeration Systems, Inc.. 

Chicago. 111. Vial rack. 2,641..'irt8. June 9. 
Brown. Darwyn I.. Hastings-on-Hndson. N. Y.. assignor 
to United States Steel Corporation. High-temperature 
steel. 2,631,096. Mar. 10. 
Brown. David. New York, N. T. Sand-anchoring device. 

2.643,843. June 30. 
Brown, David B., deceased, BelUnsham, Wash. : B. O. 
Brown, executrix of said D. B. Brown. Massage vi- 
brator. 2,639,707. May 26. 
Brown. Derrell E., Pacific Grove. Calif. Armrest attach- 
ment for vehicle seats. 2.650,650, Sept. 1. 
Brown. E. Y.. a.<»signe<» : Bee — 

Hobhins. Homer R. 
Brown, Earl H., Hibbing. Minn., assignor to Attapulgus 
Minerals k Chemicals Corporation. Concentration of 
oxidized iron ores by froth flotation In the presence of 
carbohydrate xanthates. 2.629,493, Feb. 24. 
Brown. Earl H.. Hibbing, Minn., assignor to Attapulgus 
Minerals & Chemicals Corporation. Concentration of 
oxidized iron cores by froth flotation In the presence 
of carbohydrate xanthates. 2.629,494, Feb. 24. 
Brown. Earl W., Miami, Fla. Automatic clutch. 2,642,167, 

June Ifl. 
Brown Edgar A^^. Aldan, Pa., assignor to Burroughs Add- 
ing Machine Company. Detroit. Mich. Mechanical bi- 
stable device. 2,658.972. Nov. 10. 
Brown. Ettniniid D, .Mamhester. assignor to T'nifed .Air- 
craft Corporation, East Hartford, Conn. Gas turbine 
combu.>ition chamber with variable area primary air In- 
let. 2.«5.'>.787. Oct. 20. 
Brown. Edmund V.. St. Catharines, Ontario. Canada. 

Tire luc. 2.649.885. Aug. 25. 
Brown. Edward, Memphis, Tenn. Scaffold stnicture. 

2,r>26.1.^<). Jan. 20. 
Brown, Edward A. : Bee — 

Bryant, Fred R., and Brown. 
Brown, Edward O.. assignee : Bee — 

MUler, Daniel W. 
Brown. Fxlward <}., and D. W. Miller. Lakewood. Ohio. 

Garbage disposal device. 2.624.515. Jan. 6. 
Brown. Edwin H . Elm Grove. Wis., assignor to Union 
Stock Yards & Transit Company. Chlcaeo. III. Method 
and apparatus for shipping and storing combustible 
gnses. 2.650.478. Sept. 1. 
Brown. Ellis M.. and E. H. Forss assignors to'John Oster 
Manufacturing Company. Racine. Wis. Electric hair 
clipper. 2.650.993. Sept. 1. 
Brown. Ethan A.. Boston, and C. W. Johnson. Bridge- 
water Mass. Winking sounding doll. 2.633.667. 
Apr. 7. 
Brown, Ethel C, Mission, Kans. Tampon. 2,629,381, 

Feb. 24. 
Brown. Eugene H. C. and P. A. Renner. assignors to 
Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc., Louisville. Ky. Meth- 
od and apparatus for detecting foreign bodies in con- 
tainers. 2.633.772. Apr. 7. 
Brown. Eugene H. C.. and I. I.,encowltz. a8.<5lenor8 to Joseph 
BI Seagram k Sons. Inc.. I.rf>uiHViI1e, Ky. Recurrent 
process controller. 2.641.316. June 9. 
Brown. Everett C. I^ouisville. Ky., and T, Finan. Provi- 
dence, R. I., assignors to Cheatham Electric Switching 
Device Company, Incorporated. Louisville, Ky. Auto- 
matic electric frog. 2,664.472. Dec. 29. 
Brown Plntube Company, assignee : Bee — 

Brown. John W.«Jr. | 

Brown. Fordyce M. : Bee — 

Morrison. Charles A., and Brown. 
Brown-Forman Distillers Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Scott, Henry L. 
Brown. Francis A.. Sangiis. Mass., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Portable gear tooth checking In- 
strument. 2.657,469, Nov. 3. 
Brown. Frank E.. Burbank. assignor to F. M. Turnbull, 
I.,os Angeles. Calif. Applicator for semisolid stick ma- 
terial. 2.626.847. Jan. 27. 
Brown. Frank E.. Burbank. assignor to F. M. Tnrnhull. 

1^8 Anirelps. Calif. Applicator 2.641.254. June 9. 
Brown, Frank E.. Burbank. assignor to F. M. Tnrnbnll, 

Los Angeles. Calif. Inhaler. 2.642,063. June 16. 
Brown. Frank E.. Burbank, assignor to F. M Turnbuil. 
I>os Aneeles. Calif Me«llcament vial. 2.644.452. July 7. 
Brown. Frank E.. Burbank, Calif. Cartridge ayrlnge. 

2.646.798. July 28. 
Brown. Frank E.. Burbank. assignor to P. M. Turnbull. 
Loa Angeles, Calif. Tank thermometer. 2,663,191. 
Dec. 22. 


Brown, Frank E., Burbank, assignor to F. M. Turnbull, 
Loa Angeles. Calif. Container for pharmaceutioda and 
the like. 2,663,461. Dec. 22. 

Brown. Frank E., Burbank, and P. M. Turnbull, Los 
Angeles, Calif, said Brown assignor to said Turnbull. 
Hypo«iermlc Injection assembly. 2,648.334, Aug 11 

Browi^ Frank J., assignor to Bastlan Bros. Co., Rochester, 
N. Y. Making colored embossed emblems. 2,625,064 
Jan. 13. . , . 

Brown, Prank K. : Bee — 

JenM'. George E.. Jr., Phipard. and Brown. 
Brown. Frank K., South Dartmouth, assignor to Research 
Lngiueering k Manufacturing. Inc.. New Bedford Mass. 
Fastener with slotted pilot portion. 2,624,228 Jan 6 
Brown Frank M.. and C. F. Albrecht, assignors to Gould- 
National Batteries, Inc., St. Paul, Minn. Outer cover 
for batteries. 2,629,759, Feb. 24. 
Brown, Fred C. : See — 

Stanley. William E., and BroWn. 
Brown, Fred K., assignee : Bee — 

Beck. Harry G. 
Brown, Gardner L., T. A. Johnson, and R. B Knlll as- 
signors to Wingfoot Corporation. Akron, Ohio 

'w**°°L"*^°'<*'"*°*f reclaim and preparation. 2,640,035. 
May 20. 

Brown, Gardner L., and T. A. Johnson, assignors to Wing- 
foot Corporation Akron. Ohio. Finishing reclaim rub- 
ber. 2.G4.-).817, July 21. 

^•"o^^^o T^?'"o*''^. ?A' ^" ^**'"«. W**- Easter basket. 
2,653,707, Sept. 29. 

Brown. Garnet L.. Jamison, Pa. Pry type closure remover 
with piercing prong. 2.643,500. Juno .fo. 

""o »?; oS^""^^ ^- Somerville. Mass. Making syringe tubes. 
2, 631, 033. Mar: J7. 

Brown, George F.;^ Shelburne Falls, Mass. Bomb cluster 
adapter. 2,625.880. Jan. 20. 

Brown, George H., Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Transmission line measuring 
system. 2.630,474, Mar. 3. * 

Brown, George H., Princeton. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Radio-frequency heating sys- 
tem. 2,635,176. Apr 14. ^ j it j» 

Brown. George H.. and W. C. Morrison. Princeton N J 
and E. W. Flosdorf, Forest Grove, Pa. ; said Brown and 
said Morrison assignors to Radio Corporation of America. 
Production of crystalline penicillin salts. 2,045,639, 
July 14. 

Brown. George H., Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 

.9;';,^°'"*^'°° ^^ America. Slotted antenna system. 
2.660,6* 4, Nov. 24. 

Brown. George P., Jr. : Bee — / 

Rlethof. George, and Brown. 

Brown. George T., Jr. : Bee — 

MacPhee, Paul A., and Brown. 

Brown George T.. Jr.. assignor to The National Cash 
Register Company. Dayton. Ohio. Printing stamp de- 
vice. 2,633,799. Apr. 7, ^ 

Brown George T.. Jr.; assignor to The-Natlonal Cash 
Register Company. Dayton. Ohio. Hand stamp type- 
setting device. 2,646,748, July 28. 

Brown, Gerald O., and H. E. Durcholr, deceased, Denver, 
Colo. : A. Dnrcholz. administratrix, assignor to said 
Brown. Device for retrieving spinners or the like. 
2.634,539. Apr. 14. 

Brown, Grant S.. Downers Grove, 111., assignor to Western 
Electric Company. Incorporated. New York. N Y Ap- 
paratus for controlling the plasticity of extrudable ma- 
terials In an extruding apparatus. 2.626,427, Jan 27. 

Brown k Green Limited, assignee : See — 
Gudgeon, Ronald P, 

Brown k Grist Company, assignee : See — 
Grist, Arthur W. 

Brftwn. Guy H.. Houston, Tex. Deflecting tool. 2,643,850 
June 30. 

®'^!? «'?« Harold J.. Indianapolis, Ind. Converter system. 
' 2.633,560. Mar. 31. 
Brown. Harold J.. Mattapolsett, assignor to Aerovox 

S««0?JlolJ'*5; ^^"^ Bedford, Mass. Electrical vibrator. 
2, 660, 6.39, Nov. 24 

Brown. Harold P., Akron. Ohio, assignor to The B F 
Goodrich Company, New York, N. Y. Replasticlzing 
polymeric metallocarboxylates. 2.626.248 Jan 20 

Brown Harold P., Akron, Ohio, assignor to The B P 
Goodrich Company, New York. N. Y. Preparation of 
plastic condensable alkyl acrylate polvmers and sub- 
sequent elasto-condensation thereof. 2.649.439 Aug 18 

Brown. Harold P., Akron, Ohio, assignor to The B F 
0<>odrich Company. New York. N. Y. Preparation of 
plastic condensable synthetic rubbers and subsequent 
elasto-condensation thereof. 2.662.874, Dec. 15 

Brqwn. Harrv L.. St. Paul, assignor to Minneapolis-Honey- 
well Regulator Company. Minneapolis. Minn Gyro- 
scope caging mechanism. 2.645.129. July 14. 

Brown. Henry, assignor to The T'dylite Corporation De- 
trolt. Mich. Electroplating of nlcfeel. 2^647.866 Aug 4 

Brown. Henry, assignor to The Udyllte Corporation, De- 
troit, Mich. Electroplating of nickel. 2,648,628, Aug. 

Brown, Henry, assignor to The Udyllte Corporation. De- 
troit. Mich. Electrodeposition of bright nickel, cobalt, 
and alloys thereof. 2.654.703. Oct. 6. 

Brown. Henry, and L. B. High, assignors to The Udyllte 
o -'■Jl*'!i^V°Il' Detroit. Mich. Electroplating of nickel. 
2,654.704. Oct. 6. 


^'"m'',"- Heorv B., Florham Park, X. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated, New York, N Y 
. Control for stepping mechanism. 2.630,465, Mar. 3' 
Brown, Henry R., Jr., Downev. Calif., assignor to North 

American Aviation, Inc. Potentiometer comDensatins 

machine. 2,657.296, Oct. 27. 
Brown. Herbert C. : Bee — 

Schlesinger, Hermann L, and Brown. 
Brown, Herbert F.. Cranford. and R. H. Maass, Madison, 

N. J., assignors to Standard Oil Development Comnany. 

Expansion Joint. 2,661,963, Dec. 8. 
Brown, Horace A., assignor to Hardsocg Pneumatic Tool 

Company, Ottumwa. Iowa. Swivel type air inlet and 

throttle valv«. 2,628,061. Feb. 10. 
Brown, Horace D. : See — 

Bogers. Edward F.. and Brown. 
Brown, Horace D.. Plainfield assignor to Merck ft Co., 

inc., Kahway. N. J. Insecticidal compositions compria- 

Ing benzyl or tetrahydrofurfuryl ester of mucochloric 

acid. 2 636,840 Apr. 28. 
Brown. Howard D.. Westfleld, N. J. Automatic winch 

rope winder. 2,662,703, Dec. 15. 
Brown. Howard S, Elyria. Ohio. Coin holder. 2.644,471. 

July (. / 

^'■.?'?;?.\ "o"^^ ^- ^^alfland. Calif. Fruit gathefer apron. 

2.<>49.»i8(). Aug. 25 , \ 

Brown, iregh H. : Bee— / . ^ 

Phillips, Vernon J., and Brown. 
Brown Hugh M., assignor to Clemson Agricultural College 

?ister"'2,6lS^ireg^2T''°' ^- ^- ^«""« •^^«"«^»»» 

Brown, Hugh M^ assignor to Clemson Agricultural Col- 
i^elg^iss" Nov 17°"°** ^'^"***°' ^- ^- Porosity tester. 

Brown. ' Hurlev L.. Kokomo. Ind. Moving figure wheeled 
toy. 2,629,203^ Feb. 24. 

Brown, Ivan G. O.. Yate, assignor to The British Vacuum 
Cleaner and Engineering Company Limited. Leather- 
head, England. Ribbon progressing and reversing 
device- 2,627,965. Feb. 10. 

Brown. Ivan G O.. Yate, assignor to The British Vacuum 
Cleaner andfrEnglneering Company Limited Leather- 
head. England. Electrical switch. 2,029.037 Feb 17 

Brown. James D.. Livingston. N. J., assignor to Bristol- 
M.ver8 Company. New York. N. Y. Carton closing ma- 
chine. 2.628,466. Feb 17. 

^""S^S;. ^«*™S? ^■' Orange, N. J. Educational device. 
J, 663, 091, Dec. 22. 

Brown, Jamei W.. Elizabeth, and C. E. Jahnlg. Red Bank. 
N. J., assignors to Standard Oil Development Company. 
Residuum coking and cracking. 2,6.'55,464 Oct 13 

Brown, Jean A., assignee : Bee — 
Taylor. Victor E. 

Brown Jesse B assignor to Bendlx Aviation Corporation, 
South Bend, Ind. Valve for controlling fluid to a plu- 
rality of devices. 2.624,361 Jan. 6 

^""2^?:. «'?v<'.*^° C- Upper Montclalr. N. J. Lid rack. 
2,633,994. Apr. 7. 

^''o'^^', J°,H ^i, ^PP®*" Montclalr, N. J. Skewer 
2.651,2.->1. Sept. 8. 

Brown. John H., Springfield, Mass. Beer tap. 2.644.619. 
July 7. 

Brown. John T. L.. Short Hills. N. J., assignor to Bell 
Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. New York N Y. 
Mercury dispenser. 2.634.028 Apr. 7 

Brown. John, T. L.. Short Hills, N. J., and W. B. Ellwood, 
assignors to, Bell Telephone I.^boratories Incorporated. 
New York, N. Y. Relay. 2,653.199, Sept. 22. 

Brown, John W., Jr.. Lakewood, assignor to Brown Fin- 
tube Company, Elyria, Ohio. Heat exchange type of 
tank heater. 2,640,086, June 2. f, tire u^ 

Brown, John W.. Jr., Lakewood, assignor to Brown Pln- 
V**** Company, Elyria, Ohio. Air cooler. 2,649,285. 
Aug. 18. 

Brown, John W.. Jr.. Lakewood, assignor to Brown Pln- 
tube Company, Elyria, Ohio. Gas burning heater with 
backdraft dlverter. 2.651,299, Sept. 8. 

Brown Joseph D., Eastche.ster, N. Y.. assignor to Poloron 
Products. Inc. Picnic Jug. 2.655.255. Oct. 13. 

Brown, Keith B.. San Gabriel, and P. E. Clark and C E 
Jackson. Alhambra. assignors to Turco Products. Inc.. 

nao^ia^^f^' ^*'^- Stripping of mirror backing. 
^,oo7,oo9. May 5. 

Brown, Keith B.. San Gabriel, and P. JE. Clark and C B 
Jackson. Alhambra. assignors to Turco Products. Inc . 

oa'iT^^^^tf' ^^^^- Stripping of mirror backing. 
^.637,670, May 5. 

Brown. Kenneth E, : Bee — 

Brown. Russell G.. and K. B. 
Brown. Kenneth R. : Bee — 

Bewick. Howard L.. and Brown. 
Brown. Kenneth W.. assignee : Bee — 

Lingane, James J. 

Brown. Laurie O.. Oamaru, Otago, and T. J. McKee 
Port Mapua. Nelson. New Zealand Production of fine 
aqueous dispersion of sulfur. 2.658.016, Nov. 3. 

Brown. Lawrence S.. Massapequa. N. Y.. assignor to The 
oD«rrv Corporation. Sheet stacking machine. 2,625 394 
Jan. 13. ' 

Brown, Lawrence W., Clinton. Mo 
2,63.'5.385. Apr. 21. 

T07 balloon. 



Valve «sa«mbl7. 

WIlliamB, Houston, 
*>.640,542. June 2. 

Brown, Leslie R., London. EngUnd, assignor to Interna- 
tional Standard Electric Corporation. New Yorli. N. Y. 
Conversion from direct ctirrent to double voice frequency 
ImpulslnK. 2,62rt.996. Jan. 27. 

Brown, Lite H., Thorndike, Mas*., assignor to Shellmar 
Products Corporation, Chicago, 111. Molded pulp car- 
ton. 2.636,600. Apr. 28. 

Brown, Linn P.. Jr., Pblladelphla, Pa. Damper and beater 
control system. 2,633,299. Mar. 31. 

Brown. Lowell N., Overland. Mo. Pneumatic hammer. 
2.653.901, Oct. 20. 

Brown, Lowell R. : 6'<« — 

Piper. Charles A., and Rrown. 

Brown, Luther E.. Greggton, and O. W. WlUiama, Houston, 
Tex. Well tester. 2,637.400, Mav 5. 

Brown, Luther E., Greggton, Tex. 
2.638,116, Mar 12. 

Brown, Luther E.. Oreggton. and O. W. 
Tex. Stdewall sample taking device. 

Brown. Martin L., Snreveport, La. Carrier. 2,629,527, 
Feb. 24. 

Brown, Merle M.. Princeton, asj^ignor. hy mesne assign- 
ments, to Marvel Specialty Company. Incorporated. Pa- 
ducab. Ky. Apparatus ^os'mending hosiery. 2.624,183, 
Jan. 6. * 

Brown. Morris C. Ponti»c. -Mich., assignor to Carter Car- 
buretor Corporation. St. Louis. Mo. Carburetor cooling 
structure. 2,628,824. FVb. 17. 

Brown, Ned C. L., Scottsville, assignor to General Rail- 
way Signal Company, iiocbester, N. Y. Switch ma- 
chine. 2.659.812. Nov. n. 

Brown. Newman T.. Edmonds, assignor to F. A. Mortimer. 
Seattle, Wash. Fireplace boating system. 2.642.859, 
June 2.'{. 

Brown, Norman F.. assignor to N. F. B. Displacement 
Pump Co. Limited. London. England. Free piston for 
use in eduction pipes of apparatus for raising liquid In 
wells. Be. 23.698. Aug. 18. 

Brown Oil Tools. Inc.. assignee : 8e« — 
Potts. Ernest L. 

Brown, Orwell W.. Port Credit, assignor to Ma.ssey-Hnrrls 
Co. Ltd.. Toronto, Ontario. (Janada. Welding apparatuii 
for plowshares. 2.636.105. Apr. 21. 

Brown, Owen, Los Angeles, Calif. Ornamented wood and 
manufacture. 2,634.534. Apr. 14. 

Brown. Owen. Los Angeles, Calif. Means and method 
for conducting warfare. 2.634,924, Apr. 14. 

Brown, Owen. Los Angeles. Calif. Intercooperative sys- 
tem for airborne and surface carriers. 2,639,107, May 

Brown. Owen. Los Angeles. Calif. Hydroaerlal landing 
and launching means, Including modus opi>randi. 

• 2,645.436, July 14. 

Brown. Paul : n*-**^ — 

Koensch. ISiirns. and Brown. 

Brown. Paul. Walpole. N. H., assignor to Packaging Ma- 
terials Corp. Corrugated paper. 2.627.484. Feb. 3. 

Brown. Paul C, Auburn, Ind. Tire and wheel carrier. 
2.631.764. Mar. 17. 

Brown. Paul \V. : See — 

Drobney. Joseph A., and Brown. 

Brown. Paul W.. Kansas City. Mo. Apparatus for holding 

Jan. 13. 


poultry during slaughtering. 2.624.911. 

'Brown. Peter H.. West Hartford. Conn, 
sheet and mattress. 2.630,587. Mar. 10. 

Brown. Ralph : Hee — 

Owen. Harold R., and Brown. 

Brown. Ralph. Fall Brook, assignor to Electrical Products 
Corporation. Los Angeles. Calif. Luminescent tube 
support for sign structures and the like. 2,629.814, 
Feb. 24. 

Brown. Ralph L.. and J. E. Vance, assignors to The 
Hoover Company. North Canton. Ohio. Suction cleaner 
casing assemhlv. 2.044,100. Julv 7 

Brown, Ralph W.. East St. LoUis. 111., assignor to Alumi- 
num Company of America, Pittsburgh, Pa. Precipita- 
tion of aluminum hydroxide. 2,653.858. Sept. 29. 

Brown. Ray M.. Chicago, 111. Magnetic fastener-holding 
device. 2,630,036. Mar. 3. 

Brown. Raymond L. : Hee — 

Price. Thoixlore R.. and Brown. 

BrowTL Richard B. : See — 

Walton. George M.. and Brown. 

"Brown, Robert A., assignor to Hickok Manufacturing Co. 
Inc., Rochester, N. Y. Necktie clajp. 2,627.636. Feb. 

Brown Robert B . assignor to T. R. Mantes, doing business 
as T. R. Mantes Company. San Francisco. Calif. Scale 
control switch. 2.629.03i. Feb. 17. 

Brown. Robert B.. Oreenville. S. C. Device for packaging 
flat flexible articles. 2.656.082, Oct. 20. 

Brown. Robert C. : See — 

Hart. Leo E.. and Brown. 

Brown. Robert C. Jni, trustee, assignee : See — 

Bumham, Edwin. ' 

Brown, Robert H.. Pulaski, Tenn. Torque converter. 
2,658,594. Not, 10. 

Brown, Robert L.. Leonia. assignor to Bendlx Aviation Cor- 
poration. Teterboro. N. J. Circuit breaker. 2.629.038. 
Feb. 17. 

Brown, Robert L.. Ferndale. Mich. Resilient stud fastener 
for cylindrical objects. 2.634,472. Apr. 14. 

Brown. Robert W. Nangatuck. Conn, assignor to United 
States Rubber Company. New York. N. Y. Synthetic 
rubber emulsion polymerizations at subfreexlng tem- 
peratures. 2,628.956. Feb. 17. 

Brown. Robert W.. West Los Angeles. Calif. Jet pump 
for hand vacuum cleaner for connection with air pres- 
sure hose, with suction produced by aspirating action. 
2.634.002. Apr. 14. 

Brown. Roger W., assignor to Cone Automatic Machine 
Company Inc., Windsor, Vt. Mechanism for adjust- 
ably correlating tool feed with rate of cutting of ma- 
chine tools. 2,659,020, Nov. 10. 

Brown, Roland, London, and L. H. N. Watton. New Mai- 
den, assignors to Block h Anderson Limited, London, 
England. Sheet delivery arrangement for hectographic 
copying machines. 2.658.450. Nov. 10. 

Brown, Roland K., Dalhart Tex. Vacuum cleaner cart. 
2.658,224, Nor. 10. 

Brown and Root. Inc.. assignee : See — 
McCullougb, Stirling £. 
White. Ross. 

Brown. Roy M. : See — 

Enochs, Jerome D., and Brown. 

Brown. Roy W.. assignor to The Firestone Tire & Rubber 
Company, Akron, Ohio. Apparatus for measuring the 
modulus of compression of rubberlike material. 
2.626.522. Jan. 27. 

Brown. Roy W., Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Covertlble 
nursery furniture. 2.627.298, Feb. 3. 

Brown. Roy W., assignor to The Firestone Tire k Rub- 
ber Company. Akron, Ohio. Aircraft undercarriage. 
2,646.948, July 28. 

Brown. Royce M.. Albuquerque. N. Mex. Water aerator for 
flsh containers. 2.628.447. Feb. 17. 

Brown. Russell G., Arnold, assignor to Aluminum Com- 
pany of America, Pittsburgh. Pa. Collapsible mandrel. 
2.633,978. Apr. 7. 

Brown. Russell O.. and K. E. Brown. Montague, Mlcb. 
C.un carrier. 2,047.667, Aug. 4. 

Brown. Russell H. : See — 

Krause, Jack II., and Brown. 

Brown, Russell H., Hammond. Ind., assignor to Standard 
Oil Company. Chicago. 111. Preparation of stable dis- 
tillate fuels from cracked stocks. 2.626.208. Jan. 20. 

Brown, Russell J., J. Downing, and W. H. Groombridge, 
Spondon, near Derby, England, assignors to British 
Ceianese Limited. Felted water-soluble cleansing tissue. 
2.048.635, Aug. 11. 

Brown, Ruth, New York, N. Y. .Sanitary bandage. 
2.640.483, June 2. 

Brown and Sbarpe Manufacturing Company, assignee : 
See — 

Holmes. Ossian G. 
Levesque, George N. 

Brown, Sol H.. San Francisco, Calif. Chair fitting de- 
vice. 2.048.910. Aug. 18. 

Bruce. Stanford P.. assignor to Wheel Trueing Tool Com- 
pany, Detroit. Mich. Grinding wheel dressing mecha- 
nism. 2.629,368. Feb. 24. 

Brown. Stanley C. : See — 

Crookston, Robwt R-. and Brown. 

Brown. StefTen S., assignor to The Brown-Brockmeyer 
Company. Dayton. Ohio. Selector switch. 2.664.473. 
Dec. 29. 

Brown. Tanner H.. Monterey, Calif. Hinge seat mortising 
Jig. 2,663 333 Dec. 22. 

Brown, TheoioreB., Berwyn, 111. Stack Jogger. 2.661,950, 
Dec. 8. 

Brown. Theophilus and O. Xckes. assignors to Deere & 
Company. Moline. III. Adjustable wheel and axle as- 
sembly for variable tread vehicles. 2.637,598, Mav 5. 

Brown. Theophilus. assignor to Deere & Company. >foline, 
111. Reversing and leveling means for two-way plows. 
2.644.385. July 7. 

Brown, Theophilus, assignor to Deere ft Company, Moline, 
III. Wheel and axle assembly for variable tread ve- 
hicles. 2.6,')5.410. Oct. 13. 

Brown, Thomas J., Muncle. Ind. Toolholder. 2,628.415, 
Feb. 17, 

Brown, Thomas W. F., Newcastle-on-Tyne. and H. G. Yates. 
Northumberland, assignors to T,he Parsons and Marine 
Engineering Turbine Research and Development Asso- 
ciation, Wallsend, England. Elastic fluid turbine sup- 
port. 2,643,078. June 23. 

Brown Trailers Inc., assignee : See — 
Tantllnger, Keith W. 

Brown. Wallace A.. Harper, assignor of one-half to W. L. 
McGinley. Dallas. Tex. Guard for sickle blade of har- 
vesting machines. 2.629.980. Mar. 3. 

Brown. Wallace M.. assignor to Kenworth Motor Truck 
Corporation. Seattle, Wa*h. Driven steerable bogey 
for miilfiaxle trucks. 2,648.392. Aug. 11. 

Brown. Walter E. : See — 

Harrison. Stuart A., and Brown. 

Brown. Walter J.. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Motor control 
. circuit. 2,840.959. June 2. 

Brown. Walter L., Lansdowne. Pa. Cold leather Insula- 
tion garment and fabric. 2.642.571. June 23. 

Brown. Walter O.. Detroit. Mich. Table leg pivot and 
latch mechanism. 2,625.454. Jan. 13. 

Brown, Walter T., Pittsburgh. Pa Coking a mixture of 
a carbonaceous material and a high boiling bituminous 
pitch. 2.656.309, Oct. 20. 



Brown. Walter T., Pittsburgh, Pa. Hermetic seal for 
coke oven doors. 2,662,053, Dec. 8. 

Brown. William : See — 

Campbell. John S.. Brown, and Douglas. 

Brown, William B., llasbrouck Heights, N. J., assignor 
to Radio Corporation of America. Mount for electron 
discharge devices. 2.G50.479, Oct. 20. 

Brown, William C, Lincoln, assignor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturing Company. Newton. Mass. Electron discharge 
device or the magnetron type. 2.624.861. Jan. 6. 

Brown, William C, Lincoln, assignor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturing Company, Newton Mass. Manufacture of 
electron-discharge devices. 2,632,231, Mar. 24. 

Brown, Wlili;iin C, Lincoln, assignor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturing Company. Newton, Alass. Electron-discharge 
svstem. 2,051,001. Sept. 1. 

Brown. William B. : See — 

Hoke, Richard P., and Brown. 
I^wson. Jolin W.. and Brown. 

Brown, William E., Anderson. Ind. assignor to General 
Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Engine starter 
control. 2,662,189, Dec. 8. 

Brown, William E., Patricia, Tex. Bale band tie buckle. 
2,048.880. Aug. 18. 

Brown, William E., Santa Ana, Calif. Cutterhead guard 
for vertical spindle sbapers. 2,642,104. June 16. 

Br..wn. William E.. D. C. Redlck. and C. E. McWilllams, 
Anderson, Ind., assignors to General Motors Corpora- 
tion. Detroit, Mich. Switch. 2,655,570, Oct. 13. 

Brown, William H., Manchester, assignor to United Air- 
craft Corporation, East Hartford, Conn. Centrifugal 
fuel supply means for Jet engine afterburners. 
2.659,196, Nov. 17. 

Brown. William N., Fort Wayne, assignor to Arnolt Corpo- 
ration. Warsaw, Ind. Tubular furniture construction. 

2.643.706, June 30. 

Brown, William N., Fort Wayne, assignor to Amolt Corpo- 
ration, Warsaw. Ind. Tubular furniture construction. 

2.643.707. June 30. 

Brown, William V., Flushing, assignor to Republic Avia- 
tion Corporation, near Kanningdale. N. Y. Pressure 
selecting Hvstem and mechanism. 2.655.941, Oct. 20. 
Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation, assignee : 
See — 

McKlnley. Billy S. 
Brown, Winthrop L.. Newburgh, Ind., and A. B. Foye, 
West Brldgewater. Mass., assignors to Bernardin Bottle 
Cap Co., Inc., Evansvllle, Ind. Steam chest for sealing 
machines. 2.628,757. Feb. 17. 
Brown. Winthrop L.. Newburgh. assignor to Bernardin 
Bottle Cap Co.. Inc.. Evansvllle. Ind. Apparatus for 
sealing closure caps on containers. 2,630,959. Mar. 10. 
Brown-Alien Chemicals Inc., assignee : See — 

Ravlch. I.,eonard K. 
Brown-Graves Company, assignee : See — 

Graves. Harold E., Jr. 
Browne. Archie S., Detroit, Mich. Reverse air flow con- 
vertUile household vacuum cleaner. 2.642,616, June 23. 
Browne. Charles M. : See — 

Gaiser Romey A., and Browne. 
Wanipier, Roy W.. and Browne. 
Browne, Frank A., Jr., Brookline, assignor to Transducer 
Corporation, Boston, Mass. Magnetic memory storage 
circuits and apparatus. 2,654,080, Sept. 29. 
Browne. Harry A.: See — 

Allyn. William N.. Cook, Browne, Scott, and Carroll. 

Browne. Jack. Shorewood, assignor to Diving Equipment 

and Supply Co.. Milwaukee. Wis. Quick-release screw 

clamp. 5,034,475, Apr. 14. 

Browne, James H.. Lisbon. Ohio. Pickup brushes for 

sweepers. 2,651,603, Sept. 15. 
Browne, Lindsay H., Weston, Conn., assignor to Ameri- 
can Brake Shoe Companv, Wilmington, Del. Pump. 
2.625,886. Jan. 20. 
Browne, Lindsay H., Weston, Conn., assignor to American 
Brake Shoe Companv, Wilmington, Del. Unloader for 
fluid compressors. 2,638,264, May 12. 
Browne. Lindsay H., Westport, Conn. Cake filler. 

2.659,320, Nov. 17. 
Browne, Paul W.. Roodhouse, and D. M. Piper, Greenfield, 

III. Disk carrying trailer. 2,657,938, Nov. 3. 
Browne, Thomas E. Jr. : See — 

Strom. .Mt>ert P.. and Browne. 
Brownell, Clifford E^ assignor to Lisk-Savory Corpora- 
tion. BufTalo, N. y. Galvanizing machine extracting 
mechanism. 2.646,772, July 28. 
Browner, William J.. San Francisco, assignor to Relaxa- 
cisor-Thermatone, Inc.. I^os .\ngeles, Calif. Therapeu- 
tic electrode. 2,651.304, Sept. 8. 
Browner, William J., San Francisco, assignor to Relax- 
achor. Inc.. Los Angeles. Calif. Device for treatment 
of the muscles of the upper torso. 2,661,744, Dec. 8. 
Browneve. Martin : See — 

Helms, Laurence C, T. R. Helms, and Browneye. 
Brownfleld, Warren S. : Sre — 

Bllckonderfer. Charles. Jr.. and Brownfleld. 
Brownhlll. Frank D.. and P. H. W. Wolff. Rugby, assignors 
to The English Electric Company Limited. London. Eng- 
land. Cooling of gas turbine rotors. 2,656,147. Oct. 20. 
Browning. Daniel D. : See — 

Bezman. Irving I., and Browning. 
Browning. Earl L. : See — 

Sanabria. Ulises A., Taylor, and Browning. 

237243— P 7 

Browning^ Fletcher W.. Knoxrille. Tenn. V-belt abeare. 

2,633.'aSl. Apr. 7. 
Browning, George V., Schenectady, N. T.. and G. M. Webb, 
Western Spriugs. assignors to Standard Oil Company, 
Chicago. 111. Grease preparation. 2,636,001, Apr. 21. 
Browning, George, Wilmette, assignor to 8nnl>eam Corpo- 
ration, Chicago, III. Retractable flatlron supporting 
mechanism. 2.637,127, May 5. 
Browning, George. Wilmette. assignor to Sunbeam Corpo- 
ration. Chicago, 111. Snap action sadiron lift. 2,642,682. 
June 23. 
Browning, John B. : See — 1 

Fetrow Gene B.. and Browning. 
Browning. John N., assignor to Browning Manufacturing 
Company. Inc.. MaysviUe. Ky. Variable pitch sheave. 
2,633.031. Mar. 31. 
Browning Manufacturing Company. Inc., assignee : See — 

Browning, John N. 
Browning, Richard L.. Euclid, assignor to Victor R. 
- Browning A Company, Incorporated. WUloughby, Obib. 

Brake mechanism. 2,852,132. Sept. 15. 
Krowning, Samuel D.. Baldwin, assignor to Mackay Radio 
and Telegraph Company. New York. N. Y. Dual chan- 
nel telegraph system. 2,650,266, Aug. 25. 
Browning, Val A., Ogden. Utah. Cartridge carrier for re- 
peating shotguns.' 2 656,475, Jan. 27. 
Browning, Val A., Ogden, Utah. Trigger safety for fire- 
arms. 2,657,490 Nov. 3. 
Browning, Victor R., k Company, Incorporated, assignee : 
See — 

Browning, Richard L. _ 

Browning, yirginia B., Chicago, IlL Handbagv corer. 

2,653,640. Sept. 29. 
Brownlee, Robert L.. Mokena, III. Timber saw. 2,635,649, 

Apr. 21. 
Brownlie, John. Freeport. R. Gerstenzang, Brooklyn. N. Y., 
and A, C. Blarney. Rutherford, N. J. ; said Blamey as- 
signor to said Brownlie and said Gerstensang. Window 
casement construction. 2,645,316, July 14. 
Brownjstein, Louis : .See — 

Kurnick, Abraham, and Brownstein. 
Brownstein, Louis, assignor to C. S. Products, Inc., 
New York, N. T. Carpet-securing device. 2,634,453, 
Apr. 14. 
Broxon, James W. : See — 

Jesse. William P.. and Broxon. and Hinch. 
Broyles. Alvln C, Tulsa, Okla., assignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Inhibiting storage tank corro- 
sion. 2.639.971. May 26. 
Broyles, Neva I., Cashmere, Wash. Sleeper toy. 

2,647.195, July 28. 
-Broz. Ethel E.. Euclid. Ohio. Display device. 2,649,970, 

Aug. 25. 
Brubaker, Damon P.. and F. E. Woodley. San Bernardino. 
Calif., assignors to The National Cash Register Com- 
pany, Baltimore. Md. Ordinally-selective key-respon- ' 
sive cycle initiating mechanism. 2.654,539. Oct. 6. 
P.rubaker, Ezra O.. assignee : See — 

Berstler. Francis E. 
Brubaker, John A., assignor to Haughton Elevator Com- 
pany, Toledo, Ohio. Hydraulic safety device for acrew 
elevators. 2,627,321, Feb. 3. 
Bfubaker. John W.. Palos Verdes Estates. M. C. Sant, 
Los Angeles and C. N. Scully. Pasadena. Calif., as- 
signors to North American Aviation, Inc. Gyro bear- 
ing. 2,625.045. Jan. 13. 
Brubaker, Merlin M., Cbadds Ford. Pa., assignor to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington. Del. 
Pol.vmeric polyhydroxy esters and producing the same. 
2.630,422, Mar. 3. 
Brubaker. Merlin M., Chadds Ford, Pa^ and R. N. Mac- 
Donald. New Castle, assignors to E. I. du Pont de 
Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. N-carboanhy- 
drldes and polymers therefrom. 2.644 808. July 7. 
Bruce. Alois P. Delavan. Wis. Pump. 2,633,804. Apr. 7. 
Bruce, Donald S. : Bee — 

Havemann, Robert Ay and Brace. 
Bruce. Donald 8., P. W. Herrllnger. and H. L. Heise, Troy, 
Ohio, assignors to The Gummed Products Company. 
Multiple layer stay tape. 2,651.588. Sept. 8. 
Bruce, B. L., Company, assignee : See — 
Jones, Leslie.!!. 
Kltterman. John E. 
Bruce Engineering Corporation, assignee : See — 

Bruce, John K., and Long. 
Bruce. Ernest G.. deceased, late of Philadelphia. Pa., by 
The Pennsylv:inia Company for Banking and Trusts, 
Philadelphia. l*a.. administrator. Suspension for auto- 
mobiles and other vehich-s. Aug. 25. 
Bruce, John K., South Pasadena, assienor to Produc- 
tion Aids. Inc.. North Hollywood. Calif. Palletizer. 
2.633.251. Mar. 31. 
Bruce. John K.. South I'asadena. and W. E. Ix>ng. Bell- 
flower, assignors, by mesne assignments, to Bruce Engi- 
neering Corporation, Pasadena. Calif. Can marking 
machine. 2.635,531. Apr. 21. 
Bruce. John N., Edgewood. Md.. assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
the Army. Self-sealing coupling. 2.637.572. May 0. 
Bruce. Ralph E., and R. S. Goebel, assignors to Prodnctlon 
Control Units, Dayton, Ohio. Liquid metering dispenser. 
2,631.437, Mar. 17. 



98 ^ 


Bruce. Stanford I*., analfnor to Wheel Trueinjt Tool Com- 
pany Detroit, Mich. Grinding wheel dresaing mecba- 
nUm. 2.630.109. Mar. 3. „ .. .. ^., 

Bruce, William A.. TuUa, Okla., aasignor to Standard Oil 
Development Company. Cut point determination In 
pip«-llne batching. ;^.«54,0tJ7, Sept. 29. 

Bruce. William V. : See — 

SiatM), Joaeph L.. and Bruce. ,,„.,, _,.„ 

Bruce, William F.. Havertown. and J. S«>lfter. Willow 
Qrove I'a aaalKnorti, by niettne a.isignmenta. to Ameri- 
can liome'Productn Corporation. New York. N. T. Sub- 
stituted glyclnainides. 2,664 764 Oct. 6. nnAo-,nA 

Bruch. Wijlar.l It.. Yreka. Calif. Flower box. 2.048.1G4, 
.\ui: 11. . ^ ^. ^ . 

Bruchhausen. Werner. Dortmund. Germany. Electric 
table. 2.6G2.96fi, Dec. 15, 

Bruck, Oe^irge G., iissigncir to Specialties, I^ic, Syosset. 
N Y. Means and metkort for aa-sembllng electric cir- 
cuit coaaponenta. 2,647.224. July 28. ' , „ 

Bruck fle^rl. I*ari«, France. a««l<inor to Compagnle Gen- 
eral© de Teh'jn-aphle Sana Fll. Focusing device for elec- 
tron microBCopea. 2,632,115. Mar. 17. 

Bruckor. Henry J. : See — 

Klausmnnu. Milton H.. and Bnicker. . ^ „, ^. 

Brucker, Mltton. Loa Angelea. aaaifnor to Zenith Plaatlci 
Co Gardena. Calif. Making molded realnoui product*. 
2,633,606, Apr. 7. ™ „ . . , ». 

Brucker, Walter A., Miami. Fla. Bookkeeping mecha- 
ninm. 2,655,390. Oct. 13. ^ .^ ». . ^ .» ^ 

Bnickman William C. BerRenfleld. M. A. Kreltchman. 
Irvlncton and W. J.' Olson. Bloomfleld. N. J., asalsmors 
to Fpdera'l Teb'phone and Itadlo Corporation, New York. 
N Y Washing machine provided with resilient vibra- 
tion control door sealing means. 2.643.538. June 30 

Bruckmann. Taul M. W.. Alpine N J., assignor to The 
De Vlore« Company. Inc.. New York, N. Y. Fluid pump.'il.264. St-pt. 8. ,, . , . ,«^ 

Bruckmann. Paul M. W.. Alnlne, N. J., awlffnor to The 
de Florex Company. Inc., New York. N. Y. Coughing 
valve. 2.659.364. Niw. 17. . .r,v vr »w 

Bruckner. Walter. Garfield Heights, assignor to The North- 
ern Blower Company, Cleveland. Ohio. Method and 
apparatus for actuating dust collectors. 2.033,206, 
Nlar. 31. 

Bruder Elsert Aktlengesellschaft. assignee : Bee — 
Kohn, Maximilian. 

Bruderlin. Bmll J . Amarlllo. Tex., assignor to American 
Smelting and R.^fining Company -'l^w ,}*^>rJ^. -^-^ ^• 
CharKlnn hori/ontnl xlnc retorts. 2.633.257 Mar. 31. 

Brueckenbau Flender 0. m. b. H., assignee : Bee — • 

Rledel. Erich. „ . . . ., 

Breeder Antolae. assignor to Soclete Anonyme Anare 
Citroen Paris. France. Device having the dual func- 
tion of electromagnetic clutch and alternator. 
2 r.U. no.'. Jill V 7 ^^ ^ , 

Bruegger. Em«wt. MassUlon. Ohio, asslenor to The Orls- 
com Russell Company, New York, N. Y. Making fin 
tubing. 2.661.526. Dec. 8. « « ^ 

Bruene^ Alfred J., Chicago. 111. Exerciser. 2,63.. 319. 
May 5. „ 

Bruene. Warren B., assignor to Collins Radio Company. 
Cedar Kaplds. Iowa. Time delay circuits. 2.035.213. 
Apr. 14. 

Bruengger. Helnrlch : See — 

Graenacher, Charles. Bruengger, and Slegrlst. 

RnieHoh. Hoy G. : See — 

Banhammer. Tltu.s. and Brnesch. 

Bruestle. Carl O.. Metuchen. assignor to Syncro Machine 
Company. Perth Amboy. N. J. Stranding machine. 
2.rt'<4.574. Apr. 14. . ^ ». ».. 

Hrufstie Carl O.. Metuchen, assignor to Syncro Machine 
Company. P.rth Amboy. N. J. Reel arbor lock. 
2.662.702. Dec. 15. ^, ,, ^, 

Bruestlo, I'arl O., Kahwa.v. assignor to Syncro Machine 
Company. Perth Amboy, N. J. Cable reel take-up. 
2.641.413. June 9. 

Bruestle, William P. : See— 

Rechtin, Clarence R.. and Bruestle. 

Bniffev. Carroll W.. CharlotteHville, Va. .Apparatus for 
raising and Hupportlng a Inwn mower and including 
hlnde sharpening means 2 (557.^p2. Nov. 3 

Hrugeer. Ervln A.. Newton. Iowa, assignor to Koehrlng 
Companv Milwaukee. Wis. romblnation crane and 
bnlldoier! 2.647.331. Aug. 4. 

Bruljnlng. Hugo O.. Eindhoven. Netherlands, assignor 
to Hartford National Hank and Trust Company, Hart- 
ford, Conn, as trustee Hlch-frequency transformer 
for the transmission of electric Impulses. 2.645.746, 

July !•* ... 

Bruins Paul F.. Douglaston, asslpior. by mesne assign- 
ments t(» Christl.m Missions Foun<latlon. Inc., New 
York S'. Y. Producing Bi8.Tl fiber and wnx. 2.649,624. 
Autf. 2.". 

Bmlns. Paul F.. Douglaston. N. Y.. E. P. Wilkinson. Dallas. 
Tex., and E. P. Rtttershatisen. Hempstead, nswignors fi> 
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. lncorporate<l. New York. 
N. Y. Esterlfled Hromatle hydrocarbon plasticizers and 
compositions containing same. 2.642.407. June 16. 
• Bruins, Paul F.. Douglaston. N. Y.. E. P. Wilkinson. Dallas. 
Tex.' and B. P. RIttershausen, Hempstead, assignors to 
Socony-Vacuum Oil Company. Incorporated. New York. 
N. Y. 1 2-ethyl-hexanol-l esters of' the Frledel-Crafts 
malelc anhvdrlde-aromatlc hydrocarbon adducts and 
process. 2,642,455. June 16. 

Brukner, Clayton J.. Troy. Ohio, assignor to The Waco 
Aircraft Company. Aircraft landing gear. 2.652,215,^ 
Sept. 15. 

Hrulln, Laurence W. : See — 

W'lllls. Sumner C. and Brulln. 

Bnunagln, Ivan S., Warren, Pa. Agitator drive assembly. 
2.627.171. Feb. 3. 

Brambaugh, Chester C. PalnesvlUe. assignor to Diamond 
Alkali Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Kiln lining. ' 
2.6.r'S.865. Apr. 21. 

Brumbaugh, Harold C. assignor of one-third to M. E. 
Krueger. and one-third to H. Heltzel, Portland, Oreg. 
Collapsible trailer. 2.639.185. May 19. r 

Urumtmugli, Isaac V., Clayton. Mo. Valve. 2,026.160,1 
Jan. 20. I 

Brumbauch, Isaac V.. Clayton, Mo. Graduated universal' 
valve for gas appliances with ported sleeve. 2.650,610, "* 
Sept. 1. 

Brumbaugh, Isaac V.. Clayton, Mo. Graduated universal 
valve for gas apoliances. 2,650,612 Sept. 1. 

Brumbaugh. Isaac v.. Clayton, Mo. Graduated universal 
valve for gas appliances with slitted sleeve. 2,650,Gi;i. 
Sept. 1. 

Rrumbuugh. Isaac Y.. Clayton. Mo. Graduated universal 
valve for gas appliances with Interconnected sleeve. 
2.»>.-,n,fil4. Sept. 1. 

Bruml)erger. Louis, assignor to Mercury Sportswear, Inc., 
New liaven. Conn. Stitching mechanism for Joining 
cords or the like with a fabric. 2.648,304. Aug. 11. 

Brummer Manufacturing Corporation, assignee : See — 
llelmbnrh. Elmer F. 

Brummer. Olln. Chicago Heights. 111. Oil seal means or 
the like. 2.647.002. July 2^. 

Brllmmerhoff. Walter^ Remscheld Lennep. assignor to 
Johann VaiUant Kommandltgesellscbaft. Remscheid, 
Germany. Device for controlling the fuel supply of 
heating plants fired with gaseous or liquid fuels, par- 
ticularly gas-fired liquid heaters. 2,663.501, Dec. 22. 

Brump, Herbert L.. Dayton Ohio., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Etc Inc.. Nlles. Mich. Thermal overload 
switch. 2,636.099. Apr. 21. 

Brunand. Andr4, Lyon, assignor to Soclete Anonyme 
styled : Compagnle Electro-Mecanique. Paris, France. 
Sfator wlndlnc machine 2 647.R96. Aug. 4. 

Brunansky. Steve J., and H. Forsythe, Gary, Ind. Han- 
dling sheets delivered from a dipping tank. 2,653,697. 
Sept. 29. 

Brunberg, NIta C, assignee: See — 
Bninl)»«rg. Paul E. 

Brunberg. PauJ E.. assignor, by mesne assignments, of 
one-half to N. C Brunberg, Detroit, Mich. Gas con- 
trol valve. 2,656.856. Oct. 27. 

Brundape. Albert P.. deceased Walden. N. Y. ; I. D. Brun- 
dage. administratrix of said A. P. Brundage. Appa- 
ratin for fishing through Ice. 2.667,494, Nov. 3. 

Brundage. Clinton F. : See — 

Jacobson. Irving, Brundaf^e, and Moore. 

Bmndage. Isabel D., adniiulstratrii : See — 
nrun<laire. .\ll>ert I' 

Brundage. John H.. Cocoa, Fla., assignor to International 
Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. Switching sys- 
tem. 2,663.010, Dec. 15. 

Brundrett. George A. : Sec — 

Funkhoufier. Mearick. and Brundrett. 

Brundrett. George A.. Dayton. Ohio, assignor to General 
Motors Corporstlon. Detroit, Mich. Shock absorber. 
2.626.6S,''., Jan. 27. 

Bruner Corporation, assignee: Bee — 
Palmer. Vernon J., and Judell. 

Bruner. George W.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
\. Vonnejnjt, Indianapolis. Ind. Sander bead. 
2.f,27.7(>.-.. Feb. 10. 

Bruner. Harold K. : K»r— 

^ke. Elmer A., and Bruner. 

Brun#r. Walter M.. assignor to B. I. du Pont de Nemours 
h Company. Wilmington. Del. Sodium sulfate of highly 
branched primary heptadecanol. 2.633.473. Mar. 31. 

Bruner. Walter M., and J. C. Lehr. n.sxignors to B. I du 
Pont de Nemours A Company. Wilmington. Del. Paint 
and varnish remover. Mar. 3. 

Bruner. Walter M.. and H. M. Kvalnes. assignors to E. I. 
du 5'ont de Nemours & Compan.v. Wilmington. Del. 
Preparation of melamlne-formaldehyde reaction prod- 
ucts. 2.640.041. May 26. 

Bruner, Walter M.. and J. C. Lehr. assignors to B. I. du 
Pont de Nemours & Company. Wilmington. Del. Textile 
size comprising an aqueous solution of urea and a poly 
alpha-alkyl acrylic acid or a partial salt thereof. 
2,646,412. July 21. 

Brunlng. Charles, Company. Inc., assignee: See — 
Arndt, John P.. Hrnby, and Scbulze. 

Brflnlng. Eberhard. Leverkusen-Bayerwerk. D. Delfs. I>>- 
verkusen, and G. Snielberger. Leverkusen-Bayerwerk, 
assignors to Farbeniabrlken r>ayer. Leverku.sen. Ger- 
many. Manufacture of a,0-dimethylbenzylhydroperox- 
Ide. 2,655.545. Oct. 13. 

Brunlng. Ralph R.. Ellswortb. Kana. Endgate. 2^630,688. 
Apr. 21. 

Brunlngs. Karl J., Jackson Heights. R. J. Feeney. Brook- 
lyn, and I. A. Solomons. Ill, Garden City, assignors to 
Ohas. Pflier & Co.. Inc . Brooklyn. N. Y. Recovery of 
vitamin Bu. 2.631,904. Mar. 17. 



for con- 

Brunk. Harold J., assignor to The C. F. Pease Company, 
Chicago. 111. Cylindrical pbotoprlnting machine. 
2.641.980. June 16. 

Brunk, Leslie L^ assignor to Renberles Products Co., De- 
troit, Mich. Distributor plate. Re. 23,749, Dec. 1. 

Brunnell, William S., assignor to Boyar-Schultz Corpora- 
tion, Chicago, 111. Deep drilling attachment. 2,64o,952, 
July 21. 

Brunner. Albert. Jennings, assignor to Wagner Electric 
Corporation, St. Louis. Mo. Disk type fluid pressure 
seal. 2.656,680. Oct. 27. 

Brunner. Paul, assignor to Aktlengesellschaft Fuer 
Technische Studlen. Zurich, Swluerland. Heat supply 
regulation of thermal power plants. 2.645,083, July 

Brunnhoelzl. William. Deep River, Conn. Combined flash- 
light and emergency light. 2.647,254, July 28. 

Bruno. Anthony J.. Jr.. assignor to Pittsburgh Coke & 
Chemical Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. Esteriflcatlon 
proceed. 2.628.249. Feb. 10. 

Brans, Herbert F. : See — 

Gullixson. Harold R., and Bruns. 

Bruns, Hert)ert F.. assignor, by mesne assignments, to 
Ditto, Incorporated, Chicago. 111. Stack support for 
sheet feeders. 2.652.249. Sept. 15. 

Bruns. William H.. Llncolndale. and S. Darts, Brooklyn, 
assignors to Otis Elevator Company, New York, N. Y. 
Closure operator control mechanism. 2,634,828, Apr. 

Brunson Instrument Co., assignee : Bee — 
Moore, William D. 

Brunstruni. Lawrence C, Flossmoor. assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Company. Chicago, III. Nonfretting antifriction 
b«»arlng. 2,647,807, Aug. 4. 

Brunsvlga Maschlnenwerke Aktlengesellschaft, assignee : 

Jordan. Kurt, and Nenmann-I^eilus. 
BrnnSTOld. Erick G., Hatton. N. Dak. Loading machine 

for partially filled bags. 2.646.162 July 21. 
Brunswlck-Balke-Collender Company, Tne, assignee : Bee — 
Anderson. Robert I. 
Breen. Lloyd S. 
Hedenskoog. Ernest. 
Montootli. (Jeorge A. 
Brusca. Joseph L. : See — j 

Palmgren, Per O., and Brusca; 
Brush, Alanson P., Detroit. Mich. Apparatus 
trolling the operation of domestic water 
"^ 651 2o9 Sept 8 
Brush. ClyJe E..' Oakland. Ctillf. Box magazine for fire- 
arms. 2.6r>.">,7."»4. Oct. 20. 
Brush Development Company. The. assignee 
Begun, Semi J. , 

Kornei. Otto. I 

Lynch. Thomas E. 
I'age. Jlarcy C. 

Siegvarl. Andrew, and Qravley. 
Wdliains. Alfre<l I.. W. 
iBrusienskl. Paul B.. Ramona. Calif. Hand pressure re- 
leased container ot>enlnt:. 2.6."i2.169, Sept. !.'». 
Bruske. Walter J.. Fall Creek. Wis. Jaw trap latch dog 
bracket pan assembly and delayed-action guard. 
, 2.64.V876. July 21. 
Bruski. Victor C. : See— 

Goerlng. Kenneth J., and Bruski. 
Bruson. Herman A., Shaker Heights, assignor to Industrial 
Rayon Corporation. Cleveland, Ohio. Acr.vlonitrlle poly- 
mers. 2,631,995. Mar. 17. 
Bruson. Herman A., Shaker Heights, assignor to Indus- 
trial Rayon Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio. Handling 
polymeric compositions. 2,649.3.'>6. Aug. 18. 
Bruson. Herman A.. Shaker Heights, assignor to Indus- 
trial Rayon Corporation, Cleveland. Ohio. Copolymers 
of acrylonltrlle and basic acrylamldes. 2.649,438, Aug. 
Brnson. Herman A.. Shaker Heights, and T. W. Rlener. 
Roekv River, assignors to Industrial Ravon Corporation. 
Cleveland, Ohio. Preparing glycldol. 2,036.040. Apr. 21. 
Brusseau, <;ene R. : .*>>*> — 

Hazzard. Joseph V., and Brusseau. 
Brussel. Sophia L.. co-executor, assignee : Bee — 

Mclveod, Roy D. 
Brusteln. Sam. Akron. Ohio. Garbage can support. 

2.661.921. Dec. H. 
Brutsch A Co.. assignee: See — 
Schelwlller. Karl. 

Bruun. Otto J.. Slough. EJngland. Cup-shaped foil cnrwulo. 
2.641,402, June 9. 

Bruynzeel's Deurenfabrlek N. V. of Pleter Ghljsenlaan, as- 
signee : See — 

Staartjes, Johannes, 

Bryan, Freel F., Buffalo. N. Y. Device for facilitating 

the swallowing of nllls, tablets, capsules, and the 

like. 2.656,837. Oct. 27. 
Bryan. George W.. assignor to Electro-Hydraulics Llm- 

ite<l, Warrington. England. Airplane landing gear. 

2.661,916. Dec. 8. 

Bryan, James S., assignor to Phllco Corporation. Phila- 
delphia. Pa. Electromagnetic deflection yoke. 2.C30.314. 
May 19. 

Bryan, John W. Traphlll. N. C. Crossed leg folding table 
or tray. 2,652,299. Sept. 15, 



Bryaus, Harry C, Three Rivers. Quebec, assignor to 
Canadian International Paper Company, Montreal, Que- 
bec, Canada. Roll crimping machine. 2,660.846, 
Dec. 1. 

Bryant. Austin U. : Bee — 

Grove. Marvin H.. and Bryant. 

Bryant. Austin U., Berkeley, Calif., assignor, by riesne as- 
signments, to M A J Kngineering Co. Fluid pressure 
operated positioning apparatus for motor valves. 
2,627.249. Feb. 3. 

Bryant, Austin D.. Berkeley, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Grove Regulator Company. Oakland, Calif. 
Valve construction. 2.630,326. Mar. 3. 

Bryant. Austin U., Berkeley, assignor to Grove Regulator 
Company, Oakland. Calif. Liquid flow system and ap- 
paratus. 2,643,670. June .30. 

Bryant, Austin D., Berkeley, Calif., assizor, by mesne 
assignments, to M A J Engineering Co. Gas now con- 
trol apparatus. 2.650.607. Sept. 1. 

Bryant, Austin U., Berkeley, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Grove Regulator Company. LmeryvlUe (Oak- 
land). Calif. Valve construction. 2,001.762, Dec. 8. 

Bryant, Carrel C. : aee — 

Hunter, Heury M., and Bryant. 

Bryant Chucking Grinder Company, assignee : See — 
Arms, Merton II., and Barnard. * 

Arms. Merton H., and Grobey. 
Gates, Uesslar H. 

Bryant. Corwin W., Downers Grove, assignor to Crane Co.. 
Chicago, 111. Valve actuatnig mechanism. 2,624,044, 
Jan. 6. 

Bryant. Corwin W., Downers Grove, assignor to Crane 
Co., Chicago, 111. Valve stem locking device. 2.635.906. 
Apr. 21. 

Bryant, Dennis G.. Paducah. Ky. Combination furniture. 
2.631.302, Mar. 17. 

Bryant. Donald D., Huntington, W. Va. Snap-on dust 
guard. 2.638.363. May 12. 

Bryant, Donald D., Huntington, W. Va. Journal box lid. 
2,642,320, June 16. 

Bryant, Edmond V., Parma, Ohio. Baby cup. 2,640,337, 
June 2. 

Bryant. Fred R.. and E. A. Brown, Shafter, Calif. Liquid 
fertiliser feeder for irrigation systems. 2,630,249. 
Mar. 3. 

Bryant. Harold W., Kenmore. N. Y., assizor to E. I. do 
Pont de Nemours and Company. Wilmington. Del. 
Polymerization control of vinyl acetate utilizing hydro- 
gen peroxide. 2,662.878. Dec. 15. 

Bryant. James M.. assignee- : See — 
Galyord, John A. 

Bryant, Lorton W.. Connersvllle. Ind.. assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Dresser Industries. Inc. Shaft sealing 
device for pumps, compressors, and similar apt>aratus. 
2.04.'?.141. June 23. 

Bryant, Otis F.. Bismarck, N. Dak. Calculating calendar. 
2.649.24K, Aug. 18. 

Bryant. Paul M., Akron. Ohio. Tooth paste dispenser hav- 
\ne tooth-brush-receiving recesses. 2,<)33,271. Mar. 31. 

Br.vant. William A., assignor to Capsulube Company, 
Minneapolis. Minn. Collapsible refill cartridge for 
grease^ns. 2,635,787, Apr. 21. 

Bryant. William C., Garfield. N. J., assignor to Swan-Finch 
Oil Corporation, New York, N. Y. Grease. 2,640,812. 
June 2. 

Bryce, Elizabeth S., executrix : See — 
Bryce, James W., and Blakely. 

Bryce. James W., deceased (by E. S. Bryce. Glen Ridge, 
and The National Newark and Essex Banking Company 
of Newark, Newark. N. J., executors), and R. T. Blakely. 
Amityville. assignors to International Business Machines 
Corporation. New York, N. Y. Photographic color re- 
coralng machine. 2.041,976, June 16. 

Bryce, William H.. Memphis. Tenn., asignor to Dixie Wax 
Paper Company. Dallas, Tex. Making paper bags. 
2.624.246. Jan. 6. 

Bryer. John F. : See — 

Steele. Richard E., and Bryer. 

Bryer, John F.. Wellsvllle. Ohio, and R. E. Steele. New 
Castle, I'a. Treatment of plaster molds. 2,632,209, 
Mar. 24. 

Bryner. Fred, assignor to The Dow Chemical Company, 
Midland, >Ilch. Production of alkylphenols. 2.655,547, 
Oct. 13. 

Brynes. Kermlt : See — 

Stimson. Allen G., Brynes. Jennings, and Taylor. 

Brynlldsrud. Finn, Moss. Norway. Three-dimensional do- 
pllcating engraving or milling machine. 2,046,725, 
July 28. 
Bryn Mawr Smokers Novelty Co., assignee: Bee — 

Slegel, Morris B. 
Brvsman. Molssey, New York. N. Y. WlndoV-washlng 

machine. 2.653.333. Sept. 29. 
Brzotlcky. Frank J. : *>'ee — 

Stone. Carl E.. and Brzotlcky. 

Breozowskl. Evelyn. Stepney. Conn. Lady's girdle. 
2,643.3S3, June 30. 

Brzozowskl, Wltold, Westmount, Quebec. Canada, (Assignor 
to Thermal Research and Engineering Corp.. Waltham, 
Mass. Combustion stabilization means for high-velocity 
air streams having a pilot burner and a streamline 
igniter grllL 2.625.795. Jan. 20. 



Brioiowskl. Wltold. amiznor to Thermal Regeareh 4 
Engineering Corp.. VValtham, Mim. Combustion Bta- 

bu™Vr'^°2.63T300f Mir 2'r^'" "''' ''•'^' '' ^'"'^ 

BrxozowBkl Witold. Westmount. Montreal. Canada. 

aMlgnor to S. CzarneckJ. Walden, N. Y. Burning fuel 

R.,K ^^;?^/V*^ J°**''" ^'*<*««- 2.G38.989. May 10. 
HUD. Robert A. : See — , 

Lewis. John M.. and Bob. ^ ' 

Hubb. Frank W. : Bee — 

T. w..^2.'"^°°' Robert L.. Jr.. and Bubb. 
"^^ S'"!"'', ^ ' Webster Groves. Mo . asutflmor to Phll- 
^ .?'"*'■*' f,w°l Companv. Computin? dev1c«« for vapor- 

n "?"'iL''*'""'*>*''"™ '-alculatlons. 2.637 49.'^ MaT 5 
n^; ^V",^' Webster Grooyes. Mo.. assUnor to' Phll- 
i.eei^SS^DS™ 8 *°^" ^""P*°.« "ytem analogue. 

""Fiim*'f'„?^^/"?.'^°°V^* • assignor to General Aniline 4 
tetraclr3v nh^fh- i^*"^ V'^' 'o «^ Tetracyano and 

ii..*jr*'?*''.'"*S'^rJ'''^*'*'Pry*°*°^"- 2; 647.908; A"ui.~4~ 

*llm Corporation. .Vew York. N. Y. Preparing m-nltro 
and m-aminobenzyl dPrlvatlveH of a-rnono- and a «'! 

^'h,h'',?^rT'*"*^'S^«„"".'' -Plp^-rldlnes and tetrahydro- 
ph thill Ira Ides. 2.«52,403 Sept 15 nau/uio 

Buc, Saul R.. and S. A. Ollckman. Eafiton Pa asslirnor. 

Alky] dlformyl phen.vlenpd In mines. 2.647 815 AnV 4 
Buccanero. Celeste F.. Wakefield. Mich. Water' tube for 
fluid operated rock drills. 2.646.967. July 28 

"Tnrt'c;:ii."?^'3nA- j'r^v?)"'""- •"• ^- «-'- ^>-"- 

"T642T743une'lfl°"^- '"'*• '^"'"•'*'<^ "» <'""^-^" 
Mucrlcone. harlo. Oar.v. Ind. Metal sheet lapping appa- 
»„?K ^D*.°'' ^**^- 2.655.248. Oct. 13. '"^P'"* »PP* 
rih^^r.".^' ^««'»«<'- >•'• J . "Mlgnor to Bell Telephone 

Rucbal. Werner V See — 

Woollens. Albert T.. and Buchal. . 
Buchanan. David L. : see— 

Dean. Walter B.. and Buchanan. 
Kachnnan. Flarry W : Set--- 

Church. James M.. Ramsden. Hlrschland. and Buch 

nuAn . 

Buchanan. John C. : See — 

Baker. James C. and Buchanan 

Buchanan. Josephine S.. Sharon. Conn. Sectional col- 
lanslble pressing board. 2.637,919. May f|<^"*>°'" «<>'- 

Buchanarv Lloyd W..,Llma. Ohio. nsslATor to Westlnt- 
ho««e FlPctrle Corporation. East Pittsburgh" Pa Sin-' 
Kle phase caprioltor motor. 2.640.950 June 2 

^"f-nTr/brrScIrl?-: ffir'^o^^^t^^^ ^Yorr /«'f 

Muchanan steel Products Corporation, assignee: See- 
n ,-K , "'4 Jv^J'^an^ L.. and Donahue. ^ ^ ■ are 

Buchel. Jules. Covington, assignor of one-third to F 
Hni^""- -^'"'^ Orleans. La and one-third to J A Whit: 

:ra"sv^t7m""*%"-6.5^y 454^";'r'^"' ''"" "^"^ ^^'''«- 
nhf«*' ^^?'"",l'' "•• f l''^*l>'"'il. and W." M. Bnchele Toledo 
2.5S'8.03.l"i^aTl'>'*''''"''*''*^ °»'^^*'^^ 1«. • .VsVem: 
Buchele. William M.': See— 

n.,-.K^"^Il''.'^' Donald R. and W. M. 
Bucher. Kdward S. : See 

D J^ ^'"Pt*'- Frank M.. and Buche^ 
Bucher, Francis X. : See— "'^"'t. 

Rn.hl;""!'^"''''^^""'' -^ ■ "n<l Rucher. 

^'?SVa^^J.^t«l3\4%!7u?e^?0^^ '*•• «"- •°•^'■-^•- 

°Com"iv ""wile^town '"^^r, *° S," '' V*'^'"**"^ ^"^ler 
anism. 2.642 881 7une23 "°'"'" *'°°*'"°' '"*<^*'- 

Injr machine. 2,642.882 June 23 *'°* *"** •^*'"°^- 

""^Ss'htr C^o;n"p^iiy.«Wat?r'?i^n"V!? J^t?*, ^"^^^-^'^^ 

Bu'c'hV.^'" ^""tlnrma2hlnir\645:23^? Jaly iT"*""" 
Buchholz. Georgia R.. Snn Franclsrn Poiif 01 

irarment for Infants. 2 ".51 781 Sent i5- ^^'♦^P'"»f 

BOchl. Alfred. WInterthur Switzerland Ai, k..„. 

BOchl. Alfred. Wlnlerltiur, Swltzerlmid Hotor fnr Vnm 

S'."' 2"r,5''i';r .srs;",-:" -""■■^." i?".?/. r^ 

Buchlnger, Clyde J,. Perrv (>nt;.r V v \iiii.i 

Buchner. Robert B. : See— 

i»„«K^*^*'"'L*''t •^^■ttheus J., and Buchner 

Hi^ffAr^'fcff " '. f '"'^»>«ven. Netherlands, assignor to 
f^fni °'*^ National Hank and Trust Company Hartford 
&ri."2*S^S:il3 Ji"n"?|' •^°'^^^°' arraSg^^n^t'^J^i'^S: 


art- reSrstan^'".'^'^, Apparatus foVbSn/co';: 
2^7.165 Jur/28 ■ marker-controlled .efector. 

IH^^'^^I--' B-- a^TT;^^s?S;;,"pty-A'a7t7ori^ 
Sept b" *'""'"^- ^^'^'""' ^"''^ clrcSlt^* 2 654.029; 

2:637.?70''dct*'27*""''^- ^'"^ ^*^'^"'* wKuY'rlS;! 

^ Hi??fAr?'v^^J " •, f '"Ihoven. Netherlands, assignor to 

Con""^?"^^ "'^"Srn"' J'V^ Company. Hertford? 

2 662 119 Dec 8 L'ne-Ander stopping circuit. 

Buchta. Karl : See — 

BuchiXV.'JSJl^el.^ j"*"s^/e:r' "«» B"'^»'^ 
i!n,./S"'V'- J^ymond H.. and Bnchwalder 

Buck Frank A. M. : See—' 
n„r^r°^^''• W"''*" ^ • »°<1 Buck. 

''"2.6«.Sfi7JU3''d-'°'"°'' ■"•'■'''"• "'-■• *°':''<". 
Buck. JnmM R. ; fire — i 

„ Buck RuiKll E. and J. R. 

4^?:..k1'*" ■* • "9"' ^ H. Ball, .SlenbcnTllle Ohio Ad 

B:BI^B!^^' '."Mate: 

"^"- «"«'?"«••« t^ Coodman Manufacturing' Comoinv 
BuSiy'^^enietfT'^p" ^T' V«"»r«'- 2.649.9i5'^Auf 2.1' 

^ SS^'n^.n^'iS^^^^^^^^^^^ "eaS. fo? acl 

FrJ. Clifford W^°"'''"°^' ^''^' ^--'S"**: «"- 
Porter. Kirk E. ' 
Buckeye Cotton Oil Company. The. assignee: See- 
Atkinson James D.. Jr.. and Rogers 
Pazandak, Louis A. 

°"*^^r^n J.?° t ^fa" Works, assignee : See— 
Conklin. Robert M and Herring. 
Hlllman. Othello ,M 
Reasoner. Richard C. 


°"*'^7rr.ClSde^"°^ Company. The. assignee 
Settles. Jameis C. 
Settles. James C. and 
Wolfe. Harry H. 

Buckeye Tools Corporation, assignee • See— 
Gummere. Harold O.. and LInsker. >' 

Buckingham. R. L.. assignee : See— 
Herrman. Harry W. 

"'wJ."»^!l'""rT ^•"'2."\ ^ • Southampton, assignor to The 
Western Union Telegraph Company New York NY 
Concentrated arc lamp. 2.662.196, Dec. 8 

Bucklus, Albert O., assignor to National lUQit^ki. * 




Smoke abatement 

and E. Mlessmer, 

Bucklus. Albert O., assignor to National Malleable and 
Steel Castings Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Journal box 
lid. 2,642,310, June 16. 

Buckland, Bruce O. ; *ee — 

Howard. Alan, and BQckland. 
Howard. Alan. Burkland, and HIce. 

Buckland. Bru<e O.. Schenectafly, and G. B. Warren. Nls- 
kayana. N. Y.. assignors to General Electric Company. 
Variable area nozzle for high-temperature turbines. 
2.651.496.Sept. 8. 

Buckland. Bruce O.. and C. S. Rice. Schenectady, N. Y., 
aHSignors to GfiiiTal EU'Ctrlc C(inii>any. (Jas turbine 
rotor arrangement. 2.G.").'i..3()7. Oct. 13. 

Buckland. Richard O.. Pearisburg, Va., assignor to 
Celauese Corporation of America, New York, N. Y. 
Packaging device. 2.632,381. Mar. 24. 

Buckle-Craft Co., assignee : See — 
Torbert. E:veryl M. 

Buckley. Francis T.. West Springfield. Mass assignor to 
.Monsanto Chemical Company. St. Louis, Alo. Modified 
polyvinyl acetal compositions. 2,628,950. Feb. 17. 

Buckley, Gerald D., Northwlcb. England, assignor to Im- 
perial Chemical Industries Limited. Manufacture of 
oxidation products from unsaturated organic com- 
pounds. 2.636.898. Apr. 28. 

Buckley. Gerard 1)., and N. H. Ray, Northwlch. England, 
assignors to Imperial Chemical Industries Limited. Re- 
action of carbon monoxide and hydrazine. 2,640,831. 
June 2. 

Bucklin. Walter S.. Brookllne, Mass. Apparatus for 
sharpening razor blades and other blades. 2,641,091. 
June 9. 

Buckman Laboratories. Inc., assignee : Bee — 
Dean. Charles W. 

Buckman. Thomas P. : See — 

Degnan, Leah L.. and Buckman. 

Buckmaster. Ray J. C, Detroit^ Mich, 
apparatus. 2.632,089. Mar. 17, 

Bucknell. Ernest H., assignee : See — 
Bletcher Ralph K., and Bentley. 

Bucknell, Mabel, assignee : See — 

Blefclifr, Ralph E., and Bentlev. 

Bucknell, William H.. Norwalk, Conn 

Yonkers. assignors to Eastern Laboratories. Inc.. New 
York. N. Y. Hair drier hood. 2.632.960. Mar. 31. 

Buckner. Orello S.. Northboro. assignor to Bay State 
Abrasive Products Co.. Westboro, Mass. Reinforced 
abrasive articles and making the same. 2.643,945. 
June 30. 

Bucksbaum, Arnold M., assignor to Collins Radio Com- 
pany. Cedar Rapids. Iowa. Automatic tuning circuit. 
2.645,719. Julv 14. 

Burkwaiter. Rufus R.. Miami. Fla., assignor to Hnrrl-On- 
Shutter Co. Inc. Storm shutter. 2,631.698, Mar. 17. 

Buckwalter. Howard M. : See — 

Cuthl)ert8on. George R., Buckwalter, and Danlelson. 

Buckwalter, Howard M.. Detroit, Mich., assignor to United 
States Rubber Company, New York. N. Y. Protection 
of oollnlosc apain.«;t heat aging. 2.f^.'»0.S91. Sopt. 1. 

Buckv, Gustav, New York, N. Y. Automatic photographic 
unit having synchronized shutter and light source. 
2,638,039. May 12. 

Bucsko, Eugene J., Royal Oak. Mich. Straightedge and 
level combination tool. 2,633,640, Apr. 7. 

Bucy Roy T. : See — 

Syrovy. Aogastin J.. Dunn, and Bucy. 

Bucy, Roy T.. A. J. Syrovy, and W. T. Dunn, Detroit, as- 
signors to Chrysler Corporation. Highland Park, Mich. 
Semiautomatic transmission. 2,635,476, Apr. 21. 

Bucyrus-Erle Compauy, assignee : See — 
; Atkinson, William P.. and Davidson. 
' Blanchett, Luther E., and Steffen. 
Davidson. Trevor O. ^ 

Halscb. Albert C. 
Meier, Johann H. 
Mork. George W. 

Merk. (.ieorge W., Marson, and Paulsen. 
Renter, Gottfried. 

Bud, Hans, London, England. Coantlng device. 2,661,904, 
Dec. 8. 

Buda Company, The. assignee : See — 

Richards. Dwlgnt. 4 

Budd Company. The, assignee : See — 
Baker. Paul E. 
Bradhering, Walter. 
Buyze. Edwin K. 
Clary, Joseph F. 
('ooiiiues, Joseph H. 
Cooinbes. Joseph U., and Mann. 
Dean, Albert O. 

Dean, Walter B. *f; 

Dean. Walter B., and Buchanan. 
Ekserglan, Carolus L , 

Eksergian, Rapen, and Watter. 
Kay. John G. I 

KesHler, Edwin L. 'I 

Lindsay, Alexander R. ! 

Murphy, Goodrich K. ♦ 

Pagon, Garrett D. 
Ruska. William E. 
Smith. George C 1 

. Vahey, Stanley C. 
Tahey, Stanley C, and Kain. ' 


Budd Company, The, assignee : See- 
Van Sclver. Herbert D.. II. 
Watter, Michael. 
\Vati«-r. .Michael, and Eggert. 
Whitesell. John C. 

Budd, Larry J., Chicago, assignor to Pallet Devices. Inc., 
Des Plaines, 111. Palletized shipping structure. 
2 028 715, Feb. 17. 

Budd, Larry J., Chjcago, assignor to Pallet Devices, Inc., 
Melrose Park, 111. Separator member for use In packing 
articles for shipment. 2.639,032, May 19. 

Budd, Lelghton. New York, N. Y. Headrest for cosmetic 
use. 2,634,435. Apr. 14. 

Budd, Wilbert H., assignor to Chicago Telephone Supply 
Corporation, Elkhart, Ind. Variable resistance device. 
2,628.298. Feb. 10. 

Budd, Wilbert U.. and A. M. Daily, assignors to Chicago 
Telephone Supply Corporation, Elkhart, Ind. Shaftless 
electrical control instrumentality. 2,639,358, May 19, 

Budish. Melvln. Worcester, Masa. Artificial teeth. 
2,643,455. June 30. 

Budlane, Stanley J., Chicago, 111., assignor to Motorola, 
Inc. Liquid fuel burning heater and operating system 
therefor. 2.637.377, May 5. 

Budlane, Stanley J.. Chicago, 111., assignor to Motorola. 
Inc. Pump. 2.638,849, May 19. 

Budlane, Stanley J. assignor to Motorola, Inc.. Chicago. 
111. Liquid fuel burning heater and operating system 
therefor. 2.642,933, June 23. 

Budlane, Stanley J., as-slgnor to Motorola, Inc., Chicago. 
111. Vehlrlo heater. 2.643.062, June 23. 

Budner, Stephen A., assignee: See — 
Mulllns James H. 

Budney. Michael P.. Newlngton, Conn. Universal locat- 
ing drill press, centering apparatus. 2,629.208. Feb. 24. 

Budnick, Frank O.. Chicago. 111. Making handbags and 
products. 2.658,543. Nov. 10. 

Budreck, Frances, assignor to Monarch Tool h Machinery 
Co., Chicago, 111. Rearvlew mirror structure. 
2,6^,286. Feb. 24. 

Budreck, Frances, assignor to Monarch Tool k Machinery 
Co.. Chicago. III. Rearvlew mirror structure. 2,648.256, 
Aug. 11. 

Budreck, Frances, assignor to Monarch Tool & Machinery 
Co., Chicago. 111. Kear-vlsion mirror mounting struc- 
ture of the universal type. 2,648.556, Aug. 11. 

Budzyna, Theodore P., Worcester, Mass. Dustpan. 
2.648.959, Aug. 18. 

Budzyna. Walter J., East Douglas. Mass.. and M. R. 
Flamand, Central Falls, R. 1., assignors to Draper 
Corporation. Hopedale. Mass. Lay motion for looms, 
2,624,372. Jan. 6. 

Budzyna, Walter J., East Douglas, Mass., and M. R. Fla- 
mand Central Falls, R. I., assignors to Draper Cor- 
poration. Hopedale, Mass. Stop motion for looms, 
2.647.545. Aug. 4. 

Budzyna, Walter J., East Douglas, and W. H. Banks, ° 
assignors to Draper Corporation, Hoi'ednle. Mass. 
Knockoff and letback means for looms.. 2,663,328, 
Dec. 22. 

Buechek..,John, assignor to Paper Art Company, Inc.. In- 
dianap61l8. Ind. Bulk paper plate wrapping machine. 
2,656,659. Oct. 27. 

Buechel, Pauline S., Richmond, Ind. Apparatus for clean- 
ing hypodermic needles. 2.636,502, Apr. 28. 

Buecnler. Francis P., Ferdinand, Ind. Flexible roof 
ladder. 2,028.011. Feb. 10. 

Buehler Carl, Palatine, assignor to Victor Adding Machine 
Co.. Chicago, HI. Decimal Indicator and marking guide. 
2,633,967, Apr. 7. 

Buehler. Maurice E.. San Diego, Calif. Mechanical time 
comparator mechanism. 2,663,863, Dec. 22. 

Bueliner, Howard A., assignor to A. O. Smith Corporation, 
•Milwaukee, Wis. Flexible seam testing device. 
2.660,053, Nov. 24. 

Buell, Halsey W. : Bee — t 

Foss, Carl W., and Buell. 

Buell, Timothy B., and H. B. Ijeber, assignors to Sund- 
strand Macnlne Tool Co., Rockford, III. Automatic 
multiple cycle apparatus for machine tools. 2,630,038. 
Mar. 3. 

Buergi-Schenk. H^lSne, Sankt Gallen. Switzerland. Hair- 
fastening means retainable in its position for use. 
2.649,763. Aug. 2.5. 

Buerki. Christian E. : See — 

Gappa. William L.. and Buerki. 

Bu^s. Harvey A., assignor to Allis-Chalmers Manufactur- 
ing Companv. Milwaukee, Wis. Fabricated casing struc- 
ture. 2,656 064, Oct. 20. 

Buescher, Wilbert C, Alhambra, assignor 10 General Con- 
trols Co., Glendale, Calif. High-pressure valve. 
2.631,612. Mar. 17. 

Buescher. Wllt>ert C. Alhambra. assignor to General 
Controls Co.. Glendale, Calif. Hinge construction. 
2,646,188, July 21. 

Buess, I..aveme E., Tallmadge. Ohio, assignor to General 
Electric Company. Control system for dynamoelectric 
machines. 2.636,996, Apr. 28. 

Buettner, Arthur J. C. Dallas, Tex. Brake system filter 
and indicator. 2,661, Q47, Dec. 8. 

Buffalo Brake Beam Company, assignee : See — 
Busrh. Charles R. 

Buffalo-Eclipse Corporation, assignee : Bee — 
Yoder, Howard D, 



Batfalo Electro-Chemical Company. Inc.. aiitiignee : 8ee — 
'ireenapan. Frank P. 
Oreenspan. Prank P.. and MacKellar. 

j Kauffmann, Hana O., and Wbalen. 

' McEwen, RoUrt L.. SheMon. and 8cliro«der. 
Sbanlej, Edward S., and Kauffmann. 

Buffalo Korge Company. asalKO*-*? : See—- | 
Heath. William R. , 

Yatea. Arthur T. ' 

Buffet Arthur A., Bondy aaalgnor to Etabllaaementd 
Marrt't IJonnin. Lebel & Guleu. Paris. France. Flexible 
tubing or canine. 2,64».778. Aug. 2.'.. 

Buffum. Albert C.. Winchester asalgnor. by mesne as- 
■IgQmenti. to Badger Manufacturing Company. Cam- 
bridge MasB. Heat exchanger for Internal-combuation 
engines. 2.637,305. May 5. 

Buffum Albert C.. Wlncnester aaalgnor. by mesne as- 
signments, to Badger Manufacturing Company. Cam- 
bridge. Mass. EIngine-d riven vapor compresiilon dlstll- 
^^atlon. 2.637.6S4. May 5. _ „^„„,.« 

Buford. William J.. Houston. Tex. Crab trap. 2.639.640. 
May 2<V 

BQgel, Roelof D., Q. H. Jonker. and J. H. van Santen. 
Elndhov.'n. Netherlands, asslmors to Hartford National 
Baok and Trust Company, Hartford. Conn., as trustee. 
Combination of at least two cond.-nsers electrically con- 
nected in parallel. 2,642.476. June 16. 

BugenlmgHD. Ot'orge H.. Mlnot, N. Dak. Coll spring con- 
8tru«tion. 2. ♦•.31. 840. .Mar. 17. 

Bugenhagen, George H.. Minot. N. Dak. Panel edge grooT- 
Ing attachment for electric handsaws. 2,656,863, Oct. 

Bugg K»'nly C. assijcnor to Materials Blasting Company. 

Hic Fort Wayne. Ind. Blasting shell and timing 

means therefor. 2.625.104. Jan. l3. 
Bugg, Kenly C, assignor, by mesne assignments, to 

Kenditk Munufnctiiring Company. Inc.. Fort Wayne. 

Ind. Coll winding device. 2.638.M3. May 19. 
Bugg. Kenly C. assignor to Materials Blasting Company. 

Inc Fort Wayne. Ind. Blasting shell and firing mecha- 
nism therefor. 2.645,181. July 14. 
Bugg Kenly C, assignor to Ken<llck Manufaeturlg Com- 
pany. Inc.. Fort Wayne. Ind. Balanced valve. 

2.645.448. July 14. 
Biiuc Kenly ('. assignor to Materials Bla.^ting Company. 

Inc., Fort Wayne. In<l. Blasting cartridge. 2.650.540. 

Sept 1 
Buggs. Otto E. : See — . „ 

Fraunfelder, Frederick D.. Burner, and Buggs. 
Buhler Eugen, Poughkeepsie. assignor to International 

Business Machines Corporation, New York, N. Y. 

Rotarv selective printer. 2,627,807. Feb. 10. 
Buhler. Eugen. Poughkeepsle, a.ssignor to International 

Business Machines Corporation. New York. N. Y. 

Check writing interpreter. 2,661.684. Dec. 8. 
Buhler. 0»>bruder. as.<4lgnee : See — 

TlialmanD. Emll. 
BHhler, Hermann, a-sslgnor to Maag Zahnrftder und- 

.Masrhln.n. .\ O.. Zurich. Swltserland. Gear grinding 

machine. 2.628,458. Feb. 17. ,, ^^ , 

Buhr. -Nuirust (J.. La Crosse, assignor to Allls-Chalmers 

ManiifiK-turing Company. Milwaukee. Wis. Rear 

mounte<l implement for tractors. 2.625.869. Jan. 20. 
Buhr. August O.. Ia Crosse, assignor to Allls-Chalmers 

Manufacturing Companv, Milwaukee. Wis. Fertlllxer 

dlHi>enslng mechanism^6.073. Oct. 20. 
Buhrendorf. Frederick O.. Westfleld, N. J., assignor to 

Bell Telephone Laboratories. Incorporated. New York, 

N. Y. Apparatus for the winding of endless t>ands. 

2.642,281, June 16. 
Biihrvndorf. Frederick O.. Westfleld. N. J., assignor to 

Bell Telephone I^iboratorles. Incorporated. New York. 

N. Y. Magnetic recording-reproducing device. 

2.658.114, Nov. 3 
Bflhrer, Robert. Freuenfeld. assignor to J. Mader. Saint 

eallen, Switzerland. Comb 2.630,126. Mar. 3. 
Bolckerood. Theodore A., El Cerrlto. Calif. Adapter for 

faucets. 2.627.387, Feb. 3. 
Bnie. Kin^Tson D.. Washington, D. C. Diving suit. 

2.626,602. Jan. 27. 
Builders Iron Foundry, assignee : See — 

Thoresen, John C. 
Builders Ornamental Iron Company, aaai^nee : See — 

ElanoL Jess L. 
Balldlce Company. Inc., assignee : See — 

Boyle, John R. 
Building Products Limited, assignee : See — 

Lawson, William A. 
Buist. Colin. London. Eneland, assignor to Coalite and 

Chemical Products Limited. Pitch mastic for flooring. 

2.6.'iS.005. Nov. 3. 

Bnitelaar. Prancois. Vlaardingen. assignor to N. V. 
"De Zilbervisch." Rotterdam. Netherlands. Preparing 
essence D'Orlent or pearl tincture. 2.644,001. June 30. 

Buivid. Michel D.. Mllford. assignor 
Corporation. East Hartford. Conn. 
2,628.686. Feb. 17. 

BulTld, Michel D.. Mllford. aaaignor to United Aircraft 
Corporation. East Hartford. Conn. Rotor head. 
2<638.994. May 10. 

Bujak. Henrv C. assignor to Vlckers Incorporated. De- 
troit. Mich. Power transmission. 2.650.484. Sept 1. 

to United .Mrcraft 
Antlflapplng lock. 

Buker, Charles B., Birmingham. Mich., assignor to Jones 

k Laughlin Steel Corporation. Pittsburgh. Pa. Device 

for bend testing sheets. 2,646,679, July 28. 
Bakolt. Victor J.. Stevens Point, Wis. Child's, bed or 

crib. 2,630.582. Mar. 10. 
Bukolt. Victor J., Stevens Point, Wis. Drop side crib. 

2,641J75. June 16. 
Bakolt, Victor J., Stevens Point, Wit. Slldable connection 

for the drop sides of cribs. 2.652,573, Sept. 22. 
Bulcau, Wilbur 11.. assignur tu llorix Manufacturing 

Company. Pittsburgh, I'a. Frilling machine valve. 

2.660.351). Nov. 24. 
Ball. Arthur W.. Grosse Polnte, Mich., assignor to United 

States Rubber Company. .New York. N. Y. Tire tread 

having adjustable traction device. 2.627.888. Feb. 10. 
Bulla. James J., Morristown. N. J., assignor to Western 

Electric Company. Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Quick 

detachable connector for interconnecting terminals. 

2.628,263. Feb. 10. 
Ballard Company. The. assignee : See — 
Bullard. Edward P. 
Bullard. Edward P.. III. 
Bullard, Edward P., and Tomenceak. 
Bullard. Edward P.. Palrfleld. Conn.. asRli?nor to The 

Bullard Company. Way construction. 2.654.640, 

Bullard, Edward P., III. Palrfleld, Conn. Article of foot- 
wear. 2.638,601, May V.K 
Bullard, Edward P., III. Palrfleld, Conn. Article of foot- 
wear. 2,638,t!90. Siay 19. 
Bullard, Edward P., III. Palrfleld. Conn., assignor to 
The Bullard Company. Machine tool centering device. 
2.643.571. June 30. 
Bullard. Edward P.. III. Palrfleld. and A. A. Tomenceak, ^ 
Bridgeport. Conn., assignors to The Bullard Company. 
Floating chuck. 2.667.064. Oct. 27. 
BulLDog Electric Products Company, assignee : See — 
Platx. Elwood T. 
Robertson. William, and Hlgglns. 
Bulllet. lioander J. : See — 

.r.ilinson Frederick M.. and Bulllet. 
Bullitt. OrviUe H.. Jr.. Newtown Square. Pa., assignor to 
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Wilmington. 
Del. Preparation of pyridine alcohols from pyridine 
N-oxldes. 2,663.711, Dec. 22. 
Bullock, Giles E. Rochester, N. Y. Fruit picking appa- 
ratus. 2,661,5^7, Dec. 8. 
Ballock. Joseph C. : See — 

Berk. Leslie H.. and Bollock. 
Bullock. Norman J. : Hee — 

fteyer, Howard M.. and Bullock. 
Bullock, Ward K. : See— 

I..awRon. Bert E., and Bullock. 
BuUonerU e Vlteria Italian* B. E. V. I., assignee : See — 

Chlaberta, Serafino. 
Bullwinkl*'. Walter H.. Fairbanks. Alaska. Mechanism 
for handling and elevating discrete material. 2,657.813. 
Nov. 3. 
Bulman. E. O.. Manufacturing Company. Inc.. The. as- 
signee : Sfe — 

Stephenson. Alpha W. 
Bulmash, -Mbert I. J. Polansky. and N. C. Irby, Baltimore. 

Md. Auto 8tr>oller. 2.62."i.982. Jan. 20. 
Bulmer. William C. Asplnwall. Pa. Furnace skewback- 

channel cooler. 2.632.428. Mar 24. 
Bolova. Ard«. New York, N. Y. Jewel bearing and mak- 
ing same. 2,645,078. Jaly 14. 
Bump. Albert H : See — 

Wilson. W 111 lam S . and Bump. 
Bamp Pump Co., The. asslunee : Bee — 

Dale, Vernon P.. and Reed. 

Bunblasky. Adolph, New Canaan, assignor to Sorensen 

ft Company. Inc.. Stamford. Conn. Thyratron Inverter 

circuit. 2.664.537, Dec. 29. 

Bnnce. Alan. Stamford. Conn. Detachable ehelf for 

instrument boards of automobiles. 2.628.140, Feb. 10. 

Bunce. John P.. Rochester. N. Y. Container having a 

movable bottom. 2.643.662. June 30. 
Bunch. Peter, Chicago. P. Mittomme. Cicero, and R. Jen- 
nings, assignors to Wilson-Jones Company. Chicago, 111. 
Casemaker. 2.656.551. Oct. 27. ^. 

Bunch. Robert L., and J. M. McGulre. assignors to Ell 
Lilly and Company. Indianapolis. Ind. Erythromycin. 
Its salts, and preparation. 2.6.%3.899. Sept. 29. 
Bunch. Tillman T, Ashland. Md., assignor to Western 
EliM-trlc Companv. Incur|M>rated. New York. N. Y. .\p- 
paratus for locking cop tubes on cop winding machines. 
2.656.127. Oct 20 1 

Bundr. Prancis P. : 8e« — 

Strong. Herbert M., and Bandy. 
Bundv. Oswald M. : See — 

tew. Willlani. and Bundy. 
Bandy Tubing Company, asalgnee: See — j 

f'nyne. Arthur W 

Wallace. Arthur M. ' 

Bungardt. Walter, assignor to Th. Goldschmidt A.-C... 
Essen, Germany. Manufacture of cerium-iron-alloy 
flints. 2.660.301, Nov. 24. 
Bungav. Charles, assignee : See — i 

Petch. Howard D. 
Bungay. George W., assignor to Oxy-Dry Sprayer Corpora- 
tion New York. N. Y. Make-readji preparing press. 
2.624.389, Jan. 6. 




Bungay, George W.. assignor to Electrograpbic Corpora- 
tion, .New York, .N. Y. Klectrotyper'a case. 2,651,614, 

Sept. 8. 
Bunker. Thomas H.. Jackson Heights. N. T. Electrical 

testing apparatus for hermetically sealed refrigerator 

pump units. 2.631,187. Mar. 10. 
Bunnell, Nurman R.. Juppa. Md., assignor to Western Elec- 
tric Company. Incorporated. New York. .\. Y. Testing 

flow characteristics of granular materials. 2.633.027, 

Mar. 31. 
Bunnell. Uuymond II. : See — 

Hatvher David B., and Bunnell. 
Bunnell, itaymond 11., assignor to Llbbey-Owens-Ford 

Glass Company Toledo. Ohio. Stable liquid organo- 

silox.ines. 2,624,749, Jan. 0. 
Bunnell, Itaymond U., assignor to Llbbey-Owens-Ford 

Glass Company. Toledo. Ohio. Preuaratlon of ellicon- 

coutainiug heteropulymers. 2,632, 'o.*). Mar. 24. 
Bunodlere. Andre : oee — 

Bourgonnier. Claude, Joaguet, and Bunodlere. 
Buntln. George .\., assignor to Hercules Powder Company, 

Wllmlugton, Del. Chlorinated camphor and fenchone 

as insecticides. 2,657.164. Oct. 27. 
Buntin, George A., assignor to Hercules Powder Company, 

Wilmington. I>el. Chlorinated dicyclohexadiene and in- 

secticidal compositions containing the same. 2.657,165, 

Oct. 27. 
Buntin. George A., assignor to Hercules Powder Company, 

Wilmington, Del. Polychloro bicvclo heptanes as In- 

sectlchles. 2,657,168. Oct. 27. 
Bunting, Ernest V.. Dearborn, assignor to Harry Ferguson, 

Inc., Detroit, Mich. Controllable load transfer hitch 

for tractors. 2,627.796. Feb. 10. 
Bunting, Ernest V., Dearborn, assignor to Harry Ferguson, 

Inc., Detroit. Mich. Constant priwsure hydraulic power 

transmitting s.vstem. 2.627,815. Feb. 10. 
Buntinc, Ernest V'.. lX»arborn. as.signor to Harry J"erguson, 

Inc., IX'trolt, Mich. Power lift for tractors. 2,632,628. 

Mar. 24. 
BuatinK, Ernest V., assignor to Harry Ferguson, Inc., 

I>earborn, Mich. Tracior-mounted two-way plow. 

2.6.55,H.'.2. Oct. 20. 
Bunting Publications. Inc., The, assignee : See — 

Sick. John V. 
Buono, Mario, assignor to U. S. Blind Stitch Machine 

Corp., New York. N. Y. Sewing machine. 2,627,828, 

Feb. 10. 
Bur, Armand. Cleveland, assignor of one-half to J. P. 

and J. W. Robb, Cleveland Heights, and P. B. 

Kobb. Cleveland Ohio. Method and apparatus for 

gas sampling and recording analyses and temperatures. 

2.048 976. Aug. 18. 
Burbank. Wendell T.. Three Rivers, assignor to Suther- 
land Paper Company, Kalamatoo. Mich. Machine for 

packaging stacked hollow ware such as nested paper 

cups or the like. 2,641,095, June 9. 
Burba nk. Wendell T., and C. T. Colgren. assignors to 

Sutherland Paper Company. Kalamaioo, Mich. Machine 

for manufacturing container elements and the like. 

2,654.34."^ Oct. 6. 
Burbrldge I). H.. assignee : See — 

Krltr-er, Richard W. 
Bnrby, Philip B., Beverly. Mass., assignor to United Shoe 

Machinery Corporation. Flemlngton, N. J. Lasting 

machine. 2.638.610. May 19. 
Burch. Alvan V. : See — 

Rude. .John P.. and Burch 
Burch Company. The. assignee : See — 

Blanco. Henry J. 
Burch. Donald J., l)enver, Colo. Caulking compound tube. 

2.649.1»9». Aug. 25. 
Burch. Prank E.. Detroit. Mich. Boot hanger. 2.641,366. 

June 9. ^ 

Burch. Hadley K. : See — / 

Burch. Lyndon W.. and H. K. 
Burch. I^ewis D., Detroit. Mich. Multiple stajre rotary 

translation engine. 2.632.998. Mar. 31. 
Burch Lyndon W., New York. N. Y., and H. K. Burch. 

Danbury. Conn. Motion translating device, 2,630.504, 

Mar. 3. 
Burch, Marble E.. Hayfork, assignor of one-half to P. C. 

Shaklee. Sr.. Oakland. Calif. Tractor mounted grab 

device for hay and the like. 2.652,939. Sept. 22. 
Burch, Paul F, : See — 

Runnells. David L., Jr. and Burch. 
Burch Plow Works, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Rude, John P. and Burch. 
Burrham, Walter E., Elkin, N. C. Shuttle box front for 

looms. 2.626.630. Jan. 27. 
Borchartz. Josef. Detmold, Germany. Lining for centrif- 

agal Iron casting molds. 2,645,558, July 14. 
Bnrchen;il.*<"harlt"s H.. as.slpnor to ('ambri<1«re Tile Mann- 

facturlnc <'ompany. Cincinnati, Ohio. Making Mended 

tile. 2.6.'-.4 012. Oct. 13. 
Burchett. Estill B. : Bee — 

McDonough, Marshall J., and Burchett. 
Burchett. Rnv L., East Orange, assignor to Ronson Art 

Metal Works. Inc., Newark, N. J. Pen construction. 

2.649,074, Aug. 18. 
Burchett. Ray L. East Orange, assignor to Ronson Art 

Metal Worlts. Inc.. Newark. N. J. Detachable valve 

closure. 2.657.563. Nov. 3. 
Barckel, Christian B., Yonkers, N. T. Rnling and striping 

device. 2.638.673. May 19. 

Burckel, Christian E., Yonkers, N. Y. Ruling and striping 
device. 2,660,951. Dec. 1. T 

Burckhardt, Alfred : See — 

Herrick, William W.. and Burckhardt. 

Burd & Fletcher Co.. assignee : See — 
Fehrenkamp. Emll W. 

Burden. Glenn E.. assignee : See — 
Burden. Oscar J. 

Burden, Oscar J., assignor of one-half to G. E. Burden, 
Alliance. Ohio. Liquid display clock. 2.625,003. 
Jan. 13. 

Burden. Oscar J. Alliance, Ohio. Apparatus for abrading 
liisque ware. 2.660,835, Dec. 1. 

Burdick-Baron Company, assignee : See — 
Hill, Eldon J. 

Burdick, Charles A., Kenosha. Wis. Micrometer caliper. 
2.627.663. Feb. 10. 

Burdick. Edwiu C, Philadelphia. Pa., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Com- 
pany. Minneapolis, Minn. Air actuated power cylinder 
control with rate response. 2,637,301. May 5. 

Burdick, Edwin C, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor by mesne 
assignments, to Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Com- 
pany. Minneapolis, Minn. Controller having means for 

■ manually adjusting the set point with a varying ratio 
of motion multiplication., Sept. 29. 

Burdick. Everette M., Wtslaco. and R. H. Maurer, Pharr, 
assignors to Texsun Citru.s Exchauce, Weslaco. Tex. 
Isolation of flavanone glucosides. 2,630,432, Mar. 3. 

Burdick. Harry J. M.. Anaheim. Calif. Projectable nozzle 
lawn sprinkler. Re. 23,646. .\pr. 21. 

Burdick, Hugh, assignor to Illinois Tool Works, ChlcaKO, 
111. Door lock retainer. 2.629.248. Feb. 24. 

Burdick, Hugh T., assignor to Illinois Tool Works. Chicago, 
111. Elastic locking insert secured by thread rolling. 
2,663,344, Dec. 22. 

I'.urdjck, Jolin .N., Kenmore. and H. E. Klnne, Lockport, 
.N. v., assignors, by mesne assignments, to Union Car- 
bide and Carbon Corporation. Evacuating fllllng. seal- 
ing, and releasing gas In a container. 2,040, 993, Aug. 

Burdick, John S., North Muskegon, assignor to The Shaw- 
Walker Company, .Muskegon. .Mich, .\rmrcst and brace 
for composite metal and wood chairs. 2.652,102. 
Sept. 15. 

Burdick. Richard. Dallas. Tex. Self-contained advertis- 
ing diorama. 2,634.529, Apr. 14. 

Burdick, Richard. Dallas, Tex. Means for decorating 
screen wire. 2.634.789. Apr. 14. 

Burdick, Richard. Dallas. Tex. Advertising device, 
2.651.128. Sept. 8. * 

Burdick. Ruth, assignee : See — 
Wlttstock. Alfred G. 

Burdln, Nelson V., Coventry, nsslcnor to Rcotts Engineer- 
ing (Newport) LImlteil, Newport, England. Bottle 
capping machine with means for controlling the force 
on capping plungers. 2,664.013, Dec. 29. 

Burdwood Howard A.. Portland, Maine. Multlbladed 
disk knife slitting mechanism. 2, 662. .598, Dec. 1.5. 

Bureau. Achille O.. Forest Hills, assignor to J. A. Cahll, 
doing business as Cahil Manufacturing Company, New 
York. N. Y. Can opener bracket. 2.640.673, June 2. 

"Bureau Technique Gautrat." S. A. B. L., assignee : See — 
Neumann. Georg. 

Bnrford. William B., Ill : See— 

Powler. Robert D.. and Burford. 

Burg. George W., Portland, Oreg. Stock transfer truck." 
2.630.961. Mar. 10. 

Burg. Leo R.. Weat Bond. Wis. Ice fishing rig. 2.624,972, 
Jan. 13. 

Bargan, Joseph N., Ambrldge, Pa. Ventilator. 2,641,987. 
June 16. 

Burge, James S., .Anderson. H. J. McKee, Middletown, 
and R. M. Goodwin, .Anderson. Ind.. assignors to (Jen- 
eral Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Machine for 
making electrical colls. 2,624,374. Jan. 6. 

Barge. James S., and E. M. Goodwin, Anderson, and H. J. 
McKee. Middletown. Ind.. assignors to General Motors 
Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Coll handling apparatus. 
2.635.767. Apr. 21. 

Burge, James S.. P. J. W. C. Shaw, and W. M. 
Rider. Anderson, and H. J. McKee, Middletown. Ind., 
assignors to General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. 
Apparatus for welding a terminal clip to a wire. 
2.637,798 May 5. 

Barger. Alfred, Charlottesville, Va. assignor to Smith, 
Kline & French Laboratories, Philadelphia, Pa. Thl- 
enyl and pyrldyl esters. 2,638,471, May 12. 

Burger, Gustav F.. Camden, and J. 11. Heisner. Colllngs- 
wood. N. J., assignors to Radio Corporation of America. 
Gasket seal for laterally adjustable Joints. 2,649,313, 
Aug. 18. 

Burger. Irving A,. Stratford. Conn. Jar clip. 2,6.33;323, 
Mar. 31. 

Burger. Martin : See-^ 

Pahey, Richard J., and Burger. 

Burger, Martin, Morris, 111., assignor to General Package 
Corporation. Carton setup machine. 2,655,081, Oct. 

Burger, Martin, Morris, 111., assignor to General Package 
Corporation. Egg carton. 2.664,233. Dec 29. 

Burger, Martin. Morris, 111., assignor to General Package 
Corporation. Egg carton. 2,664.234. Dec. 29. 




« \ 

Burger, W. D., asaignee : 8e9 — 

Martin. William F. 
Harg^M Battery Company, aaalgne* : 8e9 — 
Arbogaat. Raj D. 

<'oleman, Joaeph J., and Kiirlandiiky. 
C'oleman, Joseph J., and Wllke. 
F'orth. Henry W. 
Bimpnon Arthur W. 
Wllke. Milton E. 
Barg«M, Edward O., Jr., Kew Gard«>n«, aaslgnor to The 
Sperry Corporatioa. Look Inland City; N'. Y. Means for 
teating torpedo depth control mechanlam. 2.(149,750. 
Aug. 25. 
Burgeaa. Olenn A., Lynwood, assignor to The Garrett 
Corporation. Loa Angelen. Calif. Air conditioning 
means for enclosures. 2.028.482. Ftb. 17. 
Burgess. Hubert N.. ICockford. 111. Hand aignal light. 

2.656.529. Oct. 20. 
Burgesa. James Q.. Went Hartford, assignor to Plax Cor- 
poration, Hartford. Conn. Method and apparatus for 
making articles from Maxlally oriented tiiermoplastlc 
sheet material. 2,K.')9,934. Nov. 24. 
Burgess. LouU. Jersey City, N. J. ColTee maker. 

2.649.041. AiiK. 18. 
Burgess -Manning Company, assignee: See — 
<"hlplfy. Alfr»»<l S. 
Emery. Neville R.. and Robards. 
Jorn. Albert T. 
Jorn.'Albert T. and A. 

I>»adbetter, Ralph L., Chlpley. and Certlk. I 

Maniimrdt. John A. 
Bargeas. Russell H.. assignor to Drying Systems. Inc.. 
Chicago. 111. Bread cooling and conditioning system. 
2.643.iS2.1. June 30. 
Burgess. Thomas. New Bedford. Maaa. Baseball game. 

2.645.489. July 14. , 

Burggn'n. Robert C. : Bee — 

Rusler George W.. Jr.. and Burggren. 
Hurchoff. LouLs It.. ForPHtv ill.-, assignor to The E. In- 
grsihiim Company. Bri.-'tol. Conn. Case for timepieces 
and the like. 2.660.857. Dec. 1. 
•. BurglHon. Raymond M.. and S. E. Forman. Baltimore, 
and D. O. ZInk. Linthlcum. Md.. ast-slgnors. bv mesne 
assignments, to National Distillers Products Corpora- 
tion, New York. N. Y. Removal of oTvpenated organic 
compounds fronn Kydrocarbona. 2,667!227, Oct. 27. 
Burgoyne. Edward E. : See — 

Condon. Kriinci.s E , and Biirirovne. 
Bureoyne. Edward E. Bartlesvllle. Okla.. assignor to 
. PhlUlpa Petroleum Company. Condensation of alcohols 
In the pre8«6c« iof calcium hydroxide. 2.845.667, July 

Burgoyne, Edward E . Bartlesvllle. Okla.. and F. E. Con- 
don. Boreer. Tex., assignors to Phillips Petroleum Com- 
pany. Condensation of alcohols In the presence of 
caldnm oxide. 2.64S,668. July 14. 

Barhana, Allison S. : See — . 

Merx. Paul L.. Wltzel. and Bufhans. , 

Borlan. Kurt : See — \ 

McMaster, Archie J.. Kltto, and Burlan. , 

Burk. Harold T-. : See — 

Bnrk. William R . and IT L. 

Burk. William R.. and H. L.. Canton. Mo. Automobile 
theft prevention device. Mav 5 

Rurkardt. Anton F.. New York. N. Y. Variable racing 
game apparatus. 2.6.'>n.828. .Sept. l. 

Bnrkardt. Anton P.. New York. N. Y., assignor to Satlva 
Corporation. Yarn made of blended fibers. 2.6.'>3 441 
Sept. 29. 

Bnrkardt Anton F.. New York, N. Y.. assignor to Satlva 
r Corxwratlon. Making yarns. 2.656.671. Oct. 27. 

Bnrkardt. Anton K.. New York, N. V.. aN.oltrnor to Satlva 
Corporation. Preshrunk yarn or rabrlr. 2.6.")7 717. 
Nov 3 

Borkart. Edward H. : See — 

Simon. Ell. Tbomaa. and Bnrkart. 
Barke, By ran R. : 8e« — 

Bartlam, Thomas C. Bnrke, and Wiser and Engstrom 
Uiser. Dounlas R.. Ilartlam. and Htirke 
Bnrke. Charles B.. Norfolk. Va. Back rest. 2.659.420. 

Nor. 17. 
Burke. Dolores. Jackson ITelRhts. N. Y. Puppet doll 

2.6.'>5.762, Oct. 20. . 

Burke, George P. C. : See — 

Leahy, James F.. and Bnrke. 
Burke. iJeoree P. C. Beverly. Mass.. assignor to United 
Shoe Machinery Corporation, Flemlneton. N J. Insole 
as^emhllng machine. 2.649.596. Aug. 2."). 
Bnrke. George P. C. Fairhaven. Mass.. assignor to United 
Shoe Machinery Conjuration. Flemlnsrton! N J At>- 
paratuB for use in making insoles. 2,6.?9,447. May 26 
Burke. James A.. a.<<!>lcnee : See — 
Gibbons. Melvin W. 

Burke. James P.. Poland, assignor to M. M. Flhus and 
J. Marcus. Youngstown, Ohio. Air pump and accumu- 
lator. 2.660.334. Nov. 24. 

Burke^ Joan. East Cleveland. Ohio. Dustless aah scoop. 
_^ 2.837.588. May 5. ^ 

"^ Burke. John C. : See — 

,' Jurlat, Alfred fi.. Burke, and Gaunt. 

Bnrke. Joseph R."; Seattle, Wash. Composite panel. 

2,652.600. Sept 22. ^ k i« 

Burke, Loula L., CunnersviUe, Ind.. aaaignor to Avco 
Manufacturing Corporation, Cincinnati. Ohio. Sever- 
able counter top for kitchen cabinet installation. 
2.654.648. Oct. 6. 

Burke, Ralph L., assignee : See — 
Wasky. Roy E. 

Burke. .Stephen T., Jr., Astoria, assignor of twenty-flve 
per cent to Henry Uehr, Jamaica, .N. Y. Expansible 
core for coila of rope or the like. 2.644.650. July 7. 

Iturke. Wilbur B.. Cleveland. Ohio. Window construction. 
2.630.807. Mar. 10. 

burke. Wilbur B.. East Cleveland. Ohio. Window con- 
struction. 2.631.337. Mar. 17. 

Bnrke. Wilbur B.. East Cleveland. Ohio. Window struc- 
ture. 2.640.568, June 2. 

Burke^ William P.. and O. P. Slmpaon. aasignors to The 
McBee Company. Athens, Ohio. Burnlng-ln machine. 
2.651.702 Sepk 8. 

Burke, William O.. assignor to National Lock Co., Rook- 
ford, 111. Lid balancing hinge and support. 2,638,021, 
May 19. 

Burke William O^ assignor to National I^ock Company, 
Roct(ford, III. Spring hinge for low-temperature cabi- 
nets. 2,641.019. June 9. 

ISurkert, Franx. assignor of one-half to Ililde Saliger, 
Vienna, Auatria. Winding patient lift and turning 
mechanism. 2.655.667. Oct. 20. 

Burkett. Wllford B. : See— , 

KIrcher. Ralph N.. Heldner. and Burkett 

Barkey. Harry S , Lancaster. I'a. Sounding whirling disk 
toy. 2.662.337 Dec. 15. 

Burkhard. Henry P.. near Long Branch. N. J. Llghtproof 
seam and making the same. 2.(>.'>1,049. Sept. 8. 

Burkhardt. Adoipli E.. Poland. Ohio. Wheeled motor 
carrying attarhment. 2. 62.'.. 230. Jan. 13. 

Burkhardt. George R., Chicago. III. Railway rail. Be. 
23.74.'). I>e<-. 1 

Burkh.-irdt. Harold H.. assignor to Millers Falls Company, 
Greenfield, Mass. Power-operated rotary impact wrench. 
2.662.434. Dec. 15. 



Ohio. Pressure cooker. 

M., Euclid, Ohio. Cooking utensil. 

Euclid, Ohio. Cooking utensil. 

Y., and J. 

J. Vance, 

to Monroe 
J. Mag- 

Burkhardt. Otto 
•J.6i'«,r)60. Jan. 

Burkhardt. Otto 
2.626.726. Jan. 2. 

Burkhardt Otto M 
2.6,37.463. May 5. 

Burkhart, Robert L.. Pearl River, N 

Park Ridge, N. J., aaaignora to American 
Company, New York, N. Y. Aureomycin 
2.646,801 June 2. 

Burkhart. William H., East Orange, assignor 
Calculating Machine Company. Orange, N 
netic tape error control. 2,628,346, Feb. 10. 

Burkhead. Polly : See — 

Brenner, Abner, and Burkhead. 
Brenner, Abner, Uurkhend. and Sentel. 

Bnrkholder Josephine, administratrix: See — 
Klay. George H. 

Burkholder, Melvin S. : See — 

Hardy. Wilbur G.. and Burkholder. 

Burkholder, Melvin S.. Beaverdam. assignor of one-half 
to W. 0. Hardy, Wanakonetn. Ohio. Ridge grinder for 
engine cylinders. 2,659.186. Nov. 17. , 

Burkland, Carl J., assignor of one-half to E. Haubrlch, 
Chicago. III. Electric fan. 2,663.494. Dec. 22. 

Burks. Arthur W., assignor to Decatur Pump Company, 
Decatur, III. Ix)ad equalizing device for thrust bear- 
ings. 2.626.842. Jan, ^7. 

Burks, Arthur W.. assignor to D«^catur Pump Company. 
Decatur. III. Load equalising device for thrust l)ear- 
Inga. 2.e30..354 Mar. .3. 

Burleln. Lester F.. assignor to Cloverleaf-Freeland Cor- 

C oration, Honesdale Pa. Doubled bushed center core 
obbin. 2,661.912. Dec. 8. 
Burleyson, William H., Baltimore, Md. Portable food con- 
tainer having an electric beating element. 2,629,042. 

Feb. 17. 
Burman, Joseph O., Jr., East Bridgewater. assignor to 

A. A. Augat Machine A Tool Co. Inc.. Attleboro. Mass. 

Ribbon winding machine. 2,635,822, Apr. 21. 
Burman. Paul O. : See — 

Humber, John N.. Hogeman. and Burman. 
Hunneister, Harry : See — 

KrOnig, Waiter, Seeles. and Burmeister. 
Bunnelater. Howard P., Harvey, assignor to 

trie Manufacturing Co., Chicago, 111. 

switch. 2.662,133. Dec. 8. 
Burmeister. Robert M.. Pasadena, Calif. T<uggnge 

rier for motor vehicles. 2.639.848. Mav 26. 
Burn, I^'wls. London, England. H. Todd. Holywell. Wales, 

and J. Oliver. Coventrv. England. Rotary granulating 

maclilne. ? 6.39.747. May 26. 

Burn. Philip H.. Forest Hills. N. T. Automatic trafHc 
directing device for garages. 2.644.150, June 30. 

Burn, Philip IL. Forest Hills, A. Graham. New York, and 

A. G. Lorimer, Douglaston, N. T. All ramp garage. 

2.659.109. Nov. 17. 
Burnam. Thompson W., I>ing Beach. Calif., and G. D. 

Kamsav. Dallas. Tex. Fire extinguishing nozzle and 

distributor bead. 2,647,800, Aug. 4. 
Burnbaum, Jack. Watertown, assignor to Bradford Novelty 

Co.. Inc.. Cambridge. Mass. Illuminated decoration with 

reflector. 2.646,497. July 21. 

Royal Elec- 




Bumdept Limited, assignee : See — 
Linton, Alfred, and Lewla. 

Bnmdy Engineering Company, assignee : See — 
Dupre, Henry P. 

Burndy Engineering Company. Inc., assignee : See — 
Dupre, Ilenry P., and Mattbysae. 
I^'e, Marvin. 
Matthysse. Irving P. 
Matthysse, Irving F., and Pellier. 
Rogoff, Julian. 

Biirnell. Milo. assignor to Crown Cork Specialty Corpora- 
tion, Decatur, 111. Cap applying apparatus. 2,64 (,072, 
Aug. 4. 

Burnell. Robert H.. Washington, D. C. Burglar trap. 
2.637,284. May 5. 

Burner, Elva L. : See — 

Fraunfelder. Frederick D., Burner, and Buggs. 

Bumess, Donald M. : See — 

Allen, Charles P. H., and Burness. 

Burnett. Alexander H., Chicago, and J. J. Prohaska, La 
Grange, assignors to Swift & Company Chicago, 111. 
Sausage link forming machine. 2.661,808. Sept. 15. 

Burnett Edward N.. Oakland, Calif., as.signor to Gerber 
Products Companv, Fremont. Mich. Valve construction. 
2.642, K!>4, June 23 

Burnett, Edward N.. San Lorenzo, Calif., assignor to 
Gerber Products Company. Fremont. Mich. Container 
constructiod. 2,634,041, Apr. 7. 

Burnett, Edward .N.. San Lorenzo. Calif., assignor to Ger- 
ber Products Company. Fremont, Mich. Assembling 
and gluing for Interlocking containers. 2,651,153, 
Sept. 8. 

Burnett, Edward N., San T.^renxo. Calif., assignor to Ger- 
ber Products Company. Fremont. Mich. Container con- 
struction. 2,651.449. Sept. 8. 

Burnett, Howard V., Sanger, Calif. Combination of pick- 
ing buckets and cushioning liners therefor. 2,630,938, 
Mar. 10. 

Burnett. Richard T., assignor to Bendix Aviation Cor- 
poration. South Bend. Ind. Torus chamber type hydro- 
kinetic torque converter. 2,634,584, Apr. 14. 

Burnett. Richard T., assignor to Bendix Aviation Corpora- 
tion. South Bend. Ind. Fluid tranHmlssion. 2.657,592, 
Nov. 3. 

Burnett. Robert E. : See — 

Nordland, Birger W., and Burnett. 

Burnett, Robert E., and B. W. Nordlander, Schenectady, 
N. Y., assignors to General Electric Company. Oxy- 
genated polymerlzable acrylic acid type esters and 
preparing and polymerizing the same. 2,028,178, Feb. 

Burnett, Robert I>.. Overton, England, assignor to Im- 
perial Chemical Industries Limited. Apparatus for the 
purification of calcium. 2.650,085, Aug. 25. 

Burnett, Rudolph S. Memphis, Tenn. Veneer cutting 
machine. 2,642.136, J^ne 16. 

Burnett William E. : See — 

Knhler. Otto A., and Burnett. 

Bnmette.. Llewellyn W., Easton, Pa., and J. M. Cross, 
Washington, N. J., asalgnora to General Aniline Sc Film 
Corporation, New York; N. Y. Polyglycol ethers of 
alkyl phenol sulfides. 2,629,743, Feb. 24. 

Bumette. Virgil, assignee : See — 
Chetlan. Carl H. 

Bnrney. Charles D.. assignor to Fresh Frozen Foods Ltd.. 
London. England. Trawling otter. 2.661,562. Dec. 8. 

Burnfy. Donald E.. Griffith, and B. H. Shoemaker. Ham- 
mond, Ind., assignors to Standard Oil Company, Chi- 
cago, III. I'reparatlon of Improved motor fuel. 
2.628.981, Feb. 17. 

Burney. Donald E.. Griffith. Ind.. and W J. Cerveny. 
I^nnslng. assignors to Standard Oil Development Com- 
panv. Chicago, ni. Selective hydrogenatlon of oxo- 
procesa aldehvdes. 2.6.''>8,083. Nov. 3. 

Bnmham, Edwin. Gl/'nvlew. assignor to R. C. Brown. Jr., 
Highland Park. 111., as trustee. Position Indicating 
means for X-ray projectors. 2.6.')9.824. Nov. 17. 

Bumham. John. Williamstown. assignor to Sprague Elec- 
tric Company. North Adams. Mass. Production of 
insulated condenser electrodes. 2,647,079, July 28. 

Burnham, Marston, assignee : See — 
Prizer. Eugene L. 

Burnham^ Virgil A.. Saco, Maine, assignor to Saco-Lowell 
Shops, Boston. Mass. Mechanism for drafting rayon 
tow. 2^640.228. June 2. 

Burnlght. Thomas R.. Washington. D. C, and R. A. Em- 
mett. Jr.. U. S. Navy. Synchronizing system. 2,658.196. 
Nov. 3. 

Burns. Clifford M.. Tacoma. Wash. Artificial fishing lure. 
2,642.695, June 23. 

Burns. Earl A., New Baltimore, assignor to Woodall In- 
dustries Inc., Detroit Mich. Pnsher attachment for 
presses. 2,653,661. Sept 29. 

Burns. Fred J.. Saginaw. Mich., assignor to The Columbia 
Mills. Inc.. Syracuse. N. Y. Flexible storm window se- 
curing means. 2,624,404. Jan. 6. 

Burns, Fred J.. Saginaw, Mich., assignor to The Columbia 
Mills, Inc., Syracuse, N. Y. Center bar for flexible storm 
windows. 2.660,239rNoT. 24. 

Bums, Grover P., Fredericksburg, Va. Thermometer. 
2,651.202. Sept 8. 

' 237243— P 8 | 

Barns. Henry L.. Portland, Oreg. Disposable breathing 
mask. 2,634,724, Apr. 14. 

Burns. Jabez, & Sons, Inc., assignee : See — 
Scull. William S., 2d, and Fisher. 

Bnms, Leonard S. : See — 

Banister, Ouy. and Burns. 

Burns, Leslie 1-.. .1 r, : See — *■ ■ 

Luck, David G. C, and Burns. 
Roberts, Walter van B., and Burns. 

Burns, Leslie L., Jr.. Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. AdJusUble tuning for me- 
chanical resonators. 2,647,949, Aug. 4. 

Burns, Meryl C. : See — 

Giel. George J., Jr., and Burns. 

Burns, Robert S., and R. L. Solter, assignors to Armco 
Steel Corporation, Mlddletown, Ohio. Production of 
coated soft iron and steel sheets. 2,656.285, Oct 20. 

Bums ft Russell Company of Baltimore City, assignea: 

Russell, Alexander H. 

Burns, William A., and W. F. Johnson, Richland. Wash., 
assignors to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the United States Atomic Energy Commission. 
Plate design for pulse columns. 2,662,001, Dec. 8. 

Burns, William E. : See — 

Knapp, George P., Burns^ Bobbins, and Zwack. 
Stead, Richard H., and Burns. 
Swenson. Jam(>s A.. Burns, and Stead. 

Burnslde, Walter M., assignor to R. T. Moloney, Chicago, 
111. Coin controL 2,627.961. Feb. 10. 

Burnwell Incinerator Corporation, assignee : Bee — 

Blum, Joseph K. „ „,, 

Buroker, Leo B., Dallas, Tex. Ash tray. 2.626,615, 
Jan 27. 

Buroker, Leo R., Dallas, Tex. Ash tray. 2.626,616, 
Jan. 27. 

Buron. Harry A., assignor to Arthur D. Little. Inc., Cam- 
bridge. Mass. Making lightweight aggregate. 2.654.137. 
Oct 6. . , ^ 

Burr, Gordon A., Prultt, Ark. Pivoted blade cultivator. 
2,659,285, Nov. 17. 

Burr, Linton B., assignor to International Steel Company, 
Bvansvliie, Ind. Drain valve for refrigeration cars. 
2,631.683. Mar. 17. 

Burr, Ned, assignor to Chicago Cardboard Company, 
Chicago, 111. Display frame. 2,641,858, June 16, 

Burr, Richard : See- 
Colin. Jules, Burr, and Gafanesch. 

Burrell, Ellis, Rochester. N. Y.. assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of the Navy. Spin-testing de- 
vice. 2.6r)5,033, Oct. 13. 

Burrell, Frank C, assignor to General Motors Corpora- 
tion, Detroit, Mich. Hydraulic valve lifter leak-down 
tester. 2,635,464. Apr. 21. " 

Barren, Gilbert : See— 

Dolza. John, Burrell. Sherrlck. and Schilling. 

Burrell, Kenneth D., and R. C. Latson, Zephyrhlils, Fla. 
Pressure-starting motor control device. 2,649,552, 
Aug 18. 

Burrell. Robert. West Haven. Conn. Target baseball game. 
2.657.931. Nov. 3. 

Burrell, William E., Portland. Oreg. Lubricator for wheel 
flanges. 2,626.680, Jan. 27. 

Burreson, Zina, Sheboygan, asslgner to Presto Industries, 
Inc., Eau Claire, Wis. Temperature Indicator for hand 
pressing irons. 2,653,480, Sept. 29. 

Burress, Lawrence O., Moline 111. Window opening and 
closing mechanism. 2,662,766. Dec. 15. 

Burrill. Ernest A., Natick, assignor to High Voltage Engi- 
neering Corporation, Cambridge, Mass. Apparatus for 
utilizing a beam of high energy electrons in sterlllaa- 
tlon and in therapy. 2,640,948, June 2. 

Burris, Allen E.. Sabinal, Tex. Gate latch. 2,641,494. 

June 9- c_ ^ . 

Burris, John S., Houston, Tex. Page end Indicator mech- 
- anlsm for typewriters. 2,625,253. Jan. 13. 
Burroughes ft Watts (Canada) Limited, assignee: See — 

Acland. Edward H. 
Burroughs Adding Machine Company, assignee: See — 
Brown, Edgar A. 
Butler. Thomas M. 
Fettle. Arthur J. 
Hyland. John J. 
Kaufman, Elmer A. 

Leatherman. CllflFord C, and Wockenfuss. 
Paslnskl. Walter J. l 

Wockenfuss, William. . - / 

Wockenfuss. William, And Speh. | ) / 

Burroughs Corporation, assignee : Bee — / 

Dedek. Frank O. / 

Burroughs. Edwin B., Brooklyn, assignor tip St Regis 
Paper Company. New York. N. Y. Melanism and 
method for forming sleeved valve bags. 2,643,588, 
June 30. 
Burroughs. Howard N., Clarksviile, Iowa. Mercury 

switch. Oct. 13. 
Burroughs. Kenneth C. Plalnvllle. Mass., assignor to 
Burroughs Optomat, Inc., New York, N. Y. Lens flnlsb- 
Ing machine. 2.643.490. June 30. 
Burroughs. Kenneth C.. Plainville, Mass . assignor to 
Burroughs Optomat Inc., New York. N. Y. Grlndlnf 
machine. 2,643,491, June 30. 


inde:jc of patknts. idgg 

Burrougbs. Kenneth C, PlalnTiUe, Mau.. assifcnor to 
Uurrougtid Optomat. Inc.. New York. N. Y. Griudins 
macbiue and metbod. 2.643.492. June 30. 
Burroughs Optomat. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Hurruughs, Kenneth C. 
Burroughs Wellcome k Co. (U. 8. A.) Inc., .laaignee : See — 
Hultzly. Klchard, and Castillo. 
Itarrett. I'aul A. 
Castillo. Julio C. and Phillips. 
Copp, Freilericlc C. 
HltchingM. George II.. and Elion. 
ililt-liiiiKM. *>*'or»:e iK,.uu<l h'uliu. 
Ifiti hiiiKt*. «;fi)r>;** H.. and Ku«Me|l. 
Ilitchi^gs, Gforge H.. Kusaell. and Fak-o. 
IMilllijm. Arthur r.. and Castillo. 
Taylor, All)ert. 
Wockenfuas. Wllilaui. 
Burrows, Arthur T. C. as.signor to Geo. W. King Limited, 
Illtchin. Kniriand. Sliding door. 2,r.51.8I6. Sept. 15. 
Burrows, Arthur T. C, assignor to Geo. W. King Limitetl. 
Hltchin. England. Sliding door. 2.653.359, Sopt. 29. 
BurrowM, EaMtman A., asaMTor to S. D. Libbejr, Wasbing- 
ton. D. C. Apparatus fdPniaking wallboard. 2.G31.3M1. 
Mar. 17. 
Burrows, I>awton : See- - 

Branan. Wiley M., Burrows, and Mackey. 
Burrows, Lawton A., Mendenhall. Pa., R. M. Caranaugh 
and W. M. Nagle. Woodburv. N. J., assignors to B. I. 
du Pont de Nemours & Company, Wilnilngton. Del. 
Oxidation process for preparation of terephtbalic acid. 
2.636.899, Apr. 28. 
Burrows, Mile.>< G., Ilradford, England. Collapsible con- 
tainer. 2.(>43.788. June 30. 
Barrows. Milford I). : iiee — 

Boyio KuK«-ne L.. and Burrows. 
Burson, Harrison S.. Sr., Cl«'veland. Ohio. Movie, film 
feeder with simultaneous unwinding and rewinding ac- 
tion. 2.043.118. June 23. 
Barst, Francis J. : See — 

Hillenbrand, William A., and Burst. 
Burt. F. N., Company. Inc . !i<vii:iii>»» : 8ee—r 

Nyden, Robert, and Dickerman. 
Burt. Farlow 11.. assignor to liendlx Ariatlon Corpora- 
Steering gear construction. 

to Bendix Aviation Corpora- 
Record changer apparatus. 

See — 

tion. South Bend. Ind. 

2,634.P>24. Apr. 14. 
Burt, Farlow B., as.signor 

tion. South Bend. Ind. 

2.«4«..''.41. Anir 11. 
Burt. Guv H.. assignee : See — 

Richard.son. Arthur A. 
Bort. Harry M., assignee: See — 

Richardson. Arthur .\. 
Burt Machine Company. Inc., assignee 

Neer. Clifford H. 
Burt. William C. a.<<siKnor to Clair Manufacturing Com- 

pnnv. Inc.. Olean, N. Y. Surface flnishing machine. 

2,000.007. Nov. 24. 
Burtn»>r, Robert R.. Skoklo. H.«MiKnor to <I. I>. St-arlo fk Co.. 

Chicngo. III. I»erivativ<>s of cycIoalkyltK>nzoylnralkanoic 

acids. 2 ••.."•4.778. Oct «. 
Burtner. Robert R.. Skokle. assignor to G. D. Searle A Co., 

Chicago. III. Hydroxy nnd methoxy cyclohexylhenzoyl- 

propionic acids. 2,tt63.728, Dec. 22. 
Burton. Charl»'H D.. GleuHlde, assitrnor to Rohm A Haas 

Company, Philadelphia. Pa. Prejiarlnc eHtern of alpha. 

beta-dlrhloroproplonlc acid. 2.047 02.T. Aug. 4. 
Burton. Charh's <;.. San Diego, Calif. Projection screen. 

2.000,927. Dec. 1. 
Burton Dixit' <'or(v>ration, assignee: See — 

Weslf'y. .\rthur. 
Burton, Drurv R. : See — 

Snyder. J.imes K , and Burton. 
Burton, Dniry R.. Uniontown. and H. W. Wilson. Cuyn 

hoga Falls. aa''ignors to Wingfoot Corporation. .Akron. 

Ohio. Making non-blocking film rtf rubber hydrochloride. 

2.643,202. June 23. 
Burton, Everett T.. Millburn. N. J., assignor to Bell Tele- 
^ phone I.*boratorles. Incorporated. New York, N. Y. 

Semiconductor circuit element. 2,0.'55,02.'5. Oct. 13. 
Burtt)n. Frank L.. assignor to The Gates Rubber Companv. 
' Denver. Colo. Making reinforced rubber hose. 2.652,093, 

Sept. 1.".. 
Burton, Frei1 M. : See — 

Tower. Ralph S.. and Burton. 
Burton. J Kent, Lancaster. Pa., assignor to Radio Cor- 
poration of America. Apparatus for forming settled 

coatings 2,846.773, July 28. 
Burton, Robert B., assignor to General Motors Corpora- 
tion. TVtroit. Mich. Single-leaf spring clamp. June 23. 
Burton. Robert E.. WUllts, Calif. Bark peeler havlnjr 

pivoted Jaws spread by fluid pressure. 2,661,782. 

Dec. 8. 
Burton, Samuel D. : See — 

SmeU7f»r. R.ivmond F.. Edwards. Baker, and Burton. 
Burton, William P. : See — 

Rlblett. Earl W., Burton, and Lefrancols. 
Burton. William P.. Orange, a.ssignor to The M. W. Kel 

logg Company. Jersey Citv. N. J. Separation of or- 
ganic compounds. 2.647,139, July 28. 
Burton, William P.. Grange, and E Solomon. Nutl»v. as- 
signors to The M. W. Kellogg Companv. Jers«^Citv, 

N. J. Separation of organic compounds. 2.984,435, 

Dec. 29. 

Burtonshaw Donald : 6ee — 

Stead, brnest, Murray, and Burtonshaw. 

Burwell, Albert L.. Norman, ukiu.. amtiguur to University 
of Oklahoma Research Institute. Converting volcanic 
ash to cellular particles. 2.637.702. May 5. 

Ilurwell, Blair, Grand Junction. Colo., assignor to Climax 
Uranium Company. Treating vanadium and uranium 
ores and the like. 2.630.309. Mar. 3. 

Hurwell, Maurel G., assignor to Century Tank Manufac- 
turing Company, Columbus, Ohio. Apparatus for ap- 
plying c«'meutitious linings to inner wall surfaces of 
liquid-holding recepta,cies. 2.641.218, June 9. 

Barwell. Orlo K.. Trutnior Consequences, N. Mex. Con- 
trolled temperature nipor-ttuth cabinet. 2,640.201, 
June 2 

Busby, Arthur D.. Harrow, England, assignor to The In- 
ternational Nickel Company. Inc.. New York. N. Y. Ad- 
dition agent and Introducing magnesium into cast iron. 
2.663.035. Dec. 22. 

ISusby. John C, Jr.. U. S. Navy, Salisbury. N. C. Ap- 
imratus and metliod for drafting fibers. 2,641,025. 
June 9. 

Busby, Stanl«>y J.. London, England. Apparatus for vac- 
uum tilling of containers. 2,654.523, Oct. 6. 

Busch, Carl A. : See — 

Baumer, Richard A.. Busch, and ChiU. 

Busch, Charles R., Orange. N. J., assignor to Buffalo 
liiake Beam (ompuiiy, .\cw York, N. V. Biiike beam. 
2.056 019, Oct. 20. 

Busch, I^dgar C. : See — 

I>eutscb, Louis, and Busch. 

Busch, Lee S. : See — 

Swazy, Earl F., Freyer. and Busch. 

Busch. Richard E.: See — 

Parsons, Wharton A., and Busch. 

Busch, Rudolph B.. Detroit, Mich., assignor to American 
Optical Company. Southbridge, Mass. Artificial eye. 
^.043,392. June 30. 

Buschman, E. W^., Company, The, a.s.signee : See — 
Vogt. Rudolph 15. 
Vogt. Rudolph H.. and Keville. 

Buschow. Herman F.. North Arlington. N. JT., assignor to 
Hydrocartwn Research. Inc.. .Vew York, N. Y. Re- 
cuperative heat e-xchanger and producing same. 
2,O4.{.80:<. June 30. 

Buschow. Herman F.. North Arlington, N. J., assignor to 
Hydrocarbon Research Inc.. New Y'ork, N. x. Annular 
flow heat exchanger. 2.602.749. Dec. 15. 

KusiiiKiiui. .f'elix, tirccnford. assignor, by mp.sne assigrf- 
ments. to E. R. A. Patents Limited. I..eatherhead. Eng- 
land. Direct current electric power transmls.slon sys- 
tem. 2.651,018. Sept. 1. 

ISusemann, Felix, (treenford. assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to E. R. A. Patents Liinlted, Leatherhcad. Eng- 
land. Protective apparatus for direct current transmlis- 
sion lines. 2,651.017. Sept. 1. 

Ituser. Doris E. : See — 
Buser, Joseph S. 

Bus«>r, Joseph S.. deceased, late of Marland Heights, 
W. Va.. by D. E. Morgan (fiipmerly D. E. Buser), ad- 
ministratrix, Altoona. Pa . assignor to National St**! 
Corporation. Electrocoatlng strip. 2,G48.C25. Aug. 11. 

ISu.«er, Joseph S.. deceased, late of Marland Heights. 
W. Va., by D. E. Morgan (formerly D. E. Buser) ad- 
ministratrix, Altoona. Pa., nssicnor to National Steel 
Corporation. Electrolytic coating. 2,648,620. Aug. 11. 

Bosh, A. 0., assignee : See — 
Crlner, Harry J. 

Bush, Dale A., assignor to Ben Pearson, Incorporated, Pine 
Bluff. Ark. Material handling fan. 2,033.390. Mar. 31. 

Bush. Elijah B., Oklahoma City. Okla. Sound reproduc- 
ing device. 2,039.924. May 26. 

Bush. Harleigh L., El Centro, Calif. Continuous jprlp 
transmission line apparatus. 2,647,699, Aug. 4. 

Bush. Harold L., and W. E. Parish, assignors to Crouse- 
Hlnds Company, N. Y. Explosion resisting 
clock. 2,625,004. Jan. 13. 

ISush. J. E., assignee : See — 
Quoss, Henry N. 

Rush, Leroy F., Edwardsvllle. Kans. 
apparatus. 2.061.839. Dec. 8. 

Bush Testing, Inc.. assignee : See — 
Bush. Walter M.. and Collett. 

Bush. Walter M., Bellflower. and C. H. 
Calif., assignors to Bush Testing, Inc. 
paratus for testing tubing. 2.052,717. Sept. 22. 

Bush, Wilkie L., and A. M. Daily, assignors to Chicago 
Telephone Supply Corporation. Elk^iart. Ind. Terminal 
construction for variable resistors. 2.032.S32. Mar. 24. 

Bush. Wllkle L.. and A. M. Dally, assignors to Chicago 
Telephone Supply Corporation, Elkhart, In-l. Electric 
switch. 2.000,034. Nov. 24. 

Itushong. Harry F.. assignor to The Studebaker Corpora- 
tion. South Bend, Ind. .\rinrest for automobile doors. 
2,061,052. Dec. 1. 

Bashore. Albert L.. Riverside, assignor to F. J. Hart. San 
Bernardino, Calif. Apparatus for producing concrete 
roof tiles. 2.637.888. May 12. 

Busk, Robert S. : See — 

Chisholm Douglas S . and Busk. 
Lei>ntls, Thomas E., and Busk. 


Sand classifying 

Collett. Burbank. 
Method and ap- 



Buflke. Gilbert B.. Anson Township. Chippewa County, 
assignor to National Pressure Cooker Company, Bau 
Claire, Wis. Throttle control for outboard motors. 
2,627.836. Feb. 10. 

Buss Benjamin A. : See — 

Miller. Hercheal W'., and Buss. , 

Buss, lienjamin A.. East Moline 111., assignor to American 
Machine and Metals, Inc.. New York. N. Y. Control 
for fluid operated presses. 2,055,744, Oct. 20. 

Buss, Donald R., Lanark. 111. Prepared fish bait and 
manufacturing same. 2,631.937. Mar. 17. 

Buss Machine Works, assignee: See — 
Veersma. Walter. 

Bussard. Emmery J. H.. assignor to Avco Manufacturing 
Corporation, Cincinnati, Ohio. Oscillator. 2.628.314, 
Feb. 10. 

Bussard, Emmery J. H.. assignor to Avco Manufacturing 
Corporation. Cincinnati. Ohio. Constant band width 
coupling circuit for television receiver tuners. 2,652,487, 
Sept. 1."). 

Busse, Herman, Brooklyn, assignor to Milton C. Johnson 
Co., New York, N. Y. Spiral coll loose-leaf binder and 
the like. 2.657,071, Oct. 27. 

Busse. Warren F.. and H. R. Davidson. Easton, Pa., assign- 
ors to QeWral Aniline A Film Corporation. New York. 
N. Y. Sulfolanes as dielectric material. 2.628,205. 
Feb. 10. 

Bussert. Clarence E.. Melrose Park, assignor to Bowl-O- 
Beauty Co., Maywood, 111. Immersed floral display. 
Re. 23,625, Mar. 10. 

Bnssiere, George. Los Angeles, Q. C. Johnson, Torrance, 
and J. B. Straub. Manhattan Beach, Calif., assignors to 
North American Aviation, Inc. Gun blast door. 
2.641,967, June 16. 

Hustamante, Cesar, New York, N. Y. Advertising card 
conveyer. 2.049.798. Aug. 25. 

Bustamante. Cesar, Elmhurst, N. Y. Rack for drinking 
glasses. 2,664.207, Dec. 29. 

Butcher, Edgar M., Blaby. assigiipr to Power Jets (Re- 
search and Development) Limited. London, England. 
Rotary bladed or like assembly. 2,646,920, July 28. 

Butcosk, Richard A., East Hempstead, N. Y.. assignor to 
Socony-Vacuum OH Company, Incorporated. Stabilized 
lithium base grease. 2,028,949, Feb. 17. 

Butler, Charles W., assignor of one-half to M. E. Barone, 
Arcadia, Calif. Trailer hitch. 2,053.031, Sept. 22. 

Butler, Donald G., Mlllersburg, Ohio. Electric arc pro- 
duction of combustible gases. 2.600,550, Nov. 24. 

Butler, Edmund C, assignor of one-half to Universal Wood 
Heel Co., St. Louis. Mo. Gauge and ejector for heel 
shaping machines. 2,664,125, Dec. 29. 

Butler Ernest L-., Lynn, Mass., assignor to United Shoe 
Machinery Corporation. Flemlngton, N. J. Pulllng-over 
machine. 2.637,053. May 5. 

Butler, Ernest L., Lynn, and O. M. Holmes, Beverly, 
Mass.. assignors to United Shoe Machinery Corpora- 
tion, Flemlngton, N. J. Machine for shaping stitch- 
down uppers over lasts. 2,646,583, July 28. 

Butler, Ernest L., Lynn, and O. M. Holmes, Beverly. Mass.. 
assignors to United Shoe Machinery Corporation, Flem- 
lngton, N. J. Lasting machine. 2,656,552 Oct. 27. 

Butler. (Jeorge B.. Gainesville. Fla., and B. M. Benjamin, 
Oak Ridge, Tenn., assignors to Research Corporation, 
New York, N. Y. Ion exchange resins from a trlfunc- 
tlonal phenol, formaldehyde and n mannlch base made 
from a trifunctlonal phenol, formaldehyde and a dlalkyl- 
amine, morphoilne or piperldine. 2,036.019. Apr. 21. 

Butler, George 8., Sunbury, Ohio. Garden weeder. 
2.642.305. June 10. 

Butler. George T. : See — 

Ford. Ronald M.. and Butler. 

Butler. George V., Rochester. N. T. Apparatus for In- 
verting patients during X-ray examinations. 2,639,206. 
May 19. 

Butler, Grace: See — 

Butler William D., and G. 

Butler. Henry J.. Sutton Coldfleld, assignor to Dunlop Rub- 
ber Companv Limited, London County. England. Brake 
with self-aligning friction surfaces. 2.635.714. Apr. 21. 

Butler. Henry J.. Sutton Coldfleld, assignor to Dnnlop 
Rubber Companv I>Imited. County of I^ondon. England. 
Alr-coolpd brake Ulsk. 2.050.021, Opf. 20. 

Butler, Jesse L., Cleveland. Ohio. Snowplow attachment 
for lawn shears. 2.053.397. Sept. 29. 

Butler, John M., Centervllle. Ohio, assignor to Monsanto 
-IThemical Company, St. Louis, Mo. ^-haloethoxyethyl- 
N-phenylcarbamate. 2.634.289, Apr. 7. 

Butler, John M.. Centervllle. Ohio, assignor to Monaanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis, Mo. Preparation of aro- 
matic keto alcohols. 2.034.294. Apr. 7. 

Butler, John M., Centervllle. Ohio, assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Companv, St. Louis, Mo. Lubricating com- 
position. 2.661,335, Dec. 1. 

Butler. John M.. Dayton. Ohio, assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis. Mo. Trldecenyl alcohols. 
2,624.706. Jan. 6. 

Butler. John M.. Dayton. Ohio, assignor to Monsanto 
Chemical Company, St. Louis, Mo. Acylated poly- 
styrene. 2.642,398, June 10. 

Butler, Judson C. Concord, and D. C. McOowan, Rich- 
mond, assignors to California Research Corporation, 
San Francisco, Calif. Linear polyesters from stilbene 
dlcarboxylic acids. 2,657.194, Oct. 27. 

Butler, Leon E.. Philadelphia, and F. J. Siemers, Haver- 
town, assignors to- Achenbach A Butler, Inc., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Insulated air duct. 2,661,769, Dec. 8. 

Butler Manufacturing Company, assignee : Bee — 
Norguist, Victor C, and Day. 

Butler. Richard K. : See — 

Cotchett. Louis M.. and Butler. 

Butler. Richard K.. assignor, by mesne assignments to 
Textile Engineering Corporation. Whitman. Mass. Top 
roll for drafting mechanism. 2,635,300. Apr. 21. 

Butler, Robert A., Ashburton, England. Mobile lifting and 
lowering apparatus. 2,051.42f. Sept, 8. 

Butler. Thomas M., assignor to Burroughs Adding Ma- 
chine Company, Detroit, Mich. Front-feed paper car- 
riage construction for accounting and the like machines. 
2,627,333, Feb. 3. 

Butler. Thomas M., assignor to Burroughs Adding Ma- 
chine Company, Detroit. Mich. Automatic function 
control mecoanism for accounting machines. 2,629,549, 
K»b. 24. 

Butler, Thomas M. assignor to Burroughs Adding Machine 
Company, Detroit. Mich. Carriage moving and position- 
ing means for accounting machines. 2,035,732, Apr. 21. 

Itutler. Thomas M., assignor to Burroughs Adding Machine 
Company, Detroit, Mich. Accounting machine. 
2,644,037, July 7. 

Butler, Thomas P.r Antlers, Okla. Minnow box. 
2.039.906, Mav 26. 

Butler. Van B., Seattle, Wash., assignor to Boeing Airplane 
Company. "Aircraft wing flap. 2.624.532, Jan. 0. 

Butler, William, Pittsburgh, Pa. Dishwashing machine. 
2.047,527, Aug 4. 

Butler, William D. and G.. San Francisco Calif Knock- 
down shelf and cabinet structure. 2,024.083. Jan. 6. 

Butler, W^llliam L., Schenectady, N. Y., assignor to General 
Electric Company. Switch mechanism. 2,659,785, 
Nov. 17. I 

Butler. William W, : See — i ' 

Deters, Bruce A., and Butler. 

Butow. Stanley H., Wilmette, 111. Moisture collector for 
flush tanks. 2.026.403, Jan. 27. 

Batsch, William G.. Fort Thomas, Ky. Roof construction 
for trucks or trailers. 2,658,794, Nov. 10. 

Butterfleld, Charles E., Newark, Ohio, assignor to Owens- 
Corning Fiberglas Corporation. Air niter construc- 
tion. 2.604.172 Dec. 29. 

Butterfleld, John P. : See — 

Herreshoff Alexander G.. and Butterfleld. 

Butterfleld. John P., Grosse Polnte Woods, assignor to 
Chrvsier Corporation, Highland Park, Mich. Piston. 
2.028.002. Feb, 17. 

Butterfleld, John P., Grosse Polnte Woods, assignor to 
Chrysler Corporation, Highland Park, Mich. Wheel 
cover with cooling fan. 2,033.944. Apr. 7. 

Butterfleld, John P.. Grosse Polnte Woods, assignor to 
Chrysler Corporation, Highland Park. Mich. Piston. 
2,638,392. .May 12. 

Butterfleld, John P., Grosse Polnte Park, and V. Hughes, 
Pleasant Ridge, assignors to Chrysler Corporation, 
Highland Park, Mich. Automotive suspension system. 

2.638.358. May 12. 

Butterfleld. Louis B.. Plalnfleld. and J. H. Sulzer. Union 
Beach. N. J., assignors to Western Electric Company. 
Incorporated. New York. N. Y. Control circuit for con- 
tinuously operating electrophotographic printers. 
2,641.997, June 16. 

Butterworth Edward, and E. J. UlnchcUffe, assignors to 
Begwaco Meters Limited, Farnworth, England. Dry 
jras meter. 2. 057. .178. Nov. 3. 

Butterworth. Edward, and E. J. Hlnchcliffe. Farnworth. 
assignors to Begwaco Meters Limited, Farnworth, near 
Bolton. England. Dry gas meter. 2,663.189, Dec. 22, 

Butterworth, Gilbert J.. Chester, and E. T. Y'oung. Ridley 
Park, assignors to Sperry-Sun Well Surveying Com- 
pany. Philadelphia. Pa. Well surveying Instrament. 

2.053.359, Sept. 29. 

Buttery, Kenneth T. assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
pany Kalamasoo. Mich. Collapsible carton. 2.037,484. 
May R. 

Buttery, Kenneth T., assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
pany. Kalamazoo, MIcLl Collapsible cellular carton. 
2,645,402, July 14. 

Buttery. Kenneth T., assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
pany. Kalamazoo, Mich. Collapsible covered container. 
2,645,404, July 14. 

Buttery, Kenneth T., assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
panv. Kalamazoo, Mich. Automatic setup carton. 
S,66'9,526. Nov, 17. 

Buttery, Kenneth T. assignor to Sutherland Paper Com- 
pany, Kalamazoo, Mich. Collapsible partitioned carton. 
2,002,683, Dec. 15. 

Battery, Kenneth T., and L. W. Sutherland, Jr., assignors 
to Sutherland Paper Company, Ealamasoo, Mich. Han- 
dled cup. 2.641,403, June 9. 

Buttlno, Albert L., San Francisco, Calif., and H. R. Pat- 
terson. Belmont, Mass.. assignors to The Rauland Corpo- 
ration. Cathode-ray tube sealing process. 2.639.565, 
May 26. 

Bnttner Artur assignor to Schnellpressenfabrlk A.-G. 
Heidelberg. Heidelberg. Germany. One revolution high- 
speed cylinder printing press. 2,645,175. July 14. 

Buttner, Carl M., assignor to Hunter Fan and Ventilating 
Company. Inc., Memphis. Tenn. Air-moTing device. 
2.649,728, Aug. 25. 



Buttner, Carl M.. assignor to Hunter F'an and Ventilating 
CompanT, Mempbls, Tenn. Air -moving device. 
2.«5.'51,y87. Sept. 13. 
Buttram, Millard F., Oneida, Tenn. Door hanging gaage. 

2.637.910. May 12. 
liuttresg. George A., Los Angeles. Calif. Making per- 
forated composition plasterboard. 2.633,441. Mar. 31. 
Butts. Maurice. Thayer. luwa. Motor Tehlcle oil level in- 
dicator. 2.630.011. Mar. 3. 
Butta, Maurice J.. Eugene, Oreg. Portable chain saw filing 

device. 2.833.761, Apr. 7. 
Butts, RobiTt L.. assignor to Wm. Bros Boiler & Manu- 
facturing Co.. Minneapolis. Minn. Preheating device for 
starting Internal-coiiihustion engines., Mar. 3. 
Butzow. George M.. Fort Wayne. Ind. Sand treating 

upparatiiM. 2.631.834, Mar. 17. 
IJuiis. Harold W. : See — 

Stearns, Roswell H.. and Buus. 
Buxbauin. Mac. and M. I^^bensfeld, Flushing. N. Y. Knit- 
ting device. 2.636.6^. Oct. 27. 
Boxton, Cbarlea B., Pleasant Hill, Mo. Toy bomb. 

2,651.142. Sept. 8. 
Buxton. luciirporated. asslRnee : Sfe — 

Boden George, andpuell. 
^ Brougnton. Douglas J. 

Morrell. Clyde E. / 

Buxton. James B.. and F. T. Christian. Elmlra, N. T., 
assignors to Bendix Aviation Corporation. Engine 
starter gearing. 2.«58,727, Oct. 27. 
Buyer, Edward M.. Ramsey, assignor to Federal Tele- 
communication Lat)oratories. Inc., Natley, N. J. Pulse 
keying system. 2.661, 7S3. Sept. 8. 
Buyie. E<lwln K.. St. Clair Shores. Mich., assignor to 
The Budd Company Philadelphia, Pa. Dlak brake 
mechanism.,'>5.230. Oct. 13. 
Buzzl. Rlccardo, Milan. Italy, assignor to Itnlo Rlzzlerl. 
Tens-transfer mechanism of the differential type. 
2.653.766. ,Sept. 29. 
Byam, Peter M_^ assignor to Faaco Industries. Inc., 
Rochester, N. Y. Electric switch assembly. 2.647,968, 
Aug. 4. 
Byars. Edgar W., and W. B. Allen, Tampa. Fla : said 
Allen assignor to saJd Byars. Reinforcing rod spacer. 
2,634.603. Apr. 14. 
Byberg. Jonas J.. Sllverton. Oreg. Feed mixer and grlnd«T. 

2.641. 412. June 9. 
Bychlnsky. Wilfred A. : See— 

McDougal, Talne G., Pierce, and Bychlnsky. 
Bye. Norman C. Wynmoore. as.-'ignor to Henry Dlsston 
and Sons. Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. Cutting saw chain. 
2.n.'i2.076. Sept. 1.^. 
Bye. Paul C, Pasadena. Calif Supporting structure for 

screen stretcher bars. 2.630.22.") Mar. 3. 
Byerlay. Henry L Highland Park, assignor to Hastings 
Manufacturing Company. Hastings. .Mich. Visual ana- 
lyzing device for the Ignition systems of internal-com- 
bustion ongln*»«. 2.64.^.751. July 14. 
Byeriyt^ Corporation, assignee : flee — 

Myers. Darld N. 
Byford. Hurnard W.. McGregor, Tex. Automobile sent 

article holder. 2.640,595. June 2. 
Bygbjerg. Karl. San Francisco. Calif. Thumbtack ap- 
plicator. 2.640.985. Jnne 9. 
Byler. Raymond F.., Stanford University, and R C Dann. 
San «'arl0B. as.<»ignor8 to The Merrill Company. San 
Francisco. Calif. Recovery of precious metal values. 
2.648.601. Aug. 11. 
Bynum, George T., Liverpool, assignor to Alrcooled Motors. 
Inc.. Syracuse. N. Y. Centrifugal oil filter construc- 
tion. 2.663.424. Dec. 22. 
Byrd, John F.. Ashland, and J. I). Phvfe. Moorestown. 
N. J., assignors to Radio Corporation of America. Illu- 
mlnatlnn and signaling system for drive-in theaters. 
2,629.780. Feb. 24. 
Byrne. A. E.. assignee : flee — 

Moeer, Robert C. ,, 

Byrne.' John F.. Garden Cltr. N. T.. assignor, by mesne 

assignments, to Hewlett Packard Tomtwny. Palo Alto 

Calif. Measuring sy8t»m, 2.624.7'<0. Jan 6 

Byrne. John F.. Wellesley Hills. Mass.. assignor to the 

United States of America as represented hv the Secre- 

o%7o*2»^ ^*'- ,^'°«'* "'"^^ ^•"'1 jamming system. 
£,ooo,jf9Z, >OT. 10. 

Byrne. Mildred S.. Minneapolis. Minn. Safe'ty guard for 
high chairs. 2.664.150. Dec 29 

Byrnes,, John J Newark, N. J. Fan puller for oil burn- 
ers. 2.629.167 Feb. 24. 

Byrns. Alva C . « oncord. Calif., assignor to Kaiser Alumi- 
num A Chemical Corporation. Production of sodium 
•esqulcarbonate from a brine containing a substantial 

^ sod ium carhonato content. 2.626.S52, .Tan 27 

Bynn, Alra C, Los Altos, a.salgnor to Union Oil Company 

2'..^*ioo"l'*' ^2* Angeles, Calif. Thlenyl ketones. 
2,030. 883, Apr. 28. 

"'hrk.^2.'655;Udrt'73."'** ^* .•'Hf-disengaglng lift 

Byron Jackson Co . assignee: See — 

Dempse/. Oscar B. * 

Grant. John C. 

Bywater, William. Limited, assignee : flee — 
Dlnham, Alfred T. 

C. A. Constant Card, assignee : flee — i 

Castell. Aguetin M. 

C. A. V. Limited, assignee : flea — 

BeTls, William A., and Cnsack. ' 
Brook, Kenneth, and Evaiu. 
Douglas Cecil J. 

Kvaii.s. h raser M. i 

Ehan«, Fraser M.. and Nlcolls. ' 
Murasxew. Alexander. • 
NlcoUs. Wilfrid E. W. 
Waters, Albert V. 
C B S-Columbia Inc., assignee : flee — 

Kay, Leopold M. 
C. C. Correctional Tool Company, assignee : flee — >. 

Ke<linbauKh. James O. 
CAD Batteries, Inc. assignee : flee — 

Jensen. Henr^ E. 
C. D. Patents Limited, assignee : flee — 
O reaves. Charles D.. and Parker. 
Kaufman, Morris, and Williams. 
Norman William S. 
C. D. 8. Syndicate, assignee : flee — 

Clark. Hubert M.. and Dahistroro. 
C. B. M. Company, assignee : See — 
Koehl, Herman, and Prym. 
Koehl. Hertiiaii J. 
C. O. B. Company, assignee : -See — 

Bennett. Clarence G. 
C A H Development Company, assignee : See — 

Hinkley, Paul Y. 
C. A J Industries, assignee : See — 

Borst Julius R. 
C-O-Two Fire Ei|uipment Company, assignee : flee — 
Allen. Frank B. 
Allen. Scott B. 

Allen. Scott E., and Levin. ) 

Cahusac. Clarence N., and Allen. 
Knsminger. Harry. 
Haessler. Walter M. 
SiflM-ns. Norman H. 
Wilson. Forrest E.. and Allen. 
C. S. Products. Inc., assignee : flee — 

Rrownstein, Louis. 
C. U. R. A. Patents Limited, assignee : flee — 

Dryden. Ian G C, and McKee. i 

McKee. J.imes H. ' 

Thrlng. Meredith W.. and Karthauser. 
C. V. A. Jigs. Moulds A Tools Limited, assignee : flee — 

Pulman William E. R. 
Cabana. Wilfred J.. Woonsocket. R. I., assignor to Ox- 
bridge Worsted Company^ Inc.. Uxbrldge, Mass. Draft- 
ing textile fibers. 2.645.622. July 21. 
Cabes. Luclen A. B. Antwerp Belgium, assignor to Inter- 
national Standard Electric Corporation. New York N. Y. 
Signal receiver for dlscrlmiDating signals. 2,633,557, 
Mar. 31. 
Cable Belt Llmlte<l. assignee: See — « 

Thom.son, Charles, and Gordon. 
Cable. Grover C. Huntington Park. Calif. Box nailing 

machine. May 2fl. 
Cable-Link Corporation, assignee: flee — 

Daigle. Leo T. 
Cabot. Godfrev L.. Inc. assignee : See — 
Booton, Roy. and Bower. 
Engelson. George E.. and Secord. 
Hann. Homer H.. and Hendricks. 
Jordan. Merrill B 
Lovlnc. William L 
Mc Waters. Harry D. 
Cabrera R, Gabriel. Caracas. Venezuela. Copying appa- 
ratus. 2.6.->8.440. Nov. 10. 
Cachat. John F. : See — 

Body. Alfred C and Cachat. 
Cachat, John F.. assignor to The Ohio Crankshaft Com- 
pany. Cleveland. Ohio. Apparatus for pressure welding 
of seams or e<lge8. 2,629,81 1. Feb. 24. 
Cachat. John F.. and A. C. Body, assignors to The Ohio 
Crankshaft Company. Cleveland. Ohio. Means and 
method for high-frequency induction heating. 2.632.092, 
Mar 17. 
Cade. George N., Bartlesrllle. Okla.. assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Company. Increasing the thrust of Jet en- 
gines by the use of rapidly decomposable nitrogen 
compotinds. 2.636.342. Apr. 28. 
Cade. William M.. and B. E. Derry. Davenport. Iowa, 
assignors to Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Company. Detroit, 
Mich. Coupling pin hitch. 2.660.444. Nov. 24. 
Cadgene. Jac<iues. Paterson. N. J. Fusing thermoplastic 

fabric sheets to each other. 2.625.497. Jan. 13. 
Cadillac Products. Inc., assignee : See — 

Williams. Michael P 
Cadman. Coin Q. Silver City, N. Mex. Ash tray. ■ 

2.644,601. Jiilv 7. 
Cadman. Harohf O,. Rockton. III., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Gardner Machine Company. Feed mech- 
anism for grinding machines. 2.657..'>n4 Nov 3 
Cadman. Ira P.. Wllklnsbnrg. and C. W. Fallor, For*st 
Hills, Pa., assignors to Westlnghonse Air Brake Com- 
pany. Centralized traffic control svstem of the coded 
reversible track circuit type. 2.630.523. Mar. 3 
Cadman. Phillip B., Venice, Calif. Clothesline banger. 

2,638,230. May 12. 
Cadorette. George, assignor to Draper Corporation. Hope- 
dale, Mass. Shuttle ejector. 2.658.531. Nov. 10. 
Cadous. ^Esther, New York. N. Y. Elastic fabric. 




and F. M. Adamson, 
Cadwell Corporation, 
vertically adjustable 

and F. 

M. Adamson, 

N. J. Cathode-ray tube. 
N. J. Television circuit. 


to Olin Indus- 
cap assembly. 

Cadwallader, William H., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

knife. 2,630,314. Mar. 3. 
Cadwell, Clarence J., Carpinteria, 

Los Angeles, assignors to The 

Bererly Hills, Calif. Foldable 

table. 2.624.4C9, Jan. 6. 
Cadwell. Clarence J., Carpinteria, 

L>os Angeles, assignors to The 

Beverly Hills, Calif. Tripod. 2.646,956, July 28. 
Cadwell. Clarence J., Carpinteria, and F. M. Adamson, 

Los Angeles, assignors to The Cadwell Corporation, 

Beverlv Hills, Clilif, Tripod structure. 2,653,000, 

Sept. 22. 
Cadwell, Clarence J.. Carpinteria, and F. M. Adamson, 

Los Angeles, assignors to The Cadwell Corporation, 

Beverly Hills. 'Calif. Film mount slide. 2,656,631, 

Oct. 2i. 
Cadwell Corporation, The, assignee : flee — 

Cadwell. Clarence J., and Adamson. 
Cadwell. Edward, University City, Mo. Electric power 

handsaw Jig. 2,629,410, Feb. 24. 
Cadwell. Leonard E. : flee — 

Petropoulos, John C. and Cadwell. 
Cady. Malcolm J., Stoughton. Mass. Control valve for air 

compressor systems. 2,649,241, Aug. 18. 
Cady. Paul C. : /s'ee — 

Adams. Arthur R.. Orizzard. and Cadv. 
Cady. Willoughby M.. Cambridge, and D. B. Nlchlnsop, 

Brookline, Mass.. assignors, by mesne assignments, to 

the United States of America as represented by the 

Secretary of the Nary, Scanning device. 2.029,828, 

Feb. 24. 
Caferro. Edward M.. assignor to Columbia Electric and 

Manufacturing Company, Spokane, Wash. Outdoor 

fixture for tubular lights. 2.644.027. June 30. 
Caffrey, Howard E., Tucson. Ariz. Retractable traffic sign. 

2.624.307. Jan. 6. 
Cage. John M.. Montclalr, 

2.e30..543. Mar. 3. 
Cage. John M., Montclalr, Apr. 14. 
Cagle. Lylbum S.. Bunker Hill, 

tries. Inc.. East Alton, 111. 

2,633,800, Apr. 7. 
Cagle, Tohv T.. assignor to Alrheart Products, Inc., Long 

Beach. Calif. Brake disk wear compensating and Indi- 
cating means. 2.644 549. Julv 7. 
Cagnoll. Oscar. Hershey, Pa. Fishing rod holder. 

2.630.993. Mar. 10. 
Cahll. Joseph A. : flee — 

Bureau. Achllle G. 
Cahll Manufacturing Company, assignee : flee — 

Bureau. Achille G. 
Cabin. Bernard S. : See — 

Renter. Arthur S.. and Cahill. 
Cahlll. Fredrick D., Randolph, Ariz. Earth moving ma- 
chine. 2.663.953. Dec. 29. 
Cahlll. John J., assignor to Mutual Machine Company, 

New York. N. Y. Lamp shade seam sealing machine. 

2.652.095. Sept. 1.^. 
Cahlll. John L., Floyd County, Ind. Film drying appa- 
ratus. 2.645,800, July 21. 
Cahill. .Toseph J. : See — 

Holly. Frederick W.. Shunk. Cahlll. and Folkers 
Cahlll. liysle D. : See — 

Jack. William R.. and Cahill. 
Cabin, William J.. Minneapolis, Minn. Package opener. 

2,659,967, Not. 24. 
Cahoon. Una T.. assignee : See — 

Cahoon. William F. 
Cahoon, Una T., executrix : See — 

Cahoon. William F. 
Cahoon, William F., Birmingham, Ala., a.sslgnor. by decree 

of distribution, to U. T. Cahoon. Pneumatically oper- 
ated sawmill dog. 2.626,640. Jan 27. 
Cahoon. William F.. deceased. Birmingham. Ala. : U. T. 

Cahoon executrix of said W. F. Cahoon. Sawmill dog. 

2,633,l63. Mar. 31. 
CahDsnc. Clarence N.. Newark, and F. B. Allen. Towaco. 

assignors to C-O-Two Fire Equipment Company. Newark. 

N. J. Smoke detector relay and resetting mechanism. 

2.640.12.3. May 26. 
Cahusac. Clarence N., Newark, and F. B. Allen, Towaco, 

assignors to C-O-Two Fire Equipment Company, Newark. 

N. J. Smoke detector. 2.654.082. Sept. 29. 
Cain, Basil S.. and J. K. Erzer, Erie, Pa., assignors to 

o?-^^'"2L ^lectrlc Company. Rail vehicle truck. 

2.650,549, Sept. 1. 

Cain, Elmer B. : See — 

Blaker, George H., and Cain. 
Cain. Robert M.. assignor to Wllcox-Oay 

Charlotte. Mich. Erasing means for 

eorders. 2.635.149. Apr. 14. 

Calola. Fred Bronx. N. Y. Garage, air-raid shelter, or 
the like. 2.663.437. Dec. 22. 

Calrnes, Charles W., Baltimore, assignor to Bendix Avia- 

9*22"»Soy**'i^****2o ^°^**"*' ^^^- -Antibacklash gearing. 

Cairns. Fred E.. Jr.. North Hollywood, assignor to Gen- 
eral Controls Co.. Glendale, Calif. Safety fuel burner 
control system utlllilng flame conduction. 2,640,920 
June 2. 

magnetic re- 


Cairns, Robert W., Wilmington, Del., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to the United States of America as repre- 
sented by the Secretary of War. Propellent charge 
for Jet-propelled devices. 2.643,184, June 23. 

Cairns, Theodore L., Newark, and J. C. Sauer, assignors 
to E. I. du Pont de Nemours A Company, Wilmington, 
Del. Vinyl di&lkylaminohydrocarbon-amides. 2,628,224, 
Feb. 10. ' 

Calabrese. Carl J., assignor to Minnesota Mining A Manu- 
facturing Company, St. Paul, Minn. Roll or pressure- 
sensitive adhesive striping tape. 2,657,795, Nov. 3. 

Calabrese. Flavian P. : flee — 

Hempel. Herbert W.. and Calabrese. 

Calabrese, George V assignor to Lumenlte Electronic 
Company, Chicago, 111. Control means for coffee-making 
apparatus. 2.644.478. July 7. 

Cal-Alloy Castings, Inc., assignee : See — 
Dunn. John W. 

Calamore, John P., Pushing, assignor to City Tank Cor- 
poration. Corona, N. Y. Tail gate loader and packer. 
2,060,326, Nov. 24. 

Calandra, Joseph C. Chicago, 111., and B. C. Adams, Jr., 
Elkhart, Ind.* assignors to Research Corporation, New 
York, N. Y. N-(2-pyridvl) 2-chloro-3-amino-l,4-napb- 
thoouinones. 2.647,123, July 28. 

Calay Manufacturing Co.. assignee : flee — 
Manning. Oscar. 

Calbo Aiemany. Fray A., Cheva, Spain. Adjusting means 
for slidabie side Jaw wrenches. 2,648,244, Aug. 11. 

Calcagno, Ambrose. Portland, Oreg. Refuse handling ap- 
paratus. 2,643,014, June 23. 

Calcraft Company, assignee : .see — 
Smith. Keith J. 

Caldarera. Joseph P. : flee — 

Reinish, Martin D., and Caldarera. 

Caldecourt. Victor J. : flee — 

Saunderson, Jason L., Caldecourt and Peterson. 

Caldemeyer, Daniel F.. and H. M. Quakenbush. assignors to 
National Furniture Manufacturing Company, Inc., 
Evansville, Ind. Chair construction. 2,658,561, Not. 10. 

Calder, Caesar A. Roseland. N. J. Manual shirt folding 
device. 2.654,511, Oct. 6. 

Cahler ^'aesar A., Verona, N. J. Collar support. 

Calderhead," Henry J. : See — ' 

Bird, James R.. Calderhead. and Bllskl. 

Calderon, Edwin R., and O. W. Slomln, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Plating aluminum. 2,654.701, Oct. 6. 

Caldwell. Albert E.. Galesburg. 111. Making tufted mate- 
rial. 2,633,442. Mar. 31. 

Caldwell. Andrew H. : flee — 

Coggeshall. Almy D.. and Caldwell. 

Caldwell, Boyce II.. Decatur. Ga. Banker's note and col- 
lateral indexing file. 2.655.156, Oct 13 

^"Ji'T^J^; ^^^^l^ 9' flushing. T. A. White. Jackson 
Heights, N. y., W. L. George. Middlesex. I*. J., and 
J. J. Eberl, Moylan, Pa., assignors to Johnson A John- 
son, and National Starch Products Inc. Medical dust- 
ing powder. 2.626.257 Jan. 20. 

Caldwell. Carlyle G.. Forest Hills, and O. B. Wurzburg. 
Babylon, assignors to National Starch Products Inc., 
2 654 Tie*" O t^' ^' ^***'"'"<^ 8t»''ch derivatives. 

Caldwejl, Carlyle G.. Forest Hills, and O. B. Wurzburg, 
Babylon, assignors to National Starch Products Inc., 
New York. N. Y. Pol.vsaccharide derivatives of sub- 
stituted dicarboxyllc acids. 2,661.349. Dec. 1. 

Caldvvell Harry B., Penketh, Warrington, and K. G. Han 
coclr Great Sankey. near Warrington, assignors to Elec- 
tro-Hydraulics Limited. Warrington. England. Fluid 
pressure motor comprising relatively extensible and 
contractlble piston and cylinder elements. 2,049.842, 
Aug. 2o. 

^^l^e^l^^i^M" '^'■** *^'''*- I^'f^t'onal drilling dcTlce. 

Caldwell. John R.. Klngsport, Tenn.. assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Solutions of pro- 
teins and their preparation. 2,625,490. Jan. 13. 

Caldwell. John^R.. Klngsport. Tenn.. assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Company. Rochester. N. Y. Coagulation of oil 
emulsions with cellulose sulfate. 2,625,517. Jan. 13. 

Caldwell, John R., Klngsport, "Tenn^ assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Aflxtures compris- 
ing acrylonitrile polymers and resinous polyamines con- 
taining amide groups. 2,632.748. Mar. 24. 

Caldwell, John R.. Klngsport, Tenn., assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Solution polymeriza- 
tion employing aqueous solutions of aromatic sulfo- 
nates. 2,639,279, May 19. 

Caldwell, John R.. Klngsport. Tenn.. assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Company. Rochester, N. Y. Alkoxyalkyl esters 
of bls(4-carboxyphenyl) sulfone and cellulose esters 
plasticlzed therewith. 2,643.954, June 30. 

Caldwell, John R., Klngsport, Tenn., assignor to Eastman 
Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. Recovery of dialkyl 
amides from polyacrylonitrile spinning baths. 2,649,481, 
Aug. 18. 

Caldwell, John R.. Klngsport, Tenn., assignor to Eastman 
Kodalc Company. Rochester, N. Y. Mixtures comprising 
acrylonitrile polymers and vinyl acetate-fumaric amide 
Interpolymers. 2,652,378, Sept. 15. 



V. Acrylonitrlle poly- 

Dislodglni; tool for 
Chertoff. and O. B. 

Caldwell, John R.. KlnRsport. T^nn author to Eastman 
Ko<lak rompany. KorhMter. N. \. Acryloi 
oier Bolutiona and articles formed therefrom 
Oct. I'O. 

Caldwell, John H.. Kingiport. Tenn., assignor to Eastman 
Kmlalc Company. I{<><li«>iiter. N. Y. Copolymers of 
arrTlunicrll«> and allyl and 2-niethallyl chlorides. 
^ L'. »!.)♦!. 337, Oct. 20. 

Cahlw-f-ll. .M., aMMi^nee : See — 
IhiKue. llaroM K. 

Caldwfll. Leslie M.. Itockford. 111. Sling. 2.661.231, 

Caldwellj Onoar D.. Oklahoma City. Okla. Auxiliary air 

and waff-r Hiipply for iiuromoblles. 2.fl2fl.l84, Jan 20 

Caldwell. Oscar D., assignor of one-half to H. A. Kyle. 

Oklahoma City. Okla. Portable rig mount. 2.663,375 

Dec. 22. " ' 

Caldwell, Samuel P. : See — 

Ayer. Krmon F.. and Caldwell. 
, Caldwell. Smith C. UvlnKston. Mont. 
nn»'amatl<- tires. 2.«40..%28, June 2. 
Caldwell. STlvester S.. Akron. «. J. „..^.i„.. „„„ ^r « 
Curtiss, Shaker Heights, Ohio; said Caldwell and said 
Curtiss assignors to sjii^i Chertoff. Heat stabilizer for 
vinyl resins. 2,629,700, Feb. 24. 
Caldwell. Walter A. : Bee — 

Taylor. Ambrose O.. and CaldwelL 
CahU*.ll. \V;ilt.r L.. aixl S. O. Bowman. rittRburgh Pa. 
Lamp to illuminate the keyboard mini music rack of 
organs. 2. «2«. .*?».'. Jnn 20 \ 

Caldwell. William I., assignor to Taylor Instrument Com- 
panies, Rochester. N. Y. Pneumatically operated con- 
trol system. 2.63^,922. May 19. 
Caldwell, William I., and E. 11. Woodhull. assignors to 
Tayl* Innrrument Companies, Rochester. N. Y. Control 
system. 2.«38,»21. May 19. 
Caldwell. William T.. -Moorestown. N. J., asslenor to Ell 
Lilly and Company. Indianapolis. Ind. 2-«ulfanitamldo- 
.Vamlnopyrimidlne and salts thereof. 2.654.753 Oct 6 
Calender. Clarence R. See — 

Llgeett. Edward R.. and <'alender. 
Caler. William K. Wnshlngton, Ind. Mech.inical more- 

ment for screening machines. 2.650,487 Not. 17. 
Calfee. John D. : Sep— 

Miller. Charles B.. and Calfe*. 
Calfee. John D.. Manhas.set. N Y.. and P A Florlo 
Wilmington. I>el.. assignors to Allied Chemical h Dye 
Corporation. New York. N. Y. l.l-difluoroethylUuoaul- 
fonatrx and preparlnK thorn. 2.628,972, Feb 17 
Calfee. John D.. Nfnnhasset. N. Y.. and C. A. Kraus.' Provi- 
dence. R. I., assicnora to Standard Oil Development 
Company. Hydroxylafed aluminum hallde polymeriza- 
tion en talynt. 2.044.798. July 7. 
Calgon. Incorporated, assignee: See — 

Thompson. Ralph N 
Calhoan. George M.. Evanston. 111., and J E Ree<?e St 
Simons Island. Ga.. assignors to IlercuU-s I'owder Com- 
pany, Wilmington. Del. Oxidation oY aromatic hydro- 
carlrons. 2.t'i<*.3.740. Dec. 22. 
Calhoun. Gj-oree .N.. assignee: See — 

Harrow. Eugene. 
Calhoun. James C. New Haven. W. L. Davidson. Canter- 
bury. Conn., and K. J. Han.xen. Forest Hills N. Y., as- 
signors to OUn Industries, Inc.. New Haven Conn 
Merchandising display for Jumlnoos coated flashlights 
and the like. 2.829.830. Feb. 24. 
Calhoan. J nmes C. New Havon. W. L. Davidson. Canter- 
bury. Conn., and K. J. Hansen. Forest Hills. N Y as- 
signors to Oiin Indostrles. Inc., New Haven. Conn 
( ounter display for flashlights and batteries. 2,649.348. 
Aug. 18. 

Calhoun. Jamos J., Waynesboro, and H. M. Cook. Staunton. 
Va a.sslgnors to E I du Pont de Nemours & Company. 
Wilmington. Del. Self-traversing drive roll 2 046 2'»'7 
July 21. 

^"o^'iy'Aor^lJ' W...(;alnes*ille, Fla. Camera s.vpp«rt. 
2, 651, 981. Sept. l.i. 

^*i*'il","i.,^?.'"° „S- Oceanslde. Calif. NoMle head. 
2.651,547. Sept. 8. 

Calhoun. Samuel E.. and H. P. Miller. Sprlng«lale. assignors 
to PItney-Bowes. Inc. Stamford. Conn. Bnvelone 
opener. 2.63.'S,«94. Apr. 21. *^ 

California Carbed Company, assignee : See — 
Battles. Willis R. 

California Cedar Products Company, assignee • See 

Wilcox, William H. 

California Central Fibre Corporation, assignee : See — 
Kaiser, Karl. 

California Institute Research Foundation, assignee: 

D»i Mond. Jesse W M 
^ MacGlashan. William P., Jr. 

California Pacific Service. Inc., a.sslgnee : See- 
Collins, Calhoun. » 

California Packing Corporation, assii^ee : See — 
Dunn. <;uy A. 
Hole. William L. 
Morine. Charles V. 

California Portland Cement Company, assignee* See 

Kaiser. Harry B.. and Campbell. 


California Kesi-arch Corporation, asnignee 
Barusch. Maurice R. 
Harusch Maurice K.. and Mixer. 
Butler. Judson C. and McGowan. 
Chlswell Edgar B.. and (iaunce. 
Condit. Paul C. and Spence. 
Darra^h. John L. and JohnNon 
Kagle. Sam. and Scott. > 

Ferguson. Cedric K. 
Henning. Iceland L. 
Hotten. Bruce W. 

Humphreys. Robert L.. Brock, and Reynolds. 
Kemp. Jacob D.. and Zeh. 
Laurey. Henry E. 
Lcvlne. Irving K. 
Lewis. Allen II. 
l.ewlK. Allen H . and Stayner. 
Lum. Funston O. 
Matteson. Robert,' 
M<-l.auKhlin. lulward 
Miller. Robert J. 

J.. Denlson. and Barusch. 

Morgan. Clarence R. 

Pino. .Manuel A. a 
Pollock. Howard B. 
Rohrback. (Jilson H. 
Rohrbnck. Glison H.' 

and McCloud. 

. . / v.- McCloud. and Scott. 

.^cliaufelt)erirer. William M.. Herrick. and Leggett 

Schlatter. Maurice J 

Shiffler. William H. 

Slgworth. Harrison W.. and Pries 

Standing. Marshall B.. and Cblttum. 

stayner. Klchard U. 

Toland, William G., Jr. 

Tripp. John <i., Brakol. and Gould. 

Turner. Cyril R. 

W'aliitrnm. John E. 

California Spray-Chemical Corporation, assignee: See 

Harris. Leonard W.. Sanders, and Cassil. 
Shatto. David L. 
California Wire Products Co.. Inc.. assignee: See — 

Hayden. Edward E. 
Callngaert. George. Geneva, assignor to Ethyl Corporation. 
New York. N. Y. Stable lead alkyl compositions and a 
metho<l for "preparing the same. 2.060.591. Nov. 24 
Callngaert, George. Geneva, assignor to Ethyl Corporation. 
New York. N. Y. Stable lead alkyl compositions and a 
method for preparing the same. 2. 000. .592, .Vov 24 
Callngaert. George. Geneva, assignor to Ethyl Corporation. 
New York. N. Y. Stable lead alkyl compositions and a 
method for preparing the same. 2.600.593. Nov 24 
Callngaert. George. Geneva, assignor to Ethyl Corporation. 
New Y'ork. N. Y. Stable lead alkyl compositions and a 
method for preparing the same. 2,660.594. Nor 24 
Callngaert. George. Geneva, assignor to Ethyl Corporation. 
New York. N Y. Stable lead alkyl compositions and a 
method for preparing the same. 2.000.595. Nov 24 
Callngaert. George. Geneva, assignor to Ethyl Corporation. 
New York. N. Y. Stable lead alkyl compositions and a 
method for preparing the same. 2.060.596. Nov. 24. 
• aliuKaert. (Jjoric*-. <:tneva. assignor to -Ethyl Corpora- 
tion. New Wk N. Y. 1.4-dlbromo-2,2.3.3-tetrajchloro- 
hntane. 2.001,379, Dec. 1. 
Calkins. Haude C. ' assignor to Calkins Manufacturing 
Company. Spokane. Wash. Seed treater. 2.639,836. 

SI fl^ ^ w 

Calkins. Joseph C. : See — 

Williams. Lynn B.. and Calkins. 
Calkins Manufacturing ("oiiipany. assignee: See 

Calkins. Claude C. 

Gu.ver. Morris W. \ 

Gny.V Morris W.. and Calkins. 
<'alkins. Oscar C. : See — 

Gtiyer. Morris W.. and Calkins 
Call, Lucille W. : See — 

Call. Wayne W. and L. W. 

^'^l^'a^K^l^^ r\- I".** ^- ''^- '^'*o°- ^yo- Ra»>y Jumper. 
J.04.1.271. July 14. 

Call, Wilson. Olldale. Calif. 

2.651.089. Sept. 8. 
Callaghan. John : See — 

Wood. Alfred O.. Laval 
' and Boehl. 
Callahan. Esra L.. Inglewood 
m^nt. 2.031. .376. Mar. 17. ' 
Callalnn. Ezra L.. Inelewood. Calif. 
Ing horizontal and vertical angles. 

Binder for link chains. 

Callaghan. Wahl. Greulich, 
Calif. Geometrical Instru- 

Callahan. Ezra L., 
2.659.970. Nov. 24. 

Callahan. Howard E. ; 
Fasold. George A 

Callahan. John 
vice. 2.038.0 

Device for measur- 
2.650.431. Sept. 1. 

Inglewood. Calif. Slope leveL 

See — 

, and Callahan. 
E.. Medford, Mass. 
0. May 19. 

Shaft alignment de- 

Callahan. Thomas F. : See — 

White, Frank G.. and Callahan. 
Callahan. Thomas P. : See — 

Bering. Horace L.. and Callahan. 

Callahan. Vincent T., fciglewood. and L. D. Fry. Chatham 

^ ^:- ^*^"iP*""",.^"w"*'iJ Telephone Uboratorles. Incor^ 
porated. New York. N. Y. Power supply apparatus 
for alternately supplying a load 2.055^603 (5ct 13 



Callahan. Vincent T.. Enjilewood. and L. D. Fry. Chatham, 

N. J., assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incor- 
porated, New Y'ork, N. Y. Supervisory alarm system. 

2.656.646. Oct. 13. 
Callan. Patrick J.. Manhasset. N. T. Concrete wall with 

a simulated face. 2.633.013. Mar. 31. 
Callan. Patrick J.. Manhasset. N. Y. Building wall con- 

Ktructlon. 2,653.469. Sept. 29. 
Callan. Raymond C, assignor to McLaughlin & Slugg, 

Milwaukee, Wis. Alternating light flasher for bicycle*. 

24)61.400. Dec. 1. 
Callaway Mills Company, assignee : £ee — 
• 'olvin, Jain<^s .1. 
Parker. Samuel P. 
Parker. Samuel P.. and Thompson 
Callnwav, William B., Hackensack. N. J., assignor to Bell 

Telephone I.rfiboratories, Incorporated, New York N. Y. 

Polar relay biasing circuit. 2,646,464. July 21.* 
Callender Foundry & Manufacturing Company, Limited, 

The. assignee : Bee — 
Copp, William G. 
Cnlleo. John J.. Lodl. assignor to Deckv Enterprises, Inc., 

Garfield, N. J. Rotary ball pitching machine 

:.'.05.').!<im. (>,t. I'O. 
Gallery Cliemlcal Company, assignee : See — 

Schechter. William H. 
Calloway. Otto II., Chicago. 111. Abrasive wheel dresaer. 

2.642.856. June 23. 
Callsen. Albert, and A. GrCzlnger, assignors to R. Bosch 

O. m. b. H., Stnttgart, Germany. Making commutators. Apr. 14. 
Calmeyer, Reidar B.. Heroya, near Porsgrunn. aisignor 

to Norsk Hydro-Elekfrisk Kvaelstofaktieselskat), OhIo. 

Norway. Reducing the aciditv of nitric acld-calclujH 

nitrate compositions containing phosphate lotis. 

•J.C,.-,0 OOO Hct 20 »- »- ^^ 

Calnetlan Blinds. Incorporated, assignee : Bee — 
Evans Charles P. 

Calolaro. Ozile F. Rutland. Mass. Antomobile wheel 
traction device. 2,054,412. Oct. 6. 

Caloric Stove Corporation, assignee : See — 
Klein. Gustav. 

Calosl. Carlo L.. Cambridge, asslcnor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturing Company. Newton. .Mas.s. Electronic position 
and motion control system. 2,027,055, Jan. 27. 

Calosl. Carlo L.. Cambridge, assignor to Ravtheon Manu- 
facturing Company. .Newton. Mass. Support for vibra- 
tory devices. 2. 0.32. 858. Mar. 24. 

Calosl, Carlo L.. Cambridge assignor to Raytheon Manu- 
facturluK Company, Newton. Mass. Motor speed con- 
trol. 2,038,568. Mav 12. 

Calosl, Carlo L.. Cambridge, assignor to Raytheon Mann- 
facturing Company. Newton. Mass. Duplicator speed 
controls. 2.040.170. Mav 20. 

Cslpat Corporation, The. assignee: See — 
Ileim. Jacob O. 

Calton. Rohert G.. Nashville. Tenn. Apparatns for con- 
tinuously enameling thin sheet metal. 2,631,561. Mar. 

Calv.-rloy. Georgo H.. as'^lcnor to Whlrman Publishing 
<'oMU>nn.v. Racine, Wis. Sectional toy figure. 2.062.335 
Di'c 1 ."( 

Calvert. Arthur T., Manhasset. N. Y.. assignor to Cutler- 
Hammer. Inc.. Milwaukee. Wis. Controller for electric 
motor driven apparatus. 2.625.072. Jan. 13- 
Calvert. James : See — 

Haythornthwalte, James J., and Calvert. 

Calvert, Raymond. New Maiden assignor to The Wayne 

Kerr laboratories Limited. Surrey. England. High- 

fre<juency alternating current transformer. 2,0.59.845, 

Nov. 17. 

Calvin. Eliraboth C. Leawood. Knns. TTand-supported 

suction •brush for clothes. 2.644.189. July 7. 
Calvin. Forrest O.. Leawood. Kans. Intermittent film mov- 
ing mechanism. 2.031.492. Mar. 17. "^ 
Caliolarl. Peter A.. Watervllle. Maine. Beverage carrier 

with detachable tray. 2,030.258. Mnr. 3. 
Cambridge Instrument Co., Inc., assignee: See — 

Richardson, Robert D. 
Cambri<l>;e Instrument Company. Inc.. assignee : See — 

Wood. Harvpv W. 
Cambridge Tile ^(anufactur^ng Company, assignee : See — 

Burchenal. Charles H. 
Camenker. Norman, assignee : See — 

Sander. Howard H. 
Cameron Iron Works, assignee : Bee — 

Allen Herbert. 
Cameron Iron Works, Inc.. assignee : See — 

Allen. Herbert. 
Cameron. James .\.. Steveston. British Colunibia. Canada 

l.nyotit itistninicnt. 2.053.38,7. Sept.' 29. 
Cameron. James B. : See — 

Barlow, Alfred C, Carpenter, Cameron, and Grlflflth. 
Cameron Machine Company, assignee ; See — 

Carter, Thomas N. 
Cameron. Robert R. : See — i 

Gordon, Carroll G.. and Cameron. 

Camerota, Lonli A.. Burlington, assignor to The Florence 
Pipe Foundry and Machine Companv. Florence. N. J. 
Hvdraalic press cycle control system. 2,639,585. May 

Camfleld Manufacturing Companv. a.ssignee : See — 
Olson. Henr^^ L. 


Caminati. Carlo, assignor to Tubcor International, Paris, 

France. Connection for scaffoldings, shelves, racks, 

and like structures. 2,655,394, Oct 13. 
Caminear, Morris : See — 

Cohen. Abraham J.. Levine. Caminear. and Price. 
Camodv, Nick A., Allentown, Pa. Ice cleat for footwear. 

2,629 943, Mar. 3. 
Camp. James B., Fairfield. Ala., assignor to United States 

Steel Corporation. EHectronic counter. 2,635,809, Apr. 

Camp, Samuel C. : See — 

Stevens, Donald R.. and Camp. 

Camp. Thomas P., Arlington Heights, 111., J. I. Thorsen, 
Philadelphia. Pa., and J. A. Besal. assignors to United 
States Gypsum Company, Chicago, III. Self-cleaning 
gate for mixing machines. 2.660,416, Nor. 24. 

Campagna. Anthony J., Pontlac, III. Collapsible tube 
holder with tube collapsing means and brash supports. 
2,637,467, May 8. 

Campbell, Archibald C, Englewood, Colo. Cigarette 
lighter and case. 2,638,209, May 12. 

Campbell, Archie D., Whiting, Ind. Ice-cream cone dipping 
apparatus. 2,642,029, June 10. 

Campbell, Arthur W. : See — 

Messerly, George H., and Campbell. 

Campbell, Charles R., Jr., Beverly, Mass., assignor to 
United Shoe Machinery Conwration, Flemington, N. J. 
ijSelectlve staking macnioe. 2,646,676, July 28. 

Campbell, Cleo W. : See — 

Taylor. William G., and Campbell. 

Campbell and Company, assignee : See — 
Strybel. Edward j. 

Campbell. D. F., assignee : See — 
Dougherty Richard H. 

Campbell, David H., Norwalk, Calif., assignor to North 
American Aviation, Inc. Crystal oscillator. 2,656,467. 
Oct. 20. 

Campbell, David J.. Richmond Hill, S. P. McCabe, Jr., 
Freeport. and H. Harris. Jr., Cedarhurst, N. Y., assignors 
to The Sperry Corporation. Gun directing system. 
2,000.371. Nov. 24. 

Canipl)ell. Earl A., Owosso, Mich. Rocket ship amuse' 
ment apparatus. 2,061,211, Dec. 1. 

Campbell. Edward O. : See — 

Lhihamei. Howard G.. Campbell, and Reed. 

Campbell. Ernest F., Springfield, Va.. O. W. Kinzelman, 
Washington, D. C, and A. J. Stanton, Bethesda, Md. 
Fuse setting apparatus. 2,642,778, June 23. 

Campbell, Erwln A.. Wexford, assignor to Lee C. Moore 
Corporation. Pittsburgh. Pa. Tower Jacking structure 
drive. 2.650,149, Oct. 20. 

Campbell. Frank G.. assignee: See — 
Messlck. Kirwan Y. 

Campbell. George E. : See — 

Hanes, James O.. Jr.. and G. S. and O. B. Campbell. 

Campbell, <;eorge K., assignor to The Wheland Company. 
Chattanooga, Tenn. Metal-to-metal seated valve pot 
Cover with Independent gasket sealing adjustment. 
2.649.988, Aug. 25. 

Campbell. George S. : See — 

Hanes. James O.. Jr.. and G. S. and G. E. CampbeH. 

Campbell, Gertrude D., assignee : See — 
Slerer, Payson. and Waterbury. 

Campbell, Harris S., assignee : See — 
Tidd, Gape W. 

Campbell, Harris S., Bryn Athyn, assignor to Antoglro 
Company of America, Philadelphia, Pa. Mechanism for 
controlling blade movements of aircraft sustaining ro- 
tors. 2,040.554. June 2. 

Campbell, Harris S.. Bryn Athyn. assignor to Autoglro 
Company of America. Philadelphia. Pa. Aircraft sus- 
taining rotor blade with suction system for boundanr 
layer control. 2,656,892, Oct. 27. 

Campbell, Harris S., Bryn Athyn assignor to Antoglro 
Companv of America, Philadelphia. Pa. Control system 
for tandem rotor helicopters. 2,659,551, Nov. 17. 

Campl)ell, J. Allan : See — 

llolysz. Roman P.. Jr., and Campbell. 

Campbell, James S., assignor to Verney Corporation, Man- 
chester. N. H. TcTtile slasher. 2.602.264, Dec. 15. 

Campbell. John. Tonawanda. N. Y. Suction box. 
2,027,789. Feb. 10. 

Campbell, John E. : See — 

Blont. Elkan R., Campbell. Corley. and Snow. 

Campbell. John E., Lombard, 111. Clothes banger. 
2,629,526, Feb. 24. 

C:iiiipi)ell, John F., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Recirculating 
diistint; system. 2,020.011. Jan. 20. 

Campbell. John P., BucHd. assignor to The Weatherhead 
Company. Cleveland, Ohio. Automatic fuel control for 
gas turbine engines. 2.037.374, Mav 6 

Campbell, John F., Euclid, Ohio. Spray nozzle. 2,656,218, 
Oct. 20. 

Campbell, John J.. Toronto Ontario. Canada. Tool for 
erlpplng fish and other onjects. 2.626,178. Jan. 20. i 

Campbell. John 8., and W. Brown. Melbourne. Ontario, ana 
G. A. Douglas. Mount Bridges, Ontario, Canada. Stamp- 
ing apparatus for frangible articles. 2,641,179. June 9. 

Cainphell, Joseph G., Santa Barbara, Calif. Eye bath 
device. 2.626.000. Jan. 27. 

Campbell, Kenneth N., South Bend, Ind., and G. E. Ullyot, 
assignors to .Smith. Kline k French Laboratories, Phila- 
delphia. Pa. N,N-dIsubstitDted. /S-halo<»thylamlne8. 
2.640,828. June 2. 




Campbell. Lawrence F., Silver Spring. Md. Cloaed cycle 
^engine. 2,645,216. Jaly 14. 

Cuinpbell. LIuyd B., assiKoee : See — 

Ault, Harley A. ' . ., . , 

Campbell. LuuU T.. Plttsbursb, I'a.. asalgnor to United 
States Steel Corporation. Continuous pickling appara- 
tUH. 2,rfrjO.')<.)9. Sept. 1. 

Campbell. Michael F., Sterlinsr, Colo. Intermlttentlj- 
variable drive mechanism. 2.661.953. Dec. 8. 

Campbt'U, .Milton H. : See-^ 

liartleson, John D.. and Campbell. 

Campbell, Oliver F.. Whiting. Ind. assignor to Sinclair 
Refining Companv, New York. N. x. Treatment of pitch. 
2,652.594, Sept. 22. 

Campbell, Kalpn W., Deaver, Wyo. Water bag carrier for 
motor vehicles. 2.645.393. July 14. 

Campbell Ramtiey G., Richmond Calif., assignor to Staof- 
fer Chemical Company. I'est control chemicals. 
2,645.592. July 14. 

Campbell, Kichard D.. Hartland. assignor to AUis-Chal- 
iners Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Manufacture of impellers and the like. 2,654,943, 
' Oct. 13. 

Campbell, Richard H., assignor to Webster Electric Com- 
pany, Itaclne. Wis. Intercommunicating apparatus. 
2,6«2.115. Dec. 8. 

Campbell, Robert C, assignor of one-third to B. P. Le- 
vine. Portsmouth, Va. Bobbin signal. 2,647,482, 
Aug. 4. 

Campbell, Shirley P., assignor to The Coleman Company, 
Inc.. Wichita, Hans. Blower structure. 2,656.0i)5. 
Oct. 20. 

Campbell, Susie : Bee — , ' 

Reynolds, Roy L.. and Campbell. 

Campt>ell Tasgart Research Corporation, assignee : See — 
Archer, Irving M. 

Campbell. Thomas A., assignor to Stewart-Warner Cor- 
poration, Chicago, III. Farm bucket pump and booiter 
gun. 2.655,287, Oct. 13. 

Campbell, Tod W. : See — 

Ulcott, Harold S., and Campbell. 

Campbell, Tod W.. Orlnda, and G. M. Copplnger, El Cer- 
rito, Calif., assignors to the United States of America 
as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture. Prepa- 
ration of aromatic aldehydes. 2,628,256, Feb. 10. 

Campbell. William C. : &Ve — 

Kaiser, Harry E., and Campbell. 

Campbell. William P., Baltimore and F. N. Dalley. Ruxton. 
Md., as-signors to Western Electric Company, Incorpo- 
rated, New York. N. Y. Removing spirally wound arti- 
cles. 2.6,35.292. Apr. 21. 

Campbell, Wilson E., assignee : See — 
Menge. Theodore L. 

CampiMU Wyant and Cannon Foundry Co.. assignee : 
See — 

Wftgoer. Frederick A.. Pierce, and Qedmln. 

Camplni, Secondo, Milan. Italy. Cooling combustion tur- 
bines. 2 648.519. Aug. 11. 

Campion, James F., Freeport. N. Y. Collapsible clothes 
drier. 2.644.592. July 7. 

Campodonlco, Frank O.. assignee : See — 
Campodonico, John J. 

Campodonico. John J., assignor of 17 1^ per cent to him- 
self. 17 «4 per cent to F. G. Campodonico, 17»!4 per cent 
to E. E. Breitenbucher, 17 % per cent to J. E. Gulllet, 
15 per cent to J. J. Ferraiuolq, and 15 per cent to J T. 
McNally, Stockton, Calif. Transmission. 2,633,753. 
Apr. 7. . 

Canipomar, Miguel A.. Montevideo. Uruguay. Portable 
beach shade support. 2,628,797. Feb. 17. 

Camras, Marvin, assignor to Armour Research Founda- 
tion of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. 111. 
Constant speed drlTe for magnetic record members 
2,624.574. Jan. 6. 

Camras. Marvin, assignor to Armour Research Foundation 
of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 111 Blec^ 
tromagnetlc transducer head. 2,628,285, Feb. 10. 

Camras, Marvin, Chicago. III.. asslKnor to Armour Re- 
search Foundation of Illinois Institute of Technology 
Magnetic recorder. 2.632.059, Mar. 17. 

Camras, Marvin assignor to Armour Research Founda- 
tion of Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago 111 
Magnetic record player. 2.633.362. Mar. 31. 

Camras, Marvin a.ssignor to Armour Research Founda- 
tion of Illinois Institute of Technology. Chicago III. 
Automatic stop arrangement for magnetic recorders. 
2,633.503. Mar. 31. 

Camras, Marvin, assignor to Armour Research Founda- 
tion of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 111 
Twisted loop magnetic recorder. 2.647,750, Aug 4 

Camras. Marvin, assignor to Armour Research Founda- 
tion of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago III 
Magnetic recorder. 2.648..W0. Aug. 11 

Canara^ Marvin, assignor to Arniur Research Foundation 
of Illinois Institute of Technoloey. Chicago, IlL Elec- 
tromagnetic transducer head. 2,653.189, Sept. 22. 

Camras. Marvin, a.<«ilgnor to .Armour Research Foundation 
of Illinois Institute of Technoloijy Chicago, 111 Mag- 
netic sound apparatus. 2,«.">4.809.Oct. 6. 

Camras. Marvin, assignor to Armour Research Foundation 
of Illinois Institute of Technology. Chicago 111 Drive 
mechanLsra for magnetic recorders. 2.6.59,541, Nov 17 

Canada, Alfred H., Schenectady. N. T. Automatic flash 
•potter. 2.041,156, June 9. 

Canada, Alfred II., Schenectady, N. Y., assignor to Gen- 
eral Electric Company. Frequency modulated photom- 
eter. 2,648,249, Auf. 11. 
Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Incorporated, assignee : See — 

Donnelly, John H. 
Canada, Her Majesty the Queen In the right of. as repre- 
sented by the Minister of National Defence, assignee : 

Sheffer. Harry, Hyde, and Hadow. 
Canada. Her Majestv the <^ueen In the rights of. as rep- 
resented by the Minister of National Defence, assignee : 
tiee — 

.McKay. Arthur F. 
Canada, His Majesty the King in the right of, as repre- 
sented by the Department of National Defence, assignee : 
See — 

Cox James W., and Greenaway. 
Canada I'ackers Limited, assignee : See — 
Fill. Metro. 

Force, Leonard T., Moore, and Hlncks. 
Canadian Controllers. Limited, assignee : See — 

Grepe, Frederick Y. 
Canadian Copper Refiners Limited, assignee : See — ; 

Schloen. John H., and Ekler. ' 

Canadian General Electric Company, Limited, assignee: 

Elgar Everett C. 

Canadian Industries Limited, assignee : See — 
Allenby, Owen C. W. 
Allenby, Owen C. W., and MacKenzie. 
Graham, George W. 

Canadian Internationul Paper Company, assignee: See — 
Bryans, Harry C. 
Charles, Frank R., and Dixon. 

Canadian Radium ft Uranium Corporation, assignee : See — 
Wells. Winston. 

Canadian Refractories Limited, assignee : See — 
Lathe. Frank E. 

Canady, Buel H., Huntington Park, Calif., and C. J. 
Wiley. Winslow, Arlx. Dual wheel mounting. 2,636.782, 
Apr. 28. 

Canady, Buel H., Huntington Park, Calif., and C. J. 
Wiley, Winslow, Arlx. Dual wheel mounting. 2.686.788, 
Apr. 28. 

Canal Industrial Company, assignee : See — 
•Meryman. Harold T. 

Canan, Walter T., Pasadena, Calif. Tongue depressor and 
mirror therefor. 2.0.^3.597, Sept. 29. 

Candee, Allan H., Brighton, assignor to Gleason Works, 
Rochester, N. Y. Method and apparatus for relieving 
cutter blades. 2.629.973, Mar. 3. 

Candee, Cornelias F., Buffalo, N. Y. Toy animal flgnre. 
2.686,817, Apr. 28. 

Candee, Zenas P., Watertown, assignor to The Waterbury 
Farrel Foundry ft Machine Cfompany, Inc., Water- 
bury, Conn. Flexible power transmission coupling. 
2,655,013, Oct. 13. 

Candela, Pom[>eo B., San Bernardino, Calif. Apparatus 
for introducing cut film into cameras. 2,648,265, Aug. 

Candler, George, assignee : See — 
McCormIck, Michael. 

Candlln, James K. Jr., assignor to Pullman-Standard Car 
Manufacturing Company, Chicago, III, Welded corner 
post assembly. 2,638,854, May 19. 

Candor, Robert R. ; See — 

McCornilck, Francis H., and Candor. 

Candor, Robert R., assignor to General Motors Corpora- 
tion, Dayton, Ohio. Combined drier and room dehu- 
midlfler. 2,627,069. Feb. 10. 

Candor, Robert R., Oakwood, assignor to General Motors 
Corporation, Dayton, Ohio. Domestic appliance. 
2.647,385, Aug. 4. 

Candy, Albert M., La Grange, assignor to National Cylin- 
der Gas Company, Chicago. 111. Gripping device frfr 
welding electrode holders and the like. 2,634,356, 
Apr 7. 

Candy, Albert M. I.rfi Grange, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to National Cylinder Gas Company. Chicago, III. 
Welding stud and arc welding. 2,638,525, May 12. 

Canfleld. William B. : See— 

Rust. John IV. and Canfleld. 

Canfora, Arthur E., Brooklyn, N. Y., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Blectronic phase shifting 
system. 2.636,984, Apr. 28. 

Canfora, Arthur E., Brooklyn, N. T., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Reproducer for magnetically 
recorded signals. 2,658,950, Nov. 10. 

CanKt'mi. l.iilgl, Detroit, assignor to Chrysler Corporation. 
HiKhland Park, 'Mich. Article with passages. 
2. 644. 665. Julv 7. 

Cangialosi. Llvlo A.. Brooklyn. N, Y. Drafting Instru- 
ment. 1627,116^ Feb. 3. 

Canham, George E , West Orange, assignor to Ralph C. 
Coxhead Corporation. Newark. N. J. Apparatus for 
type composition. 2.664.038. Dec. 29. 

Cannard, William H. : See — 

Boulware, James B., and Cannard. 

Cannard, William H., Attleboro, Mass. Expansible core 
chuck. 2,647,701, Aug. 4. 

Cknnella. Gasparl H., Brooklyn, N. Y. System and appa- 
ratus for dispensing fluids. 2,634,023. Apr. 7. 

<'annlnir, Raleigh O. : See — 

Glllerstrom, Hllmer A., and Canning. 

y ^ 



Cannon, George E., Houston, Tex., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to Standard Oil Development Company, Eliza- 
beth, JS. J. Apparatus for cementing wells. 2,035,697, 

Cannon, Gus G., Atlanta, Ga. Generator lifting tooL 

2.629,684, Feb. 24. ^ „ ^ .. 

Cannon, Harry B.. Chestertown, Md.. and O. H. Trudeau, 
Manteno. 111. ; said Trudeau assignor to said Cannon. 
Concentration and separation of granular mixtures. 
2.044,583. July 7. 
Cannon, James D. : See — 

Rodger, William R.. and Cannon. 
Cannon. John B., Jr. : See — 

John, Frank T.. and Cannon. 
Cannon Mills Company, assignee : See — 

Swing. Edward R. 
Cannon, William D. : See— 

Wells, Philip H.. Steinmetz, and Cannon. 
Cannon, William J., Covington, Qa. Clothespin holder. 

2,647.550, Aug. 4. 
Canon Camera Company, Ltd., assignee : See — 
Ito, Hlroshi. 
Suzukawa, Hlroshi. 
Cantalupo. Francis J. : Sec — 

Schmidt. Edward G., and Cantalupo. 
Cantalupo, Francis J., assignor to Crane Co., Chicago, 111. 

ThermosUtlc mixing valve. 2^28,781, Feb. 17. 
Cantalupo, Francis J., Chicago, E. P. De Craene, West- 
chester, B. O. Schmidt, Western Springs, C. W. Yant, 
Maywood, and R. P. Setka, assignors to Crane Co., 
Chicago, III. Plow control device. 2,642,896, June 
Canter, George G., and Gilbert G.. New York, N. Y. Bag 

seal. 2,654,624, Oct. 6. 
Canter, Gilbert G. : See — 

Canter, George G.. and Gilbert G. 
Cantlnieau, Jean : See — 

Malllard. Francis. I.jivllle. and Cantlnieau. 
Cantor. Alexander. Chicago, 111. Collapsible hat. 2,663,024, 

Dec 22. 
Cantor. Jacob J., Los Angeles, Calif, Vacuum breaker. 

2.055.171, Oct. 13. 
Cantor, Jerome, assignee : See — 

Brendel, Raymond J. _. 

Cantor, Sidney M., Overbrook Hills, Pa., assignor to The 
American rfugar Refining Company, New York N. Y. 
Recovery of aconitic acid from its alkaline earth salts. 
2.640,852, June 2. 
Cantral. John I. : See — 

Silver, Walter H, and Cantral. ^ ^ , 

Cantrell, Ilersel G., Jacksboro, Tex. Loading device., Sept. 29. 
Cantrell, Troy L. : See — 

Smith, Herschel O., Cantrell, and Fisher. 
Smith, Herschel G., Cantrell. and Hill. 
Smith, Herschel G., Cantrell. and Peters. 
Smith, Herschel G., Hill, and Cantrell. _ , . 
Cantrell, Walker W.. assignor to P. H. Hanes Knitting 
Company, Winston-Salem. N. C. Label or hanging loop 
for garments, and forming and attaching the same. 
2.634,422. Apr. 14. 
Cantrell, William H. : See— 

Allen. James E., and Cantrell. 
Cantu, Rudolph, Lyford, Tex. Wire bending and colling 

tool. 2.0.'.2,O74. Sept. 15. 
Caparone, Michael J., Arcadia. Calif., assignor to Robert- 
shaw-Fulton Controls Company, Greensburg. Pa. Ther- 
mostatic control device for water heaters. 2,656.984, 

Caparone,' Michael J., Arcadia, and C. M. Vaughn. Los 
Angeles Calif., assignors to Robertshaw-Fulton Con- 
trols Company, Greensburg, Pa. Combined thermostat 
and automatic pilot control. 2,658,686, Nov. 10. 

Caphlanch, Julian, Barcelona, Spain. Apparatus for con- 
structing posts in the ground. 2,660.862, Dec. 1. 

Cape. Arthur T., I..08 Angeles, Calif., assignor to Coast 
Metals. Inc., Little Ferry, N. J. Weld rod. 2,650,162, 
Aug. 25. 

Capehart, Ashbourne D., Oxford, and E. A. Hines, Hender- 
son. X. C. Clock control time period signal device. 
2.642.490. June 10. 

Cnpehart-Farnsworth Corporation, assignee : Bee— 
Farnsworth, Phllo T. 
Laplsh. Arlington V. ^ 

Capell, Robert G.. assignor to Gulf Research ft Develop- 
ment Company, Pitt.shurgh, Pa. Compositions com- 
prising bentonlte-orpanic amine compounds in asphalts, 
tars, or pitches. 2,661.301. Dec. 1. 

Capell, Robert O.. W. P. Rldenour. and J. A. Stewart, as- 
signors to fJnlf Ressarch & Development Company. Pl^s- 
burgh Pa. Paraffin wax compositions. 2.630.002, Apr. 

Capell Robert G., W. P. Rldenour, and J. A. Stewart, as- 
signors to Gulf Research ft Development Company. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Paraffin wax compositions. 2,636,003, Apr. 

Capell, Robert G., W. P. Rldenour, and J. A. Stewart, as- 
signors to Gulf Research ft Development Companv. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Paraffin wax compositions. 2,636,004, Apr 

Capell. Robert O., W. P. Rldenour. and J. A. Stewart, as- 
signors to Gulf Research ft Development Company, 
Pittsburgh. Pa. Paraffin wax composition. 2,646,362, 
July 21. 

Capital Industrial Fabricators. Inc., assi^ee : See— 
Regnier. Gerard M. 

f'apitanl, Arnold P., Detroit. Mich. Rearvlew for motor 
vehicles. 2.044.363, July 7. 

Capito. Gregory D.. Warren, Ohio, Device for loading 
tne magazines of automatic guns. 2,659,173, Nov. 17. 

Capitol Records, Inc., assignee : See — 
Rice. Frederick H. 

Caplan, Max, assignee : See — 
Suben, Morten. 

Caples, Frederick C. Columbia City, Oreg. Utensil sup- 
port for campfires. 2,633,318. Mar. 31. 

Caplin, Stuart : See — 

Rubinstein, Matthew N., and Caplin. 

Caplis, George W., Clifton. N. J., assignor to Westing- 
house Electric Corporation. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Test- 
ing and packing fixture. 2,064.544, Dec. 29. 

Capossela, John C, North Tarrytown, N. Y. Ankle and 
foot support. 2,646,222. July 14. 

Cappel, Klaps L., San Francisco, Calif. Boat davit. 
2,647,269, Aug. 4. 

• 'appelle. Kmil K.. Chicago. 111. Coin-controlled mileage 
metering device. 2.002,627, Dec. 15. 

Cappellettl, Emlllo : See — 

Abbate, Albert, and Canpellettf. 

Cappelllnl. Richard J., Amltyvllle, N. Y. Portable char- 
coal container and dispenser. 2.630,941. Mar. 10. 

Cappello, Trlest J., Seneca Falls, N. Y. Coffee percolator. 
2,660,107, Nov. 24. 

Capra, Elzo B., Mantova, Italy. Multiple point connector 
for braces. 2,659,618, Nov, 17. 

Caprara. Andr* J., and A. C. Kawka Paris, France. Ap- 
paratus for attaching elastic bands to garments. 
2,630,773. Mar 10. 

Caps, .\rthur W., Rochester, N. Y., assignor to Photostat 
Corporation. Photographic print treating apparatus., Sept. 1. 

Capstack, Eugene J., G. Weber, and A. Zuccarini, Louis- 
ville, assignors to Joseph E. Seagram ft Sons, Inc., 
Shlvely, K^. Check weigher 2,633,972, Apr 7. 

Capsulube Company, assignee : See — 
Bryant. William A. 

Caputo, Jnmes V., Youngstown, Ohio. Homopolar genera- 
tor 2.636.140. Apr. 21. 

Caputo, James V.. Youngstown, Ohio., and T. J. Craw- 
ford, Berkley. Mich., said Crawford assignor to said 
Caputo. Homopolar dynamoelectrlc machine. 2.640.942. 
June 2. 

Caramelli, Carl" F., assignor to P. O. Caramelll, Loi 
Angeles, Calif. Adjustable counterseat. 2,624,566, 
Jari. 6. 

Caramelll, Carl F., assignor to P. G. Caramelll, Los 
Angeles, Calif. Sliding counter seat. 2,645,272, July 

Caramelll. Peter O., assignee : See — 
Caramelll, Carl F. 

Caraway, John B., Bvanvville, Ind., assignor to United 
States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
War. Balanced to unbalanced energy transfer circuit. 
2.639,328, May 19. 
Carbary, Edward M., South Acton, assignor to United-Can 
Fastener Corporation, Cambridge, Mass. Electrical de 
vice. 2.640,871, June 2. 

Carbary, Edward M., South Acton, assignor to United- 
Carr Fastener Corporation, Cambridge, Mass. Attach- 
ing clip. 2.656,577, Oct. 27. 
Carbary, Richard J., Erie, Pa., assignor to General Electrk 
Company. Door biasing structure. 2,634,465, Apr. 14 

Carbary. Richard J., Erie, Pa., assignor to General Elec 
trie Company, Frost indicator for refrigerators 
2.644,422. July 7. 

Carbary. Richard J.. Erie. Pa., asslcnor to General Electric 
Company. Spring terminal fitting. 2,057,420, Nov. 3. 

Carbee, Sheldon. Melrose, Mass. Folding crib. 2,641,774, 

June 10. 
Carbide Saw ft Tool Company, assignee : Bee — 

Bowes, Robert A. 
Carbodies Limited, assignee : See — 

Orr, John II. 
Carbonl. Rudolph A. : See — 

Regna, Peter P.. Carbonl, and Tlmreck. 
Carbonl, Rudolph A., Yonkers. N. Y.. and P. P. Regna 
West New York, N. J., as.'^lgnors to Chas. Pfizer ft Co. 
Inc. Crystalline naphthalene sulfonate salts of strento 
mycln and dihydrostreptomycln. 2,6.50.216. Aug. 2o. 

Carbonic Dispenser. Inc., assignee : See — 

Weltv, Frank and R. 

Welty, Frank and R. D. 
Carbonic Prodacts, Inc., asslgneeTSee — 

Martin, James W. 
Carbonisation et Exploitations Forestlftres S. A. (C. B. F.) 
assignee : See — " 

Muller. Frederic A., and Saffores. 

Carbonneau, Gordon S., assignor to Carbonneau Indus 
tries, Inc.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Record speed adapter 
2,634,133, Apr 7. 

Carbonneau Industries, Inc., assignee : See — 
Carbonneau, Gordon S. 

Carbonnler, Robert, Tananarive, Madagascar. Flotatioi 
machine. 2,626,052, Jan. 20. 



Carboruflifuin Company, The, asaignev : See — 
Katttiiian, I'on K. 
FoM. Carl W.. and Buell.'ll. Uobert 1). I'ahl. and nunter. ' 
Nlcholaon, Kenneth C. 
o'NhH. JoiH-ph K.. Jr. 

Carbrey. Robert L.. Madison, N. J., astii^or to Bell Tele- 
phone Lnhoratories, Incorporated. New York N. Y. Pulse 
code modulation communication lyatem. 2,63H,I59, Apr. 

Carbrey, Robert L., Summit, C. C. Cutler, Gillette, and 
C. B. H. Feldman, Summit. N. J., assiniorB to liefl Tele- 
phone Laboratorlea, Incorporated, New York, N. Y. 
Pulae rogenerator. 2.fi58.9»7, Nor. 10. 

Carburetor Company. asslKnee : See — 
Boyce. Leonard l>. 

(,'ar<-» r«Mi.v. Juan J., San Vicen.s dels Ilorf.*, Spain. Coni- 
bint>d liint'e and latch for doors. 2.Gt»0.752. Dec. 1. 

Card, Calrin G., Waukena, Calif. Apparatus for prepar- 
ing seedheds. 2.652. 7«0. Sept. 22. 

Cardell, Olof, Sollentuna, Sweden. Antiskid device. 
2,663,345, l»ec, 22. 

Cardenaw. Henry B., Kansas City, Kans. Safety raior. 
2,624,109. Jan. 6. 

Cardinal. Karl V., Berwj-n, 111., assignor to Corn I'roducls 
Refining rompany, New York, N. Y. Separation of 
tyrowint- and cystine. 2.050.242, Aug. 25. 

Cardon, Maurice H., Paris, France. Correcting device 
for printing apparatus. 2,646,155, July 21. 

Cardox Corporation, assignee : See — 
HPBson. James C. 
Mltcheltrw. Walter K. 
Williamson. Hlldins: V. 

Cardoza, PYank : See — 

<;ordon. El win Vy^^ Simpson, and Cardoza. 
Simpson, Robert I)., Gordon, and Cardoza. 
Simpson. Robert D., (Jordon, Cardoza, and Jncobs. 

Cardozo. Danforth, Jr. : t!pe — 

Willis, Siimnt'r C.. and Cardozo. 

Cardwell, Gilbert P. : See — 

Dyche. Howard F.. Jr.. and Cardwell. 

Cardwell. James R., Barrington, 111., assignor to Cardwell 
Westlnghouse Company. Draft gear. 2,636,620, Apr. 

Cardwell. Milton M.. and O. C. Roddey. Baton Rouge, La., 
and C. W. Tyson. Summit, N. J., a.sslgnors to Standard 
Oil Development Company. Catalyst recovery. 2,6«>3,«7r>. 
Dec. JL*. 

Cardwell. Paul H^ and C. L. Lunsford. Tnl.ia, Okla. as- 
signors to The Dow Chomieal Company, Midland, Midi 
Treatment of weils. 2.640.810, June 2. 

Carrlw.ll. Paul H.. and K. H. Braunlich. Jr.. Tulsa. Okla.. 
.■iHsiL:norH to The Dow Chemical Companv. Midland. 
Mich. Preventing loss of fluid into their formation.^. 
J.tJ.'iO.ltt.-,. Aim. 25. 

Cardwell \\>stini:hoM.«ie Company, assignee: Bee — 
Cardwell, Jamea R. 
Tucker. Herbert K. 

Carelo«'k. Claude L., Jr.. assignee : Srr — 
C.ii»>lo<k. Cl.nidp I,. 

Carelook. Claude L.. Douglas. Ga. Plant setting machine. 
2.625.122. Jan. 13. 

Carelock. Claude L.. a.sslcnor of one-half to C. L. Carelock. 
Jr., I>ou>;las. Ga. Fpnd«'r attachment for tractor 
mountfil cultivating units. 2.660.941. Dec. 1. 

Caretto. I.oiils. Lynhrook. N'. Y.. as.slgnor of 33'^% to 
li. Henderson. Summit. .\. J. Dispenser for condiments 
or the like. 2.6.'.5.28»<. Oct. 13. 

Carew. Herman, and W. M. Mack, assignor to Dixie Cup 
Company. Ilaston. Pa. Holder-disnen.ser for paper cups 
2.630.^61. Mar. 3. . i i 

Carey, Eric L., Ottawa. Ontario. Canada. Planing at- 
tachment for Jointers. 2.642.902, June 23. 

Carey. FnMlerlck H.. assignor to Dowty Equipment Lim- 
ited. Cheltenham, England. Means for limiting the 
supply of fuel to continuous combustion turbine engines 
during accelerations of the latter. 2,638.742 May 19 

Carey, Frederick IL, assignor to Dowty Kqulpment Lim- 
ited. Cheltenham. England. Fuel supply system with 
emergency switching means. 2,638,973. May 19 

Carey. Frwlerirk H.. assignor to Dowty B>iulpment 
Limited. <'heltenhani. England. Starting system for gns 
turbine engines, using multiple fuel pumps. 2,640 31 s 
June •_' 

Carey. Frederick TT.. assignor to Dowtr Equipment Lim- 
ited, Cheltenham. England. Ll<iuid fuel supply system 
for Internal-combustion turbines with afterburners 
2.658. .3.30. Nov. 10. 

Carey, Frederick H., a.sslgnor to Dowty Equipment Lim- 
ited. Cheltenham. England. .Automatic torch ignition 
system for internal-combustion turbine engines. 
2,600,233. Nov. 24. 

<'arey, Herbtrt <'. assign.^r to .\ldous Successors 
Limited. Briphtlin::soa, England. hull construc- 
tion. 2.6r,2.237. Dec. ITi. 

Cajey. Philip, Manufacturloi; Company, The. assignee: 

Armstrong. George M.. and Cook. 

Fasold. George A., and Callahan. 

Ferllse. Louis. i 

Oroskopf, Edwin O. 

Carey. William J.. Cleveland Helghta, Ohio. Rotary pnmp 
or motor. 2,633,803. Apr. 7. 

ler strap 

Carhart. Homer W. : Bee — 

Stokea^ Arthur J., and Carhart. 

Carhart. Nathan A., and E. F. Stoner, Los Angeles" as- 
signors to Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., Santa Mon- 
Ita. Calif, \arlable camber wing. 2,050,047, Aug. 25. 

Cariasimi, Louis C, Fairfield. Conn., aMlgnor to Reming- 
ton Rand Inc., New York, N. Y. Electric dry shaver. 
2.04;i,4.-».(, June M. 

Carleslmo. John J., Detroit, Mich. Excavating bucket. 
2.(;oo,.{i'3. Nov. 24. 

Carleton. Edward L. : See — 

Irso, Ralph h'., (iardea, and Carleton. 

Carleton. Henry, Silver Spring, Md. Recording decel- 
erunieter. 2,641,457. June 9. 

Carley I'jyde 11.. .Nortn Adams. Mass. Steam generator. 
2,0fl2.50r,. D,.r. IT. 

Carllle. Alfred E., Meadville, Pa., assignor to Talon, Inc. 
Slider for slid* fasteners. 2.626.440, Jan. 27 

Carllle, Alfred E., Meadville, Pa., assignor to Talon, Inc. 
Bonding machine. 2.055,980, Oet. JO. 

Carlln, Arvid F., New Rochelle, N. Y. Holder for toilet 
paper and paper towels. 2.643,069, June 23. 

Carliu, Etta M., Bovlll, Idaho, (iarnient shouldf 
holder. 2,649.039. Aug. 25. 

Carlln, Frank J., Fort Atkinson. Wis., assignor to United 
States Rubber Company, .New York, .N. Y. Adhesion 
of polvmerlc materials to glass. 2,628,922, Feb 17. 

Carlln, Frank J.. ljpi»er Saddle River. .\. J., assignor to 
United States Rubber Company, N>w York, N. Y. Inter- 
polymerization of polyolertnic esters of 2-alkenyl alcohols 
with certain monoolefinlc hy<lrocarbons. 2,626,945, 
Jan. 27. 

Carllno, Joaeph. attorney, aaalgnee : See — 
Sparano, Ottorlno. 

Carlisle Corporation, as.signee : See — 

Kaebniik, (iustav A., I'arr, and Otsfot. 

Carlisle. James V., Baton Rouge, I^., assignor to Ethyl 
Corporation. New York, N. Y. Fused salt elect rolyais 
cell. 2.048,«;31, Aug. 1 I 

Carliale. Richard W., assignor to Sonotone Corporation, 
Elmsford. N. Y. Vented casing and vaporproof enclo- 
sure for sound transducers. 2,038,508 May 12. 

Carlisle. Willis C. HiifHinlth, assignor to .Macco Oil 
Tool Company. Houston, Tex. Rotating rathole 
2 633 330 Mar 31 

Carlisle,' Willis C.. and J. H. McCarTell. Ilouiton, Tex., 
assignors to Macco Oil Tool Company, Inc. Treating 
well fluids. 2.6,54.436. Oct. 6. 

Cariiss, Oswald S.. Glenslde. Pa., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments to The Jacobs Bros. Co. Inc.. .\ew York, 
N. Y. Photoelectric batching weigher. 2.6.'»0,790. 
Sppt. 1. 

Carlon, Paul R.. assignor to Rockwell Manufacturing 
Company. Pittsburgh. Pa. Fluid meter adjustable cali- 
bration device. 2.630,713. Mar. 10. 

Carls. Wllliain, co-executor, assignee : See — 
McLeod, Roy D. 

Carlson, Arthur C. Anacortea, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to American Manufacturing Company, Inc.. 
Tacoma. Wash. Spliced veneer sheet ofTbearing mech- 
anism. 2.649,976 Aug. 25. 

Carlson. Arthur VS., Kankakee, 111., assignor to A. O. 
Smith Corporation. Milwaukee. Wis. Water heater flue 
construction. 2.650.575. Sept 1 

Carlson. Boyd N., El Monte. Calif. Door closer. . 2,653,043, 
Sept. 22. 

Carlson. Boyd N.. El Monte. Calif. Door latch. 2,600.705, 
Dec. 1. 

Carlson, Byron : See — 

Armstrong. DanlerA..t'arlson. and Walz. 

Carlson. Byron. Mlnn«-at>olls, .Minn., and J. E. Betzohl, 
Huntington Park, Calif., assignors to Scott-Atwater 
Manufacturing Co. Inc., Minneapolis Minn. Water In- 
let stru<-ture for outboard motors, i, 652,802, Sept. 22. 

Carlson, Carl O.. Stockholm. Sweden. Apparatus for 
measuring pressures and pressure variations. 2,653.295, 
Sept. 22. 

Carlson. Carl S. : See — 

Droat, William M.. Jr.. Carlson, Scheeline, and 

Carlson, Carl S., Elizabeth, and P. V. Smith. Jr.. West- 
fleld. N. J., assiimors to Standard Oil Development Com- 
pany. Separation and piiriflcntlon of alcohols by ex- 
tractive distillation. 2.635,992. Apr. 21. 

f^arlsoir Carl S., Roselle, P. A. Blribauer. and C E Por- 
ter. Cranford. N. J., assignors to Standard Oil Develop- 
ment Company. Precipitation of nonvolatile substances 
In distillation of Flscher-Tropsch synthesis mixtures. 
2.644,786. July 7. 

Carlson, Carl U., Middle Vlllaxe, N. T. Tool protecting 
cr.ver. 2.036,633, Apr. 28. 

Carlson. Chester F.. New York. X. Y. Graphic record- 
ing. 2.624.6.52. Jan. 6 

Carlson. Clifford E., Oshkosh, and G. Hatch, Mtlw.mkee, 
Wis. Combination space and water heating unit 
2.643.323. June 23. 

Carlson. David J. : See — 

Prowlnsky, Joseph H.. and Carlson. 

Carlson. Donald B. : See — 

Tomlinson. Ben L., and Carlson. 

Carlson. Earl J. : fife* — i 

Foit, Vernon L., and Carlson. 



Carlson. Earl J., Akron, Ohio, assignor to The B. F. 
Goodrich Company, New York, N. Y. Copolymers of 
Tlnylidene cyanide with unsaturated aliphatic carbox- 
ylic acids. 2.657.197, Oct. 27. 

Carlson, Edward C, assignor to H. S. Sines, Chicago, 
> 111. Insulator tie. 2,643.283, June 23. 

Carlson. Elmer V., assignor to Shure Brothers, Incorpo- 
rated, Chicago, III. Phonograph stylus. 2,631,8o8, 
Mar. 17. 

Carlson Emil. Detroit. Mich., assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Pioneer Specialty Company. Radio aerial. 
2.632.106. Mar. 17. ^ _ 

Carlson, Emll. assignor, by mesne assignments, to H. Y. 
Bassett, O. D. Marcks, and V. D. Hanna. Detroit, Mich. 
ExtensiDle antenna construction. 2,634,370, Apr. 7. 

Carlson, Emll, Maspeth, N. Y. Percussion musical instru- 
ment. 2.640.385, June 2. 

Carlson Erie S., assignor to General Motors Corporation, 
Detroit, Mich. Ash receiver with mounting plate. 
2.639.055. May 19. 

Carlson, Folke K.. Mount Kisco, N. Y.. assignor to General 
Precision Laboratory Incorporated. Locking arbor. 

2,6.-,2.738. Sept. 22. 
Carlson, Fred O. assignor to Carlson 

.Monrovia, Calif. Ruler construction. 

Carlson, George W., Mountain Home, 

botyper Corporation, Hendersonvllle, 

Sullivan, Inc., 
2,629,180. Feb. 

assignor to 
N. C. Unit 


Slayton, Minn. Gasoline hammer. 
Woburn, Mass. Folding chair. 


Folding tooth- 
Concrete mold mold- 

translating punched card data. 2.661.154, Dec. 1. 

Carlson, George W., Wayne, assignor to Robotyper Cor- 
poration, Detroit, Mich. Spring biased actuator. 
2,639,139, May 19. 

Carlson. Goodwin A. 
2.027,849, Feb. 10. 

Carlson. Gustaf W 
2.658.558. Nov. 10. 

Carlson, Gustav A., assignor to The Boye Needle Com- 
panv. Chicago, in. Crochet hook. 2,635,444 Apr. 21. 

Carlson. Gustav A.. Des Plalnes. assignor to The Boye 
Needle Comrany, Chicago, III. Tubular knitting de- 
vice. 2,658.304, Nov. 10. 

Carlson, Harold, Dallas, Tex. Score card holder. 
2,636.761, Apr. 28. 

Carlson, Harold A. : See — 

Moseley, James T. W.. and Carlson. 

Carlson. Harold A., University City, assignor to Carter 
Carburetor Corporation, St. Louis, Mo. Metering valve 
adjustment. 2.664,389, Oct. 6. 

Carlson. Harold A., Brentwood, and J. T. W. Moseley, 
Richmond Heights, assignors to Carter Carburetor Cor- 
poration, St. Louis. Mo. Stabilizer for overrunning 
thermostatic controls. 2.657,862, Nov. 3. 

Carlson, Honning M. : See — 

Hatton, Willard J., and Carlson. 

Carlson, Henry K.. New Britain, ( 
brush 2.65^.412. Nrv. 3. 

Carlson. Henry L.. Kings Park. N. Y 
Ing process. 2.061.518. D«c. 8. 

Carlson, Howard S.. assignee : See — 
Carlson. Lawrence E. 

Carl.son, John A., V. H. Bathrlck. and A. J. Morse, as- 
signors to Sealed Power Corporation. Muskegon, Mich. 
Grinding of Irregular shaped work. 2,636.322. Apr. 28. 

Carlson. Jolm 1.. Aurora. 111., assignor to Carl.>;on Tool & 
Macliine Comp.nnv. Convever chain link. 2,654,404. 
Oct. 6 

Carlson. Lawrence E., Huntington. Ind.. assignor to H. S. 
Carlson, West Branch, Mich. Aerial flre extinguisher. 
2.033.920, Apr. 7. 

Carlson, Le Roy, Orlswold, Iowa. Portable feed grinder 
carrier. 2.641,326, June 9. 

Carlson. Lewis J. : See — 

Bock. I-ouls H., and Carlson. 

Carlson. Louis W.. S,n^ Fernando, assignor to Monarch 
Bracket Company. Riverside, Cnllf. Mounting bracket 
for semaphore signal devices. 2.630.995. Mar. 10. 

Carlson. Melvln O.. assignor to Goodman Manufacturing 
Companv. Chicago, 111. Fluid pressure system. June 30. 

Carlson. Melvln O.. assignor to Goodman Manufncturing 
Company. Chlfago. 111. Hydraulic control system for 
articulated locomotives and the like. 2.0."»9.203, Nov. 17. 

Carlson, Melvln G.. assignor to Goodman Manufacturing 
Company. Chicago. 111. Mining machine hydranllc con- 
trol system and master safety valve therefor. 2.659,200, 
Nov. 17. 
Carlson. Nohle R.. McPherson. assignor to H. Kroher. Mc- 
Pherson Count.v. Knns Combined dlssolver and sprink- 
ler control devlcp. 2.630.346. Mar. 3. 
Carlson. Norrls W.. Dayton, Ohio. Parachute load release. Aug. 25. 
Carlson. Ora E., assignee : Bee — 
Kogl, Frank. 

Carlson, Oscar E.. Paterson. N. J. Connterelectromotive 
force derivation circuit. 2,649,572. Aug. 18. 

Carlson. Raymond A.. Rockford, asslitnor to Borg-Wamer 
Corporation. Chicago. 111. Friction clutch device. 
2.633.217. Mar. 31. 

Carlson. Reuben C, assignor to Admiral Corporation, 
Chicago. 111. Phonograph cabinet. 2.634,184, Apr. 7. 

Carlson, Reuben C., River Crove assignor to Admiral 
Corporation, Chicago, 111, Tuner slug coupling. 
2,629.080. Feb. 17. 

Carlson, Reuben C, River Grove, assignor to Admiral Cor- 
poration, Chicago, 111. Tuner Indicator and controL 
2,642,020, June 16. 
Carlson & Sullivan, Inc., assignee : Bee — 

Carlson, Fred O. 
Carlson Tool & Machine Company, assignee : See — 

Carlson John I. 
Carlson. Waiter H., assignee : See — 

Kogl, Frank. 
Carlson, Wendell L., Princeton, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Variable resonant structure. 
2.641.708. June 9. 
Carlsson, FlUp R., Bskilstuna Sweden. Refrigerator with 

defrosting arrangement. 2,647,378, Aug. 4. 
Carlsson, Herbert : See — 

Berg, Claes, Carlsson, and Ekman. 
Carlsson. Johan E. : See — 

Landau, Frans. Carlsson. and HedstrOm. 
Carlstedt, Fredrik, assignor to Aktiebolaget Elektrolox. 
Stockholm, Sweden. Abrader for peeling vegetables. 
2,633.884, Apr. 7. 
Carlton Corporation, The, assignee : See — 

Sattler, Gustav, Jr. 
Carlton, William C, Hornchurch, England. Shuttlecock 

and making. 2, (".26. 805, Jan. 27. 
Carlton, William C, Hornchurch, England. Shuttlecock. 

2.626,800, Jan. 27. 
Carlton, William C. Hornchurch, England. Molded 

shuttlecock. 2,026,807, Jan. 27. 
Carlton, William C. Hornchurch, England. Shuttlecock. 

2,632 647, -Mar. 24. 
CaruiacK. (ii-orge 15. : Sre-- 

Simon. Otis W., and Carmack. 
Carman. Charles H.. Park Forest,, 111., .assignor to Guard- 
ite Corporation. Puffed corn product and making the 
same. 2.653.104, Sept, 22. 
Carman, Charles R., Park Forest, and J. E. Allison, 
Elmliurht, 111., assignors to ouardite Corporation. 
Quick-cooking cereal and making same. 2,653,099. 
Sept. 22. 
Carman, Charles R.. Park Forest, and J. E. Allison. 
Elmhurst, 111., assignors to Guardlte Corporation. 
Precooked rice, 2.653,100, Sept. 22. 
Carman, Charles K.. Park Forest, and J. E. Allison, Elm- 
hurst, 111., assignors to Guardlte Corporation. Quick- 
cooking farina and making same. 2,653,101, Sept. 22. 
Carman, Charles li.. Park Forest, and J. E. Allison. Elm- 
burst, 111., assignors to Guardlte Corporation. Quick- 
cooking wheat and making same. 2,053,102, Sept. 22. 
Carman. Charles R.. Park Forest, and J. B. Allison, 
hurst, IlL, assignors to (Juardite Corporation. 
Quick-cooking hominy and making same. 2,653,103, 
Sept. 22. 
Carmichael. Hugh. Deep Blver. Ontario. Canada, assignor 
to The Ministry of Supply. Balance. 2,624.664, Jan. 6. 
Carmichael, Russell : See — 

Van Wngener, Raymond H., Carmichael. and Parry. 
Carmichael, Thomas I-.. Plymouth, assignor to Synchro 
Corporation. Oxford. Mich. Phase Indicator. 2,634,404. 
Apr. 7. 
Carmichael, Thomas F.. Plymouth, assignor to Syncro 
Corporation, Oxford, Mien. Vibratory electric motor 
and mechanism driven thereby. 2,634,559, Apr. 14. 
Carmichael, Thomas F., assignor to Syncro Corporation. 
Rochester, Mich. Vibratory electric motor and tool 
driven thereby. 2,632,121. Mar 17. 
Carmichael, William, Knightsville, Ind. Centrifugal 

clutch with quick actuator. 2,647,604, Aug. 4. 
Carmouche, Louis N. : See — 

Bennett, Wallls R., and Carmouche. 
Carnagua. Harold E.. and D. W. Kelbel. Muncle, Ind., 
assignors to Borg-Warner Corporation, Chicago, 111. 
Friction engaging device and control means therefor. 
2,638,185, May 12. 
Carnahan, Chalon W.. Albuquerque, N. Mex., assignor to 
Zenith Radio Corporation. Suppressed carrier radio 
communication system. 2,653,221, Sept. 22. 
Carnahan. James E. : See — 

Arnold. Herrick R., and Carnahan. 
Carnahan. James E.. New Castle, assignor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours & Company, Wilmington, Del. Metal molyb- 
dite catalyzed polymerization. 2,634,260, Apr. 7. 
Carnahan James E., New Castle, assignor to E. I. du 
Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, Del. 
Metal molvbdite catalyzed decarbonylation of furfural 
to furan. 2.634.276. Apr. 7. 
Carnahan, James E.. New Castle. as.<;lgnor to E. I. du Pont 
de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, Del. Preparing 
dicnrboxyllc acid chlorides. 2.657.233. Oct. 27. 
Carnahan. James E.. Wilmington Manor. New Castle. Del., 
and H. J. Sampson. Waynesboro, Va., assignors to E. I. 
du Pont de Nemours ft Company, Wilmington, Del. 
Fluorocarbon compounds and preparation of same. 
2.646,449, July 21. 
Carnahan, Orson A., Syracuse, N. Y. Helicopter-airplane. 

2.629,570, Feb. 24. 
Carnahan, Orson A.. Syracuse. N. T. Valve adapted for 

float operation. 2,632,622. Mar. 24. 
Carnahan. Orson A.. Syracuse. N. Y. Heat exchanger. 

2.048.527. Aug. 11. 
Came, Gerald O., Rockaway. N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Light sensitive gaseous elec- 
tron discharge device and circuit therefor. 2,646,533, 
July 21. 



and W. T. Booth. Jr., 
to American Cjranamld 
Antistatic treatment of 

Carnegie Institution of Washington, assignee: See — 

Cook, Paul M. 
Carnes, James J., Royalton. Minn. Brake. 2,630,885, 

Mar. 10. 
Carnes, Joseph J., Greenwich, Conn., assignor to American 
Cyanamld Company. New York, S. Y. Antistatic treat- 
ment of articles comprlHinic a vinyl resin and treated 
articles. 2 626,876, Jan. 27. 
Carnes, Joseph J.. Greenwich, Conn., assignor to American 
Cyanamid Company, New York. N. 'i. Treatment of 
articles comprising a vinyl resin with an antistatic agent 
and treated article!". 2,020,877. Jan. 27. 
Carnes. Joseph J. Greenwich, Conn., assignor to Ameri- 
can Cyanamid Company. New York N. Y, Polyether 
amines and a process for their production. 2,629,740, 
^ Feb. 24. ^ 

Carnes, Joseph J.. Greenwich, Coan., assignor to American 
Cyanamid Company. New York, N. Y. LonR-ctmin alkyl- 
benzeneaulfonamideethylene oxide condensation prod- 
ucts. 2,849.478. Au« 18. 
Carnes. Joseph J., Greenwich. 
Springdale. Conn., assignors 
Company, New York, N. Y. 

Bhupt>d articles comprising a vinyl resin and treated 
articles. 2.ti.'»2,34.S. Sept. 15. 
Carne.«, Paul S., Los Angeles. Calif, assignor by Decree 
of Distribution to W. P. Carnes. Chilled water distribu- 
tion system and means, 2,629,237. Feb. 24. 
Carnes, Wilma P., assignee, by decree of distribution : 
Ste — 

Carnes. Paul S. 
Camesecca, Joseph. Jr.. Springville, Utah. Portable 

power shears. 2,631.309, Mar. 17. 
Carney, Charles S., K. H. Frlt/e. and L. C. Stanley, as- 
Rignors to Collins Radio Company, Cedar Rapids. Iowa 
Inforniat ion-storing device. 2.002.944. Dec. 15. 
Carney, Richard L^ jr. : Bee — 

Eddy. Robert F Stecker. and Carney. 
Carney, Samuel C, Bartleflvllle, Okla.. assignor to PhlUlM 
Petroleum Company, Method of and apparatus for 
liquid-liquid contacting. 2.020,889. Jan. 27. 
Carney. Samuel C, Bartlesville, Okla., assignor to Phil- 
lips Petroleum Company. Colloidal sulfur process. 
2.636.831. Apr. 28. 
Carney, Thomas P., assignor to Eli Lilly and Company, 
Indianapolis, Ind. Substituted t>enzoic acid esters and 
their preparation. 2,647.903, Aug. 4. 
Caro. Abraham. Dorchester. Mass. Luggage handle. 

2,624.431. Jan. 6. 
Caron. John B. R. : Bee — 

Glendennlng. Everett B.. Wles. and Caron; 
Wies. Calmy. Caron. and GlendennliiK. 
Caronla, Frank J.. Elmhurst, N. Y. Brush with liquid 

feeding iiienns. 2,641.011, June 9. 
Caroaell.i. .Michael C. and J. l>. .Mettler, Niagara Falls, 
N. \., aaslKnors to Inion Carbide and Carbon Corpora- 
tion. Klectrowinnlrig of chromium. 2,650, l!t2. Aug 2.'> 
Carosella. .Michael C. and J. D. Mettler. Niagara Falls. 
N. Y.. asBlgnors to Union Carbide and Carbon Cor- 
poration. BlectrowinnLng of chromium. 2,651,611. 
Sept. 8. 
Carothers, Campbell M. : Bee — 

Pitts, William A., and Carothers. 
Carpenter. Albert R. : Bee — 

Cochrane, Stanley, and Carpenter. 
Carpenter, Allan O., Corning, and C. E. Blank, Painted 
Post, asslk'nors to Ingersoll-Rjind Company. New York. 
, N. Y. Valve actuator. 2,648.314, Aug. 11 
Carpenter. i\rley I). ; Sec — 

Carpenter, John A. and A. D. 
Carpenter Arloy D.. I.os Angeles, and J. A. Carpenter, 
North Hollywood, Calif. Spring clamp. 2,651,826. 
Sept. 15. 
Carpenter, Benjamin deceased. Lake Forest. 111. ; by W. T. 
Fisher, executor, Chlcafto. Ill . assignor to Minneapolis- 
Honeywell Regulator Company. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Automatic Instrument landing system for air-borne craft. 
2.632,135, Mar. 17. 

Carpenter, Charles H.. Eden. N. Y. Convertible furniture 
article. 2.628.659, Feb. 17. 

Carpenter, Oayton A., Wilmington, and R. 8. Crog. as- 
signors to Union Oil Company of California, Los Ange- 
la.- SSJ''- Apparatus for heating oil wells. 2.647.196. 
July 28. 

Carpenter Container Corporation, assignee : Bee — * 

Carpenter, Herbert L. 
Carpenter. Donald E., Worthington, Ohio. Adjustable ' 
headlamp mounting for farm tractors. 2.634.935. Apr. ^ 

Carpenter. Edsnr L.. Wichita Falls Tex 
device. 2.644.608. July 7. 

Carpenter. Erwln L.. Stamford, Conn., assignor to Ameri- 
can Cyanamid Company. New York. N. f. Production 
of acrylonitrlle by catalytic dehydration of ethylene 
cyanohydrin. 2.646.444, July 21. cw.jr.cuc 

Carpenter, Herbert L., Amltyville, assignor to Carpenter 
Container Corporation, Brooklyn. N. Y. Apparatus for 
b«'ndlng metal rims around containers. 2 640 524 
June 2. ... 

Under reaming 

Carpenter. Herbert L.. Amltyville. assignor to Carpenter 
Container Corporation. Brooklyn. N. Y. Making fiber 
drnma having metal closures. 2,641.827. June 10 

( arj)enter, Herbert L . Amltyville. assignor to Carpenter 
Container Corporation. Brooklyn. N. Y. Container and 

^ closure assembly. 2,002.788. Dec. 15. 

Carpenter. Jack K.. executor : Hee — 
Champion, W illiam li. 

Carpenter James R.. Fort Worth. Tex., assignor to Con- 
tainer Corporation of America. Chicago, 111. Can pack- 
age with handle. 2.654,475, Oct. 6. 

Carpenter. John A. : Bee — 

Carpenter, Arley D. and J. A. 

Carpenter. John A and A. D.. Los Angeles, Calif. Band 
clamp lock. 2.655,332, Oct. 13. 

Carwnter. John M.. Donelson, Tenn, assignor to Avco 
Manufactunnir Corporation. Cincinnati, Ohio Fixture 
a.-,8embly. 2.624.107, Jan. 6. 

Carpenter. Lee R., Cleveland, Ohio. Two-cycle intemal- 

o 'iHT^foL""*^"^!."® having special cooling means therein. 
^.047,488, Aug. 4. 

^'*2'66"3 929^'1>^'" "'J ' ^P*"'"'^'*'' '^^ ^^•'- Radiator bench. 
Carpenter Manufacturing Corporation, The, assignee: 

Kranse, Albert H. 
Carpenter, Marshall M.. Jr. : Bee— , 

Barco, Allen A. Bliss, and Carpenter. 
Carpenter. Oliver W., Lakewood, Colo. Service tray for 
automobile Instrument panels. 2.650.870 S.-pt 1 

2^9"^! ^"r° 1?" '*'""*'°' ^^^°- **^* ^°"^ '■"^• 
Carpenter, ^aul G., Bartlesville, Okla , assignor to Phillips 

1 etroleum Compan.v. Tool for iitiplnglng liquid against 
inner walls of chambers. 2,0.')7 7.'i3 Nov 3 

^TeToos^^' 29"- "*""^"' '''• ^ ' ^°**' ^"'^ *»""*"• 

^"W^''^o^ir'* W Grand Junction, Colo. Sanitary belt. 
J. (>.)_'. 058, Sept. 15 

Carpenter W'arren W.. Garden City, and P. B. Mnrphr. 
Grand View assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. 
Incorporated New \ork N. Y. Mechanical communl- 
cation switchboard. 2.«33..'S02. Mar 31 

Carpenter. Wilbur D Coffey ville. Kans. Variable multi- 
purpose lure. 2.6.^6,175. Nov 17 

Carpenter, William G. D. : Bee — 

rm^r^^'^^2^\^\t^S'S'^^^^^^^' Cameron, and GrifBth. 
carper. Karl Xy.Parkersburg. as.signor of one-half to 

^'or^^fno JaJf 20 • ^^'' ^^' ^'*''*^ '^■^^ curling rod. 
Carqnlllat. Pierre H.. Monthey, Switierland. Photo- 
graphic exposure calculator. 2,660,375, Nov. 24. 

2 644 720" Jul 7' ^*"''** ^'*>- **«• I°«^'-t no«lP- 
Carr, Cllfrord 11.. assignor of one-half to V J Sparks 

I'g'^«t?s%.S!,"8.20«""K iV^ "PP*"^"'' for cooling 
Carr. Clifford H., Kansas City. Mo. Improvement In hol- 
low cone spr«y nozrie. 2.0.'i0 SOO Sept 1 

P»V PT"*'*' r? • ""'^t>*'»j:>I'e. Okl-i. assignor to Phillips 
Petroleum Compar^y. Operating Jet engines with fuel 
reforming. 2.«5.-).780. Oct. 20. 

Carr. James A. Maplewood. F. V. Haskell. Gladstone S. M. 
Sutton. Morristown. and O. L. Walter. Maplewood N J 
assignors to Bell Telephone Laboratories. Inoorpirated! 
New \ork. N^ \. Swivel connector. 2.663.748 Dec 22 
Ik'i.,^'""*'' rv,^""?'"F' **'<'''• n»8«gnor to Food Ma- 
mlS\^ i""*^ Chemical Corporation. Snn Jose. Calif. 
Wheel mirror assembly. 2.656.702, Oct 27 

^*-T/r.K*'' P -.'^""•iK. ^Uch.. assignor to Food Machinery 

?es1e?'2.«63.2lTK'22-. ^"" ^'*'' '^'"'- "^•'^"«^' 

Carr. James W Jr.. L. I. Griffin. Jr., and E. W. S. Nlchol- 

son. Baton Rouge. La assignors to Standard Oil De- 

o fili^TS T '"'J/y^- ^'"'<J''«> distillation of oil-shale. 

Carr, L. J., tc Co.. assignee : Bee — 
Sears. Joseph N. 

Carr. Lillian E.. Washington. D. C. Stocking drying 
apparatus. 2.656,932. Oct. 27. oiu..a.uK urymg 

^*ir- ^Al^^ L. Jackson Heights. N. T.. assignor to Mathle- 
son Chemical Corporation. Apparatus for mixing hy. 
pochlorlte solutions. 2.639,981, May 26. ' 

Carr. Robj'rtS., Maplewood, assignor, by mesne assign- 
ments, to Titeflex, Inc.. Newark, N. J Tube wlndhie 
machine. 2,640.451. June 2. • ' ■ "■ luoe wmaing 

^*fT' J^"^S^ ?■' Maplewood, assignor to Alrtron, Inc., 
2,657 Se-T Oct Jr*"""^ containing flexible wave guide. 

^■o*"- y!^"""r.,^- ■S''^"**'" *o ^«'". Incorporated, Grand 
S59 249 '^J.Jj'^J'j^Two speed planetary transmission. 

Carran, \Valter E., Jr.. Medford. Mass. Tabular device 
for musical modulation. 2.657.610. Nov. 3. "evice 

Carran. Mario J. Montevideo, Uruguay. Method of and 
device for saving shaving soap. 2.64ifc878. July 28 

Carraway, Thomas W.. Dallas. Tex. Alr^d liquid con- 
tact apparatus. 2,631,829 Mar. 17 ^|» "«<"»' <.wu 

^'^Srrt?.-. '"J.KIsJ.-M^r"?"/. ^*"- "^'^ <^on«>'tionlng ap- 

Car-R«e-All Prodntts, Inc. assignee: See— 
Reece. Clarence D. 

Carrelro. Eugenlo C. Cambridge, Mass. Fo.intaln-type 
surface washing and wiping sponge. 2,658.21 :i. Nov. 10. 



Carreyette. Jack, Clifton, Bristol, assignor of one-half to 
BritiKb Overseas Airways Corporation, Brentford, Eng- 
land. Aircraft load computing apparatud. 2,657,857, 
Nov 3 

Carrlck Engineering (Stewarton) Limited, assignee: 

High Point, N. C. 
socket wrenches. 

Airlle, John, and Mackay. 
Carrlck, Virgil P., and W. B. Cates, 
Drive means for double-ended 
2.655,063. Oct. 13. 
Carrier Conveyor Corporation, assignee : See — 

Carrier, Robert M., Jr. 
1 Carrier, Robert M., Jr.. and Whitley. 
Carrier Corporation, assigned* : See — 
Ashley, Carlyie M. * 
Baker, Donald L. 
Berestneff, Alexis A. 
1^1 Sigiiore, James H. 
Fletcher. James L.. and Osborne, 
(ioldmann, Philipp. 
Lewis. Leo L. 
Merrick. Richard H. 
OBborne, Samuel C. 
Reed Winston H.. and Pennington. 
Carrier, E. Wendell, Cranford, N. J„ assignor to Stand- 
ard Oil Development Company. Recovery of alcohols 
from direct hydration of olefins. 2,648.711, Aug. 11. 
Carrier Engineering Company Limited, assignee: <!>ee — 
Fowler. Alexander P. 
Williams, Gethin, and Fowler. 
Carrier, Everett L.. Dayton, Ohio. Automatic variable sur- 
face mdder. 2,636.575. Apr. 21. 
Carrier, John A., Lexington. Mass.. assignor to Sanitary 
Products Corporation. Taneytown, Md. Wrapping and 
sealing machine for tampons. 2.652,070, Sept. 22. 
Carrier, Robert M.. Jr.. Aurora. 111., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Carrier Conveyor Corporation, Ix)uls- 
ville, Ky. Helical vibratory conveyer. 2,630,209. 
Mar. 3. 
Carrier, Robert M., Jr., Aurora, 111., and M. O. Whitley, a.s- J chloride product 
slgnors, by mesne assignments, to Carrier Conveyor /farson, Forrest L.. 

Corporation, lA>ulsville, Ky. Vibratory conveyer 
d.'formable drive coupling. 2.6.30J10, Mar. 3. 

Carrier, Rol)ert M.. Jr.. ana M. G. Whitley, assignors, by 
mesne assignments, to Carrier Conveyor Corporation. 
lA.ulsvlUe. Ky. Shaker conveyer. 2,630.211, Mar. 3. 

Carrier, Robert M.. Jr.. Aurora. 111., and M. G. Whitley, 
assignors to Carrier Conveyor Corporation, Louisville, 
Ky. Apparatus for continuously weighing aggregate. 
2.030.312. Mar. 3. 

Carrlgan, Raymond J., assignor to Blpelow-Sanford Car- 
pet Company, Inc., TbompsonviUe, Conn. Shuttle eye 

Carroll. Laurence S., Great Neck, N. Y. Flexible Inflat- 
able and deflatable globe and manufacture. 2,643,598, 
June 30. 

Carroll. Raleigh S assignor to W. Flett, Portland, Oreg. 
Apparatus for nnishing hardened surfaces on frames 
for power saws. 2,648,173, Aug. 11. 

Carroll. Robert L., Greenville, S. C. Yarn cake holder 
for winders. 2 635,829, Apr. 21. 

Carroll, Robert P.. assignor to Davey Compressor Com- 
pany, Kent, Ohio. Air wall building structure. 
2,659,110. Nov. 17, 

Carroll, Thomas, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Pickup hay 
baler. 2.634,673, Apr. 14. 

Carroll, Thomas B.. New York, N. Y. Tuck-making guide. 
2,642,828, June 23. 

Carroll, William A., Berkley. Mich. Fuel filter and demul- 
sifier. 2,038,221, May 12. 

Carruth, Herman A., Northford, assignor to National 
Folding Box Company, Inc., New Haven, Conn. Can 
carrier. 2,656,900. Oct. 27. 

Carruthers. Alfred B., Fort Scott. Kans. Rota table elec- 
trical marker light for trains. 2,641,686. June 9. 

Carruthers, Eben H., Warrenton. Oreg. Packing fish mate- 
rials in containers and products produced thereby. 
2.630.390, Mar. 3. 

Carruthers, Eben H., Warrenton, Oreg. Apparatus for 
packing food products. 2,048,478. Aug. 11. 

Carson, Andrew H.. Los Angeles, Calif. Carburetor. 
2.632,636, Mar. 24. 

Carson, Benjamin R., Haddonfleld, N. J., assignor to 
Radio Corporation of America. Automatic record 
changer. 2,029.(i03. Feb. 24. 

Carson, Benjamin R.. Haddonfleld, N. J., assignor to Radio 
Corporation of America. Automatic ghonograph record 
playing mechanism. 2,634,135, Apr. 1. 

Carson. Boyce G. : See — 

Selman, Roland W., Jr., and Carson. 

Carson, Clarence M., Cuyahoga Falls, assignor to Wing- 
foot Corporation, Akron, Ohio. Coated rubber hydro- 
2,050.174, Aug. 25. 
Borger. Tex., as^signor to J. M. Huber 

Kodak Company, 

of photographic 

dyes. 2,035,901, 

Kodak Company. 

of photographic 

dyes. 2.052,330, 

assembly. 2,663,327, Dec. 22 

Carrlol. Louis A.. La Courneuve, and J. O. A. M. J. Meyer, 
Neuilly-Bur-Seine, assignors to 8. A. T. A. M. Soclete 
Anonyme Pour Tous Appareillages Mecanlques, La 
Courneuve, France. Liquid or gas dispensing and 
measuring apparatus. 2,630,940, Mar. 10. 

Carroll. Bruce J. : Bee — 

Devlne, William J., and Carroll. 

Carroll. Burt H. : Bee — 

Spence. John, and Carroll. 

Carroll, Burt H., assignor to Eastman 
Rochester, N. Y. Snpersensitization 
emulsions with complex merocyanine 
Apr. 21. 

Carroll, Burt H., assignor to Eastman 
Rochester, N. Y. Supers(>n8itization 
emulsions with complex merocyanine 
Sept. 1.%. 

Carroll. Charles E.. Dayton. Ohio. Personnel parachute 
harness. 2.043.836. June 30. 

Carroll Dunham Smith Pbarmacal Co., assignee: See — 
Neesby. Torben K. 

Carroll. Ellsworth W.. Redwood City. J. W. Edgemond, 
Jr.. Los Altos, and H. J. Jespersen, Menlo Park, as- 
^ipnors to S & W Ijine Foods, Inc.. San Francisco, 
Calif. Cherry orlentator. 2,055.247, Oct. 13. 

Carroll, Fred M., Blnghamton. assignor to International 
Business Machines Corporation, New Y^ork, N. Y. Re- 
wind roll drive. 2,634,004, Apr. 7. 

Carroll. Fred M., Binghnmton, assignor to International 
Business .Machines Corporation, New York. N. Y. 
Record card counting, stacking, and conveying mecha- 
nism. 2,642.787, June 2.3. 

Carroll. Fred M.. Blnghamton. assignor to International 
Business Machines Corporation, New York, N. Y. Rec- 
ord card punching and numbering machine. 2,645,994, 
July 21. 

Carroll, James M., Philadelphia, and T. W. Murphv Nar- 
berth, assignors to The Monarch Manufacturing \Vorks. 
Inc., Philadelphia. Pa. Gun type oil burner with com- 
bustion head structure. 2,03<,379, May 5. 

Carroll, James W. : See — 

Plump, Ralph B., and Carroll. 

Carroll. James W,. assignor to The Pennsylvania Salt 
Manufacturing Company. Philadelphia, Pa. Pickling 
bath agent. 2,662,857, Dec. 15. 

Carroll. John M. : See — 

Allyn, William N., Cook. Browne. Scott, and Carroll. 

Carroll, Kenneth O., Cranford. and D. S. Miller, Westfleld, 
.v. J., assignors to United States Steel Corporation. 
Apparatus for determining coating thickness. 
2.042,537, June 16. 

wlth-^ Corporation. Locust, N. J. Paraffin scraper. 2,631,674, 
Mar. 17 

Carson, Frank L.. Los Angeles, Calif. Rotary pump. 
2,659,313, Nov. 17. 

Carson. Howard, and C. L. Muzzey, Dayton, Ohio, as- 
signors to General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. 
Engine controller. 2,649,161, Aug. 18. 

Carson, John F.. Berkeley. Calif., assignor to the United 
.States of America as represented by the Secretary of 
Agriculture. Production of hexahydrolupulon and the 
salts thereof. 2,640,866. June 11. 

Carson, Richard M., and R. R. Saeks. Dayton Ohio. Com- 
position for testing for glucose in biological fluids. 
2,659,700, Nov. 17. 

Carson, Robert H.. Arlington, Mass.. assignor to the United 
States of America as represented by the Executive Sec- 
retary of the Office of Scientific Research and De- 
velopment. Tape recorder feed mechanism. 2,658,955, 
Nov. 10. 

Carson, William D. : See — 

Hlndall. Alva L., and Carson. 

Carson, William D., and A. L. Hlndall, Muncle, Ind.. 
assignors to General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich. 
Manufacture of negative plates. 2,656,400, Oct. 20. 

Carson, William G. : Bee — 

Witt, Ralph K Carson, and Raskin. 

Carson, William w.. Jr^ assignor to Robertahaw-Fulton 
Controls Company, Knoxville, Tenn. Pilot-operated 
valve. 2.635.636, Apr. 21. 

Carstensen, Sue B., Redondo Beach, Calif. Glue dis- 
pensing article. 2,646,879, July 28. 

Carswell, James M.. Toronto. Ontario. Canada. Pure re- 
action turbine with evacuated chamber and rotor ele- 
ment therefor. 2.637.166. May 5. 

Carswell. William D. :'See — 

Matthews. John B., Evans, Carswell, and Button, 

Cart.-i, Anthony, assignee: See — 

Carta, Pierre. 
Carta, Pierre, assignor to A. Carta, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Slitting device for wire insulation or the like. 
2,049,054, Aug. 25. 
Carter Carburetor Corporation, assignee : See — 

Armstrong, James F., and Moseley. 

Baisch, John C. 

Blcknell. George M. 

Boiler, Henry A. 

Boyce, I..eonard D, 

Brown, Morris C. 

Carlson, Harold A. 

Carlson, Harold A., and Moseley. 

Coffey, Irven E. , 

Bdelen, James L. 

Erlcson, George R. 

Cllda, Edward T. 

n.Tyden, Arthur A. 

Hennlng Otto. 

Mantle. Thomas D. 

Moseley, James T. W.. and Carlson. 

Schweiss, Joseph. 

Smith, Russell P. 1 

Szwargulski, Alex N., and Larson. 

Worden, Van C. 



Carter, Charles C. Lubbock. Ter. Heplacement guide for 

poppet valve stMua. 2,648,322. Auk. 11. 
Carter. Clarence P.. Danville, III. 0«clllatln» valve 

mechanism. 2,(V42,215, June 16. 
Carter. Clarence P.. Danville, 111. Pilling head for vac 

uuni powder flUing machines. 2.642,216. June 16. 
Carter, Clarence P.. and J. A. Iteynolds. Danville. Ill . said 

Uc'ynolda ansignor to said Carter. Apparatus for nlling 

containers. 2.630,1)54, Mar. 10. 
Carter, Franklin E.. Eant Aurora. N. T.. assignor to 

Worthingtoa Corporation. Valve seat assembly. 

2.631.577. Mar. 17. 
Carter, Franklyn Y.. Dearborn, assignor to Detroit Con- 
trols Corporation, Detroit. Mich. Insert type thermo- 
static expansion VHlve. 2,642,724. June 23. 
Carter. Ueorge H.. I'ort Washington, N. Y. Reversible 

hydraulic pump and turbine transmission. 2,645,086, 

July 14. 
Carter, Gipson L. : 8e« — ' 

Jacks. Kobert L., and Carter. 
<^'arter, Harry IJ.. Austin. Tex. Blade adjusting niean.s 

for saf»'ty razors. 2.6."j7,459. Nov. 3. 
Carter. Harry R., I^rchmont, N. Y. Traffic violation In- 
dicating system for motor vehicles. 2.640,979. June 2. 
Carter, Harry W.. Flushing. N. Y. Tankless heater and 

b.v-passing valve construction therefor. 2,664,275. Dec. 

Carter. Hazel, administratrix : Bee — 

Carter, Raymond. 
Carter. J. C. Company. The, assignee : See — 

f'arter. Jai!»es C. ^ 

Curtis. William H.. Aspelln. and Carter. 
Carter. Jack W.. Winter Haven. Bla.. assignor to Fulton 

Bag k Cotton Mills. Atlanta. Ga. Distributing and 

feeding meehanixm. 2,025,255, Jan. 13. 
Carter. Jack W.. Winter Hnven, Pla., a.ssignor to Fulton 

Bag & Cotton Mills, Atlanta. Ga. Bag closing and 

delivery unit. 2.651.272, Sept. 8. 
Carter, Jack W.. Winter Haven. Ma., assignor to Fulton 

Bag & Cotton Mill.s, Atlanta, (Ja. Bag holder, carriage, 

and track a.ssembly. 2.651.443J Sept. 8. 
Carter, James C. : 8e« — 

Curtis. William H., Aspelln. and Carter. 
Carter. James C, assignor to The J. C. Carter Company,, Calif. Conffblnation fueling and relief valve. 

2,639,7.10, Mav 26. 
Carters James C Los Angeles County, a.aHignor to The 

J. C. Carter Company. Pasadena. Calif. Underv^ing 

fneling nozzle and valve for aircraft. 2.653,832. Sept. 

Carter James P., Beverly. Mass., assignor to Cnited Shoe 
Machinery Corporation, Flemlngton. N J. Shoe inseani 
sewing machine. 2,662.493. Dec. 15. 
Carter. John C. G.. Baltimore. Md., assignor to Westlng- 
houne Electric Corporation, East Pittsburgh, Pa. Elec- 
trieal apparatus. 2.653,233, Sept. 22. 
Carter Joseph E. : See — 

Tschop, Harry E.. Carter, and Goodrich. 
Carter. Lawrence T. : Fee — 

Long. Nathan A.. Carter, Llndley, Stadler, and Fogle- 

^'°JJ^t£-- -^'artln ■ Kilgore. Tex. Door operated switch. 
2,638,091. Apr. 2l. 

^*JC^JlTx ^*^***f *• B<*rkeley. Calif. Directional indicator. 

2.640,972. June 2. 
Carter. Nel.^on W. ; See— 

Pope, John H.. and Carter. 
Carter Products. Inc., assignee : See — i 
Berger. Prank M.. and Ludwlg. ' 

McP.ean. IViugla.s M. 
Carter. R.ilph H. : Sre~ 

Kinirshury. rii.irlwick B.. and Carter 
Carter, Raymond, deceased Wyoming. III. : H. and R. II 
Carter, admhilstrators of the Estate of R. Carter. Cut- 
ting bar for mowing machines. 2.627,156, Feb. 3. 
Carter. Itaymond H., administrator : See — 

Carter, Raymond. 
<'artpr. Robert W., M. Q. Currier, W. G. EmIg. and K V 
Olentser. Chicago. 111., asslimors to American Telephone 
and Telegraph Company. Radiant energy signaling sys- 
tem. 2.640.19.1. Mav 26 
Carter, 8. C. Co. Inc.. aMlgnee : See— 

Carter. Samuel C. 
Carter. Sam F , Jr.. assignor to American Cast Iron Pipe 
Company. Birniincliani. Al.i. Cupola melting .^f cast 
Iron. 2.643.18.".. June 23. * » noi 

Carter. Samuel C, Glcndale. assignor to S. C. Carter Co. 
i" Ia- ^iPJ* Angeles. Calif. Pump drive mechanism. 
2.«3«.S9t. Apr. 28. 

Carter. Seymour W. : See — 

Hastings. Carlton H.. and Carter. ) 

Carter. -Sidney T.. Worcester, Mass., a.-sslgnor, by mf^sne 
as-signmentH. to (;e<i. J Meyer Manufa. tuning Co , 
tiidahy \%in. Adhesive supply roller for labeling ma- 
chine pickers. 2,638.073. May 12. 

Carter. Sidney T.. Worcester. .Mass.. assignor, bv mesne 
assignments, to Geo. J. Meyer Manufacturing Co , 
Cudahy. Wis. Article escapement inecbanlsm for con- 
Teyers. 2,838.202. May 12. 

Carter. Sidney T.. Worcester, Mass., assignor, by mesne 
assignments, to Geo. J. Meyer Manufacturing Co., 
Cudahy, W is. Pneumatic transfer pad for labeling ma- 
chines. 2,652,941. Sept. 22. 

Carter, Sidney T.. Worcester, Mass., assignor to Geo. J. 
Meyer Manufacturing Co., Cudahy, Wis. Bellows mech- 
anism for pneumatic transfer pads for labeling ma- 
chines. 2,654,497. Oct. 6. 

Carter. Stanley R.. Chicago, III. Method and apparatus 
for increasing contrast of transparencies. 2,641,963. 
June 16. 

Carter, Thomas N., Bayside. assignor to Cameron Machine 
Company. Brooklyn, N. Y. Rewinding machine. 
2,650,039, Aug. 25. 

Carter, Walton N., Columbus, Ga. Frictlonally controlled 
sliding window sash. 2 638,639, May 19. 

Carter, \V illiam. Company, The, assigu.-*- ; Hee — 
Smithj Irene P. 

Carter, William E.. Anderson, Ind. Surgical truss. 
2,645.221, July 14. 

Carter. William F. : See— 

Dupont. Louis E.. Archer, and Carter. 

Carter, Williiuu H., P. Barr, Birmingliam, and A. W. 
B. Patch. Erdington. Birmingham, England. Appliance 
for stropping or Uuning razor blades. 2.642,704, 
June 23. 

Carter, William R., Edlna, Minn. Centrifugal air sepa- 
rator for removal and classification of particles. 
2.633.930. Apr. 7. 

Carthage Machine Company, assignee : See — 
Alexander, Ronald R. 

Cartier, Ethe M.. executrix : See — I 

Cartier, Lionel K. 

Cartier. Lionel It., deceased. O'Falion, 111.. E. M. Cartier 
and N. J. Oundlach, executors, assignors to Independent 
Engineering Company Inc.. O'Falion. III. Combined 
type series pump for tlashable liquids. 2,630,757, Mar. 

Cartier. Lionel R.. deceased ; E. M. Cartier and N. J. 
Gundlach. executors, assignors to Independent Engi- 
neering Company. Inc., O'Falion, III. Absorber for use 
in treating gases. 2.643,525, Jurte 30. 

Cartier, William O., assignor to The McPhar Engineer- 
ing Q)mpany of Canada Limited, Toronto, Ontario, 
Canadfa. Method and apparatus for nondestructive in- 
vestigation of magnetostrictlve solids. 2,658,714, Oct. 

Cartlldge. Frank, assignor' to Goodman Manufacturing 
Company, Chicago, III. Muck stripper for endless track 
treads. 2.637.60.S, May 5. 

Carton Engineering Corporation, assignee^: See — 
Samsing. Rolf A. 

Cartter, William G., and J. R. Ewell, assignors to Day 
k Night Manufacturing Company, Monrovia, Calif. 
Apparatus for providing gravity flow in flooded coll 
refrigeration svstems. 2,647,377, Aug. 4. 

Cartwrlght. Cecil E.. Corpus Chrlsti. Tex. Vertically 
adjustable wheel suspension means. 2,836,745. Apr. 28. 

Cartwrlght. Clifford J., assignor to American Forging 
and Socket Company. Pontlac, Mich. Hand brake 
asMmbly. 2.625,063. Jan. 13. 

Cartwrlght. Horace A.. Minneapolis. Minn. Universal 
valve fitting for spray bar outlets. 2,631.893. Mar. 17. 

Cartwrlght, John R. : See — 

Bowyer. Aldred W.. and Cartwrlght. 

Caruolo. (Jeorge W., Westerly, K. 1. .Antiskid chain and 
mounting means th<Vefor 'J. 625.977 Jan. 20. 

Carva Ventures, Incorporated, assignee : See — 
Crumble, James H. 

Carrallo, Pierre. Barcelona. Spain. Can cooker. 2.632.378. 
Mar. 24. 

Carrelo. William, Oakland, snd R. J. Morgan. Piedmont. 
Calif., asslcnors to L. A. Young Spring k Wire Corpora- 
tion. Sectional wire fence. 2.651.502. .Sept. 8. 

Carver. Fred S., Short Hills, assignor to Fred S. Carver, 
Inc., Summit, N. J. Valve for controlling high pres- 
sure fluids. 2,848.959. July 28. 

Carver, Fred S.. Inc., assignee: See — 

Carver. Fred S. i 

Carver. <;eorge P. : See — 

Wooldridge, Marion J., and Carver. 

Carver. Richard N. : See — 

I>ohr. Raymond J . and Cai-ver. ' 

Carver. Richard N.. Erie. Pa., assignor to LomIs Marx k 
Company, Inc.. New York. N. Y. Molded track for 
vehicle toys. 2.847.693. Aug. 4. 

Carver. Richard N . and J. J. Dobkowskl. Erie. Pa., as- 
signors to Louis Marx k Company, Inc.. New York. N. Y. 
Toy dump tru^k. 2.634.546, Apr. 14. 

Carwlle, Lois C. K., execntrlx : See — ' 

Davis. Luther. Jr., and Carwlle. 

Carwlle. Preston B. : See — •* 

Davis, Luther. Jr., and Carwlle. 

Carwlle. Preston B.. Cambridge, assignor to Raytheon 
Manufacturing Company, Newton. Mass. Plastic weld- 
ing. 2,633,894. Apr. 7. 

Carwlle. Preston B.. Cambridge, assignor to Raytheon 
Manufacturing Company, Newton. Mass. Ultrasonic 
vibratory device. 2.651.148. Sept. 8. 

Cary, Beecher B., assignor to Hayes Industries. Inc., 
Jackson. Mich. Retroverted passage type muffler with 
expansion chambers. 2,652.128, Sept. 15. 

Carv, Beecher B., assignor to Hayes Industries, Jackson, 
Mich. Retroverted passage type muffler with resonator 
chambers. 2,656,005, Oct. 20. 

Cary. /ohn E. : See — 

Shafer. Russell E., and J. E. and V. Carv.^T OF PATENTEES 


Gary Rex H. J. :Met^— 

Johnson. Wflliam A., and Cary. 

.Cary, Valerie: Bee — 

Shafer, Russell E., and J. E. and V, Cary. 

Caryl I^eslle. Creations, assignee : Bee — 
^ox, Asher J. 

Casablancas High Draft Company, Limited, assignee : 
Be« — 

Noguera, Joseph. 

Casabona. Anthony M.. Hawthorne, assignor to Interna- 
tional SUndard Electric Corporation. New York. N. Y. 
Pulse navaglide system. 2,640,982, June 2. 

Casabona, Ferdinand, assignor to The Jampol Company, 
Inc.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Apparatus for free pivoting trans- 
fer rollers. 2,624.444, Jan. 6. 

Casady, Philip M. and R. R., Los Angeles, Calif. Ap- 
paratus for cleaning open ended hollow tubular ele- 
ments. 2,647,626. Aug. 4. 

Casady, Philip M. and R. R., Los Angeles. Calif. Appa- 
ratus for cleaning hypodermic needles. 2,655,160, 
Oct. 13. 

Casady, Richard R. : See — 

Casady, Philip M. and R. R. 

Casals Duran, Cristobal, assiguor to Telares Casals Duran. 
S. A., Sabadell, Spain. Shuttle brake mechanism for 
looms. 2,658,532. Nov. 10. 

Casals Duran. Telares, S. A., assignee : See — 
Casals Duran, Cristobal. 

Casals. Gabriel, Vedaiio, Havana. Cuba. Manufacture of 
artifleial leaves of plants. 2.639.533. May 26. 

Casas Robert. Ramon, and J. Court, Geneva, assignors to 
Meflna S. A.. Binningen, Switzerland. Sewing machine. 
2.633.092. Mar. 31. 

Casas liobert. Ramon, and J. Court, Geneva, assignors 
to Meliuu S. A., Kinnlngen. Switzerland. Zigzag sewing 
machine. 2,652,795, Sept. 22. 

Casas-RolX'rt. Ramon, and J. Court. Geneva, assignors to 
Meflna S. A.. Binningen, Switzerland. Sewing machine. 
2.653,557. Sept. 29. 

Casatl. Luclenne A. M., Vlncennes, J. L. Gonnard, Villeur- 
banne, and J. E. G. Lahousse. Lyon, France,' assignors 
to Societe des Usines Chlmiques Rhone-Poulenc. Meth- 
ods of and means for the protection of materials and. 
equipment sensitive to the action of water, moisture 
and mold growth. 2,648.651. Aug. 1 1 . 

Casciano. Anthony. Scranton. Pa. Mine car topping gate. 
2,651268. Sept. 8. 

Casco Products Corporation, assignee : See — 
Cone. Joseph II. 

Johnson, Arthur A. I 

Thibault. Joseph O. V 

Westlake, Allen T., Jr. 
Youhouae. Joseph., Bernard C, Howell, assignor to Hanson-Van Winkle- 
Munnlng Company, Detroit, Mich. Nickel plating. 
2,854.705, Oct 6. 

Case. Burgess C, Plalnfleld, N. J. Vending machine cabi- 
net 2.639 961. Mav 26. 

Case, Bnrgess C. : See^— 

Ltndstrom. John, and Case. 

Case, Everett N., Homewood. 111. assignor to Sinclair Re- 
fining Company, .New York. N. Y. Removing asphal- 
tenes from crude oil. 2.650,898, Sept. 1. 

Case. J C, Lynn. N. C. Head and batten stop motion 
attachment for looms. 2,638,940. May 19. 

Case. J C. Lynn, N. C. M^hanlcally actuated stop mo- 
tion for looms. 2.652,861, Sept. 3C. 

Case. J. I.. Company, assignee : See — 

Geraldson, Gerald, and Market. 

Hansen. Cliarles W. 

Hartstock. Rol)ert E.. and Henss. 

Hedqulat. Milton T., Harroun, Mayhew. Van De Sam- 
pel, and Whalen. 

Heth. Sherman O. 

Kranlck. Frank N. G. 

Krause. Norman R. 

Krause, Norman R., and Heth. 

Kr/inse. Norman R.. and Richardson. 

Raught. Arthur V. 

Redetike, Emery C. 

Richardson, Martin A. 

Russell. Stanley D. 

Rntter. Alvah fe. ' 

Rchlll. Bernard J. 

Schroeppel. Paul R. 

Wells, Frank W., and Knlhary. 
Case. Rogers. Orange. N. J. Line transposition bracket 

with reinforcing gussets. 2.655,553, Oct. 13. 
Casella, Horado R., Bnenos Aires, Argentina. Recep- 
tacle and support therefor. 2,658,642, Nov. 10. 
Casella. Secondo L. : See — 

Morey. Slgmnnd, and Casella. 

Casella, Secondo L.. Brooklyn, and S. Morey. Elrasford. 
assignors to Morey Food Machinery Co., Inc. Astoria, 
N. Y. Jnlce extracting device. 2,630,752. Mar. 10. 

Caserta. Victor. Bridgeport, Conn. Pin curl dip. 

2.659.378. Not. 17. 

Caserta, Victor, Bridgeport, Conn. Pin curl clip. 

2.659.379. Nov. 17. 

Casey. Arthur B.. Montonrsville, Pa. Catapult with im- 
proved fork and sling. 2,661,781. Dec. 8. 

Casey. Francis B., Concord, R. R. Woodcock, Weymouth, 
and M. E. Wood. Wakelleld. assignors to l>«'wey and 
Almy Chemical Company, Cambridge. Mass. Packaging 
machine. 2.6''l,3r>0. Sept. 8 

Casey, Francis B.. Concord, R. R. Woodcock. Weymouth, 
and M. E. Wood, Wakefield, assignors to Dewey and 
Almy Chemical Company, North Cambridge, Mass. 
Bag sealing machine. 2,651,444, Sept. 8. 

Casey, J. B., and G. A. Smltherman, assignors to Wood- 
ward Iron Company. Woodward, Ala. Blast furnac* 
monkey. 2,657,922. Nov. 3. 

Casey, John C, San Francisco, Calif. Tin can construe 
tion. 2,631^753, Mar. 17. 

Casey. John C, San Francisco, Calif. Palate support foi 
smokers' pipes. 2.644.465. July 7. 

Casey Robert F., Pompton Plains, assignor to Allen B 
Du Mont Laboratories, Inc., Clifton. N. J. Delay circuit 
2.635.185. Apr. 14. 

Casey, Robert J., Detroit. Mich. Meter flow nursing nipple 
2,630.«]1«. Mar. 3. 

Casey, Itotert T.. Bristol. Conn., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to General Electric Company. Electric cir- 
cuit breaker. 2.6:»8,973, Nov. 10. 

Casey. Robert T., Bristol, Conn., assignor to General Elec- 
tric Company. Electric circuit breaker. 2,659,783, 
Not. 17. 

Casey. Robert T., Bristol. Conn., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to General Electric Company. Circuit 
breaker switch unit. 2,659,788. Nov. 17. 

Casey, Itobert T. Bristol. Conn., assignor, by mesne as- 
signments, to General Electric Company. Electric cir- 
cuit breaker. 2,661,414, Dec. J. 

Casey, William J., Ill : See- 
Tack, Carl K., and Casey. 

Cash, George, Sandpoint, Idaho. Insect catcher for auto- 
mobiles. 2,655,404. Oct. 13. 

Cash, Wilfrid E., Cheain. and W. H. Cell, Hull. England, 
assignors to The Distillers Company Limited, Edin- 
burgh, Scotland. Continuous esterlfication process. 
2.644,009. June 30. 

Casha. Salvatore, Brooklyn, N. Y. Applique ornament 
for fabrics. 2,629,195. Feb. 24. 

<'ashln, Francis J. : See — 

De I■^o^ez, Peter, and Cashin. 

Cashman, Aioynius F. : See — 

Lleber, Eugene, and Cashman. 

Cashman. William D. : Sec— 

Grlfl^iths. Emil S.. and Cashman. 

Casings, Inc., assignee : See — 
Dordel, Walter R. 

Caskey, Readey, Jr., Brownwood, Tex. Bandage. 2,661,730, 
Dec. 8. 

Casnatl, Lola A., New York, N. Y. Sanitary holder for 
articles. 2,647,785, Aug. 4. 

Cason, Robert W. : See — 

Box Merrell L., and Cason. 

Casper, Louis, Richmond Hill, assignor to Electrotext 
Corp.. New York, N. Y. Embroidery machine and coded- 
tape control means. 2,649,065, Aug. 18. 

Caspers Tin Plate Company, assignee : See — 
Wall, Lloyd W. 

Cassaday. Jack T. : See — 

Lindgren, Vincent V., and Cassaday. 

Cassady, William C, \ nncouver. Wash. Combination door 
and Jamb gange. 2,653,388, Sept. 29. 

Cassell. Sidnev L.. New York, N. Y. Lady's handbag. 
2.627.885. Feb. 10. 

Cassella Farbwerke Malnkur Aktiengesellschaft, assignee: 
See — 

KleischliaiKT. Richard. 

Schwamberger. Emll. 

Zerweck, Werner, and Schubert. 

Cassidy, Rol)ert J., Mansfield, Ohio., assignor to General 
Motors Corporation. Detroit, Mich. Dual limit control 
circuit. 2,645 744 July 14. 

<'assldy, Robert K.. Vancouver, Wash. Cart for golf bags. 
2,64S,.')45. Aug. 11. 

Casslere. Frank A., and J. N. Damore. Chicago. 111. Prj 
type vacuum cap remover. 2,624,220, Jan. 6. 

Cassil. Carroll C. : See — 

Harris, Leonard W.. Sanders, and Cassil. 

• "assman Manufacturing Co.. assignee : See — 
Coopman. Wilfred M.